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This board focuses on international friendship and cultural exchange.
Not sure if any Ukrainians could help with this one, have been trying to figure this out for a bit: Does &#39;Tcholatch&#39; translate to anything in Ukrainian? Or is there a specific way it&#39;d be spelt in Ukraine? Anonymous  16/03/22 Срд 10:26:48 94820 Ответ
1643002822620.jpg 181Кб, 1024x806
Not sure if any Ukrainians could help with this one, have been trying to figure this out for a bit:

Does 'Tcholatch' translate to anything in Ukrainian? Or is there a specific way it'd be spelt in Ukraine?
Does poland really have przemoze word or nato nie moze ukraina przemoze comes from russian? Anonymous  16/03/22 Срд 03:07:51 94792 Ответ
images (2).jpg 15Кб, 285x177
Does poland really have przemoze word or nato nie moze ukraina przemoze comes from russian?
Anonymous  16/03/22 Срд 03:27:15 94794
and why the fuck rossy writing throw ji and swjat throw ia, are you fucking retarded
next president of Finland, Kari Liimatta Anonymous  15/03/22 Втр 23:44:19 94749 Ответ
pirkka ukko mak[...].jpg 107Кб, 1280x720
next president of Finland, Kari Liimatta
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Anonymous  15/03/22 Втр 23:47:41 94750
pirkka ukko Ismo.mp4 1642Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:11
Anonymous  15/03/22 Втр 23:59:11 94752
A0nezA3CAAEsCkN.jpeg 227Кб, 968x1296
Anonymous  16/03/22 Срд 00:05:45 94754
my name is pirk[...].mp4 7205Кб, 640x360, 00:02:43
one of most famous finnish social media influencer
Anonymous  16/03/22 Срд 00:10:44 94756
Nigger tell me you are joking, i think of you finish highly, niggers, but not dumb niggers. Shit like this is possible only in gayreece
Anonymous  16/03/22 Срд 00:25:51 94758
pirkka ukko sam[...].jpg 170Кб, 1242x939
only enough high iq understand
Интач, доставь вебм Anonymous  15/03/22 Втр 18:25:19 94708 Ответ
ok.png 20Кб, 1024x767
Реквест вебм , где у тян берут интервью в путиностане, а она говорит тип такого: "мне нужно позвонить в консульство, я гражданка США. Я просто в эту ебнутую страну больше не вернусь".
С меня как обычно.
Ну и мб /int/ webp thread?
Anonymous  15/03/22 Втр 23:14:47 94746
16473663388570.mp4 19932Кб, 432x848, 00:02:19
Moi, Suomi. Anonymous  15/03/22 Втр 21:01:31 94719 Ответ
Снежныйэльф.jpg 192Кб, 766x970
Moi, Suomi.

Mitä kuuluu?

Se on minun suosikki bändi.


Pure Evil
Locators of grey bats
pulled out a fence somewhere behind the scenes.
The moon visible minimally to the naked eye.
The facts are the blue spots on placards.

The elephant is setting foot on the slopes of invisible India
and curling like 3-D dreams above not also flat,
but poisonous Magnitogorsk,
wound round with purple smoke.

Pure evil has crawled on an impartial radar,
has sprouted with moonlight over the surface of the Urals.

It's time to figure out on the level of vibrations.
Recidivists, those not caught, move away
from where the earth is smoking
and someone is selling burnt forest at sunset, towards the border.

And the observers, intoxicated with their own powers of observation, speak beautiful phrases to distant, short-sighted relatives under the almond-shaped eyes of Parvati

And the observers, intoxicated with their own powers of observation, speak beautiful phrases to distant, short-sighted relatives under the almond-shaped eyes of Parvati.

Pure evil has crawled on an impartial radar,
has sprouted with moonlight over the surface of the Urals.


We're here, we're here.1
We're plumes of smoke, we are tongues of fire.
We're here, we're here, we're here.

We're nearby, nearby, we heat up your fingers,
And the logs are cracking as we hug them tightly.

A song we're singing in sync with each other.
If you want, we'll burn all the ice stars in heaven.
If you want, we'll burn whatever you request.
We'll burn enemies to get them out of your way.

We'll make ash and cover all the sky that weighs your
Head down, that has got a brilliant brain inside it.
We'll destroy for good the roads that run so vainly
Through your home land, through the fascinating planet.

Soon you'll shine as brightly as we shine together.
All those icy mountains we will turn to ashes.
All those icy mountains, all those icy boulders.
All the useless things that are so faith destroying.

There are no more trees and there are no more lakes.
There is nothing left but only pyre flames.
Anonymous  15/03/22 Втр 23:12:58 94744
Any tver karelians here? I am tver karelian from my mother&#39;s side. Anonymous  15/03/22 Втр 22:57:43 94737 Ответ
Tver Karelia.jpg 4Кб, 1012x624
Any tver karelians here? I am tver karelian from my mother's side.
Anonymous  15/03/22 Втр 22:59:18 94739
karttauusikoko.jpg 102Кб, 549x560
Orwel 1984 15/03/22 Втр 20:01:23 94714 Ответ
1.png 451Кб, 507x677
Imagin living in such a shithole. But 70% is supporting him so it's not so sad after all.
Anonymous  15/03/22 Втр 20:08:16 94716
JQ7iUg8FniKoZwKv.jpg 54Кб, 610x818
nasz głupi rząd nie jest dużo lepszy od putina. tak czy inaczej pomimo naszej politycznej wojny domowej najpierw trzeba skupić się na zniszczeniu wspólnego wroga, czyli rosji, a potem należy dążyć do delegalizacji całej polskiej prawicy, która od 2015 realizuje politykę kremla. to że teraz PiS nagle udaje wroga rosji bo nie spodziewał się ludobójstwa z jej strony nie oznacza, że powinniśmy dać się oszukać na te triki. Wojna na Ukrainie to wygrana w loterii dla rządu PiS, bo cokolwiek by teraz nie zrobili, mają już wygrane wybory w 2023. Wystarczy że będą zachowywać się jak ludzie
15/03/22 Втр 20:11:34 94717
Prawda. Ale to jest teraz ważniejsze. Może przegrają przyszłe wybory i sprawa się rozwiąże. Chcieli z polski zrobić putinistan więc też powinni zasmakować tego co on.
Anonymous  15/03/22 Втр 22:22:58 94727
Thank you USA Anonymous  15/03/22 Втр 19:09:14 94709 Ответ
VDV stinger.JPG 210Кб, 1266x663
Anonymous  15/03/22 Втр 19:54:25 94713
Too bad their army turned out to be a complete joke.

Putler stole billions for the palace and whatnot but was apparently completely clueless about everyone else stealing too so fortunes spent on improving the military were wasted on corruption.

He also started believing on his own propaganda and was genuinely surprised when Ukraine didn't just surrender to a bunch of demotivated conscripts using equipment from the 70s, now suffering from hunger because the operation was completely unplanned.
Anonymous  15/03/22 Втр 21:10:28 94721
>Too bad their army turned out to be a complete joke.
How is that a joke ? 200 000 russians vs 40 million(minum20 million ukranian "men") and russians still kick their asses. Also do not forgett all this 30 million are sponsored by at least 17 nations with money and equipment and instructors, also they had 8 years to prepare.

remember gulf war ? they had like 670 000 soldiers supplied by 28 countries vs 40 million iraqies. only difference is NATO bombed the shit out of those sandpeople. russians are very carefull.
Don&#39;t worry, ruskies. You will be liberated very soon. Anonymous  # OP 08/03/22 Втр 21:48:56 93969 Ответ
Liberation.mp4 2095Кб, 424x424, 00:00:57
Don't worry, ruskies. You will be liberated very soon.
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Anonymous  11/03/22 Птн 00:45:10 94272
eu.jpg 31Кб, 550x550
Anonymous  14/03/22 Пнд 14:17:07 94563
main-qimg-82a51[...].jpg 299Кб, 1889x1271
>>93969 (OP)
This is what Westerns are living for. Time to start new world war and clean this world. Third world countries like Russia are starting throw their shit around if not properly controlled by West.
Anonymous  14/03/22 Пнд 14:41:48 94564
Nah, west must die. First nazi germany and their cousins for sucking american dick and then usa.

How do you feel being a cocksucker for americans? Usa told you to sanction russia and now you pay more mobey for electricity and oil lol
Anonymous  14/03/22 Пнд 15:20:59 94570
16471872881490.jpg 91Кб, 590x801
16472549850952.jpg 135Кб, 1280x1054
16469363747210.png 118Кб, 200x223
Anonymous  14/03/22 Пнд 15:25:49 94571
decommunization[...].mp4 4246Кб, 640x604, 00:00:32
chuhonets, you next target for decommunization
I send email to the Russian Orthodox Church. Soon I will be the ruler of Russia. Anonymous  12/03/22 Суб 14:26:08 94406 Ответ
743047large.jpg 179Кб, 415x480
I send email to the Russian Orthodox Church. Soon I will be the ruler of Russia.
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Anonymous  12/03/22 Суб 22:13:36 94439
Anonymous  13/03/22 Вск 04:00:34 94476
They removed Putin and Stalin pictures from there.
Anonymous  13/03/22 Вск 05:09:49 94483
Did you assume this because of its size? It's a new cathedral called the Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces.
Anonymous  13/03/22 Вск 05:56:17 94485
I assume this, because of Russian government's satanic approach.
Kemerovo, Beslan, Nord-Ost siege, flood in Krymsk is just small part of their satanic actions.

And this cathedral is strange, it's not orthodox cathedral at all, it looks like some kind of protestant temple, looks like Jugendstil style cathedral. I believe there's some place in it, where politicians ritually rape and execute people like satanic politicians do in America.
Anonymous  13/03/22 Вск 13:00:41 94498
It have symbols of the Roman Catholic Church.
Selling gold to finance war. 12/03/22 Суб 15:31:10 94413 Ответ
unknown.png 9Кб, 518x100
And that's your gold disappear people of Russia.
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Anonymous  12/03/22 Суб 19:24:10 94422
>>94413 (OP)
why you happy ? russia would rape you, chinese will eat you alive.
12/03/22 Суб 19:50:30 94423
>>94413 (OP)
Chinese are eating you right now. Your army can't defeat Ukraine. And you think anyone is scared of you Putin? Old communist grandpa? Look out of your communist bubble propaganda and you see real world.
Anonymous  12/03/22 Суб 21:12:50 94432
>>94413 (OP)
China trades with Russia, the West robbed it! Am I supposed to hate you personally now? Fuck off, you won't sell hatred towards Chinese here.
I believe we won't see it, it will be given to (whatever is left of) Ukraine on behalf of Russia.
Anonymous  12/03/22 Суб 21:40:38 94436
money is fake papershit, invented by the brits to steal african dimanotos, gold, oil and peopl
theme name  12/03/22 Суб 23:49:00 94444
Может быть кто нибудь из Варшавы хотел бы выбраться вместе в ирл? Anonymous  22/06/21 Втр 10:02:43 83943 Ответ
warszawawiezowc[...].jpg 313Кб, 800x425
Может быть кто нибудь из Варшавы хотел бы выбраться вместе в ирл?
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Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 07:11:22 84047
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 07:19:47 84048
У тебя пост отклеился.
Anonymous  23/06/21 Срд 09:26:42 84055
Да. Ты тоже? Давай выбираться вместе.
Anonymous  30/06/21 Срд 02:14:39 84628
video.mp4 209Кб, 424x270, 00:00:03
нет уж сидите сука на месте ганс, тащи огнемет
Anonymous  12/03/22 Суб 22:46:55 94442
I&#39;ve read somewhere online that the Russian Internet will become an Intranet, Anonymous  10/03/22 Чтв 15:16:12 94226 Ответ
$RO4PR2U.jpg 76Кб, 748x748
I've read somewhere online that the Russian Internet will become an Intranet, as in no one from outside the Federation will be allowed to view Russian websites and in turn Russians won't be allowed to see foreign websites.
How true is this and can it be circumvented?
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Anonymous  11/03/22 Птн 12:54:49 94335
shizo.jpg 118Кб, 820x756
Anonymous  11/03/22 Птн 13:05:19 94336
>>94226 (OP)

So long Russian brothers!

Please fuck Putin as quickly as possible and then come back!
Anonymous  11/03/22 Птн 14:00:47 94341
>>94226 (OP)
We've seen why Russian websites shouldn't rely on foreign services and point to scripts on foreign web servers. This is what "sovereign web" is about -- to ensure there is no easy way to break or overtake important websites. The plans to whitelist the Internet were refuted, and I hope the refutations are true. As of today, I see more foreign websites that geo-block me than those that are blocked by the Russian government, so it feels like the other way around.
Anonymous  11/03/22 Птн 15:05:46 94345
>>94226 (OP)
This is unlikely to happen any time soon. At least - not because of Russian regulations, but still due to Putin's shenanigans: some Internet backbone operators from outside the country are already stopping to serve data to Russian operators. And if majority of them will do the same - we still will be able to route data through Chinese trunk. Sure, our connection to the EU and US will be way slower, but it will still remain active. I don't believe in intranet, our services rely heavily on the foreign infrastructure, such move will lead to a disaster.
Anonymous  12/03/22 Суб 21:33:14 94433
&gt;2022 &gt;imagine not being Bnei Noah https:&#47;&#47;en.m.wikipedia.org&#47;wiki&#47;Noahidism https:&#47;&#47;en.m.wikipedia.org&#47;wiki&#47;Seven_Laws_of_Noah Anonymous  11/03/22 Птн 14:34:23 94343 Ответ
Screenshot20220[...].jpg 24Кб, 548x229
Anonymous  11/03/22 Птн 15:06:29 94346
gog y magog.jpg 104Кб, 669x419
Anonymous  12/03/22 Суб 03:08:47 94392
Wow, are u serious noahide?
I am happy to see my sovlmates, there're no many true monoteistic people in the world yet.
Blessed Lord, our God, He's one and His name is one, He is infinitely merciful to His creatures!
Anonymous  12/03/22 Суб 21:12:04 94431
>there're no many true monoteistic people in the world yet.
Everyone is noachide when born. only jews got more laws to keep.

people like to make up fake religions like christianinty, islamiti, buddisn, hindoism
Here is the real Russia. Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 17:48:54 93313 Ответ
IMG202203041642[...].jpg 2831Кб, 3456x4608
Here is the real Russia.
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Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 19:33:21 93333
kievanrus.jpg 64Кб, 343x299
Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 22:26:11 93351
rurik.jpg 179Кб, 415x480
Anonymous  08/03/22 Втр 23:29:49 93990
>>93313 (OP)
Make a referendum and join. Hungary must also be annexed so that all Finno-Ugric peoples live together.
Anonymous  09/03/22 Срд 00:11:25 93997
image2022-03-08[...].png 210Кб, 653x667
Not when there isn't great leader.
This would be nice for now.
Anonymous  12/03/22 Суб 20:27:25 94427
This map is wrong >>93333 because Połack was never dependant on Kyiv. So OP's map looks correct.
Apologize for invading the Ottoman Empire, Russian cracker. Anonymous  09/06/21 Срд 16:35:23 82981 Ответ
Ottoman Empire.jpg 146Кб, 1280x766
Apologize for invading the Ottoman Empire, Russian cracker.
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Anonymous  17/10/21 Вск 17:13:20 88663
c48c49434782186[...].jpg 11Кб, 223x226
Anonymous  28/10/21 Чтв 14:54:53 88918
дольфинчик.jpg 77Кб, 904x735
>>82981 (OP)
>criticaly failed to one mithyc vampire on lands we dont even care
>think really can troll or handle land of chaos daemons
Anonymous  28/10/21 Чтв 15:56:39 88922
Anonymous  02/11/21 Втр 01:13:37 88998
Anonymous  12/03/22 Суб 20:21:35 94426
OC muttoman emp[...].jpg 585Кб, 1000x1110
Belarusian resistance has started, more war crimes and victims to come, https://21.by/index.html ArmandsPuce  10/03/22 Чтв 12:48:42 94181 Ответ
16275804461910.jpg 97Кб, 800x478
ArmandsPuce  10/03/22 Чтв 12:57:41 94183
VATESĒNS.png 898Кб, 1151x638
sosy hyj
ArmandsPuce  10/03/22 Чтв 12:58:57 94184
ribka.jpg 106Кб, 750x1334
Anonymous  12/03/22 Суб 20:12:33 94425
IMG2194.MP4 9076Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:33
Based thread Anonymous  10/03/22 Чтв 22:11:50 94259 Ответ
14660193969530s.jpg 6Кб, 210x220
Hello my polish friends (I see u also serfing here). And yes I am a foreigner living in Poland.
I'm a bit acknowledged of your history, but still don't understand few things (And that's why I am opening this thread. ) :
What's the difference between crime committed by Nazi regime of Germans and Russians? If there is no, why then you hate only Russians and totally forgot about the crimes committed by Nazis ?
If it's about the number of victims, could you give at least an approximate number (or percentage), of how the difference is big?
What's the difference between the victims of crimes made by EU & US and Russia ? Well I mean, except the fact that Ukraines are your neighbors (or maybe even brothers).
Why do you personally hate Putin? Is it just an compassion with Ukraine people, or you have your own reasons? (Well let's imagine that Putin would never invade Poland. Would you still hate him?)
Do you feel that there is any propaganda in your country or in EU? Yes or not?
What makes you believe that is just Putin alone making all of this shit?
How you suppose Russians to take over of the current regime? Are you knowledged of current regulations ?
Let's imagine russians replaced Putin by let's say.. Navalny. Now what?Are you expecting that this would make from aggressive Russia (let's say) 2nd Japan? (How this will help you?)
Or is it only about leaving Ukraine in peace?
The last but not least - (This question is for all European citizens) After the sanctions imposed by EU and USA ,... Well after you make them suffer in poverty, do you understand that it will cause inflow of Russian immigrants ( and not only russians, but also the Cis citizens(Tajiks,Uzbeks, moldovians and etc. ) to your countries ? Are you ready to take them?
What about the cost of sanctions you re imposing on Russia? Are you ready to cover them, since the Russia is one of the biggest markets?
(Well Iam not implying anything, I don't support Putin, I am grateful for Poland and EU. Iam just trying to be objective, and understand better what's going on . You can answer on as many questions as you want, but please try to give rational answers not emotional.)
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Anonymous  11/03/22 Птн 04:41:39 94291
> Russians never admits to their crimes
Do you know who 'the heroes' in 'Glory to Ukraine, Glory to the heroes' are? It's your people's history. I assume you are well versed? And so many people write 'Slava Ukraini' nowadays without knowing, it must be infuriating for you...
Anonymous  11/03/22 Птн 11:53:25 94322
butthurtlol.JPG 18Кб, 529x340
Poles which collaborated with the enemy got sent to gulag. its normal, but not all, some escaped. Some wer left alive for amusement.
Anonymous  11/03/22 Птн 19:02:49 94360
Well, Zbigniew Karpus told that discussing the barbarian executions of Red Army soldiers in 1919-20 would be the "warming up an old stake"

Why Katyn shouldn't be another stake?

And BTW no person disagrees with you, Katyn is officially treated as a war crime in Russia, even by Putin.

Also in 1920-40ss millions inside USSR and outside it were punished - smtms even without any convictions so why you blame modern Russia and Russians? We suffered from bolschevizm as well. Most people don't give a duck abt the propaganda, and Stalin-fags are mostly stupid guys or ancient grannies (especially from cities, country olds remember the great starvings in 30-40ss but citizens were able to eat the bread taken from villagers violently)

My great-grandfather was wounded in Poland in the end of 1944 and was saved by Polish partisans who brought him to his positions so don't mess everything into one big heap please, there were always different people and situations.
11/03/22 Птн 19:12:12 94361
WeirdFacesAGuyC[...].jpg 59Кб, 640x480
>>94259 (OP)

Dunno who this nigger bratan from tsimkent in the photo is but if he is meme post more photos
Anonymous  12/03/22 Суб 00:48:05 94385
2cbkto-PXa3T-25[...].jpg 20Кб, 256x256
Bomber Harris was really a misunderstood genius. He knew how to keep you in line.
&quot;This is a war against homosexuality and unholyness. This war decides to which Anonymous  08/03/22 Втр 12:43:48 93867 Ответ
17ed5489568d440[...].jpg 239Кб, 1920x1279
"This is a war against homosexuality and unholyness. This war decides to which side of god humanity will step. To the corrupted and unholy or rightful and holy."
-Patriarch Kirill of Moscow

Oh shit. What Ukraine can do now that God is against them? I just dont really understand how that homosexuality fits in that nazi-fable that russian media has been trumpeting. Well maybe I'm little stupid or something. But hey logic is way too overrated anyway.
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Anonymous  08/03/22 Втр 17:03:58 93900
Anonymous  08/03/22 Втр 17:13:47 93901
33eda0151683041[...].jpg 1060Кб, 1000x1414
Unholy gay terror nazis..

Watch out Russia. They are coming for your boypussy
Anonymous  11/03/22 Птн 17:29:43 94355
>>93867 (OP)
The Nazis burnt books by faggots and trannies. Faggots were sent to camps like kikes were, for largely the same reason. Faggotry is a globalist op intended to get whites to decrease their birth rates and humiliate them.
Anonymous  11/03/22 Птн 19:01:10 94357
image.png 438Кб, 623x523
Anonymous  11/03/22 Птн 22:05:26 94374
>>93867 (OP)
> I just dont really understand how that homosexuality fits in that nazi-fable
It doesn't. Some people better don't open their mouths not to spurt something like this... I wish Russia was an example. For example, introducing civil unions is super easy. But people of religion think LGBT is a mistake to be corrected, and gays are to marry the opposite sex despite being attracted to the same sex; they think these people need to overcome the temptation of the devil and live as God intended.
Why? Зачем? https:&#47;&#47;regnum.ru&#47;news&#47;it&#47;3530243.html https:&#47;&#47;www.reuters.com&#47;world&#47;europe&#47;soviet-era-drone-believed-ukraine-crashes-croatia-zagreb-says-2022-03-11&#47; Anonymous  11/03/22 Птн 17:35:27 94356 Ответ
421.gif 1384Кб, 493x498
11/03/22 Птн 19:14:29 94362
4HK2FSTDRQLH7NY[...].gif 10Кб, 100x100
>>94356 (OP)

Obvious these idiots dont know who the russians are. They saw croatia saw red they attack.

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