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Polish anonymous hacker message to russia 15/04/22 Птн 12:27:28 97248 Ответ
fff.jfif 2Кб, 102x128
Anonymous  16/04/22 Суб 18:54:02 97315
this one is helluva very dangerous haxor
RUSSIA WHY? johannes   # OP 02/05/21 Вск 22:07:16 80682 Ответ
16128104622080.png 71Кб, 420x625
16128104622081.jpg 149Кб, 1487x1617
16128104622092.png 232Кб, 599x708
16128104622103.png 390Кб, 2193x3179
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Anonymous  18/09/21 Суб 21:51:06 87867
Anonymous  05/10/21 Втр 14:08:28 88283
Look at shitskin percent in your country and prepare you ass for taharush
Anonymous  13/04/22 Срд 01:32:24 97125
>>80682 (OP)
East Germany's integration was poorly managed (or purposely poorly managed rather). Infrastructure and factories were shut down, and Ossis were turned into cheap migrant slave labor for the West. East German companies were not allowed any time to adjust, there was no way they could hope to be competitive with Western ones immediately. So much for brotherly love from Wessis.
Anonymous  13/04/22 Срд 19:19:26 97178
Anonymous  13/04/22 Срд 20:36:45 97182
I AM TIRED OF THESE GOD DAMN MOTHER FUCKING RUSSIANS SHIT Anonymous  14/04/22 Чтв 07:05:04 97190 Ответ
1623134427080.jpg 54Кб, 593x591
Anonymous  14/04/22 Чтв 17:38:48 97221
Anonymous  14/04/22 Чтв 18:01:24 97224
>>97190 (OP)
So are ordinary russians, but it's illegal for them to voice it xd
Which of these you Russians think is more likely: &gt;Smaller countries bordering Anonymous  17/03/22 Чтв 13:32:51 95000 Ответ
250px-FlagofNAT[...].png 5Кб, 250x188
Which of these you Russians think is more likely:

>Smaller countries bordering Russia want join Nato because they think Nato can protect them from invasion.


>Nato keeps creeping eastwards because power elite in USA wants more and more countries to join anti-Russian alliance.

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Anonymous  12/04/22 Втр 19:57:47 97095
Anonymous  12/04/22 Втр 21:37:43 97104

Bullshit, none of these are very prevalent or you've picked them off context.

> Putin admires Stalin
Heard this maybe once or twice. Wouldnt be surprised if true.

> Putin wants to bring back the Soviet Union
These comments refer mostly to state control, oppression and imperialism. Not the economic system nor the political system.

> Stalin's crimes are swiped under the rug in Russia
Not heard this one before, though Stalin seems romantized in Russia.

> ANY negative mention on Finland in Russian media is a propaganda campaign to justify an invasion
Complete bullshit, you must hang out with IQ80 degenerates.
Anonymous  13/04/22 Срд 00:14:00 97120
nazifinnshappen[...].png 126Кб, 1740x378
Anonymous  13/04/22 Срд 00:53:03 97123
Anonymous  14/04/22 Чтв 11:00:54 97198
I hope that Russia attacks Finland.
Time to get our ancestral stolen lands back and exterminate the asian threat.
Русский язык Anonymous  # OP 07/09/21 Втр 00:11:22 87538 Ответ
Worry Bear Bala[...].webm 2475Кб, 818x1182, 00:00:21
Приветик друзья.

Я только что начинал изучать русский язык. Где можно общаться с русскоязычными людьми, которые грамотные и возможно даже дружелюбные?

Greetings friends.

I've recently begun studying Russian. Do you have any advice on where to find Russian-speakers to practice with?
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Anonymous  13/04/22 Срд 04:36:54 97134
Подниму-ка я русскую баночку.
Anonymous  13/04/22 Срд 12:11:13 97146
Ебать, ты некромансер.
Anonymous  13/04/22 Срд 22:34:57 97184
Anonymous  13/04/22 Срд 22:57:46 97186
Anonymous  13/04/22 Срд 22:58:40 97187
Everything would be nice if you have not killed this king. Anonymous  06/04/22 Срд 23:22:31 96693 Ответ
251e.jpg 363Кб, 832x1080
Everything would be nice if you have not killed this king.
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Anonymous  07/04/22 Чтв 07:56:20 96716
Anonymous  07/04/22 Чтв 08:54:24 96719
Romanovtree2sim[...].png 310Кб, 686x1003
Rasputinnear1914.jpg 73Кб, 404x468
>>96693 (OP)
he was german or "danish" his mum is dagmar from denmark.

russians killing him was a natural process by removing a foreign object out of russian body. yes jewish bolsheviks got involved in this but wasnt the main driving force.

russia was partly colonized and octobor revolution was a freedome fight against western occupiers represented by the "russian" royal family. somehow jews sneaked in but got purged by stalin then they moved to EU and made their safeheaven.

hitlers attack was an atempt to regain russia a colony for the british empire, but they failed.
Anonymous  07/04/22 Чтв 10:17:34 96725
Anonymous  07/04/22 Чтв 14:20:06 96739
I got ancient ancestors from Egypt and I'm still Finnish.
Anonymous  13/04/22 Срд 22:49:15 97185
>>96693 (OP)
Текст песниСлушатьДругие записиВидео
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
There lived a certain man in Russia long ago
He was big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glow
Most people looked at him with terror and with fear
But to Moscow chicks he was such a lovely dear
He could preach the Bible like a preacher
Full of ecstasy and fire
But he also was the kind of teacher
Women would desire
Ra ra Rasputin
Lover of the Russian queen
There was a cat that really was gone
Ra ra Rasputin
Russia's greatest love machine
It was a shame how he carried on
He ruled the Russian land and never mind the Czar
But the kazachok he danced really wunderbar
In all affairs of state he was the man to please
But he was real great when he had a girl to squeeze
For the queen he was no wheeler dealer
Though she'd heard the things he'd done
She believed he was a holy healer
Who would heal her son
Ra ra Rasputin
Lover of the Russian queen
There was a cat that really was gone
Ra ra Rasputin
Russia's greatest love machine
It was a shame how he carried on
But when his drinking and lusting
And his hunger for power
Became known to more and more people
The demands to do something
About this outrageous man
Became louder and louder
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
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"This man's just got to go", declared his enemies
But the ladies begged, "Don't you try to do it, please"
No doubt this Rasputin had lots of hidden charms
Though he was a brute, they just fell into his arms
Then one night some men of higher standing
Set a trap, they're not to blame
"Come to visit us", they kept demanding
And he really came
Ra ra Rasputin
Lover of the Russian queen
They put some poison into his wine
Ra ra Rasputin
Russia's greatest love machine
He drank it all and said, "I feel fine"
Ra ra Rasputin
Lover of the Russian queen
They didn't quit, they wanted his head
Ra ra Rasputin
Russia's greatest love machine
And so they shot him 'til he was dead
Oh, those Russians
Who is the Greatest Russian Historical Figure? Anonymous  17/03/22 Чтв 07:21:43 94988 Ответ
topic-russia-ge[...].jpg 272Кб, 1200x1200
Who is the greatest figure of Russian history? Also, I invite anyone to teach me anything they would like others to know about Russia. I know very little about Russia but I would like to learn more about Russia and I support Russia's fight against Western aggression. I believe it will go down in history as Great Patriotic War Part 2.
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Anonymous  23/03/22 Срд 02:24:57 95658
United Kingdom, France, Italy, Nazi Germany, Poland, Hungary decided a country to be dismembered in the name of peace only months before the attack on Poland. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Munich_Agreement U.S. companies like Ford were supporting the Nazis during the war.
Anonymous  23/03/22 Срд 03:10:09 95661
1.jpg 250Кб, 816x564
>>(wants to judge what happened 80 years ago)
Ribbentrop say hi.
Anonymous  23/03/22 Срд 03:12:55 95662
> wants to judge what happened 80 years ago
Read what I'm replying to.
Anonymous  23/03/22 Срд 03:41:55 95664
1646430774617.jpg 61Кб, 1024x712
Finland please shut the fuck up and get back to being our bitch
Anonymous  13/04/22 Срд 05:05:16 97136
Do Ukrainians hate Russians or Russia? Is it true that Russia attacks Ukraine constantly and tries to destabilize its government, because it&#39;s pro-West? Or are all of those lies fabricated by Western media? Anonymous  18/12/20 Птн 15:29:54 71984 Ответ
grafik.png 1022Кб, 1000x562
Do Ukrainians hate Russians or Russia? Is it true that Russia attacks Ukraine constantly and tries to destabilize its government, because it's pro-West? Or are all of those lies fabricated by Western media?
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Anonymous  31/10/21 Вск 22:05:06 88975
ukraine KGB CCCP.jpg 113Кб, 589x604
You are fed aspertam, flouride and all kinds of poisons since birth. My brain works perfectly fine thanks to garlic and onions. For you it seems "complex" for me its normal.
ass my dick  02/11/21 Втр 04:59:19 89003
Anonymous  03/11/21 Срд 16:02:50 89034
This is a typical pecca mongol from saturn with an IQ of 80 and a genetic desire for violence, he's just looking for a way out, don't judge
03/11/21 Срд 16:46:12 89035
Anonymous  13/04/22 Срд 04:30:46 97132
Lol it's so fucking funny to read this thread now in 2022.
This is pride week in Georgia. Show me pride week in Russia. Anonymous  07/07/21 Срд 03:50:50 85009 Ответ
pride.jpg 190Кб, 1615x895
pride.mp4 32169Кб, 720x1280, 00:01:34
This is pride week in Georgia.
Show me pride week in Russia.
Anonymous  07/07/21 Срд 14:30:14 85024
07/07/21 Срд 17:24:30 85032
Violence at ant[...].mp4 9797Кб, 854x480, 00:01:26
>>85009 (OP)
...Ah ah ah ah ahahah
Oh oh oh oh ohohoh
He he he he hehehe
Hey hey hey...
Anonymous  07/07/21 Срд 18:00:02 85035
>Prime Minister said it's unreasonable to hold Pride in a public place
So, the Russian government prevents damage to cities, prevents violence against gays, saves policemen from extra work? I mean there are always people like those on the video. Russia is a lot more atheist than Georgia, but we probably have a lot of them too.
Anonymous  08/07/21 Чтв 07:58:31 85087
16240821705440.png 840Кб, 1598x1088
Russians be like: Today i&#39;ll displace the ethnic asians from Siberia by colonialism and create a disconnectedness between China and Siberia Anonymous  03/07/21 Суб 22:59:26 84816 Ответ
Asian heritage [...].jpg 161Кб, 1902x952
Russians be like: Today i'll displace the ethnic asians from Siberia by colonialism and create a disconnectedness between China and Siberia
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Anonymous  04/07/21 Вск 20:54:17 84864
>>84816 (OP)
t. trkoid
Yeniseian genocide was performed largely by the so called "
ld T*rks" and nothing can convince me otherwise.
Anonymous  05/10/21 Втр 14:38:02 88290
Turkroachia allow arabs to enter europe and must be punished by chemical weapon bombings
Anonymous  05/10/21 Втр 23:46:15 88323
Anonymous  06/10/21 Срд 14:58:08 88336
>>84816 (OP)
population in siberia has never been dense, come on
nobody displaced them, they're all there with few exceptions
Anonymous  06/10/21 Срд 21:35:18 88343
Siberia and far east belongs rightfully to Ukraine. They were conqured by cossacks.
Why int is so fucking sucks man? Anonymous  05/04/22 Втр 21:23:38 96612 Ответ
Why int is so fucking sucks man?
Anonymous  05/04/22 Втр 21:55:23 96616
just turn around and it will blow
Anonymous  06/04/22 Срд 14:41:18 96666
>>96612 (OP)
1. It's illegal for Russians to speak about the war. The website banner clearly states to think twice before posting something about the war, as you might go to jail.

2. Kremlin trolls
Anonymous  06/04/22 Срд 15:11:11 96667
16491929332540.jpg 42Кб, 874x805
Anonymous  12/04/22 Втр 11:05:33 97073
нахуй иди чурка цыганская, со своими манякремлетроллями, мыла кусок
Who&#39;s this girl, russbros? Apparently she&#39;s called Neva and posts herself here? What&#39;s Tupa Splash? Anonymous  03/03/22 Чтв 21:55:28 93198 Ответ
c329b6a6f47a70f[...].jpg 941Кб, 2400x3200
image.png 425Кб, 683x744
6a1fdd06b274a9a[...].png 1023Кб, 883x1280
image.png 264Кб, 466x511
Who's this girl, russbros? Apparently she's called Neva and posts herself here?
What's Tupa Splash?
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Anonymous  01/04/22 Птн 04:53:34 96323
Anonymous  02/04/22 Суб 16:56:50 96399
Propably some camwhore
Anonymous  11/04/22 Пнд 19:23:36 97038
Anonymous  11/04/22 Пнд 19:23:54 97039
Anonymous  11/04/22 Пнд 20:25:57 97049
Dunno man, she's probably from another laboratory.
Russian Regions in the struggle for Self-determination (not separatism) Anonymous  04/07/21 Вск 22:30:59 84868 Ответ
image.png 245Кб, 640x344
image.png 151Кб, 220x278
image.png 1777Кб, 1200x900
image.png 518Кб, 1264x810
Russian Russian nationalists like to dream about the "gathering of Russian lands" within the borders of 1914, but in fact, they should have taken care to keep at least the current borders. And it's not even about national republics like Tatarstan, but in regions with a conditionally Russian population. Let's briefly consider such examples:

1) Siberia

Siberian oblastnichestvo originates from the middle of the XIX century among the local intelligentsia. They considered Siberia a colony of Russia, and the Siberians a new nation, setting the goal of creating a new United States. Indeed, the descendants of freedom-loving fugitive serfs, enterprising adventurers, exiles from different parts of Eastern Europe (mainly from the territory of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth) and Cossacks have grounds for distinguishing them from the inhabitants of Central Russia in separate types.

The founder of the Russian school of geological cartography, Georg von Helmersen: "The inhabitants of Baraba (the steppe of the Tobolsk province) are a beautiful strong race ... > < partly descendants of exiles, show a sense of self-esteem and a sense of strength. Russian Russians have convinced us from the very first time of the validity of the opinion that Siberians take European Russia and Russians for foreigners or foreigners> ... <If a Siberian says to a Russian who visits his hospitable home in a friendly way, "my dear sir, you are Russian," then he does not want to say that you are a fellow countryman, but, on the contrary, he wants to designate the opposite of himself as a Siberian."

The Siberian regionalist G. Potanin: "The climate is the most stubborn, the most obdurate separatist, and nothing will prevent him from forming a race in spite of chauvinistic, Russifying desires, if he himself has peculiarities."

N. Yadrintsev: "Brusser (meaning the famous Belgian ethnographer of the 19th century, Charles Etienne Brasseur de Bourbourg — approx.), known for his observation and extensive study, testifies to significant changes in the type of the British in America to the type of Yankees… There is no doubt that in this respect the Russian colonizers of Siberia could not be an exception to the general rule."

The ideas of the Siberian regionalism were not in vain for Russia, from July to November 1918 there was an independent Siberian republic, with its own government, real control of the territory, armed forces and symbols.

"The future historian should definitely note that in 1918, an independent Siberian republic existed for 4 months."
Gins G. K. Siberia, the Allies and Kolchak

Four months is generally a decent period in the conditions of the chaos of that time.

Siberian separatism made itself felt again in the 90s.
In the early 1990s, the chairman of the Irkutsk regional Executive Committee, Yuri Nozikov, who later became the first governor of the Irkutsk region, spoke about the creation of the "Baikal Republic". In September 1993, at a meeting of representatives of regional authorities in Novosibirsk, an unsuccessful attempt was made to create a Siberian Republic on the basis of the Siberian Agreement Association.

2) The Far East

The idea of the independence of the Far East from Russia was first expressed by the exiled Decembrists. Ethnically, the local population also has its own peculiarities due to the active settlement of these lands by Ukrainian colonists during the RI; during the Civil War, there were attempts to create a Ukrainian Far-Eastern Republic.

Since the spring of 1992, part of the Far Eastern elite has taken the position of outright Far Eastern separatism and openly discussed the state that existed from April 1920 to November 1922 as a precedent. Already in the mid-90s, real proposals were put forward for the creation and unification into a new Far Eastern Republic. In particular, the politician Viktor Ishayev, who was the governor of the Khabarovsk Territory for 17 years, called for this. (Wikipedia)

3) Ural

No comments: from July 1, 1993 to November 9, 1993, the Ural Republic actually existed within the borders of the Sverdlovsk Region.

April 25, 1993-the issue of expanding the powers of the Sverdlovsk Region in the socio-economic sphere to the level of a republic within the Russian Federation was put to a referendum. 83.4 % of voters answered this question in the affirmative. The turnout was 67.0 %.

Negotiations were held on the inclusion of the Perm, Chelyabinsk, Orenburg, and Kurgan regions into the republic.

October 27-The Constitution of the Ural Republic was approved by the Sverdlovsk Regional Council.

November 9 — Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 1874 on the dissolution of the Sverdlovsk Regional Council was issued, and then,on November 10, Decree No. 1890 on the dismissal of Eduard Rossel. All decisions on the Ural Republic were declared null and void. Valery Trushnikov, former first Deputy of Eduard Rossel and Chairman of the Government of the Ural Republic, was appointed acting head of the administration of the Sverdlovsk Region.

4) Kazakia

Actually, if you are not a subscriber of "Anti-Maidan", then there is no point in describing why the Don, Kuban, Astrakhan and Terek Cossacks are not quite Russian.

The term "Cossacks" gained popularity among emigrants in Europe after the 1917 revolution and the subsequent civil war. In particular, it was actively used by emigrant organizations in Prague. The Cossacks included the Don, Kuban and Terek, and sometimes some other territories.

The most eloquent here will be the fact of the existence of the independent Don Republic and the Kuban People's Republic in 1918-1920, where "independent" and Ukrainophile sentiments were strong, negotiations were held on the entry of Pavel Skoropadsky into the Ukrainian State.

Immediately after his election as ataman, Krasnov sent a telegram to the German Emperor Wilhelm II that the All-Great Don Army, as a subject of international law, does not consider itself in a state of war with Germany. He also appealed to Germany for help with weapons and offered to establish trade relations. In the second message to Wilhelm, Krasnov also asked that later, as soon as Germany was liberated from the Bolsheviks, it would recognize the right to independence of the Kuban, Terek and Astrakhan regions, as well as the North Caucasus, and act as a mediator in negotiations with Soviet Russia on establishing peaceful relations with the Don. (Wikipedia)

The genocide-the storytelling, the famine, the defeat in the epic of 1941-1945 - did not completely suppress the aspirations of the descendants of the Cossacks. The Yeltsin period of the" parade of sovereignties " brought a powerful split in the Cossack movement and contributed a lot to the revival of the trends of Cossack separatism that had been dormant up to that moment. In November 1991, the Armavir Cossack Republic and the Upper Kuban Cossack Republic were proclaimed as full - fledged subjects of the RSFSR. The creation of these state entities was supported by the II Great Circle of the Union of Cossacks, held on November 7-10, 1991 in Stavropol. November 20, 1991 at the Great Cossack Circle of the South of Russia convened by the Union of the Cossacks of the South of Russia in Novocherkassk, the unification of several proclaimed Cossack republics (Don, Armavir, Tersk, Verkhne-Kuban, which united two republics – the Zelechuk-Urup Cossack Soviet Socialist Republic and the Batalpashin Cossack Republic) into the Union of Cossack Republics of the South of Russia (SKUR) with its capital in Novocherkassk and with the status of a union republic in the proposed new union state was proclaimed.
As you can see, attempts to form a state in these "Russian" regions were made during the Civil War, and there was also nomenclature separatism of the 90s, which Yeltsin and his entourage managed to hush up at that time. Never forget that high-ranking officials of any regime can have their own worldview and interests. Dzhokhar Dudaev was an ordinary Soviet major general of aviation. Who would have thought...

Sorry 4 my english
Siberian Chaldon
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Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 04:18:45 93250
Time has come to remind you the importance of this post. The information in is short and precise. It takes years to figure out.

Tick tock
Anonymous  09/03/22 Срд 14:21:43 94032
Долбоеб, Сибирская Республика добровольно вступила в Государство Российское при Колчаке. Иди нахуй, Сибиряк это Русский.
Anonymous  09/03/22 Срд 14:26:38 94033
>>84868 (OP)
Но я не хочу отделяться от России. Я хочу настоящий федерализм и швободы, а не опять все поделить, подпилить и перестроить

но флажок уральской республики прекольный
Anonymous  10/03/22 Чтв 21:41:12 94257
tower.png 482Кб, 671x460
>>84868 (OP)
just remove putin and change nazi government in moskow. The rest will just fall into place
Anonymous  11/04/22 Пнд 13:10:36 97026
FlagofYalutorov[...].png 3Кб, 240x160
Ялуторовск — СТОЛИЦА АЗИИ!
theme name  09/04/22 Суб 02:15:37 96865 Ответ
91xvqT-kjVS.ACS[...].jpg 400Кб, 1494x1500
How do you acquire properties if you are dinosaur?
Anonymous  09/04/22 Суб 12:40:12 96888
Anonymous  10/04/22 Вск 00:35:51 96942
1972WaltherPP.jpg 151Кб, 600x441
How do you plan to have sex without a PP?
Anonymous  11/04/22 Пнд 11:09:35 97017
How did you come to terms with the fact that you will never have a fox wife? Arisu Murasakino   # OP 10/04/22 Вск 07:16:26 96947 Ответ
hvYGIXd8j7jGeW3[...].jpeg 626Кб, 1200x1844
How did you come to terms with the fact that you will never have a fox wife?
theme name  10/04/22 Вск 12:30:15 96961
Anonymous  11/04/22 Пнд 05:21:39 97007
paskastitäytett[...].jpg 76Кб, 619x619
Where do I go to talk with russian girls? I am an american learning russian and I want to have a russian girlfriend. How is it possible? How do I meet russian people online or in real life? Anonymous  03/04/22 Вск 04:25:33 96440 Ответ
tumblrpz33wmL6Y[...].jpg 336Кб, 906x1279
Where do I go to talk with russian girls?

I am an american learning russian and I want to have a russian girlfriend. How is it possible? How do I meet russian people online or in real life?
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theme name  07/04/22 Чтв 13:53:39 96737
Generally they reside in the basements of old, rich men.

You need to do morse code on the little blacked out window to summon them.
Anonymous  07/04/22 Чтв 21:22:07 96753
So not Russians, just finnic people living under Russian occupation.
Anonymous  07/04/22 Чтв 22:20:45 96755
16464980276540.png 4182Кб, 2880x3840
We and western Russians are kinda the real Russians.
Anonymous  11/04/22 Пнд 01:36:25 97004
we traid m8. I give u russian girlfriend, u give me american girlfriend. Is that good for you?
Anonymous  11/04/22 Пнд 04:08:15 97006
image.png 258Кб, 470x936
I don't think you want an American GF. They're all fat and vapid. I really want a Russian or Belarusian
wife though (not OP btw).
is there room for one more? Anonymous  05/08/21 Чтв 02:59:58 86636 Ответ
adKQVQ9460s.jpg 20Кб, 460x307
I am planning to live in Russia, they told me that Russian women die for the Latin American cock. Give me advice on how to have a good time in Russia as a Latino immigrant
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Anonymous  31/03/22 Чтв 05:22:03 96269
You can also pretend to be Latino, we both fuck them
Anonymous  31/03/22 Чтв 05:22:57 96270
se las olvido en su otra campera de adidas
Anonymous  02/04/22 Суб 18:31:26 96413
>>86636 (OP)
Fuck yourself at home. What's your advice bitch
Anonymous  03/04/22 Вск 14:10:53 96453
Anonymous  11/04/22 Пнд 01:41:29 97005
you can try. But truth is nobody in russia gives a shit about latino. Russian girls likes nordic men
Epic (Python) coder wanted Anonymous  10/04/22 Вск 20:01:00 96988 Ответ
5bb.png 23Кб, 894x773
Who can help me code a LynxChan spam script? It should be able to use a paid 3rd party service to automatically solve captchas. It's for LynxChan sites that have a .onion and obviously allow Tor posting.
I already have an old Python script that could sort of do this so you can even use it to build upon. I can pay you some money in Buttcoin.
Anonymous  10/04/22 Вск 20:04:25 96989
>>96988 (OP)
>I can pay you some money in Buttcoin.
How much, nigga?
Anonymous  10/04/22 Вск 20:06:03 96990
Obviously not much since it would be very easy, small work. Think $10-20.
Anonymous  10/04/22 Вск 20:08:01 96991
Meh, although maybe some junior will go for that
Anonymous  10/04/22 Вск 20:11:22 96992
If you know one point them to this thread
Hello Dvach. I am an American, and I have a friend in Russia who told me of a plan Anonymous  15/03/22 Втр 03:20:47 94644 Ответ
echo.png 933Кб, 1414x1456
Hello Dvach.

I am an American, and I have a friend in Russia who told me of a plan to commit suicide, very recently. She told me that her plan was to return to her hometown, spend a few days giving her farewells, then poisoning herself.

She tells me that she came from a bad family and can't rely on her mother and father, and she is deeply in despair, so she can't tell me who her friends are who she can rely on.

I tried e-mailing a few churches in her hometown, and I want to try and get her linked up with people who she can rely on to keep her safe. Her spirit seems totally broken right now. I don't know her that well, but I can't sit idly by, knowing this. She is a very cool person, from what I have seen, and I believe if she survives, her future will be brighter.

What else can I do for her? I have her VK, and so I can see the people on her friends' list, but the language barrier, and digging required, makes it difficult to ascertain who I can reach out to. If I were able to, I would meet her at the train station myself, but I can't.
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Anonymous  19/03/22 Суб 23:03:53 95372
You shouldn't feel dirty about it. You did anything you could to help her and that's something to be proud of. Also if she's really a good person, she won't ask for more. And if she ever do you should be able to say NO. One more thing, please don't think that you've been scammed, until it was proven otherwise, she might just really be in a very f-up situation.
Anonymous  23/03/22 Срд 02:04:05 95657
You made it more bearable for your friend, she is able not to worry about food and let her spine rest while thinking things through, you gave her time for that. I assume she has a place to stay because 150 USD might not be enough to rent. About your worries: she is probably thinking about it too, and many will feel uncomfortable if they get helped too much without giving anything in return. Most likely, she wouldn't want to abuse your goodwill.
Anonymous  23/03/22 Срд 12:33:21 95708
It does feel like a challenge because realistically I only know her through the internet. I am learning about myself through this, because my natural disposition towards people is to consider them a friend, and I can overwhelm people when I get too friendly too soon. That's one thing I'm learning here, but this has been a good opportunity to see myself in this matter.

As for her, the difficulty in talking to her sometimes makes it challenging. I am trying, but I'm also trying to walk the middle ground and not be overbearing too.
Anonymous  23/03/22 Срд 12:36:20 95709
I fear I've become a simp or something from this.
Anonymous  10/04/22 Вск 03:55:27 96945
OP here, this will be my last post.

I feel confident in my decision to send this woman money, I see what's going on with other poor people in Russia right now and I can spare a few dollars to help. Even if nothing changed and she just went on her way and I went on mine, I would rest easy knowing I prioritized doing something good over my own interests.

She has been under a lot of pressure because of her medical problems and shrinking paychecks, so I think that while what I'm sending is modest, especially by America standards, she should at least be afforded the comfort of some time off when she needs it.

She isn't talking about suicide now, but I don't think the underlying causes that led her to that place are far off yet.

I decidedly like her, at least as a friend, but I am curious to know if we are compatible to pursue a further relationship. Obviously, I could be getting lied to, I don't think I am, but who knows. If she is a pro LGBT leftist and Unchristian in her beliefs, then that would also mean that my interaction with her stops at trying to render further aid. But, maybe, she could be good. Hopefully when circumstances change, if things all work out, I will be able to take a vacation and see her.

Goodbye Dvach, this has been an oasis of kindness in a big cesspool.

Thank you.

It is pathetic that while the clan of Putin is spouting to its own people how miserable Anonymous  09/04/22 Суб 07:08:37 96874 Ответ
1200px-FlagofRu[...].png 1Кб, 1200x800
It is pathetic that while the clan of Putin is spouting to its own people how miserable the West is, how immoral and totally depraved and close to collapse it is,

that is the whole picture of Russia itself.

The last hundred years in Russia have been one of killing, enslavement, corruption, lying, systematic falsification of history and utterly childish self-glorification of its own imagined greatness. A hundred years of totalitarianism, of silencing intellectuals, of tearing down a rich cultural history, of picking on fools and power-hungry morons as leaders and of destroying national wealth for the few and the chosen. Where else have the rights of ordinary working people been subjugated and trampled underfoot by the political leaders of the nation as again and again in Russia?

Russian political culture is saturated with violence, deception, killing and greed. Putin is a tyrant born from this continuum, full of self-pity, bitterness, hatred, cruelty, a collapsed self-esteem and a deification of violence.

Such a political culture will inevitably be destroyed, and we are witnessing this right now.

Even after this destruction, will the Russian people still be able to take the right steps towards democracy and building a respectable nation, or will they still yearn for a monarchy on whom to pass the responsibility for the good life?

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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Anonymous  09/04/22 Суб 10:33:15 96883
Anonymous  09/04/22 Суб 10:33:55 96884
>>96874 (OP)
Good morning frens. In less than an hour, memers from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest #MemeWar battle in the history of womankind. Womankind, that word should have a new meaning for all of us today. We can't be consumed by our pretty..

Ok seriously, we and the #RussianTrolls together made Trump win in 2016, we need to repeat the feat!

Trump 2.0 is upon us. O Lord of Keks, please bless us with MemeMagic, for we must defeat another unworthy foe, this time in the land of frogs itself. Let TopKeks rain on all of France. Bless us this day with dank memes. #VivaLePenLaFrance #OpLePenIs

The idea is to use this template, so everyone shoots pics of their hands (with or w/o the sticker) with a pen as a middle finger, and this messaging #VivaLePenLaFrance Make it happen!

Op Le Pen has been launched. Jump in #RussianTrolls, we have to make history yet again! #Trump2 #DefeatMacaroni #VivaLePenLaFrance #SayNoToNATO

Spread the word, put Le Pen on ze seat, Macaroni we must defeat!

Op Le Pen is the go #VivaLePenLaFrance

We must repeat the feat that won Trump. Maximum Meme Magic is the go! Go Go Go #RussianTrolls #IndianTrolls #ChineseTrolls #IranianTrolls #PakistaniTrolls

Le meme template: https://i.imgur.com/CcYqPb3.jpeg

Le image with full explain: https://i.imgur.com/yasAoTC.png

Le layered PSD:

Battlefield France is upon us. May based keks be with you!
Anonymous  09/04/22 Суб 15:30:49 96894
>>96874 (OP)
True, except I doubt Russia is any way close to collapse. The population is largely cabbage heads who are programmed to obey their rulers, even though the rulers are fucking most of the population in ass.

Russia is amazingly good at internal propaganda. From outside it looks absurdly bad, but within the country it works. The population would eat their own shit if kremlin told thats what the true patriots do. Imperium of cuckolds.
Anonymous  09/04/22 Суб 21:03:35 96929
Anonymous  09/04/22 Суб 21:17:55 96931
there are no russians here, only jews, chechens, azeri, qazaq, germans and finns.
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