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You like my ass??? Anonymous  16/08/20 Вск 18:05:52 68447 Ответ
15975781397523.jpg 540Кб, 1158x907
You like my ass???
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Anonymous  18/08/20 Втр 02:14:06 68488
Anonymous  18/08/20 Втр 15:48:42 68498
15975781397512.jpg 580Кб, 1290x826
Anonymous  22/08/20 Суб 01:19:15 68587
Anonymous  31/08/20 Пнд 07:58:56 68777
Not particularly but that's ok
Anonymous  01/10/20 Чтв 12:38:29 69422

Asians = White Anonymous  # OP 09/09/20 Срд 08:05:31 68918 Ответ
asians white.jpg 539Кб, 1828x1628
Asians = White
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Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 01:20:17 69138
komoshuai566273[...].jpg 169Кб, 1080x1350
Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 06:03:45 69139
The picture that I uploaded in my previous post was a natural Korean girl with no surgery or skin whitening. Consider this: if asians are white then why is there such a large demand for skin whitening products?

I understand that you want to be accepted as an "honorary white" to make up for your inferiority complex. But, you have to accept the fact that the skin color of a vast majority of Asians are in varying shades of brown. It is what it is.
Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 11:04:58 69146
navijacice-srbi[...].jpg 81Кб, 719x534
Anonymous  28/09/20 Пнд 12:52:12 69371
Anonymous  28/09/20 Пнд 12:52:37 69372
Why do Russians have such huge lips ? Anonymous  13/08/20 Чтв 12:44:24 68351 Ответ
lips.png 248Кб, 440x474
lips2.png 170Кб, 327x387
Is it just me or do Russians have massive lips compared to West Europeans? Pic related from St Petersburg area is how the average girl looks like in badoo (dating app), do they look like that in real life too?

Its fucking disgusting
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Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 21:40:42 69317
yeah i look it up. pedos and gays deserves the rope.too bad (((they))) killed Martsinkevich.
Anonymous  26/09/20 Суб 05:22:54 69336
Prideboy2.png 111Кб, 300x303
Let me explain to you why you are wrong.
A. Tesaque was a vigilante. That thing alone should be enough. Our police and courts are bad enough to have a neonazi vigilante run around beating up people for his own justice.
B. He didn't care for justice. All he did was beat up people for yt views. He didn't hand his victims over to the police or report them, he just humiliated them and let them go.
C. He only targeted gays, a group ostracized in the Russian society. Him targeting only guys was bullshit enough to make him an irredeemable assjole from the perspective of the progressive humankind. Pedophilia is bad but it is offset by the fact that perpetrators were gay. It should be okay to buttfuck lil boys in any free liberal society and only in the backward medieval Russia it is considered wrong. Martsinkevich himself deemed fucking teenage girls pretty much acceptable which barely aligned with the internationally mandated view of sexuality that states that men banging women should be a crime.
D. Even the pedophilia part is barely an excuse anymore as the progressive international society is moving toward normalizing sexualization of children. Look no further than the new Cuties series on Netflix or heck, any gay pride parade that features twerking gay boys.

Martsinkevich's shenanigans have no place in the new bright world of child-molesting future the West is preparing for us. If anything, the world community should celebrate his death. And it would if it weren't distracted by the whole Navalny charade.
Anonymous  26/09/20 Суб 05:24:49 69337
>men banging women should be a crime
Unless said men identify as lesbian women, ofc.
Anonymous  26/09/20 Суб 09:39:15 69339
1545321132482.jpg 401Кб, 1001x1024
>It should be okay to buttfuck lil boys in any free liberal society

just because jews pushing their degenerate agenda it's not acceptable it never will. liberalism shouldn't be synonymous with hedonism and degeneracy its the Jewish rats who propagate their poison with the media they control. whole west in decadence and result is Weimar like degeneracy
Anonymous  27/09/20 Вск 21:02:28 69368
> gays deserves the rope
You would have to slaughter about 5% of population from time to time.

> too bad (((they))) killed Martsinkevich
Believe me, you wouldn't like the man. While Turkey is not exactly there, neo-Nazis here hate Caucasus and Middle Asia the most. They hate Muslims too. Black hair and bronze tan are reasons enough for them not to like a person. They use a variety of slurs which I have difficulties to translate to English. Being Eurocentric, the only people they respect are westerners.

Do you want the country full of men like him? Let them decide things and they won't stop on their own country. Nazi Germany proved the ideology to be disastrous to people of other countries too. They saw Soviet land as lebensraum, a living space for Germans to live. For them Soviets were untermensch, subhumans with no right to live and occupy the precious space that can be of use to the master race.
Двощ сломался Anonymous  05/08/20 Срд 00:41:56 68184 Ответ
image.png 478Кб, 720x549
Меня определяет как бриташку, не пускает на борду, шо делать?
рб как бэ
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Anonymous  20/09/20 Вск 12:21:12 69208
садись на бутылку
Anonymous  27/09/20 Вск 00:27:17 69356
Сейчас посмотрю какой флаг и выйду. Всего-лишь. Спасибо
Anonymous  27/09/20 Вск 00:28:04 69357
там дефис не нужен был, но ладно
Мы из Украины, простите
Anonymous  27/09/20 Вск 15:44:11 69364
Anonymous  27/09/20 Вск 16:35:56 69365
444-4442058pepe[...].png 34Кб, 820x564
Вот, даже украинец знает, что дефис не нужен. Какой молодец. А то развели безграмотность, плюнуть некуда.
Who they are so hard to women Anonymous  13/09/20 Вск 17:44:20 69021 Ответ
OMOH.png 419Кб, 422x514
Who they are so hard to women
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Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 10:59:36 69172
It is mirrored "ОМОН", "special purpose police unit". It is not "spetsnaz" though, which some western journalists incorrectly assume, it is good old riot police. They are sometimes used to arrest criminals when dude in question is somewhat dangerous, but not enough for SOBR (anti-terror, organized crime) unit to participate. Mirroring ОМОН to HOMO is an old joke.

It is all about Russia though, but belarussian omon is basically the same.
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 21:04:08 69187
ukraine attaq.jpg 62Кб, 650x365
he will be, putin offered him ukraine and baltics as exchange for become part of same goverment
Anonymous  26/09/20 Суб 15:06:02 69344
Anonymous  26/09/20 Суб 16:24:11 69346
Anonymous  27/09/20 Вск 03:29:29 69361
>>69021 (OP)
Check France and the USA to see real police brutality. Surprisingly no country puts under the question their presidents' legitimacy, no country meddles with their internal politics.

All this noise (big part of which is proven to be fake news spreaded by Polish NEXTA) is not about people of Belarus and their rights. It is about interests of Lithuania, and Poland, and other Western countries. All except Belarus. Only things people of Belarus will get from this are sanctions and declining economy.
Brave new world Anonymous  27/07/20 Пнд 02:57:36 68051 Ответ
15958051313772.jpg 468Кб, 708x912
15781001157250.jpg 93Кб, 632x1024
15958051313550.webm 2940Кб, 292x240, 00:01:39
15828796797301.jpg 127Кб, 676x704
Brave new world
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Anonymous  11/08/20 Втр 02:39:42 68297
>>68051 (OP)
gg/afkz2CC JOIN 4 CUDE AND FUNPOSTING CONTAINMENT CHAMBER (If ur a fan of peter scully come ::3)
>>68051 (OP)
Anonymous  11/08/20 Втр 04:47:09 68304
lil-pump-pink-7[...].jpg 89Кб, 780x780
Lil-Pump.png 835Кб, 1200x625
Sissy Thread?
Anonymous  26/09/20 Суб 11:10:30 69340
Anonymous  26/09/20 Суб 16:34:05 69347
1461534638291.jpg 128Кб, 669x1080
Anonymous  26/09/20 Суб 17:44:39 69350
9aa275dda29a3c8[...].jpg 97Кб, 720x960
Turkish guys please translate Anonymous  15/09/20 Втр 19:45:03 69088 Ответ
Güldür Güldu[...].mp4 34441Кб, 960x540, 00:04:37
General meaning, not the full text. But translate to me as much as possible. Thabks you!!
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Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 21:40:03 69316
KARA BOGA.png 908Кб, 1000x1000
Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 22:07:07 69318
392S0jeQSuA.jpg 69Кб, 500x669
Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 22:19:03 69320
1555773930306.png 1175Кб, 1240x1065
Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 22:34:47 69321
you overdosed on the internet
Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 22:41:14 69322
1589843115274.gif 710Кб, 360x329
Its caturday- Anonymous  08/08/20 Суб 13:35:49 68251 Ответ
lost cat.jpg 135Кб, 675x1200
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Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 11:33:22 69148
1592075044225.png 550Кб, 563x565
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 22:41:27 69193
PzxuQtw.mp4 532Кб, 480x854, 00:00:12
Anonymous  21/09/20 Пнд 22:25:37 69229
15743406826180.jpg 59Кб, 604x453
Anonymous  22/09/20 Втр 10:52:08 69235
15742968866361.jpg 191Кб, 1280x1280
Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 22:10:35 69319
15865904762843.jpg 53Кб, 680x680
What's "In the middle of nowhere" in russian Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 17:32:45 69120 Ответ
a1b7d.jpg 129Кб, 953x800
What's "In the middle of nowhere" in russian
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Anonymous  24/09/20 Чтв 18:54:03 69286
Anonymous  24/09/20 Чтв 22:25:50 69293
Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 11:34:33 69302
It is if you're okay with bullshit translations.
Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 12:01:32 69304
Buttfuck Egypt would sound like “in Karaganda”
Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 15:30:50 69310
udmurt girl? Anonymous  12/09/20 Суб 01:56:15 68979 Ответ
7e89u.mp4 7031Кб, 854x480, 00:01:31
by looks yes
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Anonymous  23/09/20 Срд 00:25:10 69248
Anonymous  23/09/20 Срд 20:31:38 69267
image.png 1465Кб, 1070x806
Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 12:13:54 69306
>>68979 (OP)
She is so perfect! This is great to travel in the back of a truck through a rural area. I wish I was there, not in this brick box I have been spending this year. This video made me feel even worse then before.
Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 12:54:42 69307
I wish it were me who she suggested to walk along the bank of the Volga river together.
Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 13:55:41 69309
55095n.jpg 67Кб, 682x1024
>Opioid crisis >High obesity rate >No universal healthcare >No free Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 12:46:20 69175 Ответ
dd94acf78066ac3[...].jpg 339Кб, 750x698
>Opioid crisis
>High obesity rate
>No universal healthcare
>No free higher education
>Scientists are being imported from China and India
>Public intolerance toward dissidents
>Shitty public transportation
>Hordes of hobos
>Stupid population
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 21:00:28 69185
Rasputinnear1914.jpg 73Кб, 404x468
Anonymous  23/09/20 Срд 22:17:51 69272
>>69175 (OP)
Hi - please tell me first, how much were you paid by Volodin?
Anonymous  24/09/20 Чтв 20:00:52 69288
Завали ебло, я заебался в вашей помойке тухнуть это пиздец какой то.
Anonymous  24/09/20 Чтв 21:30:05 69291
>>69175 (OP)
What is the Star of David on this man's clothes suppose to mean?
Hey, I was curious lately, how much do they pay in NEXTA/LUXTA? Do they provide you with free proxies, or do you spend your own money?
Fuck 4chan. Also, pic related is me. Anonymous  23/09/20 Срд 07:18:59 69253 Ответ
FBIMG1600499381[...].jpg 35Кб, 674x689
Fuck 4chan.

Also, pic related is me.
Anonymous  23/09/20 Срд 07:48:26 69255
Anonymous  23/09/20 Срд 17:15:28 69259
Anonymous  23/09/20 Срд 19:46:18 69263
Anonymous  24/09/20 Чтв 03:39:19 69276
Anonymous  24/09/20 Чтв 10:14:33 69278
nice eyelashes
Niga Anonymous  21/09/20 Пнд 10:11:52 69219 Ответ
niga!.jpg 76Кб, 947x795
Anonymous  21/09/20 Пнд 10:22:58 69222
NigaSS.jpg 179Кб, 1200x628
Anonymous  21/09/20 Пнд 11:44:12 69225
>>69219 (OP)
niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger niger
Anonymous  22/09/20 Втр 01:38:46 69232
215865a4fabaa93[...].jpg 15Кб, 633x472
purebreed.jpg 33Кб, 500x381
All of them seem to be of pure tone, thus their parents weren't racemixers.
Anonymous  23/09/20 Срд 07:52:53 69256
downloadnigo.jpg 10Кб, 249x202
>tcw +4 outside Anonymous  23/09/20 Срд 07:47:46 69254 Ответ
nigroface.jpg 5Кб, 93x100
>tcw +4 outside
Queen of Sosach Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 21:49:05 69158 Ответ
510ec434047b80a[...].png 91Кб, 256x256
babko22.jpg 11Кб, 320x320
4fac2c2d4f7ddee[...].jpg 71Кб, 720x720
Who is the queen of Sosach?
Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 22:52:32 69161
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 00:43:41 69166
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 21:07:05 69188
uzbek women.JPG 111Кб, 1072x715
säge Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 21:14:01 69189
kc tier
Anonymous  23/09/20 Срд 05:16:15 69252
Kiss dick Tesak  04/09/20 Птн 19:58:04 68855 Ответ
image.png 509Кб, 640x360
Kiss dick
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Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 12:03:11 69108
Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 12:46:19 69112
>>68855 (OP)
the pedo-mafia killed him. dont mess with pedos
Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 20:40:24 69123
Anonymous  20/09/20 Вск 02:01:57 69197
Пригожин[1].jpg 163Кб, 550x340
Anonymous  22/09/20 Втр 19:51:44 69245
JAPANESE ARE WHITE. Anonymous  # OP 18/09/20 Птн 01:17:31 69136 Ответ
SecretaryofDefe[...].jpg 5600Кб, 3688x2455
Asians are the most evolved race. Europeans are pale, but Asians are still the most evolved. Asians have white/yellow skin.

Asians are not black or western.
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Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 10:57:14 69145
blue eye.jpg 19Кб, 307x466
Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 11:33:45 69149
Anonymous  21/09/20 Пнд 04:36:14 69217
this is just the way russians think. there is no need to judge them
Anonymous  21/09/20 Пнд 09:47:14 69218
Anonymous  21/09/20 Пнд 10:12:20 69220
Anonymous  09/09/20 Срд 11:12:50 68920 Ответ
15926173584481[[...].png 3Кб, 237x461
# OP 09/09/20 Срд 11:24:22 68921
dpfy-fxcayzxgk[[...].jpg 10Кб, 1024x768
russkaya-goluba[...].jpg 590Кб, 1500x1200
wide3d8e2927928[...].jpg 197Кб, 1200x800
51mOsDJWOKL.ACS[...].jpg 7Кб, 475x679
Anonymous  09/09/20 Срд 11:55:00 68923
15971413001521[[...].jpg 128Кб, 920x690
15971413001500[[...].jpg 387Кб, 748x1000
Anonymous  09/09/20 Срд 22:21:55 68941
15996398638273.jpg 7Кб, 475x679
15996417010571.jpg 387Кб, 748x1000
Anonymous  20/09/20 Вск 02:03:18 69198
Have a kangeroo. Anonymous  06/07/20 Пнд 13:14:53 67591 Ответ
kangeroo.png 516Кб, 650x488
Have a kangeroo.
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Anonymous  12/08/20 Срд 04:47:18 68320
Anonymous  13/08/20 Чтв 20:18:48 68358
kangaroo.jpg 190Кб, 1200x800
Anonymous  25/08/20 Втр 12:41:35 68696
kangeroo1.png 423Кб, 693x462
Anonymous  25/08/20 Втр 20:06:38 68700
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 22:37:41 69192
30EE89AF0000057[...].jpg 125Кб, 634x896
(。◕ ω◕ 。) Anonymous  15/09/20 Втр 08:47:18 69080 Ответ
T023R750x750M00[...].jpg 38Кб, 750x408
(。 ω 。)
Anonymous  15/09/20 Втр 10:23:33 69081
1591979022425.jpg 41Кб, 536x440
Anonymous  16/09/20 Срд 21:55:09 69100
renaissancebyal[...].jpg 57Кб, 1600x900
isischaninminec[...].jpg 124Кб, 1600x900
Anonymous  16/09/20 Срд 22:56:24 69103
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 19:10:12 69180
download.jpeg 7Кб, 224x224
Абу Тальха
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 21:01:53 69186
Leave your shit hole of a country. Come live in prosperity, come where social benefits Anonymous  12/03/20 Чтв 03:23:23 65413 Ответ
250px-Suomenlip[...].png 102Кб, 250x319
pepeeiisänmaata.jpg 56Кб, 1000x728
238c545b.jpg 65Кб, 650x434
gigaputin.jpg 30Кб, 552x397
Leave your shit hole of a country. Come live in prosperity, come where social benefits amount to 65884 rubles a month. Send money home whatever. Come and get paid 247068 a month for skilled labor. Also, it's not grey and poor. Bring your sisters though. Love ya'll crazy ruskies
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Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 00:05:45 69162
Everyone knows your elections are rigged to hell and back retard, you should kill yourself for spreading this cringe propaganda.
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 00:25:16 69163
> Everyone knows
You know nothing.
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 00:30:56 69164
he knows everything, he's a proxyhohol
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 00:35:44 69165
Yes, that is probably true.
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 02:39:55 69167
Or not. I guess it is easy for an American to be ignorant about our country. They don't speak Russian, so it would take effort for them to get unbiassed information. These things are what they are being told from all their "independent" media. Here we have about 2% of people who think this way. There it may be all one hundred.

Look what happens in Belarus, where majority of population voted for President Lukashenko. Today the EU claims him to be an illegitimate leader and recognises Tihanovskaya as the elected leader. Even if Lukashenko were "illegitimate", how can Tihanovskaya be "elected" when only 10% voted for her? Nobody cares what Belarusian people think. Без меня меня женили. I can easily imagine them trying to pull the same trick here in 2024 or earlier. They may try to appoint Navalny as the Russian president in exile. On the West he is probably considered as someone well-known and well-supported here, they even nominated him for Nobel Prize.
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