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To all the anons who are here to shit on everything Russian, please go through &#47;po&#47; Anonymous  07/05/22 Суб 15:38:09 98575 Ответ
peace.jpg 167Кб, 610x354
To all the anons who are here to shit on everything Russian, please go through /po/ and /b/ and use Google Translate to read through the posts. A good thread example is /po/res/48727612.

You'll learn that not everyone in Russia is a warmongering cunt, and all your efforts here are misdirected, as only Kremlin trolls post on /int/.

Instead, I propose that we redirect our energy from hate to love, and show our support to the soon to be victorious people of Ukraine, and also towards the oppressed people of the Russian Federation, who struggle under a ruthless dictatorship.

Please use this thread to share your love anons.
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Anonymous  10/05/22 Втр 00:38:09 98669
comment16515981[...].jpg 301Кб, 1200x627
>Putin, press the button please.

For the past few decades, the only thing rashka could threaten their neighboring nations with was the nukes. It's been like 30 years and shit happened. Guess they must be faring just as well as Mokswa that's now promoted to a submarine. RIP.
Anonymous  10/05/22 Втр 09:58:55 98670
Oh, Mrs. Cockhole himself, alive!
How did you celebrate the Great Patriotic Victory Day yesterday night, pidorashetchka? Can you tell us?
Anonymous  10/05/22 Втр 12:50:41 98672
>you're chest deep in shit and can't even smell it
But Romania is in NATO my friend. Big daddy protect
Anonymous  10/05/22 Втр 17:00:52 98673
f6e6c72051234ac[...].mp4 3070Кб, 576x432, 00:00:42
>Implies I'm a khohol
See, this is the difference between homo soviectus and any other nation. Rashkavites assume everything and then demand proof to validate their misguided fantasies. And I'm afraid I wouldn't really know, katsap. I didn't loot and rape inUkraine, so they didn't let me march on red square.

Big daddy protects many countries, friend. Suppose we can both agree this is much better than the reality of allying with rashka.
Anonymous  10/05/22 Втр 18:09:37 98674
>Yeehaw lets burn the world because I have a right to live in a aggressive dictatorship :D :D
https:&#47;&#47;www.youtube.com&#47;watch?v=P-3o7lepc-s Should we drive those unrussians behind Ural from Russia? Putin is one of those. Anonymous  09/05/22 Пнд 15:54:02 98643 Ответ
nikolai.jpg 398Кб, 1200x1774
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Anonymous  # OP 09/05/22 Пнд 15:54:42 98644
In video there is real Russians.
Anonymous  09/05/22 Пнд 16:25:38 98646
Lol, decide firstly if they are Russians or not. Reminder: in English Russian is an ethnicity and being a citizen of Russia at the same time, so, two different meanings. In Russian it is not so, there are given different words for this
Anonymous  09/05/22 Пнд 16:41:16 98647
They living in Russia, but they are like niggers in Sweden.
Anonymous  09/05/22 Пнд 16:52:52 98650
I guess that in Russia only maybe 60-70% of population are original slavic people nowadays. According to the study of Vladimir Bunac which took place in 1950s 94% percent of Russians must have blue, grey, green, hazel and other light eyes. I've visited many Russian regions and i can tell you that it is only truth when we take North-Western regions like Pskov, Velikiy Novgorod and suburban areas of Saint-Petersburg. Russians are being mutted rapidly in the regions of Ural and Siberia (with finnish tribes either, btw). Some women in the video are definitely not Russians. I've had a classmate who was Jewish and one of the girls in the video looks pretty like she
Anonymous  09/05/22 Пнд 17:05:44 98653
distinctionruss[...].png 153Кб, 1653x813
distinction.png 142Кб, 1580x810
>unrussians behind Ural from Russia? Putin is one of those
EU people know the difference between Russian leadership and Russian people.
se jäättis huuttis mint :DDDD Anonymous  28/04/22 Чтв 22:00:44 98017 Ответ
moskva.mp4 3826Кб, 640x352, 00:00:57
se jäättis huuttis mint :DDDD
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Anonymous  29/04/22 Птн 00:47:31 98027
16509267490820.jpg 23Кб, 359x480
Anonymous  29/04/22 Птн 06:31:43 98033
Anonymous  29/04/22 Птн 22:10:13 98068
16497800030250.png 683Кб, 962x624
16469956040240.jpg 295Кб, 1024x1024
>I've never met anyone who would end up on the street from smoking weed, have you?
Anonymous  29/04/22 Птн 22:17:31 98070
you are not even polack. why do you care ?
Anonymous  06/05/22 Птн 21:10:54 98519
Do you honestly think things were better in the 90's in Ukraine.
They still have surrogate mothers for infertile westerners....
I have some points directed to the &quot;western&quot;, especially to the Polish Anonymous  05/05/22 Чтв 10:58:16 98460 Ответ
Zoopi.jpg 124Кб, 2200x1470
I have some points directed to the "western", especially to the Polish anons here.

Lots of you say that Russians are brainwashed by propaganda. Yes, many of them are brainwashed but at the same time. But:
1) Do you think that anons on 2ch are your average Russian grandma watching Соловьёв daily, do you think that the Russians are some faceless horde?
2) Do you really think that sources that you use are reliable, at the end of the day if I would want to find out about wars in the Arab world I will believe to Arab people/sources more than to anyone else. And I am not talking about stock Media sources like Al Jazeera, I am talking about the people. You are shitheads if you think that your sources are anyhow more correct than the Russian ones.
3) Talking about the popular western Medias such as BBC, CNN, MSNBC, ABC they are = 1 channel, Russia 1. They brainwash in the same manner. If you think otherwise, you are not worth living. And I am not saying that you use it, I am saying that brainwashing at both sides are equal.
4) Stop looking top to bottom, at the end of the day NATO/USA/UK are the bloodthirsty lunatics who killed 1-2 million Arabs for some made up reasons and killed even more white Serbians because they can. NATO is the world terrorist.
5)Poles just admit that you are jealous that the Russians are the alpha Slavs that at one point dominated over the 1/3 of the world.
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06/05/22 Птн 11:36:18 98497
Sorry, I do not speak Orc. Use an internationally viable language, you deplorable P O S sanctioned poorfag
Anonymous  06/05/22 Птн 11:39:17 98498
06/05/22 Птн 11:39:42 98499
Oh, sorry. I guess I should not have posted a BBS image to illustrate ancient computer usage. Were Russia even part of the BBS era?
Explanation: it illustrates how people (not you) used to communicate via a very old fashioned network before the internet. You are about to regress into that tech level, via a reverse timeline. Feels good?
06/05/22 Птн 11:42:04 98500
No, that is you projecting, penner schwul.
Anonymous  06/05/22 Птн 12:28:52 98501
Wake up, Russia. Demand decency from your leaders. Anonymous  06/05/22 Птн 07:51:14 98490 Ответ
karhujapennut.jpg 79Кб, 825x433
Dear russians.


In Finland 09.05. is our national Mother's day btw. A sacred holiday dedicated for all mothers. Is this really how you want your country to be represented abroads?

Btw, there is clear signs that this is being machined by Russian embassy in Finland. Their job has recently turned into being a cheap propaganda machine, trying to turn us against Russia - and trying to turn Russian minority against Finns.

What the actual fuck is going on in Russia? There always existed a possibility of being frens. :(

Уважаемые россияне.


В Финляндии 09.05. наш национальный день матери кстати. Священный праздник, посвященный всем Матерям. Вы действительно хотите, чтобы ваша страна была представлена ​​за рубежом именно так?

Кстати, есть явные признаки того, что это подстроено посольством России в Финляндии. В последнее время их работа превратилась в дешевую пропагандистскую машину, пытающуюся настроить нас против России и попытку настроить русское меньшинство против финнов.

Что за хуйня творится в России? Всегда существовала возможность дружить. :(
Anonymous  06/05/22 Птн 07:52:57 98492
>>98490 (OP)
Correction: 08.05. is our Mother's day.

Исправление: 08.05. день нашей Матери.
Anonymous  06/05/22 Птн 10:32:09 98496
no russians here dude
Anonymous  06/05/22 Птн 12:43:00 98502
>>98490 (OP)
>Btw, there is clear signs that this is being machined by Russian embassy in Finland.
Finally our embassies do something resebling actions of American ones. I wish they do a lot more of subversive shit, like by order of magnitude more.
Tears will flow 04/05/22 Срд 11:54:45 98421 Ответ
61hwsd-cofL.ACS[...].jpg 24Кб, 466x474
In the most detailed public statement on the outlook since the war started, the Bank of Russia’s Research Department warned in a report that “the depth of the contraction may be quite significant and exit trajectory drawn out in time” because the supply shocks triggered by sanctions are unlikely to fade quickly.

The central bank will release its updated forecasts after a rate-setting meeting on Apr. 29 and the Research Department’s outlooks don’t always coincide with those official ones. But the bank’s survey of analysts released Thursday found expectations of the contraction this year had worsened to 9.2 percent, while inflation is seen at 22 percent by the end of 2022.

The report’s outlook stands in contrast to the upbeat predictions from the Kremlin that Russia has withstood the worst of the sanctions and its economy will emerge stronger. It even forecasts the return of some phenomena last seen in the upheaval of the 1990s.

“The current recession is of a transformational, structural nature and will be bigger in scale and length in all scenarios” than the last one, triggered by COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020, the Research Department said. The pullout from Russia by hundreds of international companies is likely to have a a bigger impact than the direct sanctions, it said.

For the moment, the slowdown is showing up mainly in surveys of companies, as inventories build up before the Feb. 24 invasion haven’t yet been exhausted.

But that lull won’t last, the report said, as sanctions this year cut in to supply chains and Russian companies scramble to make up for components that are no longer available. Over time, machinery and equipment will wear out for lack of spare parts, reducing efficiency.

The business slowdown will flow into falling demand, job cuts and incomes, further weakening the economy, according to the report. Domestic production isn’t likely to surge to replace the missing output at this stage. Imports, especially of consumer goods, will shift to the “shuttle trade” seen in the 1990s, when Russians en masse flew to China, Turkey and other markets to bring back goods to sell on open markets.

“The small purchasing volumes and complicated logistics will make those imports more expensive and mean that it’s impossible for them to replace traditional suppliers,” the report said.

Inflation “will inevitably accelerate temporarily,” according to the report.

The worst of the contraction in output, incomes and jobs “is likely to happen roughly by the end of 2022,” it said.

After that, several years of “reverse industrialization” will begin as companies seek alternatives to the technologies cut off by sanctions. “The technological and economic efficiency of the equipment produced will be less than current ones,” the report said.

Ecological standards will fall as emissions and waste grow.
theme name  05/05/22 Чтв 11:47:00 98461
>tears of my enemies
First world problems.
Anonymous  05/05/22 Чтв 15:49:40 98465
>>98421 (OP)
captain tolerance came to russian /int/ to sale his ass to russki for Ukraine safety
When is it good time to use conqueror haki to get rid of Putin? Anonymous  02/05/22 Пнд 19:08:20 98323 Ответ
image2022-05-02[...].png 281Кб, 602x339
When is it good time to use conqueror haki to get rid of Putin?
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Anonymous  03/05/22 Втр 19:30:52 98367
Anonymous  04/05/22 Срд 16:16:18 98423
Anonymous  # OP 04/05/22 Срд 16:23:45 98424
download.mp4 1035Кб, 480x684, 00:00:14
Anonymous  04/05/22 Срд 20:17:35 98428
Anonymous  05/05/22 Чтв 01:10:02 98438
IMG202203041642[...].jpg 2831Кб, 3456x4608
Funny how most russians aren't even real russians.
how are your? Jone Born  02/05/22 Пнд 01:39:26 98267 Ответ
бадумтсс.jpg 7Кб, 259x194
Hello guys, what are you going to do in winter? You are fucked o_o
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02/05/22 Пнд 02:09:46 98280
hjaahahahahah;d;d;d;d;d;d so please use nuke;d why you dond do it;d?;d;d;d;d? are you chickens;d? i bet 50% don't even work;d;d;d;d;d;d;d 25% probably sold for yachts and willas;d;d;d;dd maybe 25% will start;d and after that the burning moscow will be so beautifull to see;d
Anonymous  02/05/22 Пнд 02:12:01 98283

30 thousand killed = 1 Defeated Nazi pseudo-country. Which Nazism sponsors half the world to fuck their dead military wives in the form of prostitutes.

Our regular army: 900.000


2.000.000 Those who are happy to go to fuck your asses. (not the way you like).

I hope you still remember that we are the only ones with hypersonic missiles. And from them your pro, alas, will not help.

Think again, dodik.
02/05/22 Пнд 02:17:10 98284
the only nazist i know are russians;d;d;d;d;d regular army 900000;d;d;d;d;d;d;d you are sanding now like 18 years kid or some hobos;d;d;d;d;d;d;d;d;d your army looks like joke;d;d;d;d;d a propos how gerasimows feeling;d? i heard that he come to front for couple days;d;d;d;d;d;d;d;;d;d;d;d;d;d;d;
Anonymous  02/05/22 Пнд 03:07:06 98286
>>98267 (OP)
Iberia gets its gas from Algeria, etc and both govt managed to get EU exception to control natural gas prices.
04/05/22 Срд 00:09:49 98397
man i see your 3 post all ovet this shit site;d;d;d;d;d 3 the same post again and again;d are you mental;d?
My half russian and half finnish friend&#39;s sister is seeking asylum from Finland. Well done Russia. Anonymous  27/04/22 Срд 16:54:42 97933 Ответ
hymähdys.mp4 82Кб, 854x480, 00:00:01
My half russian and half finnish friend's sister is seeking asylum from Finland. Well done Russia.
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Anonymous  29/04/22 Птн 21:38:39 98062
image.png 1020Кб, 800x540
Here is Budenov's horse. She hates such dummies like you, no proofs — go fuck yourself.
Anonymous  29/04/22 Птн 23:33:57 98076
>He led the forces against communist scum.
what success has he had in defeating the communists?
Anonymous  30/04/22 Суб 15:35:28 98117
I'm so stupid that you made a monument for my relative who lived in 1800 and you named the street after her last name.
Anonymous  02/05/22 Пнд 16:52:05 98308
Untitled.jpg 147Кб, 918x638
Anonymous  03/05/22 Втр 21:12:24 98388
>>97933 (OP)
You may be surprised but even in good time of Russia, the people living in Russia was trying to find asylum in anywhere if they have money or chance to do so.... so i don't see a trouble here
Recorded attack in U.S.. Anonymous  23/04/22 Суб 19:08:07 97693 Ответ
asddas.jpg 42Кб, 771x552
Anonymous  26/04/22 Втр 01:23:10 97822
welcome here, I am paid polish special agent who is responsible for spreading pro polish agenda and this is how I live, ask me anything Anonymous  24/04/22 Вск 00:43:09 97708 Ответ
tonetta death s[...].mp4 8166Кб, 540x360, 00:03:14
welcome here, I am paid polish special agent who is responsible for spreading pro polish agenda and this is how I live, ask me anything
Anonymous  24/04/22 Вск 20:27:53 97751
Anonymous  25/04/22 Пнд 14:30:39 97792
>>97708 (OP)
Will Poland invade Lithuania, do you have secret plan ?
Why aren&#39;t most young Russian males being sent to Ukraine? I thought Russia had conscription, so why aren&#39;t there 5 million soldiers on the border ready to fight and die for their country? Anonymous  14/04/22 Чтв 13:36:10 97206 Ответ
mornings.jpg 62Кб, 500x577
Why aren't most young Russian males being sent to Ukraine?
I thought Russia had conscription, so why aren't there 5 million soldiers on the border ready to fight and die for their country?
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Anonymous  16/04/22 Суб 12:44:18 97306
romanian soldie[...].jpg 342Кб, 1920x1080
romanian cucks2.jpg 49Кб, 602x427
romanian cucks.jpg 314Кб, 1600x1024
Anonymous  16/04/22 Суб 22:23:03 97323

So in practise you're saying Russia, ""2nd army of the world", is running out of arms and ammunation.

Well this isn't surprising, since guys were already running around with mosin nagants in late February.
Anonymous  17/04/22 Вск 15:35:13 97353
>mosin nagants
those are good rifles.
Anonymous  17/04/22 Вск 18:36:46 97359
Canada no ammo.JPG 101Кб, 656x812
mosin got like 1,88 joule while svd haz 1.49 joule.
so mosin is more powerfull. also it weights less then svd. range for mosin is 1000 meters while svd is 800meters

>So in practise you're saying Russia, ""2nd army of the world"
me personaly ? no i never said that, i always see russia as n1 army in the world.

>out of arms and ammunation.
lol pic related
Anonymous  18/04/22 Пнд 22:19:19 97430
>>97206 (OP)
Because officially it's a special military operation and not a war. People do not get drafted for special military operations. Mobilization means official declaration of war. War means martial law. You will see that Putin's support will evaporate as soon as it will be executed. Even the most brainwashed zombies will start asking questions.

Few conscripts participate though (allegedly "by mistake").
I love Russia https:&#47;&#47;russianside.com&#47;#ukraine-is-divided Stay strong. Anonymous  22/04/22 Птн 01:37:54 97595 Ответ
C939DDF7-5249-4[...].jpeg 44Кб, 399x399
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Anonymous  01/05/22 Вск 04:17:41 98167
16494786702500.jpg 101Кб, 1122x688
Anonymous  01/05/22 Вск 15:20:55 98230
Anonymous  01/05/22 Вск 22:58:32 98264
Anonymous  01/05/22 Вск 23:46:02 98265
00x40g0rweghrdd[...].jpg 72Кб, 749x697
00x40g0rwhjgfmj[...].jpg 56Кб, 1023x542
2AvmF87Pjouikyu[...].JPG 99Кб, 852x790
15903955956521.jpg 26Кб, 650x366

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has expressed confidence that Ukraine can win the war with Russia.

He said this while opening a "historic" meeting at the US Air Force base "Ramstein" in Germany

"Ukraine undoubtedly believes that it can win, and everyone present is doing it," he said in a meeting with representatives of more than 40 countries in Rammstein, Germany.
The Pentagon chief strongly condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
"Your resistance inspired the free world,"

Anonymous  02/05/22 Пнд 08:41:36 98293
Can Putin&#39;s massive personal wealth be justified without whataboutism? Anonymous  17/04/22 Вск 11:21:45 97348 Ответ
putins gay dung[...].jpg 117Кб, 976x549
Can Putin's massive personal wealth be justified without whataboutism?
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Anonymous  30/04/22 Суб 23:39:13 98148
image.png 101Кб, 663x495
Only best of polacks! The rest of them, like histeroid itt shall literally learn how to move the shit.
Anonymous  01/05/22 Вск 00:32:37 98152
ма.jpeg 736Кб, 1780x1000
Anonymous  01/05/22 Вск 01:08:39 98157
if you have now 3 millions Ukrainians including elderly, do you think your GDP per capita stays the same this 2022 year? keep asking EU gibsmedats for having Ukrainian refugees.
Anonymous  01/05/22 Вск 14:42:10 98226
>It would be funny if Portugal wasn't poorer than Poland

Portugal and some other countries are poorer than Poland, but they have no inclination to lick the toilet bowl.
Anonymous  01/05/22 Вск 17:16:41 98244
IMG202204301558[...].png 0Кб, 800x480
На стремянку L похожа
И на крышу дома тоже.
Lесом Lёгкий Lист LетеL,
ПриземLяться не хотеL.

Буква «А» пошLа в Lесок —
ПотеряLа поясок…
ЗацепиLся он за еLь:
ПолучиLась буква «L»!

Lандыш, Lипа, Lось, Lимон,
Lабрадор, Lетяга, Lён!
В первой строчке и второй
СLово Lишнее доLой!

Lось — живёт в Lесном краю.
Синий Lён поLям дарю!
Буква «L» — Lесная сказка,
Буква «L» — Lюбовь и Lаска…

Lебедь беLая пLывёт,
Букву «L» в Букварь зовёт!

Lистик в Lодочку ВLетеL
Не зимой, а Lетом.
Нам поможет буква L
Рассказать об этом.
Z - Zалупа!
L - Свобода!
how do I get my IP unbanned, it says proxy I want to post with serbian flag. can you buy passcode with foreign card? i just wanted to say anyone that doesn&#39;t support putin should be executed. Anonymous  29/04/22 Птн 09:17:21 98041 Ответ
SBmvoGBlPQP.jpg 452Кб, 933x1620
how do I get my IP unbanned, it says proxy I want to post with serbian flag. can you buy passcode with foreign card? i just wanted to say anyone that doesn't support putin should be executed.
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Anonymous  29/04/22 Птн 12:18:08 98049
>>98041 (OP)
>can you buy passcode with foreign card?
please don’t buy, beekaus site owner is stupid monkey called abu narimaz (monke from azerbaijan)
Anonymous  30/04/22 Суб 07:56:38 98106
>>98041 (OP)
>can you buy passcode with foreign card?
That's fucking right paying murrican. Please contact abu by email provided, sure he can work something out.
Anonymous  30/04/22 Суб 22:53:36 98143
Anonymous  01/05/22 Вск 10:12:00 98207
your entire nation has lost their minds to butthurt. you will never be a normal nation again.
Anonymous  01/05/22 Вск 10:13:16 98208
the russians, the rest just deserve tranny tyranny
Some of you guys are alright, don&#39;t go to work tomorrow if you&#39;re in the bunker. Humanity will forget my sacrifice, but remember always: the Emperor protects! Anonymous  30/04/22 Суб 23:20:02 98145 Ответ
IMG2022018132955.jpg 101Кб, 960x712
Some of you guys are alright, don't go to work tomorrow if you're in the bunker. Humanity will forget my sacrifice, but remember always: the Emperor protects!
Translate pls asd  29/04/22 Птн 01:11:07 98030 Ответ
RwTCs2t.png 435Кб, 743x628
Anonymous  30/04/22 Суб 07:57:56 98107
Anonymous  30/04/22 Суб 15:56:35 98118
Fucking russia, why do you have to push Finland and Sweden to NATO. We didnt want this, now we have to join. t. a finnish person now in germany Anonymous  07/04/22 Чтв 23:21:02 96762 Ответ
800px-NATOOTANl[...].png 39Кб, 800x400
Fucking russia,

why do you have to push Finland and Sweden to NATO. We didnt want this, now we have to join.

t. a finnish person now in germany
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Anonymous  12/04/22 Втр 18:52:44 97094
You are like the ultra degenerate leftists in west who call everyone they don't like a nazi. Do you realize it only makes you look dumb?
Anonymous  13/04/22 Срд 07:45:46 97141
I saw them with my eyes a lot of times, I spent much time in Ukraine.

And I even saw demo version of devastation, in summer 2013 I saw Odessa football fans, ultras of "Chernomorsk", during destruction of Odessa airstation (its smaller than average airport).

Their team were defeated and while they wits it the destroyed everything, broke windows, burn faiers inside airport, beat bunch of tourist whose blood were on the they all were half naked, with swastikas' eagles and stuff on their tattoos and they screamed "hail gitler Ukraina ponaduse" (Ukraina uber alles)- all the time.

Year past they with same ultras from Harkov "Metallist" burned out building with pro-Russian protesters, its official info. A lot of "chernomorsk" fans went into Azov, Pravy Sektor and even military structures after they took part in Maidan. It is also oficial info, you could google it.

II have to tell only about personal experience and 2 ch is place to share, so enjoy. And don't be such a framed asshole.
Anonymous  13/04/22 Срд 09:09:46 97142
but why are they like this ? germans see ukranians as subhumans like polacks
Anonymous  29/04/22 Птн 22:45:34 98073
So i am the same guy you were talking with. I am a finn and i cannot post from finland due to range ban. I post here whenever i am visiting germany.

What comes to your grandmothers fate in Russia, i cannot be ashamed. They were on a russian side of the boarder, why the fuck? Im sorry to hear that innocent people die in a war. But, you know what, you should blame Russia for beginning the war, not Finland.

My point of view is this:
1. Russia shouldnt attack Finland.
2. Your grandmother should have got the fuck out of russia in the first place
3. im sorry that your grandmother was living in russia and got killed.
30/04/22 Суб 12:29:56 98111
> From seven to 11 years old they were taught Finnish and poorly fed.
>So bad that they died from rotten potatoes right in the classroom.
I am amazed that she managed to give birth to your parent, at 11, before she died.
Early onset of puberty?
How Do I Reconcile My Belief that Putin is with the Illuminati with Supporting the War Anonymous  13/03/22 Вск 00:03:39 94447 Ответ
download (3).jfif 6Кб, 272x186
I believe firmly that Putin is with the secret societies but I also am convinced that Russia was justified and acted in self-defense. How do I reconcile these two beliefs? I am sure many Russians are in the same situation- what are the implications of having these two beliefs? What is the right course of action taking these premises as a starting point?
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Anonymous  17/03/22 Чтв 07:13:48 94987
to control and manipulate the masses so we fight each other instead of the elites. that is one possibility
Anonymous  18/03/22 Птн 00:42:04 95141
Anonymous  18/03/22 Птн 09:25:14 95191
pyramidos.jpg 80Кб, 720x823
where do you see putin or russia in this power strcuture ?
Anonymous  19/03/22 Суб 14:32:11 95337
>>94447 (OP)
As a semi-periphery, this state drains those peripheral to it and is being drained by the center. It wants to grow its periphery and get more independent from the center. The rich friendly competing for resources at the expense of human lives. For 8 years, they have been saying to Ukrainians that people in Russia are enemies, people in Donetsk and Lugansk are 'separs', and Nazi collaborators are heroes, and to Russians that Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks invented Ukrainians. Without destructive ideas put in the heads of the populations, there would be no need for defending anyone; these ideas were essential for the fight for influence. This is how I feel.
Anonymous  30/04/22 Суб 05:13:12 98098

everywhere I see Putin and Russia on this picture. in your view, Russia is heaven on earth and its people are enlightened uber-humans who are not washed by religion, the media and education? or if a person from Western society who compiled this picture inserted the logos of Western (which is logical) media and corporations into it, then in Russia there are no structures corresponding to these?

okay, I'm too lazy to watch your videos, they were filmed a long time ago about bygone events. but I think, in your selfless love for Putin, you have enough awareness and understanding of the processes to explain to me how exactly Putin's current actions must save the world from sliding into the future Klauso-Schwabian cybergulag with mandatory vaccines and social rating? come on, explain
Serbia stronk! Anonymous  24/03/22 Чтв 18:23:02 95802 Ответ
Никогда больше.mp4 3111Кб, 640x360, 00:00:20
image.png 520Кб, 650x387
Some polite dudes project things onto US embassy in Moscow from from time to time. This it what they posted tonight. It says:

24.03.1999. 78 дней. Никогда не забудем. Никогда не простим. Больше не допустим.
Нас с сербами - 200 миллионов.

24.03.1999. 78 дана. Никада нећемо заборавити. Никада нећемо опростити. Више није дозвољено.
Са Србима нас је 200 милиона.

24.03.1999. 78 days. We'll never forget. We'll never forgive. We'll not allow ever again.
We and serbs are 200 millions.

Serbia, stay stronk! We are 200 millions!
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Anonymous  29/04/22 Птн 06:40:26 98037
146+15 вна бывшей уркаине, +несколько десятков лямов в республиках постсовка, +несколько лямов по всему миру
Anonymous  29/04/22 Птн 10:31:29 98042
>146+15 вна бывшей уркаине, +несколько десятков лямов в республиках постсовка, +несколько лямов по всему миру
>>Если имеется ввиду русскоговорящих по всем миру
>>их и так больше 200 миллионов и без сербскоговорящих
Лол, я повторю вопрос - каким боком тут затесалась Сербия? Ну, в принципе, я понял, опять же повторюсь, против Сербии и сербов ничего не имею.
Алсо, коли тут речь зашла про Сербию - имеет смысл туда съёбывать?
Anonymous  29/04/22 Птн 12:20:36 98050
порридж, если хочешь куда-то съебать то нахуя об этом спрашивать мимокроков? нахуя тебе башка дана, кроме того чтобы в неё есть?
Anonymous  29/04/22 Птн 15:20:33 98059
У меня на ней фуражка. Нахуй ди.
Anonymous  29/04/22 Птн 22:02:58 98067
за хуй кусай, тупого порриджа кусок
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