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Как предотвратить коричневую угрозу? Как спасти Мир от говна? Anonymous  25/02/21 Чтв 22:58:13 775261
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Как предотвратить коричневую угрозу? Как спасти Мир от говна?
Anonymous  25/02/21 Чтв 23:27:40 775312
Say oink,Taras.
Anonymous  25/02/21 Чтв 23:59:10 775323
no way that Putin's shit would spread across the planet
Anonymous  26/02/21 Птн 08:38:32 775374
>>77526 (OP)
My Ukrainian brother. All you can do to reduce the Russian threat is to raise the economy of Ukraine to a noticeably superior level, to persuade Russians to be more pro-European. Then we can overthrow the pro-Asian authoritarian rule and become more civilized and respectful of other people's freedoms
26/02/21 Птн 11:55:44 775405
>>77526 (OP)
Ненавидящий себя и свою страну человек насрал на карту. Сделал близкий снимок кучи говна на карте, вдыхая частички говна в процессе. Затем пристально смотрел на говно в фоторедакторе в течение получаса, добавляя надписи и эффекты. Всё во имя ненависти к себе и своей стране. Браво.
Anonymous  26/02/21 Птн 11:59:05 775416
Он хохол тащемта
26/02/21 Птн 17:49:16 775467
Ну не знаю, у нас таких полно у самих. Сейчас это модно.
Anonymous  26/02/21 Птн 20:15:42 775498
Проводил опрос населения?
Anonymous  20/04/21 Втр 18:36:08 802349
>>77526 (OP)
Ты перепутать немного, Россия - это шоколадка в сравнении с тем, что во Франции и в Германии. не говорю про США, где беспредел
Anonymous  21/04/21 Срд 06:06:12 8026010
>>77526 (OP)
It should be cleaned from within. The peoples occupied by Moscow should develop their national identity and declare independence all together when Russia is weak.
Anonymous  21/04/21 Срд 06:07:00 8026111
Балтарусис ар окупантас?
Anonymous  21/04/21 Срд 06:09:23 8026212
Anonymous  22/04/21 Чтв 20:35:13 8031313
Anonymous  22/04/21 Чтв 21:04:56 8031414
Националиствующий, спок.
Anonymous  22/04/21 Чтв 21:07:08 8031515
Так пишешь, как будто кому-то советы местного националиствующего клоуна с белорусским флагом интересны.
Anonymous  27/05/21 Чтв 02:38:27 8246016
Stupid white boy thinks EU and US needs free Belorussians, Ukrainians or other. Actually they need them, for cleaning their toilets...
27/05/21 Чтв 14:14:29 8247017
We don't want to declare independence, we are Russians. How about we ask Belorussians if they identify themselves with Russia more than with Belarus?
Anonymous  28/05/21 Птн 15:04:29 8253818
>>77526 (OP)
Никак. Говно нужно полюбить, обмазаться им и набрать в рот.
Anonymous  28/05/21 Птн 20:42:20 8255219
based ginsberg.jpg 1715Кб, 2835x1617
Anonymous  29/05/21 Суб 18:35:55 8258320
>we are Russians
=nothing. So you have to develop NATIONAL identity, Belarusians and ukrainians set the best examples for you. Other peoples have lost the memories of their experience.
Anonymous  30/05/21 Вск 07:38:26 8261521
Anonymous  30/05/21 Вск 09:44:07 8261722
I have my ethnic identity and my national identity. My national identity is Russian, and I don't need you to correct me on that. These are the worst examples, Russia doesn't need a murderous eight-year-long civil war and official neo-Nazi military units with support from racists from all over the world. Everything went wrong with you, don't call it the best.

By the way, you should be glad you have such a great president. Ask anything of him and he'll just land an airplane with it in Minsk. Now go! Shoo!
Anonymous  02/06/21 Срд 08:17:43 8273923
Looks like this jew Ruth was based in some points.
Anonymous  03/06/21 Чтв 22:48:21 8280524
of course all jews are based and redpilled.
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