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Why are americans very fat peoples? Reasons????? Why are u ride on these biblops. Wtf Anonymous  05/06/20 Птн 13:42:58 66966 Ответ
s1200.jpg (151Кб, 1024x768)
Why are americans very fat peoples? Reasons????? Why are u ride on these biblops. Wtf
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Anonymous  09/06/20 Втр 15:21:06 67064
not really. Corn is just way too much effective crop. Also, it destroys soil, high IQ farmers already grow soybean.
Anonymous  09/06/20 Втр 23:45:49 67075
Communist conspiracy to ruin USA
Anonymous  10/06/20 Срд 00:18:41 67076
texas-seeks-spo[...].jpg (170Кб, 1920x1080)
Anonymous  11/06/20 Чтв 07:21:15 67100
index.jpg (4Кб, 221x228)
gxj8i62snqk41.png (383Кб, 517x464)
55283c4fdc46441[...].png (119Кб, 397x417)
tmg-articletall[...].jpg (11Кб, 640x360)
Anonymous  11/06/20 Чтв 20:39:30 67113
What is your opinion about situation in USA? Anonymous  06/06/20 Суб 02:06:50 66976 Ответ
image.png (5014Кб, 1920x1080)
What is your opinion about situation in USA?
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Anonymous  10/06/20 Срд 19:56:48 67087
iam kinda surprized americans pulled that off. i tought they are docile and lazy to riot.
Anonymous  10/06/20 Срд 23:00:00 67090
62159760.jpg (79Кб, 630x630)
Anonymous  10/06/20 Срд 23:16:38 67091
15781531942810[[...].png (554Кб, 576x640)
>we literally killing ourselves to death lol
Anonymous  10/06/20 Срд 23:33:52 67092
surprisingly reasonable thought for our /int/
Anonymous  11/06/20 Чтв 07:24:32 67101
dbec7a78202cf62[...].jpg (56Кб, 600x391)
rate Anonymous  10/06/20 Срд 22:55:40 67089 Ответ
15917950640671[[...].png (894Кб, 800x725)
Anonymous  11/06/20 Чтв 01:37:32 67094
Can somebody read a text about dystopian literature and tell if it's grammatically Anonymous  08/06/20 Пнд 16:49:00 67037 Ответ
s-l300.jpg (15Кб, 195x300)
101540050bigbri[...].jpg (127Кб, 1024x576)
fahrenheit+451.png (2109Кб, 1920x1319)
Anonymous  09/06/20 Втр 13:46:43 67063
nice virus link
Anonymous  09/06/20 Втр 19:04:18 67069
I don't need any help anymore, thanks for being altruistic. The world is standing on men like you
BWL is a black racism. How come you let niggers to protest? I was never so much dissapointet in America. You folks are finished. Anonymous  # OP 06/06/20 Суб 11:02:25 66983 Ответ
федя.jpeg (35Кб, 440x326)
BWL is a black racism. How come you let niggers to protest? I was never so much dissapointet in America. You folks are finished.
Anonymous  06/06/20 Суб 19:29:20 66987
>>66983 (OP)
Jewish world order will be blacks slaves and jewish masters. all other races will perish.
Anonymous  # OP 06/06/20 Суб 19:36:54 66989
>world order
Just american order.
Anonymous  06/06/20 Суб 20:14:04 66992
Anonymous  # OP 06/06/20 Суб 21:08:38 66994
Anonymous  09/06/20 Втр 08:17:37 67059
> sorry to see a break down of english america by the superiour black race
fuck you nigger and fuck all muscovites too
beauty Anonymous  26/05/20 Втр 10:45:04 66736 Ответ
EXVrsmmUwAADTsb.jpg (137Кб, 1080x1173)
Anonymous  26/05/20 Втр 11:29:11 66737
Anonymous  26/05/20 Втр 15:27:26 66745
15904789654690[[...].jpg (150Кб, 1280x960)
Anonymous  26/05/20 Втр 20:37:52 66752
Anonymous  05/06/20 Птн 01:39:45 66958
Anonymous  08/06/20 Пнд 14:46:55 67036
why is this website called abay? Anonymous  14/03/20 Суб 04:09:35 65445 Ответ
abay.PNG (4Кб, 419x144)
why is this website called abay?
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Anonymous  21/03/20 Суб 18:15:16 65589
Anonymous  21/03/20 Суб 22:07:26 65596
Anonymous  07/06/20 Вск 11:37:36 67005
Anonymous  08/06/20 Пнд 10:08:59 67031
>>65445 (OP)
Anonymous  08/06/20 Пнд 10:59:52 67033
Kevin Smith Predicted Riots Anonymous  04/06/20 Чтв 22:17:57 66948 Ответ
index.gif (6844Кб, 520x293)
Anonymous  07/06/20 Вск 19:58:22 67016
Anonymous  08/06/20 Пнд 02:33:19 67027
>fuk rusia Anonymous  03/04/20 Птн 22:55:49 65820 Ответ
15841134224530.jpg (63Кб, 600x407)
>fuk rusia
Anonymous  04/04/20 Суб 13:24:33 65828
Anonymous  03/06/20 Срд 02:59:55 66889
Anonymous  07/06/20 Вск 14:55:01 67006
Fuck British cocold)) hahaha
Anonymous  07/06/20 Вск 16:18:06 67009
say 300
Roadman slang Anonymous  # OP 26/05/20 Втр 06:58:34 66725 Ответ
IMG202005260656[...].jpg (91Кб, 718x718)
Someone from UK can teach me plz how to talk like a roadman? Yeh, I know, I'm wet wipe,I even not from UK, I jus wanna know sum phrases for start a dialogue wiz random gopniks in my country.
Just send me some phrases that I can say to sounds like a roadman.
Anonymous  26/05/20 Втр 20:54:52 66754
Anonymous  03/06/20 Срд 03:03:43 66890
Anonymous  03/06/20 Срд 04:07:45 66891
Travel to Yorkshire, you'll learn it in no time.
Anonymous  03/06/20 Срд 15:35:25 66896
Anonymous  06/06/20 Суб 11:13:54 66985
I really love scottish people. Anonymous  04/06/20 Чтв 19:49:30 66934 Ответ
деффка смех.mp4 (356Кб, 672x380, 00:00:02)
I really love scottish people.
Anonymous  04/06/20 Чтв 21:59:56 66945
Anonymous  06/06/20 Суб 11:05:57 66984
Hello! More recently, I planned to emigrate to the United States in search of freedom, happiness and dignity. Now, as I understand it, this is not in the US and will never be? Where am I going to run now? Anonymous  # OP 03/06/20 Срд 20:26:38 66898 Ответ
1502814922289.jpg (50Кб, 576x800)
Hello! More recently, I planned to emigrate to the United States in search of freedom, happiness and dignity. Now, as I understand it, this is not in the US and will never be? Where am I going to run now?
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Anonymous  04/06/20 Чтв 23:35:35 66956
Anonymous  05/06/20 Птн 03:42:35 66962
15910379145083.mp4 (5827Кб, 848x464, 00:00:40)
Based American. God bless you and your family. May God help your country and your people through these troubled times. The Russian people hold you in their prayers and put candles up for you at church. Death to niggers and liberals.

This liberal retard thinks this is all only in Russia. Even when he can more/less understand English and go to 4chan or youtube and see and hear it from foreigners themselves, he will still insist that he knows better than everyone else. Маня, выйди блять из своего манямирка, и глубоко вздохни гиперреальностью, тебя никто не спасёт.

>with all due respect
kek, of course, don't forget to pay your respects when speaking to a westerner.
Anonymous  05/06/20 Птн 06:30:50 66965
tumblrinlineov7[...].png (115Кб, 500x308)
>>66898 (OP)
Come be my russkie twink bf, I will show you the way :^)
Anonymous  05/06/20 Птн 19:10:33 66971
Yes, I agree with you. The police and the army are structures whose members will take any action, and only by order. It is therefore ridiculous to think that these pigs will fall to their knees as they wish.

Regarding the village, I agree with you. But the Russian village is hell. So far, I am considering options for rural areas or small towns in eastern Europe: the Balkans, close to the sea, preferably. But for this you need income, regardless of place of residence. I plan to engage in psychological counseling on Skype (I have a master's degree in psychology).
Anonymous  05/06/20 Птн 20:56:31 66972
15865904762843.jpg (53Кб, 680x680)
>But the Russian village is hell
Not mine
COVID-19 in Russia Anonymous  27/04/20 Пнд 18:18:51 66208 Ответ
image.png (53Кб, 1183x388)
>66 deaths today in Russia

Is it (mostly) accurate? Yes/no

Why or why not ?
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Anonymous  27/04/20 Пнд 21:34:33 66213
Anonymous  28/04/20 Втр 09:59:48 66217
Anonymous  01/05/20 Птн 11:26:24 66257
Number of deaths is the most accurate thing about such statistics. Not only in Russia, but in most of the countries. Not so much reasons and ways to fake a number of registered corpses and all this stuff. A corpse is a corpse, you know, it's not like it's gonna ressurect somehow. Pretty trustworthy.

Cause of deaths, however...

You see, there are also factors like:
1) not enough corona tests or literally a zero number of tests in some parts of Russia (at least it was like that in the beginning of Putin's "quarantine", maybe it is better now)

2) hospitals are overcrowded now

3) our medics had shitty work conditions for many years after collapse of USSR (low payment, very hard work with a lot of responsibility, a lot of stupid bureacracy crap), but I guess there was a plenty of this shit in soviet period too, just not so much, so they are too tired of all this shit and do not want any more responsibility for nothing

So, if you ask me: there is a very high probability that if you are not in Moscow, Saint-Peterburg or some big city, you will not be diagnosed with corona, it will be just a pneumonia or some viral respiratory infection (I don't know analog in English , it's basically a hard case of common cold)

Which basically means if you die that will not affect the corona statistics (but you will be quarantined and isolated asf). Guess I've fucked up tenses here, but I hope you will understand. But I think it's a common situation for most of countries now, some just lie more than others.

Not a single one health care system in the world was ready for corona. You can also get over corona without any serious symptoms and don't even know about it. So I don't trust anyone. And I trust Russian statistics less than Western, and my trust in statistics from countries like Iran, China or India is near zero.
Anonymous  28/05/20 Чтв 19:08:45 66785
Ok, gg
Anonymous  05/06/20 Птн 04:12:28 66964
USA n1 Anonymous  05/04/20 Вск 13:37:44 65833 Ответ
amerimuttirl.png (782Кб, 1024x1023)
american family.jpg (110Кб, 1024x683)
america main ob[...].jpg (181Кб, 656x734)
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Anonymous  11/04/20 Суб 20:27:55 65935
That cheer-leader is pure beauty. I also like the way she moves.
Anonymous  11/04/20 Суб 22:23:10 65936
azX0eRB460svvp9.webm (4842Кб, 460x816, 00:00:52)
Anonymous  12/04/20 Вск 10:09:45 65943
HOT, i love how her butt jiggles.

t a guy who like butt jiggeling
Anonymous  09/05/20 Суб 19:18:35 66416
Looks like they are having fun
Anonymous  05/06/20 Птн 01:45:50 66959
cheerleader girl cute as fuck
/SIG/ - Self Improvement General Anonymous  # OP 09/05/20 Суб 21:31:56 66418 Ответ
sig2.jpg (951Кб, 1763x2034)
It’s time to clean your house. What have you done today to improve your mental/physical/spiritual wellbeing, anon?

Modern society is to blame for there being so many people who don't deserve to live. Most people in the West used to harden as they grow on their own, like anywhere else. Now without effort you can remain indefinitely infantile due to our decadence. There were always outliers that became like this throughout history, but now the general masses have succumbed to this condition. There is no longer a rite of passage into adulthood, you can be sheltered and live comfortably. This is de-evolution. Everyone has a dandy-ol time being a degenerate well into their 50s. Constant entertainment, pre-cooked meals and pornography have robbed us of our man-hood.

Realize that to live is to struggle. Really internalize this truth in your being and actions and when possible spread it to others that you care about. In the end the Natural Order will always prevail. Nature is inherently fascist. The modern world is a world that goes completely against nature and the results are telling. It's tearing itself apart. Nevertheless, you, as an individual, can always choose to go against the flow and struggle and persevere while the rest of society rots and withers away. It's not an easy path, but you go on because you know that you are in the right and that in the end you will be vindicated.

The modern world is so self-destructive, half the battle is just weathering the storm until the whole edifice has degenerated so much that we can rise and deal the final blow. Live to live your life correctly and that will bring happiness to yourself and those around you.
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Anonymous  12/05/20 Втр 20:46:21 66491
moke.jpg (97Кб, 850x565)
Anonymous  01/06/20 Пнд 14:47:53 66841
Anonymous  03/06/20 Срд 09:06:29 66893
Anonymous  03/06/20 Срд 22:36:36 66914
doggolino.jpg (4Кб, 225x225)
Anonymous  04/06/20 Чтв 21:59:25 66944
zcJCsuiejw.jpg (72Кб, 900x658)
Russia must conquer Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states, Moldova, Romania, Poland, Anonymous  12/02/20 Срд 21:05:34 64732 Ответ
cclcPuHSu00.jpg (34Кб, 800x468)
Russia must conquer Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states, Moldova, Romania, Poland, East Germany, Jutland, Saamiland, the Balkans, Consantinople (or Tsargrad), Transcaucasia, Anatoly, the Holy Land, the Central Asia + Afghanistan, Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Mongolia, Manchjuru and Alaska.
By the end of this century, we (Russians) must to conquer the whole world and make the entire population of the Earth Orthodox Christians. Then the kingdom of God will come and the Russian people (God's chosen people) will fulfill their mission.
Anonymous  12/02/20 Срд 23:04:04 64737
Why you not move to Far East and live there is plenty of space
Anonymous  13/02/20 Чтв 01:24:20 64750
>>64732 (OP)
yes everything will be donne, just see and wait.
Anonymous  11/03/20 Срд 18:19:25 65408
>>64732 (OP)
It's only short campaign.
Long campaign includes whole know universe.
Anonymous  17/04/20 Птн 13:27:48 66022
img568x320x2420[...].jpg (88Кб, 568x320)
main ideas. how to change the world

It is necessary to create the main Internet resource where everyone can publish, view and evaluate the importance of unfair events, actions and decisions, to protect against system errors, unfair rules and laws and unfair actions and decisions of any government, organizations and people. The authorities will be obliged to resolve / analyze the most important issues. Everyone will be able to publish, view undeniable evidence, propose solutions, offer other useful functions for the Internet resource.

Create the main Internet resource for help and support for those who need it. Everyone will be able to publish, view, and rate the importance of requests for help. The main thing is to create an organization that will be engaged in checking requests / appeals, storing, distributing / sending funds and resources. Everyone will be able to publish, review and evaluate the importance of requests for help, will be able to send to the organization involved in the distribution of funds and resources any amount of funds and resources, and the organization will independently distribute the funds and resources according to the importance. Everyone can choose a specific person, a specific request, and each request / appeal has a status of verified or unverified.

Just realize that most people simply can’t prove almost nothing of the most important thing that they know about this world, history, their body, food and nutrition, and the information is disseminated without conclusive evidence and ways to verify evidence, including for this for every sphere of life which is important for the formation of a correct understanding of reality, it is necessary to create Internet resources where all the most important information will be published, along with undeniable evidence and ways of verifying evidence. So gradually you check and find out the true story about this world, those who live in it, their food, nutrition and everything else.

just translate and read
Anonymous  04/06/20 Чтв 04:48:08 66924
Монголы стрелкян  03/06/20 Срд 16:16:31 66897 Ответ
дрочивили.png (166Кб, 454x534)
вячегун стрелкян
Anonymous  03/06/20 Срд 21:52:57 66911
>>66897 (OP)
O'key, dude, its man is beautiful, but who is it. Please in eng.
Anonymous  03/06/20 Срд 22:04:58 66912
Не позорься, Польшаров
Why are there no threads with live coverage of riots in the US? Do you even realize WHAT is happening right now? There is so much content, where is it? We want to see! We want to see! Anonymous  02/06/20 Втр 08:33:18 66869 Ответ
couple-asleep-c[...].jpg (323Кб, 800x530)
Why are there no threads with live coverage of riots in the US?
Do you even realize WHAT is happening right now?
There is so much content, where is it? We want to see! We want to see!
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Anonymous  02/06/20 Втр 15:49:37 66872
Anonymous  02/06/20 Втр 22:22:08 66881
15867299310720.jpg (134Кб, 1080x779)
Anonymous  02/06/20 Втр 22:26:16 66883
>>66869 (OP)
Niggers rioting, oh what an unexpected and new occurence!
Anonymous  02/06/20 Втр 22:26:45 66884
Anonymous  03/06/20 Срд 20:34:14 66899
>>66869 (OP)
Soon, very soon it will be with you, Hans. See more. With your own eyes you’ll see enough.
Anti-commie thread Anonymous  22/05/20 Птн 14:51:57 66680 Ответ
15181957965adcc[...].jpg (71Кб, 600x700)
I loathe neo-communists praying on and mourning USSR.
What's so fascinating about 75 years of genocidal brain-washing dystopia terrorizing the entire world and almost destroying it completely (say howdy to Cuba)?
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Пропущено 15 постов, 2 с картинками.
Anonymous  02/06/20 Втр 15:59:00 66874
Anonymous  02/06/20 Втр 16:07:28 66875
Anonymous  02/06/20 Втр 21:11:06 66878
russia libertar[...].jpg (316Кб, 1280x720)
Anonymous  02/06/20 Втр 22:20:35 66880
They are posers and a fake puppet party to make dumb people think that the opposition exists. And they are lead by xenophobic loudmouth clown.
Anonymous  02/06/20 Втр 22:25:13 66882
>posers and a fake puppet party
>And they are lead by xenophobic
THIS is the reason i like them.
Человек в процессе эволюции сам себя одомашнил Anonymous  01/06/20 Пнд 20:27:17 66857 Ответ
800px-GehrtsArm[...].jpg (293Кб, 800x1136)
Человек в процессе эволюции сам себя одомашнил как биологический вид. «Одомашнивание» с точки зрения биологии есть несомненная дегенерация. Потеря волосяного покрова, уменьшение общего размера организма и размера головного мозга, порча зубов, ослабление зрения, большая психическая слабость и утомляемость. Сравнение голой жирной свиньи с поджарым клыкастым зверем слишком обидно для человека. А что касается собаки, то аналогия ещё унизительнее, ещё прозрачнее. Слишком она умна, слишком напоминает человека в собственно человеческой стихии. Но между прочим, тут, в паре «собака — волк», есть для человека очень важное указание. Человек произошёл вовсе не от обезьяны. Он произошёл от сверхчеловека. Многочисленные исследования зоопсихологов доказали, что волк качественно умнее собаки. Да и внешне это ясно, стоит только посмотреть на огромную волчью голову, мощную и крепкую черепную коробку. Не произошли ли тогда и люди, сапиенсы-собаки, от людей-волков?

Я не понимаю (или, наоборот, очень хорошо понимаю), почему эта версия столь непопулярна в биологии и особенно в отечественной биологии. Биологи идут на прямую ложь, на прямые подтасовки. В третьем издании БСЭ в статье «Череп» написано:
«У ископаемых высших приматов — австралопитеков — объём мозга равен в среднем 530–600 куб. см. , у древнейших людей (архантропы) — 1000 куб.см., у древних людей (палеоантропы) — 1360 куб. см., у современного человека — 1500 куб.см».

В статье «Головной мозг» объём мозга современного человека уточняется: 1456 куб.см. То есть по сравнению с палеоантропами увеличение всего на 100 кубиков. Поэтому вполне справедливо в статье «Антропогенез» сказано:
«Палеоантропы (неандертальцы) — относятся к заключительному этапу второй стадии антропогенеза. У них больше черт сходства с современным человеком, головной мозг по объёму и строению почти не отличается от мозга современных людей».

Но вот статья «Неандертальцы». С «человеком разумным» тут прямого (цифрового) сопоставления нет и редакция сочла возможным пропустить следующую информацию:
«Для неандертальцев Западной Европы характерен крупный мозг (до 1700 куб.см.)».

1700! Это на 250 кубических сантиметров больше среднего мозга современного человека. Конечно, череп неандертальца более груб: больше челюсти, ниже лоб. Как и у волка. Ведь по сравнению с волчьим, череп охотничьей собаки более миниатюрен, более «интеллигентен». Но волк умнее. Качественно.

Немцы с их арийской теорией были, конечно, правы. На севере Европы ещё в начале новой эры сохранились реликтовые люди-волки — немцы. Уж конечно, от таких «варваров» произошли в свое время римляне и греки, вообще люди. От них, а вовсе не от дегенерирующих австралийцев или папуасов. Судить по ним о предках человека — это всё равно, что судить о птицах по бескрылой птице Галапагосских островов. Ну да, есть такая аномалия, тупик эволюции, частность. Разве пигмей или негритос мог выдумать письменность, вообще язык? Более того, разве современный человек смог бы сделать такое? Кто он без великой культуры сапиенсов? — Маугли, жалкий маугли. Не книжный, а настоящий, превратившийся в животное. Чтобы появился человек, нужен был сверхчеловек. Разум не начал тлеть под низким черепным сводом тусклой искрой. Нет, первая мысль была подобна грохоту молнии. Молния — не искра. Превратить насыщенный раствор в кристалл легко — стоит только бросить затравку: маленький кристаллик или даже просто пылинку, иголку. Но если ничего нет? Если в прошлом — пустота, мрак, миллиарды лет немоты — вплоть до сотворения мира и времени? Как появиться слову? Раствор разума должен быть перенасыщен, мозг должен быть громаден и совершенен, давно готов к великому акту мышления. Так же как ребёнок уникально восприимчив и обладает гениальной памятью, исключительной способностью к творчеству, точно так же детство человеческого вида было озарено исключительностью.

Но. В одном (и высшем) отношении собака совершеннее волка. Всё звериное и животное в ней подавлено, а некоторые сегменты «животного» исчезли почти полностью. Собака, и это качество исключительное, самому мудрому волку недоступное совершенно, — собака способна на контакт с высшим существом. Волк может привязаться к человеку, но именно как волк, и особенно, если человек будет себя вести, как волк же. Собака привязывается к человеку как «друг человека», и человек привязывается к собаке наоборот, даже проявляя именно свои человеческие качества. Этим собака бесконечно ближе человеку всех других животных. Ведь и человек может положить свою мудрую собачью голову на колени Кому-то.
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why is the photographer giving her a thumbs up?
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