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Разговоры на английском. Аноним # OP 22/02/19 Птн 22:07:16 3989001
face3b4c-889d-4[...].jpeg (33Кб, 770x578)
Тред для общения на английском языке, создан по рекомендациям анона из /eng/ Изучения английского тред что бы все могли писать здесь свои охуительные истории или просто общаться. И возможно С2 господа проходящие мимо и прочитавшие посты, подскажут А0 стремящимся какие то советы как подтягивать грамматику.

Аноним 22/02/19 Птн 22:14:22 3989032
>>398900 (OP)
In first chapter we met Jem. Jem broke his arm when he was 13 years old. He was afraid that he wouldn’t play football anymore because of this. After he was healed the right arm became a little bit shorter than before. When he was walking his left arm was turned out in a different angle than his left hand. But this fact wasn’t a big obstacle for the football playing because he was able to hit the ball on a play field.

Начну пожалуй. Вот начал писать изложение по TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD который сейчас читаю, уже почти страницу накатал. Я проверил текст 3 раза менял его я больше ошибок на своем уровне не вижу. Подскажите если кто что может.
Аноним 22/02/19 Птн 22:44:27 3989083
To be honest, I dont see this thread to be popular among people who is proficient in english. Such persons are extremely rare to be seen on the board, and do have pressing duties which are well paid IRL that consume the entirety of their spare time.
Аноним 23/02/19 Суб 03:29:26 3989304
>>398900 (OP)
Вил ит хез сам юсфул линкс комерадс?
Лайк скилл тестс ор левел дипенд букс?
Аноним 23/02/19 Суб 10:26:15 3989515
Many mistakes with tenses. You must learn how to use present and past perfect.
Playing field.
-I don't see why this thread would be/ must be popular.
-Spare is not good it the situation. You don't understant meaning of the word. You'd better put (free time).
Аноним 23/02/19 Суб 12:17:44 3989636
I don't see where I should use perfect tences. For sequence events I used words Before, After.

>He was afraid that he wouldn’t play football anymore because of this.

>After he had broken his arm he was afraid for his future.

Should I write like that?
Аноним 23/02/19 Суб 12:38:37 3989697
Recently I have tried to find some good literature about sea and related things. But all I managed to find was some adventure stories for youngsters, a lot of fiction about supernatural or metaphoric things or exceedingly romantic and passionate stories about single man struggling during his harsh venture onto sea havng little or no deal of provisions and means of assistance. So I ended up with Sea Wolf by Jack London and Captan Singleton by Daniel Defoe. I have heard about some remarkable books from Emilio Salgari but being written in italian and then translated into english they dont count for english text worth reading, as I sense it.
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 19:49:30 3993368
> and do have pressing duties which are well paid IRL that consume the entirety of their spare time
Come on, don't be so delusional.
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 20:20:25 3993499
Not sure why you are quoting my post. I am a mere learner here as you are, relentlessly seeking for some good instruction of learned persons in how to express my thoughts in english.
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 20:28:11 39935310
Jiz, just do murphy and watch youtube/movies with subs. The point is that nobody gets paid well just for knowing english, that's an extremely basic skill.
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 20:53:54 39935511
>The point is that nobody gets paid well just for knowing english, that's an extremely basic skill.

That is never stated in my post. A person that is indeed proficient in some skill generally have a small deal of time for giving of such a considerable amount of help besought ITT. That was my actual point. If someone have got a serious knowledge or skill, he is likely to make money by it, rather than casually chatting with merely initiated supplicants. Hope it is understandable this time.
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 20:56:39 39935712
You are dumb and that's a dumb thing to say.
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 20:57:28 39935813
Reason your statement, please.
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 21:04:25 39936014
You can't imagine how many people skilled in different areas waste their time on the internet. If you think people spend all their time just doing the thing they are skilled at for money that's your slav poor man's mentality showing.
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 21:33:44 39936415
They surely do, but one must differ offering qualified help to unskilled persons and arrant sluggards from casual internet serfing when you are free to turn off your brain until the real work is to be approached. First requires concentration and intense mental activity as you dont want someone to be misguided by your inaccurate instruction. You should agree that only assured help is asked, which demand well-thought suggestions and may even require some brief research. It is quite an amount of work.

And to appeal to someone's personality upon trying to back your accusations is not a good way to go.
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 21:40:32 39936716
> First requires concentration and intense mental activity. It is quite an amount of work.
Wrong. Takes me like 5 seconds to give an advice from the top of my head. Stop talking about things you have no idea about.
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 22:03:22 39937517
But it's still something different from just shitting on the board, right? You cant deny the difference. So I would expect from such persons to resort to rather more tranquil and relaxing things when there's no urgent concerns.
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 22:17:55 39939818
> But it's still something different from just shitting on the board, right?
No, it's absolutely fucking the same. You just tell retarded people how retarded they are, the language you are doing it in doesn't matter. Would it be difficult for you to do in russian? Of course not.
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 22:46:16 39940719
But you dont just tell them how clueless and oblivious they are, you are actually believed to elaborate your reasons of thinking them to be so. You might give them a snatch from some textbook or some examples which are to be compared to each other. So they could see if your suggestion stands right. It is not a matter of language, but of amount of someone's efforts to convey his message. In order to convey it, you must also back it, so the one you are addressing to could grasp your point and learn something.
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 22:50:47 39940820
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 22:53:06 39940921
If that's all you've got, we may close our conversation.
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 22:55:41 39941022
Not my fault you like telling the same things in different words again and again untill the person you are arguing with just gets tired of your shit.
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 22:59:32 39941123
Also your english gives me eye cancer, it looks like you are just google translating the shit you wanna say. Shit is hard to read.
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 23:04:28 39941324
But it's not my fault that you continually deny that simple fact that the whole is actually more than or equal to its parts. Reasoning is essential while teaching or giving advice, so if your dont do that there is no point of such help. Still if you do, you cant escape of extra effort which is not found in idle talk.
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 23:07:03 39941425
Again, you could elaborate your idea, or just leave it.
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 23:18:07 39941826
You are using equivocation and missing a logical step at the same time. I'm not even talking about you calling your opinions "simple facts". Even if there is an extra effort, which there not. As I said, it takes 0 fucking effort reasoning stuff you are fluent in it doesn't mean there are no people who are willing to do that. You are just projecting your poor slav mindset on others. Also, stop replying, your english is awful.
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 23:20:08 39942027
This post has no meaning. Just say stuff in russian if you have no idea how to say it in english.
- 24/02/19 Вск 23:22:09 39942128
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 23:44:12 39942929
>Also, stop replying, your english is awful.

You could do just the same. It is I who is learning here, so if you cant give out something useful while sitting on your beloved perch, you should leave these pointless complaints.

>Even if there is an extra effort, which there not. As I said, it takes 0 fucking effort reasoning stuff you are fluent in it doesn't mean there are no people who are willing to do that.

I have never said there are no such people, stop making up my words. If you admit there is no extra effort in giving examples and such things, you could say the same about having some meal that requires no chewing as well.
Аноним 24/02/19 Вск 23:47:19 39943230
I speak only english here, so if you cant pick this out, stop shitting.
Аноним 25/02/19 Пнд 00:40:13 39945131
leave your telegas, we'll talk
Аноним 25/02/19 Пнд 00:44:35 39945232
Sorry, we are no pidars from bydlo chats, but noble hikky dvachers from boards.
Аноним 25/02/19 Пнд 02:43:34 39945533
Аноним 25/02/19 Пнд 02:45:44 39945634
Аноним 25/02/19 Пнд 03:36:59 39945935
Аноним 25/02/19 Пнд 05:57:49 39946136
I'm learning english for almost 1 year. Mostly, it's A.J. Hoge's
aphroach. Now i'm about finish of Efortless English level 3(there are 4 or 5 unstudied lessons). I has studyed this lessons since last year, 2-3 times everyday. I think my level is about B1 now( by some tests). Certanly, i can speak and read more or less. Also i don't study grammar, but i can use simple, continuous, perfect quite easily,( thanks to POV mini-stories by A.J.) And can understand perfect continuous, i suppose. Also i can use and understand passive voice, but not so easily as i want. Also i watch simple tv-shows without translation and with english subtitles, and watch NHK word TV channel.
And try to read Game of thrones in english.
How can i improve my english more?
(when i write this i use google translate time after time to check myself).
Аноним 25/02/19 Пнд 08:13:40 39946337

>In THE (1) first chapter we met Jem. Jem broke his arm when he was 13 years old. He was afraid that he wouldn’t play football anymore because of this. After he was healed RECOVERED, (2) the HIS (3) right arm became a little bit shorter than before. When he was walking his left arm was turned out in AT (4) a different angle than to (4) his left hand. But this fact wasn’t a big obstacle for the football playing (5) games because he was able to hit the ball on a playING field.

(1) - Стандартный косяк. Порядковые числительные в данном случае - с the
(2) was healed звучит косячно ("его рука была вылечена"). Альтернатива исправленному - after HIS ARM RECOVERED.
(3) банально лучше. Притяжательные местоимения используются чаще, чем голые артикли. В русском так же - мы же уточняем "его правая рука", а не "[та самая] правая рука".
(4) at an angle .... to - погугли или в мультитране. Альтернатива исправленному: "was swinging at a different angle", но эта альтернатива мне нравится меньше - слишком замудрено.
(5) лучше из-за лексики. "играние в футбол" против "игр в футбол".
(6) лексика

ОП, буду заходить где-то раз в день. Помечай свои текстЫ какой-нить кнопкой или символом - буду проверять только твои, а то тут у вас уже срач. Да, и никаких Паст Перфектов данный текст не требует, не слушай злопыхателей.
Аноним 25/02/19 Пнд 08:37:43 39946538
Аноним 25/02/19 Пнд 08:39:04 39946639
Аноним 25/02/19 Пнд 08:40:05 39946740
Аноним 25/02/19 Пнд 08:48:08 39946841

Спасибо за честность. Чувак, создай свой тред, поставь галку "ОП" и пиши там (не забудь кинуть ссылку сюда, я же не могу отслеживать весь двач) БЕЗ использования любых переводчиков - только словари слов и коллокаций.

Но я тебе сразу скажу, что ошибок у тебя больше, чем у опа этого треда. Не растекайся мыслью и проверяй за собой сам - чем больше вложишь своего труда, тем меньше потребуется моего. А я свой труд ценю. Бери пример с опа этого треда - тщательно проверил за собой и попросил помощи только тогда, когда достиг своего потолка.
Аноним 25/02/19 Пнд 09:06:38 39947042
Аноним 25/02/19 Пнд 11:25:18 39947843
give me your phone number then you monk
Аноним # OP 25/02/19 Пнд 14:16:03 39950144
It's happening! God bless you bro. Thank you a lot!
>ОП, буду заходить где-то раз в день
Thank you but I need a time to work at my mistakes. I can't send here another piece of my story with the same mistakes. I would be glad if you could read one time on a week my posts. I can't ask you for wasting your time more than that.
Аноним 25/02/19 Пнд 15:03:35 39950645
Принято. Но ты учти, что тогда писать тебе нужно пореже, а то ты за семь дней столько напишешь, что я и за два дня не проверю.
Аноним 25/02/19 Пнд 16:56:18 39951546
бля, я тоже так хочу. Везучий жучара-оп.
Аноним 25/02/19 Пнд 23:14:41 39957047
Hi, mates. I've been learning English for about 7 or 8 years, but I don't think that I've made a lot of progress. Although I'm studying languages at the university now, watch a shit ton of anglophone content on youtube and am able to read complicated literature in English, I still feel that I lack proper language skills. I write clumsy and awkwardly, make grammar and lexical mistakes, my speech leaves much to be desired. I'm on the verge of losing my motivation, though it wouldn't be so disastrous — I'm submerged in the language, I couldn't do without it.
I haven't taken any test so far, but I presume my current level fluctuates about B2. This has been happening for 3 years or so. What's wrong with me? When do I reach my eagerly awaited proficiency? When does the language stop being so alien to me?
Sorry for this whiny shit.
Аноним 25/02/19 Пнд 23:57:25 39957448
gimme your telegram you student
Аноним 26/02/19 Втр 00:20:20 39957649
Ah, a fellow konfopidar trying to drag an innocent child into his pidar snares.
Аноним 26/02/19 Втр 00:26:56 39957750
What, do you feel miserable because of I've hurt your pidar feelings? Good geterosexual gents here know no mercy to one of your kind, you wretch.
Аноним 26/02/19 Втр 00:39:46 39957951
Your dwindling of motivation may very well come from the lack of progress and understandable awkwardeness of not being able to express oneself fully in the target language. Remember that you have already achieved considerable progress - though your message contains mistakes, not one of them leads to any sort of misunderstanding or communication breakdown. Most of the cringe that you must feel while communicating in English must be from your own poor self-esteem.

Judging from your previous message, I'd say that your language is on the brink of the CEF level C1. You have commendable knowledge of practical grammar and more than satisfactory ability of paraphrasing. Indubitably, you are completely able to reach any goal of yours - be it international exams (hell, I think you can already get FCE grade A or even CAE if you motivate yourself enough), continued progress of your general language knowledge or even immigrating to an English speaking country. The sky is the limit.

What I advise is to set some tangible and quantifiable goals and find a group of like-minded people who are studying the language on your level. You are at a treacherous plateau - you have enough skill to easily communicate with native speakers (to say nothing of those unfortunate non-natives with lower level), but as you well aware your language level is far from proficient. Complacency is your number one enemy. The second enemy is fear of failure.

Having found that support group, you will be able to free yourself from crippling self-doubt and find solace in camaraderie of cooperative studying. Your peers will help you, judge you, support you, motivate you, and make you bear the responsibility of a colleague and friend. I speak from experience when I say that few things can ever compare to the feeling of companionship and support which such group provides.

Apart from that, you should really read the FAQ in the original English thread - especially the recommendations for C1 level. You will find that to continue your progress, you will have to become a gourmet of English. Devour fiction books, savor the depictions of nature and the narration of characters' inner thoughts. Make yourself relish the so called "purple prose" (seriously - google it!) and find delight in wordy descriptions of mundane objects.

Your productive skills (i.e. Speaking and Writing) are probably the weakest and their improvement is a formidable challenge indeeed. There are enough places to practice your oral fluency: Discord rooms, Skype conferences and videochatrooms. I think you already know what needs to be done - practice, practice, practice.

However, developing your writing is a different beast. Make a habit of using collocation dictionaries, thesaurus and Google while writing letters (in fact, guess what tabs are open in my browser right now?). Read dictionaries and collections of idioms and try to use them in every message. Find a highly literate penpal - there are tons of online communities out there, just a mouse click away. Look for wannabe writers, college graduates, retirees and sit at home moms - they have time, ability and desire to supply you with high grade reading material. You will be hard pressed to keep pace with them and such challenge is a good thing.

But above all - give yourself time. Mastering a language does not come easily. Otherwise everyone would be a polyglot.
Аноним 26/02/19 Втр 01:08:06 39958252
you can suck my dick if you want, I won't mind
Аноним 26/02/19 Втр 01:42:29 39958753
Your miserable pidorish squeak poses no threat to such a fine straight sir as I am. You cant even touch me, as a noble spirit of ultimate straightness lingers this place. You have no your pidar power here. Begone, you foul pidor wretch!
Аноним 26/02/19 Втр 11:36:10 39963354
you talk like an old lady you know that
Аноним 26/02/19 Втр 12:21:51 39963855
There's no trying offend me with your pidorish attacks as well. How in the world can such base little thing oppose to good straight people? Go back to your pidorish konfa, and shall not return.
Аноним 26/02/19 Втр 16:18:16 39969656
I'm amazed at how articulate you are with your mouth full of my cum
Аноним 26/02/19 Втр 17:03:16 39970857
So be amazed at how I crush your spine while you are concieving your funny little tales, pidorok.
Аноним 26/02/19 Втр 18:44:04 39972758
The only funny little tale here was conceived back when your dad fucked your mom in a dirty back alley.
Аноним 26/02/19 Втр 18:51:44 39973059
Ребят, вы без пользы засираете потенциально полезный тред.
Аноним 26/02/19 Втр 20:25:21 39974960
As it was expected from a pidar wretch. Being not able to satisfy its lust within the world of straight men, it has reduced to desperate distress of his own perverted mind. It's all one how far it will go in its maddness, I've actually taken a fancy to its mumble.
Аноним 26/02/19 Втр 22:11:16 39978261
This is the best thing I could ever expect to get here. Thank you. That was incredibly motivating and helpful.
Аноним 26/02/19 Втр 23:40:23 39980262
can you stop talking for a minute? I want to hear the squishy sounds you make while sucking on my wiener
Аноним 27/02/19 Срд 02:23:40 39981863
You must have missed another thread. We practice our skill of speaking english here. So I try to humiliate such a miserable thing of your kind while using as complex grammar as I can handle. Ignoble and foul as you are, still I feel I must treat you in this sort of manner what with my eagerness to learn.
Аноним 27/02/19 Срд 08:30:44 39983664
You must have missed my dick, you keep talking, shut it
Аноним 27/02/19 Срд 14:28:58 39987965
I'm tired of your pidor shit already. What's wrong with you? Is it that hard to appreciate the conventional sexuality? What can be so tempting and appealing in man's butt or dick? I mean, the body of healthy handsome man is no doubt gorgeous to be spectated, but to think of another man as of kind of a nice hole to fill seems so wrong to fine straight gents.
Аноним 27/02/19 Срд 15:25:40 39988266
say what? I can't understand you, let loose my cock first then speak
Аноним 27/02/19 Срд 18:25:53 39990467
Всем привет. Что у вас тут за тред? Насколько я понял, предлагается создать общение на основе исключителбно стремления к общению? Но первый же пост, который я вижу, просит проверить его грамматику.
Аноним 27/02/19 Срд 18:28:07 39990568
Да тут хер знает что. Кто-то ошибки просит, кто-то телеги на сложном английском пишет. Вон, тут двое друг друга уговаривают, кто из них пидар. Всякое, в общем. Пиши, что хочешь.
Аноним 27/02/19 Срд 19:16:19 39991769
This thread was supposed to provide students the opportunity to converse with each other in order to improve their english. But it is pretty useless unless you have someone to mark mistakes made. But those who are qualified for offering such help seem to pay no attention to it. So far only one anon could get some advice on his texts. Others just shit whatever they want, being unnoticed.
Аноним 27/02/19 Срд 19:26:29 39992270
That's all about you. You have stuck within your imaginary world, being not able to produce a single sentense sensible to normal straight person. You are imploring for someone to quench your lust, but there is no one to answer it.
Аноним 27/02/19 Срд 19:59:47 39992871
Well, as you very well know, 2ch is not the only source of mentoring and developing your language skill (I'd even say it's close to being useless for this purpose). Nobody prevents you from looking for other English learning communities and asking for help there. Reddit, Discord, efl-forum and dozens of other places would gladly welcome you and help you grow.

I'd even recommend those places over this one outright. 2ch is famous for its toxic culture and the cult of anonymity. While I can certainly understand the concern for privacy and freedom of speech, in our case it does more harm than good - anyone at all can offer their "helpful" opinion and it's difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Knowing this grave disservice that rampant anonymity and a complete lack of control do to the students of English, other communities strive for policing and moderating their user base. Look at the Discord learning channels - you may be kicked or even banned for minor infractions, but as long as you treat those channels as merely learning channels (and not a source of entertainment and trolling) you will be better off communicating there.

Trust me when I say that such supervision by admins and mods helps immensely. Users know whom they should listen to and whom the should ignore, whose advice is overly academical and whose is practical, who is honestly mistaken and who is a potential troll out for griefing others. All that, while keeping their privacy.

To su up, my recommendation is obvious - cast a wide net, find a support group (>>399579) other than 2ch, diversify your studying resources and stop leaning on 2ch only.

Also, my other offer still stands - start your own thread with blackjack and hookers[/s], mark yourself as the OP there and share the link here. Start writing there (with "OP" checked) and I will grade your writing. Maybe not every day, and maybe not perfectly as I am only a man, but grade I will.
Аноним 27/02/19 Срд 21:04:34 39994872
Аноним 27/02/19 Срд 21:12:51 39995273
Аноним 27/02/19 Срд 23:46:04 39996374
> there is no one to answer it
that is not true, you're the one who answers
Аноним 28/02/19 Чтв 00:26:50 39996575
You should have read my message more carefully. "Answer it" corresponds to "your lust" meaning that you are so desperatedly trying to find someone to accompany you along your fantasies about man's genitals and butt, so even my ongoing call for reason completely misses your mind, and that you wont find anyone to come along with you until your mind is free from such nefarious crave, and is up to quit this disgraceful trade. Until such time comes, you must be going, for now your company is unwanted.
Аноним 28/02/19 Чтв 00:41:38 39996776
you should have sucked my penis more carefully
Аноним 28/02/19 Чтв 00:48:00 39996977
Аноним # OP 01/03/19 Птн 09:40:14 40017578
Следующий кусок.

When we became older he told me that he had his arm broken because of Dill who wanted to see Boo Radley. I had my own opinion about that and I told him if he wants someone to blame for this, he should starts with time of the Creek war, because if that hadn’t happened Flint wouldn’t come to Alabama.
For Southerners were the kind of shame when your family tree hadn’t ancestors from any side of the Batttle of Hastings. The one of our ancestor that I knew was an apothecary arrived to the US from British. He earned a lot of money from selling drugs this allowed him to buy a house with lands near Maycomb city and three slaves. He grew cotton on his field and went to the city just once when he decided to find a wife. All his children that were born here stayed all their lives in this house except two brothers Atticus and Jack. The oldest one Atticus wanted to become an attorney, he went to the law school to study the law. Jack chose the other way and set a goal to become a doctor. After Atticus came back to Maycomb he bought a house in the town and opened his own attorney agency. The two last men who were hanged in the state of Alabama were his clients. They were convicted of first-degree murder. Atticus was trying to change this for at least in second-degree murder but they denied their guiltiness and there remained not many chances that Atticus could help them save their lives. That is why he hated the criminal law all his next life.

Проверял каждое утро, находил что то новое, перепиливал текст. Посмотри анон пожалуйста.
Аноним # OP 01/03/19 Птн 09:42:14 40017779
Ну так у меня почти 2 страницы написано. Я сейчас выделяю абзацы из истории и перепроверяю их внимательно. Я так небольшими кусками только буду слать.
Аноним 01/03/19 Птн 12:50:45 40019880
Аноним 01/03/19 Птн 13:33:52 40020381
Тоже такое хочу, блин.
Аноним 01/03/19 Птн 13:57:53 40021082
Аноним 06/03/19 Срд 11:03:09 40135783
Анон спасибо тебе огромное за проверку. Написал следующую часть. Ну надеюсь будет тенденция на уменьшение ошибок, мечты мечты. Проработал все главы что ты написал + из Мерфи шлифанул, хуй знает как усвоилось.

Jim, Atticus, and I lived in our big house with cook Calpurnia. She was a strong black woman with an intolerable temper. I'd never won an argument with her because Atticus always took her side. Moreover, I thought she hated me even though she didn't show it. In the summertime we had important things to do. We had been lying on the grass for hours in a cool shade of our house when the bright rays of the sun burned mercilessly and role-playing some characters from our books. We also met a boy from our neighbor’s house who visited his aunt in the summer holidays. His name was Dill and he was 1 year older than me and he told me that he was good in reading. We had been playing together since then and I was happy because in our role-playing games Dill got roles which were before mine. I can’t stand to play characters such the ape in Tarzan. When we were playing on our backyard Dill asked about our other neighbor Redley. The Redley families were strange people who had a bad reputation in the town. Their house was an unfriendly place with the carved doors which were closed even on Sundays. From time to time we saw Oldest Radley especially in the mornings on his way to a store with a paper package but when we met him he'd never greeted back to us. He had two sons one of them lived with him and the other lived in a nearby town and appeared on the doorstep only at Christmas. His youngest son Boo got in trouble with the law after he made a friendship with some gang members. His father saved him from jail and took under house arrest. After that people hadn’t seen Boo for 15 years. All people in town thought that his father kept him chained to his bed and Boo became a monster. The more Dill heard the more he asked. He was fascinated with this place. Jim told him that Boo Radley ate raw animals and that why his arms were color of blood.
Аноним 06/03/19 Срд 16:25:00 40140284
Here's an observation: some non-native English speakers tend to be as gratuitously eloquent wordy in their written speech as no native speaker ever would. They use two or three idioms per sentence, pick the most obscure words, and the grammar looks ripped straight off a XIX century literary work. Is it just the desire to show off or a sign of unfamiliarity with more casual, daily speech?
Аноним 06/03/19 Срд 19:24:43 40145485
they are taught to read and write, no one teaches them conversational English, so they look up words in a dictionary and use the first ones to come up
Аноним 07/03/19 Чтв 01:49:35 40158086
As for myself, I always try to incorporate newly learned stuff into my speech. It's not because of my eager desire to show off my super-duper sense of word, but rather to get used to the knowledge acquired. For it is to be easily forgotten, being not practiced. Other reason is that I read fiction literature mostly, so it's the most obvious thing for me to practice.
Аноним 07/03/19 Чтв 08:39:49 40162687
Аноним 13/03/19 Срд 23:06:14 40316888
Спасибо за проверку анон. Кусочек завершения первой части. Чуть чуть решил усложнить, надеюсь не сильно выше головы прыгнул.

Children’s curiosity might get them into trouble, especially, when a desire to see unknown things fill their minds. Jem’s sanity defense was unbroken for three days during which Dill was playing the main role of a tempter. In the first day there were a many firm hints at Jem's brevity. Jem told that he wasn't scared he was respectful. On the second day Dill told him that Jem was afraid to made even a fleeting look at this house. Dill got him the third day when he told Jem that folks from a nearby town were braver than folks in Maycomb. The plan was simple, Dill had told that Jem should touch Radley's porch and then Boo, probably, came out from the house and they could see him in a day light. Jem told him that Boo could catch them near his house and broke their legs. If that happens Dill should remember that it was his idea to get Boo out. Three of us stayed at the Radleys house gates when Jem ran toward a porch. After he had touched the porch, he ran back without hesitation. He wasn’t interested in watching a result and ran past us toward our home. We followed him. No one came to the porch that day and we didn’t see Boo, but for one second we could see some move inside the house.
Аноним 14/03/19 Чтв 11:22:35 40321089
Apparently, they do this for practice's sake. Incorporating new words, phrases and idiom into your written speech is way easier than in oral speech, however, once used in writing, the newly acquired words are easily transferable to speaking.

And you probably know that overcomplicating your speech is commendable and gains additional scores when passing CAE/CPE, this is exactly what you're required to do on the exam.
Аноним 14/03/19 Чтв 11:23:47 40321190
Аноним 15/03/19 Птн 11:33:45 40336991

Всё, как всегда, в примечаниях. Пока что будь проще. Бессмысленно усложнять лексику, если ты не умеешь определить правильность и уместность новых слов.
Аноним 15/03/19 Птн 15:55:39 40338692
everyone's dead only me is a life
Аноним 17/03/19 Вск 00:09:27 40360093
Внон всё ещё предлагает помощь итт? Я ему покушать принёс, правда там лексика пиздец, как чую.
Аноним 17/03/19 Вск 00:09:50 40360194
Аноним 17/03/19 Вск 11:08:50 40364995
Аноним 17/03/19 Вск 12:04:11 40365396
Второй проверяльщик в треде - это гут.
Аноним 18/03/19 Пнд 12:27:51 40383397
Аноны, кто из вас сдавал IELTS или TOEFL?
Прошу совета вот в каком вопросе:
необходим сертификат B2 для поступления в аспирантуру наличие сертификата - простая формальность, которая сильно мне поможет, т.е. иммиграция\обучение за рубежом не планируется. Какой их двух тестов проще сдать? Как вы готовились? Сколько времени на подготовку ушло\с какой попытки сдали?
Аноним 18/03/19 Пнд 19:45:42 40390798
Анон, ты точно в нужном треде? От себя скажу. что если институту пох на серт, я бы сдавал вообще FCE - формат и сложность схожи с ЕГЭ (разве что чуть сложнее, но там до C1).
Аноним 24/03/19 Вск 23:47:21 40491299
Hi, dwoszcz.
Recently I had my first time to speak English. I have been speaking with a czech and I think it was wonderful experience.
And how are you?
Аноним 24/03/19 Вск 23:48:14 404913100
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 19:49:11 405091101
I'm fucking tired of learning Deutsch at my pseudo-university. Now I've got to do a translation two pages long (A4 paper size) and it's damn exhausting. I don't want to do this useless shit anymore. It's not like I'm against outdated learning methods, but this is just too much. And that's only one of the writing tasks. On top of that the language itself though attractive causes headache especially when speaking. Too much grammar and vocabulary to think of. English is such a good girl, really. I know it's kind of a stage and no matter how hard the grammar is it will eventually come as something natural. But I'm currently approaching B1 and that level seems to be the most unpleasant and uncomfortable one.

Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 20:00:58 405095102
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 20:10:14 405103103
my name is Valera. And now it is my time.
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 20:16:47 405105104
So lets talk on english! When i was a kid, my father beat my mother's ebalnik by his legs. She was cryed and i run out from home to my schoolfriend Mr. Doodlee. He gives me sausages and we played in Sony Playstation ans masturbating each other cocks.
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 20:31:38 405110105
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 20:34:39 405111106
>Mr. Doodlee's sausage smell like vannila and strawberry taste... Mr.Doodlee were me how second father, and memory about his sausages comes to me when i dream.
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 20:35:04 405112107
p.s. oh i fucked up with razmetka
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 20:40:36 405114108
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 20:43:39 405117109
Sounds delicious, you seem to be a gourmet. I bet the experience of tasting Mr. Doodlee's sausage had a positive impact on your taste.
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 20:43:56 405118110
Iyama da English translator. I have 300 dollars in moth. Yamma happy
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 20:48:51 405119111
So I make food(sausages with ketchup) in McTrampdonalds and those clients who often gives me a big tip don't gets an EXTRA sausage in his sandviches.
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 20:50:46 405120112
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 20:53:28 405121113
Do u tasted sandviches with a "cum inside" it?
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 20:58:06 405124114
Yeah, I think it's a better representation of die Erfahrung eines Deutschunterrichts an meiner Uni.
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 20:58:12 405125115
We allo know you are an essay writer, mr. Olusapweli, you are fooling nobody here, bud.
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 20:59:09 405126116
Przepraszam, but I didn't understand you want to say by this
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 21:00:51 405127117
U were wrong. My name is Doctor Dribler and i am traanslater-party maker. Shazaaam!!!!
Oh shit my shazam is not working...
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 21:02:14 405128118
Jsem mlywiem co prztzcszhemzst zszrzszharzsesesczscse prsrzseszeazsxaca
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 21:04:27 405129119
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 21:06:11 405130120
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 21:12:31 405131121
Аноним 25/03/19 Пнд 21:14:27 405132122
Zashto nie chcesh? Huj es duje liepo. Mama mnie rozmovjjalan
Аноним 27/03/19 Срд 16:39:23 405430123
Спасибо анон.

Начало второй части.

That was the first year at school for Scout. Her teacher’s name was Miss Caroline Fisher. She was a 21-year-old woman with long blond hair, blue eyes and pink cheeks. She had learned new teaching methods in college and that was her first class. She read them a story about little cats that lived behind a kitchen stove. These cats wore little dresses and had long conversations with each other. After the story: she asked children about the alphabet. A lot of them were familiar with the alphabet because they had failed their first year at school. The teacher saw that no one wanted to show their knowledge and she asked Scout. She was surprised to hear Scout’s reading. Miss Caroline said that they must stop reading lessons with her father because they were doing it wrong. She said that it would be better if children started to learn with “a fresh mind”. There were two people that taught her to read and write. Calpurnia was the first teacher. Every day she gives to Scout a sheet of paper with letters. Scout was awarded when she wrote down the words with these letters. Atticus was the second teacher. In the evenings she sat on his laps when he was reading a newspaper. She listened to his voice and watched her father's finger that pointed at the words.
Аноним 27/03/19 Срд 19:42:25 405454124
what are you doing exactly, translating somebody's texts or making up texts yourself?
Аноним 27/03/19 Срд 19:53:39 405455125
I read this book a month ago and now I'm trying to learn how to write. Anon from a thread about English is giving me a hand with my writing mistakes. I'm making up text myself. Is that wasn't clear when you read my shit?
Аноним 27/03/19 Срд 22:17:39 405519126
listen here you little shit...
Аноним 27/03/19 Срд 23:21:19 405532127
Проверяющий анон еще тут? Как раз пару текстов нашкрябал кое-как, правда там стилистика ебанутая.
Аноним 28/03/19 Чтв 07:51:45 405552128
Со свободным временем швах, а проверки с указанием источников занимают кучу времени. Моя следующая проверка Mockingbird-анона будет последней на неопределенный период времени.
Аноним 28/03/19 Чтв 08:58:00 405554129
Аноним 28/03/19 Чтв 17:44:03 405614130
Hi anyone. Who wants to speak?
Аноним 28/03/19 Чтв 18:00:05 405617131

В этот раз ошибок очень мало. Молодец, анон! У меня тут завал с работой до осени, поэтому я вряд ли смогу часто тут появляться. Если будет желание - кидай сюда рассказы (помечай себе или как "ОП треда" или просто продолжай пересказывать Пересмешника, чтобы я знал, что это ты) - по возможности, буду проверять, но уже без гарантий.

Глобальное пожелание - пиши так же, как ты пишешь в первой половине этого рассказа. Просто и кратко. Очень осторожно увеличивай сложность своей письменной речи - сначала доведи до автоматизма такой простой английский. Усердия и удачи!
Аноним 28/03/19 Чтв 21:59:33 405630132
Аноним 28/03/19 Чтв 22:53:50 405636133
No one. It is not a talkin' thread here.
Аноним 28/03/19 Чтв 23:34:52 405649134
you talk like a moron you know that
Аноним 28/03/19 Чтв 23:47:24 405654135
Yes, of course. What did you want to say?
Аноним 29/03/19 Птн 00:19:05 405660136
I was going to let you shut it but you wouldn't dare. Go on.
Аноним 29/03/19 Птн 00:23:43 405665137
Аноним 29/03/19 Птн 00:59:08 405676138
ㅣоndon is the capital of Great Britain. My name is Sasha. I live in house. Today i have very many work and very tired. In evening i degradated in internet only. I want to have sex, but nobody gives me. I masturbate in 7 pm. More i do want nothing.
Аноним 29/03/19 Птн 01:20:15 405685139
Excuse me guys, but what is "jerk"?
Аноним 29/03/19 Птн 09:11:46 405699140
Я часто вижу словосочетание or else, как оно точно переводится? Я понимаю что это якобы угроза, но.
Аноним 29/03/19 Птн 09:18:59 405700141
Аноним 29/03/19 Птн 18:04:25 405771142
Спасибо анон! Я прям охуеть сам как рад что количество ошибок на убыль пошло.

>Глобальное пожелание - пиши так же, как ты пишешь в первой половине этого рассказа. Просто и кратко. Очень осторожно увеличивай сложность своей письменной речи - сначала доведи до автоматизма такой простой английский. Усердия и удачи!
Постараюсь. Считай и у тебя меньше времени отнимет проверять. Даже если не сможешь больше проверить все равно спасибо анон. Ты меня очень многому научил.

>Они реально провалили первый класс? Если так, то всё ОК, просто странно.
Именно. Дети сельские валили первый класс только так в то время. Изза посевной например. Я пытался это там же обьяснить, но побоялся пойти на усложнение предложения. Я это в следующем абзаце рассказать хотел.
Аноним 30/03/19 Суб 09:18:46 405841143
1553926714847.jpeg (43Кб, 370x328)
what language are you speaking you dork???
Аноним 30/03/19 Суб 09:37:50 405842144
Ку. Иа тианочка. Учу английский, но плохо получается. Что мне надо учить?
Аноним 30/03/19 Суб 10:21:01 405846145
Аноним 15/04/19 Пнд 19:45:51 408941146

So lads how it's going?
Аноним 15/04/19 Пнд 19:56:37 408943147
Аноним 16/04/19 Втр 02:52:53 408968148
Ребят, помогите перевести в стиле неформального языка уровня форчана:

Я тебя знаю, бро?
Тут тухло.
Ты наш, бро?
Что ты забыл на этой помойке?
Ты тут давно?
Я зашел посмотреть на местных придурков.
А какой у тебя ник на сайте?
Эти пидоры устраивают на нас набеги.
Аноним 16/04/19 Втр 06:46:39 408974149
There once was a miserable guy named A.J.
He was stuck in a miserable job. He worked for IBM, and made a lot of money, but it was a degrading job, very boring.
He also had an oppressive boss.
A.J. had no autonomy, he had to ask his boss of permission to do anything.
One day, A.J. decided he was sick of this job. He was sick of drab and sterile office, so he decided to quit his job.
He yelled to his boss: "take this job and shove it!! I quit!".
A.J. decided to travel a world on a quest for adventure and fun.
He didn't hesitate. He never hesitated. He immediately bought a plane ticket to India and left his miserable job forever.
And so, he wasn't miserable anymore.
Аноним 17/04/19 Срд 02:36:30 409127150
aj.PNG (86Кб, 237x222)
Аноним 17/04/19 Срд 10:53:21 409151151

>Я тебя знаю, бро?
Do I know you, bruh?
>Тут тухло.
This party stinks, I fucking hate these people.
>Ты наш, бро?
Are you with us, bruh?
>Что ты забыл на этой помойке?
What the hell are you doing in this dumpster?
>Ты тут давно?
How long have you been here?
>Я зашел посмотреть на местных придурков.
I've come to look at the douchebags out here.
>А какой у тебя ник на сайте?
So what is your profile name on [название сайта]?
>Эти пидоры устраивают на нас набеги.
These faggots ride us.
Аноним 17/04/19 Срд 10:53:59 409152152
Не ride, а raid
Аноним 17/04/19 Срд 12:29:19 409175153
Ride тоже классно, если хочешь сказать, что эти faggots тебя сношают.
Аноним 17/04/19 Срд 14:29:02 409191154
Много ты понимаешь, козёл
Аноним 19/04/19 Птн 02:40:23 409435155
What a great thread.
Join our chat also, please @YourEnglishChat.
Аноним 19/04/19 Птн 12:27:27 409495156
Аноним 19/04/19 Птн 15:48:05 409566157
images.jpg (5Кб, 259x194)
Is it Cockney? Bratishka, take it easy, man.
Аноним 22/04/19 Пнд 12:37:33 410067158
Which kind of English do you prefer, American or British?
inb4 Irish
Аноним 22/04/19 Пнд 17:05:40 410112159
Аноним 22/04/19 Пнд 17:06:23 410113160
Аноним 22/04/19 Пнд 17:29:06 410117161
Аноним 22/04/19 Пнд 18:27:55 410130162
Bloody hell, you’ve definitely got what I mean. So don’t badger me, pal.
Аноним 22/04/19 Пнд 18:44:09 410138163
Аноним 22/04/19 Пнд 19:15:26 410141164
Аноним 22/04/19 Пнд 19:36:31 410142165
Аноним 22/04/19 Пнд 20:10:11 410145166
Аноним 22/04/19 Пнд 20:12:22 410146167
Аноним 22/04/19 Пнд 20:47:29 410151168
Аноним 22/04/19 Пнд 20:52:28 410153169
Аноним 22/04/19 Пнд 20:59:47 410155170
Аноним 22/04/19 Пнд 21:00:11 410156171
Аноним 22/04/19 Пнд 21:36:10 410160172
Excusez-moi, messieurs, est-ce je peux participer à votre conversation?
Аноним 23/04/19 Втр 01:00:09 410181173
Then why not to have a bath for the three of us, fine gents of the thread?
Аноним 23/04/19 Втр 07:31:55 410189174
Аноним 23/04/19 Втр 08:05:24 410190175
Аноним 23/04/19 Втр 08:17:14 410191176
Аноним 23/04/19 Втр 08:39:51 410192177
Аноним 23/04/19 Втр 09:32:42 410195178
I'm not your truflais, pendejo cabron hombre.
Аноним 23/04/19 Втр 09:37:39 410196179
Je ne suis pas ton hombre, monsieur.
Аноним 23/04/19 Втр 09:59:01 410198180
Аноним 23/04/19 Втр 10:13:10 410199181
Хули вы несете? Инглиш! Ду ю андестенд? Инглиш! Факин руски бич
Аноним 23/04/19 Втр 10:23:00 410202182
Так не лучше разве?
Аноним 23/04/19 Втр 10:26:52 410203183
Айм нот ё бич, пидр.
Аноним 23/04/19 Втр 10:54:47 410206184
Ю'р май литтл бич, бич суканах.
Аноним 23/04/19 Втр 11:10:35 410208185
Эржан, сайпал энглеси ругаца. Иди работа, кожайын видеть бисдела опят глас синий будет.
Аноним 23/04/19 Втр 11:39:38 410211186
Аноним 24/04/19 Срд 04:47:48 410338187
There is a girl named Alisha. She is a very outgoing person, she loves to meet new people. She is also very spontaneous. She likes to do things all at once, without thinking and planning. For example, one time she went to Las-Vegas and joint a high-stakes poker game, or she quit her job and in a blink of an eye, she was on a plane to Mexico for vacation.
But, her mum isn't outgoing, she is quite shy and very organized, her personality isn't fluid like her daughter's.
One day Alisha bought a bright red dress for her mum, but her mum said: "Oh, this dress isn't me, I prefer black."
So Alisha took the dress herself and wore it at her new job.
At her job, one guy named Stew saw Alisha and his eyes lingered on her.
He looked at her for a long time and finally he said: "You look amazing! You take my breath away, will you go to dinner with me tonight?".
Alisha said: "Ok! I'll see you at 20 o'clock!".
But at 7:30 she decided to go to cinema instead, so she blew off her date with Stew and went to the movie theatre alone.
Аноним 24/04/19 Срд 06:58:32 410343188
Проиграл с парня под именем Тушёное Мясо
Аноним 24/04/19 Срд 08:55:07 410350189
321.png (144Кб, 863x281)
А я проиграл с парня под именем Подлива С Кусочками Мяса (vasvas)
переводящая имена сопля ты? да ты
Аноним 24/04/19 Срд 09:03:16 410352190
Нет, я просто знаток английского. Остальные ошибки править лень.
Аноним 25/04/19 Чтв 04:01:41 410487191
Предполагалось что это Stewie.
>Остальные ошибки править лень
Ну и какие же остальные, ленивый ты наш?
Аноним 25/04/19 Чтв 04:55:26 410491192
Hi All!!! I have the troubles with expressing my thoughts on english. What I have to do that improve this?
Аноним 25/04/19 Чтв 09:10:27 410514193
the нахуй тут не нужно.
не this a it.
that нахуй не нужно.
не on а in.
have i to do ибо вопрос.
А лучше should I do.
to improve.
>I have troubles with expressing my thoughts in English. What should I do to improve it?
Сдается мне это не самая большая твоя проблема. Учи язык в общем.
Аноним 25/04/19 Чтв 10:23:21 410533194
Why should I learn English if I know Russian yet?
Аноним 25/04/19 Чтв 10:26:07 410534195
Аноним 25/04/19 Чтв 10:44:28 410539196
>know Russian yet
Чивооооо блять
Аноним 25/04/19 Чтв 10:46:40 410540197
А я с joint вместо joined
Аноним 25/04/19 Чтв 11:21:03 410552198
Chivoo blyat? Excuse me...I did not understand your speech.
Аноним 25/04/19 Чтв 11:48:41 410563199
>if I already know Russian
>If I know Russian yet
Аноним 25/04/19 Чтв 12:05:55 410573200
Cyka blyat, forgive me man, i'm so sorry!
Аноним 09/05/19 Чтв 13:46:38 412780201
How's life in Russia treating you guys?

Аноним 09/05/19 Чтв 13:51:00 412782202
Pretty good, why are you asking?
Аноним 04/06/19 Втр 23:38:50 417302203
Is there anybody alive? Who wanna talk bretty engrish?
Аноним 04/06/19 Втр 23:41:25 417303204
me does, what's you're plan???
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 00:07:25 417309205
What i should do if i despicse cockhols?
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 00:07:50 417310206
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 00:12:12 417311207
Do you have weeds? We can smoke it. What do you think about "plan smoke plan"?
Oh come on, you have to change a plate about powder. Don't you know that he isn't the president now?
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 00:19:17 417314208
I'm not sure I follow you, you pothead sucker
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 00:28:38 417317209
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 17:09:19 417378210
Let`s go to /int/!
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 17:21:18 417379211
C2 here, will gladly answer any question anon chooses to throw at me
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 17:35:39 417382212
What do you feel every time you watch an American movie in a Russian dub???
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 17:42:22 417384213
Most of the time it's disappointment at how little effort the voice actors put in, or just the lack of emotions in what they say
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 17:56:36 417386214
I can live with their voices but the translation quality is always terrible. They can figure proverbs aren't translated literally, but besides them there are many more idioms and everyday expressions that also need respective equivalents.
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 18:02:35 417388215
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 18:49:18 417394216
Piece of cake, under the weather, fish in a barrel, bigger bang for a buck, there's a lot of these expressions
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 18:54:39 417395217
I've been hearing a lot of these "are you sure?" as a response to a statement lately.
-I'm sick. I can't go.
-Are you sure?

-He's dead.
-Are you sure?
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 18:54:59 417396218
What's wrong with these? They do translate them, don't they?
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 19:02:02 417398219
It depends on the studio or the independents translating, if they are competent enough they will translate the expression into its counterpart or something with the same meaning, others just can't be bothered and translate them word for word without getting their meaning across
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 19:12:42 417399220
Never seen these literally translated in official dub. Last time I saw something like this was when I played GTA with the well-known wasted translation.

Well, I guess it's because it is this way in the original track.
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 19:18:24 417401221
Official dubs are mostly done by big studios, it's the smaller, independent groups or individuals that often slip-up. On a related note, a few years ago, I saw a Korean movie dubbed in English and then dubbed again in Russian, and you could hear all 3 languages at the same time
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 19:23:11 417402222
Well that's how it is in all languages, isn't it? Fan translations always have more mistakes found in them than these done by professionals.
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 19:29:58 417404223
True, I don't think they should be shat on for not correctly translating everything, after all, their intentions are noble
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 19:53:44 417405224
"Official dubs" are not much better than those of wannabes.
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 19:58:04 417406225
Atleast they have better audio quality and come out at the same time as the actual movie
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 19:59:38 417407226
The original track can be anything. "Are you sure?" is just an expression Americans use to voice a surprise or a doubt. You don't say it like that in Russian, you work out an equivalent.
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 20:04:15 417410227
I think that is one of the reasons why their dubs are of low quality. A killer that has just killed a bunch of people can say things like "Я непременно должен успеть к закрытию!" It's like he's a literature teacher.
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 20:14:52 417411228
Ah, I see what you mean now. Actually, I don't watch movies often but instead play games. And the games translations I see I can call at least pretty much decent. What about movies, do they differ that much?
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 20:54:55 417415229
I suggest we move on from the topic of movies. Any topics anon would like to discuss?
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 21:07:16 417416230
Let us interprete the Russian copypasta memes into English.
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 21:14:55 417417231
Sounds like fun, but which ones though?
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 21:24:36 417421232
Тред проплачен нашистами и мусарами.ОП сексот подментованый и сливает инфу кураторам,расходимся.
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 21:46:13 417424233
Thread bought by ((ours)) and trashers. OP is a copped sexer and is leaking info to curators, disperse
Аноним 05/06/19 Срд 22:01:54 417432234
C2 boy here, if anyone wants to banter on any topic of your choosing, related to English, improving your English or this thread, your personal life, or anything else, hit me up nuk#5666
Аноним 06/06/19 Чтв 12:39:11 417489235
I'd rather fuck you up, because you didn't even clarify on where you want to talk to us, son of a dirty slut.
Аноним 06/06/19 Чтв 15:16:17 417515236
hey don't talk to me like that, I'm a C2!!!
Аноним 07/06/19 Птн 15:46:34 417692237
This thread is defrayed by nashists and sloughs. OP is a rat, he leaks the intel to gatekeepers. Scatter everyone!
Аноним 07/06/19 Птн 23:55:31 417784238
>>398900 (OP)

I reserved a bed in 8-bed dorm on dates from 8 July 2019 till 20 July 2019. But now i want to notify you that i will arrive to Hong Kong only at 11 July 2019 due to issues at work. So i want to change check-in date to 11 July, with check-out date remaining the same(20 July 2019).

Best regards, Ivan Ivanov

Насколько тут хуёвый и неграмотный английский? В чём ошибки?
Аноним 08/06/19 Суб 00:23:20 417789239
Сап. Платина.
Где можно пообщаться с иностранцами - нейтивами или тоже учениками? Может, чаты какие, или сообщества в соцсетях? Чтобы ненапряжно можно было начать разговор. Преподавателям как-то...стрёмно, хочется просто попрактиковать, чего-то более приземленного.
Аноним 08/06/19 Суб 01:07:15 417790240
Нашёл себе hellotalk. Вроде, самое то.
Аноним 08/06/19 Суб 12:24:54 417822241
Аноним 08/06/19 Суб 12:53:54 417839242
всё понятно, на ошибки всем пох
Аноним 08/06/19 Суб 13:00:19 417847243
говори как тебя там найти
Аноним 08/06/19 Суб 17:42:10 417919244
Сюда загони.
Аноним 10/06/19 Пнд 22:23:48 418577245
I've watched the first episode "Chernobyl" today. Is there someone who wants to talk about it?
Аноним 10/06/19 Пнд 23:03:45 418581246
what exactly do you want to talk about?
Аноним 10/06/19 Пнд 23:11:46 418583247
I want to talk about this series. I was born before this catastrophe had happened and I remember articles in magazines about children from Chernobyl. This series reminded me of that time. I wanted to ask some youth what they are thinking about Chernobyl.
Аноним 10/06/19 Пнд 23:30:28 418584248
Well I'm ten and I think that monsters in Chernobyl need to be terminated. I am having trouble falling asleep properly because I am scared of them coming over to my place and eating me alive.
Аноним 10/06/19 Пнд 23:50:57 418588249
>eating me alive
Awww, who is that cute little boy? You don't have to worry about that. When a monster eats your flesh you will be already dead. That how it works in my opinion. Anyway, I haven't heard about any monsters from Chernobyl. When did you hear about that? I remember about the two head cows in 90th which were the norm animals for Chernobyl but that's all. Did I miss something?
July 10th. Аноним 11/06/19 Втр 00:52:42 418600250
Today is July 10th. The weather is shine and hot. All day I had been playing in Counter Strike Global Offensive, and made nothing important. Moreover, yesterday one pleasant girl was called me, and today I had been chatting with them. I was wonder that it`s siriuously, and it would resume in the future, but they just trolled and blocked me.
Tomorrow I would like devote to study English. It`s all I want to tell you. See you later, my only close friend.
Аноним 11/06/19 Втр 00:59:26 418602251
> weather is shine
>one pleasant girl was called me, and today I had been chatting with them
>it would resume in the future
You? >>418512

Аноним 11/06/19 Втр 01:03:16 418603252
I am a beginner and this is my first text.
Аноним 11/06/19 Втр 01:11:11 418606253
>weather is shine
>had been playing
>made nothing important
>pleasant girl
>chatting with them
>was called
>was wonder
>I would like devote to study

Ты случайно не то чмо, которое в англотреде постоянно усирается, что английский нужно понимать и чувствовать, а учебники для долбоёбов? Прогрессируешь, чувствуешь его на отлично. Потребляй контент дальше, и пешы исчо.
Аноним 11/06/19 Втр 01:17:35 418609254
Нет, я всегда был в ридонли и это мой первый текст на английском. Я сейчас где-то а-2 или а-1. Спасибо тебе и анону выше, что показали ошибки. :)
Аноним 11/06/19 Втр 04:32:23 418610255
15270787869842-b.png (238Кб, 540x411)
Hi guys, i'ma go to the job again. How does your day begin?
yea, moonspeak is my life. I know nothing in english. I'm not even sure what i'm read providing by google translate.
Аноним 11/06/19 Втр 06:14:55 418612256
Ok, there was a girl named Shri, and she was a linguist.
A linguist is a person, who studies languages. But she was an incredible linguist, she knew 247 languages. In fact, she had total mastery in 247 languages. And she was bored, she wanted another language.
She wanted to study Swahili. People speak Swahili in Africa.
So Shri started to learn Swahili with a visual method, related to the eyes.
She read textbooks and grammar rules for two years.
She was studying Swahili with a visual method for two years, and after two years nothing happened, she was frustrated, she failed, she knew nothing, she couldn't even speak Swahili.
Shri decided to change her approach, to modify her method of learning.
She tried a kinesthetic method of learning. It was called TPR.
Kinesthetic means related to the body, related to moving.
So, a teacher said to Shri "jump!", and she would jump, or "walk!", and she would walk. Of course, he spoke Swahili. And Shri walked, jumped, stood.
She learned Swahili with her body.
She was learning with the kinesthetic method for one year, and it boosted up her learning speed of Swahili a lot! She became good in this language, but not a master. But she wanted total mastery in it, she wanted to have total mastery in Swahili.
So she modified her approach again, she added an auditory method.
She listened to Swahili every day! Three hours, then 5 hours, then 23.5 hours a day! It means, that she slept only 30 minutes every day.
But, in one year she became a master of Swahili, finally, she had total mastery of Swahili! She knew 248 languages, she was happy, and she was the best linguist in the world!
Аноним 11/06/19 Втр 19:47:27 418728257
>Ты случайно не то чмо, которое в англотреде постоянно усирается, что английский нужно понимать и чувствовать, а учебники для долбоёбов? Прогрессируешь, чувствуешь его на отлично. Потребляй контент дальше, и пешы исчо.

Бля, хорошо, что я там уже не бываю.
Аноним 12/06/19 Срд 20:14:40 418914258
15392797258070.jpg (26Кб, 543x275)
Hoge, you? Recognized you by your schizoid bullshits.
Аноним 12/06/19 Срд 20:47:33 418918259
hqdefault.jpg (12Кб, 480x360)
Just have recognized under your cheek, check it out.
Аноним 12/06/19 Срд 23:50:45 418931260
what did you dab that cock gobbler for? he's grown aware now that he's a nugget a hobo shat, he'll get caned on my floor again with this cheap hogwash with dimedrol
Аноним 13/06/19 Чтв 15:11:47 419026261
Guys, I want some tips on relevant behaviour for a man to attract hot babes.
Аноним 13/06/19 Чтв 15:17:42 419027262
Have you ever tried to cover your face with some semen? I mean, women usually feel those pheromones produced by men's semen. It might help you get laid by hot thots in no time.
Аноним 13/06/19 Чтв 15:20:30 419028263
Move your pelvis while talking with them, it's a sure thing.
Аноним 13/06/19 Чтв 16:34:03 419062264
I rub my semen into your cat's face everyday, no complaints so far. Dork
Аноним 14/06/19 Птн 13:53:12 419231265
And she spent four years of her life for language that she perhaps won't use more than one or two times after that
Аноним 14/06/19 Птн 13:58:33 419232266
Cool, you're not alone :) How long have you already learned English?
Аноним 14/06/19 Птн 18:32:28 419273267
Is it possible to practice my English here? I mean, I want to speak well with native speaker.
Аноним 14/06/19 Птн 19:13:32 419284268
First off, you need to learn what the articles are.
Аноним 14/06/19 Птн 19:51:50 419296269
you're already ready for natives
Аноним 14/06/19 Птн 20:45:38 419303270
Аноним 14/06/19 Птн 20:47:07 419304271
Аноним 14/06/19 Птн 21:10:30 419305272
Аноним 14/06/19 Птн 21:55:42 419310273
Аноним 15/06/19 Суб 23:53:03 419506274
My juicy dick is open to business again. I am waiting for your offers.
Аноним 16/06/19 Вск 00:30:27 419510275
Аноним 16/06/19 Вск 08:35:34 419540276
Bend down and stick it right into your filthy mouth, you piece of shit.
Аноним 16/06/19 Вск 09:27:00 419542277
Аноним 16/06/19 Вск 10:09:22 419543278
cutoff would be to radical, let's just cut it in two, one for me and one for you
Аноним 16/06/19 Вск 12:38:19 419552279
What do you need a half a dick for? You can suck whole things in the English-thread if you want.
Аноним 16/06/19 Вск 12:41:34 419554280
Can you not talk about dicks? Are you a faggot?
Аноним 16/06/19 Вск 12:50:46 419555281
Why are you embarrassed with this so much? Are you a latent gay?

And, by the way
Аноним 16/06/19 Вск 13:22:20 419563282
>you a latent gay
A triple won't say shit.
Аноним 16/06/19 Вск 13:39:55 419574283
Аноним 16/06/19 Вск 13:54:44 419577284
Yo, wassup mates?
Аноним 16/06/19 Вск 14:06:47 419579285
>shortie's shitting his pants like he always does
There are many people on the board, do you know that?
Аноним 16/06/19 Вск 14:10:10 419580286
Аноним 16/06/19 Вск 14:20:07 419586287
Sidown, plis, you got two. It should sounds like a "aim phine, fank u, and yu?"
Аноним 16/06/19 Вск 14:30:00 419591288
Ah, I should've recognized my old cockney-buddy.
Аноним 16/06/19 Вск 15:41:02 419595289
No, blud, that ain't me, look at this Berk's grammar, mine isn't as average. We would slap the Tom Tit out of his pathetic ass for pretending to be the true Londoner.
Аноним 16/06/19 Вск 16:56:55 419650290
Аноним 19/06/19 Срд 17:55:29 420634291
Классный у вас тут разговор.
Аноним 19/06/19 Срд 19:24:25 420646292
Аноним 19/06/19 Срд 20:21:19 420651293
My mouth too is under an open license, so I'm looking forward for anyone's donations.
Аноним 19/06/19 Срд 22:47:02 420670294
you filthy homosexual!!!
my ad targeted dogs and them only!!!
Аноним 19/06/19 Срд 23:45:45 420674295
Why fuck dogs when you could easily have nice wet human fuck sleeve to put in? It's a lifetime opportunity, don't be a fool to miss it!
Аноним 19/06/19 Срд 23:56:07 420675296
I'm not a pervert, so I reject your offer.
Аноним 20/06/19 Чтв 00:17:26 420685297
If you wish so. Remember: There's no finer cunt than a pal's ass. Badly though it reeks, better still it grips.
Аноним 20/06/19 Чтв 00:58:03 420693298
why don't you wrap your pals intestines round your neck and suffocate yourself with them as a pastime activity
Аноним 20/06/19 Чтв 01:35:40 420699299
I don't like it how you're speaking to me. Still, I am all the same not in the mood to squabble about the words nor am I to chat with such a rude asshole. Kindly fuck off, we'll talk later. My offer still stands, if you should reconsider.
Аноним 20/06/19 Чтв 02:06:02 420701300
Why is this thread in /fl/? Why not an /int/?
Аноним 20/06/19 Чтв 02:14:22 420702301
/int/ is too low and primitive as compared to fine intellectual talks we sophisticated A0-gents are having here. We're much too English even for an international board.
Аноним 20/06/19 Чтв 09:02:54 420724302
Maybe because this thread was posted for little practice in English, not for actual speaking? And besides, it looks like people here enjoy to translate local apechan memes, foreigners just wouldn't get some things right.
Аноним 20/06/19 Чтв 13:33:03 420760303
> Maybe because this thread was posted for little practice in English, not for actual speaking? And besides, it looks like people here enjoy to translate local apechan memes, foreigners just wouldn't get some things right.
Where's the problem? Make your own thread in the int and do it right there.
No one will ashame you.

But you can make an english thread. And you can call there a high-minded people only, if you want.
Аноним 20/06/19 Чтв 14:00:37 420761304
>But you can make an english thread. And you can call there a high-minded people only, if you want.

But we're not native English or foreign language speakers. We're Russians, just slightly more refined and advanced than an average dvacher. We feel pretty much comfortable humiliating occasional bydlo stalking 'round 'ere. Don't be hurt, you're just too basic. It happens, no offence implied.
Аноним 20/06/19 Чтв 14:20:51 420765305
I ain't no Russian you fool! get outta here!
Аноним 20/06/19 Чтв 14:28:37 420769306

Zalyotnoe bydlo got ripped asunder, nice.
Аноним 20/06/19 Чтв 15:02:18 420778307
Why are you call hit that? Maybe he's a khohkhoul or bool'bush or something else?
Аноним 20/06/19 Чтв 15:28:59 420783308
I care not what he is, I've just happened to have a strong sense of refined English word and found it quite fun to play with it itt. Honkey-Halls and Bools'n'Bushers are both totally okay.
Аноним 20/06/19 Чтв 18:27:30 420798309
Sir, you're anis is prolapsing
Аноним 20/06/19 Чтв 21:50:20 420847310
Is that all you've got to say? If so, feel ashamed, as here the only way to destroy your opponent is to write a fancy sentence in English which he would not be able to make out. Though a man of discipline I am, still not a malevolent one really. So I give you one more chance to defend youself with a bright thought.
Аноним 20/06/19 Чтв 23:58:40 420881311
All of a sudden I shoved my cock in your mouth and started fucking your throat.
Because you were trying to say something you vomited and then swallowed the wrong way what looked like a mix of your puke and my semen. You shouldn't have talked with your mouth full, bitch.
Then I pissed on your corpse, lit a cigar and nipped out in the sunset.
Аноним 21/06/19 Птн 03:08:26 420897312
That must be really unsightly a view to specate, my friend. I would you be as good at fine English writing as you are at making up your little gayish fancies. You silly words hurt me not by the way, it's just you who's dragging himself right through the mud, as my fine language is far superior than your gayish dirty talk.
Аноним 21/06/19 Птн 03:43:35 420899313
Is it better than dialogues in /int/, as you said? Ok, i got it, yeah. Cool.
Аноним 21/06/19 Птн 13:23:52 420924314
I'm screaming at the top of my lungs and rolling on the floor laughing, thanks.
Аноним 22/06/19 Суб 22:47:28 421089315
Аноним 23/06/19 Вск 01:58:41 421142316
Аноним 23/06/19 Вск 10:25:31 421212317
1561274714488.jpeg (15Кб, 370x328)
I'm planning on acting like pic related. Your moves?
Аноним 24/06/19 Пнд 02:07:39 421456318
Аноним 25/06/19 Втр 22:55:21 421836319
Аноним 26/06/19 Срд 00:00:11 421845320
> pissed
Oh sweet summer child...
Аноним 29/06/19 Суб 18:41:56 422480321
Что означает They were speaking bad of me to where I could hear them.
Не могу понять to where
Аноним 29/06/19 Суб 22:45:13 422520322
Ты явно взял это с сайта IMABI. Скорее всего, это предложение - плод воспаленного воображения японского надмозга. Не ищи в нём логики.
Аноним 29/06/19 Суб 23:54:37 422531323
Аноним 14/08/19 Срд 17:17:33 431072324
Why is this thread dying?
Аноним 14/08/19 Срд 17:35:56 431077325
this thread is no dying. i speak english very professionality like a native speaker.
Аноним 14/08/19 Срд 20:35:09 431100326
Аноним 19/01/20 Вск 22:45:11 456574327
Аноним 20/01/20 Пнд 01:20:52 456788328
Аноним 21/01/20 Втр 18:33:19 457269329
Once, I had a very unpleasant pulsing headache after drinking an excess dose of highly concentrated black tea. I wasn't able to get rid of that until I fell asleep. Since then, I made up my mind not to abuse caffeine. Sometimes that's hard to avoid drinking much tea, especially feeling worn-out beginning from the morning. But, I can always remind myself of my terrible experience, and refusal from a dose of tea doesn't already seem anything impossible.
Аноним 21/01/20 Втр 18:42:29 457272330
Аноним 21/01/20 Втр 18:51:17 457282331
Couldn't you answer with something smarter somehow?
Аноним 21/01/20 Втр 18:52:29 457283332
Really? How much did you drink?
My tea is VERY strong. Granted, it's usually in a fairly small cup and I only drink one serving. But I do occasionally take more, like if I'm pulling an all-nighter or something, and I never had a problem like that.
I don't know, maybe I have a higher tolerance. I enjoy strong tastes in general.
>beginning from the morning
>doesn't already seem anything impossible
You should rephrase those.
Аноним 21/01/20 Втр 19:09:36 457293333
SAM5343.JPG (983Кб, 1440x1080)
I had never had such a problem like this before I got 23 years old. I used to drink a lot and I thought I had an unlimited tolerance to caffeine but now, as It recently was found out, I can't drink as much as I used to because of negative effects.
As for the quantities of drunk, you can imagine it if you drink all the obtained tea-drink from 30 grams dry the of medium quality tea like 'Mayskiy' or 'Ahmad Tea' and so on. That's pretty much

As for what hidden under spoiler, yes I know, I tried to apply the russian stylistic of writing. That's kind of weard
Аноним 21/01/20 Втр 19:44:29 457343334
>23 years old
Well, here we go. I'm a little below that bar, so we'll see how that goes.
I also try to limit my caffeine intake, but that's only because I thought it can't be a good influence on my general health. I also realized at some point I often drink tea in an attempt to warm up in cold weather, so now I just grab a cup of boiled water instead.

So, how did you learn English? Self-taught?

>such a problem like this
>quantities of drunk
>all the obtained tea-drink from 30 grams dry
Those are kinda clunky.
>That's pretty much
pretty much it.

No worries, brother, it's all a part of language-learning.
Аноним 21/01/20 Втр 20:02:33 457395335
I'd have understood your good intention to correct me if you corrected me correctly. Either that was a joke or something else but:
'That's pretty much' absolutely correct one
'weard' misspell, there wasn't need to pay attention to it
Аноним 21/01/20 Втр 20:19:39 457413336
>'That's pretty much' absolutely correct one
Your previous sentence confused me and misread it. I apologize.
In this case, I'd say "That's a lot" would sound more natural.
I don't see how correcting that would hurt. I have no way of knowing if this is a one-off mistake or if you learned it wrong.

> to correct me if you corrected me correctly.
>'x' absolutely correct one
'x' is absolutely correct
>'weard' misspell
is a misspelling
Аноним 21/01/20 Втр 20:38:50 457433337
Ok, I understood your main point, you are more interested in searching for mistakes than in having a gentle conversation. You're just showing off. No one is interested in reading these 'correction' because if I write something, I see all my stylistic and other mistakes immediately and I don't want to polish my letter to please everyone. If you're dwelling on it, it isn't my problem. I communicate without a goal to look natural. All the 'naturalness' gets down to vocabulary. Ask for your mother born you back in order to she born you in the country where English is spoken so you'll be 'natural'
Аноним 21/01/20 Втр 20:56:30 457465338
Well then, you know what? Fuck you.
I assumed you came here to improve you language skills, and did the best I could to help. This is what I ask native speakers to do when they talk to me, to correct everything and anything resembling a mistake.
You know what you could have done if it annoyed you this much? You could have asked me to stop, clearly and calmly.
Instead you chose to act like an aggressive dipshit. Congrats.
Аноним 21/01/20 Втр 21:30:53 457482339
Just take it to your account that such behavior of you might spoil your conversations in the future. You started acting like a moron at the beginning. I didn't ask you to search for my mistakes
Аноним 21/01/20 Втр 23:38:33 457553340
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