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Learning Japanese Anonymous  07/01/21 Чтв 01:27:45 727181
grafik.png 690Кб, 850x966
I'm learning Japanese. What do you think about that? I wanted to share my passion with you, because you're my best friends!
Anonymous  07/01/21 Чтв 23:15:32 727652
Be more realist and learn Turkish or Arabic.
Anonymous  07/01/21 Чтв 23:47:32 727703
>>72718 (OP)
How’s your progress? I’d like to begin learning it too this year, if my apathy goes away
Anonymous  07/01/21 Чтв 23:52:22 727714
Pretty good. I have to say I already did it a few years back, but quit a few months in. I started like two or three months ago again. The first time I did it I attended a public course, but now I got myself a private teacher as I think this suits me better. It's fun and I think I also remember more in one on one lessons. But yeah, you can imagine my knowledge is still very basic. I think it's a fun hobby, definitely recommend.

Arabic is definitely interesting, but I prefer Japanese (and Russian).
Anonymous  07/01/21 Чтв 23:52:55 727725
>>72718 (OP)
That's great. I tried a couple of times, learned some Hiragana symbols and failed to continue.
Anonymous  07/01/21 Чтв 23:56:38 727746
Well, if you're interested in Japanese culture generally it's definitely worth it.
Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 00:38:25 727787
they are being genocided, why learn stupid language?

japanese going to die out. learn only this languages

Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 01:16:38 727818
I only learn Japanese for fun. It doesn't matter if it has no use to me.
Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 01:24:36 727829
Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 01:48:10 7278310
Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 05:26:56 7278911
>>72718 (OP)
That's nice anon, I hope it goes well for you. I might learn Japanese in a few years once I'm fluent in Russian.
Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 14:22:19 7280212
Thanks, well good luck with your Russian learning!
24/03/21 Срд 21:14:17 7943113
Azumanga Daioh.mp4 31946Кб, 1440x1080, 00:01:30
i'm learning it too
Anonymous  25/03/21 Чтв 13:47:53 7948214
>>72718 (OP)
I gonna start to learn nihongo after my english will have been perfect
Anonymous  25/03/21 Чтв 15:30:35 7948715
>>72718 (OP)
I learnt Hiragana a month ago and dropped. How do you learn Japanese? Tell me some secrets.
Anonymous  25/03/21 Чтв 15:47:36 7948916
13812038613034d[...].png 991Кб, 980x658
Practice makes perfect. Just start reading Иван Франк and you'll be fine.
Anonymous  25/03/21 Чтв 22:23:42 7950217
Anonymous  30/03/21 Втр 11:25:28 7960318
はいっ いいですよ!.png 65Кб, 441x324
Anonymous  01/04/21 Чтв 16:17:37 7965219
>>72718 (OP)
Why have you started learning it? Anime, culture or work?
I thought about learning Japanese too but it seems to be so difficult. You mentioned that you have a private teacher. Where can I find one and how much does it cost?
What is your progress?
Anonymous  01/04/21 Чтв 16:19:37 7965420
>>72718 (OP)
Я учить русский Я японец, аригато! Давай трогать катану вечером в Акихабаре
Anonymous  01/04/21 Чтв 16:45:23 7965621
Nice keep learning and you can visit all the other boards without a transator. I have Russian parents. I can speak Russian very well but I cant write in Russian at all and I dont know where I can learn it. Btw can you answer me some questions?
How weird is it for the workers if you walk in a random store and speak in English? How weird would it be if I would talk to them trough a text translator? Do people care if my Japanese pronunciaton is bad?

Anonymous  01/04/21 Чтв 17:55:46 7965822
Anon, he sounds like a troll. Probably not a real Japanese.
Anonymous  01/04/21 Чтв 17:59:06 7965923
Yeah he does kinda. Can real Japanon reply pls.
Anonymous  01/04/21 Чтв 21:01:14 7966924
Anonymous  07/04/21 Срд 03:32:47 7978225
>>72718 (OP)
I highly suggest using Anki deck flashcards and a textbook which can be found for free on libgen. Pimsleur and Wanikani are good too.
Here is my discord if you'd like to know each other better or share our experiences learning Japanese:
Brian Mulroney#2774
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