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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board. ## Mod ## 09/10/16 Вск 18:32:39 616 Ответ
(127Кб, 495x333)

Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board.

There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Please, abstain from using this board as your file hosting. Due to ban on suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above.

Thank you for attention.

Reddit Anonymous  27/03/20 Птн 16:24:26 65698 Ответ
ca38938.jpg (891Кб, 985x1296)
What worthy subreddits can you advise?
Anonymous  29/03/20 Вск 12:40:08 65728
Why murrica is so fucking dumb? Anonymous  13/10/19 Вск 19:16:12 61909 Ответ
myman.jpg (35Кб, 570x380)
Why murrica is so fucking dumb?
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Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 15:12:08 65672
Stop whining and answer question strait, murica!
Anonymous  26/03/20 Чтв 12:50:47 65683
Anonymous  26/03/20 Чтв 12:58:04 65684
Please use proper units.
>smash you
That’s literally all what you can do? Like “Hulk smash”? It shows your intelligence as well
Anonymous  29/03/20 Вск 10:59:53 65726
>>61909 (OP)
When we colonized the continent we brought a bunch of monkeys over who had a collective IQ of slightly higher than a goldfish because we didn't want to work the fields ourselves. Then, a few centuries later, we brought in a bunch of debt-slave subhuman insectoids to build our railroads. Then, treasonous anti-white marxists have been bringing in a bunch of Mexicans so they can buy their votes with welfare. Somewhere along the line, retards thought it would be a good idea to give all these people votes and citizenship.
Anonymous  29/03/20 Вск 12:38:38 65727
Hi, i'm from finland and i want to learn russian language. Does anyone have good tips? Anonymous  12/03/20 Чтв 18:22:53 65424 Ответ
image.png (76Кб, 533x260)
Hi, i'm from finland and i want to learn russian language. Does anyone have good tips?
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Пропущено 12 постов.
Anonymous  27/03/20 Птн 08:04:36 65694
>>65424 (OP)
Sup. I’m learning Suomi with YouTube and suomen mestati just do the same.
There’s only one problem Russia can’t into exercise books
Anonymous  27/03/20 Птн 18:19:08 65700
У хохла забыли спросить.
Anonymous  27/03/20 Птн 18:22:13 65701
> watch series in the language you're trying to learn.
> russian
Anonymous  29/03/20 Вск 10:44:07 65724
Sounds pretty good although a lot of effort. Another good thing would be to play the Russian version of video games. There's a patch online for TES Oblivion that I used. An RPG like Oblivion is a good learning tool for beginners because everything is labeled. You look at a plate on a table, it tells you in the corner that it's a plate. Also, all the speech has subtitles, which is also useful for beginners.
Anonymous  29/03/20 Вск 10:44:46 65725
>>65424 (OP)
Дед 90 лет с бабкой решил заняться сексом,вскарабкался на неё и кряхтит пыхтит...,ничего не получается,попробовал сменить позу-опять облом,закинулся виагрой..,бесполезно...,провозился 3 часа...результат 0.В итоге вскакивает с кровати и кричит:грёбанный П?тин...,чтоб он сдох..........бабка крестится и спрашивает: а П*тин тут причём????...Дед: нуууууу, при Брежневе такого не было
Girls speaking Русский Anonymous  28/03/20 Суб 16:59:02 65715 Ответ
1562472699544.webm (2125Кб, 480x854, 00:00:14)
15666828535680.mp4 (1833Кб, 540x960, 00:00:15)
15715623876710.webm (8373Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:36)
Im learning Russian.
I'd like to listen to Russian while I watch pretty women.
Clothing optional
Anonymous  28/03/20 Суб 20:03:02 65716
bbc anal
Anonymous  29/03/20 Вск 08:16:23 65722
Anonymous  29/03/20 Вск 08:34:57 65723
You'll never be European Anonymous  23/03/20 Пнд 21:30:31 65632 Ответ
ppp.jfif (8Кб, 211x239)
You'll never be European
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Anonymous  24/03/20 Втр 18:04:19 65650
Anonymous  24/03/20 Втр 23:57:08 65656
Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 00:04:19 65657
15850815866450[[...].jpg (93Кб, 1080x1435)
Anonymous  27/03/20 Птн 00:58:24 65690
>>65632 (OP)
Russia is russia. We have nothing to do with europe or asia.
Anonymous  29/03/20 Вск 02:32:13 65721
It is a depressing g prospect
how to i stop self loathing 2ch called me ugly =.( Anonymous  05/07/19 Птн 15:30:24 59848 Ответ
2019-07-05-1403[...].jpg (92Кб, 960x720)
how to i stop self loathing

2ch called me ugly =.(
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Пропущено 35 постов, 5 с картинками.
Anonymous  15/03/20 Вск 01:16:11 65463
Anonymous  15/03/20 Вск 03:11:38 65465
Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 04:42:45 65660
Quit the internet.
Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 18:24:14 65677
Anonymous  29/03/20 Вск 01:02:43 65720
Where is /int FAP THREAD? Anonymous  18/10/19 Птн 09:12:02 61993 Ответ
1fcb415c7a9304b[...].mp4 (10992Кб, 640x480, 00:02:17)
Where is /int FAP THREAD?
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Anonymous  23/03/20 Пнд 22:55:34 65633
242cd67b2fc52ac[...].mp4 (14138Кб, 960x540, 00:00:31)
f10df399a0b02d2[...].mp4 (2062Кб, 768x432, 00:00:38)
Anonymous  27/03/20 Птн 22:19:19 65703
1585267279433.webm (2804Кб, 480x352, 00:01:05)
Anonymous  28/03/20 Суб 06:49:17 65708
TAKE ACTION v1.png (431Кб, 993x2207)
Anonymous  28/03/20 Суб 15:38:51 65714
Why are there mostly blows?
Anonymous  28/03/20 Суб 23:17:00 65719
Roskomnadzor blocked krautchan. Proxy is not an option, wat do? Anonymous  28/03/20 Суб 09:24:01 65713 Ответ
KC is ban.jpg (66Кб, 929x360)
mildly depresse[...].jpg (73Кб, 604x453)
Roskomnadzor blocked krautchan. Proxy is not an option, wat do?
Anonymous  28/03/20 Суб 22:06:29 65718
>>65713 (OP)
i do not allow you to visit such websites.

t roskomnadzor employee
first vol. of moldavian doomer music Anonymous  07/03/20 Суб 21:42:28 65336 Ответ
fine.jpg (2374Кб, 1980x1080)
Anonymous  09/03/20 Пнд 03:52:24 65361
really cool thanks man
Anonymous  09/03/20 Пнд 10:37:09 65365
Anonymous  09/03/20 Пнд 19:48:04 65369
Anonymous  14/03/20 Суб 13:53:30 65446
Ебать параша блевотная, уж лучше хиты с централки слушать.
Anonymous  28/03/20 Суб 20:19:45 65717
SCOOTER LIVE CONCERT Anonymous  27/03/20 Птн 23:35:57 65704 Ответ
1532665710635-0.jpg (24Кб, 295x382)
1452200275001.gif (205Кб, 500x500)
1498946429002.jpg (24Кб, 300x223)
Anonymous  28/03/20 Суб 09:09:16 65712
652.jpg (12Кб, 250x250)
800 dead in one day in Italy WTF went so wrong Anonymous  21/03/20 Суб 21:00:54 65591 Ответ
1584562597691.jpg (63Кб, 584x643)
800 dead in one day in Italy

WTF went so wrong
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Пропущено 4 постов, 2 с картинками.
Anonymous  22/03/20 Вск 16:18:37 65603
S1a6lNrjjuAQ14v[...].png (800Кб, 960x701)
that's okay my good man - i can barely distinguish irish from spaghetty western

>tfw flag is bleached by a sun
>automatically get irish citizenship
that's how it works, right?
Anonymous  27/03/20 Птн 01:09:55 65691
Anonymous  27/03/20 Птн 21:55:59 65702
BorisJohnsonoff[...].jpg (1179Кб, 1082x1559)
WTF 919 dead in Italy

And Boris Johnson has it too
Anonymous  28/03/20 Суб 09:02:58 65710
Anonymous  28/03/20 Суб 09:03:57 65711
why do russians hate poland? Anonymous  02/02/20 Вск 12:21:02 64498 Ответ
anonek.jpg (122Кб, 622x702)
why do russians hate poland?
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Пропущено 46 постов, 5 с картинками.
Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 12:14:29 65668
Pretty sure there is no hate unless it is generate by mass media and idiots, why the fuck would I hate Polish people?
Anonymous  27/03/20 Птн 14:57:36 65697
>>64498 (OP)
Dunno why Russkis but for me Polaks have pretty basic and cattle driven life. it's very depressing. got few international channels and all your ads are pharmacy products and all you have is a good music taste but still shit music production.

either your channels are shilling or you people really have extremely depressing and purposeless existence.
Anonymous  28/03/20 Суб 04:03:26 65706
сарматы-358x230.jpg (24Кб, 358x230)
сарматы 31919513.jpg (185Кб, 1000x1200)
bejzhidapolitru[...].jpg (82Кб, 700x484)
Reptiloidocracy.jpg (97Кб, 587x467)
because they are now pro american anti-russian separatists and runned by not racially pure not are 100% nordic aryan half-jews ;-) and christan religion is controlled by an anti-human freemasons and reptilian aliens from underworld and Nibiru and it is anti-russian: christians are modern "rome", russians are modern "barbarians" :-), and we do not hate simple polish people, we are the same blood, people and race, especially we love beautiful polish girls and women. even germany and scandinavia was a parts and kingdoms in ancient pre-christian russian eurasian empire, ryurik was russian king from cape Arkona, we are the slavik-baltic (I am) branch of aryan race and are in same indo-european language and national family.
Anonymous  28/03/20 Суб 05:17:44 65707
Anonymous  28/03/20 Суб 08:31:39 65709
Leave your shit hole of a country. Come live in prosperity, come where social benefits Anonymous  12/03/20 Чтв 03:23:23 65413 Ответ
250px-Suomenlip[...].png (102Кб, 250x319)
pepeeiisänmaata.jpg (56Кб, 1000x728)
238c545b.jpg (65Кб, 650x434)
gigaputin.jpg (30Кб, 552x397)
Leave your shit hole of a country. Come live in prosperity, come where social benefits amount to 65884 rubles a month. Send money home whatever. Come and get paid 247068 a month for skilled labor. Also, it's not grey and poor. Bring your sisters though. Love ya'll crazy ruskies
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Пропущено 13 постов, 6 с картинками.
Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 22:36:47 65678
Sorry Mika, I used to watch other people berrypicking rather than doing it by myself.
Anonymous  26/03/20 Чтв 13:06:58 65686
Way better than Germany Franz so relax
Anonymous  26/03/20 Чтв 17:42:17 65687
>>65413 (OP)
It would be hard for me to learn finnish since it doesn't belong to indoeuropean language family
Anonymous  26/03/20 Чтв 18:22:39 65688
>>65413 (OP)
Kyllä kyllä!!! Ottaa minua!!! Mä haluan !!!! Opiskelen teidän kieli!!!
Anonymous  28/03/20 Суб 00:41:18 65705
Crimerussia Anonymous  23/03/20 Пнд 06:55:00 65617 Ответ
tFpnjrMk400x400.jpg (9Кб, 400x400)
Did the journalist running get killed? The website reported on Vors, Buisnessmen and politics and vanished.
Anonymous  24/03/20 Втр 01:17:57 65637
Anonymous  24/03/20 Втр 13:36:00 65647
>he got died
is it a new polski way to speak London or it's just a new sort of polish humor?
just kidding, brat
Anonymous  24/03/20 Втр 18:26:36 65652
that's not very nice, bruv
Anonymous  24/03/20 Втр 20:03:27 65653
not a hate speech, brat as a brother
Anonymous  27/03/20 Птн 17:07:11 65699
pirvet ja dolbajob)))) Anonymous  26/03/20 Чтв 02:58:12 65681 Ответ
DRYŃ DRYŃ PARÓW[...].jpg (120Кб, 1051x931)
pirvet ja dolbajob))))
Anonymous  27/03/20 Птн 11:44:23 65696
3a1-KKkStvE.jpg (10Кб, 348x347)
Dzien dobry, jak leci?
Суды при Анкап :) Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 09:31:54 65662 Ответ
kak-budut-rabot[...].png (155Кб, 1000x1000)
Суды при Анкап :)
Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 22:54:52 65679
>>65662 (OP)
он такой и есть, есть бабло нету суда.
Anonymous  27/03/20 Птн 08:30:02 65695
GwFbmo29r0.jpg (136Кб, 650x670)
As if it's not universally so. As if it's not globally so.
Only now you have to pay more than half of what you earn to those who steal from you and tell you what you cannot do.
Help me, guys. I am a student in foreign language faculty and i need to find the Anonymous  04/03/20 Срд 00:58:44 65255 Ответ
image.png (58Кб, 225x225)
Help me, guys.
I am a student in foreign language faculty and i need to find the difference between cereal, cornflakes and porridge in English as it is part of my home assignment. But the difficulty is that in Russian language there is no other words for this. We say "хлопья", for all the types of this food, commonly this word is used for something like Nesquik. I will be grateful if someone can explain the difference between cereal, cornflakes and porridge, please.
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Пропущено 7 постов, 1 с картинками.
Anonymous  07/03/20 Суб 00:42:47 65318
>>65255 (OP)
>I am a student
Why ? Just go get a normal job and stack money.
Anonymous  07/03/20 Суб 11:29:47 65321
did someone just say freedom?
Anonymous  10/03/20 Втр 06:30:38 65384
No it was just smell of burger, merica, move along.
Anonymous  10/03/20 Втр 21:38:55 65396
Anonymous  27/03/20 Птн 01:24:32 65692
hh.png (1789Кб, 1242x945)
BonbiBonkers General Anonymous  02/11/19 Суб 21:03:09 62308 Ответ
15726822642610.png (973Кб, 1080x1911)
1080x1911 (515 Videos) (334 Posts) (embed)

WebM Pack:!C1szUahY!wAozqblbJ7ivdfm5kd6IEw (WebMs, 60fps, no longer updated)
Chronology Pack:!gJ1AlYwJ!TFORcOzEIEERs19J7b97LQ (MP4s, Instagram Pics & Stories)
Misc. stuff:!tREl2QwJ!Fw2wzaTPeluUpKpnJefkSQ (Edits, Memes)

Useful links:

- 2 New Coraline videos
- She streamed on Twitch in Witch Mercy cosplay - (also available in Streams pack)
- New story, announcing a break (and some cosplays) -
- Instagram profile updated -
Пропущено 228 постов
90 с картинками.
Пропущено 228 постов, 90 с картинками.
Anonymous  18/02/20 Втр 17:47:10 64927
15819922374870.mp4 (2466Кб, 360x640, 00:00:15)
Anonymous  19/02/20 Срд 00:46:16 64937
Anonymous  25/02/20 Втр 06:17:15 65062
15825296164224.mp4 (8460Кб, 576x1024, 00:00:59)
Anonymous  25/02/20 Втр 07:23:58 65063
Anonymous  26/03/20 Чтв 20:31:07 65689
Do you still love Bonby?
Hello Finns! How do you feel about other Finno-Ugric peoples, including those living in Russia? Anonymous  28/02/18 Срд 01:37:51 29041 Ответ
FlagofFinland.png (0Кб, 250x153)
Hello Finns! How do you feel about other Finno-Ugric peoples, including those living in Russia?
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24 с картинками.
Пропущено 95 постов, 24 с картинками.
Anonymous  13/03/20 Птн 04:49:44 65432
14167741377920.jpg (29Кб, 453x604)
Jebat, djwa goda mojemu tredu!
Anonymous  14/03/20 Суб 21:39:43 65455
Anonymous  14/03/20 Суб 22:14:32 65458
Anonymous  26/03/20 Чтв 03:56:16 65682
Anonymous  26/03/20 Чтв 13:04:15 65685
Suomi on paras maa. Mä rakastan suomalaiset paljon!
Anteeksi mun huono kieli ystävät!
Draw Thread #2 Anonymous  04/03/20 Срд 22:52:59 65269 Ответ
Untitled-21-Rec[...].jpg (2415Кб, 2945x3009)
Untitled-233243[...].jpg (1595Кб, 2035x2228)
382f128eec74969[...].jpg (145Кб, 2048x1152)
1580753940912.gif (163Кб, 494x332)
Draw or sketch anything you wish and have fun ITT, friends.

Pic related, I drew Trump but have been procrastinating ever since drawing him.
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3 с картинками.
Пропущено 1 постов, 3 с картинками.
Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 09:35:59 65663
dadasda.png (140Кб, 800x600)
sketch(3).png (73Кб, 800x600)
sketch(1).png (67Кб, 800x600)
dasdasdadad.png (14Кб, 800x600)
Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 09:36:23 65664
dadasda.png (140Кб, 800x600)
sketch(3).png (73Кб, 800x600)
sketch(1).png (67Кб, 800x600)
dasdasdadad.png (14Кб, 800x600)
Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 09:38:41 65665
dadasda.png (140Кб, 800x600)
sketch(3).png (73Кб, 800x600)
sketch(1).png (67Кб, 800x600)
dasdasdadad.png (14Кб, 800x600)
Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 09:40:46 65666
Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 23:53:13 65680
is that a Half Life 2 Strider in the third one ?
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