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Check this out!
/v4/+Croatia Anonymous  10/04/21 Суб 21:04:20 798821
1618077716433.jpg 22Кб, 400x400
Here we discuss Hungary, Poland,Croatia, Czechia and Slovakia related topics.
10/04/21 Суб 21:35:55 798832
sziasztok lol

i would like to inquire about attitude of Hungarian and Croatian people towards gay people, especially in touristic places.
my gf is a trans who's transitioning at the moment, would that be a major issue somewhere in Siofok (Hungaria) or Makarska (Croatia)?
Anonymous  10/04/21 Суб 22:01:21 798843
>gf is a trans who's transitioning at the moment
Can you be a little more clear? It is boy who does horones and prepares to chop off his dick and make a second hole, I got you right?
Anonymous  10/04/21 Суб 23:11:03 798854
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 00:47:03 798915
Don't be all defensive over this, I geniunely don't really get "trans who's transitioning at the moment". Cn you use a simplier language?
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 07:43:10 798966
being gay in Hungary is like being a jew in 1936 Germany at the moment
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 10:01:04 798977
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 10:19:43 798988
It turns out that Hungary is not much different from Russia. But Hungary should be different! You don't want Putin to think that you are russians and hold a referendum in Hungary, do you?
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 12:07:04 799009
They are our brothers Finno-Ugric people so we have a lot in common.

t. proud slavic, finno-ugric, mongolian descendant

Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 13:38:01 7990410
23andme.jpg 4Кб, 571x59
True. We got a bit of Russian culture during Socialism, but even before that we've adopted a lot of words from slavic tribes like medve, rozsomák and lapát.

Pic rel, this is what is left in my genome. Hungarians were notorious woman thieves so not much is left in the current population from the Ugric days.
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 16:37:29 7991211
I am a Tatar, not Slav. We borrowed everything from them. Slavic Rus' is a small state on the edge of Europe, which is part of the Russian Federation of 229 peoples and ethnic communities. The Russian Federation is a confederation of countries with their own culture and internal language, where the common language is Russian. The Russian Federation is the authoritarian analogue of the European Union. Any country can leave the European Union by voting. Likewise, any country can secede from the Russian Federation through military fragmentation shells and bloody meat peaces smeared on the ground. In English, there is no separation of the words Russky and Rossiyaneen. In engilsh language there is one word "Russian". These two words have different meanings - the first means nationality (analogous to a Slav), the second means citizenship. Suddenly you will be interested in these facts about Russia.

I'm sure you understand my irony in a post about the referendum ;)
With love from Russia! [airkiss]
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 19:03:31 7991412
>I am a Tatar, not Slav. We borrowed everything from them.
Other non russian slavs often notice in russian behavior and phenotype things being alien for all the slavs. We attribute it to tatar influence. It could be, russians had taken from you as much as you from them.
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 19:08:05 7991513
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 19:09:47 7991614
Gibe please the lyrics and translation
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 19:10:33 7991715
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 19:33:49 7991816
>We attribute it to tatar influence.
We also notice in our Russian Slavs things that are not typical for Tatars. We associate this with your influence.

>Non-Russian Slavs
[He opens the list and searches through the list, narrowing his Tatar eyes].
Non-Khokhols... Aha!
Unfortunately, you are heavily indebted in gold tribute. It can grow into high interest rates. But since the Tatar Empire no longer exists, we will give you a 5% discount. Thank you for your patience and use of the Tatar terminal.
[He ticks the box with a gold nib]
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 19:44:10 7991917
we're Europe's future when Mahmud has raped your kind out of existence
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 19:49:13 7992018
183152web.jpg 67Кб, 720x666
What is being set aside here is Ugrofinnic component of self proclaimed russians. I know that some russian words are similar to finnish. kissa = cat. Also, the russian obsession to have a personal sauna in the yard (bania) was not typical for us belarusians. The problem is ugrofinnic history was wiped out. So we do not have a perfect sample ugrofinnic people to compare its cultrure with russian.

Also, here is a map showing the closest relatives for hungarians are khanty and mansi.
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 19:59:11 7992119
Sorry friend, I'm not very strong in Belarusians. All that I know about Belarusians is the stories of my Tatar grandfather, in which two Belarusians tried to rape a minor German woman in Berlin during the war. After the second warning about the inadmissibility of violence against the civilian population, the grandfather received a knife in the rib. He shot one of the Belarusians in the leg. And the second, according to rumors, was beaten to death by the Ukrainian commissar a little later.
Sorry. How is your revolution?
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 20:03:31 7992220
Udmurt.png 940Кб, 508x677
eesti.jpg 71Кб, 1000x541
Udmurt and eesti females have something in common. Yet udmurt's eyes look more asian.
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 20:08:11 7992321
Belarusians in 1940 were something like chechens in 1990's. So, your story corresponds to the image. The revolution has been supressed by force. Now we have reaction, terror and prosecution of the partisipants.
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 20:30:10 7992422
>>79882 (OP)
What do these countries have in common? What is v4?
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 20:40:45 7992623
udmurt brothers.jpg 88Кб, 603x1095
TarmoMitt.JPG 976Кб, 2919x2194
shes not realy eesti. this are real eeesti
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 20:43:25 7992724
butthurt belt.jpg 74Кб, 800x701
their is butthurtbelt, but this is just bigger butthurtbelt.
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 20:45:34 7992825
>>79882 (OP)
Are you from fourchannel /int/? Then why you there? Mocherator Janny or someth different?
Btw, sry for bad engrish. Maybe we try INTERSLAVIC LANG?
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 20:53:42 7993026
изображение.png 1719Кб, 719x1080
изображение.png 1691Кб, 721x1080
изображение.png 1091Кб, 810x1080
изображение.png 1419Кб, 750x750
It is wonderful that there are Udmurts and other interesting people in Russia. Russia is a very interesting zoo. Vladimir Vladimirovich said one good thing - "Russia's strength lies in its genetic diversity," and this is the only thing in which I support him, as president of the country.

I am very sorry that it did not work out with the revolution. I was rooting for you against the punishers. Perhaps, if Putin had not intervened, you would have succeeded. But this person is guarding the zone of Russia's geopolitical influence. NATO near the borders of Russia means additional defense spending (several tens of billions of dollars a year), I hope you will forgive him for this.

An example of women of my race. (Many people confuse Tatars with Mongols and Udmurts, but this is a mistake).
Transnordid Slav as a bonus.
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 20:55:33 7993127
изображение.png 1651Кб, 800x774
изображение.png 1293Кб, 1277x674
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 21:11:01 7993328
>>79882 (OP)
Sorry for the Tatar annexation of your thread. It happened so by chance. We got distracted. Please continue. This is the last post)
Anonymous  11/04/21 Вск 21:18:46 7993629
23-Vagit-Alekpe[...].jpg 337Кб, 800x550
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 00:42:10 7994430
that's really a typical udmurt look. Udmurts tend to be dark haired, certainly more so than average Latvian
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 08:49:16 7995231
Visegrad 4 aka Visegrad Group
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 12:08:29 7995632
Those were under german yoke almost half a millennia.
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 19:58:49 7996333
Du45VjnW4AANIcm.jpg 103Кб, 960x795
05.jpg 104Кб, 474x356
> Udmurts tend to be dark haired,
They say the udmurt has the highest number of red hair. Eesti also top in their region.
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 21:30:56 7996734
изображение.png 61Кб, 1154x558
изображение.png 188Кб, 1165x641
You're not related to those Russians, boy.
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 21:36:52 7996835
изображение.png 426Кб, 800x500
But you are related to other Russians)
Anonymous  18/04/21 Вск 06:21:19 8012736
I recommend that you google % ethnic groups in Russia population, and then google % of Arabs in Germany. I also want to note that the Tatars are the most adequate and decent Muslims on the planet. And they are genetically сloser (besides Slavic genes) to American Indians than Arabs.
Anonymous  18/04/21 Вск 15:31:53 8014037
what was pannonia before magyars? google it
Anonymous  21/04/21 Срд 20:19:52 8029838
Anonymous  22/04/21 Чтв 14:57:16 8030839
Anonymous  22/04/21 Чтв 23:00:21 8032240
Anonymous  23/04/21 Птн 13:16:43 8034041
>>79882 (OP)
All Dugin's predict must happend? Fuck my life xD. Keep it boiz. I wish another Romania, Serbia, Greece etc, will think about something like that based on Orthodox. PS I was in Hungary once in 2019, trying to back home, but,,,, Ukranian officer think I ll go to donbass from western ukraine boarder, in too night I crashed in Poland, remember how this song playing, fuck still phychodelic effect on me from the song. Stay strong!))
Anonymous  23/04/21 Птн 23:38:50 8036142
Anonymous  24/04/21 Суб 00:01:19 8036243
Are you fucking kiddin' me? Here you are:
Anonymous  08/05/21 Суб 21:17:46 8096444
Putin is giving Orbán ideas via phone how to troll EU 24/7.
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