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What is the difference between the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation? As I Anonymous  13/01/21 Срд 02:26:00 731271
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What is the difference between the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation? As I understand it both were communities consisting of multiple states where there was one central government that could direct the single member states. So is there any theoretical/political difference between the SU and Russian Federation or only a practical difference in that the SU consisted of more states?
Anonymous  13/01/21 Срд 07:35:10 731302
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it was supposed to be like this but you know how wh*tes are
Anonymous  13/01/21 Срд 18:36:23 731583
>supposed to be
Your toungue licking my ass. It is not a gayrope where every contry has it is own language and culture, it is russia with one language and culture.
>>73127 (OP)
USSR was commonwealth of national republics with different languages and more exagerated cultural differences. Now language is russian in all Russia and culture is practically the same. In government it is similar since Empire - one tsar or chief or president and big role of Moscow as big dick on which is all other parts of russia is spinning.
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 00:39:45 731724
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>>73127 (OP)
Direkt übersetzt heißt es
Ratsunion der Sozialistischen Republiken.
Russische Föderation, Intergalaktische Föderation. Es läßt so zu "optionen" für mehr Unfreiwillige mitglieder.
The main difference is that soviet union was a bear on chains, now its a bear without chains. Russia is more dangerouse then soviet union.
russians are not white.
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 01:11:43 731745
>>73127 (OP)
Russian Soviet Federative Republic was one of Republics but the most opressed one. It had no national division of the Party and as much as thought of it was quashed by Stalin in "Leningrad case".
Anonymous  14/01/21 Чтв 15:32:02 731986
>The main difference is that soviet union was a bear on chains, now its a bear without chains.
In what sense was the SU with chains, and Russia nowadays is without? What chains do you mean?
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 01:04:31 732387
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2 chains

budgetholes such as ukraine(agriculoture) and social welfare in central asia. its was communist, so they got money anyway....without working or working lil.

also military, 11 million active soldiers. you have to feed dem.

now russia doesnt have those balasts, and gold is growing. slowly but surely.
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 01:15:51 732398
>and gold is growing
Yes, because the Russian government is actually smart. They know that Gold is the only REAL currency that's worth a damn. I think China also piles up gold.
Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 01:20:13 732409
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Anonymous  15/01/21 Птн 08:53:25 7324510
Кутагымны суыр, кутакбаш.
Is that Russian?
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 00:49:18 7328711
>actually smart
no they are all cokeheads and burocrats which live in dreamworld. also many have mental sickness. they are chosen by military generals on purpose or tortured/lobomomized to be retards.

the only thing that haz value is land and military which can defend this lands. queen owns most of land. most countries wants to gain more lands, the bigger your land the richer you are, gold, money are useless things in real world. metal and paper.

not officialy russia is curently the biggest it ever was.i mean the sphere of influence and reach. you dont need to draw borders. just bond them to you
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 04:53:04 7328912
>>73127 (OP)
Main difference is a soviet nation.
Soviets have managed to create a new nation, soviets. They were not russian, they were not based on ethnicity and had degenerative values. Now we have a strange period, when we don't have soviet nation, but still have some of its values, that are slowly dieing tho.
Theoretically, we are not bounded by communism ideology anymore, which means, theoretically, we can live without a strong confrontation with the western world. USSR could not even in theory because of capitalism vs communism and shit.
Economically, USSR was fundamentally ineffective with its support of non profit shit production just to give shitty jobs and relying on a military sphere heavily, with ignorance of a civil technologies. Theoretically, now we can stop being poor shithole.
Unfortunately, some of Soviet policies still work, too long to explain. Lifetime rulers, corruption, degenerative national policies when we feed hostile subshitholes for no reason, terrible judges and courts, etc. But that can be fixed, USSR seen these as a features, now it is considered a problem.

>no they are all cokeheads and burocrats which live in dreamworld
Kinda, yeah. Except, we have more like an absolutist monarchy atm, so its wrong to say "they are all".
>they are chosen by military generals
Haha, no, what the fuck really?
>not officialy russia is curently the biggest it ever was
Complete bullshit. Everyone hate us, we are in our borders vs the whole world. We don't have any more influential territories anymore, everyone wants to join the EU to get free money.
And this is great. Feeding shitholes just to keep their loyalty was a degenerative soviet tactics, that gave nothing except a feeling of self importance. We need to isolate ourselves for some time to fix our economy atm, not creating those bullshit unions with churkas and niggers.
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 11:50:07 7330013
>we can live without a strong confrontation with the western world.
Well, we could.
We just have to wait for several generations of american senators to die off.
Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 20:57:16 7332814
>Everyone hate us
thats the biggest achievement you can reach as a nation. look at jews for example...hate means you are successfull.

all politicians are chosen not voted in. the rulers are military guys. this guys simply use politicians/goverment as a mask to protect themself from the angry public or enemy states. they live in different world and create another dreamy world which we live in.

its always military on top. in real world.
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