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Check this out!
>Watching porn (any video I don't care about race normally) >Stumble upon Anonymous  01/04/21 Чтв 21:19:26 796741
1C7610C0-8BCB-4[...].jpeg 44Кб, 681x451
>Watching porn (any video I don't care about race normally)
>Stumble upon blonde woman fucked by mentally retarded sounding niggers
>Think it is some meth head
>Nigger says thyre in the Czech Republic 
>He says “we fucked 30 bitches already but she is the best”
>Woman has a Slavic accent 
>Czech Republic has the highest number of pornstars in Europe 
>Ukraine has most prostitutes
>20% of Polish women marry black men
I'm not normally a racist in porn but this actually disgusted me so much my dick went soft and I closed the video. Why are Slavs such fucking stupid whores, especially the women? It makes me want to puke. When I think that this is all happening because some fucking naive cucks sold our civilisations on an altar to progress, I just want to go back to those civil rights movement leaders of the 70s, wrap my hands around their necks and squeeze until they shed tears of pus and blood. No it's not merely disgust, it’s actually pure bloodlust. Snapping that Czech whores neck 180 degrees, putting holes in the niggers heads with a powerdrill. A part of my tribal brain just lit up and the thought of niggers defiling millions of Slav whores in the middle of Europe makes me want to hurt and kill things. Why can't we just rape and kill all these shitskin invaders? We outnumber them, imagine just swarming them in the streets ripping them limb from limb, sawing them in half with chainsaws, stomping their heads so hard they explode, raping all the racemixing whores and executing half of them later, whilst babyshaking the nulatto hellspawn against the rocks. Ah, now my boner's back again. I want it to come soon, I want to see all of these retarded shitskins their leftist cuckboy enablers their disgusting whore partners and their de evolved mongrel offspring to die in the worst way possible. Why do you allow these whores in your society? Why not kill them violently and make their ends serve as a warning to the other whores?
Anonymous  02/04/21 Птн 03:06:42 796852
>>79674 (OP)
> Slavs such fucking stupid whores
> civil rights movement leaders of the 70s
There were no civil rights movements in Slavic countries in the 70s. They all were occupied by soviet communists. And yes, the communist ideology and way of life was very damaging to the society and traditions. They even banned churches. I think the main cause of all those leftist issues is female suffrage.
02/04/21 Птн 21:26:38 796973
Black people are less than 0.1% of population here, so Black is big rarity and fucking hot. You are either a sick adult or a confused kid, seek for medical help or talk to your parents. All you rant is meaningless blablabla mixed with extremism to normal people.
Anonymous  18/04/21 Вск 16:16:36 801424
If you want a nigger — buy it get fuck off out of Africa. Dirty inkwell
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