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Why doesn’t Trump try to build a TrumpNet? The dude’s a fucking billionaire and Anonymous  21/01/21 Чтв 06:34:30 735651
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Why doesn’t Trump try to build a TrumpNet? The dude’s a fucking billionaire and has 75 million supporters, he could invest in an app that could be both a full-fledged ISP and social media platform that cannot be banned, unless on an IP level probably. When will this retard realize that even though social media censorship is still unconstitutional, it still would be unenforceable to do anything about it legally? Just look at the time he tried to repeal section 230 for fuck’s sake.
Anonymous  21/01/21 Чтв 06:42:40 735672
>>73565 (OP)
I sincerely hope not because the whole thing would turn into a Jew-loving, cuckservative fest with lot's of hopium overdose. White Americans need to detox from bootlicking and hopium and realize that the USA is doomer and the key is White separatism/secessionism.
Anonymous  21/01/21 Чтв 09:49:34 735693
>>73565 (OP)
Have you heard about Fediverse? The only social media I use is VK, but I love the idea so much. If every newspaper and noticeable person like Donald Trump were to create their Fediverse instances, the issue of freedom of speech violations would become history. Twitter and Google censor Russian media and documentary movies a lot, but the solution is already here, and the name of it is decentralization. Have your stuff on your servers and don't let others decide what you can or cannot post. Maybe I should post it on ROI (a Russian website for petitions), I'd like the government providing the service because the government has to abide the law and cannot do what American companies do.
Anonymous  21/01/21 Чтв 10:07:20 735704
>>73565 (OP)
Ho gives a shit abut trampinya anymore? Let grandpa rest already. Let's place a bid when Jhon Bidon will pass away. I'd say in two years from now)
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