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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board. ## Mod ## 09/10/16 Вск 18:32:39  616   Sticky thread   Thread closed   [Reply]
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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board. There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Due to ban on Nazi propaganda and symbolics, suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above. Thank you for attention.

only finns get this joyce XDD Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 22:29:09  18031   [Reply]
14930621495170.jpg (25Кб, 540x540)
only finns get this joyce XDD
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Anonymous  25/04/17 Втр 00:54:57  18036
>100 years of Finnish independent history
>their best jokes this far are crudely drawn bear face, crudely drawn comixes they read in their childhood, crudely drawn this, crudely drawn that
>humour on TV is just slideshow of a man who tries to open a fridge as you always do then from behind, then from left, from right, from top and them from bottom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZR8EUWbOEQ
>newest invention are most simple puns based on ambiguous words
you go Finland
Anonymous  25/04/17 Втр 01:19:35  18037
Finland is mene superpower
your just jelly
Anonymous  25/04/17 Втр 03:12:54  18039
Agreed. Complaining about crude pics and shitty puns at an imageboard of all places is just petty.
Anonymous  25/04/17 Втр 03:47:03  18040

it was ton's sedel
Anonymous  25/04/17 Втр 05:24:14  18042
Guy does love his beer. I enjoyed it. Its better than the sexual jokes people come up with all the time.

This is a Slavic thread for Slavic people. Post only Slavic things please. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqFUkx3-gTQ Anonymous  22/04/17 Суб 11:06:10  17860   [Reply]
14928483706340.jpg (138Кб, 423x600)
14928483706381.jpg (33Кб, 567x562)
14928483706402.png (173Кб, 598x537)
14928483706463.jpg (78Кб, 900x900)
This is a Slavic thread for Slavic people. Post only Slavic things please.

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Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 21:10:57  18026
Well, you've got to tolerate me too - I'm not going anywhere.
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 21:13:39  18027
I am too. :D Tolerate me please.
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 21:18:42  18028
Well, then, looks like we're on the same boat. Pretty shitty boat which will sink completely if that indian guy (you hate so much) have gone and stopped complaining about Navalny (he hates so much) and praising USSR (you hate so much).
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 21:22:31  18029
I'd feel better if he told something from his /delhi/ experiences, I have enough /cccp/ experiences every day and it's pretty exhausting.
Anonymous  25/04/17 Втр 04:42:46  18041
Me too )) I am here to stay.

You know I have had huge discussions on the Navalny and USSR issue. And I have made my position clear - multiple times. But its easy to generalize I believe. It just makes me a CCCP supporter and a Navalny hater - then you can stick all sorts of shit on me.

The only thing our comrade here hates about me is that I dont criticize CCCP, while I criticize Navalny. I have never said that I 100% support another CCCP or I am against the shit Stalin did in the post war years and neither have I said that the post-Stalin CCCP was hell. Scientific progress, technology, ideas did prosper. CCCP had 98% literacy rate at one time. Things are easier to bend to your narrative when generalized.

On Navalny, I said this before and I will repeat - He is a western supported faggot (that our good friend agreed to too in one of the threads ) and to me, his idea is "Everyone is corrupt, elect me". I think we have discussed him more than the whole Russian media combined and I have just repeated myself through and through.

This country went through a similar experience with a similar leader, with a similar campaign and similar 'funding' - it was a shit show. He was just able to galvanize support as "Corruption fighter №1" and the youth was with him. I speak from my /delhi/ experience here, and I personally don't want to see that happen in Russia.

Why dont you ask about that in the thread I made specifically for this purpose ?

For instance, we have had shit weather for the past week. +44C all the time during the day. The government issued warnings and what not - drink 10L of water a day - lol.

Thats the thing, packaged water is pretty expensive (its like 20 INR for 1 L), most guys here make 500INR a day, doubt they'd spend 200 on water lol.

Lot of guys had nose-bleeds. I mean - LOTS.

.webm #2 Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 17:00:58  18000   [Reply]
14930424591020.webm webm file (2227Кб, 400x224, 00:00:35)
предыдущий: >>6902 (OP)
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Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 20:56:53  18021
14930566138960.webm webm file (625Кб, 400x224, 00:00:09)
были же в прошлом треде эти все
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 21:02:12  18024
14930569327630.webm webm file (22598Кб, 480x360, 00:03:46)
> forgot that it's /int/
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 21:07:27  18025
Every one of them? Ok. Unfortunately, my collection is small and mostly outdated.
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 21:55:22  18030
14930601227390.webm webm file (31514Кб, 480x360, 00:04:18)
Anonymous  25/04/17 Втр 03:02:54  18038
14930785747910.webm webm file (3014Кб, 696x528, 00:01:40)

Can we have anew .webm thread? Anonymous  16/11/16 Срд 12:41:57  6902   [Reply]
14792893178990.webm webm file (6165Кб, 854x480, 00:00:24)
Can we have anew .webm thread?
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Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 14:16:17  17984
14930325771220.webm webm file (947Кб, 640x480, 00:00:14)
14930325771531.webm webm file (19963Кб, 960x540, 00:03:50)
14930325776512.webm webm file (10280Кб, 1920x1080, 00:00:46)
14930325779213.webm webm file (7622Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:56)
Agreed. Looks like some kid from /po/ who doesn't even speak English can't stop whining and he's opponent should have known better to ignore him.
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 14:25:46  17986
Могу но кому интересны наши разборки?
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 18:47:23  18007
You stupid fucks. This video >>14920 shows Ukrainian citizenry breaking through the Yanukovich police checkpoint and taking over the government building. Note that not a single shot was fired, as even the the police switched sides and gave its support to the people seeking European integration.
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 19:24:54  18009
пе(pe(re))кат(кот(cut(cought))) >>18000 (OP)
Anonymous  25/04/17 Втр 00:40:23  18035
where's the audio from the gomosex video?
thanks in advance

Ask someone from India - ANYTHING !!! BuildTheWall  06/02/17 Пнд 16:21:32  12192   [Reply]
14863872927190.jpg (342Кб, 1536x804)
Hello /int/ !!

How are you ? I hope everyone is having a good day. I would like to have an AMA thread on India and I will try my best to answer your questions.

Pic unrelated.
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Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 08:38:15  17943
Or maybe :
Они не поняли что это наша СТРАНА, и что здесь НАШ.

There is no sense of "being of the same country". There are like 40 fucking languages, many cultures and most of the time we cannot understand what we are talking about.

You are right though, you do know English quite well. Спасибо для помочь.
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 14:32:17  17989
Как там в Индии программистом работать? Какая зарплата? Условия?
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 14:36:51  17990
И ещё вопрос - какой язык программирования изучаешь
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 20:44:46  18018
Неплохо. Многих в MNC (multinational companies) работают. Минимальная зарплата - 8 тсчь INR / месяц.

Java, C/C++, C#, Python, Ruby, Android.

Ты тоже программист ??
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 20:59:11  18023
Напоминаю, что до 2014 курс конверсии рубли-рупии был 1:1. То есть цена в рупиях — это то же самое что наша старая цена в рублях.

sup 2ch, what's the name of this actor? Anonymous  31/03/17 Птн 14:09:56  16430   [Reply]
14909585968850.jpg (120Кб, 800x1283)
sup 2ch, what's the name of this actor?
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Anonymous  11/04/17 Втр 01:04:27  17128
Well, that's definitely not Sherlock Holmes, I can tell you that much.
He looks nothing like Sherlock Holmes. Even the idea of him being Sherlock Holmes is ridiculous and any possible movie or TV series with him staring as Sherlock Homes would be a disaster.
Anonymous  11/04/17 Втр 02:31:14  17129
14918670742140.jpg (311Кб, 1248x1672)
>>16430 (OP)
Nyarlathotep Azatoth
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 20:21:25  18012
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 20:21:43  18013
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 20:21:59  18014

>Studying Russian for 3 years now in college >Practice for 3 hours every day >Can barely manage a conversation in Russian WHY IS RUSSIAN SO HARD? Anonymous  02/03/17 Чтв 12:34:58  14393   [Reply]
14884472990850.jpg (122Кб, 1142x704)
14884472990881.png (303Кб, 360x361)
14884472990952.png (40Кб, 761x897)
>Studying Russian for 3 years now in college
>Practice for 3 hours every day
>Can barely manage a conversation in Russian

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Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 11:23:25  17959
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 15:43:39  17992
этот эльфийский диалект нигде не нужен, кроме самой Латвии
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 17:10:18  18004
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 18:24:31  18006
Э, слыш!
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 19:20:22  18008
Ты и сам на своем диалекте не разговариваешь.

Post your buses here. Anonymous  08/02/17 Срд 02:01:39  12376   [Reply]
14865084995720.jpg (1379Кб, 3072x2304)
14865084996091.jpg (3044Кб, 4288x2848)
14865084996772.jpg (1347Кб, 3072x2304)
14865084997093.jpg (1379Кб, 3072x2304)
Post your buses here.
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Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 08:43:20  17946
>thread is ded
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 08:46:46  17948
Where ever is snegrushka then ?
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 10:29:13  17955
14930189532340.jpg (617Кб, 1235x1920)
Eating Petrushka. Truska)
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 10:42:48  17957
Sharp man
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 17:35:32  18005
14930445328630.jpg (218Кб, 1263x931)
Thx man

/balt/ Anonymous  19/11/16 Суб 20:17:14  7147   [Reply]
14795758347670.jpg (130Кб, 800x523)
Old thread: https://2ch.hk/int/res/34.html
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Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 16:27:58  17997
Проще, а с кашей и выгодней. Я кидаю на тело 400 рэ с бонусом 700 на карту раз в месяц). Чудеса кашеварения блядь.
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 16:46:39  17998
Ну коли параноик - заведи себе вторую карточку. Можно даже виртуальную. Кидать на неё деньгу только для оплаты. Я так и делаю, к примеру: получаю зарплату на одну карточку, трачу со второй. Наличными пользуюсь только когда на чай оставляю.
Чёт я сомневаюсь. Мне кажется, они вымерли ещё в эпоху терминалов qiwi у каждого ларька. А у провайдеров уровня бутово.ком их и не было, наверное, никогда.
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 16:55:27  17999
Лол, а у нас они живее всех живых. В автоматах продаются
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 17:05:12  18002
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 17:05:43  18003
На почте бабки только и берут карты теле2, заебали.

https://youtu.be/23NJ5Wk-HGE They called Navalny - Hitler, cool? Anonymous  20/04/17 Чтв 00:46:33  17712   [Reply]
14926383931890.jpg (87Кб, 1024x683)
They called Navalny - Hitler, cool?
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Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 06:16:12  17933
Shill harder )))

Go ahead, elect him, I'll be here, I'll watch him fuck you and your family and your country over twice.

Too bad, we cant let that happen.
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 11:39:09  17962
Who are these "you"?
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 12:40:40  17970
These guys so eager to get Navalny elected.
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 14:17:08  17985
It's been obvious long ago that he's not Indian. Just ignore him.
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 14:28:03  17987
This is an example of the you (>>17985).

Have you even seen my grammar lol.

Kebab referendum Anonymous  16/04/17 Вск 22:23:10  17463   [Reply]
14923705906010.jpg (51Кб, 780x510)
14923705906021.jpg (67Кб, 550x340)
14923705906032.jpg (99Кб, 900x600)
So, looks like we can congratulate the almighty Sultan.
Does it mean that Turkey gave up on EU? What's /int/'s opinion on the situation?
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Anonymous  18/04/17 Втр 15:53:14  17585
>>17463 (OP)
Turkey gave up on EU long time ago. This day they just hammered the last nail in to the coffin of heritage of Ataturk.
Anonymous  18/04/17 Втр 16:57:16  17599
Who cares? Just more butthurt SJWs, not bad if you ask me.
Anonymous  18/04/17 Втр 20:18:02  17640
Why would they willingly give even more power to a single person? Even if they do like Erdogan so much, how can they be sure someone who comes after him will not fuck everything up?
Anonymous  19/04/17 Срд 07:18:23  17666
Because sultanat is best form of goverment for asian people and everybody knows it. Take Russia for example.
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 14:10:04  17983
Why so butthurt? Dont like turks?

Hello, anonymus! Tell about stereotypes about foreigners in your country. Well, for example, in Russia some people think that Americans are fat, Estonians are slow etc. Anonymous  16/04/17 Вск 15:41:17  17413   [Reply]
14923464778840.png (96Кб, 300x168)
Hello, anonymus!

Tell about stereotypes about foreigners in your country.
Well, for example, in Russia some people think that Americans are fat, Estonians are slow etc.
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Anonymous  17/04/17 Пнд 00:35:57  17482
I've got bored halfway and ignored lots of them. As a person who actually used to live on Caucassus I can provide a huge least, but most people don't really divide them (maybe, chechens and dagestani). As so:
Caucasians (not to be be confused with race) - a bunch of churckas. Agressive, hairy, have a dreadfull sense of style, only good in trading, some sports and street crime.
Anonymous  17/04/17 Пнд 01:31:23  17490
14923818831490.jpg (143Кб, 640x480)
i make sex on sheep
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 09:09:17  17949
>>17413 (OP)
Well here it goes like this
>Darker skinned people are drug dealers
>Fairer skinned people are literally Gods

And Russians love their vodka and Russian girls are the best.

Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 09:23:09  17952
>Gypsies steal.
Is it not so?
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 11:37:30  17961
>>17413 (OP)

It's a really really god, that in dvach appeared /int/ section. I think Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 08:04:45  17936   [Reply]
14930102858900.png (582Кб, 518x604)
It's a really really god, that in dvach appeared /int/ section.
I think i can learn english here.
Why not?

Also, english language thread start here. Share the learnbook, movie, site - all that connected with english. Thank you and sorry from my broken english :-)
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Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 08:43:19  17945
>>17936 (OP)
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 09:16:50  17950
something is wrong? I just learned German before that 6 years in the sсhool And did not learn.
In German they like to "glue" words together.

I think that it's a good idea. There are a lot of places, I'll try to connect to one of them.
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 09:20:32  17951
You can say - text books, reading material
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 10:21:09  17953
English has compound words but not so German tier
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 10:47:48  17958
There is actually a /fl/ board here. Just saying.

Ми rate thread. Anonymous  27/02/17 Пнд 14:49:27  14202   [Reply]
14881961672060.jpg (21Кб, 800x583)
Ми Ми Ми
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Anonymous  15/03/17 Срд 15:10:25  15259
14895798259600.jpg (43Кб, 960x540)
Fresh Ми action in the skies over Palmyra or Homs. I forgot which city it was lol.
Anonymous  16/03/17 Чтв 06:39:51  15286
Its Aleppo lol. Footage is Daesh btw.
Anonymous  19/03/17 Вск 07:14:16  15438
This is the best r8 thread EVER


Anonymous  19/03/17 Вск 07:18:42  15439


Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 08:45:26  17947
14930127264560.jpg (221Кб, 1200x800)
14930127264611.jpg (66Кб, 1200x800)

me rate Anonymous  05/03/17 Вск 17:19:34  14645   [Reply]
14887235748180.png (557Кб, 1600x960)
14887235748351.png (463Кб, 1600x960)
me rate
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Anonymous  23/04/17 Вск 19:04:34  17896
True russian is finn+mongol.
Anonymous  23/04/17 Вск 19:23:27  17898
Shut up.
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 05:27:41  17931
I'm so sry. *True russian is finn+mongol+tatar+uzbek+kazakh.
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 08:11:07  17939
Lol "chuvash"
I could not read ершы the first time
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 08:13:26  17941
Fuck! Not "ершы" and "this"

I make meme, rate. Anonymous  23/04/17 Вск 21:21:30  17905   [Reply]
14929716903260.jpg (457Кб, 800x800)
I make meme, rate.
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Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 00:02:52  17922
lol, the quote is from another song and what a song that is:
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 01:32:12  17925
I don't really have an opinion on Navalny. I just can't understand why do we need 2 threads on main page simultaniuosly. With 2 or 3 more threads slowly sinking.
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 02:45:26  17926
14929911263940.jpg (10Кб, 233x288)
Because there are never enough Navalny threads, isn't it obvious`?
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 02:53:48  17927
14929916284420.jpg (14Кб, 480x360)
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 06:17:27  17934
Because these faggots get shut down in every single thread, and thats why they need to make a new one to shill harder ))

WHO DIS? Anonymous  23/03/17 Чтв 19:18:28  15677   [Reply]
14902859084560.png (2380Кб, 1532x1533)
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Anonymous  21/04/17 Птн 13:48:40  17785
14927717208220.jpg (12Кб, 400x306)
14927717208221.jpg (288Кб, 640x531)
Anonymous  21/04/17 Птн 14:49:15  17789
>>15677 (OP)
This is pidor
Anonymous  21/04/17 Птн 15:38:25  17795
>>15677 (OP)
shit in your piss
Anonymous  21/04/17 Птн 15:38:42  17796
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 00:28:34  17923
14929829144940.jpg (350Кб, 1600x1200)
14929829145021.jpg (492Кб, 1600x1200)
14929829145142.jpg (45Кб, 600x450)
14929829145153.jpg (183Кб, 1280x960)

redpill me on oxxxymiron Anonymous  23/04/17 Вск 09:17:42  17880   [Reply]
14929282624090.jpg (110Кб, 970x647)
redpill me on oxxxymiron
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Anonymous  23/04/17 Вск 10:05:16  17883
Anonymous  23/04/17 Вск 10:08:48  17884
>>17880 (OP)
talented but degenerate (typical jewish combination)
Anonymous  23/04/17 Вск 10:10:23  17885
and I'm not saying all jews are talented, but this one probably is
Anonymous  23/04/17 Вск 13:44:27  17889
eto nol nol vosem pomi pamyatnyi datu, mi vas raznosim budto v cirke sahanuy vatu
Anonymous  23/04/17 Вск 23:53:05  17921
Just looking at his ebalo you can tell his a fucking Jew.

If the USA had a name (like Spain, Russia, Brazil etc.) instead of an acronym, what name it will be? the paras and pirus name  28/03/17 Втр 19:11:12  16144   [Reply]
14907174725570.jpg (142Кб, 650x487)
If the USA had a name (like Spain, Russia, Brazil etc.) instead of an acronym, what name it will be?

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Anonymous  16/04/17 Вск 21:31:47  17461
>>16144 (OP)
Anonymous  18/04/17 Втр 18:34:14  17617
Necessary for what?
Anonymous  18/04/17 Втр 19:01:42  17622
Anonymous  18/04/17 Втр 23:08:44  17652
I need a book from the local library, go and take a picture of it and send a photo
Anonymous  23/04/17 Вск 18:24:44  17895
>>16144 (OP)

GOD BLESS ISRAEL! Anonymous  10/12/16 Суб 07:44:25  8572   [Reply]
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Anonymous  21/04/17 Птн 16:34:43  17798
Anonymous  23/04/17 Вск 06:01:08  17877
Anonymous  23/04/17 Вск 14:13:52  17891
Так так, откуда здесь все эти гои?
Anonymous  24/04/17 Пнд 04:38:30  17930
гой, дал в ебло тебе ногой