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Gime me advice. Anonymous  23/03/22 Срд 11:06:25 95703 1
16388189410620.png 428Кб, 960x555
I have health problems, with stomach and nerves. In addition, there is HPV (Thank you parents).
What should I do?
Fight for life and try to escape from a country where the chances of survival are 0?
Or put a bullet in the forehead?

If you get a tattoo (Ukrainian trident above the eyebrow) and send money to the military in Ukraine, is it enough to apply for asylum in Norway?
Anonymous  23/03/22 Срд 14:06:41 95716 2
Consume less news. You are adding mental issues on top of what you already have. And you won't magically become happier once you move, try to be happy with the opportunities you have on hand now.
Anonymous  23/03/22 Срд 14:58:35 95719 3
go to war and die like about 10000 russian soldiers in last 4 weeks
Anonymous  23/03/22 Срд 15:19:04 95720 4
fuck u

One against 100 million terrorists. :-|

I had a job offer in a normal country, now I can't get a visa.
Anonymous  23/03/22 Срд 15:19:28 95721 5
Anonymous  23/03/22 Срд 15:20:59 95722 6
If it is forbidden to buy a lot of sugar in stores, this is not because of the information war, it is because there is no sugar.
Anonymous  23/03/22 Срд 15:29:22 95723 7
OP, please ignore this >>95717 and don't open the second video. This is the exact kind of propaganda you shouldn't consume in your state. Please give yourself a politics-free week, or month, or whatever period of time you need to get better. It's definitely not a good time to visit /int/ with all the trolls here who certainly don't seek for a way to help you.
> One against 100 million terrorists. :-|
Are your friends and family terrorists? Or do you have no one? This is a really damaging perspective you have here: you believe you are surrounded by terrorists. This is why you need to get on an information diet. The news you are reading are literally killing you.
Are you oppressed by the fact you can't buy more than 5 kg of sugar? There is no sugar in my town at all but brown, and I don't have suicidal thoughts, you, who can buy five bags of white sugar, do.
Anonymous  23/03/22 Срд 15:36:09 95724 8
>Are your friends and family terrorists?
No, it's joke. Relax. just want to leave your communist paradise and wanted to know what my chances are.
Anonymous  23/03/22 Срд 15:43:33 95727 9
Anonymous  23/03/22 Срд 15:50:11 95728 10
It's time to sign up for tankers
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