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This board focuses on international friendship and cultural exchange.
I have never had a gf. Anonymous  04/09/22 Вск 09:34:38 102857 Ответ
i too have never.png 83Кб, 335x365
I have never had a gf.
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Anonymous  07/09/22 Срд 12:55:56 102994
>>102857 (OP)
russian women for moving to Germany will be a gf for you, lol
i know two of them
Anonymous  07/09/22 Срд 13:16:58 102997
>i know two of them
Gib contact details. How old are they?
Anonymous  07/09/22 Срд 13:30:18 102999
sorry, i don't want deanonymization
try a russian dating service, there are more girls like that
Anonymous  07/09/22 Срд 13:43:47 103001
>russian dating service
Such as?
Anonymous  07/09/22 Срд 15:18:54 103003
whores.webm 25058Кб, 800x450, 00:02:26
So many Ukrainian girlfugees and you didn't get even one?
RUSSIA DOESNT EXIST Anonymous  # OP 18/08/22 Чтв 13:46:16 102012 Ответ
694100-download[...].jpg 148Кб, 2560x1600
>Writing system is literally just American alphabet but upsidedown
>Literally has same colors in flag
>Used to be a world super power like America just larps now or something idk I don't read news
>Is supposed to be bad guy or something idk I don't read news

They really expect us to believe this place is real? It sounds fake as hell like Wario or some bullshit

Convene me otherwise (you can't) you are all clearly advanced AI created by global elite (((lizard))) underground people 5G connected to distract us

Also I can't read this site I am shit at your fake language why did you just flip American language(English doesn't exist it's American language fuck the Brits they also don't exist) and call it Russian such bullshit
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Anonymous  23/08/22 Втр 16:16:15 102299
Anonymous  26/08/22 Птн 10:04:09 102403
>>102012 (OP)
Some YouTubers with alternative view of world history say Russia and the US were once one country
Anonymous  05/09/22 Пнд 11:06:41 102914
Anonymous  05/09/22 Пнд 16:02:08 102931

>american alphabet
that must be some uneducated amerimutt.
Anonymous  06/09/22 Втр 09:07:36 102952
E486: Pattern not found: speak
&gt; This board focuses on international friendship and cultural exchange. Anonymous  03/09/22 Суб 21:42:02 102833 Ответ
1272563460.jpg 22Кб, 200x200
> This board focuses on international friendship and cultural exchange.
Anonymous  06/09/22 Втр 16:40:19 102963
Я учусь по русскии Anonymous  01/02/22 Втр 00:58:05 91614 Ответ
3F9E184F-6EB0-4[...].jpeg 23Кб, 460x284
Совет? Я из мехико
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Anonymous  09/02/22 Срд 01:08:17 91770
Anonymous  15/02/22 Втр 07:05:13 91954
First of all, you already know some Russian words. Ранчо, сиеста, фламенко, табак, ураган. Атеизм, бюджет, виза, гашиш, деградация, Европа, Женева, ирония and so on.
The second advice is don't worry, you'll do great.
Anonymous  05/09/22 Пнд 11:36:10 102917
i.png 1482Кб, 1008x758
Anonymous  05/09/22 Пнд 20:17:17 102939
Anonymous  06/09/22 Втр 00:55:52 102942
нет, соси хуй
Whoa Anonymous  03/09/22 Суб 22:17:18 102840 Ответ
Niemka.mp4 9049Кб, 854x480, 00:01:19
Germanbros, this is true?
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Anonymous  05/09/22 Пнд 15:35:59 102925
elon musk.jpg 10Кб, 150x200
i think its a bot, i removed him, always says the same mantra all over.

elon musk said 80% of twitter are bot accounts.
Anonymous  05/09/22 Пнд 17:53:37 102933
"You" "removed" me? You autistic piece of shit, stop lying for 5 seconds xD
Anonymous  05/09/22 Пнд 19:21:45 102934
its not a lie if you believe it
Anonymous  05/09/22 Пнд 19:49:55 102936
What a retard xD typical r*ssian scum, always lying, always painting the grass xD mr illiterate millionaire xD
Anonymous  05/09/22 Пнд 20:09:07 102937
Russian technology thread BattlepigZ  # OP 22/08/22 Пнд 14:46:52 102230 Ответ
изображение.png 1195Кб, 900x599
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Anonymous  28/08/22 Вск 13:02:21 102501
Anonymous  29/08/22 Пнд 02:53:49 102510
abbyy is russian you fucking moron
Anonymous  29/08/22 Пнд 03:37:01 102513
It came in software of Epson printers. I know colleagues that used it to create exam cheats. After OCR, you could paste in a studycards or notefolio in your TI Calculator. High school exams and so on
Anonymous  29/08/22 Пнд 03:42:10 102514
Anonymous  29/08/22 Пнд 10:28:08 102515
Yeah, and Sberbank is "180 years old". This is the way companies market themselves.
> >Founded by David Yang
Graduate of MIPT (Dolgoprudny)
Downsides living in Russia Anonymous  10/04/22 Вск 13:00:45 96971 Ответ
Capture.JPG 148Кб, 684x712

1. One living in Russia needs to know Russian language, as well as understanding and accepting the complicated Russian culture. Which is as far from the Western culture as a Muslim ones.
2. Russians are 1/2 Asian, both genetically and mentally, therefore they strive more towards this chiefly Asian authoritarianism and shun individuality or individual freedoms. For example, in many Russian school your kids will be forced to wear uniform, or otherwise be scolded for being too individualistic.
3. As an American you are accustomed to the guilt culture, but in more Asiatic countries, like Russia, they have the shame culture. In the Guilt Culture people have the concept of criminal guilt and of formal laws. In the Shame Culture, they are more about fitting in with the stereotypes and avoid being ashamed for breaking the unspoken laws. Same way Russians don't really respect the formal laws, and frequently use bribery at every level. Russian police can just stop you without any reason and expect you to pay a bribe. Especially if you have darker skin (i.e. came out of Middle East). If you dislike this informality and want to lead honest life, paying your taxes and expecting the government respect your freedoms, then Russia is not for you.
4. Russian Government taxes are draconian, non-progressive, and usually not stated openly and honestly, but hidden in various ways. That is the general Russian government's trend of being dishonest and trying to trick Russians into serving it. Most Russians still manage to avoid them, like a smart fly navigating through an intricate spider's web.
5. Conscription. Every Russian male must serve in the army. This one can be avoided using bribery, but you must still know how and whom to bribe.
6. Russia has this prison culture, where it is considered cool and manly to serve a prison time. Russian Chanson music is very popular in Russia and is similar to American Gangsta rap, praising the felons of all sorts. Even if you've served a sentence in a nice American prison, you wont be feeling at home in Russia, since Russian prisons are much harsher. In fact just 80% of convicts survive long enough to see the actual labour camp barracks. Most die non-convicted while their case being processing, or during the transportation (done by railroad) to the Siberian labour camp, called "Zona" or "Kolonia" in Russian. If you've survived all this and got alive, then you're real "muzhik", otherwise you're a "petukh" (widely used slang word for a passive homosexual, denoting a weak man). Due to the Gulag system, Russian culture cannot be decoupled from the prison culture. Russia has record number of cops, inmates and prison guards among world's countries.
7. The remaining Russian culture is concerned with the Russian army. It is a bit less tough than Zona, but still not a cakewalk. You need to know what is "dembel", what is "rotniy", what is “disbat” and what is "prapor". Otherwise common Russian men wont understand you and you wont understand them, when they ask you about your dembel.
8. Free education or medicine. These are nominally "free", since Russia is still socialist (just like USSR was), but you don't want to be anywhere near them, since they are either useless or outright harmful. You’ve probably seen the photos of Russian hospitals and clinics - these are the places designed to help weak people die as quickly as possible. In fact Russians prefer "samolechenie", since they are that afraid of physicians and don’t trust them. Nobody in his sane mind will ever visit the free dentist in Russia either. Same with university education, which wont hold the water. In fact, a few years ago they still taught DOS Turbo Pascal to software engineers at MSU (Moscow State University). That MSU has bad reputation ever since USSR, when they began persecuting Jewish and generally non-Russian students, also re-discovering such concepts as "aryan mathematics" and accusing Jews of having "kike math". The guy who organized persecutions, Viktor Sadovnichi, is currently the chief of MSU. That is why most Russian Jews and other talented scientists were so eager to escape Russia after the fall of Iron Curtain. Some ran even to countries like Brazil and Mexico - anywhere was better than in Russia.
9. Woman and gay rights are non-existent. A woman is expected to behave like a commodity and be abiding wife. Otherwise she will have financial difficulties, since Russian companies have strong bias against employing women. Russian law officially allows a light beating of your wife. So don’t expect Russian women to be nice and cheerful, or be good employees at your business - they are not expected to. If you're openly gay/transgender then good f…g luck finding any job or education. Recently a famous Russian transgender blogger, Vladimir Fomin, was found dead (rumors say he was killed by FSB). That Fomin actually tried passing numerous job interview while wearing a skirt. Everywhere he got a lot of problems, beating and police getting called. He was also expelled from the local university for the sole reason of wearing a skirt.
Russia can be a cool place for a tough guy who needs new difficult challenges, who has already ascended Everest and visited the North Pole. But Russia is a bit too cool (cold?) for anyone else. Especially if you're gay or a transgender person. If you want it "Easy" - stay in the West, but if you want "IM FRIGGIN READY FOR ANYTHING!" difficulty - welcome to Russia.
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Anonymous  02/09/22 Птн 13:44:06 102718
>>96971 (OP)
your stereotypes about Russia are already outdated in 2000.
1.truth. Russian has been the main language for many countries for 100 years. it's like english language in europe/america now.
4.truth, but amount of taxes like usa/euro
5.My friends and relatives didnt served to army on conscription, because they have higher or secondary vocational education
6. where did you get this nonsense about prison? can you share the hallucinogens? or maybe you watched too many American films where this myth occurs.
8. your stereotypes about Russia are already outdated in 2000.
9.women in russia have been treated well since the days of the ussr. Are you sure you are talking about Russia, and not about the USA or China?
Anonymous  04/09/22 Вск 00:01:41 102851
>you jungle nigger
It's funny that you call brazilians jungle niggers considering the fact that you're a loyal bitch to the crumbling empire that literally exports nigger worship and faggot worship to the entire world. Btw, just so you know: even with all our favelas, Brazil is still bigger and richer than Poland. Lmao
Anonymous  04/09/22 Вск 01:29:00 102853
macaco1.png 92Кб, 556x477
Respeita o polaco (ou o ucraniano na Polónia), macacão.
Anonymous  04/09/22 Вск 05:32:00 102854
>shows random graph with no context
I suppose this is rate of growth? Are you really going to pretend that Poland is somehow richer than Brazil? I can see America exported their level of education to Poland, you miserable pea brained faggot. No wonder people call you the niggers of Europe. LOL

Can't believe I even have to prove something so obvious, but here you go, unlike you I actually link my sources:

Cale a sua boca, "mouro" português irrelevante de merda
Anonymous  04/09/22 Вск 18:57:31 102886
485a686fe4aac48[...].png 258Кб, 900x900
>dumb polish fag is so desperate he posts twice about his nitpicking per capta cope
Does it hurt that even Mexico's economy is stronger than yours? For years Poland had to beg to even be considered by the G20. "Subhuman ruskies", "jungle niggers" and "chinks" are the future. You? You're nothing. Your country may not even exist in the next 20 years. But sure, keep licking America's balls and see how it helps you. xD xD xD
McDonalds last snack in Russia Real Portuguese  17/05/22 Втр 20:49:52 98986 Ответ
russianslineupm[...].png 639Кб, 826x976
russianslineupm[...].png 67Кб, 713x765
russianslineupm[...].png 56Кб, 696x633
russianslineupm[...].png 94Кб, 1022x934
Are Russians rushing up for McDonalds? Are there videos and reports? Does the alternatives to McD suck so much?

P.S. Where do I get pig stickers from Dvach? FAQs link is broken. I need a Brazilian (and Angolan one for ptchan admin). Thanks in advance
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Anonymous  13/06/22 Пнд 20:21:57 100255
I don't have money to buy a teabag for 99.90 rubles, and I don't eat burgers.
Anonymous  13/07/22 Срд 16:56:18 100855
wsbYHQcOtKg.jpg.jpg 293Кб, 1083x918
In my town
Anonymous  13/07/22 Срд 20:50:41 100860
Anonymous  14/07/22 Чтв 00:16:49 100865
Anonymous  03/09/22 Суб 22:06:26 102838
image.png 509Кб, 735x1055
rabbit.jpg 846Кб, 785x1000
Solzhenitsyn Anonymous  21/04/21 Срд 09:15:43 80264 Ответ
51k2nDr4q9L.jpg 40Кб, 328x500
311-i3X6LdL.jpg 13Кб, 200x309
Do Russians read Solzhenitsyn? What is the opinion of him?
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Anonymous  29/08/22 Пнд 17:30:12 102532
Anonymous  30/08/22 Втр 08:27:10 102540
>>80264 (OP)
Shitty writting. That's all I remember about his books
30/08/22 Втр 20:36:52 102548
Anonymous  02/09/22 Птн 10:38:14 102707
16619886380300.png 347Кб, 731x555
Anonymous  02/09/22 Птн 10:40:34 102708
>>80264 (OP)
yes i read this shit, this is anti soviet propaganda like Rokky 4.
Hello, I m from polan and I'd like to sell scarce consumer goods to russians via international shipp Anonymous  26/08/22 Птн 18:26:42 102415 Ответ
Hello, I m from polan and I'd like to sell scarce consumer goods to russians via international shipping. Do you have any idea for such items and where would I advertise myself? Is it even a good idea?
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Anonymous  01/09/22 Чтв 17:45:58 102653
Anonymous  01/09/22 Чтв 17:49:29 102654
Stupid proxy-hohol under polish flag burned on translation(LOL), on thinking, on education, on proxy

Skip this shithead via autodhide Dollchan-script tagged "xD" "subhuman" or "animal" lmao
Anonymous  01/09/22 Чтв 17:50:56 102656
изображение.png 59Кб, 608x392
Cleanliness is the key to health - Russian proverb.
Anonymous  01/09/22 Чтв 18:40:28 102662
Anonymous  01/09/22 Чтв 18:45:57 102663
Is Russia incompatible with democracy? Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 02:44:46 70739 Ответ
1s89z9r8tc151.png 531Кб, 4592x3196
How come Russia has never been democratic for more than 2 minutes at a time? Do Russians hold democracy as an ideal? Putin is overwhelmingly popular, but he's an autocrat. If Russians feel they need to be ruled, does this mean they feel themselves less civilized than other democratic peoples?
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Anonymous  31/08/22 Срд 18:13:54 102586
I don't believe that Russians, especially ethnic Russians, are low educated with Soviet education compared to some countries in rest of Europe.

What about the education or IQ part like Eastern Asians that score well in PISA or have higher average IQ live in autocracies

or the most voted party with a mediocre at school 36 year old roastie is an great example mirroring the properly schooling and civilized electors of Finland. Aren't Finns clueless as well? Why couldn't Finns get a competent technocrat like Italy's Mario Draghi?
Anonymous  31/08/22 Срд 19:08:03 102588
Russians are educated to obey the elite. Their educative agenda is fully based on the needs their current autocratic ruler wishes them to be. And please don't purposely understand my thoughts wrong.

Also, PISA is widely problematic when it comes to measuring something as abstract as education and doesn't have anything to do with democracy skills or IR skills.

But yeah, eastern Asians are much more skilled in maths by their education than, for example, the Nordics are, I'll give you that, guy behind Portugese proxy.
Anonymous  31/08/22 Срд 19:09:13 102589
Also lol @ marking out "ethnic russians" and pointing out PISA results in a same post.
Anonymous  31/08/22 Срд 19:49:30 102591
sannamarin.png 1540Кб, 1067x825
finland2.png 443Кб, 759x845
About the topic of "low Russian/Soviet education"
Because I compare it with my country
Low educated, public employees and family of public employees (like myself) and rednecks here vote S&D party. They, the elderly had the low education during the dictatorship vote for S&D that somehow manage to vote the same party that called IMF three times during our 48 year old democracy

and keep our financial and economic standards low becoming the 2nd poorest country in EU ahead Bulgaria. And we score 8-9 in OP's democracy index.

Do you want to compare literacy rates with my country with countries that had Soviet literacy rates or those Baltic states had already got good literacy rates or Protestant country like yours before becoming independent in 20th century.
>the roastie
Mediocre results in school educated roastie is what Le Figaro said about her and a Portuguese media outlet translated here.
Can't be compared with the saviour of Eurozone Mario Draghi. Plus Mario Draghi is a leader of a G7 country not a country with 5 million not G20. It's easier to rule 5 million or 1-3 million Baltic States and increase their life standards than 10-140 millions countries

Their educative agenda is fully based on the needs their current autocratic ruler wishes them to be. And please don't purposely understand my thoughts wrong.
You're right. Even your Finnish intelligence officer's lecture is probably right in some aspects https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kF9KretXqJw. And DW documentary https://youtu.be/JsPHKDuP-Hk?t=1488 too.
Anonymous  01/09/22 Чтв 00:11:24 102608
1f633.png 30Кб, 512x512
>>70739 (OP)
prolly because of a lot of systematic pressure for a long time from the gov and unluck with turbulence and despotism during latest modern period what didnt help much with establishing decent political culture unlike the countries which are well atm
How do they taste ? Anonymous  18/05/22 Срд 02:29:28 99002 Ответ
1652823953873.jpg 113Кб, 1024x879
How do they taste ?
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Anonymous  18/07/22 Пнд 04:01:01 100948
But do they have Bangs root beer?
Anonymous  27/08/22 Суб 16:14:32 102457
Tried Chernogolovka. It's ok, I think if you put original coke and Chernogolovka side by side I would easily tell which one is which and which one is better. But if you will give me a cup and make me figure out if it's coke or chernogolovka I could actually make a mistake.
Anonymous  27/08/22 Суб 16:36:44 102460
изображение.png 251Кб, 475x482
>Coca Cola plans to sell the drink "Dobry Cola" in Russia
Westoid pidors realized that they are not really needed in Russia and are trying their best not to lose the market. But reputational losses are hard to recover, plus thanks to the antics of this moronic office we learned that Cherry Kvas and Gooseberry Soda with Currants from russian brands taste better than their hyperhyped American sugary shit with an aftertaste of technical alkaline solution.

I hope this shit gets squeezed out of the Russian market. It's hard to do it legally, there's no totalitarianism in the country, so hopefully the market of sane Russian people will solve everything.
Anonymous  29/08/22 Пнд 17:55:02 102536
No it's marketing move. Cool cola sounds very alike coca-cola and customer will recognize it immideately. It's not "freedom fries" cause manifacturer is different.
Anonymous  29/08/22 Пнд 18:40:16 102537
16615979281660.png 970Кб, 900x1200
how stupid you are from 1 to 10 ? Anonymous  27/08/22 Суб 09:10:06 102440 Ответ
Ufnal Ułomek.webm 8119Кб, 640x360, 00:00:44
how stupid you are from 1 to 10 ?
Anonymous  27/08/22 Суб 09:45:38 102441
Anonymous  29/08/22 Пнд 17:45:32 102533
>>102440 (OP)
i guess 8 or 9, because bottle may be with the deffect
BMW from germany Anonymous  28/08/22 Вск 20:55:35 102507 Ответ
Bolesne-wspomni[...].webm 10011Кб, 426x240, 00:05:00
My message to you guys in western block countries such as Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, this is my story how it is to buy a car from rotten wester countries as Germany, especially BMW - bullshit.
Have a good day bros and be safe on the roads.
In Russia, what do you think is the most likely reason for the buildup of troops near Ukrainian border? Do you think they are there to invade Ukraine or are they there to scare Ukrainians from trying to take Donbass by force? Anonymous  13/02/22 Вск 22:45:18 91855 Ответ
2178.jpg 27Кб, 930x558
In Russia, what do you think is the most likely reason for the buildup of troops near Ukrainian border? Do you think they are there to invade Ukraine or are they there to scare Ukrainians from trying to take Donbass by force?
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Anonymous  26/08/22 Птн 20:16:22 102422
ukraine attaq.jpg 62Кб, 650x365
ukraine attaq U[...].JPG 107Кб, 641x526
TheSun.JPG 93Кб, 665x648
Anonymous  27/08/22 Суб 01:49:26 102433
>>91855 (OP)
There will be no invasion of Ukraine. What is this nonsense? I think Putin is too much of a cuckold to do that. Russian civilians are being killed in Ukraine of Ukrainian force, and he will sit still because he can't. He doesn't have the strength to go to war against NATO. The Russian economy will collapse into rubble, and the country will disintegrate in a month. You'll see, tomorrow is February 24, 2022. You'll see, nothing will happen.

Oh my God the Russians are invading Ukraine, what a load of crap, lmao, ahaha))))
Anonymous  27/08/22 Суб 01:53:00 102434
Ahahahah, the Russians will fight in Ukraine, ahahahahahah Finnish fantasists attack my laughter again

You're mentally ill, go get treatment.
Anonymous  27/08/22 Суб 11:33:32 102446
Show me 16-core polish processor, subhuman
Anonymous  27/08/22 Суб 15:06:02 102454
burati are fighting in uk-raine
If you want to test Russian folk show them pic related. You could evaluate a Russian person by react Anonymous  26/08/22 Птн 14:51:58 102410 Ответ
upload-RIAN2111[...].jpg 71Кб, 895x505
If you want to test Russian folk show them pic related. You could evaluate a Russian person by reaction on the pic.

Test cheat sheet below:
~They know her and support — high IQ (110+) and very generous, kind person in front of you. It's your friend. Probably the best Russian guy you've ever seen in your life. Or even the best guy you've met in general.

~They don't know her but say "hmm she's good actually" after quick googling — it's low IQ person, but they have heart. Good friend. Just don't expect too much from them regarding real science, handling difficult problems, etc.

~They know her and hate her or say bad/neutral things — It's average IQ or high IQ person with some psy or mental issues. You should probably call the police if you noticed some suspicious activity like photos with gun, extremists symbols (most likely it will be left wing/antifa symbols), etc. Don't support them and avoid any communications.

~They don't know her and say bad/neutral things after quick googling — quite or extremely stupid person. Dangerous for society. Don't touch this thing. Please call the police and don't let others come close to subject before officers arrive.
Anonymous  26/08/22 Птн 20:46:14 102423
novodworskya.jpg 38Кб, 768x471
ork trolling 2ch.jpg 62Кб, 450x375
not jew.JPG 98Кб, 798x638
as a polack ima deeply sorry that my governamtn is a dog on judeoamerica lash :[ i hope someday sojuz will be back and we be big slavic family again :_; Anonymous  02/05/22 Пнд 10:46:22 98296 Ответ
Велика Битва Ук[...].jpg 577Кб, 1300x915
as a polack ima deeply sorry that my governamtn is a dog on judeoamerica lash :[ i hope someday sojuz will be back and we be big slavic family again :_;
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Anonymous  23/05/22 Пнд 18:40:59 99358
Anonymous  24/05/22 Втр 11:02:54 99367
kurwa dobriy sr[...].mp4 4246Кб, 1280x716, 00:00:29
Any Pole that supports Bandera scum is a dirty kurwa.
Anonymous  26/05/22 Чтв 12:25:31 99471
cute nazi.png 33Кб, 520x390
Anonymous  20/06/22 Пнд 00:26:18 100392
>Any Pole is a dirty kurwa.
i fixed for ya
poles (specially with small letter) are psheks and bandits
Anonymous  26/08/22 Птн 16:19:46 102411
sad but true
polacks as always lick butts of its bangers (bandera killers from wolyn) and bark on its friends (russians who freed it form nazis)
quo vadis polacks
"me telling my kids why the other one of them is a little bit more tanned" Anonymous  26/08/22 Птн 09:18:03 102397 Ответ
18c232753be2d3e5.mp4 932Кб, 406x720, 00:00:12
"me telling my kids why the other one of them is a little bit more tanned"
Anonymous  26/08/22 Птн 09:21:13 102399
f068a1580e21f8a8.mp4 760Кб, 406x720, 00:00:08
"When a man is complimenting my scent, and it's from a man I fucked earlier the same day"
Anonymous  26/08/22 Птн 09:25:26 102400
d461616e0b5e6ba[...].mp4 1615Кб, 540x960, 00:00:10
"Fall in love with me"
Anonymous  26/08/22 Птн 09:43:39 102401
Good thread
Anonymous  26/08/22 Птн 09:50:55 102402
She looks like my childhood friend, so adorable, lip corners going up and down while smiling is the way I remember her
I wish someone tried this on me irl
Russian speaking anons thread #1 Anonymous  31/07/22 Вск 08:32:03 101414 Ответ
1534319456border.jpg 1695Кб, 4272x2848
Since administrator of board, Abu aka MONKE, blocked all means of connection between Russian-speaking anons and their fellow countryman - we decided to create thread where every Russian speaking person may talk with each other, or maybe even some strays from /b/ and other boards.
Both Russian and English language are welcome.
Так как Админ борды, Абу ака Обезьяна, заблокировала все средства связи между русскоязычными анонами и их земляками - мы решили создать тред, где каждый русскоязычный может как и раньше общаться друг с другом а может быть даже с некоторыми залётышами из /b/ и других досок.
Приветствуется как русский, так и английский язык.
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7 с картинками.
Пропущено 26 постов, 7 с картинками.
Anonymous  24/08/22 Срд 22:06:08 102357
писька хехех)
Anonymous  25/08/22 Чтв 08:54:12 102363
Твоей тоже можно
Anonymous  26/08/22 Птн 01:12:16 102393
russian language sounds subhuman and cringe to me.
Anonymous  26/08/22 Птн 07:11:58 102395
image.png 32Кб, 280x280
Anonymous  26/08/22 Птн 07:44:04 102396
Finnish military parade is today Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 12:13:53 100017 Ответ
salen tervehdys.mp4 2957Кб, 1920x1080, 00:00:09
Finnish military parade is today
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Anonymous  22/07/22 Птн 02:23:08 101067
PF GO GO NEXT F[...].webm 8797Кб, 460x260, 00:00:18
16546013598770.mp4 2813Кб, 608x1080, 00:00:15
16542017468540.mp4 3751Кб, 640x360, 00:00:14
16543668390411.mp4 2964Кб, 480x848, 00:00:20
Anonymous  23/07/22 Суб 04:27:13 101095
bathroomraf.png 134Кб, 1112x921
bathroomraf2.png 99Кб, 1163x618
Anonymous  07/08/22 Вск 08:51:03 101655
Meds now, you fucking schizo xD
Anonymous  08/08/22 Пнд 16:34:04 101717
You come get butter for your bread :D :D
Anonymous  12/08/22 Птн 17:53:02 101861
image.png 240Кб, 744x687
He is just a shizoid and son of a whore. Don't take him seriously, lol. I love finnish butter by the way :D
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