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I would love to bomb two countries Anonymous  14/05/22 Суб 19:33:21 98869 1
uk.jpg 52Кб, 723x455
Although my English does not inspire me with the strongest confidence, but I must draw your attention to the fact that I would love to bomb two countries, one of them would be Poland because of its complexes of a failed empire (and, accordingly, as the progenitor of Russophobia to its more successful neighbor), and the second - England, for her policy of "eternal British interests" and inciting Russia's neighbors against my country (I think this happened because Alexander 2 did not fuck Victoria the Great)
Anonymous  14/05/22 Суб 20:09:06 98872 2
Now you are only demonstrating your stupidity, because you claim that you will return the territories stolen from us to Ukraine. You just forget to mention that Donbass was forcibly annexed to Ukraine for the appearance of supporters of the proletariat there, and Crimea was given to this country with a fucking Ukrainian imbecile fool who was in power at that moment
Anonymous  14/05/22 Суб 20:45:35 98873 3
comment16523710[...].jpg 63Кб, 411x460
>>98869 (OP)
Lol, I've been hearing of the bombing and nukes past the 30 years now. Shit happened and so far it's only rashka's GPD since 2014 that's falling behind. Pynya couldn't give less of a fuck what's happening besides making a track on historical records, but instead, the entire west hemisphere is more interested in funding Ukraine as of today. Should have just kept your head low and siphoned the monies the usual way, through gas and oil, but now even that's fucked. GG.
Anonymous  22/08/22 Пнд 20:03:41 102256 4
ok brainlet lmao, muh "reee i want to kill and destroy because of history"
Anonymous  22/08/22 Пнд 21:07:04 102259 5
>ok brainlet lmao, muh "reee i want to kill and destroy because of history"
Anonymous  23/08/22 Втр 00:08:39 102262 6
It's funny seeing kacaps seething and screeching as their whole delusions of grandeur are being blown up by Western tech this very moment, and dead kacap trash is being used as fertilizer of Ukrainian soil.

Russian trash must be buck broken and humiliated so that russian peasants will never even dream of being any kind of regional power. Russian destiny is to be chattel slaves to Americans and russian women should become sex toys for black men. USSR and the Cold War was an anomaly - russian trash accidentally got access to Western tech thanks to jews and it has been nothing but a problem ever since.
Anonymous  23/08/22 Втр 00:32:18 102263 7
>Western tech
Says the creature whose country can't fly into space, lmao) The only technology the Poles have is polishing a Western lord's dick
Anonymous  23/08/22 Втр 00:34:13 102264 8
BattlepigZ  23/08/22 Втр 08:14:26 102267 9
Ahaha, based

Poland is a primitive parasitic country that has no science, technology, developed culture, meaningful merits to humanity and is proud of Western achievements. You are not even close to Russia in terms of usefulness to mankind.
Russian is the official language of science, culture, soccer, the UN, and no one needs your snake language but you and your mom. Lmao.

Prove me wrong.
Anonymous  23/08/22 Втр 21:18:22 102319 10
Зачем быть таким шовинистом? У меня нет сил - неужели просто нельзя быть терпимым, толерантным, понимающим человеком?
Ксенофобия это отвратительно, в 21 веке это вообще жуткий кринж.
Да к тому же ты просто пиздишь. Все такие люди есть среди поляков.
Anonymous  23/08/22 Втр 21:31:09 102320 11
>poor shithole
Bad management and terrible (since october 1917) historical circumstances.
By the way, you are also a xenophobe - instead of squealing 24/7 about the terrible Russian barbarians, read books and articles in order to understand thing you delude
1. Why nations fail
2. Guns germs and steel
3. Nation and nationalism
4. Freedom for sale
Anonymous  23/08/22 Втр 22:29:07 102322 12
Anonymous  23/08/22 Втр 22:30:14 102323 13

You're speaking, because Stalin gave your grandgrandparents right to speak otherwise your grands would be ash somewhere in concentration camps of Third Reich or be assimilated with Germans.

What about polish scientists, they were studying in Russian Empire when Poland was part of Russia, Russian Tsar gave Poles chance to be educated and to have their own independent culture which Poland never had before (for example Copernicus and Helvetius worked mostly in Germany and their connection to polish science is disputable, the same thing about polish visual arts and literature).
Cultural and scientific influence was low before Poland became part of Russia.

It was big mistake to give Poland cultural independence inside Russian Empire and kindness of the Tsar and Russian nobles, later many poles acted as ungrateful pigs, they just wanted to be as stupid as western fags and to work as servants.

Besides Poles acted as traitors during WW1, they betrayed Russian army and then killed many soldiers of Red Army in their own concentration camps and never made excuse for that.

Later when Stalin killed thousands of polish officers (Poles forgot how many millions of people died because of Stalin regime in USSR) Poles started scream that Russians are villains. Also poles forgot about Volyn massacre made by their "Ukrainian friends". Ha-ha.
Anonymous  28/08/22 Вск 20:39:13 102506 14
Anonymous  14/09/22 Срд 04:21:49 103495 15
>>98869 (OP)
You can't even keep Ukraine, a comparatively poor and weak country, in check. What makes you think that Russia could go toe to toe with one, let alone two, real world powers.
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 17:00:41 103922 16
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 23:12:59 103947 17
stop spilling hate on each other lmao thing won't change a shit.
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