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The World is With You, Russia! Anonymous  07/03/22 Пнд 22:43:30 93798 1
86b.jpg 32Кб, 630x630
Don't let globohomo imperialists fool you- the world does not consist of the US and Western Europe. People all over the world are happy to see you bravely fight against our oppressors. We are with you from all over the world and even here in the West many of us are with you but we are threatened and intimidated into being silent. May God grant victory to the Russian forces, may God protect the Russian armed forces and may God free us from this satanic global tyranny that the Western stooges wish to defend.
07/03/22 Пнд 23:55:26 93824 2
>>93788 →
>>93798 (OP)
There is no europe, just a circlejerk of germany and their cousins the fins sweds etc, uk left bc fuck the eu failcircus and france sits there like the fly in the milk.

If you dont have 1 religion 1 language there can be no union. What common ground do i have with the finish faggot? Or with nazi germany? They say verbotenachtubg and i keep fucking their butthole like its 1999

Anonymous  08/03/22 Втр 01:33:26 93838 3
1646662345742.jpg 94Кб, 900x900
Ours will definitely win, we are Russians, God is with us!
Anonymous  08/03/22 Втр 02:26:33 93843 4
drag-queen-stor[...].jpg 96Кб, 800x600
I believe you. I can't imagine God being with the US. I believe Russia will be an inspirational story of how a nation turn from God, lost big then came closer to God and was blessed.
Anonymous  08/03/22 Втр 09:00:33 93851 5

Anonymous  08/03/22 Втр 10:30:27 93856 6

If this is not photoshop you guys need a few nukes. A transexual teaching kids? Or even getting near kids like that? WTF is wrong with your country

God bless any country that does not allow this shit. This is not normal, not liking this shit does not make you racist. IF the gays want to gay let them find an island and turn it into gay city.
Anonymous  08/03/22 Втр 19:34:34 93940 7
It is not photoshop. It's real. Russia has to win.
Anonymous  02/04/22 Суб 18:44:35 96418 8
Too bad the communists didn't burn down all the churches in Russia. Yes?
Anonymous  02/04/22 Суб 23:30:41 96430 9
1648923723727.png 65Кб, 256x256
Good luck Russkies.
Anonymous  03/04/22 Вск 00:21:10 96431 10
>>93798 (OP)
i dont know what is globohomo, but i love sucking cocks and lgbt people existed even in ancient because bible is ancient book and there are text about "gays are bad". ofc it's bullshit. homophobia and nazi are bad not being gay
Anonymous  03/04/22 Вск 02:09:22 96436 11
16404603440290[[...].mp4 3541Кб, 640x480, 00:00:59
Anonymous  04/04/22 Пнд 02:34:09 96490 12
Anonymous  04/04/22 Пнд 02:37:28 96491 13
na wykop wypierdalaj cwelu
Anonymous  04/04/22 Пнд 22:35:22 96544 14
twoja stara, nazistowski śmieciu
Anonymous  21/07/22 Чтв 08:44:33 101051 15
photo2022-07-21[...].jpg 109Кб, 899x844
Anonymous  21/07/22 Чтв 14:40:29 101056 16
The kid doesn’t have the exact definitions down, but his spirit is in the right place.

Hell, I know plenty of people in their forties who understand less about gender, sexuality, and Jesus than this kid.

Anonymous  21/07/22 Чтв 17:07:28 101058 17
Does God care about clothes and makeup? Why? Very god-fearing people wore makeup and fancy clothes in the past. Casting away prejudice and loving your neighbor - it doesn't matter what clothes they prefer to wear and what pronouns they are comfortable with - pleases God.
Humanity is beautiful in its diversity, and children have the right to know the world.
Anonymous  21/07/22 Чтв 21:59:50 101062 18
It's real.
>WTF is wrong with your country
We're fucking retarded. We let political correctness and reputation bullshit (you either agree with us, or you're literally Hitler) be controlled by a small circle of smug self righteous morons.
Anonymous  24/07/22 Вск 07:22:29 101141 19

Fuck chuds who think kacaps genociding civilians is "le based because trannies and homos and NATO hurr durrr"
Anonymous  15/09/22 Чтв 02:44:14 103569 20
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 11:07:32 103894 21
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 12:14:17 103900 22

Am happy for you, now all you russian z-guys get to make Putin's villa rodina great again, now in person! Hello mobilisation! You wanted fascist Russia, now you get to see fascist Russia.

Too bad they don't have any tanks, training or equipment for mobilitniks. You will be worth nothing, running against Ukrainian machine guns and American bombs in groups. Kadyrov's dogs will come behind you, to make sure you and your new friends from prisons find the right direction. No-one cares if you live or die, there is always new soldiers to come.

I hope none of you russian guys think that you will not be mobilised because you were not in army, have a job, have a medical problem? Do you really think they will spare you? No, they will laugh at you, everyone will go)))
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 13:27:01 103902 23
14905634163080-[...].jpg 121Кб, 540x678
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 13:38:29 103906 24
contrarians.jpg 84Кб, 680x649
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 19:32:43 103933 25
ukraine lbtgqi.jpg 17Кб, 200x600
>>93798 (OP)

Globo-homo is LITERALLY homo. It's to establish homosexualism as the dominant ideology of the future One World government. With current technology, it is entirely possible to sustain a world population of around 2 000 000 000 people based exclusively on homosexual relationships, with free travel across the entire globe. Borders and national identity will be looked at as a silly, backward quirk of the past, much like how we currently view obsolete scientific theories.

Of course, some sacrifices will have to be made, so approximately 5 000 000 000 will need to be liquidated, while the rest will be successfully converted with either hormones (old tech) or gene therapy (near-term future tech). The pay-off for this hefty sacrifice is that humans will finally be free to pursue their deepest interests and livelihoods for the entirety of their lifespan, free from the burden of child-care and the stress induced by living with an opposite-sex partner.

TL; DR: 5 billion people will die, so the surviving 2 billion can live in eternal gay paradise.
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 19:36:57 103935 26
veljenpojat kel[...].jpg 753Кб, 1920x1080

Satan is by: he wants to fuck the whole world.
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 00:47:59 103959 27
GLOBOHOMO USA must lose this war.
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 00:50:21 103960 28
Anonymous  23/09/22 Птн 05:09:54 103971 29
>being this much of a cuck on Russian imageboard
I'll make you deal, Ruskies. You can have visa and come to America, but only if you make it worth my while. No boi pussy. That shit is gay. What is the coolest thing you have? Will not take little sisters because that pussy is probably worn out, you know, being Russian and all, no offense.
Anonymous  25/09/22 Вск 12:53:39 104082 30
image.png 9116Кб, 3506x2539
it's funny to live in this part of time
Anonymous  25/09/22 Вск 22:10:32 104107 31
Anonymous  26/09/22 Пнд 14:22:24 104176 32
no more handshakes with you'
Anonymous  27/09/22 Втр 14:17:20 104230 33
Anonymous  27/09/22 Втр 14:17:59 104231 34
Anonymous  27/09/22 Втр 14:18:46 104232 35
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