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Do Ukrainians hate Russians or Russia? Is it true that Russia attacks Ukraine constantly and tries to destabilize its government, because it's pro-West? Or are all of those lies fabricated by Western media? Anonymous  18/12/20 Птн 15:29:54 719841
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Do Ukrainians hate Russians or Russia? Is it true that Russia attacks Ukraine constantly and tries to destabilize its government, because it's pro-West? Or are all of those lies fabricated by Western media?
Anonymous  18/12/20 Птн 15:36:56 719852
Anonymous  18/12/20 Птн 15:50:34 719903
It's an either or question.
Anonymous  18/12/20 Птн 15:59:03 719924
I don't know anything else in English.
when the Ukrainians (hohols) decided to carry out a revolution and go to the European Union, Putin did not like it and he decided to unleash a war in the south so that they would not be taken to the European Union. And he also stole the Crimea (sent the military there who captured the government). From this moment, the enmity between hohols and pidorahens (russians) begins.
google translate

pidorahen = pidor (faggot) + rahen (russian)
Anonymous  18/12/20 Птн 16:04:41 719935
>>71984 (OP)
>Do Ukrainians hate Russians or Russia?
>Is it true that Russia attacks Ukraine constantly and tries to destabilize its government, because it's pro-West?
We have taken the Crimea and attempted to take Donbass. Second has caused a short civillian war in the Ukraine. That definittly has caused a destabilization, but there were no further attempts to influence Ukraine. Noone cares about them now, noone influences their economy of politics afterwards.
Ukraine was steadly degrading for 30 years of its existence. So it's not like they were ok, but than Russia has turned them into a shithole.
>Or are all of those lies fabricated by Western media?
Most of them, I guess. But we have taken the Crimea and provoked actions in the Donbass region. This is true and this is kinda big deal. Not sure what western media tell about ukraine-russia relations now. I don't think we have any kind of relations. Our TV media mocks Ukraine sometimes (rarely now), but does not create an image of Ukraine as an enemy of Russia. And noone puts effort in money to destroy Ukraine, simply no need for that.
Anonymous  18/12/20 Птн 16:21:51 719956
If you say Ukrainians dislike Russians, does that mean, Russians also dislike Ukrainians? Does Ukraine need Russia to survive?
Anonymous  18/12/20 Птн 16:54:55 720027
>If you say Ukrainians dislike Russians, does that mean, Russians also dislike Ukrainians?
Not really. Hatred is a strong emotion, you can't hate someone who is not able to hurt you. You can hate only an equal or someone higher to you. Ukranian hatred causes mild irriation in response at best, not an equal hatred. We don't really have a serious reason to hate them, despite their antirussian agenda. And we don't consider them a real threat, no matter what they say and promise to do to us. For example, if their next goverment SUDDENLY becomes prorussian, we won't have any trouble establishing old, friendly relations.
>Does Ukraine need Russia to survive?
Eh, I don't think so. We had pretty good relations before the mentioned Crimea and Euromaidan events and that didn't help them much. Maybe Russia could slow down their degradation with our economical help, not this is definitly not enough to change them from a failed state into some more or less successful country.
Fun part was, that USA has actually tried to help Ukraine after the Euromaidan events. USA actually has given a shittons of money to the Ukraine and have sent their representatives from FBI (to beat corruption in government), presidental administraion and other diferent sorts of government managers to fix their country in all ways. Ukraine could become a new South Korea. And guess what? Ukraine fucked up really hard. They stole most of american money in corruption schemes and refused to listen to american advisors, so americans left and Ukraine continues to degrade. For example, here is what Anders Aslund (HUGE specialiast on Ukraine and Russia, swedish professor of international economy, lives in US and a Senior Fellow at the Attlantic Counsil) writes:
As you can see, noone can help Ukraine. Even fucking USA couldn't, Russia has no chance, when even americans has failed in fixing Ukraine. Ukraine does not wanna change, they need to help themself first.
Anonymous  18/12/20 Птн 19:39:51 720158
>>71984 (OP)
10 millions of people died during Ukrainization. Official policy of derussification of now-Ukraine.
Now they blame communist achievements on Russians.

The criminal always hates the victim that survived to tell the story.
Anonymous  18/12/20 Птн 19:40:22 720169
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Anonymous  18/12/20 Птн 20:14:45 7202310
Anonymous  18/12/20 Птн 22:32:00 7202611
>>71984 (OP)
Crimea reunited with Russia as a result of a referendum, they are being punished with sanctions for their votes. The war in Ukraine is a civil war caused by the unconstitutional overthrow of the government. The current government can end it, but it doesn't want to implement agreements.

Some Ukrainians hate Russia and Donbass. I used to watch a Ukrainian comedian Evgeny Volnov on YouTube who started creating anti-Russian content, which affected me greatly at that moment. He hates Russia and wants his Russian audience to hate their country. I wouldn't be surprised if he is being paid for it.

People in Kiev and other places don't seem to think about Donbass every day. Look at the map, there are kilometers and kilometers. They don't have to deal with explosions and death. And if they thought about Donbass often, they wouldn't hate Russia but ask the Ukrainian government what for Ukrainian civilians are being killed and left homeless by Ukrainian military.
Anonymous  19/12/20 Суб 00:31:00 7202912
this is bullshit, pro-russian puppets in ukraine iniciated evro-intergrazia. the goal of russia is sent 3 million russian speaking orthodox hohols in poland in order to infiltrate via ukraine into europe. russia is taking over.
Anonymous  19/12/20 Суб 03:32:13 7203313
Anonymous  19/12/20 Суб 09:51:42 7203714
Damn, son. I wish this would be true.
But honestly, you guys (EU and USA) often think of Russia better, than Russia actually is. Russia is not that powerful and ambitious.
Anonymous  20/12/20 Вск 10:27:53 7207815
Also, Galicia is going to Poland. I dont think ukraine will exist till 2040
Anonymous  20/12/20 Вск 20:53:18 7211516
ukraine KGB CCCP.jpg 113Кб, 589x604
Anonymous  20/12/20 Вск 21:17:26 7211917
I lol'd. I love to read european and american thoughts on Russia.
There is an old jewish joke:
2 jews have a dinner, one of them reads antisemitic media.
-Moishe, why do you read those terrible papers? They hate us, they blame us for everything. Just why would you read those?
-You know, Levi, when I read our newspapers, I feel depressed. It is full of our troubles, says we are in crysis, everything is bad, gray and boring. When I read antisemitic papers, I feel great! They say, that we rule this world, we have everything under control and the world belongs to us!

Thats pretty much like I feel when I read posts like yours.
Anonymous  20/12/20 Вск 22:35:37 7212318
russian mafia n[...].jpg 49Кб, 800x533
долбаёб мы тут уже в европе, захвативаем потихонку. россия ето огромный империй, а не малинкий израйлчик.
Anonymous  20/12/20 Вск 23:37:38 7213119
когда захватите то европа превратится в помойку как раша и
съебете еще куда-то?
Anonymous  21/12/20 Пнд 04:00:45 7213820
Нет, ты просто нищий батрак, который смог съебать за лучшей зарплатой и условиями жизни. Как африканец-беженец. А не захватчик никакой.
Спок, мань.
Anonymous  21/12/20 Пнд 07:05:25 7214021
>>71984 (OP)

Опять с прокси балуешься?
Anonymous  21/12/20 Пнд 20:15:49 7215722
Стух ваш Г. Рубчинский, стухнет и Рассвет.
Anonymous  22/12/20 Втр 00:07:21 7216223
Anonymous  22/12/20 Втр 06:09:20 7217024
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 06:39:40 7854725
>>71984 (OP)
> Do Ukrainians hate Russians or Russia?
Yes, we do. Except of vatniks - people who still have USSR propaganda in their minds, and patriots of the fridge - idiots who are ready to serve any country to live constantly bad, but not worse than now.

> Is it true that Russia attacks Ukraine constantly and tries to destabilize its government, because it's pro-West?
Exactly. Just because we changed our government from Russian henchmen to pro-West, Russia invaded and captured Crimea, and we couldn't even do anything, because all our military potential since USSR was simply sabotaged and destroyed by pro-Russian government before. What we have now was gained after the war started.

Right now Russia doesn't want to just take off Luhansk and Donetsk, they just drain us, destroy our economy and pump out resources to get us weak later. Donbass used to be industrial region, but now it's just a ruin, everything is destroyed, scrapped and mines are flooded. At first they were using private military and costumed clowns such as kazaks, but later on regular Russian military joined as well, and there are a lot of evidences of that. However, they are still pretending that Ukrainians fight themselves.

> Or are all of those lies fabricated by Western media?
Nope. Western media is too loyal to Russia and doesn't understand who they are dealing with. Today it's Ukraine and Belarus who "are pretty much part of Russia and would better to join", but if noone stop them, they will go further, just like it was before. Polaks know that better than anyone so they actively strengthen relations with NATO and USA and doing it right.
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 07:07:25 7854926
>>71984 (OP)
Yes, they do, and Russian hate Ukrainians too. Except they also say "we only hate Ukranian neo-nazis". But Russian think that everyone who is pro-west and anti-russian is a nazi.
It's not that Russia directly attacks Ukraine, but it tries to destabilize it, and helps to its puppet states in Donbass. I believe that Ukraine is less in attention now however.
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 10:45:05 7856527
>>71984 (OP)
In Russia, there are people who will say that the Ukrainians and the Western media are lying, and that the Ukrainians are at war with themselves, but the presence of Russian soldiers (formally on vacation) in the Donbas is 100% true. It is confirmed by the former leader of the militia Girkin(aka Strelkov) (btw, an employee of the Russian FSB).
The presence of Russian military equipment and weapons is also denied, but it is obvious that it is also there. They are too well equipped for a chaotic militia. And people living in Rostov oblast do not doubt that they saw trains with weapons going to the Donbass.
So yes, the Western media is telling the truth.
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 12:20:49 7856728
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 14:15:05 7857129
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 16:09:14 7858530
Advisors? Some special units? Sure. As in any civil war so far, foreign powers seek to intervene for their benefit.

Whole regiments? Now that is a bullshit.
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 19:26:27 7859031
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 20:18:58 7859832
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 14:26:27 7862333
>>71984 (OP)
Most Ukrainians dont care. But those who hate Russia, they hate it so much so their 1 hate equals to hate of 1000 people
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 14:40:31 7862434
I dont use links on 2ch when people are too lazy to explain what do they mean.
And I doubt they prove somehow muscovite hordes as opposed to advisors, specops and supply.
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 14:47:57 7862535
This is Strelkov's comment about the presence of Russian soldiers-vacationers in the Donbas.
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 14:49:22 7862636
So, no whole regiments, just handful of specops. Just as I said.
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 15:40:56 7862837
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 19:09:37 7863038
Think Delta or green berets.
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 19:48:10 7863139
They weren't special forces
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 21:31:47 7863840
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 21:32:20 7863941
cianiggres.jpg 163Кб, 749x1177
this are the most secret and you can not join them, you will be asked(selected)
delta (army) top of the top of the top
devgru(navy)<this are "seals" but operate under CIA legislation, meaning if they die they are not part of us-military
24th(airforce) <basicly kill civilians(terrorist) with drones :D and fly those guys above to places in black hawks or other flying things.

green berets are more into languages and supporting "opposition" forces in a country they operate like contra. RAMBO was a green beret.
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 21:37:17 7864042
No its fact. Goverment in Kiev, stopped paying to eastern ukraine. basicly they stole all the money. Cutting off and claiming they seperated is good lie to steal money, pensions from 2 million eastern ukranians. think about you dont have to pay 2 million people each month, you get 2 million every month.
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 22:01:54 7864443
Even if what you say is true (I don't know if it is) it doesn't change the fact that russian mass media (totally controlled by russian government) smeared Ukraine for a decade before russian military began the annexion.
I also heard from a krymean guy, that now Russia don't take their taxes, leaves them all in the region. I wonder what other russia regions should do to stop moscovites from robbing us. I think only complete and total annihilation of russia government can do this. Bomb the fuck out of Moscow, Sochi and where else those faggots live.
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 22:14:42 7864544
Yeah, they were full army units, ssssssure. Take your meds.
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 22:36:03 7864745
They there regular army soldiers de jure on vacation and I have provided proof of this.
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 22:39:20 7864846
You provided two links leading to sites claiming that some man said that there were some volunteers.
Well yeah, fresh news, civil wars means foreign voluinteers and intervention, always. Spanish civil war is not called spanish-soviet-american-italian-german war for a reason.
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 22:52:52 7865047
>some man
Strelkov was not some man, he was their direct commander
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 22:57:39 7865248
Still, this is just a word of some man. He said many things about Ukraine too, but for some reason they do not consider this to be truth in the slightest. Those things are inconvenient, this thing is convenient. Therefore he spreads lies, unless ukrainians like what he says, then he is credible source and proof of literal russian army involvement.
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 23:02:01 7865449
And they do like to arrtibute treir horrible fuck-ups to russian army, because fecause fatal encirclements of soviet-style offense by insurgents are such an embarassing thing, that they feel better if Russia proper did it. While simultaneously claming that russian army is weak and they could beat it, because shizos.
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 23:02:23 7865550
taxation is theft, but how do you maintain control over regions ? how do you unite and concentrate the power ? if everybody does what he wants everything will crumble apart. this is why EU is strong economicly, because its united under one currency, under one ruler, the brussels. sometimes german parlament decides something, the EU comes and says "no" and they cuck right away. merkel try to empose her will on ministers, they simply go to eu and say to merkel fuck you. so she shuts up. this is why all companies are located in moscow.
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 23:07:44 7866051
He has no motive to lie. Besides lying on this topic can be dangerous for him since he is in Russia.
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 23:13:01 7866352
>He has no motive to lie.
He tried many times to get some hype after his image-shattering withdrawal from conflict and shifting to anti-government position, so he had a motive.
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 23:38:53 7866653
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 00:25:04 7866954
Well yeah, this one have a direct reason to try to scare insane ukrainian govt with russian army, and we see that he was successful in this regard so far, DPR is still alive despite stil persisting force disparity, two embarassing ukrainian defeats and ghost of russian army guard it for the time being.
But rest assured: there will be actual russian army involvement, maybe even this spring after rains stop. Karabakh campaign gave Ukrainians some funny ideas, like not fearing russian involvement. But this, third time, we may witness actual army units, air and fleet action, finally - because we need Dnepr-Crimea channel, and insane ukrainians sparking a fight again is juuuust what Russia needs.
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 00:58:51 7867155
Are you betting your anus on this?
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 09:31:37 7867456
I do not, that's why i used word "maybe". It is strange for you to challenge this though given that you tried oh so much to convince me that literal russian army units are there already. I diagnose you with shcizo and Ukrainian.
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 11:04:41 7867657
Why do you sound like you've convinced someone that they're not there?
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 13:18:14 7867758
attak.jpg 171Кб, 642x336
Are you convinced that your mom does not suck dicks except your dad's? Why?

I have not to be convinced to accept default state of absense of russian army. Volunteers, special units, supply - that looks plausible, for this is a civil war, and Russia has its own interests in it, as do Americans. Russian army - the real one - is lingering nearby though, making ukrainians reluctant to proceed in real life with their bellicose and genocidal statements.
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 14:27:08 7867859
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 15:39:17 7867960
>Ordinary contract soldiers take pictures of themselves
And this proves batallions of russian army exactly how?
Just give up. I respect american intelligence including ELINT, and they stated nothing about army units, while confirming that there are some "specialists" and calling for their withdrawal.
There is no "russian invasion", "russian occupation" or "russian army". Russian army is in Crimea. Here we have armed, supplied and advised locals, kind of shit all over the place in XX ans XXI century.
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 15:49:51 7868061
When did I mention the battalions? I said:
>the presence of Russian soldiers (formally on vacation) in the Donbas is 100% true
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 16:00:04 7868162
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 16:02:34 7868263
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 16:05:47 7868364
Ok, so you are schizo AND lack reading skills, i see.
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 16:08:32 7868465
>just handful of specops
>Think Delta or green berets.
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 16:43:30 7868566
They are heroes who protect people on Donbass, and you are a sad troll.
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 16:50:39 7868667
And? Are they not russian soldiers or what?
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 16:57:02 7868968
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 16:59:39 7869069
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 17:01:49 7869170
And the Wehrmacht were the heroes who defended Austria.
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 17:03:44 7869271
You denied having any Russian soldiers other than special forces.
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 17:16:30 7869372
Well, soldiers don't wander by themselves. They either belong to their units or act as volunteers, taking vacation prior. I deny MUH RUSSIAN ARMY, but not volunteers, because it is civil war, and these things happen.
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 17:31:01 7869473
Угадайте, кому [...].mp4 2032Кб, 704x1280, 00:00:14
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 17:39:34 7869574
>>71984 (OP)
So, Russian armed forces is attacking Ukraine and this >>78693 >>78694 is the kind of rhetoric they use to justify it. Does that satisfy your question?
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 17:42:33 7869675
Is spanish civil war in fact spanish-italian?
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 17:47:06 7869776
I don't know. I prefer to use Anschluss as an analogy.
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 17:53:07 7869877
It is bad analogy for Donbass, they are separatists, not irredentists. However, when compaired with actual civil war, there are a lot of more similarities - so just mayyyyybe it is civil war and not anschluss we are dealing here with.
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 17:56:41 7869978
There are foreigners from different countries on both sides, but you pretend to be blind to that fact for the sake of trolling. People die and lose their homes for seven years. It's not a matter to joke about, you're sick.
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 18:16:15 7870179
I wish the Russian Armed Forces were there, then people wouldn't have to die or fear for their lives and lives of their dear ones. This nightmare would come to an end, and we would be fine under a couple of extra sanctions, but things are probably more complex than I see them, or else Vladimir Putin would have done everything he can to bring peace for Donbass immediately.

Unfortunately, it is not the Russian Armed Forces. It is people who are not indifferent to someone else's grief. They believe that if something similar were to happen one day here, someone would come and help them, so it's their duty to help others today.
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 19:13:50 7870480
The nightmare would not have started if the pro-Russian side had not initiated it.
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 19:20:11 7870581
Shame on pro-russian side, second time ousting the same president and taking western ukrainian govermnent buildings and military bases. I knew all along that Maidan was sponsored by Putin.
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 19:40:35 7870782
I wonder in what world this combination of words makes sense?
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 20:55:02 7870983
Appelbaum.JPG 32Кб, 492x320
german news
Anonymous  12/03/21 Птн 22:42:41 7871784
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 05:57:21 7872085
Russian Federation is capturing Ukraine, yes
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 05:57:45 7872186
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 05:59:52 7872287
>>71984 (OP)
russia have been invading ukraine since 2013 openly

before 2013 invading was hideous
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 09:16:20 7872588
A091D556-0986-4[...].jpeg 65Кб, 888x499
Russia is ruled by rather stupid bandits who accidentally got their high position. They do not understand what soft power is and what politics in general is. But they understand what a raider takeover is. This is what they do all their lives.
In the photo, one of Putin's main confidants. He was in prison for 9 years for involving children in prostitution.
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 09:17:37 7872789
>But they understand what a raider takeover is.
So they understood Maidan pretty well then.
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 10:02:09 7872890
Can you provide evidence or at least grounds not to consider the Maidan a constitutional expression of the will of the people?
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 11:53:38 7872991
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 12:19:49 7873192
Those who overthrew the Ukrainian constitutional government weren't pro-Russian. They were ultranationalist worshipers of Nazi collaborators. They "initiated it", and that's why today's Ukraine kills civilians. The government believes they can bomb people back into Ukraine. They don't understand what they're doing.
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 12:21:36 7873293
Do you watch Evgeny Volnov?
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 12:27:08 7873394
There is no maidan mechanism in Ukrainian constiturion (there is in American one and there was in Turkish until recent Erdogan shit btw), but there is a law against hostile takeover of power which occured. So it is not a constitutional expression of the the will of the people but rather something very well understood by people who made plenty of business takovers themselves.
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 12:37:28 7873495
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 13:03:55 7874096
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 13:21:40 7874897
>weren't pro-Russian
Oh, Gotentot morality. Classic.
At least you're sincere.
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 13:32:50 7874998
EE648BD9-AE9C-4[...].jpeg 329Кб, 1280x976
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 13:54:50 7875199
I know the picture, but I don't understand what it has to do with what I said. Are you a Volnov's subscriber, or where do you have these ideas from? I sincerely want to know what makes you say these things. I'll read and watch the sources you directly read and watch, wouldn't it be great for you? Please name them.
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 14:08:51 78753100
>I know the picture
It’s not a picture, it’s a conception which in other words is called egocentric morality or self-serving bias.
«They are not pro-Russian, therefore they are neo-Nazis.»
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 14:19:22 78755101
>>71984 (OP)
First of all, we live in permanent info-war against western media. There are not too many young people, who could make a true independant point of view in this case. It's a really long story. The US has been building up military forces in all post-Soviet republics since the collapse of the USSR. NATO was created against the Soviet Union, but it was not disbanded. On the contrary, its funding increased and its influence expanded. The United States seeks to overthrow any regime in any country whose leadership has good relations with Russia. The United States is fighting it's geopolitical adversaries by any means, including military interventions. By coincidence, democracy in the form of missiles and bombs arrives precisely for those bloody dictators who occupy a strategic transit position in the region for the transportation of energy resources from the Middle East to Europe. Is'n it funny ? And all US allies have no problems with human rights, LGBT, democracy, u know... At the same time foreign agents of influence try to fool the people of Russia, whom must to believe, that they have no enemies.

The formation of an independent state of Ukraine is a historical nonsense that should not had happened. The state, which does not even have a name (Ukraine-literally means on the outskirts of the land, there were many such suburbs, it is a province of the empire) never had sovereignty. There was a countless battles and wars over these territories, with Turkey and other neighbors. Even the western regions of Ukraine, where the "raguli" (it's like rednecks in US) lives, who hate Russians, were conquered from Poland, Austria and Hungary. That rednecks became the basis for the formation of terrorist Nazi groups, one of which is now called "right sector", until 2014 it was called differently, when it fought against the Russians along with al-Qaeda, the Taliban, the fascist organization "Gray Wolves" from Turkey etc. in the wars in the North Caucasus. Especially in the First Chechen War (1994-1996).

After months of rallies , confrontations with the police, supported by US, and the weak will of the current president, a coup d'etat took place in the country. Russians in the Donbas and Crimea, realizing that the fascists who had gained power would start ethnic cleansing, ban the Russian language, and subject Russians to repression, wanted to secede from Ukraine. President Putin conducted a unique, bloodless peacekeeping operation in Crimea that has no analogues in history, securing a referendum. The residents of Donbass were much less lucky, because the illegal authorities of Ukraine unleashed a civil war against them, sending there the same fascist terrorist gangs from the western regions of Ukraine. It is difficult to say to what extent the separatists in the Donbas receive assistance from Russia, but it is obvious that there are no regular Russian troops there. That is happening against the background of the policy of double standards of the US, the EU and the violation of international rights, such as the right of a nation to self-determination and endless lies in the media against Russia. There are more than enough brainwashed people.
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 14:26:59 78757102
StrawMan2.jpg 90Кб, 600x450
> It’s not a picture, it’s a conception
1. Both you and I have never seen this term being used without the picture.
2. You used it wrong because the quotation is not what I said at all.
> «They are not pro-Russian, therefore they are neo-Nazis.»
> therefore
The thing you did here is called "attacking a straw man". Do you need me to explain the concept to you? You misquoted me on purpose and argued with an argument you made up.

Also, you only read the first four words and ignored the rest of my post, the part with my question about your sources. Why? Don't you want me to hate Russia and Donbass and love Kiev's shelling of civilians like you do?
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 14:52:24 78758103
>1. Both you and I have never seen this term being used without the picture.
Another synonym for this term is "double standards", I met its use even before I started using the Internet.
>ignored the rest of my post
I did not ignore it, but in these words you let slip about the real reasons for your negative attitude to the Maidan. If the ultra-right is somehow involved in it, it doesn't mean that they are the original cause of everything. The truth is that there is no such thing as a primordial cause in the universe, each subsequent event proceeds from the previous one and so on ad infinitum. For example, I can name another thing as the real reason: violent suppression of protests by the Berkut forces. It was after this that the Maidan acquired a real mass character and significance. By reducing the causes to the initiative of some small ideological group, you deny the freedom of will and the presence of reason in each individual who participated in these events. Try to avoid it.
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 15:25:01 78761104
> By [...], you deny the freedom of will and the presence of reason in each individual who participated in these events. Try to avoid it.
Would you kindly follow your own advice? Because "deny[ing] the freedom of will" is exactly what you do when you apply double standards to Crimea and Donbass. Those people didn't like their government being overthrown by a bunch of ultranationalists and whoever there was, and we've seen why.
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 15:56:23 78765105
Ultranationalists in Ukraine in 2014 had the support of 0.7%, while the Maidan had the support of the majority. Did the Donbass militia have more than 0.7% support?
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 16:41:50 78766106
изображение.png 51Кб, 394x857
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 16:56:40 78767107
I can agree that in Crimea the majority could vote "yes", (though not 90% of course). But the question concerned the Donbass
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 17:16:20 78770108
изображение.png 133Кб, 614x343
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 19:46:21 78772109
Anonymous  13/03/21 Суб 23:04:35 78780110
It does not take into account the opinion of the 1 million people who left as refugees. I believe that their unwillingness to remain there is in itself a condemnation of the actions of the self-proclaimed authorities and a vote against them.
Anonymous  14/03/21 Вск 00:31:12 78781111
>It does not take into account the opinion of the 1 million people who left as refugees. I believe that their unwillingness to remain there is in itself a condemnation of the actions of the self-proclaimed authorities and a vote against them.
Let's stop with this "refugees" thing, or should we count escapees to Europe and Russia from Ukraine and come to certain conclusion about maidan coup support in nation?
Anonymous  14/03/21 Вск 00:35:46 78783112
ukraine is russia. end of dicussion.
Anonymous  14/03/21 Вск 00:51:31 78784113
Why not? What part of the population escaped from Ukraine? For Donbass, this is >30% of the population
Anonymous  14/03/21 Вск 00:58:15 78785114
OK it would be more accurate to say: internally displaced persons(mostly) and refugees
Anonymous  14/03/21 Вск 01:23:11 78786115
16154126437220.webm 9121Кб, 1280x720, 00:01:13
Anonymous  15/03/21 Пнд 23:03:55 78841116
>>71984 (OP)
It's not a lies fabricated by Western media, it's true.
>Russia attacks Ukraine
Putin's Regime attacks Ukraine constantly and tries to destabilize its government, because it's pro-West
Putin is losting popularity in Russia, right now ...
In my opinion putin is a hitler 2.0 who occupated Russia (by the usurpation way) and who made here the facist right-radical regime.
Anonymous  17/03/21 Срд 22:18:34 78938117
our nation doesn't like to suck cocks, sry
it's just you
Anonymous  18/03/21 Чтв 09:20:31 78973118
>our nation doesn't like to suck cocks
Why does it suck them then? Is it for money or to spite russians?
Anonymous  20/03/21 Суб 00:34:29 79138119
Anonymous  20/03/21 Суб 00:37:36 79139120
sucking by ruining russian economy and being in state of war with it for 8 years? lol

pay your tax money to putin slavie
Anonymous  20/03/21 Суб 00:39:03 79140121
german guy trying to restore the ussr?
turn off vpn, pidorashka
Anonymous  20/03/21 Суб 01:27:55 79144122
16157766275663.png 62Кб, 941x821
16150467242642.png 458Кб, 702x779
16148753902311.jpg 45Кб, 696x445
16150467242621.png 251Кб, 467x619
Anonymous  20/03/21 Суб 01:39:03 79145123
if russia is in a state of war with cuckraine then why are you buying our electricity, gas, coil, and even ammo through european proxies and funding the war???
Anonymous  20/03/21 Суб 02:55:33 79146124
>ukraine is russia
True. The historical Russia is now known as Ukraine. Ukrainians colonized the territory of Russian Federation, enslaved the ugrofinnic population and converted them into pidorussians. Later, Ukraine became weak, lost her colony to tatars and was conquered by Lithuania.

Sometime later the colony aka Russian Federation gained independence from tartars but was missing their Ukrainian metropoly so much that it took its name - Russia and conqured it back. Being one united country it felt OK to call it Russia despite the capital was in the wrong city. However, the Ukraine split from this union leaveing its old name Russia to their former colony.

So, the absurdity of today's situation is that an horde of ugrofinns speaking a dialect of Ukrainian is conducting a war against their former metropoly because without Ukraine they have a poor claim to call themselves russians.
Anonymous  20/03/21 Суб 08:18:31 79152125
This except we conquered nothing, and we are conducting nothing.
We like all the others republics are so happy being independent after millennia under Ukraine's occupation that we can think about nothing but our own welfare.
So much hatred. Instead of thinking war, you should think peace. All Kiev need is to stop shelling their people. Russian economy is just fine, we always lived under sanctions since Soviet times. For many people here news from Ukraine are like Dom 2 or Malakhov - a cheap way to get entertained. Something that happens many kilometers away. Instead of looking for an external enemy, look at Kiev, they do the shelling - not Vladimir Putin.
Anonymous  20/03/21 Суб 15:21:54 79168126
>This except we conquered nothing, and we are conducting nothing
Your country have occupied the ukrainian peninsula Crimea and conquered Donbass region of Ukraine killing 15 000 of ukrainians. And the war continues.

inb4 not our country
Anonymous  20/03/21 Суб 15:26:43 79169127
>ukrainian peninsula Crimea
It have never been Ukrainian. Greek, pontic, genoan, gothic, even turkish through tatar proxy, russian, soviet - yes. Even greeks have more rights to it than ukrainians.
Anonymous  20/03/21 Суб 15:36:23 79170128
It is still ukrainian. Russia occupied it violating the international law.
Anonymous  20/03/21 Суб 15:37:12 79171129
>Greek, pontic, genoan, gothic, even turkish through tatar
all these nations officially declare crimea ukrainian
Anonymous  20/03/21 Суб 16:12:13 79173130
Screenshot2021-[...].png 40Кб, 802x712
>Russian economy is just fine
It is stagnating for the last 10 years. The world average growth is 3%. Anything below 3% means that you are loosing the race to all normal countries.

For comparison I took Lithuania, a heavily drinking country having no oil, no propane, no valuable natural resources. It is doing better than Russia and growing faster than world average. The monthly wage in Lithuania now is roughly 2x more than in Russia.

I understand that the peoples of Russia are used to poverty and feel OK about it. Yet Belarus being dependent on the russian economy also suffers from your crisis and considers the impoverished Russia as an inferior form of human existence.
Anonymous  20/03/21 Суб 16:30:12 79174131
The issue was that first Russia occupied Crimea and the suppressing human liberties run the fucking circus calling it "referendoom". Even Hitler did it more transparently. It is impossible to have free elections or referendum when the freedom of speech is being suppressed.
Anonymous  20/03/21 Суб 17:13:42 79177132
>suppressing human liberties
Making ukrainian law about landgrabbing actually work is considered now suppressing of human liberties and maybe even tater genocide?
Anonymous  20/03/21 Суб 17:41:31 79182133
It is universal law under which every state was created to defend it.
Anonymous  20/03/21 Суб 17:45:49 79183134
>It is universal law under which every state was created to defend it.
Why Ukraine did nothing with tatar landgrabbing then?
Anonymous  20/03/21 Суб 18:13:35 79184135
Listen to Poklonskaya, after the events Ukraine abandoned Crimea. It is like they wished Crimea to go to the Russian Federation for some reason.
Anonymous  20/03/21 Суб 19:58:02 79196136
legacy.jpg 99Кб, 760x596
There is a simple answer to the question why ukrainians wish so passinately that russian invasion happens some day for real.
Anonymous  26/03/21 Птн 04:29:03 79507137
After killing some Ukrainian soldiers, they abandoned Crimea to save their lives. I will listen that criminal bitch on her trial in court.
Anonymous  26/03/21 Птн 09:29:30 79511138
Are you guest from alternative timeline? Daddy Luka is prez there too?
Anonymous  26/03/21 Птн 15:55:27 79517139
Russian think that everyone who is pro-west is a nazi.
Anonymous  26/03/21 Птн 16:43:21 79518140
Are they not? Enlighten me.
Anonymous  26/03/21 Птн 19:38:24 79524141
Well, not everyone. I assume you consider yourself pro-American and not a Nazi. I've been consuming English language content for some time, and there are tons of people out there saying Jews deserved the Shoah, Nazi concentration camps were health resorts with cinema and spa, Indians were lesser race and didn't have more rights than the English to live on that land, etc, etc. This is the country who chose a person who advocated for bombing Belgrade into submission as their president. Sounds pretty Nazi to me.
I don't agree with the previous poster you're answering to. Firstly, people don't have spare energy to hate some strangers miles away, why would they. People love Ukraine. Secondly, your and their irony is silly because there in Ukraine they literally go out to the streets with Nazi symbols, they celebrate Nazi collaborators, they don't hide they're neo-Nazis. Just look it up, and you'll find tons of pictures of neo-Nazi celebrations.
Anonymous  27/03/21 Суб 13:07:07 79535142
>>71984 (OP)
Short answer - Yes.
Correct answer - We hate not russian people, we hate - Ryzke Mir.
Anonymous  28/03/21 Вск 13:11:36 79563143
>>71984 (OP)
Politicians quarrel our peoples. Russians with Belarusians and Ukrainians. Because otherwise we would have united like Germany with Austria and Prussia, if you understand what I mean.
Anonymous  28/03/21 Вск 20:04:19 79574144
>Germany with Austria and Prussia, if you understand what I mean.
never gonna happen.
Anonymous  31/03/21 Срд 00:45:37 79624145
Exactly! Same culture (in main) but different people, different vision on many things, which are understandable between usual ppl, but ignorable by Kremlin. Puttler&Co made everything to harm russians all over the world.
Anonymous  31/03/21 Срд 09:43:29 79635146
never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down. You just got text-rickrolled.
Anonymous  31/03/21 Срд 20:19:07 79640147
>Same culture
germans hate russian people not just putin.
Anonymous  03/04/21 Суб 10:30:10 79702148
inbreed fucks.jpg 25Кб, 600x270
herrenrase.jpg 192Кб, 1858x1116
germans and austrians are like irish and british.

their is a genetic hate in german population towards russians. most germans envy russia, they aknowladge that russians are geneticly superior to germans and to europians as a whole.

what i notice is that every german have some kind of genetic defect, they usually have bad eye seight, asymetrical faces, unique illnesses or retardation and speech problems. it all comes from long inbreeding process to keep the race "pure" which most royal families are doing. i see that in british and japanese people, they are constantly at war or colonzing something, they have genetical pressure to mix with others, otherwise they will simply become more inbreed and retarded and die out. this is why they are biggest promoters of "diversitiy" and "refugees welcome" while at the same time being racist towards others.
Anonymous  03/04/21 Суб 12:36:34 79703149
Die-hard pro-communist and pro-Putin Russians.
Anonymous  03/04/21 Суб 17:05:47 79707150
Anonymous  04/04/21 Вск 16:32:39 79724151
Come on, se fuck Usrane and Zapad just enjoy the show and play that they support cockols.
Anonymous  05/04/21 Пнд 21:37:45 79751152
>this is why they are biggest promoters of "diversitiy" and "refugees welcome"
Germans are not the biggest supporters of this in Eurupe. Sweden, France, UK are far ahead of them.
Anonymous  05/04/21 Пнд 21:45:48 79752153
Germans are biggest importers of refugees, while most European countries say enough is enough Merkel comes out of nowhere and says we need another 3 million refugees in Europe right now
Anonymous  05/04/21 Пнд 21:57:20 79754154
german diversity.jpg 63Кб, 1063x644
germans love wars, violence and chaos. of course they promote mass immigration to europe, so that arabs and niggers outbreed the native europians in order for germans to claim those lands.
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 03:12:47 79948155
>>71984 (OP)
>>71984 (OP)
This is only 50% true. Get used to the fact that the world is neither black nor white. It is gray.
For example: I am Ukrainian (khokol) 50% and Russian (pidorahen) ... [he counts in his mind] [he bends his fingers] [cosine alpha ... two in the mind] ummm ... 50% ! Exactly. Russian by 50%.
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 03:15:42 79949156
Im khokhlo-pidorashka 100%

Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 20:03:03 79964157
It's okay to be slav. You are just in a non slavic country.
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 20:33:04 79965158
You ask question wrong. The right question is do russian hate cockholes and Oinkraine?
Anonymous  19/04/21 Пнд 23:14:12 80200159
MAAVE-RK62M-564.jpg 59Кб, 564x328
Russians can go to hell.
Fight back my ukrainian friends, so did we in 1939 against those parasites.
Anonymous  20/04/21 Втр 00:36:30 80203160
Anonymous  20/04/21 Втр 01:21:13 80206161
Anonymous  20/04/21 Втр 09:43:33 80212162
Anonymous  20/04/21 Втр 14:02:02 80215163
>>71984 (OP)
My answer to the second question is "no", but at the moment there are some popular public figures who are preparing the population for the possibility the country might take care of those who recieved our passports (hundreds of thousands people) and not in the sense that they're going to evacuate them from Ukraine and provide them with homes here, so it might become "yes" in the future.
Anonymous  20/04/21 Втр 14:29:57 80218164
Screenshot2021-[...].jpg 283Кб, 1080x749
Yep, thats pretty much how they are fighting, lol.
Anonymous  20/04/21 Втр 14:30:44 80219165
Какого хуя у меня флажок из штатов? Пиздец.
Anonymous  22/04/21 Чтв 23:23:40 80323166
really goin'
Anonymous  23/04/21 Птн 13:41:13 80341167
dude, score on the table. We can lose battles and wars. Do not worry about, and we can say "ggwp" to win side. Not for this stupid murican meme, we are russian rly respect fins much bigger, cuz u have a balls much bigger then others nationts around but it's not about battlefields.
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