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Jesus fucking christ when will you Russians finally kill him? Anonymous  17/12/20 Чтв 17:15:51 719211
756080258409571.jpg 429Кб, 1180x730
Jesus fucking christ when will you Russians finally kill him?
Anonymous  17/12/20 Чтв 17:20:53 719222

We didn't try
17/12/20 Чтв 17:32:43 719233
Anonymous  17/12/20 Чтв 17:45:07 719264
Anonymous  17/12/20 Чтв 18:02:05 719315
a-75.jpg 95Кб, 666x800
Anonymous  17/12/20 Чтв 18:10:18 719346
Anonymous  17/12/20 Чтв 18:31:25 719377
16003755720490.mp4 3587Кб, 450x360, 00:00:59
Navalny-pidor-j[...].jpg 14Кб, 677x196
151386441017278[...].jpg 45Кб, 600x400
He used to be interesting now he just appeals to zoom-zooms
Anonymous  17/12/20 Чтв 18:55:21 719388
2218307479dc29e[...].jpg 47Кб, 600x387
Anonymous  17/12/20 Чтв 21:59:38 719469
He used to be, now he's a liberal cuckold
Anonymous  17/12/20 Чтв 23:59:09 7196110
navalny migrant[...].webm 1051Кб, 0x0
изображение.png 459Кб, 776x578
He is, but the West chooses to turn a blind eye to it, since he is a tool. They need a Putin's "rival", but not a person who calls people cockroaches, flies, rodents, kikes, black-assed, untranslatable insults and organizes nationalist rallies. 14:34
Here Navalny is confronted with a question about his views, and he lies about being friend to migrant workers. He is a big liar.

Saying the blogger is a Putin's rival is wrong. Have you heard the phrase they coined? The man Vladimir Putin fears most. It's rubbish. Media which say this to you take you for a fool. As Vladimir Putin said today, it's a common trick Navalny uses — to attack top government officials to get attention, and pretend you are someone's rival. It's not the way you get popular with people, though. He got my attention, but everything in him disgusts me.

Those who said above he is not nationalist anymore are mistaken. The man wants to be important, he has ambitions. Being nationalist is not a way to approach it in Russia. But even if he stopped saying everywhere how much he hates Jews, Georgians, ethnic groups of Russian North Caucasus, peoples of Middle Asia, etc, his hatred towards people of different ethnic groups is where it always was.
Anonymous  18/12/20 Птн 00:37:26 7196211
Navalny Olivie.jpg 82Кб, 307x512
>>71921 (OP)
Hes FSB agent.
Western elite and agents, Worked many years to create a system to get russian resources out off russia. Thanks to, crimea, navalny and all other events/incidents west is forced to sanction russia, thus the parasitic oligarchy cant take out russian resources. My dream and putin is that west put all sactions.

Putin thanks USA for sanction.
Anonymous  18/12/20 Птн 10:14:35 7197112
Anonymous  19/12/20 Суб 00:50:06 7203113
most likely, hes doing now "legitimization" process. all russian intelligence theater. navalny is obviously russian agent or double agent. fooling US intelligence by playing opposition,everyone knows that. hes a russian nazi, was and always will be.
Anonymous  19/12/20 Суб 00:56:57 7203214
>hes a russian nazi, was and always will be.
sorry, i mean it as positive way.
Anonymous  20/12/20 Вск 13:53:24 7208715
>>71921 (OP)
They need him to divert the attention of the liberals to his bait
Anonymous  20/12/20 Вск 19:50:25 7210616
Anonymous  20/12/20 Вск 19:51:37 7210717
dd59c800319ad49[...].jpg 144Кб, 1000x560
AI guys
Anonymous  21/12/20 Пнд 17:20:47 7215118
Why do we need to kill him? He doesnt do snything serious, he just life for donations and pizdit.
Anonymous  21/12/20 Пнд 18:15:28 7215319
16080132696910.jpg 80Кб, 1000x557
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 21:56:43 7242520
For a nonentity you sure talk a lot about him.
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 22:24:46 7242821
The West made relationships between countries depend on this man's blue underpants. Doesn't change he is a nonentity in Russian politics. Pretending to be someone is what this man does. He pretended to be a president candidate in 2018 and gathered money, but knew very well one cannot be a candidate while on probation. In Russia, he is a thief and a fraud not a politician.
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 22:27:21 7242922
Let’s be honest here, Putin already owns Russia for life. The elections there are a formality sham to deceive people. Navalny will be killed off by the fsb eventually because he’s opposition. Heck, I’ve heard how the constitution in Russia was doomed from the start with national security provisions written by well intentioned communist officials. It’s arc is going to be very similar to pre-ww2 Japan and Germany as those two countries also had their citizens rights co-opted within their constitutions.
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 22:41:43 7243023
>Pretending to be someone is what this man does.
Kind of like a politician you know.

The services would not try to kill him if he did was considered a nonactor. An false flag in Russia is too risky for CIA or any of their friends so that leaves FSB. No reason to doubt his story so far.

Power is a lot more unstable than you think. All it takes is a name and timing to rise.
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 22:49:50 7243224
mediaEmKWMuYXIA[...].jpg 428Кб, 1536x2048
> The elections there are a formality sham to deceive people.
What you are writing is a fanfic based on what you see in your country with dead people voting and no observers, no live broadcasts from polling stations. We vote for the person we see deemed and who responds in a delicate manner to the acts of unfriendliness of western "partners". There is no deception in our elections. The whole world laughs at your face, and you keep talking about other countries not being real democracies.

> It’s arc is going to be very similar to pre-ww2
So you've already readied yourself to purify the evil and destroy today's Hitler to gift Russians some rights they lack. Please don't. I have my rights, I have food, home and guarantees. So what I want is peace and to be alive to enjoy those rights and goods. Your country can give me this only by stopping its provocations and not coming to my home to kill me and my dearest people.
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 22:52:20 7243325
Nobody tried to kill him. That's a lie. Staged.
> No reason to doubt his story so far.
FSB said the phone call is fake on their website. They'll provide more information soon.
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 23:07:44 7243526
All I’m saying is don’t be surprised once ecological collapse hits and the facade comes off that government. I say this knowing full well there is criticisms to be had at my government. My government starting to falter democratically does not absolve your government from being completely screwed. That annexation of Crimea was exactly like how Japan annexed Macau in China.
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 23:09:39 7243627
Ok but let's be impartial. Both of the parties here have an incentive to deceive. However, Navalny's story is consistent, and think how difficult it would be to stage the entire operation in Russia and Berlin. Unless the health officials in Russia would have been in on the plot, why would they have approved the transfer? Sure in Berlin the hospital staff would have been assets if needed but again why can they produce a coherent narrative with proof? Why does the operation resemble other Russian intelligence operations abroad (let's be real there are no magical individual gangsters feuding with Russian opposition in London etc)?

The more logical narrative is that the tape is real. People make mistakes and one murder team member low in hierarchy being careless is believable. Harsh systems like security services encourage compliance with authority due to mid-level managers going too far with authority and surveillance. Everyone else he phoned pretty much caught on the act but all it takes is one man. What he talks about makes sense and matches with the facts of the case.

Putin acting macho man we would have got him if we wanted wink wink is an emotional theatrical response. FSB botched up a murder and Navalny is now used to pressure the government it's as simple as that this time.
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 23:10:21 7243728
> exactly like how Japan annexed Macau in China
So people of Macau held a referendum?
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 23:15:19 7243829
They sure as hell lied about the people of Macau wanting to be apart of Japan.
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 23:30:52 7243930
It doesn't look consistent from here. The most obvious thing is the UK secretary of defense claims Russia may kill thousands Englishmen with Novichok in the future. Yet this weapon of mass destruction (which Russia doesn't have by the way since it destroyed 40,000 tons of its chemical weapons with the presence of international observers) was three or four times used against Navalny and failed to kill him. (They also say his wife was attacked with Novichok, but she went to bed, had a good sleep and awaked feeling well.)
Navalny and people like him wasn't teaching you to hate Finland for many years, right? But they were teaching Russians to hate Russia and its history, so I know better than believing in this person's acting. I'll trust people who fight terrorism and provide the safety of my family rather than a person who says Russians should violently overthrow their government, and tanks should attack the walls of the Kremlin.

But Crimeans did vote on the referendum to join the Russian Federation for what they are being punished by your country with sanctions. There are also various polls years after that. But you will say all of them are lies, huh?
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 23:57:34 7244131
8EEB827B-96F3-4[...].jpeg 294Кб, 750x797
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 00:23:28 7244232
What various indicators? It's 96,57% with 84,17% turnout.
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 01:03:58 7244433
*30% turnout with a bout 50/50 yes/no.
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 11:50:27 7246134
One can write anything on a fence. (It's a saying.) Or, with big dedication, on a website related to government.
This person still has to name his sources. Referring to some abstract unnamed experts looks shady to me.
"По мнению практически всех опрошенных специалистов и граждан"
It says that in the opinions of almost every surveyed expert and citizen, these (what you said) are the results of the referendum. Where is that survey, how many were surveyed, and who are those experts? (The guy was three days there, so imagine what kind of survey he could do in three days.)
It's not the opinions of some unnamed experts what decides the results, but voters and their votes. Or it wouldn't be democracy, right? I looked your screenshot up on the Internet to find out many articles claiming these (the generalized opinions of some unnamed experts gathered in three days) to be the real results. They are not, and this manipulation of western media is an attack against our democracy.
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 11:59:50 7246235
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 13:20:20 7246636
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 14:32:15 7246737
What ecological collapse do you think I'm enjoying here? There is work done in the sphere of environment preservation. Protection of forests, separate garbage collection and recycling, dealing with industrial wastes and old closed facilities are important topics that being brought up often, and one can read news to know what is being done in these regards. This, and we also don't have an extremely high level of consumption comparing with some other countries. I'm enjoying cold bitey winter as always in this time of a year.
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 15:28:24 7246838
And the ignorant sheep makes its bed.
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 15:42:21 7247039
Not really counting the USSR pollution are ya. Or the fact that your government relies on exporting oil. Maybe also buying palm oil and incinerating your recycling shouldn’t count. How about those methane gasses getting released in Siberia. If you are a real person, you honestly don’t have a fucking clue.
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 16:32:43 7247140
No, I am not a person. And you have zero respect for those whom you disagree with, or to be more precise whose countries you learned to hate from your tolerant all-loving liberal media. Bad for you.

You are bringing random topics to tell me how bad Russia is. Your country officially tortures people, destroys countries ocean away, bombs other countries' capitals to kill thousands of civilians, perpetrates revolutions here and there, and has the biggest prison population with 60% of prisoners being non-white. Have no fucking clue, huh? You better shut your dirty mouth up and learn something about your country, instead of telling me fairy tales about some ecological collapse in mine.
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 16:35:41 7247241
image.png 52Кб, 803x522
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 17:12:17 7247342
EFLQczPU4AAF1Er.jpg 106Кб, 1080x939
An American will say you it can't be. They are totally unaware of their overconsumption and the fact their country drains the whole world. Here is a kind of picture they love posting. They, having the racist past with consequences yet to be eliminated, wait when darker skinned people solve their ecological problems in their countries.

Soviet Union he says, but in Soviet Union people brought bottles and jars back to a shop, so they can be used over and over. Then America came and taught us plastic bags, throwing good things away and constantly buy things we don't need to throw them a bit later. By the way, while production of palm oil does impact the environment negatively and kills animals like any other food production unfortunately does, palm oil is the most effective to produce and requires less space than any other.
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 17:38:47 7247443
Buddy, I’m more left winged than you in the areas that count. I will happily criticize you and your government especially considering your intial response that ecological collapse is a non issue in Russia and because of your government’s love of causing fact misconstruing controversy and using paid volunteers to cover it up. By the way all governments are failing on the environment, don’t infer I think it’s only Russia. It’s a global systemic issue and now you’ve shown knowledge that it is after the fact. Palm oil is only as efficient as the rainforests that get burned out for cheapies. Also, I go outta my way to reduce in consumption via all levers. Population and consumption is in my dictionary. Maybe you should keep reading up on environmental news.
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 18:24:53 7247744
First, Russia is in no way leftist, it is oligarchic capitalist state which steadily withdraws soviet social benefits (there were). Even funnier to read american people who claim that Russia is still communist.

Second, Russia is one of the best countries in emissions managenent due to, you know, that Soviet dissolution thing and subsequent death of mind-blowing number of factories, which resulted in net decrease of CO2 emissions since 1991.

Third, we actually don't care about emissions because of Maslow's hierarchy, we have tough time meeting more basic needs here unlike you westerners with your first world problems.

And you know what? I would really enjoy some global warming to turn our frozen wasterland of a country into subtropics like USA now. Chinese, Americans and Greta personally can go fuck themselves.
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 18:30:58 7247945
i see what you're saying but maybe developed countries should change first since they obviously have more resources to do so and the rest(which you've been polluting for decades by the way and still continue to do so) will follow?
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 18:36:57 7248046
> don’t infer I think it’s only Russia
Why would you suggest me to enjoy ecological collapse then? I don't understand what it has to do with what I wrote before that.
> fact misconstruing controversy
If it's a controversy, how do you know you are getting the right vision of things? I think it's the United States who creates such situations where everything was simple and clear, lying to its citizens and all the world.
> Also, I go outta my way to reduce in consumption via all levers.
Good. Do your best, and don't think other people are stupid and don't care. We do.
> some global warming to turn our frozen wasterland of a country into subtropics
I guess it doesn't work this way, unfortunately. We have cities behind the polar circle, those territories might become deserts as the result.
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 18:50:06 7248147
>those territories might become deserts as the result.
These deserts will be warm at least.
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 01:40:27 7250748
I heard an opinion that in Ukraine people are on Navalny side. and that's an outright lie. nobody cares about him. and I really can't say anything good about him too. but that's really sad since Russia have absolutely no opposition and no alternatives to Putin. why so, I wonder...
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 04:22:16 7250949
> nobody cares about him
You wish! Seems like lakhta has Ukrainian IPs now. Navalny is half Ukrainian and half Russian, and he'll lead Ukraine to the brilliant future. Imagine prospects for world peace, prosperity, and security with Biden as the President of the United States, and Navalny as the President of Russia and Ukraine. We are already halfway there.
"Imagine all the people
Living life in peace
You, you may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one"
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 08:19:52 7251150
please, no. this is just your sick fantasy
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 19:00:49 7253051
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 20:42:57 7253152
if we live in peace we get overpopulation. this is why you have predators in the wild live. and top predator is russia among mankind.
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 21:51:41 7253753
LDPR, you? I can't agree with you more, as always. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Your posts are our beacon in the darkness of ignorance.
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 23:00:26 7257654
> Faggots believe in overpopulation because it makes them feel good about themselves not having children.
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 23:01:06 7257755
Anonymous  09/01/21 Суб 10:33:58 7290956
>>71921 (OP)
Russian gov protect him from being killed by people
Anonymous  09/01/21 Суб 10:39:11 7291057
>>71921 (OP)
It is sickening how Putin The Half-Cuck is not poisoning all this traitors with neuro-toxins or polonium, he should man up for a change and gives this bastards what they deserve. Bonus: The JEWest would not have more opportunity for this false-flags because all this traitors would be dead.
Anonymous  09/01/21 Суб 21:44:07 7294058
Anonymous  10/01/21 Вск 13:55:24 7295859
>>71921 (OP)
He is FSB agent, so he gets "out of the jail" card when others get 10+ years of prison, and gets poisoned and treated in russian clinic right away so all what he gets is hype.

>It is sickening how Putin The Half-Cuck is not poisoning all this traitors
Russia is notoriously bad in traitor assassinations. It is so bad that I can't help but think that at least some cases have Russia framed for poisoning which was not even a thing.

I miss good old icepick to the head: simple, crude and therefore not error prone as most soviet things.
Anonymous  10/01/21 Вск 20:13:23 7297660
Anonymous  10/01/21 Вск 20:48:20 7298161
He's just another puppet of the kagal. They play us like fools we are.Their vile pride comes before their bitter fall, but it will take some time. I wish they could learn and evolve into something more noble, but they most probably won't.
Anonymous  10/01/21 Вск 23:54:07 7299562
Anonymous  10/01/21 Вск 23:56:21 7299663
Maybe he'll end up taking a long shower at Neuschwanstein Castle shortly.
11/01/21 Пнд 00:02:35 7299864
11/01/21 Пнд 00:08:05 7300065
dont be so salty, snowflake
Anonymous  11/01/21 Пнд 17:18:30 7301566
You know what else is salty? The taste of my dick in your mouth.
Anonymous  12/01/21 Втр 16:11:45 7308967
>He is FSB agent
so that is like the Russian version of the "everyone is controlled opposition of the Jews" schizo stuff we have here in the JEWest?
13/01/21 Срд 01:27:55 7312368
Could you please be less toxic, my Portuguese fellow?
13/01/21 Срд 01:51:42 7312469
But yes, you're entirely right. Do you know what all these schizo say? He's alive and therefore he's entirely controlled. So they need Navalny killed to prove his не-под-залуп-н-ость (not-under-dickheadPutin-ness). This is sick as fuck.
Anonymous  13/01/21 Срд 11:06:14 7313470
Lenin is dead but he is still german spy.
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 00:54:45 7317371
navalny got arrested many times, he goes to vacation on donations, many people got arrested and he went free of charge or 3 days.

people stopped believing him, so they "fake" poison him to make legitimization process.

this is the oldest kgb trick ever. hes "from the people and fights corruption". i think khrushev was the same.

for "them" is like a play between sheepherd and the dog.
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 04:16:06 7318272
Dr. Sosnowsky, is that you?
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 09:53:38 7318573
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 11:48:49 7318774
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 08:58:31 7329675
maxres.jpg 60Кб, 1280x720
>>71921 (OP)
It was hot yesterday! Sosnovsky says Germany shows a friendly gesture by sending Navalny back before they would receive Russia's request to arrest him, and that Navalny lost American support after his posts about Trump. Bagdasarov completely disagrees with him and insists we shouldn't underestimate danger to the country's stability and enemies who indeed have a plan, and sending their spy back is only the beginning of it. Sosnowsky thinks it's an unproductive way of thinking seeing enemies everywhere, and we should see when people are being friendly. What side do you choose?
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 21:01:49 7333076
That Sosnovsky is either a retard or a shill. With Biden in place the attacks on Russia will go to level red and the German colony will fully participate in this. Trump at least made them slow down a little but with Biden things will accelerate.
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 21:02:08 7333177
its all theater, only military decides who wins, always infantry is stronger then special forces.
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