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Check this out!
What are you doing there? Anonymous  05/02/21 Птн 23:18:19 743411
16120795810190.jpg 125Кб, 595x842
Is there really someone not-russian speaker on this board? Why have you chosen 2ch, how have you found out 2ch?
Anonymous  05/02/21 Птн 23:22:55 743422
>>74341 (OP)
>Is there really someone not-russian speaker on this board?
Yes. I am German and can only speak German (and English, no Russian though).
>Why have you chosen 2ch
Because I'm fascinated by Russian internet culture and runet. 2ch/int/ is comfy and slow, I know everyone here.
>how have you found out 2ch?
I think two or three years ago there was a Russian young man who was terminally ill and offed himself with a pump gun. The video and info about him was shared on 2ch and there were link to this board. Through this I found out about 2ch's existence.
Anonymous  05/02/21 Птн 23:26:50 743433
Anonymous  05/02/21 Птн 23:28:50 743444
I heard that Germans has their own imageboard. What the name of this one?
Anonymous  05/02/21 Птн 23:29:58 743465
KC (Kohlchan, formerly called Krautchan)
There is also Ernstchan
Anonymous  05/02/21 Птн 23:32:04 743476
germans are slaves to jews they dont own anything. in germany you have to pay for everything, otherwise the goverment takes it away. if you buy land and dont pay taxes, the goverment takes it away.
Anonymous  05/02/21 Птн 23:33:29 743487
Anonymous  06/02/21 Суб 02:50:09 743548
>>74341 (OP)
I heard about Dvach on the old /intl/ board on 8ch in 2015 when some Poles were organizing a raid. I think we wiped the whole catalog with papiez threads. I stuck around and posted somewhat regularly. I took a break from imageboards altogether between 2017-2019. I like the /int/ board here because the moderation is really relaxed and I prefer the slower pace.
Anonymous  06/02/21 Суб 18:04:50 744269
>>74341 (OP)
>how have you found out 2ch?
Двач originated from 4chan and 2chan in Jpn, so i came here via them
Anonymous  08/02/21 Пнд 18:24:10 7454310
Anonymous  08/02/21 Пнд 20:07:35 7455211
Anonymous  09/02/21 Втр 02:10:51 7456812
I came here to read discussions about the political happenings in Russia but this place fucking blows
Anonymous  09/02/21 Втр 05:01:41 7457513
Here's what one persistent troll on the payroll can do.
Anonymous  09/02/21 Втр 16:12:15 7462114
I'm not sure what your post is referring to. There's definitely more than one troll?
Anonymous  09/02/21 Втр 23:05:30 7465015
I think there is one troll(bot) working this board. He’s easily distinguishable by his writing style, and the narrowness of the topics he can talk about(Navalny, sanctions against Russia).
Anonymous  10/02/21 Срд 15:16:40 7470516
For fun and Sputnik V!
Anonymous  10/02/21 Срд 18:06:40 7470917
>>74341 (OP)
>Why have you chosen 2ch
to practice russian
>how have you found out 2ch?
Anonymous  10/02/21 Срд 18:48:43 7471018
63F343C7-714A-4[...].jpeg 37Кб, 499x499
Anonymous  10/02/21 Срд 19:46:30 7471919
fat ugly men fat vampires
Anonymous  16/02/21 Втр 12:10:04 7494420
>>74341 (OP)
>Is there really someone not-russian speaker on this board?
I'm German and I can speak Russian pretty well, since my parents are from Russia and we always speak it at home. However my reading and writing is barely above a 3rd grade level, where I still read most words letter for letter and make tons of spelling mistakes.
>Why have you chosen 2ch
Just drop by occasionally out of curiosity every now and then, though I quickly realize that this probably isn't the best place to read or write, since it's so full of slang.
>how have you found out 2ch?
Not sure, I think it was one of the supported sites of the reader I use to lurk 4chan and Lainchan.
Anonymous  17/02/21 Срд 20:40:39 7497321
>>74341 (OP)
I'm learning russian, although I suck hard at it still (your accusatif and genetive cases are killing me) and found this site to be much more comfy than whatever 4chan's /pol/ has become. Indeed, the threads stay up for much longer and ppl can have genuine banter and actual discussions which is very welcome. Russian internet culture is pretty nice too and helps me learn the language easier.
Anonymous  17/02/21 Срд 20:43:58 7497422
>Russian internet culture is pretty nice
How about пошел нахуй, мудила?
Anonymous  18/02/21 Чтв 02:29:53 7497823
Неругайся.jpg 44Кб, 498x413
Anonymous  19/02/21 Птн 20:31:21 7505024
Anonymous  21/02/21 Вск 05:52:38 7510425
>>74341 (OP)
I somehow stumbled on ukr by chance by i come every few months to lurk.
Anonymous  02/03/21 Втр 15:23:56 7810026
>>74341 (OP)
i got bored of 4chan and decided to try other imageboards.
I dont know russian though. i only know english and little french.
Anonymous  02/03/21 Втр 20:11:44 7810927
А вот на четырехканальном реальная японка на русском отписывалась.
Anonymous  03/03/21 Срд 00:21:47 7812128
I just like /int/ boards.
Anonymous  03/03/21 Срд 16:12:42 7816629
I'm learning Russian so I pop in sometimes
Anonymous  04/03/21 Чтв 03:40:10 7818030
The last thing I remember is searching for some drudkh guitar tabs and then the next thing I know I just sort of woke up here. It's been like 5 months and I still haven't found a way out, nor have I found my tabs. Overall it's been a mildly disappointing journey.
Also, someone please tell me what blyat means.
Anonymous  04/03/21 Чтв 10:07:14 7818431
Anonymous  08/03/21 Пнд 01:02:53 7840632
>why has you chosen 2chan?
trying to learn russian
>how did you find 2chan
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 01:57:20 7860833
>Is there really someone not-russian speaker on this board?
Yes. I can speak english and finnish and im curious to learn russian
>Why have you chosen 2ch
im just visiting right now :D because finnish boards are messed
>how have you found out 2ch?
I was looking for some thots to jerk of and then i found this :D
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 03:29:59 7861034
>Is there really someone not-russian speaker on this board?
Да педеру један
>Why have you chosen 2ch
A perfect place to take a shit
>how have you found out 2ch?
Don't remember
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 03:42:31 7861135
I followed the gifs of that Russian movie with men eating human shit.
Anonymous  24/03/21 Срд 02:53:01 7938836
>>74341 (OP)
>Is there really someone not-russian speaker on this board?
>Why have you chosen 2ch
Interested in image boards
>how have you found out 2ch?
Was searching for 2ch(futaba)
Anonymous  24/03/21 Срд 05:01:35 7939237
What its means?
Anonymous  03/04/21 Суб 17:48:46 7971038
Anonymous  03/04/21 Суб 21:57:08 7971239
Great god Odin is not gay.
Anonymous  06/04/21 Втр 04:38:55 7975740
>>74341 (OP)
> non-russian speaker
Canadian. English as well as a bit of Japanese and French.
> How have you found out 2ch?
I happened to find it today through a Wikipedia page listing boards like this.
> Why have you chosen 2ch
I'm interested in different cultures and people, have been enjoying clicking through these boards. I may learn Russian at some point so I don't have to use translate. Also you guys seem well moderated with some funny and interesting stuff. :)
Anonymous  06/04/21 Втр 08:06:37 7976241
Anonymous  06/04/21 Втр 09:28:10 7976442
It might be good for you to visit /po/ board, write in English only and make some photo proofs of your country like common junk food. People ("people", average chimp is more intelligent) there will worship you. If you are into trolling, wou may write something good about Russia so they burn and call you kremlebot instead.
Anonymous  06/04/21 Втр 10:05:20 7976543
>to practice russian
are you a hotel animator that fucks natashas?
Anonymous  06/04/21 Втр 17:30:11 7976944
Anonymous  06/04/21 Втр 18:10:39 7977245
>>74341 (OP)
I am a sex tourist. I practice little russian here and I try to understand the russian barbarian mentality. I have been coming to russia, ukraine, belarus and kazakhstan for many years. Good whores
Anonymous  07/04/21 Срд 03:12:27 7978146
CanadianChips.jpg 176Кб, 400x600
Alright thanks. I could ask opinions on Russian snacks perhaps and show some Canadian treats.
The first one that comes to mind are ketchup chips, one of the most popular flavours sold by many brands.
Anonymous  07/04/21 Срд 03:56:22 7978347
>>74341 (OP)

>Аre there non-russian speakers on this board?

Yes. Britbong here.

>Why have you chosen 2ch

To learn and practice russian

>How have you found out 2ch

I'm not sure if you mean тебе нравится or как ты двач нашел so I'll answer both.

>тебе нравится двач?

Yes. I'm a newfag lurker because my Russian is awful, but I like it here.

>как ты двач нашел

I was simply looking for a 4chan clone to learn russian from and this seemed to be the most popular one.

Anonymous  07/04/21 Срд 04:14:35 7978448

God, I remember when they had those here. Absolutely fucking joy.
Anonymous  07/04/21 Срд 13:29:14 7979449
I found about it on Kaycee. I want to find my future gf here
Anonymous  07/04/21 Срд 16:17:58 7979750
I study russian and already having been on 4chan when I was younger I thought going here would be a good place to practice casual Russian
Anonymous  07/04/21 Срд 17:31:26 7979951
> learn and practice russian
>on an imageboard
duuude... it'd be a very strange variant of russian, don't ever try to speak it IRL to anyone
Anonymous  08/04/21 Чтв 04:52:41 7980852
What happens if you try to speak it? Will they just leave? Or punch you?
Anonymous  08/04/21 Чтв 09:13:07 7981253
They will not get you, or get you wrong. It is an expected outcome when speaking in memespeak with common folk.
Those ones who will get you are probably 2chers themselves and will see you as dumb shit for breaking rule #1 of our club.
Anonymous  10/04/21 Суб 19:04:40 7987754
yyy.png 534Кб, 479x584
I don't speak a bit of Russian, I just learned about this place from the Hunger Games thread hosted (there's a similar equivalent on 4chan /b/) and I just wanted to check this site out real quick
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