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Yo straight up help a nigga out Anonymous  # OP 12/04/21 Пнд 00:19:43 799401
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How do u hide that u go through psychosis?
Ive been straight up not having a very good time in the past couple days and my friends are trying to get me in some type of trouble with the law/ want me to get hospitalized or something. I had the cops show up at my house yesterday. And tomorrow I have to see these people again, what an i do to get lucky with them?
Anonymous  12/04/21 Пнд 03:22:34 799502
>>79940 (OP)
>what an i do to get lucky with them?

It just works.

Anonymous  14/04/21 Срд 19:45:43 799903
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Try buddhist meditation
Anonymous  14/04/21 Срд 23:40:38 799944
Anonymous  14/04/21 Срд 23:49:47 799955
Anonymous  14/04/21 Срд 23:53:02 799966
Anonymous  14/04/21 Срд 23:53:19 799977
Anonymous  14/04/21 Срд 23:53:35 799988
Anonymous  14/04/21 Срд 23:53:57 799999
Anonymous  14/04/21 Срд 23:54:16 8000010
lol what is this website haha i dont understand anything check btw
Anonymous  16/04/21 Птн 21:00:29 8007511
>>79940 (OP)
just move to russia, nobody will bother you, freedome as much as you can have.
Anonymous  16/04/21 Птн 22:21:17 8007712
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