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Could this Japanese girl pass as Russian? Anonymous  # OP 09/12/20 Срд 07:34:36 715521
EbcI5eeUEAA6uxf.jpg 464Кб, 1536x2048
Russians are beautiful because of their asian blood.
This Japanaese girl might be using some cosmetics, but she looks very hohol, albeit with whiter skin than a typical churka oseledet.
Anonymous  09/12/20 Срд 20:03:24 715822
ShareXoJFHdYvArT.png 324Кб, 477x498
>>71552 (OP)
Hohol has found unbanned USA proxy and now shitposting shit all day long, pissing everyone off and ruining communication. Nation of degenerates, shitting everywhere they appear.
Ukranians are a nothing, but a cancer in this world. We won't capture Ukraine, just Donbass and few more territories inbetween Donbass and Crimea. Will turn Kiev and Odessa into a pools of liquid asphalt mixed with chlorine altogether with all its degenerate civillians eventually.
Anonymous  09/12/20 Срд 23:24:29 715883
KoroneAssassin.mp4 11494Кб, 856x482, 00:00:29
Anonymous  10/12/20 Чтв 00:31:51 715974
apache.jpg 31Кб, 605x327
>>71552 (OP)
honestly no.

russians have like 0,01% asian in dem. Most russians have native americans in dem. its mostly because of siberian tribes which are related to native americans.
Anonymous  10/12/20 Чтв 02:49:24 716075
FYI native americans are asians. So, if population in Russia has a connection to americans, than they have asian blood.
Anonymous  11/12/20 Птн 00:27:22 716316
Anonymous  12/12/20 Суб 07:56:24 716717
>>71552 (OP)
>she looks very hohol
Looks kazakh, uzbek and little bit caucasian
Anonymous  12/12/20 Суб 11:02:41 716758
For once zmagar is right, native Americans are really mongoloids, no joke.
Anonymous  13/12/20 Вск 17:22:58 717109
paleosiberians, not the nowadays mongoloids
Anonymous  22/12/20 Втр 04:58:01 7216910
Worldwidehumanp[...].png 428Кб, 2067x1206
genetic studies show that native americans basically closest to kyrgyz, so southern kipchaks.
unfortunately native americans did not get the good sexy looks of tatars.
Anonymous  25/12/20 Птн 13:00:22 7225211
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 02:44:43 7317912
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 10:45:33 7318613
46b.png 445Кб, 1000x720
>>71552 (OP)
We have pretty diverse phenotypes here. No niggers though. You may meet nordid chic with square jaw from Nazi prop poster, and mildly mongoloid one as your pic. Slavs, turks, mongols, finno-ugrics, we have all them in various mixes. All they are considered Russians universally if grew up in russian culture. Russians is an imperial nation with a rich history of assimilation, shame that our soft power somewhat waned ecently.
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 13:20:19 7319314
>>71552 (OP)
>Russians are beautiful because of their asian blood
Russians aren't asions, we are europeans or white.
The girls at photo is Mestizo
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 13:22:51 7319415
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