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The Russian Question Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 14:25:59 728031
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Anytime I meet Russians on the internet, they are BASED. Anytime I see Russians in real life, they are subhumans. Why is that?
Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 14:48:38 728052
Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 14:50:42 728063
Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 15:07:22 728084
its pretty convenient, they call them russia-born men when they behead someone and innocent chechen freedom fighters on any other occasion
Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 16:52:59 728135
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>>72803 (OP)
It is difficult to explain to them that they are representatives of some small nation on the territory of the Russian Federation, so they are all Russians.
Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 18:07:05 728166
his name is literally dmitry, open the link subhuman. These subhumans are your kind.
Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 18:09:52 728177
>b-b-b-b-b-bbbut his name is dmitry so what if he looks like a churka
t. afghani subhuman
Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 18:52:58 728188
t. 100 dollar slave.

Enough internet for today turns off PC, spends day in my wonderful rich country enjoying life in glorious west europe
Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 22:06:24 728229
I can fix that, you can’t fix your ugly brown eyes and skin LOL
Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 22:25:37 7282510
nice try subhuman, but im an aryan.
Anonymous  09/01/21 Суб 01:06:38 7282911
You made four mistakes in the word gay.
Anonymous  09/01/21 Суб 01:45:25 7283312
Anonymous  09/01/21 Суб 02:07:34 7283513
Aryan is a genetic thing.
Gay is a decadent deviancy.
Therefore nothing prevents aryan from being gay.
Anonymous  10/01/21 Вск 00:37:22 7294714
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>>72803 (OP)
Obviously they are different russians.
I am so good looking and I'm so hard to see
Anonymous  10/01/21 Вск 16:07:29 7296515
Anonymous  10/01/21 Вск 20:11:31 7297416
With the same success, you can call all nations subhuman, because there are such freaks everywhere.
You are subhumans yourself!
Anonymous  10/01/21 Вск 20:11:57 7297517
You are subhumans yourself too!
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 14:47:57 7319518
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Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 15:33:04 7319919
Nope, a couple of days ago there were two Russian girls in the same bus as me. They acted very annoying.
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 18:37:35 7321120
It's radio shithole.
Also, Russia is big and it's hard to explain, but we have not 1 ethnicity here. In English language there is non existent word for it. Like, in Russian we call Россиянин (Rosiyanin) - A guy who is a citizen of Russia, he can be a tatar, chechen, jew, reptiloid etc. And word Русский (Ruskyj) that means a guy of Slavic Russian ethnicity.
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 01:00:14 7323721
they wer propably kazakhdeutsche
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 09:03:14 7324622
And some of them do not relate themselves with Russia even politically.
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 09:04:31 7324723
He is ethnically Russian also.
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 09:05:12 7324824
His name is Dmitry Grachev
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 12:45:02 7325425
He is definitely not Russian Slav, but assimilated Caucasian (Mountain Semitic race), probably mixed. Also, cutting off the hands is an Arab tradition.
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 15:38:25 7325926
there are no girls on the internet
this is the answer to op question
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 15:49:50 7326027
Bruh. When it's profitable then he is Russian, but in any other case "Churka ebanaya". Common Russian evilness.
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 19:57:57 7326928
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