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In 2017, now U.S. Secretary of State gave a full rundown on how he feels about Putin and Russia Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 07:44:58 785501
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Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 10:12:16 785612
One hour is too long to watch when I know they won't drop bombs on Russia like they've done in Serbia, Laos, other countries. Even if American politicians would talk about Russia and China calling these countries enemies and threats all day long, these two places are probably the safest ones, so I'm able not to think about the US politics. I often don't remember names of our politicians, they come and go.
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 10:22:24 785623
They cum in your ass and go)))))
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 12:11:59 785664
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 14:31:38 785805
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Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 20:13:57 785956
>>78550 (OP)
this guys lives in informational bubble created by his handlers, being shaven and wearing suits doesnt make him legit. anything he says you can trow into garbage.
Anonymous  01/04/21 Чтв 21:04:50 796707
media outlets are left-wing, majority of them
Anonymous  01/04/21 Чтв 23:43:46 796788
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