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Check this out!
True Anonymous  06/04/21 Втр 16:09:17 797671
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Anonymous  06/04/21 Втр 17:12:49 797682
> Communist hammer and sickle
> fucking tier list of races, "oppressive" ethnic groups
Is this irony or discreditation campaign, or are they sincere? Some people out there are so weird.
Anonymous  06/04/21 Втр 18:47:44 797733
Communism and western leftism are a secularized religion
Anonymous  06/04/21 Втр 22:35:30 797754
opinion discarded
Anonymous  07/04/21 Срд 01:49:19 797795
This is standard fare in the west. You could probably find somthing similar in a public school.
Anonymous  07/04/21 Срд 07:53:28 797856
Anonymous  07/04/21 Срд 08:22:30 797867
Anonymous  07/04/21 Срд 14:43:46 797958
I find it dividing, offensive, and untrue. People of the same genes might be a multibillionaire who made his billions from cheap prison labor, or be a rural citizen with little money and no ability to oppress anyone. Japanese are the most privileged on the list, I don't see how we could call Japanese Americans privileged during the WWII, and it's easy to come up with such examples for other "privileged" ethnic groups - times when it was dangerous to be a Serb, a Chinese, etc. I can't come up with any reason to make such a list because it clearly harms whatever cause they have and is the opposite of internationalism.
Anonymous  07/04/21 Срд 21:19:37 798009
Anonymous  08/04/21 Чтв 04:25:36 7980710
That list makes me boil with internal anger.
Anonymous  08/04/21 Чтв 12:58:32 7981311
Are we considered as White Western Europeans?
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 04:52:45 7989512
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 12:01:01 7989913
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