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Any comments about Donbass conflict? Anonymous  02/01/19 Срд 18:10:27 41811 Ответ
T0GjZXNiYZE.jpg (95Кб, 570x594)
Any comments about Donbass conflict?
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Anonymous  03/01/19 Чтв 02:46:08 41845
Anonymous  04/01/19 Птн 01:11:36 41904
ukraine attaq.jpg (62Кб, 650x365)
if russia gets belarus, ukraine is in half kotel

it can be attacked from all sides, thats my plan.

we must bribe lukashenko with having same goverment(belarus+russia) so that he can run for president election in russia and russian gas and oil prices inside russia, he will accept it.

then attaq ukraine, kill who disgaree or sent to siberia for work(because nobody wants to live their) or maby ukraine be submissvie and surrender beforehand, we buy it with 100 billion$ its cheap now. maby latter poland attaq aswell, depends on my mood.
Anonymous  04/01/19 Птн 02:05:12 41909
if russia gets ukraine
belarus question doesnt arise
Anonymous  04/01/19 Птн 22:33:38 41961
bookert.jpg (29Кб, 640x360)
would be epic if batka run for president of russia. say goodbye to me rate threads
Anonymous  06/01/19 Вск 07:13:56 42536
watcha doin' in Russia? hiding in a enemy's nest?
Лукашенко и Белоруссия ( газо-нефтяные тёрки) Anonymous  27/12/18 Чтв 17:31:09 41472 Ответ
belarus.jpg (78Кб, 553x488)
ed68226642304369.jpg (47Кб, 550x412)
Недавно Лукашенко беседовал на счёт цены на газ и нефть...( Хочет подешевле)
Не смог договориться.
Перед новым годом ,вроде бы, опять приедет .

Я как-то давно смотрел видео,где Лукашенко предлагал тянуть трубопровод с газом через Белоруссию к границе с Польшей,а не тянуть по дну моря в Германию.
И вроде бы логично было бы и дешевле намного так и тянуть,но наши решили ,что лучше по морю,по дну ,чем с этим Лукашенко связываться.
Значит нет никакой надёжности и лояльности в нем по отношению к России . Один пиздеж.

А вот уж неделя прошла,как Лукашенко на гниль давит - не братья русские и белорусы.
Может и правы были ,что не тянули по его Белоруссии ,может и других причины есть тоже.
Медведев сказал,что за 20 лет ,его Белоруссию на 100 млрд. долларов субсидирования ( прям вспоминаю его слова перед украинским майданом ,что ее субсидирования на 200 млрд).

Как думаешь ,анончик, скинут ему цену?
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Anonymous  28/12/18 Птн 17:04:23 41516
он боитса что их потом. но их потом всеравно захватим, толко без савка
Anonymous  29/12/18 Суб 14:20:17 41574
Да Лукашенко вообще непонятно чего боится.
Уже 10 лет белорусы в России безвизовый въезд и разрешение на работу свободное.
У белоруса аналогичные права и свободы в РФ ,как и у россиянина любого.

Он просто за свой суверенный бизнес боится. Больше я не вижу никакой причины.
Anonymous  29/12/18 Суб 21:38:28 41590
лукашо авторитетный вор его так просто нелзя убрать, но мене хочетса соидинить беларускую область он етуму мешает. ему плохо будет но белоруссам лутчше
Anonymous  29/12/18 Суб 21:43:37 41591
ето будет даполнитилные 9,5 миллионов человек.

42 миллиона украинцев

18 миллион казахов

ето 214 миллионв насиление

надо минимум как 400 миллион чтобы быть конкурентоспособны по економике.
Anonymous  01/01/19 Втр 02:24:22 41704
Какой нахуй Лукашенко. Обезьяна весь мир от двачей отрезала, совок наступил, а вы тут про ебларусь
>that feel when your stuck being up in late night hours with some few lost souls Anonymous  29/12/18 Суб 06:22:33 41560 Ответ
vlcsnap-2018-12[...].png (1196Кб, 1920x800)
>that feel when your stuck being up in late night hours with some few lost souls like you or even worse and you missing out on prime daytime discussions, reading them in archive and its so much more complete and meaningful and you wish you could repy and partake in them yourself but you cant you cant cant and you stuck in here waiting for birds to come and to bump numb into sleep
Anonymous  30/12/18 Вск 00:19:35 41600
russian version of /pol/ rate Anonymous  25/12/18 Втр 21:57:03 41365 Ответ
Безымянный.png (154Кб, 846x307)
Безымянный3.png (6Кб, 271x290)
russian version of /pol/
Anonymous  # OP 25/12/18 Втр 22:09:13 41367
Expanding-Brain.jpg (190Кб, 857x1202)
Безымянный.png (222Кб, 913x605)
Anonymous  25/12/18 Втр 23:50:03 41372
15457649540270.jpg (174Кб, 857x1202)
vali s moih dvachey, porashnoe govno
Anonymous  27/12/18 Чтв 06:46:33 41462
Anonymous  27/12/18 Чтв 11:10:40 41467
nicc.png (445Кб, 549x711)
AYO HOL UP Anonymous  29/01/19 Втр 23:13:31 49957 Ответ
russian.jpg (37Кб, 479x550)
Anonymous  30/01/19 Срд 17:46:23 49972
Anonymous  30/01/19 Срд 21:31:09 49979
tankie frenchie
It's holodomor remembrance day dvach. What are you doing to remember the time when evil Russia murdered 20 million innocent Ukrainians for no reason? Anonymous  24/11/18 Суб 21:43:54 39984 Ответ
holodomor.jpg (20Кб, 500x327)
It's holodomor remembrance day dvach. What are you doing to remember the time when evil Russia murdered 20 million innocent Ukrainians for no reason?
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Anonymous  25/11/18 Вск 09:43:47 40002
Anonymous  25/11/18 Вск 21:01:26 40030
khaldun.png (135Кб, 909x515)
>>39984 (OP)
their was famine troughout CCCP and they had lack of wheat at those times, only ukraine had plenty of wheat because they have realy good earth where you can have 2 seasons. when ukrainian heared that they wer lacking of wheat in other regions and republics, they rised the prices for wheat and that made everyone go crazy angry at them. so they took everything from ukrainians without paying and let them starve to death.

was this justified ? what would you do ?


russia today surpassed the records of wheat production of UDDSR

picture unrelated but funny
Anonymous  26/11/18 Пнд 18:32:22 40068
im578x383-икона[...].jpg (39Кб, 578x383)
икона-сталина-1[...].jpg (93Кб, 550x412)
>>39984 (OP)
Just trying to forget that I'm a Russian, as usual.

Stalin liked to pretend that collectivization was carried out voluntarily, but in fact the government resorted to extreme violence. He told Churchill that the collectivization campaign, which lasted some three years, had been more “stressful” than World War II. If it was so hard on him, one can imagine how much harder it was on his victims. To break the resistance of the peasants in the Ukraine, the North Caucasus, and Kazakhstan, Stalin inflicted on these areas in 1932–33 an artificial famine, shipping out all the food from entire districts and deploying the army to prevent the starving peasants from migrating in search of nourishment. It is estimated that between 6 and 7 million people perished in this man-made catastrophe.7 To overcome the resistance of the nomadic Kazakhs in Central Asia, the regime resorted to extraordinary brutality: it is believed that as much as one-third of the Kazakh population perished in the process.8
Collectivization achieved its short-term objective, which was to finance a good part of the industrialization drive; in effect, the peasants’ food was confiscated and distributed to the cities and industrial centers. In the long run, its consequences were catastrophic: it ruined Russian agriculture, first by deporting the most enterprising farmers, and secondly by depriving the kolkhoz peasant of a stake in the land, the crops of which no longer belonged to him. Russia, which before the revolution had been one of the world’s leading cereal exporters, henceforth could barely feed herself.
The worst was over by 1934–35, when food rationing was abolished and Stalin proclaimed that “life has become more joyous, comrades, life has become gayer.” Not for long, however: the regime needed another crisis to justify its despotic powers. It also needed enemies. As Fidel Castro, the leader of Communist Cuba, would explain with a frankness that his Russian mentors preferred to avoid: “The revolution needs the enemy. . . . The revolution needs for its development its antithesis, which is the counterrevolution.”9 And if enemies were lacking, they had to be fabricated.
Anonymous  04/12/18 Втр 23:31:31 40427
They didn't redistribute the grain, they sold it overseas to pay for new factory equipment for the Five year plan.
Anonymous  04/12/18 Втр 23:34:54 40428
I think I'm better than all of you. Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 19:16:43 47590 Ответ
images (1).jpeg (7Кб, 406x343)
I think I'm better than all of you.
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 19:22:13 47591
Truthbomb. Shocking insight. Fucking newsflash.
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 20:06:28 47595
james-bond-eon-[...].jpg (68Кб, 1280x731)
you just signed your death sentence with those words
Anonymous  20/01/19 Вск 17:23:35 47695
tumblrmqbr53C0l[...].gif (914Кб, 245x200)

don't say i didnt warn you
Italy, Milan on video. Why Europeans so cuckolds? Niggers destroy europian towns, rape european women, kill european men and europeans want to tolerate? Is it collective suicide or laziness? May be it is the leftis fascism? Anonymous  28/12/18 Птн 17:28:45 41522 Ответ
15205031505060.mp4 (14853Кб, 640x360, 00:02:20)
Italy, Milan on video.
Why Europeans so cuckolds? Niggers destroy europian towns, rape european women, kill european men and europeans want to tolerate? Is it collective suicide or laziness? May be it is the leftis fascism?
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Anonymous  28/12/18 Птн 18:21:04 41529
Anonymous  29/12/18 Суб 00:05:48 41539
1545914684946.webm (1968Кб, 202x360, 00:00:39)
>>41522 (OP)
>Implying Russian women don't crave the BBC as well
Anonymous  29/12/18 Суб 22:24:03 41597
women like aggresive males, because of evolution, they are programmed to be attracted to aggresivness, because agresssivness means more resources=more chances to survive. if you are passive and shy, it means you wont become active in stealing objects you need for survival.

today you dont need to be aggresive to gather much resources and or protect your tribe. it will take many many years for women to deprogramm from that.
Anonymous  30/12/18 Вск 05:54:07 41617
Not aggresivenes but dominant quantity. Male with most dominant quantity is most attractive. Quantitiy can be anything dota best player in the world for example.
Anonymous  30/12/18 Вск 18:08:50 41636
you can say dominant aswell, but aggresive is also the same. being active, taking things away. women wants men to supply them when they make babies, its so simple
Ape-people and GMO pigs Anonymous  12/12/18 Срд 14:25:02 40728 Ответ
IMG1176.jpg (603Кб, 994x1312)
1542155591844.jpg (68Кб, 800x600)

Listen to the report in the Council of Federations of Russia academician Kurchatov Institute on future bio-technologies .
GMO-pigs, as living bio-incubators, uterine cervix,and grow in them will APE-people, as slaves.

Even Aristotle, in ancient times, talked about the immorality of using people in operation as animate tools.( Slaves)

APE-people, grown specifically for exploitation - it should not be so much perceived from a moral point of view.
After all in circus monkeys train and all don't give a fuck. Not a man.
And why will the Japanese have it all?
Yes, because they are the most aging nation. They need workers hands and robots,not on all work suited .
Anonymous  12/12/18 Срд 17:00:30 40733
Anonymous  12/12/18 Срд 17:43:27 40736
>>40728 (OP)
yes i know that all, but hes also a slaveowner, workers pay with their taxes to his salary of 200 000, all he fears is that other parasites like him will remove him and take over russian slaves(taxes payers)
Anonymous  12/12/18 Срд 18:12:55 40738
Don't be so naive . Russians almost do not pay taxes at all! Not pay, because, that nekhuya not produce from material values, things. Russian is not necessary. Now they are engaged in that make holes in the earth and pump out of it gas and oil . This can be done and gorilla-people . They'll have the mind of 10 year old idiots (that's enough for a rig station ) and the power of a gorilla. It is ideal for use in the capitalist regime of Russia and the world of global capitalism in General.
Anonymous  13/12/18 Чтв 00:55:27 40747
i like russia and russians tho
Anonymous  15/12/18 Суб 08:57:35 40862
That one time when my country set fire on yours.... Anonymous  04/01/19 Птн 07:55:42 41918 Ответ
Moscowfire(1812[...].jpg (1296Кб, 2016x1548)
That one time when my country set fire on yours....
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Anonymous  26/01/19 Суб 18:19:10 49456
windows aspie
Anonymous  27/01/19 Вск 00:24:31 49890
>>41918 (OP)
C'était il y a longtemps. Et Moscou n'était pas la capitale en ce moment où Napoléon l'a pris. Puis.. est-ce qu'il l'a pris déjà? Coutousove l'a cedé et presque tous les habitants se sont barrés tout de suite de là bas.
Anonymous  27/01/19 Вск 09:49:00 49891
Anonymous  28/01/19 Пнд 07:15:17 49919
But then we came to Paris and taught Frenchies a new eatery format so we're even.
Anonymous  28/01/19 Пнд 08:44:20 49920
need a precision - you were talking about Bistro, which means quickly in russian.
Okay folks share your fav music Ill start Anonymous  05/02/19 Втр 16:29:06 50167 Ответ
hqdefault.jpg (12Кб, 480x360)
Anonymous  05/02/19 Втр 16:33:00 50169
Anonymous  08/02/19 Птн 16:15:26 50232
What is your favourite Russian word? Anonymous  24/01/19 Чтв 14:40:18 48484 Ответ
images.jpeg (7Кб, 509x310)
What is your favourite Russian word?
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Anonymous  25/01/19 Птн 13:52:26 48644
Anonymous  25/01/19 Птн 19:23:25 48660
Anonymous  25/01/19 Птн 19:30:53 48664
Anonymous  05/02/19 Втр 02:23:21 50156
>>48484 (OP)
i've always been a fan of “Бляяяяять”
Anonymous  06/02/19 Срд 03:41:03 50188
post-38561-0-44[...].jpg (45Кб, 527x502)
Пассивный Anonymous  30/01/19 Срд 03:29:30 49960 Ответ
3cFkARfghq4.jpg (122Кб, 600x473)
Сап, Аноны, такая поблема, имею пассивный словарный запас в английском на уровне уппер интер мидиан, как мне его конвертировать в активный? А если точнее то именно в письмо, до егэ осталось 4 месяца. Придумал такую идею, найти друга в фейсбуке и пытаться с ним разговаривать, это поможет? знающий анон ответь плз.
(Автор этого поста был забанен. Помянем.)
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Anonymous  30/01/19 Срд 03:55:36 49962
ты урод бля, тут есть треды на русском, так что не пизди
30/01/19 Срд 04:17:35 49963
those threads are also made by passive faggots like you
Anonymous  30/01/19 Срд 13:49:38 49966
Anonymous  06/02/19 Срд 15:31:58 50189
тест - какой флаг
Anonymous  06/02/19 Срд 16:33:29 50195
>>49960 (OP)
Россия заебись страна, вот только эта ебучая школота в интернете достала.
Is is acktually skelly!!!! ha ha ha Anonymous  02/01/19 Срд 02:35:36 41773 Ответ
1546148408204.jpg (169Кб, 725x1102)
Is is acktually skelly!!!!
ha ha ha
02/01/19 Срд 05:27:29 41781
1543525894128.jpg (748Кб, 1280x1883)
Anonymous  01/01/19 Втр 09:31:12 41716 Ответ
t4qHKKkL1M[1].jpg (123Кб, 1000x750)
Anonymous  01/01/19 Втр 10:18:31 41719
Anonymous  01/01/19 Втр 11:06:29 41721
kotik.jpg (35Кб, 660x414)
Anonymous  01/01/19 Втр 16:03:03 41728
kot.jpg (580Кб, 700x654)
Write what you are thinking about right now in this thread. Anonymous  13/12/18 Чтв 18:55:01 40769 Ответ
k1qqa.png (117Кб, 1584x1526)
Write what you are thinking about right now in this thread.
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Anonymous  15/01/19 Втр 05:42:20 47440
>>40769 (OP)
I`m thinking about subjective truth because someone told me, what truth mostly objective.
Anonymous  15/01/19 Втр 07:57:21 47441
I fucking happiness nirvanna I have a lock in evroppe and I do this thing - I work a job, for every job I work I get a gold coin I am rich and I have achieved everything I live in Europe and mine has a balsa castle and I live there.
Anonymous  15/01/19 Втр 08:05:19 47442
Take a little flour, suffering, three egg yolks, two genocides, a pinch of salt, ten million dead, terrified fear, boil until done.
Anonymous  15/01/19 Втр 12:33:33 47450
vlcsnap-2018-12[...].png (1822Кб, 1920x800)
Is there good website for movie screenshots ? Taking screenshot is lot effort sometimes
Anonymous  15/01/19 Втр 12:41:07 47451
thinking that watching gore videos causes me to want to suicide as soon as possible before my skin is being scraped off my head while im alive
I remind Anons that the technological singularity has not yet arrived, which means: Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 00:46:11 40649 Ответ
382-future-lond[...].jpg (212Кб, 970x728)
383-underwater-[...].jpg (136Кб, 970x577)
384-future-civi[...].jpg (171Кб, 800x767)
385-drone-flyin[...].jpg (116Кб, 800x629)
I remind Anons that the technological singularity has not yet arrived, which means:

>The capacity of the human brain is very limited, learning is very inefficient and long. Most do not even finish reading the thread to the end, for clip thinking, the impossibility of concentrating attention for a long time.
>The majority of the population because of problems with the starting location and genetics do not have a chance to become full-fledged free personalities. Replicating often erroneous and harmful thinking patterns among their relatives, neighbors, and friends from films / TV shows / TV programs, that is, acceptable to the world elite and oligarchs, formulate the behavior of a terpily consumer-family man/woman.
>The human body is still suitable for life only on the planet Earth, and even without life hacks with warm clothes only in the tropical belt
>Most people are forced to spend their time on the unloved work to ensure the existence of
>Meat is still grown on animal bodies
>70% of the world's electricity is produced by burning hydrocarbons
>There is no possibility to transfer your consciousness (soul, self) to another body or to electronic carrier. Only learn to replant the head, and then only on corpses and animals
>Sexual reproduction still exists, genes in each new body are combined in an uncontrolled manner. As a result, people are often born with disabilities.
>People still grow old get sick and die, despite the fact that aging is a disease that has lost its relevance as a regulator of natural selection and elimination of unwanted mutations
>Until now, those in power can start a war anywhere in the world pursuing mercantile interests
>Bydlo still crows about the "naturalness" of products and drowned against GMOs. Beware of AI and new technologies.
- A crowd of people who do not fit according to the criteria of an ideal person still consider themselves to be outsiders, many are sitting on (or other image boards like 4chan) and complaining about not an easy fate
>Most individuals have a “closed” world view + closed individualism. He perceives society and other people as strangers who can be killed / discriminated / deceived / robbed / treated lightly
>Most people in the world are religious. In addition, the "Choice" of religion depends on the location and family in which the body was born.
>States still exist and spend kilotons of money and resources on the military industry. They are the main threat to the destruction of the planet from a nuclear weapon or an incurable virus. Moreover, power in states is often seized by dictators, who hinder progress and the development of science.

What is technological singularity?
Technological singularity is a hypothetical moment, after which, according to supporters of this concept, technical progress will become so fast and complex that it will be inaccessible to understanding, supposedly following after creating artificial intelligence and self-replicating machines, integrating a person with computers, or a significant abrupt increase in capabilities human brain due to biotechnology.
Most futurists are confident that the vehicle will come in the next 15-30 years. NOT WAITING AND GET READY

What can we, as ordinary people, do to bring the vehicle closer?
First, it is very important to support education and science and innovation by any means and methods. To conduct propaganda against phobias associated with AI or feature films / series / books like the "Black Mirror". Show the middle finger to all followers of natural and natural, and those who are trying to isolate themselves from technology. To show the middle finger to the conservatives, who call for a reduction in the rate of progress. To study the work of modern futurologists. Create communities. Expand the understanding of their individuality and feel part of the culture and humanity. Try to associate yourself with the state, nation, religious group as little as possible. Show the middle finger to those who are satisfied srachi on the background of politics or race. To humiliate and laugh at Sterligov - a person who calls to kill scientists and sells "ecologically clean" bread for $ 50 each. Although he enjoys the fruits of science. To humiliate all the ungrateful, who enjoy the benefits of modern civilization and at the same time humiliate and deride scientists.

repost from b
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Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 02:35:22 40656
15444632481090[[...].png (194Кб, 932x2300)
Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 03:06:47 40657
15444771423620[[...].png (593Кб, 1280x903)
Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 16:04:26 40685
Ive tried to install Frostpunk and it just wont run. On internet it says something about windowsupdate and ive tried that only to discover windows update doesnt work on my pc. So its always like this, multiple problems.
Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 16:18:31 40686
lol ive checked in installed updates now and it shows update is already installed
what is the isseu then
Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 17:42:05 40696
Германия: ВЗРЫВ нищеты и бездомности!!! НАЧАЛО КОНЦА? Anonymous  01/01/19 Втр 11:56:43 41724 Ответ
merkel.jpg (148Кб, 713x1057)
Anonymous  01/01/19 Втр 13:17:06 41725
Особенно доставляют комментарии ваты, впрочем как и всегда.
Anonymous  01/01/19 Втр 15:32:53 41727
f487f6344cbb4b3[...].jpg (31Кб, 400x240)
Yesterday I told my mother: "You have a soviet mindset" And she replied: Anonymous  15/01/19 Втр 23:58:31 47482 Ответ
15474799727770[[...].jpg (203Кб, 991x655)
Yesterday I told my mother: "You have a soviet mindset"
And she replied:
>if I had a soviet mindset %anonname%, I wouldn’t come to the Moscow, but stayed in %muhosranskname%
Well, yes, why the hell be a free man, want democracy and development? You can just come to the DC, cling to the oil and gas velfer and consider yourself "a person with non-Soviet thinking". Where have you been for the past 19 years? Why was not at all interested what your fucking country is doing? You were not even interested in the life of your own son, and when he was bullied at school, he took absolutely no action, now the son of hikikomori and NEET, who has been beaten to the point that he speaks for the last decade only anonymously, because there are mental problems from bullying (I'm afraid to create pages in social networks under your name and face, because they will find the old bullies and continue to internet bulling)
Again, in the past, I tell her, you know that I’m a homosexual man, gay and I’m worried about the situation of LGBT rights in our country. And every soviet scumbag begins to ask, “Why the gay parades are for you?” BITCH, not why, but WHY, why, bitch, why, you need to ask why in the US and the EU any social groups can defend their rights and fight discrimination. Why? Because in the West there are democratic institutions. In the US, such garbage that the law and the right is sacred and the dick from you who will take away your property, they will kill you sooner than they will take away, there you are a free person. You wake up, leave the house and see that it is all yours and no one will ever take it away, you are a citizen and can influence what is happening around you. You are a free person.
Anonymous  16/01/19 Срд 00:40:50 47485
true-detective-[...].jpg (80Кб, 1280x720)
Anonymous  # OP 16/01/19 Срд 00:47:30 47488
I'll be dead, I'll die and be free. It does not matter, in a second, in a minute, tomorrow or in a month. Maybe even after millions of years, but I will die. I will come to death. And I will be fine.
Anonymous  16/01/19 Срд 00:48:16 47489
not trying to be hater but social networks term is pretty cringe
16/01/19 Срд 08:52:40 47505
>>47482 (OP)
social networks, good since it gets you connected, bad since most people prefer doing social online then off (and companies steal your data)
look frens i found a bike Anonymous  09/10/18 Втр 11:10:06 38471 Ответ
1538688660970.png (36Кб, 956x876)
look frens i found a bike
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Anonymous  17/12/18 Пнд 15:20:18 40974
fucken kiwi stole a pushie, not that shit again
Anonymous  17/12/18 Пнд 17:15:58 40982
fucken ossie whining about not ossie mate, not that shit again
Anonymous  17/12/18 Пнд 23:52:29 41003
it's Aussie, you boxheaded drongo
Anonymous  18/12/18 Втр 13:13:14 41007
Oh snap ossie don't now menes luk at his whiny ass))
Anonymous  23/01/19 Срд 22:01:37 48457
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