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Check this out!
NFKZ Anonymous  27/05/21 Чтв 20:45:19 825031
roman.jpeg 20Кб, 300x300
>Hey guys what's up, its roman nfkz your favorite neighbourhood russian. and welcome to an new video today...

thread video :

what does 4chan) think of this guy?
27/05/21 Чтв 20:50:58 825052
He was user of this site btw
Anonymous  27/05/21 Чтв 21:40:18 825133
>>82503 (OP)
I watched a couple of nice videos of a bald Englishman visiting former Soviet Union places, then I stumbled upon a video with the Englishman and this young man drinking alcohol, and that was enough for me. Utterly disgusting. Who wants to see people experiencing alcohol poisoning? Ugh. Also, I had an impression from another NFKZ's video I happened to watch that he wants you to think there are bad Russians, and he is nothing like them, he is a good one, he is repenting.

I'll watch this one just for you. My expectations are low, though.
Anonymous  27/05/21 Чтв 21:58:56 825144
>>82503 (OP)
So... one alcoholic admires another alcoholic for being a constantly drunk Slav and risking his life senselessly. Not my cup of tea. It's what PewDiePie started, right? Funny Slavs videos. I'm not a Slav, and this whole topic looks ugly to me. Internationalism is what I was brought up with.
Anonymous  27/05/21 Чтв 23:30:55 825205
roman child.jpeg 19Кб, 480x360
>He doesnt know what he's up against he thinks he's just an 'alcoholic. doesnt this face look like an absolute chad pusslayer?
Anonymous  28/05/21 Птн 00:17:10 825226
He looks like Kit Harington.
Anonymous  28/05/21 Птн 08:54:57 825247
Anonymous  28/05/21 Птн 18:07:32 825458
>>82503 (OP)
I think he is a random pidoras, in the bad sense of this word.
Anonymous  28/05/21 Птн 20:32:08 825519
>>82503 (OP)
it creates wrong impression on russians. all this alcoholism is fakeness. most russians dont drink at all.
Anonymous  29/05/21 Суб 14:46:40 8257610
How popular is 2ch in Russia?
I mean, even sharishaxd said "сап двач", so I would imagine that teenagers know what it is.
But I talked with one Russian normie guy on Discord and asked him if he knows what 2ch is and he told me that it's a funny page with memes on vk
Anonymous  29/05/21 Суб 18:17:00 8257811
>>82503 (OP)
who is this faggot dutch cuck and shill? get the fuck out of here
Anonymous  29/05/21 Суб 18:18:14 8257912
>>82503 (OP)
oops sorry, I didnt mean to insult you, I thought you meant the guy on the picture. I just saw who he is. sorry
Anonymous  29/05/21 Суб 19:13:46 8258613
he's a bit of a libtard TBH
Anonymous  29/05/21 Суб 19:42:18 8258814
he also supports EU+US backed color revulution candidate navalny
Anonymous  02/06/21 Срд 14:10:57 8274915
Anonymous  05/06/21 Суб 20:38:31 8286616
Among zoomers and millennials, it is about as popular as 4chan in westerns society.
2ch sometimes mentioned on TV. Since about 2015, this site has ceased to be something marginal and has become a familiar resource, like Reddit or Facebook in the West.
If be honest, the concept of anonymous imageboards died at the end of the 2000s, and such sites should have been closed then.
Anonymous  06/06/21 Вск 03:58:06 8286717
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