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Average Russian look like THIS?!?!?! Anonymous  14/02/21 Вск 03:51:01 74857 Ответ
slav.jpg 39Кб, 442x646
Average Russian look like THIS?!?!?!
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Anonymous  17/02/21 Срд 05:24:43 74958
16011504742310.jpg 81Кб, 600x626
Anonymous  17/02/21 Срд 11:26:36 74968
God, why Putin won't finally massacre you, libtards?
Why we didn't genocide those filthy subhuman nations on our lands?
I just don't get it.
Anonymous  17/02/21 Срд 13:07:41 74969
AlexOvechkin201[...].jpg 585Кб, 1200x1485
Like this
Anonymous  17/02/21 Срд 15:58:30 74971
16008048137750.png 331Кб, 559x514
Anonymous  17/02/21 Срд 16:18:14 74972
grafik.png 233Кб, 600x729
Is Church of Satan legal in your country? Also, Linux thread. Anonymous  04/11/20 Срд 23:18:19 70311 Ответ
74334cc946b9566[...].jpg 83Кб, 1280x720
15642579577970.jpg 1418Кб, 2560x1600
Is Church of Satan legal in your country?
Also, Linux thread.
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Anonymous  07/01/21 Чтв 21:14:23 72758
1609341349313.gif 62Кб, 570x537
>перестань говорить по-русски в /int/
Anonymous  07/01/21 Чтв 22:08:52 72759
Anonymous  07/01/21 Чтв 23:12:22 72763
Anonymous  !!p24qjI5I/U 08/01/21 Птн 21:05:27 72821
.jpg 552Кб, 1860x957
Anonymous  09/01/21 Суб 04:46:44 72842
It's a Jewish/US Military Intelligence front arranged in the typical fashion of "A harmless/funny/edgy face for the public but real evil shit on the inside layers".
What do you think about the elections in the USA? Anonymous  04/12/20 Птн 02:45:16 71418 Ответ
1920px-Electora[...].png 290Кб, 1920x1116
What do you think about the elections in the USA?
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Anonymous  05/12/20 Суб 00:10:01 71444
Курильщик.jpg 15Кб, 250x333
Anonymous  05/12/20 Суб 00:57:00 71446
> Holodomor Quest[...].mp4
It's weird. An anti-Soviet, "Holodomor" believer who tries to persuade us Jews are so bad they are worse than Nazis ("ethnic hatred...we must face that truth honestly" LOL) worries about Russia. Is this what Solzhenitsyn's anti-Russian books do with people? Never read one.
Anonymous  05/12/20 Суб 02:41:22 71457
>worries about Russia
You didn't get the point. It's too late to worry about Russia, he worries about the USA.
Anonymous  15/12/20 Втр 21:04:01 71789
I think it's naebalovo
Anonymous  16/12/20 Срд 00:42:23 71822
america main ob[...].jpg 181Кб, 656x734
>>71418 (OP)
It doesnt realy matter who wins, they all have the same goal. Trump wanted to give niggers 500 billions joe will do the same.
Please join together in prayer. We must pray to GOD. Anonymous  08/11/20 Вск 19:47:12 70444 Ответ
Archangel Micha[...].png 1204Кб, 1158x761
Psalm 91
>1Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.a
>2I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”
>3Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence.
>4He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
>5You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day,
>6nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday.
>7A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you.
>8You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked.
>9If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,” and you make the Most High your dwelling,
>10no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent.
>11For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;
>12they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
>13You will tread on the lion and the cobra; you will trample the great lion and the serpent.
>14“Because heb loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
>15He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.
>16With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.”
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Anonymous  09/11/20 Пнд 09:27:55 70467
>Jon Bidon is new president of sucky murica
Lel pray hard, you'll need it godfagot)))
Anonymous  09/11/20 Пнд 18:39:13 70483
I'm an atheist, but this is fucking powerful.
God speed you, mister emperor-president of the world.
Anonymous  11/11/20 Срд 09:11:19 70555
Мороженщику Байдену сняли десяток голосов, смотрим что будет дальше
Anonymous  11/11/20 Срд 10:28:33 70556
Don Bidon cannot unwin. Deal with it.
Anonymous  11/11/20 Срд 12:45:30 70563
Hello russians! Does anyone know where is this from and what is the song she is singing? Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 04:38:16 70587 Ответ
haitarityty.mp4 7031Кб, 854x480, 00:01:31
Hello russians! Does anyone know where is this from and what is the song she is singing?
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Anonymous  13/11/20 Птн 03:02:59 70648
1476595124625.png 1289Кб, 682x1024
Anonymous  14/11/20 Суб 09:09:04 70674
Anonymous  14/12/20 Пнд 03:04:17 71713
Anonymous  21/01/21 Чтв 01:42:50 73563
Its old advertisement for Kapersky from like 8 years ago. Girl is actress who has had some minor role. Biggest being supporting role in Womens Battalion of Death mini series. She is finno-ugric (maybe Mordovian) and Russian mix ethnically culturally ofc Russian.
Anonymous  24/01/21 Вск 20:56:23 73777
Murica riot ama Anonymous  31/05/20 Вск 12:36:51 66822 Ответ
riots.jpeg 403Кб, 2384x1558
Murica riot ama
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Anonymous  28/06/20 Вск 13:59:28 67448
>православие это славянский империализм
Anonymous  28/06/20 Вск 15:13:56 67450
Звучит все также глупо.
Anonymous  28/06/20 Вск 20:03:52 67452
не православие грееческое. тооже говно.

хрристтьянствво ето говнно

но я уважааю салааффиитов, я сам саллафит
Anonymous  14/08/20 Птн 12:02:21 68368
Niggers break and steal shit because the democrats let them. In return the niggers faithfully vote democrat.
Anonymous  14/08/20 Птн 21:22:10 68380
You need to borrow our 5 year parlament term and most important 6 years president term. The seldmoer election the less riots. Take example from modern countries, murica.
repentances Anonymous  09/08/20 Вск 14:43:47 68273 Ответ
s1200.jpeg 546Кб, 1200x1428
I am really sorry poles for communistic occupation era.
Most of russians hate communism and understand that this country was awful fascist regime which get woe for all nations who were conqure by red hydra.
Of course we will pay reparations to Poland, Czechia, Ukraine, Balt respublics, Hungrary, Romania, Belarus and other.
We are VERY VERY VERY sorry.
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Anonymous  12/08/20 Срд 12:11:58 68328
it's ok bro
Anonymous  13/08/20 Чтв 09:42:36 68343
tank-901089t-90[...].jpg 26Кб, 520x347
Don't listen him he is cuckold. Russians still dont like u Poland skums. And we ready to attack u any moment.
Anonymous  13/08/20 Чтв 10:10:22 68346
63e7z.mp4 2948Кб, 854x480, 00:01:17
> listen him he is cuckold. Russians still dont like u Poland skums. And we ready to attack u any moment.

Try to attack with soldiers like this?
Anonymous  13/08/20 Чтв 10:30:37 68348
This not Russians this is Shaitani. But they can attack u from the back door.
Anonymous  15/08/20 Суб 00:15:58 68391
how do you this isnt staged you silly mongoloid
how do i acquire a depressed russian bf? Anonymous  11/12/20 Птн 22:49:29 71656 Ответ
1607710100661.jpg 155Кб, 1079x1062
how do i acquire a depressed russian bf?
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Anonymous  14/12/20 Пнд 21:53:10 71744
Don't act like Russians are better
Anonymous  15/12/20 Втр 00:06:36 71748
We have a russian degeneracy. No need for extra one from abroad.
Anonymous  15/12/20 Втр 01:14:38 71752
frown cat.jpg 177Кб, 1080x1350
>>71656 (OP)
I wish I knew. I tried acquiring one, but got rejected.
Anonymous  15/12/20 Втр 09:37:30 71762
>>71656 (OP)
It is easy. You just have to have a vagina and you can basically fuck any depressed man you want, provided he is also poor and cares for vagina and not for looks.
Anonymous  15/12/20 Втр 13:53:23 71766
9109666830 36 2[...].jpg 19Кб, 600x340
Saw abrams tanks in real life today. They are very small actually. Anonymous  08/07/20 Срд 23:31:48 67631 Ответ
MountedSoldierS[...].jpg 1872Кб, 2400x1340
Saw abrams tanks in real life today. They are very small actually.
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Anonymous  11/08/20 Втр 07:57:18 68306
Abraham's tank? Why not call it simply Lincoln? Because Lincoln was a recist?
Anonymous  11/08/20 Втр 16:39:29 68309
they call it abrams because they love jews.
Anonymous  11/08/20 Втр 23:19:15 68316
Che-Guevara.jpg 164Кб, 1200x1600
Anonymous  12/08/20 Срд 08:51:32 68325
Why do you call burgers munitions?
Anonymous  12/08/20 Срд 13:06:19 68329
yeah, everyone knows that burgers are fuel
typical metro in moscow Anonymous  03/10/20 Суб 13:19:30 69483 Ответ
16017196712650[[...].jpg 233Кб, 959x1280
16017171527680[[...].jpg 116Кб, 1024x768
typical metro in moscow
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Anonymous  05/10/20 Пнд 15:21:21 69517
No, this is not a big deal in Moscow. I am a hikki and last week I left the house for soda and watermelon and saw a woman in a niqab (completely in black)
Anonymous  06/10/20 Втр 08:50:18 69555
>>69483 (OP)
Woman on second pic is manspreading, so does nigger.
Anonymous  06/10/20 Втр 08:51:40 69556
First you must kiss dick ad drink orange juice, then he rises up.
Anonymous  06/10/20 Втр 11:23:35 69559
36457356253745.webm 4962Кб, 478x356, 00:00:34
Anonymous  06/10/20 Втр 12:54:22 69564
she's womanspreading you sexist and that's totally appropriate and not sexist
Anonymous  16/06/20 Втр 00:08:35 67222 Ответ
rusempire.jpg 314Кб, 832x880
Anonymous  14/07/20 Втр 14:15:43 67726
image.png 325Кб, 759x538
Anonymous  29/07/20 Срд 23:50:15 68101
What is it: it doesnt buzz, it doesnt fly, and it doesnt get in your ass? Anonymous  27/07/20 Пнд 13:40:54 68054 Ответ
014.jpg 318Кб, 770x708
What is it: it doesn't buzz, it doesn't fly, and it doesn't get in your ass?

Soviet flying buzzer for ass.
Anonymous  27/07/20 Пнд 21:14:10 68060
>>68054 (OP)
soviet flying ass getting buzzer
old joke, everyone knows it
HNET or BitNET users KA  20/12/20 Вск 00:36:41 72064 Ответ
org with intern[...].png 130Кб, 780x628
I wanna read real history, can some1 answer few questions about it.
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KA  23/12/20 Срд 02:13:16 72192
1АПГРЕЙДС.png 792Кб, 2560x1600
2ОБСУЖДЕНИЕ.png 778Кб, 2560x1600
KA  23/12/20 Срд 02:13:45 72193
вардканингем.png 765Кб, 2560x1600
Anonymous  # OP 23/12/20 Срд 02:14:42 72194
Снимок экрана 2[...].png 620Кб, 2560x1600
>Culture Shock
Anonymous  # OP 23/12/20 Срд 02:15:19 72195
Снимок экрана 2[...].png 639Кб, 2560x1600
у меня все, чао
Anonymous  28/12/20 Пнд 14:53:31 72358
Lost and alone. Anonymous  27/01/21 Срд 04:17:23 73953 Ответ
1551835309617.jpg 54Кб, 700x700
anons, i have reached rock bottom in my life. So low that I ask help from ex-communist anons and anons all over the world.

First of all my education is dropped out of bachelors study. I was so unhappy in my education I was studying something I hated and I could not stay there so I quit in year 2. Now I rejoined because I was afraid to be left behind and not have diploma. All my life, I hear "you need diploma" "without diploma you nothing" but in my life i see whores post ass on instagram and get millions. What is the point?

I have some mental illnesses but Im afraid to go to doctor. I developed social anxiety staying home always. I lost my friends, my girlfriend, my life, my hobbies. The dreams when I was a young boy, I thought in my life I can be king, president, actor, athlete. But growing up destroyed my life vision. Now I am studying that is killing me slowly and making my mental health dead. What about my dreams? without dreams I feel like im dead with no goal.

Can you anons give me some tips? I think I am depressed, I havent been outside unless for meeting in a few years. I feel like I have reached the maximum capacity of my mental health. What should I do? I'm sad, I'm alone and everything is too much. Especially with lockdown, covid19, addiction to internet wasting time.

russian and ex soviet anons and everyone else. you without perspective in your country, how can you survive? you without dreams how can you continue? is this why russia has very high suicide rate? do you have advice for me? My battery is almost empty and I don't know if I can or want to recharge it. My life needs to change, I dont have anybody to talk to or to help me.This is my last attempt. Maybe you will help me with advice or maybe you will laugh at me and tell me to kill myself. Whatever I dont care. I needed to tell you my story. Maybe Im alone, maybe im not alone.
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Anonymous  08/02/21 Пнд 19:58:02 74550
I will do the same because I hate my study, drop out follow your passion advice from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for commenting, good luck.
Anonymous  10/02/21 Срд 10:13:12 74693
Getting GF is like pissing on 2 fingers. All you have to do is grab them by their genitalia, women are like animals they dont understand your words they only understand feelings.
Anonymous  12/02/21 Птн 16:06:30 74792
Ahh, scheise! Jeder russisch mann will auf dem DDR. Ich hat geficht deine mutter,verdammt nazi
Anonymous  12/02/21 Птн 19:47:46 74798
>>73953 (OP)
Go to Army, son. Army will give you all реу answears you need.
Anonymous  12/02/21 Птн 21:59:58 74805
thats a man baby! Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 02:56:24 70925 Ответ
micheal obama.jpg 131Кб, 752x755
micheal obama2.jpg 77Кб, 713x1024
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Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 14:51:44 70942
DYHkLFQXkAEFd9a.jpg 236Кб, 1122x1109
All fucking niggers must fucking hang.
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 17:58:03 70948
So... both niggers have elbows, so it means they are in fact the same nigger, or what?
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 18:00:12 70949
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 18:01:13 70950
Anonymous  06/02/21 Суб 09:35:59 74406
former-presiden[...].jpg 39Кб, 480x555
Do you even eat ass? Anonymous  01/02/20 Суб 17:05:09 64457 Ответ
karvinen.jpg 44Кб, 400x400
Do you even eat ass?
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Anonymous  29/10/20 Чтв 20:11:52 70110
15521430747630.jpg 311Кб, 768x768
> Respond. You fucking piece of shit.
Anonymous  30/10/20 Птн 12:59:04 70123
изображение.png 496Кб, 640x360
Anonymous  30/10/20 Птн 15:46:03 70125
Anonymous  30/10/20 Птн 22:36:26 70141
Anonymous  31/10/20 Суб 00:25:10 70144
cons is you eat shit get throat cancer and e. coli
pros idk
So you do not forget Anonymous  07/02/21 Вск 13:59:07 74488 Ответ
APFERGUSON81408[...].jpg 129Кб, 992x558
Merrica sucks.
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Anonymous  07/02/21 Вск 14:33:34 74495
Our countries need to free themselves from the American occupational forces.
Anonymous  07/02/21 Вск 19:10:47 74504
image.png 29Кб, 807x206
I WILL come there and plant my seed in your women(underage)
Anonymous  07/02/21 Вск 20:09:39 74505
grafik.png 65Кб, 351x143
they will take you with open arms
Anonymous  14/02/21 Вск 04:56:57 74861
>>74488 (OP)
just stay out of ghetto neighborhoods and leftest cities and the US is a pretty nice place to live
Anonymous  14/02/21 Вск 06:39:26 74862
How do I learn russian? Share some good stuff i should consoom Anonymous  14/08/20 Птн 00:01:40 68359 Ответ
1595245849361.gif 1949Кб, 300x169
How do I learn russian?
Share some good stuff i should consoom
Пропущено 1 постов.
Пропущено 1 постов.
Anonymous  15/08/20 Суб 02:03:05 68394
>>68359 (OP)
Rutracker + pop up dictionary. Reg VK for memes and liberashka news, Yandex for search and services, youtube for casual video content, flibusta for books
You don't need to learn grammar at all, just vocab. Though, you can make sentences in anki when there is only one word or grammar point you don't know or quite understand in it. We don't often use "to be" auxiliary and that's it, you are good to go
Anonymous  15/08/20 Суб 10:44:00 68402
Anonymous  15/08/20 Суб 15:35:40 68413
>>68359 (OP)
Try this thread for starters. Talk to people.
What is your current knowledge?
Anonymous  15/08/20 Суб 15:54:46 68415
this board is too slow, better try /fl
once i saw wojak posted there
Anonymous  15/08/20 Суб 15:56:33 68416
Turkish guys please translate Anonymous  15/09/20 Втр 19:45:03 69088 Ответ
Güldür Güldu[...].mp4 34441Кб, 960x540, 00:04:37
General meaning, not the full text. But translate to me as much as possible. Thabks you!!
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Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 21:40:03 69316
KARA BOGA.png 908Кб, 1000x1000
Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 22:07:07 69318
392S0jeQSuA.jpg 69Кб, 500x669
Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 22:19:03 69320
1555773930306.png 1175Кб, 1240x1065
Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 22:34:47 69321
you overdosed on the internet
Anonymous  25/09/20 Птн 22:41:14 69322
1589843115274.gif 710Кб, 360x329
>Opioid crisis >High obesity rate >No universal healthcare >No free Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 12:46:20 69175 Ответ
dd94acf78066ac3[...].jpg 339Кб, 750x698
>Opioid crisis
>High obesity rate
>No universal healthcare
>No free higher education
>Scientists are being imported from China and India
>Public intolerance toward dissidents
>Shitty public transportation
>Hordes of hobos
>Stupid population
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 21:00:28 69185
Rasputinnear1914.jpg 73Кб, 404x468
Anonymous  23/09/20 Срд 22:17:51 69272
>>69175 (OP)
Hi - please tell me first, how much were you paid by Volodin?
Anonymous  24/09/20 Чтв 20:00:52 69288
Завали ебло, я заебался в вашей помойке тухнуть это пиздец какой то.
Anonymous  24/09/20 Чтв 21:30:05 69291
>>69175 (OP)
What is the Star of David on this man's clothes suppose to mean?
Hey, I was curious lately, how much do they pay in NEXTA/LUXTA? Do they provide you with free proxies, or do you spend your own money?
USA need socialism Anonymous  09/01/21 Суб 08:37:48 72892 Ответ
16101533094270s[...].jpg 4Кб, 160x200
USA need socialism
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Anonymous  09/01/21 Суб 22:10:18 72941
talon4ik.jpg 11Кб, 300x248
food coupon.jpg 7Кб, 300x168
Anonymous  09/01/21 Суб 23:46:34 72943
23hnGX82fxs.jpg 146Кб, 801x960
Anonymous  10/01/21 Вск 00:23:36 72945
yeah, there is a picture of her with mask on and it's unironically one of the hottest (big milkers without the face)
Anonymous  10/01/21 Вск 22:52:57 72989
All the countries in the world need it
Anonymous  10/01/21 Вск 23:54:05 72994
disorders.jpg 65Кб, 500x418
You kikes are mentally unwell.
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