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Whats the best way to learn Russian? Anonymous  05/04/20 Вск 14:08:38 65839 Ответ
AF67351B-4722-4[...].jpeg 118Кб, 267x400
Whats the best way to learn Russian?
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Anonymous  28/05/20 Чтв 09:37:05 66773
try youtube. they speak english there
Anonymous  28/05/20 Чтв 10:21:34 66775
Something onther than jew tube pls.
Anonymous  30/05/20 Суб 18:38:10 66808
Anonymous  30/05/20 Суб 21:13:24 66809
Anonymous  30/05/20 Суб 21:13:52 66810
Letov Discussion Anonymous  28/05/20 Чтв 11:24:53 66776 Ответ
letov01.jpg 6Кб, 183x245
Ok so let me get some facts straight.

>Pretended to be an anarchist when it was cool and edgy
>basically just Bashlachev with swear words
>Kommunizm side project is just a ДК rip off.
>couldn't play
>was an asshole to his friends (yanka, that guy from Cherniy Lukuch
>Claimed Nazbol but backed out when the movement actually became series
>Claims to be against standards and stereotypes but still labels himself "Punk"
>Talked shit about musicians, no one even aknowladged him (except Shevchuk who was really kind)
>died alone a drunk
>Influenced shit like Noize MC and FACE
>is "counter culture" but literal shills like Shirinovksy" claim to be fans
>said Pink Floyd is shit, still dedicates an album to Syd Barrett

ok so what was about him that was based? And why do Doomer compilation watching zoomies worship him . I am honestly curious? Is just the loudmouth character that attracts people towards him?
I know an anon responded to half of my statements (not all) and my responce can be found in the archive. Anyway point stand stills (not that someone wants to defend him). What is it about him that makes him based and the GOAT?
Anonymous  28/05/20 Чтв 12:36:25 66778
listened to his song once
30 seconds was enough for me to determine that the dude cannot sing for shit
Anonymous  28/05/20 Чтв 13:07:33 66780
>>66776 (OP)
is it very important on the suomi? i don't think so
Anonymous  28/05/20 Чтв 13:08:37 66781
Randomly generated "poems", no ideology, shitty style, shitty music. Nothing based about him.
Anonymous  28/05/20 Чтв 19:04:15 66783
Гражданская Обо[...].mp4 6410Кб, 450x360, 00:01:48
I'm sorry, you don't understand.
Anonymous  30/05/20 Суб 11:12:09 66806
охуенный видос1 ))))
не заходите сюда Anonymous  28/05/20 Чтв 21:45:40 66787 Ответ
Affen.jpg 597Кб, 1541x1119
не заходите сюда
Anonymous  29/05/20 Птн 19:06:55 66797
Я зашёл, и че ты мне сделаешь, быдло?
Anonymous  29/05/20 Птн 21:27:20 66800
съем тебя ам ам
Marks your cities on map! Anonymous  29/05/20 Птн 19:11:20 66798 Ответ
image.png 1827Кб, 1919x911
WE NEED YOUR HELP Anonymous  29/05/20 Птн 06:30:46 66791 Ответ
Sin título.png 80Кб, 1363x623
Chanero brothers, we ask for your help to destroy the Yankee wall that they put in the middle of our territory, first it is us, then they will go to all of SOUTH AMERICA
We must stop them in Mexico and assert Spanish-speaking people

As payment we will give you Yucatan and Oaxaca,-19168,-5365,0
Anonymous  29/05/20 Птн 18:07:54 66796
just remember not to launch any russian automated painting scripts or you will end up with your disk emptied
This was a triumph. Anonymous  14/05/20 Чтв 11:08:59 66528 Ответ
YOUREWINNERtrop[...].jpg 53Кб, 320x240
This was a triumph.
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Anonymous  15/05/20 Птн 15:32:35 66572
49836482751683.JPG 181Кб, 3402x2268
yummy cake noises
Anonymous  15/05/20 Птн 23:15:03 66581
chan CHAN
Anonymous  25/05/20 Пнд 03:04:07 66711
Anonymous  28/05/20 Чтв 19:16:11 66786
0-rzNSYsxc.jpg 242Кб, 1023x768
Anonymous  29/05/20 Птн 17:32:38 66794
Sup 2ch. I found this in Walmart. What should i do with it? Anonymous  21/05/20 Чтв 11:57:37 66671 Ответ
s-l300.jpg 7Кб, 225x300
Sup 2ch. I found this in Walmart. What should i do with it?
Anonymous  21/05/20 Чтв 12:14:47 66672
Anonymous  24/05/20 Вск 01:51:48 66701
giphy.gif 497Кб, 270x300
Anonymous  27/05/20 Срд 03:14:00 66759
>>66671 (OP)
Put up yo azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Anonymous  27/05/20 Срд 12:19:23 66763
THANKS ALLAH Anonymous  26/05/20 Втр 16:28:23 66746 Ответ
1920px-Flagofth[...].png 8Кб, 1920x960
Anonymous  26/05/20 Втр 17:11:16 66747
slowfix put 1 star destroy communism Anonymous  26/05/20 Втр 15:20:41 66744 Ответ
15904946507380[[...].jpg 73Кб, 606x960
Yes, the Chinese eat dogs. Not only do they eat dogs, the way of their killing and Anonymous  05/05/20 Втр 22:17:39 66350 Ответ
1587043222005.png 245Кб, 640x640
Yes, the Chinese eat dogs. Not only do they eat dogs, the way of their killing and cooking dogs are extremely and unthinkably brutal. The Koreans eat and kill dogs in similar ways to the Chinese, while the national percentage of dog-eating population against the total population is even higher in Korean Peninsula than in China.

Only the Japanese, out of the eternally rivaling and feuding three Northeastern Asian nations, do not eat dogs. As a matter of fact, apart from whale-hunting and whale meat consumption which makes Japan stand on par with some White Nordic countries in custom such as Norway and even US, Australia, and New Zealand of old days, the Japanese are known for loving, caring, treasuring, and adoring nature, such as mountains, forests, and rivers, and natural creatures especially dogs and horses, as well as cats, birds, insects and others.
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Пропущено 1 постов.
Anonymous  05/05/20 Втр 23:04:09 66353
Anonymous  05/05/20 Втр 23:22:37 66355
russians love dogs, especially ofcharkas. if dog dies we cries ;_;
Anonymous  06/05/20 Срд 00:23:30 66356
Anonymous  06/05/20 Срд 12:16:04 66367
>>66350 (OP)
I have no problem with brutal killings of stray dogs as long as this really reduces their numbers unlike sterilisation initiative which made them skyrocket for some reason.
Anonymous  26/05/20 Втр 13:01:45 66742
Good food dog tastes not unlike beef though.
キタ(゚∀゚)!! Anonymous  22/05/20 Птн 04:07:13 66674 Ответ
trannies update[...].jpg 489Кб, 1920x1080
Anonymous  22/05/20 Птн 20:44:59 66683
Anonymous  22/05/20 Птн 22:54:43 66684
And you are a part of the problem.
Anonymous  26/05/20 Втр 03:58:21 66722
Crime in USA Anonymous  30/01/20 Чтв 15:16:26 64410 Ответ
4c8c7ddc9c10754[...].jpg 57Кб, 621x609
What is the current situation with crime on the East and West coasts? Do you have any chiraques now?
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Anonymous  30/01/20 Чтв 23:23:05 64415
Anonymous  31/01/20 Птн 02:48:13 64419
Anonymous  25/05/20 Пнд 12:01:04 66714
>>64410 (OP)
in Brooklyn the youth have mixed LA gangs and Chicago gangs and have merged into two different warring factions.

There are the WOOOS and the CHOOOOS they make music insulting each other and actually commit gun violence towards one another in public.

Pop smoke was part of this and he died recently.

It's entertaining.
Anonymous  25/05/20 Пнд 20:08:07 66717
Anonymous  25/05/20 Пнд 20:09:26 66718
Hello everyone, I would like to ask you to give me links to the Facebook of the dating group where the teenagers are sitting, according to the type of VKontakte groups "Internet friends". pic random Anonymous  # OP 23/05/20 Суб 20:19:49 66695 Ответ
15866452854291.jpg 112Кб, 1280x853
Hello everyone, I would like to ask you to give me links to the Facebook of the dating group where the teenagers are sitting, according to the type of VKontakte groups "Internet friends".

pic random
Anonymous  25/05/20 Пнд 09:40:04 66713
I really love: 1. Russians, belarusians, ukrainians, Ruthenians. 2. Serbs. 3. Bolgars, Anonymous  17/04/20 Птн 01:19:54 66013 Ответ
c8c1277273e2d64[...].jpg 106Кб, 1000x955
I really love:
1. Russians, belarusians, ukrainians, Ruthenians.
2. Serbs.
3. Bolgars, greeks, Crnagorians, lebanens (orthodox).
R. Lebanens (christians in generally), romanians, italians, irish, slavs without bosnians and croatians.
5. Bosnians.
6. Kazakhes.
I really hate:
1. Jews.
2. Germany nation.
3. British.
4. Ameeicans.
5. Croatians.
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Anonymous  15/05/20 Птн 20:47:28 66578
germans not whi[...].jpg 71Кб, 365x551
germany confirmed for not white
Anonymous  15/05/20 Птн 21:15:05 66580
They are the best
Anonymous  16/05/20 Суб 06:15:23 66584
Добрый вечер.

Большое Басед, друг.

Anonymous  22/05/20 Птн 00:01:15 66673
If they hate you why they never wanted to leave you?
Anonymous  22/05/20 Птн 07:48:33 66675
found a commiecuck lover.
How often do you lie in bed with a print of P*losi's cunt flaps on a pillow, imagining that she's sitting on your face?
wha do u ink bou this man Anonymous  11/05/20 Пнд 20:17:11 66477 Ответ
1.png 430Кб, 656x526
wha do u ink bou this man
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Пропущено 3 постов.
Anonymous  14/05/20 Чтв 15:39:21 66558
he cute
14/05/20 Чтв 22:40:10 66566
Anonymous  19/05/20 Втр 21:39:14 66643
Ukrainians are based tho
Anonymous  20/05/20 Срд 15:14:15 66652
Anonymous  21/05/20 Чтв 11:55:12 66670
How much cockholes you need to set up lamp? lmao. This is sad and funny at the same time. They adopted a shitskin daughter and died as a result of that. Anonymous  13/05/20 Срд 10:20:24 66505 Ответ
5e9875cba86a7.i[...].jpg 77Кб, 1200x666
26886608-0-imag[...].jpg 68Кб, 634x656
sandford-larrue[...].jpg 67Кб, 992x558
Anonymous  13/05/20 Срд 11:06:14 66506
>>66505 (OP)
At first glance she looks rather pretty, but five seconds later I start to get vibes of long-haired boy which is disturbing. No wonder her boyfrend was a nigger.
Anonymous  13/05/20 Срд 18:22:15 66509
maxresdefault.jpg 106Кб, 1280x720
Anonymous  13/05/20 Срд 20:42:27 66511
Anonymous  21/05/20 Чтв 10:17:28 66668
Hi,folks I want you to pay attention to the Nash gold's case(his previous name Anonymous  19/05/20 Втр 23:32:48 66644 Ответ
14951399096310s.jpg 6Кб, 227x300
I want you to pay attention to the Nash gold's case(his previous name is Nikita Sadkov)
He is a prominent russian dissident and volnodumetc(freethinker) who is about to be deported back to russia because pro-russian government in Ukraine has refused to grand him a legal refugee status
In Russia he would be charged with extremism for burning russian flag on the Red Square and with cruelty to animals for burning living hamster or for publicly executing a rooster.
You are probably well aware that Putin's regime doesn't tolerate any opposition so it's up to you to save a man's life [Embed]
Please contact the SBU(Ukrainian intelligence agency) and ask them to revise their decision on giving Nash a refugee status.

Contact SBU:

More info:
Anonymous  20/05/20 Срд 03:58:23 66647
>>66644 (OP)
Tell him to go to Belarus. If he manages to escape from locked down Ukraine, the belarusian borders are opened for tourists. He will also be able to travel from Belarus to Russia secretly when Russia removes border controls again.

Belarus = Freedom.
Anonymous  20/05/20 Срд 08:12:22 66649
Anonymous  20/05/20 Срд 08:41:51 66650
изображение.png 344Кб, 640x492
Anonymous  20/05/20 Срд 21:07:53 66661
>>66644 (OP)
Ukraine and Belarus will be part of russia soon. Whats the point of making refugee ?
Anonymous  20/05/20 Срд 23:40:01 66665
He refuses to speak russian and going to a russian speaking country is not an option for him
SAVE US!!! Anonymous  20/04/20 Пнд 10:03:14 66075 Ответ
refmf.mp4 11633Кб, 1278x720, 00:02:09
Please, save europe from rapefugees! We need help!
All european must be united against this foe!
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Пропущено 17 постов, 5 с картинками.
Anonymous  17/05/20 Вск 19:24:31 66604
Anonymous  17/05/20 Вск 22:26:03 66608
but mostly "b" audience isn't even bilingual, and every english thread just ends up with argument between pro-speakers and ppl who tear their asses proving that foreign languages ARE NOT NEEDED 1111!!!1!!!!!1!!!!!
Anonymous  18/05/20 Пнд 12:00:52 66615
but it's true that foreign languages are not needed
Anonymous  20/05/20 Срд 04:39:49 66648
That's an interesting opinion. Mine is more down to earth. Leftists let refugees in to get more votes in elections.

Untermensch are known to vote for the left and sozial geschaft through generations. While the number of refugees is low and seems insignificant for elections, it does make a difference as big as win vs lost. A left party is always naturally guaranteed to get 48-49% support from the locals who benefit from income redistribution. So, they just need 1-2% extra votes to make >50% which constitutes the majority win. And they hope that a constant supply of refugees can always bring them those 1-2% extra votes they need to secure all the future elections.

The right understand this strategy. In order to disrupt the smart left plan they pull out the nazi card and start brainwashing the public about muh girls get raped and all the bullshit for emotional faggots. And this works.
Anonymous  20/05/20 Срд 22:28:25 66664
i dont care as long as europe is in flames.
δείτε τα έντερα Anonymous  14/04/20 Втр 09:42:42 65986 Ответ
baffometi.webm 2595Кб, 1152x720, 00:00:10
Russians of /int/, I have a very serious question.

I'm a connoisseur of baffometi videos, however, since I don't speak russian, I know very little about the backstory of it.

How did it originate? Did it really originate in Russia? If so, why? Where did the δείτε τα έντερα phrase come from? Who's making the videos? Is it tied to any specific group in Russia? Are there any articles on it? Why did the videos stop?

I find it very interesting that the videos never seem to signal any actual political or philosophical bias, it just questions the worth of human life and makes you stare at the harshness of reality.
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Пропущено 8 постов, 2 с картинками.
Anonymous  04/05/20 Пнд 13:40:56 66323
ZR0n3n4bbFA.jpg 103Кб, 400x400
Anonymous  04/05/20 Пнд 17:19:19 66325
Это не то, официальные видосы намного жёстче.
Anonymous  06/05/20 Срд 21:31:30 66375
Anonymous  20/05/20 Срд 08:47:32 66651
Karatelnajapsih[...].webm 5490Кб, 640x480, 00:01:46
After I watched this video, my fish died instantly.
Anonymous  20/05/20 Срд 20:42:59 66658
>>65986 (OP)
Just a young man with maximalism having fun. And the same students try to seem different from everyone else
Rate my memes Anonymous  18/03/20 Срд 15:04:32 65527 Ответ
134.png 285Кб, 475x604
43434.png 285Кб, 475x604
image.png 147Кб, 480x360
image.png 977Кб, 648x1080
Rate my memes
Anonymous  18/03/20 Срд 18:17:06 65536
Anonymous  22/03/20 Вск 16:21:56 65604
Anonymous  20/05/20 Срд 20:40:55 66657
Anonymous  17/05/20 Вск 16:05:40 66602 Ответ
15897155477520[[...].jpg 46Кб, 400x618
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Пропущено 1 постов, 3 с картинками.
Anonymous  17/05/20 Вск 23:29:50 66610
allah.png 89Кб, 500x610
19/05/20 Втр 00:34:59 66623
because you are fag and your mom - slut
Anonymous  19/05/20 Втр 03:25:38 66624
>And [remember, O Muhammad], when those who disbelieved plotted against you to restrain you or kill you or evict you [from Makkah]. But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners.
This is real 8 30 of quran
Anonymous  19/05/20 Втр 20:45:08 66638
20171029SY3.jpg 55Кб, 800x611
This is an edited translation of quran. Feed the original arabic text to some online-translator and get shocked.
google doesn't understand those additional strokes. use yanded translator instead
Anonymous  19/05/20 Втр 21:00:40 66639
allah pussy.jpg 87Кб, 640x373
hajjar.jpg 6Кб, 168x300
Wamakaroo Wamakrallah wallahukahrul makereen

makr=to sheme, decieve
>worships pussy
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