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Check this out!
I saw this on a flight once, it was very good Anonymous  02/01/21 Суб 23:59:15 725401
3A855611-AE34-4[...].jpeg 221Кб, 600x849
I saw this on a flight once, it was very good
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 00:40:09 725442
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 02:09:22 725463
>>72540 (OP)
Good as a film, but poorly represents reality.
This is a vision of Russia from the moscow liberal piece of shit, who had seen nothing himself and only imagines life outside of moscow.
In other worlds, thats pretty much like if a profeminist, SJW Biden supporter from Washington DC/California would make a film about republicans, like rural factory workers in some Rust Belt region or about rancho owners in Texas.
He definitly would shows them an incestous orcs and degenerates, who can barely read.
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 06:57:33 725504
41LZ+GzRwjL.SX3[...].jpg 18Кб, 321x499
I had just finished reading the entirety of this book, so I remember drawing lots of parallels between some of what Solzhenitsyn was saying and things I saw in the film. By the way is it true that this book is mandated reading in the Russian school curriculum?
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 11:59:09 725535
>I had just finished reading the entirety of this book
Take it with a grain of salt. most of Solzhenitsyn’s "memories" of the gulag weren’t confirmed by other inmates
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 15:34:35 725656
Good analogy.

Correct. It was included in the curriculum during Putin's presidency, if I'm not mistaken. Consider exploring Solzhenitsyn further; you may get a wrong impression of him if you only read that one work. I'm not sure how much of his non-fiction is published in english, but that'd be a good read. Also, consider reading Varlam Shalamov's short stories.
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 20:41:55 725727
Ignore this commie faggot. He probably was disinformed by his vertuhay grandfather.
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 20:47:48 725738
220.jpg 62Кб, 1067x636
5168.jpg 561Кб, 1920x805
So you didn't understand much.
I see at least too hidden meanings in there: if he went to church, he would inevitable met his rival and that aparatchik would take him as a human being, as a brother.
Another one is the rifle, that "hanged on the wall, but never shot" (if he shot that aparatchik when he came to him, he would get eight years and his wife would stay alive)
First meaning probably was sold to ministry of culture to be financed, the second one was a fig in a pocket, an artsy part of that horror.
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 21:07:44 725749
16033811793100.png 181Кб, 445x353
>Ignore this commie faggot. He probably was disinformed by his vertuhay grandfather.
Anonymous  03/01/21 Вск 22:24:45 7257510
a kike on duty detonated:
> if you don't like our commie faggots
> take our controlled opposition
(that friend of udaltsov is going to be your president, alas. and then you'll adore him, as usual, because your tv will promote him to you)
Anonymous  04/01/21 Пнд 01:57:28 7258211
> a kike
Why are you pretending not to be his boy? I see for sure you are his little fan.
> going to be your president
Nationalist scum like he will never have people's support in Russia. If Germany feels nostalgic for a führer, they can keep him. He can discuss with his hostess Merkel the 'non-changing government' thingy he coined.
Anonymous  04/01/21 Пнд 02:05:30 7258312
shmon-tyan.jpg 76Кб, 512x512
>I see for sure
It's dnst3 making you prone to delusions
>Nationalist scum like he will never have people's support in Russia.
You have no idea, retard. Without pooting's grasp over tv everything we know from the internet will be hot on tv.
Anonymous  04/01/21 Пнд 03:25:57 7259013
>>72540 (OP)
No, it's crap. If you are a Russian Slavophile, then this film was created by a liberal. If you are a liberal, the film was made by a so-called Soviet intellectual. The Soviet intelligentsia served the Soviet regime. All Russian films are shit. In general, you do not watch movies, this shit is leisure. Read books and play video games.
Anonymous  04/01/21 Пнд 03:27:50 7259114
Lol this film was filmed by the so-called Soviet intelligentsia, which promotes the idea of a certain Russian way, a special Russian mentality, a Russian mysterious soul. This shit is beneficial to the authorities and it is completely pro-government.
Anonymous  04/01/21 Пнд 09:53:36 7259615
Why does liberastnya love spreading fake quotes so much?
And they put the logo of a real, neutral media on this fake quote to deceive people more convincingly.
Do these people not realize how disgusting their behavior is?
Here is what she really said. This is the source.

By the way, this is one of the reasons why I lost interest in hating my country. Thanks to their stupidity, one cannot trust these people. After you were consuming their propaganda for a long time, on some point it becomes evident they were feeding you with lies. They regularly use little pictures this way. It's a tool to make you more furious and more filled with hate to serve their political purposes and fulfill their political ambitions better.

As one famous Merkel's guest once said, "Do not reflect, but propagate! The'll have to fend off."
You follow the rule well. Makes me more certain you are his little fanboy.
As his and yours idol said in the book Mein Kampf, "The more monstrous a lie, the sooner people will believe in it." The Merkel's guest seems to have read his teacher's works thoroughly. Or maybe not, he doesn't leave an impression of a reading person. Rick and Morty and dementors, right?
Anonymous  05/01/21 Втр 12:03:37 7264516
>This is the source.
Remind me please, what's exactly wrong in hanging these two libertards on the tree? I just want to figure it out.

Anonymous  05/01/21 Втр 18:56:11 7266017
Because lynching people is wrong, maybe? By the way, libertards are the ones who publish lustration lists.
Anonymous  05/01/21 Втр 19:05:11 7266118
It's not lynching when those who do the hanging are in power. Lustration has nothing to do with lynching btw, though I get your point.
Anonymous  05/01/21 Втр 19:43:33 7266419
Yeah, the author on this film was 26 years old, when USSR fell apart. Such a soviet intelligence, wow.
USSR didn't promote any russian idea. Mysterious russian soul is a meme, not a national idea. Every country's way is special, every nation's mentality is special.
You are so full of shit, liberal pidorashka degenerate.
Anonymous  06/01/21 Срд 11:38:47 7268620
If an illegal junta to overthrow the constitutional government, actions of the junta won't be deemed legal by the people. It's not the government making justice, but a disgusting band of mutineers and traitors lynching patriotic hard-working sons and daughters of their country.
Anonymous  06/01/21 Срд 15:44:18 7269621
>actions of the junta won't be deemed legal by the people
...not if the junta starts hanging libertards on the trees!
Anonymous  06/01/21 Срд 19:55:00 7270022
Not everyone who calls themselves liberal is libertard. Vladimir Putin has said he is liberal. You are too obsessed with hanging people.
Anonymous  07/01/21 Чтв 10:39:56 7272423
>You are too obsessed with hanging people.
You say that as if it was something bad.
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