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This board focuses on international friendship and cultural exchange.
I just have remember to you: ANIMESHIT IS FOR FAGGOTS! Anonymous  18/07/22 Пнд 08:56:49 100964 Ответ
Draving (eng).png 710Кб, 1400x1020
I just have remember to you: ANIMESHIT IS FOR FAGGOTS!
Anonymous  20/07/22 Срд 13:34:21 101018
Anonymous  20/07/22 Срд 14:48:39 101021
Anonymous  22/07/22 Птн 12:17:18 101072
Hello Russians of 2ch, I need some advice. First of all, I&#39;m Russian (whatever Anonymous  06/07/22 Срд 18:14:57 100743 Ответ
1628148756074.jpg 228Кб, 1080x1080
Hello Russians of 2ch, I need some advice.

First of all, I'm Russian (whatever that means), came at age 5 to the West. I can read and speak Russian. I just don't like it. (I will explain).

I came with my single mom who divorced my dad. I'm not mad at him for whatever he did during their marriage. I'm mad that he never wrote me a single letter which caused me to have low self-esteem and self-hatred my entire life. I never wanted any money. Just 1 single proof that he cared about me. I literally would even help him with money today.

Do you have any theories why that is? Is writing letters really that expensive in Russia? Not a single one, seriously? Btw, I know that he has a new family, so he's not starving or anything.

This really is a burden, because it causes me to be confused about my identity and darkens my view of humans in general and my view of Russia as well. Was he perhaps jealous of me?

I have no contact with Russians outside my family. And I speak Russian only because of them, so maybe it's a cultural thing. Just what the hell? How can you be so evil to not write your son letters? I know that my mom divorced him but women are just fucking retarded. It wasn't my fucking fault. It really fucks with my head. Your own flesh and blood. Your own son. And he behaved like a fucking nigger and ignored me. I'm so fucking ashamed.

Thanks for your potential input. And to my dad: I hope you fucking burn in hell, I really mean with all my fucking heart. I'm high IQ, I could be fucking rich. All I need is more self-esteem which you denied me my entire life. Fucking subhuman slavic bastard.
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Anonymous  11/07/22 Пнд 18:02:40 100818
Tired of this German loser with snot to the floor.Let him drown in the Baltic Sea, worm
Anonymous  11/07/22 Пнд 19:06:26 100823
>Tired of this German loser with snot to the floor
He's one of you animals you fucking imbecile xD
Anonymous  12/07/22 Втр 11:52:26 100835
He has german citizenship and has been living in germany since childhood.So the imbecile here is you and this german
Anonymous  12/07/22 Втр 17:40:28 100839
Of course, which is why he spent so much time defending the war xD he is one of you and he is a perfect representation of who you are xD I said before that r*ssians don't have families, only a collection of people who fuck each other xD
Anonymous  18/07/22 Пнд 04:46:42 100952
>>100743 (OP)
yeah its easy your mom is a filthy lying whore and she cheat on your father so he doenst want to know her and you, its so simple as that
zika Anonymous  20/07/22 Срд 07:07:17 101014 Ответ
Screen Shot 202[...].png 2185Кб, 1406x1016
Anonymous  20/07/22 Срд 12:31:36 101016
>>101014 (OP)
Z in circle means Zalupa(Penisgland) it means its time to fuck/having romantic relationship
who is more ugly poles or rusians? Anonymous  16/05/22 Пнд 15:07:51 98937 Ответ
poliaki.jpg 772Кб, 2640x1829
who is more ugly
poles or rusians?
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Anonymous  16/05/22 Пнд 20:50:34 98960
you know last time i've bben thinking we men are incredible untermensch. all men, and it doesnd depend on ur ethnicity race etc. read KC - germoids are one of the most sexist, homophobic, wild subhuman cockroaches I have ever seen on the internet.
the fact is women are more kind, adorable, merciful, compassionate and intelligent than men.
literally the most attractive man is considered the most feminine of men
What about men? Disgusting, stupid and proud of their stupidity, cringe ridicilous, rude
it's very very sad.
Anonymous  12/07/22 Втр 11:28:58 100833
Screenshot20220[...].jpg 113Кб, 720x821
Anonymous  18/07/22 Пнд 05:07:56 100958
ukraina putina.jpg 2795Кб, 4000x3000
Anonymous  18/07/22 Пнд 05:09:25 100959
>the fact is women are more kind, adorable, merciful, compassionate and intelligent than men.
>the fact is women are more kind, adorable, merciful, compassionate and intelligent than men
what a bullshit you moron, womans are filthy lying deception pigs
Anonymous  19/07/22 Втр 18:31:00 101002
Кот.jpg 3Кб, 127x170
>>98937 (OP)
Конечно ляхи.
Если это провокационный тред, то я ещё сильнее в этом убеждаюсь.

Of course poles.
And if it`s provocative thread, i am even more convinced of this.
Imagine die welt without op-pic Anonymous  03/07/22 Вск 14:07:20 100656 Ответ
7730b61adbc3253[...].jpeg 120Кб, 1024x767
Imagine die welt without op-pic
Anonymous  16/07/22 Суб 16:01:23 100899
i (9).jpeg 151Кб, 1022x741
Anonymous  16/07/22 Суб 16:02:38 100900
scale1200.png 1346Кб, 1200x939
I will give anything for her. I would kill for her. I would die for her. I&#39;m going to learn russian, become a billionaire, then ask her to be my girlfriend. We will marry afterwards and live happily ever after. Anonymous  15/06/22 Срд 06:33:34 100298 Ответ
281740134381679[...].jpg 170Кб, 1080x1350
274218982666775[...].jpg 188Кб, 1080x1350
270295073416404[...].jpg 186Кб, 1080x1298
283427425728266[...].jpg 151Кб, 1080x1350
I will give anything for her.
I would kill for her.
I would die for her.
I'm going to learn russian, become a billionaire, then ask her to be my girlfriend. We will marry afterwards and live happily ever after.
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Anonymous  16/06/22 Чтв 00:57:29 100329
what do i have to do with war you retard ? iam at home, never voted in my life, not politcian. i have never been to military^^

you are a shizo xD
Anonymous  24/06/22 Птн 09:24:51 100481
Anonymous  06/07/22 Срд 22:58:19 100750
>Im going to learn russian, become a billionaire
Uhhh, I think there are a few more steps between that, anon.
Anonymous  14/07/22 Чтв 18:39:04 100872
Anonymous  14/07/22 Чтв 23:13:30 100876
&gt;biblically accurate angels &gt;soul vs soulless &gt;nintendo is the only developer Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 01:50:16 100575 Ответ
8301 - angry an[...].gif 468Кб, 577x474
>biblically accurate angels
>soul vs soulless
>nintendo is the only developer making games not movies
>immersive sims
>gameplay loop
>____: a critique
>the rise and fall of ____
>a good ____ but a bad ____
>eceleb "drama"
>racing games
>so bad it's good
>board culture
>worker's rights
>story in a game is like story in a porn movie... It's not that important
>trust the science
>biblical references are bad
>just let people enjoy things
>lesbians are based
>trans rights
>prostitution should be legalized
>its called being a decent human being
>fact checking
>board games
>popular bad - not popular good
>drugs should be legal
>male manipulator
>tv show
>a fucking pandemic
>it's almost as if
>international laws
>antibullying laws
>true communism just hasn't been tried yet
>Pewdiepie said nigger, he is based
>Black Lives Matter
>maybe, just maybe
>sexual assault
>educate yourself
>rape is bad even though women love it
>slice of life
>you can't just criticize what you don't like
>likable characters
>pirating indie games is immoral
>its fun with friends
>abortion is not a murder
>you don't shout fire in a crowded theater
>/tv/ is a bad board
>racism outside /b/ not allowed
>christianity/mormonism/scientology is just like a cult
>only aggressive niggers are bad
>who hurt you
>if you hate something, that means you actually like it
>old good - new bad
>I don't really care about politics, it makes me unhappy
>it's not rocket science
>wow, just wow
>reporting soijak spammers isnt reddit
>it's ok to watch cartoons as an adult
>jumpscares = bad
>John Wick
>literally me
>mental illness
>trope threads
>toxic masculinity
>reject modernity
>vote with your wallet
>it's ok to cry to movies
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 14:54:13 100590
>>100575 (OP)
>worker's rights
>trust the science
>biblical references are bad
>international laws
>true communism just hasn't been tried yet
>abortion is not a murder
>christianity/mormonism/scientology is just like a cult
What's wrong?
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 23:42:28 100602
1613460947800.gif 1871Кб, 306x306
>>worker's rights
>>trust the science
>>biblical references are bad
>>international laws
>>true communism just hasn't been tried yet
>>abortion is not a murder
>>christianity/mormonism/scientology is just like a cult
>What's wrong?
Anonymous  02/07/22 Суб 01:17:04 100630
⠀⠀⠀⠑⡀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⡔⠁
Anonymous  12/07/22 Втр 10:34:42 100831
soystein.jpg 310Кб, 1075x1058
1. country
2. do you look like this

Pilgrimage Anonymous  17/06/22 Птн 00:43:24 100363 Ответ
peregrinosfotoo[...].jpg 125Кб, 1024x576
280188549714538[...].jpg 123Кб, 900x473
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Anonymous  09/07/22 Суб 23:15:19 100791
вв  09/07/22 Суб 23:15:58 100792
Anonymous  09/07/22 Суб 23:18:14 100793
>walk some distance to visit places supposedly related to god which does not even exist
Retards with too much free time.
Anonymous  10/07/22 Вск 00:26:38 100794
2560px-English.jpg 626Кб, 1024x724
2560px-Russian.jpg 623Кб, 1024x724
Anonymous  10/07/22 Вск 13:10:04 100802
Ohuet. I almost never walk more than one day, so 30-40 km is the maximum for me.
Jung Freud from Gunbuster Anonymous  13/06/22 Пнд 16:06:27 100236 Ответ
image.png 314Кб, 628x488
image.png 794Кб, 719x992
image.png 485Кб, 640x400
image.png 689Кб, 868x1228
Holy fuck, you guys have no clue how hard I want to impregnate her. Just imagine, you're on top of her, your cock sliding in and outside her warm, wet, and welcoming vagina. She gently caresses and scratches your nape, you lean in passionately kiss, feeling her soft lips and tongue. Your rythm starts increasing, you're thrusting faster and faster alongside her increasingly louder and faster moaning. She screams in pleasure as she orgasms, you can feel like her orgasmic palpitations gripping hard on your cock as you yourself ejaculate inside of her. You fill up her womb with your sperm, painting her insides with your white life juice, planting your seed in her womb. Then you cuddle together and sleep soundly, fully feeling the romantic bond between each other and the life you have created.
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Anonymous  13/06/22 Пнд 19:50:23 100252
image.png 148Кб, 229x350
I wanted this book in physical format.
Anonymous  14/06/22 Втр 01:04:06 100267
image.png 753Кб, 700x1138
I like to...
Party with my peeps
Cruise 'n creep
Playin' three card monte on these crazy streets
Straight hustler, I'm gonna scam in a minute
So low to the floor pick the pocket on a midget
Slick shyster, The pest-meister
Livin' life in Miami's Vice
"Myah see, nobody messin' with the frog, see
Where's your Messiah now?"
Na na na na na na na na na na na na
"Nice lady I'm hurting I'm hurting
I'm sexy but I'm hurting
Alright already"
I'm ridica-licka-lous
Like a booger I stick to this
Take a whiff of this
One stinky dinky, ha ha ha
Two stinky dinky, ha ha ha
(Voodoo mambo, chili congo)
Old school beat meets Latin freak and you don't stop
(Voodoo mambo, chili congo)
Old school beat meets Latin freak and you don't quit, and you don't stop
(Voodoo mambo, chili congo)

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the slickest of them all?
It's the schemingest, keenest, scam artist
God it's so hard to be modest!
Jack might be nimble but I'm a sex symbol
So slick I stole the wick from his candlestick
"I'm in the mood to scam
Simply because I can!"
I'm a Latin Houdini
Disappear in a flash with your cash
And I'm back like a genie
"Hey Lucy, I'm home
Don't do that to me Lucy!"
Freak to the east, freak to the west
Great big booties and big chest
Then yes, ya'll it's like that
"Why certainly, nyuk-nyuk-nyuk"
Get stupid get retarded
Cuz Pest'll get the party started
"Which way did he go, George?
"Which way did he go?"
Funkadocious, groovalicious, atrocious
"What a maroon! What a maroon!
What a freak! What a sucker-butt!"
I'm a man of a million disguises
I'm as crazy as they make 'em, shake 'em, or bake 'em
So scientific, hate to be specific
E equals M C squared (You sit there!)
Multiply, divide it, slide up inside it
Blend it, mix it
Damn, I'm terrific!
Anonymous  14/06/22 Втр 03:37:54 100268
Ganha noção
Levanta pesos
Toma banho
Sai de casa.

Regain insight. Pull weights. Take a bath. Leave home
Anonymous  14/06/22 Втр 18:58:32 100283
image.png 304Кб, 600x584
Anonymous  09/07/22 Суб 02:48:33 100776
America Number One Anonymous  02/07/22 Суб 11:07:17 100642 Ответ
1654687865987.png 851Кб, 1024x912
Hey you ruskie bastards, I just wanted to let you know that us Americans have developed a secret weapon that will defeat you in Ukraine once and for all. The weapon parts are being assembled in Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon, Los Angeles California, San Francisco California, Oakland California, San Diego California, Buffalo New York, New York New York, Austin Texas, Boston Massachusetts, Chicago Illinois, Detroit Michigan, New Orleans Louisiana, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Baltimore Maryland, Minneapolis Minnesota, St. Louis Missouri, Denver Colorado, and of course Washington D.C. you will never stop us and you will never be able to nuke all of these cities. Because you would need to turn each one of them into radioactive glass to ensure the survival of Russia. EVERY SINGLE ONE.
Please Anonymous  02/07/22 Суб 11:11:02 100643
Nuking Houston Texas, Dallas Texas, St. Paul Minnesota, and Spokane Washington too wouldn't hurt your chances for survival... Just saying.
Anonymous  04/07/22 Пнд 04:05:03 100674
Anonymous  07/07/22 Чтв 17:56:29 100766
>>100642 (OP)
>I just wanted to let you know that us Americans have developed a secret weapon that will defeat you in Ukraine once and for all.

Gay-nigger bomb?
Anonymous  07/07/22 Чтв 19:56:16 100767
Lithuania doesn't give a flying fuck about you and you are threatening to take Alaska from the US? You are all a bunch of pathetic little rats that should be squished into bloody pulps xD
I hate my fucking faggot country poland for tolerating faggotry russia is more based when it comes for hating on lgbt sickos Anonymous  03/06/22 Птн 05:29:37 99851 Ответ
miesionc-dumy.jpg 1709Кб, 2000x3303
I hate my fucking faggot country poland for tolerating faggotry
russia is more based when it comes for hating on lgbt sickos
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Anonymous  23/06/22 Чтв 10:28:21 100463
>>99851 (OP)
Hate about lgbt. Its propoganda putin, no more.
For this, you will spend your whole life in poverty and the russian elite will accept all lgbt minorities. You just won' t have a voice anymore. It will be imossible for poor to have lgbt rights, because you will join the army to die for the interests of the government.
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 19:05:40 100595
>>99851 (OP)
No you shizo, in the russia you will get raped by kadirovtsy and they will claim themselves a straight people and you will be labeled as fuckin gay.
If you will say something about white race what Party dislike (e.g. - that chechens and churkas are fucken muslim and non-white) you will be jailed. And then raped. While raping you they will tell you how they hate all you fuckin fags and anti-white traitors.

Deal with it
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 20:02:29 100597
Buy vaseline, I'll fuck delusional white supremacy ideas out of you, my pee pee's white juice will be your favorite drink.
>>99851 (OP)
You too, I'll make you both my sweety boys and take care of your itchy holes in a based, heterosexual way.
Anonymous  06/07/22 Срд 22:52:58 100749
image.png 1807Кб, 1200x798
>>99851 (OP)
its spreading.
I hope that somehow Moravia turns into some radical state that despises faggotry. But thats just a dream, isnt it?
Anonymous  07/07/22 Чтв 16:22:40 100765
>>99851 (OP)
I think that PiS Polish government and Putin's Russian government are in fact surprising ideologically similar. With two main differences: PiS in fact takes this brand of conservatism more seriously, but at the same time is far more restricted in what it actually could do thanks to the membership in EU.
Because of this I find the the typical anti-Russian sentiments of conservative Poles quite hilarious. In a sense I guess it is nice to see a conservative Pole recognizing that.
But on the other hand I certainly could not approve this piece of crap ideology pulling our countries (I am Russian) backwards.
¿Dónde puedo follar con chicas rusas baratas? Anonymous  15/06/22 Срд 22:05:46 100315 Ответ
image.png 20Кб, 225x225
¿Dónde puedo follar con chicas rusas baratas?
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Anonymous  20/06/22 Пнд 19:22:57 100403
Пошёл нахуй, ебанько. Хохлы понимают только такое обращение.
Anonymous  21/06/22 Втр 14:03:22 100419
>>100315 (OP)
> chicas rusas baratas
So it is called "Ukrainians", they filled all of Europe
Anonymous  21/06/22 Втр 14:21:31 100422
He's not a Spaniard, he's a refugee from (as yet) ukrainian Zhmerinka, who's trying to troll
Anonymous  06/07/22 Срд 12:35:08 100733
Определенно нужно этого жида-питуха сдеанонить и отпиздить
Anonymous  06/07/22 Срд 19:04:10 100745
IMG0952.MP4 1173Кб, 352x640, 00:00:13
Is it true that modern Poland was created with the money of German taxpayers? Anonymous  15/06/22 Срд 22:34:46 100321 Ответ
64d4829984.mp4 2325Кб, 576x1082, 00:00:10
16523722881710.mp4 1834Кб, 582x854, 00:00:14
16542758395160.mp4 4188Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:16
Is it true that modern Poland was created with the money of German taxpayers?
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Anonymous  15/06/22 Срд 23:58:24 100326
yachtgirl.jpg 48Кб, 577x1024
>>100321 (OP)
germans have no money, they are realy poor. they dont even have a country, its more of a company/business project.

all the money comes from marshal plan(american taxpayers)to build up western europe as cannonfudder against china and russia. yes firstly china then russia.

the only nation which got real money in europe is france.
poland is british colony, whenever britian wants to keep europe down or buzy, they use poland as instigator.
Anonymous  16/06/22 Чтв 00:39:45 100328
not realy, just fooling you xD
Anonymous  17/06/22 Птн 21:08:06 100375
what does it matter ? you believe what you believe. which is good, but fake.
Anonymous  20/06/22 Пнд 22:04:13 100408
Anonymous  04/07/22 Пнд 18:17:52 100690
SHITCELTS Anonymous  02/06/22 Чтв 12:49:50 99718 Ответ
image 322Кб, 1080x844
image 115Кб, 460x368
image 108Кб, 958x1048
image 478Кб, 1080x898
Why english and other west europeans thinks that they are germans if they are genetically shitcelts? They are cuckolds?
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Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 23:41:20 100601
Anonymous  01/07/22 Птн 13:24:01 100620
Screenshot20220[...].png 271Кб, 1080x1024
Is this one of the main pole posters from kc ? He says meds to me when I post. Anyone on kc might know. miroq@tutanota.com or karakk1@protonmail.com
Anonymous  01/07/22 Птн 22:53:06 100628
Have you tried taking meds as prescribed?
Anonymous  03/07/22 Вск 09:52:08 100652
heshe was say meds to anyone, propably a jewproxy on prescription drugs projekting
Anonymous  04/07/22 Пнд 15:41:17 100685
>>99718 (OP)
So it's the Russians now who are the greatest racists after all?
Wenn das der Führer wüsste, er würde im Grab rotieren.
The cruellest prankster in Ukraine, Major Chernobaev Just griefing, or running an efficient psyop? Discuss https:&#47;&#47;files.catbox.moe&#47;knke9m.mp4 https:&#47;&#47;files.catbox.moe&#47;4xp6sx.mp4 https:&#47;&#47;streamable.com&#47;hznq55 Anonymous  10/06/22 Птн 15:43:36 100179 Ответ
Risitas[1].jpg 37Кб, 337x449
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Anonymous  01/07/22 Птн 16:20:37 100621
Prank calling the people who have invaded you is too far is it. Get a grip, frog.
Anonymous  02/07/22 Суб 01:14:50 100629
You wanna play this ? I'm kind of bored lately, give me your adress and we will see who has the biggest grip
Anonymous  02/07/22 Суб 08:22:43 100634
Anonymous  03/07/22 Вск 11:31:50 100655
Anonymous  04/07/22 Пнд 15:37:46 100684
The babushkas didn't invade Ukraine. I personally think it's tasteless and uncivilized.
Burn them on the battlefield by whatever means you have to use, but don't be cruel to their family for no reason, it won't help the fight.
Putins sickness Anonymous  21/04/22 Чтв 18:59:56 97569 Ответ
e4c973a746f699da.mp4 304Кб, 426x240, 00:00:09
Okay now it is clear Putin is having some neurological symptoms. For 11 minutes he is squeezing the table to hide his shivering. His face looks swollen as fuck and muscle stiffness symptons are clearly visible. Parkinsons was mentioned in media alreadyin 2015? My father had parkinsons and to be honest the symtoms match 100% of his symptoms 5-7 years after diagnosis.


Hypothetically speaking. IF Putins neurological symptoms would go further on the cognitive level and he slowly went delusional. Talking about nonexistent enemies in delirium, suddenly seeing nazis in all countries. What do you think most of his supporters would do? How far should it go until they start questioning him? It seems that he is a tsar like god to many. What would actually happen in Kremlin when people realize he is not cognitively capable anymore?
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Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 16:33:53 100593
It tells how many people die due to various diseases and traumas, it doesn't mention how many of them live in a private house without heating or homeless, so, no, it wouldn't, you'd have done a separate study for that. But there is data on what share of people have what way of heating.
Anonymous  03/07/22 Вск 22:55:43 100666
25152e1b861e04a[...].jpg 184Кб, 2333x3000
Anonymous  03/07/22 Вск 22:56:56 100667
Then explain why I want to move to Russia, if Finland is such a "paradise"?
Anonymous  04/07/22 Пнд 08:48:43 100675
Sun Tsu was full of shit. No sensible person wants to lose good soldiers if they can help it.

Real question you want to ask is how useful are they?
Anonymous  04/07/22 Пнд 15:29:00 100683
1645664267484m.jpg 69Кб, 1024x877
Post suicide stats, Finnfag.

But it's true, Finland is vastly preferable to Russia.
Heck, even India or Pakistan is preferable to Russia.
Not sure about North Korea.


You tell us. I heard people don't die in Russia because Putin forbids it.


You tell us.

Russians don't have that problem. They don't care, as can be seen in the Ukraine. An entire war to feed the ambition of Putin, nobody questions it, least the Russian populous.
The righteous individuals in Russia Anonymous  05/05/22 Чтв 16:26:34 98468 Ответ
värväystoimisto[...].mp4 6021Кб, 264x480, 00:01:47
Hey, anons!

I just wanted to tell you, that I cannot put it into words how much I admire and respect the Russians who do everything destroy Putin's regime. You are true freedom fighters, and you don't only fight for your country, but also for the better world. You are a sign that Russia hasn't yet gone 100% crazy. I expect rest of the Russia to join you, once you show them example. More power to you.

Thank you. My prayers are with you.

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Anonymous  29/06/22 Срд 14:59:53 100567
Is this a copypasta from reddit? Familiar style.
Anonymous  29/06/22 Срд 15:21:42 100569
1656502723524[1].jpg 105Кб, 828x881
Anonymous  29/06/22 Срд 18:15:38 100570

It's not, but I woundn't surprise if there was somewhat the same.

Seriously, what should we praise them for? Before they show their faces, political balance was equal - politics robbed people, people pity politics. It was far from a healthy society, but at least we had free internet, much less censorship in media and all means and instruments to claim for some alternative. And what did they claimed? They constantly keep claiming all but themselves "bydlo", forcing the idea in every place they reach, behaving like a fucking sect, being toxic dickheads towards people they share the citizenship with. They could have given some idea that will unite people, like commies did in the end of Russian Empire era. Instead, they keep shitting their post-irony that "the only way for russian salvation is nuclear purification, falling apart is all that Russia deserves".

Important note here: I blame not even Navalniy or other opposition leaders and evangelists. I blame their direct followers, the ordinary people. It's like with commies: what was written in Marx's "Capital", what was claimed by Lenin, and what we ended up in eventually were three different things: evangelists give ideas, executives corrupt them. Even if we take as an axiom that the opposition evangelists' motives were sincere, it'd just mean that they didn't take into account the nature of people they strive to unite: evil, jealous and greedy. Those people claim they are higher than bydlo, but in fact, they are just the same, the only difference is their erudition, erudition that might eventually break the loop after a couple of generations if applied more softly and tolerably. But they gained it not for fixing things, they gained it under the urge desire of "not being like them", flee from them to the place where everything is fine already. In the end, opposition failed to unite people, it separated them, separated hard. And effect we got now is completely the opposite - one part of people united around a demagogue, who promised protection from these dickheads (and kept this insane promise), and the other part just fled and signed themselves apart from "being Russians", which literally just mean fled away from the responsibility for the shithole we all ended up in.
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 03:30:36 100578
>>98468 (OP)
You literally have a cosplayer as your head of state. Nobody should take you and your sorry ass country seriously faggot
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 04:02:08 100580
You disgusting fucking r*ssian piece of shit xD we will find you and kill you xD
Help me russians Anonymous  14/06/22 Втр 05:12:42 100269 Ответ
876.png 378Кб, 1006x1265
Real talk now. How does one get themselves a Russian girlfriend. All help would be appreciated.
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Anonymous  24/06/22 Птн 00:20:30 100474
You want a house slave! You are a disgusting dicked scum! I hate you!
Anonymous  24/06/22 Птн 02:28:51 100476
Cmon dude
Anonymous  24/06/22 Птн 06:04:45 100478
Nice feelings you have there m8.
Anonymous  24/06/22 Птн 17:37:52 100494
I am not that cruel. I believe in equality atleast in most parts :)

She was smart but I would prefer someone arpund the 20s range
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 02:08:34 100576
>>100269 (OP)
Hello, russian women pro here. After many years of experience with russian women I have developped a very complicated but working way to date russian women, here it is showed step by step :

Step one :(VERY IMPORTANT, DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP) Approach russian woman
Step two : Speak to russian woman
Step three : Organize a date with a russian woman
Step 0.5 (optionnal) : If you want to make it easier, you can go to places where russian women are easy to find, such as Russia.

Congratulations, you got a russian woman. You deserve a medal bernd !
Bydlo thread Anonymous  14/01/22 Птн 13:09:50 91160 Ответ
2B2C69CB-ABB6-4[...].jpeg 135Кб, 800x600
Post bydlo from your own country here
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Anonymous  29/06/22 Срд 01:56:05 100552
>>91160 (OP)
Behave yourself or your bydlo will become our bydlo soon.
Anonymous  29/06/22 Срд 02:56:38 100554
Russkie, stop this silly act. You are a Slav either way, and we both know what Slavic group you're actually of. Don't come any closer, or I'll have to defend my good-smelling mattress by all means available.
Anonymous  29/06/22 Срд 12:45:44 100562
Chavs have been largely replaced by white kids listening to drill music and dressing in a cleaner style of tracksuit, they are not the same.
Anonymous  29/06/22 Срд 13:06:09 100563
Anonymous  29/06/22 Срд 15:02:33 100568
Who is more dangerous, Russians or Ukrainians? Anonymous  28/04/22 Чтв 07:48:02 97989 Ответ
スクリーンショット 2022-[...].png 187Кб, 373x259
Who is more dangerous, Russians or Ukrainians?
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Anonymous  07/06/22 Втр 12:12:21 100115
>>97989 (OP)
they are the same people. ukranians are russians
Anonymous  13/06/22 Пнд 08:47:42 100230
Anonymous  25/06/22 Суб 18:41:19 100507
well germans say poles, ukranians and russia are same scum which must be killed. untill recently no german knew what ukraine is
Anonymous  27/06/22 Пнд 00:47:09 100519
>>97989 (OP)
There is thread on 2ch.hk/ukr where they literally discuss how to spread this fictional story about russian soldier who raped a child.

You can make a conclusion by yourself.
Anonymous  27/06/22 Пнд 09:47:27 100523
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