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How is the sentiment among Russians regarding the Palace? Are they angry or do they think Putin earned it? Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 21:32:54 739991
9e19d3606265a1e[...].jpg 49Кб, 612x373
How is the sentiment among Russians regarding the Palace? Are they angry or do they think Putin earned it?
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 21:51:20 740002
>>73999 (OP)
You imply we think the building belongs to Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin explicitly said it doesn't belong to him or his family and never did. I guess they didn't show that part to you. That's typical: false allegations spread fast, refutations are seen by a few.

Besides Kremlin Vladimir Putin has multiple residencies, but he prefers Novo-Ogarevo in Usovo. He will probably live in that one for the rest of his life, he chose it in 2008 when he left the post. Presidents in Russia get a villa and 75% of their president salary for the rest of their lives.
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 22:05:31 740013
EF5080AE-8702-4[...].jpeg 126Кб, 800x800
5363C948-3218-4[...].jpeg 789Кб, 1255x1258
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 22:11:29 740024
Волков долбит.jpg 170Кб, 1200x1269
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 22:17:29 740035
Vatnik jewtin shill detected
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 22:20:40 740046
>>73999 (OP)
Now we can say that the reaction of the Russians as a whole did not fully manifest itself. Personally, I knew about his palace from the moment Kolesnikov's letter was published(2010), and I always thought that Pootie-Poot deserved to be impeached for it. Of course, this is not the only thing for which he deserves impeachment, there are many of them(not excluding cases of state terrorism). And most importantly, because of the complete connivance of corruption.
Today, the corruption perception index for 2020 was published, and Russia fell to 129th place in it, below Ukraine(117th) and close to Azerbaijan, Gabon and Mali.
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 22:29:17 740057
Oh no, someone doesn't believe conspiracy theories of the US and their stooges! I, being a patriot, should insult this person, and call them a shill, for the name of democracy! Gosh, calm down.
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 22:45:50 740078
Sure there are those who don't believe it. But the video has been seen so many times it must cover a significant percentage of Russian population. The comments at least do not indicate the people who watched it generally think it was just false accusations.

The core argument of the video is that the Palace has security measures that can be only explained by it being a government facility. That's a claim that could be easily falsified for example by residents of the nearby community. It's not just some conspiracy theory and people who watch the video of course understand it.
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 23:03:41 740089
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 23:14:58 7400910
And what exactly in that non-fly zone is being guarded? And from what kind of NATO activity?
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 23:20:14 7401011
32A1BEBE-5A0D-4[...].png 661Кб, 947x647
As you can see, it is not located on the border(marked by a red trapezoid)
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 23:28:43 7401312
B2E4B5D7-3B8C-4[...].jpeg 448Кб, 2048x1536
Here is the current extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, made by anon(it is available to every citizen by request). It states that the legal owner of the building is the FSB, while Putin claims that it belongs to private individuals(while not naming whom exactly)
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 23:29:43 7401413
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 23:30:50 7401514
bd7efc6f47adabb[...].jpg 122Кб, 1280x1036
Also, Russia doesn't have this many people for video to be watched 96,000,000 times. The population is 145 millions, and many of them couldn't care less. Many don't use YouTube. You wouldn't like me suggesting it's Google workers changing the statistics manually on a request of the CIA, but at least we know the video is being advertised to foreigners to watch.
To prevent a plane being shut down? NATO is all over our borders perpetrating provocations day and night. I don't know, it's the intelligent agencies' business. They know the stuff.
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 23:33:10 7401615
>To prevent a plane being shut down?
What plane? What do you mean?
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 23:44:09 7401816
Any plane. NATO thinks the reunion with Crimea was illegal annexation, and that NATO should grow more military power in the Black Sea. And passenger planes don't go well with big cannons. It's the matter of safety.
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 23:56:22 7402117
How does a no-fly zone covering several kilometers of the coast relate to the shooting down of aircrafts?
Anonymous  29/01/21 Птн 00:06:18 7402318
I think he's suggesting it's such a hotspot for armed NATO spyplanes that the zone was needed to protect civilian aircraft from being accidentally shot down by them - which doesn't make any sense.
Anonymous  29/01/21 Птн 00:52:39 7403019
>>73999 (OP)
putin is a lawyer, so the palace does not belong to him.

its another psyop in case navalny gets arrested

me personaly i would give him 10 such palaces as long as he works good and makes russia even bigger
Anonymous  29/01/21 Птн 01:49:04 7403320
So you really want more of the world to suffer, don't you?
Anonymous  29/01/21 Птн 01:55:04 7403421
>>73999 (OP)
I don't think there are a lot of people, who will deny this thing belonging to Putin. If you see one on the internet, I give you 99% that it is a troll (Navalny's libtards are everywhere and can be trolled so easily) or a kremlin glowie worker.
Everyone knows about the problems. Everyone knows that for years. Everyone knows, that Putin is a thief and criminal. Political murders are not a big surprise actually. But it is impossible to do anything with it. Last Navalny's protest has gathered around 10 times less people compared to his 2012 Bolotnaya protests. Because noone believes, that they actually can change anything. They are allowed to exist because of their peaceful nature and political impotence. This is not a french protests with blockings of roads, burning cars and police fighting, this is not a BLM, this is not a maidan. This is a group of wankers, you walk around and yell their mantras.
As soon as you try to make a real opposition, you get fucked by Putin. I was a part of one few years back. Not simply was voting, posting memes and telling friends about it, but helped with the actual organisation of it. Lost 3 jobs, now blacklisted for every government organisation, was personally threatened by FSB agent (he told Im 1 step away from being a terrorist), almost got in jail. Putin and the system breaks you like you are fucking nothing as soon as you try to make a real oppositional movement. If you are unbreakable, you get killed or put in prison.
Anonymous  29/01/21 Птн 08:03:15 7404422
It would make sense for MH17, but Ukraine had wet dreams to assassinate Vladimir Putin, so they didn't declare a no-fly zone over Donbass.
> Lost 3 jobs, now blacklisted for every government organisation, was personally threatened by FSB agent (he told Im 1 step away from being a terrorist), almost got in jail.
I don't know if it is a good or a bad thing. I guess it deformed you, and now you can't help but call everybody trolls.
> This is a group of wankers, you walk around and yell their mantras.
You think less of your fellow wankers. They beat up the police, they beat up an anti-Navalny protester for rhyming "Navalny" and "Analny", they attack cars, they took that driver's eye for driving a government vehicle. They throw smoke bombs and fires. They succeeded to gather many children, and some very young children used pepper sprays against the police. Didn't you watch that? I guess you should feel proud with the wankers.
Anonymous  29/01/21 Птн 08:13:43 7404523
Anonymous  29/01/21 Птн 16:37:24 7404924
I didn't understand your answer. Are you saying that a no-fly zone with an area of a couple of kilometers was established so that some passenger planes would not be shot down? By NATO drones?
Anonymous  29/01/21 Птн 17:58:23 7405025
46E2DDE5-4CD5-4[...].png 255Кб, 1272x761
And why NATO drones interested exactly in this spot?
Anonymous  29/01/21 Птн 19:38:05 7405426
00A8EBE7-D105-4[...].jpeg 91Кб, 686x453
In the wake of these events, kremlebots filled the entire Internet. There are now more of them than ordinary users (in such topics).
By the way, ITT you can observe the typical tactics of kremlebots: to spam it with ridiculous versions in order to sabotage the discussion and to suppress the will of the participants to continue.

Perhaps someone is interested in this topic in the context of the emerging world trend to violate freedom of speech. Of course, it has never disappeared from authoritarian regimes, but Russia once took the direction of democratization and respect for human rights. It is all the sadder to see authoritarian tendencies returning again. And no one knows how far it can go. Here are a couple of links:
Anonymous  29/01/21 Птн 19:57:42 7405627[...].jpg 40Кб, 700x466
Are we seriously discussing Navalny's nonsense like there could be a drop of truth in it? The man is a known fraudster who stole from his own supporters. His so-called "investigations" aren't even his own, and they failed to translate the script of this one for Navalny from American English to Russian properly. Why let a couple of 3D models fool you?
How many of you guys here writing about Kremlin bots in /int/? How good this strategy for arguing is? NO ARGUING! Just say the other side is not a person, ask everyone to ignore him, add some links that either are Western anti-Russian media (Meduza is Latvian) or that use those anti-Russian Western media as a source.
What is interesting is that you are the ones who can be literally replaced with bots. Because all you do is posting "KREMLIN BOTS!!!!"
Paid Captcha solver plus simple script, and done.
And the person employing such tactics is saying to you about human rights.
> respect for human rights
Ridiculous to hear that because you would gladly deprive me of my human rights if you could. You would put a gag in my mouth and send me to prison. PEOPLE LIKE YOU BEAT UP THAT BOY ON THE 23RD OF JANUARY, THROW HIM FROM THE THREE-METER LAMPPOST AND WAS BEATING HIM LYING WITH FEET. Disgusting crowd of bewildered hooligans.
Anonymous  29/01/21 Птн 21:03:54 7405728
Wow, that was a lame maneuver. You bark like a dog to get off the subject. There is no better way to confirm my words.
Anonymous  30/01/21 Суб 00:58:52 7406129
jesus.jpg 24Кб, 263x400
Putin is making everyone closer to jesus. With suffering.
Anonymous  30/01/21 Суб 04:26:31 7406630
8824A1A1-2471-4[...].jpeg 27Кб, 168x172
This is probably true. As he said:
>We, the victims of aggression, like martyrs will go to heaven. And they just die. They won’t even have time to repent.
Anonymous  30/01/21 Суб 05:37:16 7406731
>>73999 (OP)
Does anyone give a shit. Clintons are worth hundreds of millions of dollars,nancy pelosi, mitch mcconell. All these dirt bag politicians.

I literally love Putin and if I were in Russia, I would go on the street and beat fags.
Anonymous  30/01/21 Суб 05:50:42 7406832
The difference is that the Clintons own what they own openly, and Putin hides it. Why do you think that is?

>“Nothing that is listed there as my property belongs to me or my close relatives, and never did,” - Putin
Anonymous  30/01/21 Суб 07:16:15 7407033
43A2C290-C825-4[...].jpeg 1189Кб, 1493x1079
We fuckin’ love to suffer
Anonymous  30/01/21 Суб 10:56:21 7407234
image003.jpg 144Кб, 1240x698
i.jpg 182Кб, 1024x683
scale1200.jpg 146Кб, 998x661
33.jpg 59Кб, 599x422
Why Vladimir Putin would need such a miserable hut, when he has access to luxurious residencies?
Anonymous  30/01/21 Суб 11:20:47 7407335
DED7bv6UQAEVNud.jpg 146Кб, 1100x619
maxresdefault.jpg 413Кб, 1280x720
VladimirPutin24[...].jpg 246Кб, 500x334
изображение.png 2247Кб, 1365x676
>>73999 (OP)
Vladimir Putin's actual palaces are no secret. One of them is on these pictures. It is the one he considers his home.
People making sensations out of old myths have only one goal - to brainwash the population, so people would go and commit crimes. Tens of policemen got hurt, a man got violently beaten for coming with an anti-Navalny poster, a passer-by was violently attack by the crowd and lost his eye. 21 criminal investigations have been instituted.
No dead protesters or children is a huge disappointment for the perpetrators of this whole thing. Their slogan is the worse for people is the better (since their goal is the Russian constitutional government being overthrown), so they would be so happy if someone ended up dead.
Anonymous  30/01/21 Суб 12:21:22 7407436
изображение.png 551Кб, 541x797
изображение.png 272Кб, 291x519
изображение.png 121Кб, 280x520
> No dead protesters
By the way, some people want to make Russians think there are dead. For example, this citizen of Ukraine Khripunov Andrey Sergeevich pretends to be Russian and lies people died. His fakes get more than a million of views.

> Brutally murdered. After "attacking" a police officer, Vitaly Cal died in a hospital. I will always remember you, brother.

> Another oppositioner is dead. Boris, we will never forget you. Eternal memory to the hero!

> Tik-Tok unblocked my video. All provocations and raids of the Kremlin bots didn't work. Tik-Tok didn't sell out to Kremlin, we have a chance!

I found it here just started reading.
Anonymous  30/01/21 Суб 12:56:54 7407537
Anonymous  30/01/21 Суб 13:04:16 7407638
I don’t know why. But that’s a fact. They must know who owns the building in the nature reserve, in the no-fly zone, on the territory belonging to the FSB. And they say “it's just not ours, we don't know whose”.
Anonymous  30/01/21 Суб 13:51:06 7407839
Anonymous  30/01/21 Суб 14:41:18 7407940
> they say
That's not what they said. You were misinformed.
It seems, led by foreign social networks' suggestions, people forget how to search for information on their own. It made me remember. Margarita Simonyan once said that a generation has grown up, who have seen Vladimir Putin only in memes and caricatures - these people have never seen him.
> didn't read
Good pawn you are, well protected from wrong thoughts.
Anonymous  30/01/21 Суб 14:59:39 7408041
BF25DD7A-D451-4[...].jpeg 171Кб, 578x840
Then they can tell us why did they built it before selling it, since the construction order was given by the FSO military unit.
Anonymous  30/01/21 Суб 16:39:27 7408242
754943896736868.jpg 65Кб, 550x340
dv3io.jpg 111Кб, 1280x720
>>73999 (OP)
Ну вот и всё! (There we are!)
Навальноманьки могут утереться. (In your face, Navalny's gullible fans.)
"Palace" in Gelendzhik belongs to Arkady Rotenberg

"I am the beneficiary. There was a rather complicated object, there were many creditors, and I managed to become a beneficiary. This godsend is a gorgeous place."

"We want to build an aparthotel there, so there is a fairly large number of rooms. I like this business, hotel business. I have been doing this for several years."

Arkady Rotenberg is an entrepreneur and billionaire, holder of the title of Hero of Labor of the Russian Federation. His companies were involved in the construction of sports facilities for the Olympic Games in Sochi, as well as the Crimean Bridge. Since 2014, he is under US and EU sanctions.

We will remind that attention to the "palace" in Gelendzhik was drawn after a film by blogger Alexei Navalny appeared on the Internet, which claimed that this building - with an "aquadiskotheque", a hookah bar, a "room of mud" and great gates - allegedly belongs to Vladimir Putin. However, the day before, Mash published a report, from which it became clear that the building is at the zero stage of construction, there are only bare concrete walls. Also, the authors of the report urged the owner of this "palace" to respond.
Anonymous  30/01/21 Суб 16:43:06 7408343
Anonymous  30/01/21 Суб 18:20:39 7408444
9E90719B-B0BF-4[...].jpeg 470Кб, 1360x930
391A8930-B5B6-4[...].jpeg 148Кб, 1280x720
4E8FAFC7-0AC1-4[...].jpeg 173Кб, 1280x720
No wonder, it is being rebuilt since 2018, judging by satellite maps.
Here is old aqua disco, and its current state
Anonymous  30/01/21 Суб 18:24:36 7408545
32B652FD-4803-4[...].jpeg 3Кб, 170x111
C67B7608-F1E0-4[...].jpeg 4Кб, 147x170
71AD62CC-5BAE-4[...].jpeg 4Кб, 170x141
E92B7EC3-A401-4[...].jpeg 5Кб, 170x149
Satellite photos. As you can see there was even a water in aqua disco in 2017(second pic), so the building has already been put into operation
Anonymous  30/01/21 Суб 18:26:09 7408646
2F00C4AA-CAD4-4[...].jpeg 4Кб, 170x141
This pic is 2018, then reconsruction started
Anonymous  30/01/21 Суб 20:53:51 7408747
snapshot1.jpg 76Кб, 854x480
snapshot2.jpg 74Кб, 854x480
snapshot3.jpg 59Кб, 854x480
snapshot4.jpg 81Кб, 854x480
A border outpost is located there from Soviet times, long before they started building this apartment hotel. "Vesti nedeli" is going to debunk this conspiracy theory, they'll tell about the outpost, Montenegrin double-headed eagle, Czech library, and more.
Anonymous  30/01/21 Суб 20:55:28 7408848
>Hero of Labor
He truly deserve this title.
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