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Say something nice about Belgium Anonymous  21/11/20 Суб 23:54:06 710021
1605128646083.png 106Кб, 785x757
Say something nice about Belgium
Anonymous  22/11/20 Вск 00:35:35 710062
Anonymous  22/11/20 Вск 07:25:33 710103
Anonymous  22/11/20 Вск 08:12:54 710154
>>71002 (OP)
Nobody could even imagine that a dutch province would eventually conquer all the Europe, and that it will do it not by military, but diplomatic means. Now remove the kebabs or you'll lose your temporary empire.
Anonymous  22/11/20 Вск 11:04:40 710175
>>71002 (OP)
Your king Leopold discovered a reliable method of solving african overpopulation and famine while boosting productivity, but sadly your expirence is mostly ignored.
22/11/20 Вск 11:17:57 710186
what is belgium
Anonymous  22/11/20 Вск 11:50:24 710197
Intergalactic slur according to Douglas Adams.
Anonymous  22/11/20 Вск 13:16:33 710238
Anonymous  22/11/20 Вск 16:20:45 710289
Anonymous  22/11/20 Вск 16:21:34 7102910
>>71002 (OP)
>Official languages
Lel not even have their own language.
Anonymous  22/11/20 Вск 17:09:58 7103211
Anonymous  22/11/20 Вск 18:02:48 7103512
i would say something nice if i knew at least one porn actress from belgium. Perhaps it is your mom
Anonymous  22/11/20 Вск 18:27:45 7103613
16060383131843.jpg 498Кб, 2558x1150
5fb66a5d85f5405[...].png 415Кб, 980x551
Anonymous  22/11/20 Вск 20:54:46 7103714
>>71002 (OP)
france should conquer and ensalve that shithole, viva le france!
Anonymous  23/11/20 Пнд 04:23:38 7108015
Truth slash your eyes, belgiiskaya province)
Anonymous  25/11/20 Срд 14:09:28 7116916
Phallic-Logo-Ad[...].jpg 18Кб, 500x303
all religions are about PEEPO and BOOBA
Anonymous  25/11/20 Срд 14:27:15 7117117
islamic phallus.jpg 65Кб, 1013x319
religion is based on sex

mostly on tranny worship
Anonymous  25/11/20 Срд 14:47:12 7117218

Постыдилось бы постить такое, животное
Anonymous  25/11/20 Срд 17:15:24 7117319
allah pussy.jpg 87Кб, 640x373
Anonymous  25/11/20 Срд 17:20:46 7117420
allah penis ban.jpeg 74Кб, 617x617
Anonymous  25/11/20 Срд 17:29:15 7117521
islam penis rel[...].JPG 48Кб, 963x670
Anonymous  25/11/20 Срд 18:55:40 7118122
image.png 47Кб, 119x133
your face when you hear someone's semen instead sounds of allah
Anonymous  25/11/20 Срд 21:01:09 7118423
>>71002 (OP)
I once bought Belgian pate with cognac and nut, it was not bad, chocolates too.
And so, the country feels like a satellite of Germany or someone else, it does not give anything interesting except for terrorist attacks.
Anonymous  26/11/20 Чтв 00:47:35 7118524
Anonymous  26/11/20 Чтв 17:23:45 7120325

Пока хуи только постишь ты, утырок
Anonymous  08/12/20 Втр 18:16:48 7154226
Anonymous  08/12/20 Втр 18:17:25 7154327
bedankt voor de stoot mongool
Anonymous  09/12/20 Срд 02:42:25 7154928
Anonymous  09/12/20 Срд 03:23:42 7155129
magritt-gor3.jpg 161Кб, 1000x751
>>71002 (OP)
Whole Belgium is an architectural masterpiece. British and American airforces during ww2 were wrong. Just like some fucking nazi building tanks and boats near it is a good enough reason to bomb this beauty.
Rene Margritte is creepy and weird af, but is one of my favourite artists. This shit is strangely charming, pic related.
Belgian military ethics is kinda badass. When UN deployed their peacekeepers in Africa during yet another nigger war conflict, peacekeepers from Belgium refused to live in a tents, like other troops. UN peacekeeping forces were forced to look for some decent housings for their belgian part. Not because belgians were too pussy for a little lack of comfort, but because belgian laws directly forbid their troops to live in such conditions (dirt, tent, pit as a toilet) in Africa, even when acting like a part of UN forces.. You kno why?
Because belgians were a nation of hardcore colonializers and ever since, some laws are still in act. One of them: nigger subhuman should never see a belgian master living in a shit conditions. Subhumans should know their fucking place. Oof.
Badass af.
14/12/20 Пнд 19:03:29 7173830
15584558168410.png 48Кб, 170x170
Anonymous  15/12/20 Втр 20:53:40 7178331
i hate belgians and another nigs/
Anonymous  11/01/21 Пнд 01:56:32 7300132
Anonymous  11/01/21 Пнд 10:39:59 7300433
>>71002 (OP)
>say something nice about Belgium
Artificial country and belongs to my country.
Anonymous  11/01/21 Пнд 18:29:42 7301634
Anonymous  02/05/21 Вск 03:56:13 8066335
image.png 1361Кб, 1600x1219
Anonymous  03/05/21 Пнд 07:19:47 8068636
Empire of Dust-[...].jpg 65Кб, 524x1024
>>71002 (OP)
The Dutch part seems like an okay place.
Though Dutch itself may be the most ridiculous language every put to writing.
Anonymous  03/05/21 Пнд 17:40:53 8070737
>>71002 (OP)
My bro from Belgium has birthday today. Wish him something good
Anonymous  03/05/21 Пнд 21:51:22 8072838
Anonymous  03/05/21 Пнд 21:53:07 8072939
Anonymous  13/05/21 Чтв 14:00:19 8108640
It actually represented the vagina of Venus. In late antiquity there existed in the eastern mediterranean a black meteor cult. There also was one on Cyprus. The kaaba meteorite is a remnant of that exact cult. It is the pussy of Al-Lat, the Arabic counterpart of venus.
Anonymous  13/05/21 Чтв 15:27:24 8108841
>>71002 (OP)
Belgium is great country for hookups lol, i really like girls in your country
Anonymous  14/05/21 Птн 12:43:31 8111642
Anonymous  14/05/21 Птн 17:57:56 8112143
0DFA9CC7-FA33-4[...].jpeg 147Кб, 388x1000
>>71002 (OP)
Good beer. This was my favorite when it was sold in the store next to me. Really the best canned beer I’ve ever tasted
Anonymous  14/05/21 Птн 20:59:25 8112944
>>71002 (OP)
The Germans in their African colonies measured the skulls of niggers.
The French in their colonies fucked up niggers.
The British in their colonies forced niggers to work to the point of exhaustion.
And the Belgians were nice at everything оf this.
Anonymous  14/05/21 Птн 21:01:01 8113045
They were so good, no nigger refused to give them a hand.
Anonymous  15/05/21 Суб 05:47:06 8114546
I like Belgian postpunk band Siglo XX very much. And Spiral of Silence too. No other things I could remember about Belgium
Anonymous  16/05/21 Вск 12:43:34 8118547
belgium-47[1].png 295Кб, 700x343
About Belgian? Vintage Rugak combat boots are very quality and comfortable
Anonymous  16/05/21 Вск 19:53:31 8120648
Anonymous  17/05/21 Пнд 03:07:57 8124049
R-544479-112966[...].jpg 93Кб, 600x596
>>71002 (OP)
I know coule mid80s hardcore bands from Belgium. Listened them in school. And that's all.
Oh and Agathocles, funny shit
Anonymous  17/05/21 Пнд 03:58:38 8124250
Anonymous  17/05/21 Пнд 13:28:58 8134451
yeah, i ocassionally go to belgium just for pussies haha
Anonymous  17/05/21 Пнд 17:17:07 8137652
Ocassionally goes to belgium just for pussies
Sells own asshol to anal slavery to earn ticket money
Anonymous  17/05/21 Пнд 17:31:40 8138153
Yeah, even if u dont have money girls in belgium want to pay for u. Just came to belgium and check it lol. U can find girls in a Tinder and live in her flat. Nice option if u dont have money and want fuck some girls. But sometimes they started to talk about politic stuff. For example if her native language is french say that dutch part of belgium is bad and there live nazi , if she is dutch speaker say that french part is poor.
Anonymous  17/05/21 Пнд 17:43:28 8138654
Anonymous  17/05/21 Пнд 17:45:31 8138855
Anonymous  17/05/21 Пнд 22:24:39 8147556
Anonymous  17/05/21 Пнд 22:37:22 8147657
He's just delusional. Manyamiroque, u know
Anonymous  18/05/21 Втр 00:00:30 8148758
>>71002 (OP)
Easy: Great seafood, best beer in the world not kidding, Ghent is one of the greatest cities I've seen, Antwerp even better. You guys take some driving lessons and relax a bit, than it gets perfect.
Anonymous  18/05/21 Втр 00:31:01 8149059
Once with Russia and Poland, it happened that because of this, several provinces separated and became a separate country.
If I were the Belgians, I would not let this person into Belgium. Belgians will be difficult to move to Ukrainian language.
Anonymous  18/05/21 Втр 06:23:00 8151860
image.png 1088Кб, 871x871
Anonymous  18/05/21 Втр 09:02:46 8153361
Anonymous  18/05/21 Втр 09:18:42 8153762
Anonymous  18/05/21 Втр 12:43:46 8157063
U dont have any rights because u r slave in ur own country. U dont have any choice in your country and even your government dont wanna listen u. Why belgians should ?
Anonymous  18/05/21 Втр 17:41:08 8161164
If only because Belgium then will not be freed from ukrainians.

As for slavery, freedom and government — I drink beer in the same bar as the mayor of my city, my girlfriend's mother is an accountant in the Russian Guard, and my classmate is a police officer. And these people listen to my opinion. It's some wild hikkikomori or gаstarbеiter who has no here childhood friends and useful acquaintances, but a normal Russian person has everything in Russia.
Russia is a klondike of opportunities. It's fun and scary, I chose the first, and you got the second.
18/05/21 Втр 17:45:48 8161365
16098295031070.jpg 90Кб, 640x566
Anonymous  19/05/21 Срд 00:33:34 8166566
Anonymous  19/05/21 Срд 00:46:48 8166767
Poirot is FRENCH!
Anonymous  19/05/21 Срд 16:01:23 8173368
image.png 152Кб, 466x659
It`s hard to understand your english but okay.
> I chose the first
U cant choose even your president what r u talking about ?
>my girlfriend's mother is an accountant in the Russian Guard, and my classmate is a police officer.

U sound like animal lol. U must to have good quality of life in your country regardless of social achievments of your parents or classmates lol.

Anonymous  19/05/21 Срд 16:08:39 8173569
Anonymous  19/05/21 Срд 16:38:49 8174170
image.png 1843Кб, 1020x1530
>>71002 (OP)

I would fuck belgian princess for years without a break to climb down from her slim sweet juicy body. I would drown the bitch in my semen.
Anonymous  19/05/21 Срд 18:15:38 8174971
ohfugAtlantaaga[...].jpg 98Кб, 1159x908
Anonymous  19/05/21 Срд 19:16:56 8175072

королевок ебать
Anonymous  20/05/21 Чтв 00:29:49 8177373
>U cant choose even your president

Tеll this to those who voted for Yanukovych. And for some reason u threw me a link to an article about Navalny. Why? Do you think all Russians love this liquid version of Putin? I would prefer to vote for Limonov or Prosvirin.

>U must to have good quality of life in your country regardless of social achievments of your parents or classmates

U must to tell this to homeless people in the USA, Ukraine or any other country you like. Tell this to the Clinton clan, the British Queen and the rest of the monarchs of Europe. Tell this to billionaires like Elon Musk, who sold diamonds from his father's safe. You probably didn't know, but people are not equal.
And I talked about the fact that I can discuss the issues of my city with the mayor in a bar, like any resident of this city. It has nothing to do with my family's income level. Not a boast of connections, but an explanation that such connections are available to any indigenous person in Russia.
Anonymous  20/05/21 Чтв 11:49:51 8182274
image.png 53Кб, 1075x878
>Do you think all Russians love this liquid version of Putin?
no, society is feeling fear so u cant change Putin
>You probably didn't know, but people are not equal.

but in Russia they have small salaries but in european countries u can earn 2000 euro, in russia it will be 500 in other cities and 1000 in Moscow.

U had a chance in 2012 to change situation to have a good quality of life but most of russians at this time just felt fear like now
Anonymous  20/05/21 Чтв 12:09:55 8182575
Stop being obsessed with how Russians live. It's unhealthy. Another guy explicitly said you he doesn't think he is a slave, he doesn't consider Navalny his president, and he enjoys his life, yet you continue to persuade him he is wrong and he is a slave and his life is awful.
Countries pursue their national interests. There are a lot of countries on the map, and their interests contradict sometimes. Interests of the USA are to gain military influence in Eastern Europe and sell gas to European countries, interests of Russia are the same, and the USA being the most prosperous country has more leverages, that's all. The things you wrote in red don't really matter.
inb4 but take a look at Russian salaries
Mate, I live here, I know how much I earn and what my parents' pension is. It shouldn't be your concern, though.
Anonymous  20/05/21 Чтв 14:49:13 8183176
Why r u trying to defend him ? Did u feel that he lose ?

He talked about Ukraine before. I started to talk about his country.
>Countries pursue their national interests.
Your national interests r not yours. Most of people hate politic of kremlin and they could not do anything with that. Absolutely the same situation as in typical dictatorship shitholes. So, my question is:

Why do people in Belgium should listen advices from Russia if no one listen russian people in their countries ?
Anonymous  20/05/21 Чтв 15:19:31 8183377
You're being toxic here bringing your nonsensical grudges in the unrelated thread. I don't care about your "question", I just want you to stop bothering people.
Anonymous  20/05/21 Чтв 17:57:39 8187178
148120319319605[...].gif 879Кб, 500x300
>Why do people in Belgium should listen advices from Russia if no one listen russian people in their countries ?

> Look at this man! How can a person with such a hairstyle say something sensible? Is it worth listening to the opinions of people on the other side of the border? They are genetic slaves! Their ruler is not some authoritarian democrat, but a real Jewish fascist dictator! You won't hear anything useful from those people!
Anonymous  20/05/21 Чтв 21:44:47 8189379
I'm really curious why Ukies think that the problems Russiam started to observed is not because of oil prices. If you look on the timeline in 2014 you'll see that real problems had occurred at the end of year when the oil price dramatically fell down.
Anonymous  20/05/21 Чтв 22:06:42 8190280
Anonymous  22/05/21 Суб 02:05:34 8217781
Anonymous  24/05/21 Пнд 00:11:22 8228982
Anonymous  24/05/21 Пнд 02:23:51 8229383
Anonymous  24/05/21 Пнд 12:58:30 8232184
Anonymous  24/05/21 Пнд 15:34:09 8232985
Anonymous  24/05/21 Пнд 16:21:54 8233186
Anonymous  24/05/21 Пнд 16:49:49 8233387
Yeah, it was a part of oil dependency too, but we must to admit that if u have at this time such big waste of money for crimea, donbass and siria + sanctions from USA side you extremely decrease your chances to build good economic in your country.
Anonymous  26/05/21 Срд 03:53:03 8242388
Anonymous  03/06/21 Чтв 23:03:53 8280789
Nice chocolate
Anonymous  04/06/21 Птн 10:48:15 8281590
Anonymous  05/06/21 Суб 15:08:44 8285891
hello there
Anonymous  05/06/21 Суб 15:27:50 8285992
Anonymous  11/06/21 Птн 19:30:05 8310593
>>71002 (OP)
I don't know how good it is, but after the chocolate, I only remember the Congo.
Anonymous  11/06/21 Птн 20:55:37 8311694
image.png 75Кб, 1280x879
Anonymous  12/06/21 Суб 13:04:23 8316295
>>71002 (OP)
Belgium gone a suck huge biba. Get your bottocks prepared to spank by GREAT RUSSIA PIDOR team
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