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Просьба немедленно убрать автозамену слова "крым" на слово "тайвань". Anonymous  01/03/21 Пнд 22:55:47 780521
china.png 2Кб, 275x183
Просьба немедленно убрать автозамену слова "крым" на слово "тайвань".
Anonymous  02/03/21 Втр 08:56:51 780592
>>78052 (OP)
Тайвань - не вареная собака, туда-сюда не отдается.
Anonymous  03/03/21 Срд 00:01:10 781193
>>78052 (OP)
Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them--that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.
Anonymous  06/03/21 Суб 00:10:31 782754
>>78052 (OP)
“The forest was shrinking but the trees kept voting for the axe. For the axe was clever & convinced the trees that because his handle was wood he was one of them”
Anonymous  08/03/21 Пнд 15:08:08 784345
>>78052 (OP)
А то что? Ножной топнешь и хрюкнешь?
Anonymous  09/03/21 Втр 03:39:24 784666
Anonymous  09/03/21 Втр 14:45:59 784947
oh, this stinky rightist belarusian again
Anonymous  09/03/21 Втр 17:39:53 785118
any ex-Soviet right wing is bad
any Russian right wing is good

is this how this hypocrite shit works
Anonymous  09/03/21 Втр 18:35:54 785129
Any russian right wing is jailed in 200x and there is no more right wing to speak of.
Anonymous  09/03/21 Втр 18:42:47 7851910
Nice words. Is this some kind of German wisdom?
Anonymous  09/03/21 Втр 19:27:33 7852311
Any right wing is bad, this is how it works. I mentioned his nationality because I know this person. He posts the same things every time: free Crimea, free Tatarstan, free Caucasus, dissolute the Russian Federation, Russians don't exist, empire, colonies. He posted something about leftists in another thread today, so I called him rightist here.

I pity him because it must be hard to suffer from Russia's oppression. All he posts is how he's oppressed and how he suffers and how glad and free he would be if Russia ceased to exist.
Anonymous  16/03/21 Втр 22:59:36 7886812
Oh. It makes sense then. So he's just a troll coming here for some reaction from the others?

But yeah. As Belarusian myself I can understand him. Because of the Rusification policy our language and most cultural things are gone. And I was the same as he. But then I grown up, became far less radical.
Anonymous  16/03/21 Втр 23:50:11 7886913
> Rusification policy
There is no such a thing since imperial age. Communists made a lot for preserving and evolving local languages, and you ought to be thankful to them that there still is belarussian instead of western-russian dialect.

There is a lack of sustained native language enforcement in Belarus since USSR dissolution though. Given much similarity in terms of dictionary but huge disparity population and content wise this leads to natural ongoing mixture with russian language and eventual death.
The same problem with ukrainian, but there are more speakers and nazi arggessively try to enforce it. Results are still to be seen.

And the most funny thing. Probably joining Russia is the most effective way to preserve both as opposed to trying to root out Russian. Russia continues soviet policy of preserving local languages, some so obscure that have hundred or so native speakers.
Anonymous  17/03/21 Срд 00:24:16 7887014
>that only creates sorrow
I live in the land of snow and sorrow though. It's fine.
Did you ever seen a charming mist above the northern swamps ? A place worth visiting at least once to see the true splendor of nature during white nights.
Anonymous  17/03/21 Срд 00:47:46 7887115
not sure.png 8Кб, 386x269
Is there even a significantly different 'Berussian' language?
Based on language analysis videos I've seen, it seems a dialect larpingas its own language, like Hohols too.
> Probably joining Russia is the most effective way to preserve both
Not doubting that, tho why did Belarus, Ukraine & Kazakhstan refuse to join the Federation?
Local oligarchs wanted to keep themselves independent of Moscow's grip?
Anonymous  17/03/21 Срд 01:17:29 7887216
>Is there even a significantly different
Of course, they are all similar, since they are part of the same East Slavic group of languages. I can even find words that I understand in Polish and Czech, which are already very different from russian.

>Local oligarchs wanted to keep themselves independent of Moscow's grip?
Isn't it obvious ? The entire human race honors one sacred idol - golden calf.
Local feudal lords on the ruins of the empire wanted gold monuments to the skies, and it's not a problem that the industry, factories, jobs are fucked up, they can make money by supplying wholesale migrant workers to Russia by agreement with Moscow.
Anonymous  17/03/21 Срд 01:37:49 7887317
Anonymous  17/03/21 Срд 09:55:04 7888218
>Local oligarchs wanted to keep themselves independent of Moscow's grip?
Better be king by yourself, than local governor. And not so much oligarchs as local Party leaders. Too bad they mostly sucked at wild market economy and got eaten.

Tsarist Russia never ever granted such an autonomy as USSR for its land except Poland and Finland. Soviet republics had their own national-staffed Party divisions (RSFSR had not), their language and culture was given immense state support, and economically trio of slavic republics carried everyone else. Essentially soviets made all these states - only Georgia and Armenia had some history on their own as independed entities prior to USSR.
So USSR planted seeds of its desintegration itself, and ungratedul aborigens now hate it for some reason lol.
Anonymous  17/03/21 Срд 10:22:39 7888319
>The entire human race honors one sacred idol - golden calf
Actually in honors dick. No, really, it does.
Anonymous  01/04/21 Чтв 21:08:03 7967220
>>78052 (OP)
А почему нет? Крым наш, и Тайвань нашим будет
Anonymous  02/04/21 Птн 04:15:15 7968621
Anonymous  03/04/21 Суб 09:14:15 7970122
>>78052 (OP)
крым ето турецкое слово

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