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Check this out!
Int sukcs Anonymous  04/05/21 Втр 15:08:59 807631
15531652742340.jpg 1171Кб, 1215x2160
Int sukcs
Anonymous  04/05/21 Втр 18:42:14 807642
Yes, it's full of dumb 4chan nazis and rusophobic hohols.
Anonymous  12/05/21 Срд 05:07:19 810633
>>80763 (OP)
where did you take the picture of this ass? this ass is so beautiful it is so elegant, all the cells in my body scream rape this ass. I wish to dine in this asshole for hours, for all my life. I wish to lick clean the dirty poop filled asshole of this young beautiful woman. Please where was this picture taken, what city?
Anonymous  12/05/21 Срд 11:22:11 810664
Your post deeply moved me, I wish I could help you. I see an underground passage and a bus with the number 159, so it has to be a big city. I wish I could read names of bus stops to look them up but they're blurry. There is an ad in the background but I failed to find the company that's being advertised. But how are you going to find the ass when you know the name of the city?

By the way, imagine she might think her ass isn't beautiful and want to undergo plastic surgery. It happens every second in the world we live in. Now two years later this ass might look very different.
Anonymous  12/05/21 Срд 16:54:45 810705
Anonymous  23/05/21 Вск 05:59:04 822496
Thank you for your beautiful words and honorable comment. I understand you are a man of pristine and exquisite taste like myself. I will spend hours researching russian bus routes number 159 with the underground passage in mind. To find this ass is not hard I just need to guess at what time this picture was taken so I can understand the daily pattern of this girl. Judging by the backpack and the bus she is waiting for I assume she is going to high school or college.

First of all I will study where this bus route 159 goes, it is possible I might find out it goes to a school and then I just have to look up the school morning start times. After that I know the time and location. As for locating this ass, I will never forget the shape, taste and smell of that ass it is in my memory forever. The girl hair's small body and legs I also remember that is not difficult.

It is possible that she might hate her ass but probably not since she is wearing that leggings it means she is proud of her ass and wants to show it off. But even so if she wants to change it, it will be an expensive operation, I don't think young sluts can afford it.

Let's not be pessimistic but optimistic, if I want to find this ass I need to be optimist. Trust me I have now found purpose in my life, to find this ass and eat it until I cannot eat anything in my life anymore. I will take good care of this ass and make sure it ages like wine and tastes like exotic flowers. I will live my life cropped up in this asshole. Once I plant my cock in it, it cannot ever be unplugged again, such is the fate of this lovely young girl.
Anonymous  23/05/21 Вск 19:07:16 822697
Thank you for your service.
Anonymous  24/05/21 Пнд 01:04:20 822928
Anonymous  26/05/21 Срд 15:52:31 824449
image.png 361Кб, 417x486
Too late pervert motherfucker.
I've found the location of the ass before you and now it is mine LOL KEK.
Anonymous  26/05/21 Срд 16:05:41 8244610
Anonymous  04/06/21 Птн 17:20:09 8282011
Please tell me where, please please it's my life mission to find her. What town? what city?
Anonymous  04/06/21 Птн 22:35:45 8283012
Anonymous  05/06/21 Суб 13:32:42 8285513
Are you trying to cheat me against?
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