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Murica! I herd your polititians and mass media wants to turn you against us. Tell me, how many times a day you hear Russia(the most peaceful country) is evil? How many people buying that? How has this changed over time in the last 10 years? Anonymous  26/12/20 Суб 13:29:35 722871
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Murica! I herd your polititians and mass media wants to turn you against us. Tell me, how many times a day you hear Russia(the most peaceful country) is evil? How many people buying that? How has this changed over time in the last 10 years?
Anonymous  26/12/20 Суб 13:48:26 722882
Anonymous  26/12/20 Суб 16:30:59 722903
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>>72287 (OP)
15% of Russians believe in the blue underpants fairy tale, Levada says.
Anonymous  26/12/20 Суб 16:59:15 722914
Anonymous  26/12/20 Суб 19:11:18 722945
>>72287 (OP)
Ask that on 4chan or krautchan.
Most of american anons, surprisingly, are sympathetic to Russia and russians, at least on 4chan. I almost can call them directly prorussian. To me personally, we share a lot more common views and thoughts, that I could ever expect. Felt good to visit 4chan/pol. 2ch has a lot more rusophobia, than 4chan.
EUfags tend to support their government and media views more often, but polish anon usually likes russians (surprisingly x2), baltic nations consider us subhumans, arabs and muslims are subhumans themselves, so who gives a shit about what they think?
I speak for the most part of those anons and only on the internet (not IRL) from my own experience. Ofc, there are different views in every country.
Anonymous  26/12/20 Суб 19:32:06 722956
>Most of american anons, surprisingly, are sympathetic to Russia and russians, at least on 4chan.
Just remember that people on 4chan do not represent common sentiment of american people, In fact they are marginals in this regard.
So are 2ch anons though.
Anonymous  26/12/20 Суб 19:32:46 722967
My point is I wouldn't blame Americans for not caring enough to dig deeper when there are people like you living here having wet dreams about tanks in the middle of Moscow.
Funny moment: the underpants blogger failed to hide his laughter after he said the word "patriotic".
Anonymous  26/12/20 Суб 19:42:22 722978
Anonymous  26/12/20 Суб 22:21:40 723009
I don't see anything funny or ridiculous here. For example the ex-KGB general officer Evegeniy Sevastyanov said on this topic that Navalny in his first video presented a fairly convincing story with facts. His opponents reacted with emotions, but not with a documentary refutation of the fact. Therefore, he personally takes the investigation seriously.
Anonymous  26/12/20 Суб 22:23:14 7230110
Anonymous  26/12/20 Суб 22:28:16 7230211
I fully agree with your opinion.
Unfortunately there is no Krautchan anymore, and my IP range is banned on 4chan.
Anonymous  27/12/20 Вск 00:57:49 7231012
> I don't see anything funny or ridiculous here.
You don't, but the blue underpants do. It's oxymoron, that's why it's funny. Treason can't be patriotic.
> he personally takes the investigation seriously
He is free to have an opinion. Saying "facts" five times won't make them facts, though. They call it "investigation", but all I see is a silly show. Isn't it better to trust your country and your intelligence services than some despicable character and foreign intelligence services' lies? People from the second choice are not concerned about your well-being. They also are not concerned about justice, or else where were they before? No. Revolution, lustrations, civil wars on Russian soil is what they prepared for you and your family. Supporting the certified nationalist implies you support the idea of tanks shooting at the Kremlin, the idea of "stopping feeding the Caucasus" and whatever it leads to, also hatred towards Jews, Georgians, other countless ethnic groups (kikes, flies, cockroaches, rodents, black asses in his vocabulary) and whatever it leads to.
Anonymous  27/12/20 Вск 01:03:38 7231113
But it is facts. They maybe false facts, or true facts, but you can't deny them just by laughing.
Anonymous  27/12/20 Вск 01:26:24 7231214
> But it is facts. They maybe false facts, or true facts

There is no such thing as false facts. It's allegations.

When Sobol spreads posters saying a man is a murderer, it's libel. A person is innocent until proven guilty in court.

> but you can't deny them just by laughing

Who is laughing? FSB stated the phone call is fake. If you want refutations, there were good comments made on the topic, but, obviously, you won't find them on TK Dozhd — other points of views are forbidden on "liberal" media.
Anonymous  27/12/20 Вск 01:30:11 7231315
Anonymous  27/12/20 Вск 01:35:26 7231416
Anonymous  27/12/20 Вск 02:15:58 7231917
As the link says, FSB is currently working on it and there will be more information. We just have to wait a little.
Anonymous  27/12/20 Вск 02:24:09 7232018
When you don't have a basis to call it a fairy tale now
Anonymous  27/12/20 Вск 10:47:09 7233119
I do. I think if they said that, they have a pretty good basis for that. Things not obvious to us are obvious to them since it's their job. All is required is to wait a little to see what exactly they have to say on this matter. For the time being I choose to believe my people who are interested in my well-being, not people who impose sanctions on my country, or Russian citizens working in the interests of those people.
Anonymous  28/12/20 Пнд 17:33:04 7236620
Too bad you don't believe it yourself. Otherwise, I would have another great reason to laugh after final truth reveal.
But now this is only a reason for sadness, because someday in Russia there may be people who will make such speeches sincerely, at least if we judge by current tendencies.
Anonymous  28/12/20 Пнд 17:57:12 7236721
I created the same thread on krautchan's heir.
Nothing unexpected to me, except that the Turks think very alike to most Russians. However, no, this is also expected.
Anonymous  28/12/20 Пнд 22:31:30 7236922
I do speak sincerely, and I do believe what I say.
Anonymous  28/12/20 Пнд 22:47:11 7237023
If Kremlin inhabitants interested in well-being of the people, why do they put them in jail for reposts?
Anonymous  28/12/20 Пнд 23:38:33 7237124
When they say someone was sentenced for reposts, they better tell me what exactly those people reposted.

The content is what matters, not the fact a person reposted it. To repost something is just a way to spread a word. And that word may be a good one or something silly and funny, or it may be harmful extremist ideas of hate towards certain groups of people or calls to prepare Molotov cocktails for a violent overthrow of the government.

One can cut a ribbon, or one can cut a man's throat, and these will be two different things while both are cutting. The way some media present cases like those are the same as if they would say a person is undeservedly sentenced for simple cutting instead of saying a person is sentenced for murders.

Article 282 is already partially decriminalized, looks like Kremlin is not that blood-thirsty. Well, maybe it's a good thing there are people who talk about such cases a lot. Maybe some laws are harsh and should be softened like article 282 was. But I wouldn't be friends with a person who does something which can be deemed as violation of the article. This kind of behavior is not to be encouraged.

Kremlin is interested in well-being of the country. And FSB prevents terrorist attacks, that is their job, and it is objective truth. These people in FSB work to provide my safety, they say it's fake, so I'm righteously infuriated with the despicable slander towards these brave people.
Anonymous  28/12/20 Пнд 23:42:09 7237225
>>72287 (OP)
I know the Russian government is evil. Anyone that follows in the footsteps of Japan’s annexation of Macau pre-ww2 is evil.
Anonymous  29/12/20 Втр 00:24:21 7237526
To think that someone deserves to go to prison for any repost, even if he is wrong in his opinion - this is already a moral degeneration.
But I can give a good example: the Anti-Corruption Fund employee who reposted Ramstein’s music video Pussy.
Anonymous  29/12/20 Втр 06:56:27 7238427
*Anti-Corruption Foundation
Anonymous  29/12/20 Втр 08:55:11 7238628
Annexing something from China pre-ww2 was not something evil. In fact it was mainstream thing.
Anonymous  29/12/20 Втр 11:55:15 7238929
It's a shallow point of view in my opinion to think any reposts shouldn't be punished.

For example, for young men to shave their heads and go and kill migrants certain cultivation of hatred is necessary. The same is with people joining terrorist groups — they are taught to think this way with words. It's not just words, it's a weapon of its kind. It's not just reposting, it's transport for that weapon, like a missile carrier for missiles.

In your case, you are taught to distrust your government. This is not a crime and has nothing to do with previous examples, though it will be criminal if they'll say you there is a need to overthrow the government. The Merkel's guest has already said such a thing to Echo of Moscow. He said we need to violently overthrow the government right now, and the government-funded media Echo of Moscow gave him a platform to say this.

By the way, many articles have heavier punishment for things done via media and social networks. I think the reason is obvious. Harmful impact is bigger this way.

To what matters your example, I won't research that particular case. But I will never deny mistakes in the justice system are a thing, and real people suffer for many years, and this is a topic people should discuss.

At the same time certain media in some cases may use special language to blur what has really happened. They'll say you Tolstoy was deemed extremists and his books were added to the ban list to show you how full of absurdities Rushka-Porushka is and how life in Rushka-Porushka is unbearable. And when you dig a little deeper to find out it were agitation materials that quoted him and many other authors, and not Tolstoy itself.
Anonymous  29/12/20 Втр 12:23:38 7239130
>In your case, you are taught to distrust your government.
Do you think it's wise to trust a government that hides data about its income and property from us?
Anonymous  29/12/20 Втр 17:42:49 7239531
I know how much Vladimir Putin's income is, and I think he deserves every ruble.
Anonymous  29/12/20 Втр 17:55:14 7239632
I didn't ask about Putin only.
Anonymous  29/12/20 Втр 21:55:01 7239733
Aren't you're the one who spreading extremist information and slander, justifing corruption and accusing Navalny of calling for the overthrow of the regime? Why your actions shouldn't be considered unlawful?
Anonymous  29/12/20 Втр 22:23:47 7240034
Look, I don't know what you asked about. You guys imply everybody watches the same propaganda materials you watch. I prefer not to, so we don't speak the same language here.
You can go and watch it for yourself. I said where to find it. Echo of Moscow, it was this year. That's a cheap trick you used here. People commit crimes and get punished, and you are ridiculing it in an absurd way by saying I am a criminal who spreads extremist materials in some way. Go to a police station and file a report if you think so.
Anonymous  29/12/20 Втр 22:31:02 7240135
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 00:10:14 7240236
A corruption fighter turned out to be the biggest thief it seems. It's in today's news. Navalny and his gang stole 356 millions from people who trusted them enough to donate them money. Is it wise to believe in blue underpants when their wearer is a fraudster?
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 06:15:18 7240537
>>72287 (OP)

>Tell me, how many times a day you hear Russia(the most peaceful country) is evil?

I stopped watching the news a while ago but the Russia boogeyman is brought up every so often. It used to be that i couldn't talk politics with anyone without being told that Putin was the "new Hitler."

>Ten years ago

they didn't talk about Russia at all. Arab dictators and Iran were the big baddies.

tbqh media here is just a means for our state to groom the general public for supporting their imperialist ambitions
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 09:23:56 7240638
I didn’t ask you about Navalny. Sons of Minister of Justice have hidden property. This means that it is acquired through corruption. And you bring me the case against Navalny that the justice system started with such minister? How can you trust it?
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 09:35:19 7240739
29EF1AF8-861C-4[...].jpeg 117Кб, 1200x720
1157E6DD-5635-4[...].jpeg 134Кб, 877x612
E7B6131F-3D03-4[...].jpeg 180Кб, 1000x562
606174E5-347C-4[...].jpeg 139Кб, 720x960
You know, Russia is really waging a proxy war in the Donbas. Not against the Muslims, but against the white people, claiming their territory. So maybe it’s not such a Boogeyman thing after all.
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 09:38:21 7240840
Ukrainians are turkish people. Are turks white?
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 09:59:34 7240941
They look white to me. Isn't this just trolling in which Finns are called Mongols and so on
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 11:29:50 7241142
It's more like Russia is propped up as this evil empire run by cold war era movie villain.

The Russia most uninformed Americans know isnt your country. It's an abstraction used to scare people. Like all nations not directly under our influence, we are shown Russians as an oppressed in need American style of governance to move into the future
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 11:38:16 7241243
16078028312500.jpg 56Кб, 600x523
looks can be deceiving, ukrainians are like the niggers of slavs. keep in mind that ukraine is homogenous and russia is 25% goatfuckers
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 12:28:49 7241544
>Russians as an oppressed
It’s very true.
>in need American style of governance to move into the future
Not necessarily strictly American style. Just ordinary democracy. The current regime in Russia is clearly hybrid (imitating democracy) , and in reality serves only to enrich a small handful of the elite (in human qualities, not at all elite). Of course, this can be said about the United States, and about any country, but the situation in Russia is more like in Venezuela
Colombia, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, Mexico, Montenegro, Nigeria, Serbia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, Venezuela, Uganda. So if it will be more like in USA, we will be, OMG, so happy.
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 13:27:27 7241645
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 14:22:13 7241846
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 21:34:39 7242347
That's ridiculous to ask proofs for a blatant nonsense like this, but nevertheless please provide statistics.

None-of-my-friends-voted-for-amendments tier statistics don't count.
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 22:18:09 7242748
Why most people should be against the fair elections? It's the only thing needed for democracy in Russia.
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 23:06:46 7243449
mediaEmKWMt-XEA[...].jpg 398Кб, 1536x2048
EmUhLgcWEAANkPa.jpg 19Кб, 476x266
16045883807932.jpg 118Кб, 1125x760
mediaEmKWMuYXIA[...].jpg 428Кб, 1536x2048
You imply we don't have fair elections. That's not true. You say we should be more like the USA. Do you mean we should be like this? I don't see how this is fair elections and how it will make me happy.
Anonymous  30/12/20 Срд 23:38:52 7244050

America is just a show. We don't actually have fair elections. The results are decided ahead of time and then engineered through complex means

Look at what happened to us this time around. No one wanted Kamala Harris anywhere near the White House with her awful corruption track record in California and history of dishonesty. She got wrecked at the debates and Americans quickly soured to her

Now she'll likely end up president if or when Biden dies in office.

The mass rioting that happened this past summer caused a noticeable minority of Trump supporters to lose faith in the president and sent the message that lefties are willing to burn this country down if they're not given their way.

Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 09:21:19 7245051
When you say general words like "just a show" "not fair" - it seems to make sense, but if you think deeper..
American elections had two candidates to win, and you can't say that it was known in advance who would win. If this were the case, then the betting odds would not be so equal. Even if this election wasn't entirely fair, it was an election. In Russia, there is no choice in elections. No one will take bets. And it's not even a show, it's an imitation.
I don't advise you to listen to this >>72434 guy, he works in here: . Do you have one in the US? Or like this
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 09:50:20 7245152
> In Russia, there is no choice in elections.
There are choices. There is the communist party which gets a big share of votes, and the next goes the liberal-democrat party which also gets a big share of votes. Their respective president candidates also get significant shares of votes. There are many other parties. You are lying to this person, intentionally or nor.
> it's an imitation
The fact, that votes not being shared equally between parties, doesn't imply Russian elections are "imitation" with "no choice". It's how people vote, dummy. You found yourself in the minority, and you are displeased with the fact, but it's how democracy works. You vote still matter, it gives a seat in the parliament and money for the party you voted for.
> he works in here
Media and YouTube channels brainwashed you to think everyone is paid to write posts, so you could discard all the opinions that could contaminate you Russia-hating mind. And you claim to be a person who wants there to be two equally powerful position, two equally supported candidates. No, you wouldn't tolerate anyone who thinks else than you.
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 10:06:47 7245353
I think He’s a lost cause if he thinks Biden is gonna die in office and that the Democrats are leftists that are gonna try to burn the country down. Politically America is in a lot better shape than Russia but Trump is a institution corrupter... he’s trying on purpose to distort the truth and chop the democracy down. The guy was really hoping the Supreme Court was gonna hand him the election and he’s still saying he won the election. The election is fraudulent only if he loses type of thing. I really hope the Republicans don’t run Trump again, the guy just broke international law on purpose pardoning those blackwater murderers.
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 10:17:04 7245454
How much do you get paid per post? I gotta say you do your government proud and there won’t be any nasty surprises for you in the future if you aren’t just an algorithm. T. Eco-doomer
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 10:38:31 7245755
Zero. I love my country and I despise those who live here and hate it. There is powerful propaganda aimed towards Russians saying Russia is evil, it kills people, and it will kill you, and that we should move to Europe or overthrow our government and lustrate officials and "pro-Kremlin" journalists. This propaganda gives birth to people hating their country, and that other poster is one of them. To say someone is being paid for posts is their common trick to discredit a person, who wrote a post about Russia without saying Russia is evil.
> if you aren’t just an algorithm
They say "bot" but they don't mean algorithm. They call living humans bots, creating a new meaning for the word. I guess it will be a shill in proper English. A story is there are people somewhere, who write pro-Russian posts for money. You know them as Russian bots in English-speaking media. There are more names in Russian-speaking media. For example, Radio Liberty (fun fact: this one exists from the times of the Cold War) says "project Lakhta". Propagandists, in order to be more persuasive, choose real office centers in which these supposed "bots" supposedly work. Lakhta, Olgino are two of such building. And then memes are being created from those names — lakhtobot and olginets in these examples, these are nouns to call a person — and those memes are being forced with all means all over the Internet.

By the way, your four-times-poisoned idol will never be one of two candidates with equal odds to win. That's impossible for this person to get any real support of the people besides gullible teenagers watching him on YouTube. No sane person will vote for a nationalist, a traitor and a thief. And the blue underpants vlogger is three of them. Legally he didn't commit treason to be a traitor, but it's how people (VOTERS) perceive him.
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 11:04:36 7245856
Muh Moscow hero algorithm to the rescue for your daily thought policing.
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 11:12:37 7246057
No, I literally mean a artificial intelligence computer text algorithm.
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 15:34:25 7246958
Jah, I definitely think that the fsb is doing their grandest on this board cause I’ve heard that it really used to criticize and call out the government for its abuses.
Anonymous  31/12/20 Чтв 21:45:00 7248559
You are delusional then. Too bad some people can't accept there is another point of view, and choose to ignore statistics.
People like the one you reply to are creating a virtual reality in their minds where every citizen hates Russia and wishes to destroy it as a country if they are active or move elsewhere if they are passive. I don't think he intentionally lies to you to deceive you. It's more likely he believes the lies he says.

I accept there are people in Russia who sincerely hate Russia. It pains me, but I know these people exist, and I won't say it's foreign military posting those posts (until they actually do). Because I can accept the reality and don't need to deceive myself or anyone else.

There was a survey by Levada Center on September:
Here you can read what people think of Navalny.
And another survey on December:

So, 30% of surveyed said the 'poisoning' was staged. (Did Levada call FSB 500 times?) 19% — provocation of western secret services, and 15% — the government poisoned him.

By the way, Levada Center leans towards liberasts and is a foreign agent who received foreign grants, and whose leader called the Russian government a mafia. So, I hope, you won't try to say these all are pro-Russian lies. Accept the reality. People don't believe the story, I'm one of those. I exist no matter how much you would want me not to.
Anonymous  01/01/21 Птн 09:14:59 7248960
What happened to Navalny in airplane?
Anonymous  01/01/21 Птн 11:40:49 7249261
Inside job brother, dem foreign agents, just like Sandy Hook. MAGA 2020 stop the steal....... probably an attempted poisoning.
Anonymous  01/01/21 Птн 20:22:31 7249962
>>72287 (OP)
The only people that have a strong hatred for Russia are liberals, mostly because "muh election hack". Most conservatives, with the exception of some hardcore neocons, are indifferent to Russia. They just see Russia as an old rival and are far more concerned with the growing power of China. The irony behind this is the liberals pushing for war with Russia are all soyim that work useless jobs in HR, media, and low-tier tech--none of them have any military experience and usually have never done any manual labor in their life.
The media really started to turn against Russia after Euromaidan in 2014 and the resulting annexation of Crimea and the war in the Donbass. This is when American liberals started to develop an irrational hatred of Russia. This hatred grew in 2016 with all the hacking allegations. Things haven't really changed since then.
Anonymous  01/01/21 Птн 22:13:06 7250163
>war in the Donbass
>irrational hatred
Is it really irrational? To attack the peaceful white Slavic country, to deprive a million people of their homes, it’s quite vicious, as for me.
Anonymous  01/01/21 Птн 22:35:07 7250264
Who attacked a peaceful country?
Anonymous  01/01/21 Птн 23:52:54 7250565
People in Russia with strong hatred for Russia call themselves liberals too. They push for an overthrow, and they prefer not to serve in the military. They say the military service is for bydlo (translates as cattle, refers to the majority of Russians, and means stupid, obedient, hard worker, lowlife) and not for highly intelligent beings they think they are, and that it's a waste of a year and deprivation of freedoms. They put effort to discourage people from serving in the military, and I can guess why.
"I hate all Russia. In 1812, there was a great invasion of Napoleon I, and it would be good if we were conquered by the French back then. The clever nation would conquer the rather stupid one and annexed it. There would be an entirely different order," says a fictional character of Dostoevsky's novel written one hundred forty years ago.
"If the US attacked Russia, it would be good for us. It is better for Russia to be a state of the USA" said a liberal politician Valeria Novodvorskaya in 2007.
"If the Nazis won, we would drink Bavarian beer right now", and "Russia would become civilized" became memes. No idea what the sources are.
Of course, the allegations from your media are present in theirs to make more people develop the same sentiments.
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 01:01:06 7250666
Did you know that Volodin rapes the kremlinbots in the ass?
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 05:10:14 7251067
You are the bot here, silly. You are posting without actually answering the posts. If you were replaced with a machine, nothing would change.

By calling everyone bots, the only effect you achieve is people seeing the whole bot thing to be a hoax. Those who believed in "Kremlin bots" before, are being called "Kremlin bots" by tens of you, while they know they aren't.

Look what you get triggered with, by the way. Jeez. You don't believe other people have freedom to say what on their mind, do you? Shutting people up with memes is what our fake "liberals" (liberasts, liberda, liberakhas, to be correct, since there is nothing liberal in these people) do because they do not tolerate anything that contradicts with what they were said. Don't wait any meaningful discussion from them, it is for them like garlic to Dracula.

(Volodin dolbit is a meme. Memes as a form of information most suitable for teenagers are being widely used by political pedophiles like Navalny. A person may not understand all the lies the propagandists say to them, but all they need to remember is a short flashy meme, so it is effective.)
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 09:34:27 7251268
>"If the Nazis won, we would drink Bavarian beer right now", and "Russia would become civilized" became memes. No idea what the sources are.
Russian liberals wish the nazis had won? What kind of mental gymnastics are those?
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 09:45:21 7251369
>Russian liberals wish the nazis had won? What kind of mental gymnastics are those?
Pretty simple one, "all who wishes Russians dead are good people". Be it Nazis, chechen terrorists or Americans.
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 11:42:26 7251670
If you’re not Kremlin bot, when maybe you some kind of boy in the bubble, who lives in artifical conditions and don’t know anything about his country except that the mass media is saying.
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 12:08:42 7251771
Says echo-chamber resident.
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 12:36:55 7251872
I don't mean the information bubble, but IRL bubble.
Are you working or studying? Who are your parents?
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 12:50:32 7251973
>I don't mean the information bubble
Well, I mean it.
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 12:57:46 7252074
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 13:04:23 7252175
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 13:08:39 7252276
Why you don’t want to answer?
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 13:22:26 7252377
I feel no need to discuss anything with you, for you will label me a bot anyway.
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 13:29:56 7252478
I won’t. I have a completely open mind. And you have a rather unusual opinion(which is unusual to meet among ordinary people IRL), and I just want to find out where it came from.
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 16:24:55 7252579
> Says echo-chamber resident.

> And you have a rather unusual opinion
Surveys say else. That's what echo chamber is. You think my and another poster's opinions are unusual, since you usually talk only to people who agree with you. But name the topic, we'll go to VCIOM or Levada Center and check what people actually think.

For example, you said I'm a bot after this my post >>72502. So, let's look Donbass up on Levada Center website. You think it's unusual to have an opinion Russia didn't attack Ukraine. So, you suppose most Russians think Russia did.

Turns out they don't. "Who fights in Donbass?" While 26% think there are Russian troops, 52% disagree with them. 53% approve presence of volunteers from Russia in the militia. The third of Russians would be glad to hear there are Russian troops in Donbass. Does my opinion look unusual after we looked at an actual survey instead of making up statistics in our minds?
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 17:19:50 7252680
It's not so much an opinion as a deliberate display of the authorities in an absolutely positive light. And you even repeat the Kremlin's habit of not mentioning Navalny's name. Either this is some kind of fanaticism, or lack of awareness, or deliberate propaganda.
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 17:56:44 7252781
Навальный и его[...].webm 10740Кб, 1280x720, 00:02:26
> you even repeat the Kremlin's habit of not mentioning Navalny's name. Either this is some kind of fanaticism, or lack of awareness, or deliberate propaganda.
I don't mention the blogger's name because he doesn't deserve it. I find the whole "the man Putin fears most" campaign ridiculous. This is exactly propaganda of lack of awareness. People read media to become more aware of the world, but get the bunch of lies about the great heroic thrice poisoned rival of Vladimir Putin. Do they say that he calls people kikes, rodents, flies, black-ass? Do they tell how he was shooting a man of a 'wrong' ethnic group in the face until bullets ran out? Or the latest news about he and his gang stealing hundreds of millions of rubles from his donators?

> It's not so much an opinion as a deliberate display of the authorities in an absolutely positive light.
Researchers call people and ask what they think. How is that not an opinion? I don't quite understand what you mean in this sentence. Do you mean you don't trust this particular survey of liberal Levada Center, and that the survey is rigged to display authorities in an absolutely positive light?
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 18:09:39 7252882
Maybe it’s better for you don’t understand what makes you suspicious.
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 18:55:51 7252983
Oh my, and you say you are completely open-minded. I don't care a bit about your suspicions. My posts explaining the whole bots memes propaganda trick were rather for those who hasn't heard about it. I don't actually entertain any hope to dissuade Navalny's sect fanatics in one day. I was one, and I know it's something only you can do yourself. Whatever another person says to you, you'll dismiss as a lie and say that person is a bot and suspicious.

You are denying people have different opinions. But they do have different opinions, and if you are curious what opinions are those, there are statistics available. You can start with realizing this simple thing, and then go further.
Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 23:42:50 7253984
You claim to be open-minded, yet you dismiss everything he writes with 1-2 sentence replies. What a fucking faggot.
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 01:18:58 7254585
Do you really think I should respond to statements like
>Russian liberals wish the nazis had won
Isn't that just obvious bullshit?
I used to ignore other people's value judgments, because it seems to me that they have little value. So I prefer to operate only with facts.
I guess I can cite a few.
You think that Russia have nothing to do with attacking Donbass?
The person who took responsibility for starting a hot conflict is called Igor Girkin(Strelkov), he is an ex-FSB officer. And he confirms that regular Russian soldiers participated there, without whom the conflict would have ended no later than November 2014.
So, FSB officer, Russian troops. What else do you need to make sure?
Downing the Boeing MH-17 with Russian AA is also confirmed fairly reliably, and soon the court will announce it officially
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 02:23:16 7254786
MH17.jpg 46Кб, 1280x720
Борт номер один.jpg 574Кб, 1200x800
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 02:52:15 7254887
>I can say that flight number one and the Malaysian Boeing crossed at the same point and on the same level. It happened near Warsaw on the 330th echelon at an altitude of 10100 meters. Flight number one was there at 16: 21 Moscow time, the Malaysian plane - at 15: 44 Moscow time, the uncited source said
If for you this is a sufficient confirmation by your standarts?
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 02:54:40 7254988
*So, this is a
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 08:47:23 7255189
Well, not exactly a one hundred percents confirmation, but I find this version good enough. The western partners imposed sanctions on Russia immediately, they didn't need confirmation, and the trial is held only now in 2020. I'm glad that Russia defends its image and image of people of Donbass, but I think we should act similarly to the western partners, in this case blame Ukraine and impose sanctions on Ukraine for shooting down the airplane immediately in 2014. But the Russian government is too kind and righteous for such actions.
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 09:38:53 7255290
>but I find this version good enough
Just because they crossed the same point near Warsaw(1500 km from the crash site). OK
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 11:59:53 7255491
>If for you this is a sufficient confirmation by your standarts?
It is, for western standards. Maybe it lacks "highly likely" in it, that would be even more credible with it.
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 12:18:17 7255592
So you have western standarts? Well, dung, I thought you were a patriot. ОК
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 12:25:35 7255693
Western standards are way to go, they let you justify anything and bomb random shit. I am a little sad that my country is slow to embrace fully western stasndards.
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 12:30:05 7255794
You admitted that it's okay for you to justify anything, OK
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 13:04:05 7255895
What is not okay with it? USA is an exceptional example of freedom and democracy, sure it is ok if they do it.
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 13:23:01 7255996
So you think USA is an exceptional example of freedom and democracy, I agree.
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 14:24:00 7256197
Yes, i think so. We should be more like USA, make lots of coups and invasions.
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 14:48:34 7256298
Against fundamentalists with a craving for nuclear weapons? I agree.
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 16:20:59 7256699
Against whoever stands in their way, be it uncooperative leader or country with oil industry which they refuse to sell out.
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 17:32:21 72568100
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 17:34:01 72569101
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 17:50:10 72570102
Do Americans here think that USA arranges a coup in Venezuela because they don’t want to sell off their oil industry?
Anonymous  04/01/21 Пнд 19:10:23 72600103
Anonymous  05/01/21 Втр 04:54:31 72631104
Yes. I think with Biden becoming president they're going to attempt another coup, probably with more force behind it. Biden wants to put heavy restrictions on fracking here, which will inevitably increase energy prices. To keep all the proles happy he's going to have to find another oil source in addition to the Saudi's, the most logical country is Venezuela, due to it's large reserves and close distance to the US. I bet you there's going to be a coup attempt in Venezuela within the first year of Biden coming to office.
Anonymous  05/01/21 Втр 06:27:07 72633105

I've got some bad news for you. bro...
Anonymous  05/01/21 Втр 10:48:12 72642106
Why don't you rise up against it like the Vietnam War?
Anonymous  05/01/21 Втр 13:51:04 72650107
I don’t think you have any news for me, all you have is value judgments, which I'm not interested in
Anonymous  05/01/21 Втр 14:10:22 72652108
USA had conscription during Vietnam war, which contributed greatly to people's unwillingness to drag it any longer. Nowdays, eh, who cares about some dead Hernandes who signed the contract himself, be it for government or Academi. So american people now are totally ok with half a dozen conflicts with US involvement occuring simultaneously.
Anonymous  06/01/21 Срд 22:58:33 72706109
Anonymous  07/01/21 Чтв 05:37:27 72721110
As your countryman alluded to, there hasn't been conscription since the Vietnam War. While many Americans are opposed to our military adventurism, we have a volunteer army for the instances where we have directly intervened in foreign countries. More commonly, we use exiles and mercs as a means to push regime change. In short, most Americans are completely insulated from the impact of our government's foreign policy. Also, in general, I think Americans are a very complacent people.
Anonymous  07/01/21 Чтв 11:38:43 72725111
Do you seriously believe that the US goal in Venezuela is to seize oil companies?
Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 04:41:22 72785112
>>72287 (OP)
Most Americans hate Russia. Boomer conservatives hate Russia because they were brainwashed during the Cold War, and leftists hate Russia because they're told by media that Russia is regressive and expansionist, and influences our elections and cause right wingers to win. It's kind of frustrating because while Russia does do expansionist things, they're typically reactions to what the US does. The average leftist has their head in the sand when it comes to China but would fully support war with Russia.

I find this to be opposite with young Russians and their views toward America. But the view of America they have is influenced by American media, which portrays us as sophisticated liberal city dwellers.

I don't really see myself as pro-Russian, although I would called that by Russophobes. I would rather us be on Russia's side against China than on China's side against Russia or on nobody's side. It's scary to me how belligerent toward Russia liberals are.
Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 05:02:40 72786113
>they're told by media that Russia is regressive and expansionist,
So they were told truth not brainwashed.
Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 05:47:21 72790114
Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 11:08:40 72792115
> I would rather us be on Russia's side against China
China is a friend, though. Both our countries defend against the UK and the USA. Being members of SCO and BRICS we share the same goals, and the same desire for multipolarity and peace.
Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 12:25:47 72793116
I am Russian Pyotr from Leningrad, I fully agree with you fellow Russian, Chairman Xi strong qi, firm handshake, good economy and rice.
Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 14:06:37 72801117
I simple fisherman from city Moskow. True and says so. I would live in China myself, but I am Russian and raised the country here. Good goods, fast delivery, only Han Empire under the guidance of natural and dragon power. Victory, rice bags, goods from China. Digital technology and prices are old years. Comrades from China are going to Russia, my wife is Russian you look-look very well. USA bad grass, green dragons and rooster
Anonymous  09/01/21 Суб 01:13:19 72830118
Don't pay attention, it's a typical Khohol from a miserable pseudo-country who has again entered the Russian segment of the Internet. :D
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 17:24:46 73207119
So, 18 days ago you said:
>As the link says, FSB is currently working on it and there will be more information. We just have to wait a little.
How many more days should it take? I think the examination could have been done in a couple of days
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 19:26:26 73218120
Well, none of us works in FSB, right? So, how would we know how much it takes? Anyway, the Russian dissident is coming this Sunday. I'll hope the story will have a happy end with him in prison.
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 20:12:32 73226121
Yeah, but I know that examination of the sound record does not take more than two days.
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 20:16:13 73228122
What’s your(especially foreginers) opinion about poisoning the opposition leader? Is it cool or based?
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 22:51:58 73232123
A silly conspiracy theory backed up by western puppet media outlets. By the way, he said banning from Twitter is bad, so he is not an opposition leader anymore but pro-Trumpist.
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 01:22:37 73241124
If this is a conspiracy theory, then what really happened?
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 08:21:10 73244125
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 10:01:55 73250126
Some vodka and bad liver happened. It is Russia.
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 10:13:00 73252127
Screenshot79.png 33Кб, 729x453
Well, he really got demoted by DW from Oppositionsführer to mere "dissident". One more such fuckup and he is Putin's puppet sock. Funny thing that it is exactly what he is and werstern media trying to cancel him will accidently tell the truth.
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 15:22:58 73256128
Why was there nothing about it in the doctors ' report?
I don't think the newspaper headlines reflect any rank
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 15:33:02 73257129
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 16:43:32 73263130
>I don't think the newspaper headlines reflect any rank
In modern society they do.
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 18:24:05 73266131
>Why was there nothing about it in the doctors ' report?
Because of vodka. Doctors drink it too, every day.
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 19:59:21 73270132
It is in the reports. Lithium was found in his blood, and is known as a psychiatric medication for treating mental conditions. You should avoid alcohol while taking it. Also, diazepam, nordazepam, oxazepam were in his blood which are relaxant drugs. It was published by a medical journal The Lancet. Here is the appendix to the article they published with results of analyses.
> I don't think the newspaper headlines reflect any rank
Those newspapers decided to call him those things — the man Putin fears most, Putin's main enemy, the Russian opposition leader — and many people outside Russia have no better than these headlines, so it is how they see the reality. If I trusted those newspapers, then American men and women who entered the Capitol on the 6th of January and a 14-year female veteran Ashli Babbitt who was killed there by the police would be domestic terrorists in my eye.
There is a small part of people who saw things from first hands. All the other know things from news. Newspaper headlines don't reflect any rank. It's worse — they form it.
Anonymous  17/01/21 Вск 03:37:10 73338133
>Lithium was found in his blood
According to this report fentanyl and morphine were also found. What're we supposed to make of that, huh?
Anonymous  17/01/21 Вск 11:46:54 73339134
He ate some lithium, and... fentanyl and morphine... for... fun maybe? Or was it a dare?
Anonymous  17/01/21 Вск 13:55:50 73353135
I think the attentive reader already understands who you are and why you write this. I'd appreciate it if you'd leave this thread.
Anonymous  17/01/21 Вск 14:18:50 73354136

Is your dear Navalny arrested already?
Anonymous  17/01/21 Вск 14:20:22 73355137
This is not an echo chamber heaven for sensitive Navalny fanboys who don't tolerate other opinions.
Anonymous  17/01/21 Вск 15:37:04 73364138
Go back to /po/rasha, scum.
Anonymous  17/01/21 Вск 15:44:24 73367139
Почему тебе так неприятно, навальноребёнок? Ничего, вот арестуют сегодня твоего кумира, про свою обиду на меня сразу забудешь.
Anonymous  17/01/21 Вск 15:59:19 73368140
still angry over the Gay Propaganda Law? Maybe you should move to Los Angeles California and take a close look at how things really are in your God - America
Anonymous  17/01/21 Вск 16:37:04 73370141
I don’t care about this law. Still angry over absence of “illicit enrichment” law
>Russia ratified the convention in 2006, but failed to include article 20, which criminalizes "illicit enrichment." In March 2013, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation submitted a petition with 115,000 signatures to the State Duma in favour of doing so.[7] In 2015, however, no such law was yet in effect in Russia.
Also because of this:
Anonymous  17/01/21 Вск 17:25:40 73372142
Миньон поломалс[...].mp4 19584Кб, 1280x720, 00:01:35
Are you the same person who wished to discredit me saying I'm a Russian troll, insulted me and begged someone to ban me on that another website >>72367? It's a pity you don't see what's wrong with your behavior.

> It seems that I summoned this Kremlin bot from Dvach. Now we're going to have to stumble over this dull official Russian state propaganda for a long time. Sorry.
> Arnie, please ban this piece of shit troglodyte vlasovets. (No idea what your meant here. The person you are blindly protecting is the one who can be called vlasovets, he hates the victory in the war and the veterans.)
> Yup, you can surely tell he's a bot or some beer gut boomer with a very, very sad life and a double-digit IQ score.

You won't discredit me in the eye of this Portuguese anon because he knows better than believing a scary Russian trolls story. You would know that if you read his posts on this board.

You know, I was in your shoes, a blind victim of propaganda who can't accept the fact there are different people with different opinions. Just three years ago in 2018 I was fighting with my parents over Navalny and his "Beautiful Russia of the Future", so I don't really blame you. The guy on this webm is basically me back then. (Sharij's assistant filmed it, and I think she is Ukrainian like Sharij himself. Does it make them Ukrainian trolls? No, it sounds wrong. Please tell me if they are Russian trolls or not.)

By the way, Navalny consuming lithium medicament is not an opinion, it's the results of blood tests made in Charité. So, you are denying facts published in a British medical journal with saying I'm a Russian troll. Can it be that everyone who works for that journal are Russian trolls, and Charité medical personnel also are Russian trolls?
Anonymous  17/01/21 Вск 17:39:21 73373143
> Navalny consuming lithium medicament is not an opinion, it's the results of blood tests made in Charité
So as morphine and fentanyl
Anonymous  17/01/21 Вск 22:22:20 73378144
..And this ignoring of the obvious thing in favor of your version means that you don't care about the truth, not-blindness. You just want to convince everyone that Navalny is bad and Putin is good, because you get paid for it.
Anonymous  17/01/21 Вск 23:23:28 73385145
Зачем в этом треде русские общаются с русскими на английском, если здесь сидит всего один муриканец
Anonymous  17/01/21 Вск 23:28:38 73386146
>Why does Russians communicate with Russians in English in this thread
Because these are the rules and they are essential
Anonymous  18/01/21 Пнд 03:25:31 73405147
Anonymous  18/01/21 Пнд 04:10:30 73407148
Well, keep up the good fighting with the straw scarecrow, I hope everyone here is already convinced of your diminished responsibility, and it's good that there is this flag that distinguishes you from the rest.
Anonymous  18/01/21 Пнд 14:51:58 73419149
>>72287 (OP)
I am an Americanon. They didn’t use hatred of Russia to make Americans hate Trump, they used hatred of Trump to make Americans hate Russia. We heard very little about Russia until 2015 when they started the collision hoax. Now the mainstream media talks about how evil Russia is 24-7. People on the right wing do not hate Russians but people on the left do. This was not the case before Trump.
Anonymous  18/01/21 Пнд 14:56:46 73421150
They mostly do this because they want to do business with a China: they use you as a scapegoat to distract Americans from finding out the truth about China: that they torture companion or endangered animals to death and eat them alive, for example.

If you ask an American leftist that hates Russia why they do they will most likely error out (NPc). Eventually they will claim that your hell bent on radicalizing the far right in our country to make Trump go easy on them. I ask them “Why would it be bad for Trump to go easy on Russia?” Again they will malfunction and eventually say just because you support trump. Orange man bad, it’s all they know.

Sometimes they will say the annexation of Crimea or support of Assad. What do you think about those actions? If you ask them they will know zero details of either.
Anonymous  18/01/21 Пнд 15:00:58 73422151
>that they torture companion or endangered animals to death and eat them alive
Anonymous  18/01/21 Пнд 15:15:22 73424152
Do you think the hundreds of videos of them torturing animals is acceptable? The wet markets of horrifying death and violence that hundreds of people are wandering through as of it is okay?
Anonymous  18/01/21 Пнд 15:59:57 73435153
>Do you think the hundreds of videos of them torturing animals is acceptable?
Well american problems and worries are such a funny thing. Imagine having cozy enough lifestyle to actually care about some dogs being eaten the wrong way half a world away.
Anonymous  18/01/21 Пнд 16:51:02 73436154
Anonymous  18/01/21 Пнд 16:57:00 73438155
Anonymous  18/01/21 Пнд 21:51:40 73472156
Fun fact: during the last 5 years Russian import\export w/ the choina increased a lot.
Anonymous  18/01/21 Пнд 22:00:46 73473157
Russia and China slowly start to establish an alternative global trade network to the US dominated West. Russia and China trade in their own currencies and with gold, thus undermining the omnipresent Dollar dictatorship.
Anonymous  18/01/21 Пнд 23:50:32 73478158
USA consume to much of the earth resources, so globalist wants it gonne.
Anonymous  19/01/21 Втр 04:07:42 73481159
C3C9E211-F8ED-4[...].jpeg 62Кб, 890x472
Not really. And it’s nothing compared to exports to USA
Anonymous  19/01/21 Втр 07:43:11 73483160
I couldn't answer you because another member of your sect removed me on your abuse. Are you happy? Guys like you are not interested in any argument and happily deprive people of their ability to express their opinions, and it's the same guys who scream so loud about the year 1937. Anyway, what could I answer? You write gibberish, I don't understand what your point is except that I'm bad and wrong, and that you want other people to think I'm a shill, and you are an honest Internet freedom fighter exposing an evil Russian troll. I wasn't upset a bit, spent that evening watching your führer's landing, loved it.
Isn't your point caused by anti-Chinese propaganda, though? There is no country where animals are not tortured and killed massively, and the fact those animals are not considered companions doesn't change a thing for them. (Those dogs are not companions actually, they are meat dogs. But they are the same dogs for you, right? By the way, shelters kill millions cats and dogs in the USA.) Is it bad only when it's done in public? Animals are killed in Russia in public on many occasions too — on every Muslim celebration people kill sheep with own hands and share the meat. (Depending on what goals one pursues, a person might say that they are generous and kind or that they are evil.) Also, in restaurants and shops there are often alive animals awaiting to be killed right there, I'm sure it's the same in the USA. I don't know a person who wouldn't know Chinese eat many species, but I don't see how it makes them evil because any country does the same thing towards animals.
Anonymous  19/01/21 Втр 13:07:56 73490161
They have videos frying them alive in pans, skinning them alive and burning them to death slowly with blow torches. No other countries produces content anything like it and no where else does the majority of the population condone such systemic, deliberate and horrific treatment. It doesn't matter that they are raised as meat, their desire to befriend humans stays the same. Americans spend a lot of money rescuing meat dogs from China who become great companions, even if they were abused and close to feral. Some American shelters humanely euthanize with injections but that has mostly ended because aggressive castration programs have managed populations. The Chinese are pure evil, Americans fucking love animals.
Anonymous  19/01/21 Втр 13:09:28 73491162
Americans become much more upset about the murder and abuse of innocent benevolent animals than most adult humans.
Anonymous  19/01/21 Втр 15:37:49 73495163
>on your abuse
It wasn’t my abuse. So as it wasn’t on the
>I don't understand what your point
Anyone who is able to make one logical step will understand that the results of tests in Charite show those medications that were administered to him in the course of treatment.
What can I talk to you about if you see a test with a positive result for 15 different drugs, and you answer:
>He ate some lithium, and... fentanyl and morphine... for... fun maybe?
Tests at the Omsk hospital were absolutely clean except for alcohol in the urine (but not in the blood).
So shut your shitty Kremlin mouth, bot. I hope next time you will be banned forever by subnet range.
Anonymous  19/01/21 Втр 16:22:30 73496164
Anonymous  19/01/21 Втр 17:05:36 73499165
> their desire to befriend humans stays the same
Do you think it's in their genes or something? You know, people keep pigs, horses, hens, goats as pets to prove "desire to befriend with humans" of animals being killed for food. But if you ask me, it's egoist to think that the value of another being's life depends on such thing as its willingness to be your pet. (And as we both mentioned, a human's desire to keep animals as pets leads to mutilations which castration is, and murder which animal euthanasia is.)
> The Chinese are pure evil, Americans fucking love animals.
I think it's a shallow point of view, and that you turn a blind eye to what happens around you because violence against animals presents in every aspect of our lives, all countries are the same in this regard. We eat their flesh and internal organs, we wear their skin, we kill rats and cockroaches to keep public places and our homes safe, we kill birds for planes to fly, we torture animals to test our drugs, we destroy their inhabitant for our facilities, we keep them as pets locking them up, mutilating and killing them, and the list goes on and on. Attacking Chinese for killing and eating species wrong to kill to eat in your culture and in the Bible is not a solution, it only creates another problem which is ethnic hatred. Not following the Bible doesn't make Chinese evil, and I doubt there was a survey which measured what you stated here>>73491.
Well, I have nothing more to say to a rude person you are. I feel sorry for you for how unfriendly you are behaving towards a total stranger. Once again, I see that in encounters with so-called liberals I happen to be the only liberal. I'll let those people whom you addressed here>>73407 and here>>73353 decide things for themselves.
Anonymous  19/01/21 Втр 17:08:36 73500166
I’m not an unfriendly person. Irritation is a natural reaction to a blatant lie which you allowed yourself
Anonymous  19/01/21 Втр 17:19:12 73501167
By the way, animals are being fried, boiled or even eaten alive in Western culture. Crabs and oysters are obvious examples. Nobody says a word.
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