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Is it true that Russians soldiers have alot of gays or is it Hohol propaganda? Anonymous  23/02/21 Втр 01:12:34 773811
rus.jpg 62Кб, 980x410
Is it true that Russians soldiers have alot of gays or is it Hohol propaganda?
Anonymous  23/02/21 Втр 01:28:55 773832
>>77381 (OP)
Not true, gays are not allowed to join the army
Anonymous  23/02/21 Втр 01:40:02 773853
I have heard from alot of Hohols that Russian army has alot of butt rape? I believe this is false? Or is it true?
Anonymous  23/02/21 Втр 02:39:31 773864
>>77381 (OP)
It depends on a definition. It's not always gay if you ask me. There is a saying, Лучше нет влагалища, чем очко товарища (Luchsche net vlagalishcha, chem ochko tovarishcha). It means that the best vagina is a friend's ass. Girls don't have to serve in the army, so it's only boys there, and it means that a person is put under extraordinary conditions. And if it's a vagina, it's straight. Better than being a wanker. Of course, it must be consensual.
Anonymous  23/02/21 Втр 07:04:46 773945
>>77381 (OP)
I fukken lold.
No, it is by far not common. Specially the rapes. I bet that happened few times throughout the history, just like in most of other huge armies (when you have few mil. army, statistically you will have some degenerates), but is this common and ok? No, by far, its not.
Our army is mandatory ( everyone serves there), so I've heard a lot of things about it from my friends, both good and bad. I even know a guy, who assaulted (not sexually) some officer because of verbal conflict and almost got shot. But I have never heard about rapes and homosexuals.
Hohols is Russia are considered part-human animals and eternal reason for a jokes. This is for a reason.

This guy is trolling. In a funny way, I must admit.
Anonymous  23/02/21 Втр 12:19:30 774066
>>77381 (OP)
Yes and no. There were some rape accidents, but if you tell that yopu are gay, you will not serve.
Anonymous  23/02/21 Втр 23:38:47 774287
>>77381 (OP)
I will be more precise, their are no gays in russian army, but their is male on male rape.
Anonymous  23/02/21 Втр 23:53:57 774308
Dmitry Puchkov said that in the army he knew people who had been forced to same sex oral sex. That's not a statistics, but sounds bad from his words. They served 3 years instead of 1 year back then, so I guess it should be a lot different today.
Anonymous  24/02/21 Срд 04:59:10 774459
Soviets. This army was so imbecile, that it has lost 1st chechen war btw. Now its different.
Anonymous  08/03/21 Пнд 15:33:55 7843710
Is never saw that in 2011.
Anonymous  08/03/21 Пнд 15:35:50 7843811
Anonymous  08/03/21 Пнд 20:00:27 7845112
>>77381 (OP)
isto ka u tehničke srednje ovamo da budem iskren
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 04:12:39 7853913
>>77381 (OP)
Yes, everyone who enter Russian army, has to suck cock at some moment.
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 15:44:22 7858314
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 15:45:15 7858415
312CE9CA-3D60-4[...].jpeg 696Кб, 1088x908
Beautiful Russian tradition: sitting on a bottle
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 20:01:25 7859416
dagistan sila.png 683Кб, 700x600
dagistan muzhik, always smell ass and cock(wrestling)
Anonymous  06/04/21 Втр 06:03:50 7976117
>>77381 (OP)
No but as someone who lived on a military base I can say that you do a lot of banter, pranks, and shenanigans that aren't gay but funny. If you read military communities it's the same. So don't mistake wrestling or pranks involving nudity as gay.
Just guy stuff, and we made sure to say "no homo."
Anonymous  08/04/21 Чтв 21:27:56 7982518
159621458322gu20.png 261Кб, 367x554
904890ljkh.jpg 80Кб, 750x600
Russian soldiers are not gay, they are fagots
Anonymous  09/04/21 Птн 07:07:52 7983919
zverev1.jpg 55Кб, 600x382
Russian celebrity Sergay Zverev(Сергей Зверев). His picture after the compulsory military service.
Anonymous  09/04/21 Птн 07:10:16 7984020
СергейЗверевнаШ[...].jpg 187Кб, 498x673
Anonymous  09/04/21 Птн 07:18:34 7984121
Screenshot.png 803Кб, 895x316
You should not worry. I believe 80-90% of russian soldiers are still straight.
Anonymous  09/04/21 Птн 21:53:09 7986522
Anonymous  10/04/21 Суб 13:06:49 7987223
A male can’t be beautiful you homo scum! Use “handsome” for males!
Anonymous  10/04/21 Суб 16:45:54 7987324
Anonymous  10/04/21 Суб 19:50:33 7987925
"hand"some comes from handing someone, means wanking someone, its gay. so you are pidaras
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