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This board focuses on international friendship and cultural exchange.
Why int is so fucking sucks? Anonymous  10/03/19 Вск 13:13:26 57120 Ответ
465956882414977[...].jpg (102Кб, 1080x1190)
Why int is so fucking sucks?
Anonymous  10/03/19 Вск 13:22:22 57123
It's a mudpit with no ip rangebans so everyone can use it. This turns into good old massive wipes thus all the bumped threads lose their order and visitors see some unrelated talks from 2018.
Anonymous  07/04/19 Вск 18:42:28 57783
>>57120 (OP)
/int/ sucks because there are only a few users. I think one of the reasons people read this board is that they would like to interact with Russians but can't speak Russian. Other than that, it would be nice to know what motivates people to post here.
Why are there so many gays in Europe and USA? Anonymous  01/04/19 Пнд 20:50:45 57662 Ответ
1309863499gey.jpg (47Кб, 500x333)
Why are there so many gays in Europe and USA?
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Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 11:34:30 57678
Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 15:19:59 57682
Пристрастие к м[...].jpg (83Кб, 1011x608)

No one wants to reply to your thread because everyone knows the truth about how masturbation leads to homosexuality. It is a severe problem that affects almost every man in Western civilization.

Some men started to masturbate during childhood and never learned to experience sexual intimacy with females. They grew up through adolescence directly on a path of severe penis addiction and infatuation which led to their non stop yearning for other men's penises. The immense pleasure of putting their hands down their own pants led them to the fixation of same sex sexual gratification that they could no longer stop nor control.

Other men contained themselves and were able to get married to a good woman without a prior addiction to masturbation. However, after several years of marriage and producing a few children these men eventually stopped having sexual intimacy with their wives and started to masturbate. This is known as "adult onset homosexuality" where a man enters a marriage as a heterosexual but later develops a severe lust for another man's penis after the start and regular occurrence of nonstop masturbation.

The truth about the effects of sexual gratification through pornography and masturbation as explained on YouTube:

The truth about homosexuality and masturbation from the spiritual viewpoint:
Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 16:28:15 57683
Nice name of picture, try again or change vpn
Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 17:47:36 57685
>>57662 (OP)
Not many they just don't hide and some of them express themselves too much.
Anonymous  06/04/19 Суб 20:09:54 57757
>>57662 (OP)
Europe is satanist, and gays make G-d angry, so they all want to make G-d angry.
unsheathes blade kid.... it didint have to come to this,,,, Anonymous  03/04/19 Срд 16:18:54 57702 Ответ
katana.jpeg (26Кб, 367x500)
unsheathes blade

kid.... it didint have to come to this,,,,
Anonymous  04/04/19 Чтв 00:29:52 57715
1552005581125.jpg (16Кб, 500x479)
I dont understand Anonymous  21/12/18 Птн 14:07:37 41114 Ответ
15453838463090.mp4 (3592Кб, 132x240, 00:01:15)
15453838463492.png (1066Кб, 858x540)
15453838463381.png (1237Кб, 960x640)
I am not surprised why Danish, stupid, young girls went to Morocco, believing that there live cute, kind and tolerant people. That from shortage of fuck, they fuck even goats.
I'm not surprised they cut their throats after the rape.
I'm surprised those Moroccans videotaped the whole thing.
I don't understand it at all.
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Anonymous  06/03/19 Срд 14:25:28 57051
Was she dumb, naive or idealistic?
Anonymous  24/03/19 Вск 21:35:43 57471
Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 13:36:23 57481
PCAofItaliansan[...].png (1117Кб, 2008x3937)
Russians aren't white, but Finns aren't white either. Finns and Russians are kinda close actually.
Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 16:04:33 57484
i fucked your white in ass bich
Anonymous  03/04/19 Срд 22:11:17 57712
JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP Anonymous  27/03/19 Срд 18:21:43 57556 Ответ
3e9.jpg (10Кб, 700x700)
1553570792619.jpg (91Кб, 677x771)
16fmanl7uje21.jpg (28Кб, 918x717)
1553681547196.png (115Кб, 816x823)




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Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 05:57:15 57673
Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 06:10:04 57674
Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 06:50:31 57675
t91MeXG26us.jpg (44Кб, 793x821)
>>57556 (OP)

Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 16:37:57 57684
1553041545275.jpg (62Кб, 400x560)
Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 23:39:56 57691
shhhh dont tell him we invented the eu -.-
So i wanted to watch a fuggin russian movie called bpat or whatever it is but couldn't 26/03/19 Втр 04:46:17 57502 Ответ
1551885225063.png (844Кб, 1920x1088)
So i wanted to watch a fuggin russian movie called bpat or whatever it is but couldn't find proper english subtitles and i wander from there and started think about if english people came from the russia why russians doesnt speak english so i wouldnt be looking for subtitles at all
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Anonymous  31/03/19 Вск 22:51:50 57643
Anonymous  01/04/19 Пнд 04:24:21 57647
Anonymous  01/04/19 Пнд 05:57:55 57651
Face greatest rapper on universe
Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 17:51:53 57687
Tru dat nad shakes west XDDD
Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 18:46:57 57688
Post some photos of your Iraqi town, pls.
Never trust anything that the German flag Russian says. He is a troll paid by Russian government. Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 02:09:36 57476 Ответ
7b6d4f94.mp4 (880Кб, 974x672, 00:00:27)
Never trust anything that the German flag Russian says. He is a troll paid by Russian government.
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Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 14:51:02 57482
wtf tst
Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 16:04:02 57483
Anonymous  28/03/19 Чтв 22:07:25 57579
spurdo bear.jpg (212Кб, 1024x749)
bear.jpg (74Кб, 1280x842)
yedinaya-rossiy[...].jpg (59Кб, 1150x1104)
funny-russian-b[...].jpg (127Кб, 806x1080)
>>57476 (OP)
guess what pussyboi ? all finish memes wer designed in laboratory of russian intelligence to corrupt and degenerate finnish youth and making them cute and harmless. keep drinking ES
Anonymous  29/03/19 Птн 01:36:16 57583
>>57476 (OP)
Wo you are do butthurt that you forced yourself to write a coherent sentence instead of thr ususl me rate!

Jeez the power of butthurt...
Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 00:13:10 57670
rocco-animal-tr[...].jpeg (133Кб, 345x482)
see, how i educated him. Its so simple
HAHAAHAAHAA Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 22:48:04 57499 Ответ
Tugay.JPG (79Кб, 876x697)
turk male.jpg (39Кб, 720x478)
Anonymous  27/03/19 Срд 10:16:07 57547
Anonymous  27/03/19 Срд 13:39:11 57550
after the word "shovel", as usual
Anonymous  27/03/19 Срд 21:38:34 57561
gay turk muslim by the name Tugay is fighting for gay muslim rights
Anonymous  29/03/19 Птн 01:56:20 57584
>>57499 (OP)
Wow, ein muslimischer Arschficker! Was entdecken sie noch, muslimische Atheisten?
Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 00:09:26 57669
du volltrottel, der witz ist das sein name Tugay ist. nicht das er schwul ist oder muslimisch
So, european cuckolds, what you can say about that, huh? Anonymous  23/12/18 Вск 20:54:29 41240 Ответ
15455809062690.jpg (421Кб, 865x966)
So, european cuckolds, what you can say about that, huh?
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Anonymous  31/03/19 Вск 08:36:06 57632
finnishgirl.jpg (164Кб, 897x1121)
I would never have thought that I would get an answer like this. haha

>all Finland wants is sit all day, get free money and do meaningless repetitive jobs
The problem is democracy. People who have no idea how the financial system works are allowed to vote, and of course they vote for free healthcare and free education. If this is a problem for you, Russia might offer a solution by taking over our political institutions. Or maybe this would give Russians more freedom. Those who want to stay in Russia could do so, and those would like to visit or move here could do it too.
>now western world, the satanic elite wants to destroy Russia
Yes the West is after you. In Finland however, I think the problem is those who are in power, not the people who live here.
Anonymous  31/03/19 Вск 20:04:48 57638
>for free healthcare and free education.
its normal in russia

we want to spent more on education and healthcare but forced to spent in on military.
Anonymous  31/03/19 Вск 21:14:43 57640
budget2018grafi[...].jpg (109Кб, 800x928)
iam just kidding, russia doesnt care about finland.

here like 5 retards posting stupid shit. so i join aswell.

russia budget 30% is social politics. russia education and healthcare for free(they invented it and forced on europe). dont listen to pidorashkas who whine, russia is much better then europe usa or western world. all they see 2000 euros a month and convert it in ruble and think its all that easy. in reality russians earn much more money have more freedome then west. problem is russians are very lazy and entitled brats...think about it, some hobo wanted money from my uncle and he asked them if they could put on a lightbolt cuz he got backpain. for 2000 rubles, they refused and asked give us money for free, so he gave and they bought some vodka, think about it how lazy russians are, the most lazy people on the planet.
Anonymous  01/04/19 Пнд 04:27:16 57649
15289917693000.jpg (23Кб, 448x448)
kys you mongrelmutt putinshill
Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 00:04:05 57667
iam 80% russian not realy mixed. yo, yes iam pro putin. hes a cool guy. simply because you dont like him. thats why i like him.
ITT try and explain why kashmir is so messed Anonymous  12/03/19 Втр 19:33:26 57153 Ответ
hqdefault.jpg (17Кб, 480x360)
ITT try and explain why kashmir is so messed
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Anonymous  16/03/19 Суб 20:57:17 57248
no, i mean the BRITISH are inbreed, so they hate humanity and create all this proxy wars, using usa, jews, muslims, freemasons, repitilains as a coverup-
Anonymous  17/03/19 Вск 23:54:54 57274
>>57153 (OP)
You have to understand the governance system of British India. The British could not control India directly because there were too many people in India. When the Mughal Empire collapsed, the nobility which was incharge of Mughal provinces became rulers of their province. Some of them fought the British and some aligned with the British. Eventually, the provinces that were defeated were under 100% British control while the provinces that aligned with the British were still controlled by their nobility.

In Kashmir, the royal family of Kashmir was Hindu but the people were Muslim. It was a princely state. So when the lines were drawn, princely states were not to be divided. They had a choice which country they wanted to join. Initially Kashmir remained independent of India and Pakistan but in 1948, Pakistan invades Kashmir on the pretext that it’s a Muslim majority state. The royal family of Kashmir which is Hindu seeks protection from India and the Indian government offers protection on the basis that he would agree to secede all of Kashmir to India, both countries send army to occupy as much of Kashmir as possible and you end up with the situation. The local Kashmiris are Muslims who want merger with Pakistan. Following radicalisation many Hindu Kashmiris were kicked out, killed, raped etc. by the Muslim majority in Kashmir to which the Indian Army responded by doing the same in reverse. And now it’s an insurgency.
Anonymous  18/03/19 Пнд 20:08:25 57296
Explain pls just why was Pakistan given modern Bangladesh land. There is absolutely no ethnic base for it.
Anonymous  19/03/19 Втр 05:43:04 57311
>that it’s a Muslim majority state
AXAXAXAXA orginized referrendum)))
Anonymous  01/04/19 Пнд 18:00:36 57658
Some of my favorite muscians are russian I'm shit at theory THANKS for some shit you had nothing to do with Anonymous  29/03/19 Птн 07:33:02 57588 Ответ
1553182173.png (247Кб, 772x668)
cat on bed.jpg (458Кб, 1080x996)
Some of my favorite muscians are russian
I'm shit at theory
THANKS for some shit you had nothing to do with
Anonymous  30/03/19 Суб 11:07:24 57612
Yugoslavia soon Anonymous  26/02/19 Втр 17:43:00 52742 Ответ
yu001.jpg (92Кб, 550x537)
ndjzz7DRBM8.jpg (411Кб, 1280x855)
IWVv9NfYxCw.jpg (287Кб, 1280x855)
RUS0485.jpg (618Кб, 1200x800)
Belarus donated 8 MiG-29 fighters to Serbia. Over the past year, Russia and Belarus have overrun Serbia 14 fighters, 30 tanks, 30 APCs, 3 battalions of Buk anti-aircraft missile systems.

In the near future, Serbia will receive another battalion of T-72 tanks, 4 combat helicopters Mi-35M, 4 transport helicopters Mi-17, battalion of BMP-2 IFVs, battalion S-300 and Tuguska AA missile systems.

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Anonymous  12/03/19 Втр 23:43:46 57157
regnumpicture14[...].jpg (253Кб, 560x420)

Putin, Serbia and the Serbian people
That is a very important aspect Putinova visit to Belgrade, they his meeting with representatives of Serbs outside Serbia. Despite shushruta program, Putin found the time to deal with the representatives of Serbs in the environment, first people, Democratic Front of Montenegro Andrea Mandie and Milan Knezevi, leader of the Bosnian Serbian Milorad dodika and the representative of Serbs from Croatia, Milorad Popowcer. Thus, it was supposed to be Putin well, that Belgrade, at least for one day to be something that should be in any time – centre for the protection of the interests of the Serbian people in the entire Western Balkan Peninsula.

This clearly shows that Putin is Serbian national issue, not a binding only for Serbia and the Serbian regime, but broader direct contacts with institutional representatives of the Serbs in the region. From this may be deduced two main conclusions. The first thing Putin is the current state of the Serbian people, i.e. it is fragmented into more Balkan drzewica resulting breaking up of Yugoslavia, is considered to be a temporary solution. And second, that it is not too much confidence that Vicia Serbia, as Queen, to protect the rights and interests of Serbs in the region. Both is the correct thinking.
Anonymous  15/03/19 Птн 12:56:00 57215
There's more anything in Russia than in Kosovo and Serbia, so what. Remove kebab is Serbia's historical mission.
Anonymous  15/03/19 Птн 13:55:10 57216
>>52742 (OP)
>battalion of T-72 tanks
Russian tank batallion = 10 tanks.
T-72 without expensive upgrade is no match against Javelines which US supplies to its allies.
Anonymous  18/03/19 Пнд 00:54:52 57277
r-ynUG-2q2g.jpg (275Кб, 1280x852)
Anonymous  27/03/19 Срд 13:56:42 57552
Serbia will not lose, it will be reborn. In the future there will be only three states on our planet: Russia, Germany and Serbia.
Window View Thread Anonymous  22/02/18 Чтв 14:38:32 28882 Ответ
IMG201704131815[...].jpg (2892Кб, 3968x2976)
IMG201704131816[...].jpg (3834Кб, 2976x3968)
1492926966237.jpg (3689Кб, 3968x2976)
Post views from your window.
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Anonymous  26/03/19 Втр 13:50:44 57524
1540114921695.jpg (362Кб, 1216x1621)
Why do they keep building wood houses?

More affordable or better suited for Siberian winter cold than concrete with isolation?
Anonymous  26/03/19 Втр 15:24:27 57526
image.jpeg (137Кб, 450x337)
These are old houses. Nowadays they'd rather build some fugly cinder block box.
Anonymous  26/03/19 Втр 22:19:30 57533
Because russian people are very poor.
Anonymous  26/03/19 Втр 22:50:02 57534
Life-cycle-gree[...].png (68Кб, 850x579)
wood is healthy for psyche and soul. its good for nature and less emmision

wood is cold in summer and warm in winter.

because you are moron
Anonymous  26/03/19 Втр 23:42:15 57537
Hello 1) Gamedev 2) teledildonics 3) maths Anonymous  23/03/19 Суб 03:40:36 57425 Ответ
samozbar.jpg (105Кб, 1360x740)
shortwave.jpg (54Кб, 640x480)
progress.jpg (125Кб, 1024x768)
coffeedev.jpg (98Кб, 889x563)

1) Gamedev
2) teledildonics
3) maths
Anonymous  23/03/19 Суб 06:24:14 57432
Anonymous  23/03/19 Суб 19:30:25 57445
I choose 1
Anonymous  23/03/19 Суб 20:00:57 57447
Anonymous  24/03/19 Вск 14:32:25 57458
Anonymous  26/03/19 Втр 18:25:53 57528
Ima li istoricara ovde? Anonymous  23/03/19 Суб 19:39:34 57446 Ответ
maxresdefault.jpg (34Кб, 1280x720)
Ima li istoricara ovde?
Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 17:08:22 57492
Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 17:17:27 57493
Anonymous  26/03/19 Втр 09:55:26 57513
Anonymous  26/03/19 Втр 10:24:37 57515
Anonymous  26/03/19 Втр 10:53:54 57518
>Nikad neces vise videti istoricara kome kurac ide u desno i slati mu slike da drka kurac na tebe. Farewell my friend, it was nice knowing you.
To Fap Or Not to fap Has anyone tried here tried nofap? How did you like it? Did you become more productive while on nofap? Anonymous  25/01/19 Птн 16:08:59 48653 Ответ
6oayslm3wnlz.jpg (33Кб, 511x288)
varE77Gz-z1HIDX[...].jpg (124Кб, 605x767)
To Fap
Not to fap

Has anyone tried here tried nofap?
How did you like it?
Did you become more productive while on nofap?
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Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 20:46:54 57498
Anonymous  26/03/19 Втр 01:05:32 57500
Anonymous  26/03/19 Втр 06:47:55 57507
>>48653 (OP)
Didn't fap for 6 days, My beard and Moustache seemed to grow a little faster than usual. It was a very hard feat to achive.
Anonymous  26/03/19 Втр 08:44:14 57509
48d05acc85c2833[...].jpg (15Кб, 222x227)
Anonymous  26/03/19 Втр 09:49:16 57510
Unless you have a pizda to fuk or man's ass for rotting gayrope)
Why curry people can't speak proper English, even if some of them claims, that English is their second mother tongue? Anonymous  05/03/19 Втр 11:20:29 57025 Ответ
thumbraushan-ku[...].png (33Кб, 200x269)
Why curry people can't speak proper English, even if some of them claims, that English is their second mother tongue?
Anonymous  16/03/19 Суб 21:04:25 57249
>>57025 (OP)
they dont need to, they are ancient empire, older then british. british is basterd language, mix between greek, latin, german, hebrew, arabic, chinese and spanish, so thats why its universal. the language of new world order.
Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 16:17:18 57491
>>57025 (OP)
Why Brits can't speak proper English even if it's their first mother tongue and a tongue they fucking invented to begin with?
vittu saatana perkele войной Anonymous  09/03/19 Суб 15:42:01 57104 Ответ
puukko allu.jpg (132Кб, 600x800)
vittu saatana perkele войной
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Anonymous  20/03/19 Срд 14:19:22 57365
Anonymous  21/03/19 Чтв 06:14:14 57395
suomi on spurdo)
Anonymous  22/03/19 Птн 18:41:24 57419
suomi on finland)
Anonymous  24/03/19 Вск 21:44:18 57472
> helvetti
oh, your swedish masters taught you well
Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 16:12:42 57487
suomi on ikea)
Previously in American media, Russia was always portrayed as the "evil Communists". Was America also portrayed as evil in Russian media? Anonymous  24/03/19 Вск 20:33:19 57464 Ответ
klj.png (4049Кб, 1920x1080)
Previously in American media, Russia was always portrayed as the "evil Communists".
Was America also portrayed as evil in Russian media?
Anonymous  24/03/19 Вск 21:14:18 57468
chip and dale.jpg (36Кб, 1280x720)
>>57464 (OP)
>Was America also portrayed as evil in Russian media?
>Its during communist time since you asked about communist:
Almost never, most russians dont care about america. Many people watched texas the walker ranger in russia in my town at least, everyone went home and watch this bullshit, i never did. I watched disney cartoons. Chip and Dale was my favourite. When it was ruled by communist, russia was great it was like paradise i never knew what money is or taxes, we had lots of good food, free healthcare free school everything was free. In the 90this we had some struggle, but it wasnt so bad, people managed somehow. Now russia is paradise, its still like communist but you have much more freedome now and MONEY. LOL! we never had money because everything was free for us. Also russians are racist, they lie constantly how bad russia is so that nobody comes and enjoy the great live in russia. I always asked them why you lie ? they feel ashamed and look away.
Anonymous  24/03/19 Вск 21:22:51 57469
>>57464 (OP)
Yep, but before presidential elections in USA our media dream about the reboot of relations with USA.
Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 09:41:01 57480
Do Russians still think communism was a good idea? Personally I think 900-1300 was a good period of time and basically everything before the Time of Troubles.
Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 16:10:54 57485
>>57464 (OP)
Not evil but dumb, unreliable, war starting, hysterical, commanding, non-compromising crybaby as it is. Putin satirically called it "our foreign partners" or just partners. Sucky murrica suck ass.
Hmm What kind of monarch had finland ? This is realy wierd... Anonymous  24/03/19 Вск 20:58:17 57465 Ответ
finland monarchy.png (616Кб, 1240x1635)

What kind of monarch had finland ?

This is realy wierd...
Anonymous  24/03/19 Вск 23:15:10 57473
Anonymous  24/03/19 Вск 23:25:00 57474
But I'm not sure why that is only on Finland, not other ex RE countries
Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 00:48:09 57475
Blac.jpg (164Кб, 990x1146)
GOD BLESS ISRAEL! Anonymous  10/12/16 Суб 07:44:25 8572 Ответ
1.jpg (184Кб, 1100x732)
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Anonymous  23/03/19 Суб 00:52:16 57422
Purim in Jerusa[...].mp4 (19619Кб, 1920x1080, 00:01:21)
Anonymous  23/03/19 Суб 20:07:05 57448
Anonymous  24/03/19 Вск 17:51:18 57460
24/03/19 Вск 18:51:31 57461
Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 16:13:57 57490
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