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2ch is israel Anonymous  31/12/18 Пнд 13:24:41 41675 Ответ
4chan.png (93Кб, 1508x526)
2ch is israel
germany then and now Anonymous  31/12/18 Пнд 17:14:08 41680 Ответ
waffen ss musli[...].jpg (115Кб, 1280x720)
germany now.JPG (86Кб, 1022x640)
Dont we do Moon Jae-in impeach protest? 30/12/18 Вск 11:17:29 41620 Ответ
President Moon [...].png (686Кб, 1012x1370)
Don't we do Moon Jae-in impeach protest?
President Moon Jae-in, please reform the police and the prosecution who interrogate the suspect as a pervert.
I admit that I have to write this provocative title.
Please read the imaginative abundant investigation documents attached below.
Just three years ago, there was an interrogation of the prosecution and the police, who took someone and made him international criminals.
He asked for the investigation of the investigators, who were investigated in this way, but every time, all of the investigative commands were conducted by the Public Prosecutors' Office's Intelligence Service and none of them were charged with any crimes.
Unless Mr. President Moon Jae-in reform the old-fashioned way, the next turn will be Mr. President Moon Jae-in.
Moon Jae-in President of South Korea
KOREAN STYLE PRISON LIFE 30/12/18 Вск 07:57:27 41618 Ответ
KOREAN STYLE PR[...].PNG (766Кб, 1002x810)
I was hospitalized in a mental hospital soliciting room for a suspicion of hunger strike at the Seoul Detention Center. Please punish Park Sang-eun (Chairman of Presidential National Bioethics Committee) and Ham Woong (Director of Keyo Mental Hospital)

Hello? I seek help from you because I have been so bitter and resentful. If I am spreading lies, you must sue me for libel. After an emergency arrest and pressed investigation, I was not able to eat while I was under detention in the Seoul Detention Center. And then I was diagnosed with stress anorexia at Anyang Sam Hospital. The investigators interrogated me every day to show pictures of dead bodies and raped photos, and then they just force me to confess. If someone sees those pictures and some food goes over the neck, I think he is not normal.

Without authority, a prison officer named 'Sung Jin-soo' dared strongly assert of my mental hospital admission. Sung Jin-soo showed the writings that I wrote on my internet blog to the director of Keyo Medical Care Hospital (This medical care hospital is a mental hospital.) named ‘Ham Woong’ and he portrayed me as a psychotic. A doctor at the Seoul Detention Center called 'Cho Soo-hyun' took me to that hospital and forced me into solitary confinement under the name of treatment of my anorexia. In that place, the male nurses tied my wrists, ankles and chest to the bed in the name of avoiding escape, and then they put a diaper on me. It was a disgrace to a man in his 30s. I had been unable to move and could not eat; moreover, they did not cure nor give some food to me. Every in the morning and the evening, I was suffering from hallucination symptoms when I was given an injection called ‘Amytal’, which was prescribed by Ham Woong. Doing such medical treatment, Ham Woong seems to be, beyond losing his mind, a person who gave up being a human being.

A white-haired kidney physician who is the head of Anyang Sam Hospital called 'Park Sang-eun' would not treated but he interrogated me at Anyang Sam Hospital on January 12, 2017. He said to me, "You talked about hacking when you were treated at Anyang Sam Hospital in 2015, do you remember?" In addition, Park Sang-eun said to me, “You are ‘the body that managed by the country (I wonder how a medical doctor uses this jargon which is used between the prison guards in the Seoul Detention Center.)’, so what stresses you? Is there someone who harasses you in your imagination?" I was terrified by his words. It does not make any sense for a kidney physician to treat and prescribe a psychiatric patient; however, he diagnosed me as a psychotic who refused to eat. Again, I was coerced in to being hospitalized by Park Sang-eun even with bombarding rough words.

Park Sang-eun served as a member of the bioethics committee of Ex-President Park Geun-hye. Currently during Moon Jae-in presidency, he served as chairman of the President-direct 'National Bioethics Committee,' the chairman of 'Korea National Institute for Bioethics Policy,' the standing Representative of 'Africa Future Foundation,' and the author of a book titled 'Biomedical Ethics' and a book on 'Kidney Transplantation.’ However, I believe that being the person in a position of national bioethics who pretends to be a doctor and interrogates the prisoners with the life-disrespecting imperative is a hideous crime that violates the human rights of the entire Korean people.

I present a petition for these facts at the National Human Rights Commission of Korea and filed a complaint on the police, but they had been ignoring my words. A detective of the Uiwang Police Station named ‘Hwang Hyun-seop’ finished this case without asking the perpetrator for attendance, and a prosecutor of the Suwon District Prosecutor's Office named ‘Kim Yoon-jung’ had dismissed my complaint. Even though they did not confirming the typo with the surname of the offender in their documents, the prosecutor just printed straight down with 'Hoeng' which surname does not exist and sent a letter to me. Whoever can help the people if their government ignores them who are classified to suffer because of having no power? I think that it is beyond the acceptable range of our society that Park Sang-eun and Ham Woong brazenly do medical treatment as a doctor. Please be sure to punish Ham Woong and Park Sang-eun, and take measures to prevent their further medical treatment.

Attachment Link 1 :
Attachment Link 2 :
my christmas Anonymous  28/12/18 Птн 14:48:00 41510 Ответ
15459857932070.webm (1862Кб, 352x640, 00:00:18)
my christmas russias culture coming to europe Anonymous  26/12/18 Срд 17:47:40 41418 Ответ
techcornruss.jpg (71Кб, 589x205)
Watched yesterday on YouTube Aleksashenko, where he announced his rating of events Anonymous  25/12/18 Втр 14:52:01 41314 Ответ
Screenshot2018-[...].png (407Кб, 720x1280)
Watched yesterday on YouTube Aleksashenko, where he announced his rating of events 2019 .
Now, he is on the first place put the murder Skipals and Khashoggi.
Then I remembered this famous handshake of Prince and Putin.
they are both joyful ,both were ,figuratively speaking, in the same boat.
Judging by their smile, it's open season on killing the traitors around the world.
I like that, don't you?
Ive just clicked on loli thread on Kohl after several days of ignoring it. Honestly Anonymous  14/12/18 Птн 21:40:31 40850 Ответ
photo2018-12-14[...].jpg (51Кб, 720x1280)
photo2018-12-14[...].jpg (55Кб, 720x1280)
photo2018-12-14[...].jpg (145Кб, 720x1280)
Ive just clicked on loli thread on Kohl after several days of ignoring it. Honestly it made me actually psycially afraid adn then psychologlyly seirously concerned also cose i always have windows of my room and lights on.
Then now I thought: who cares, they put video of me eating shit on whole internet, raped me, video of me shitting, named me pedo rapist racist nazist, didnt give me friends, didnt give me gf, and most importantlx: didnt give me money to move!!!
So I buy frozen pizza again and dont care, call me repulsive ugly shrek if thats natural impression after you read/watched these things about me, okay its natural i assume ( i still wasnt given any information about this, and no material either) its natural, but if you arent going to give me money to move from this hellhole of city, and have audacity to tell me to be thankful im even alive (lol) im going to be worst pedo rapist racist nazi in my room and you cant do anything about it you miserable croatian demon spawn
Слив ордло Пыней. Anonymous  13/12/18 Чтв 20:15:23 40775 Ответ
Screenshot2018-[...].png (491Кб, 720x1280)
Вот только ,что выступал по программе "60 минут" командующий войсками ДНР и лнр Басурин.
Я сделал скриншот.
Вредно,что армия Украины концентрируется в самом узком месте и хочет прорвать границу ДНР и выйти на границу РФ.
Басурин говорит,что готовится провокация - взрыв на химзавода Мариуполя. Типа это будет ,как повод порвать с Мирскими соглашениями. Химатака.
И есть ещё одна концентрация - это у Донецка . Там приехали грады.
Кажется,что грады у Донецка будут отвлекать внимание и силы на себя ,а прорыв пойдет у Мариуполя.
У меня вопрос? Если говорят про это все заранее,то не может ли быть так,что и внатуре войска ДНР вьебут этот химзавод ,чтоб войска Украины пошли в атаку ?
Просто с Пыней договорились и он решил слить ордло?
Hello ... This message brings happiness. While reading this information, stay in Anonymous  05/12/18 Срд 20:39:25 40454 Ответ
1540454291774.png (20Кб, 788x699)
Hello ... This message brings happiness.

While reading this information, stay in bed for 5 minutes without doing anything. Yeah, do it. What I mean is very important, now I want to spend a few minutes.

I know you will learn more about your invitation.

I will tell you more affection ... But if you give me the opportunity to answer, I will not be able to give you reason in the coming months ...

I want to give a positive answer to this question, I have to send an answer to any message. Next week we will meet again, I do not accept ... I hope to write a letter, we should discuss this opportunity.

When I read this, I will surely know that you have given it. This is a proof that I love.
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