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Russia girls very cute^__^ Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 07:50:20 40667 Ответ
207766671021379[...].jpg (390Кб, 2048x1536)
Russia girls very cute^__^
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Anonymous  17/12/18 Пнд 17:13:25 40980
бесишься что не твои
Anonymous  16/02/19 Суб 16:24:13 52292
Anonymous  16/02/19 Суб 17:29:48 52293
с чем согласен, ебаный якбарь? >>40980
Anonymous  16/02/19 Суб 21:47:36 52297
Anonymous  17/02/19 Вск 05:03:34 52299
der.Führer.komm[...].png (787Кб, 790x444)

kohlchan needs a russian mod. apply NOW
Elections Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 17:31:46 40563 Ответ
1FDE2FCE-F13A-4[...].jpg (107Кб, 1071x1062)
Do you believe in people's elections ( plebiscite) of anyone : Parliament,Senate, Supreme court ,President ? After all, it is impossible in any way to check the percentage and the democratic procedure itself in principle. Russia is often scolded in falsification of election results ,not in real ,inflated percentages of voting for Putin. Why do you believe your government? Than it deserves trust? If you still believe your choice of law and its implementation, then put + in the comments.
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Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 21:46:43 40568
>Russia is a country of the Spartan type, and the USA is a country of the Athenian type of democracy.
lol their is no democracy in those countries. its all a show.
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 22:02:39 40569
Let it all show, but show showing democracy. Of course, lobbyists are everywhere, their interests and conglomerates are everywhere . But among each other they observe politeness and semblance of democracy. We should not forget that there is a written right,and there is an unwritten one . And now, according to unwritten rules, they are quite democratic with each other. It is we, the plebeians for them and our rights with their rights diminished.
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 22:07:23 40570
I do not know how in Germany, but in Russia the vote is semi-secret. To get the bill, you need to come with a passport and your data is rewritten . And then you vote out the right candidate. I think that it is important for politicians to statistics and to know in what region how active politically people are.
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 11:00:05 40583
I do not know i know nothing, i semi-know some nobles and thats it! Semi-poor russian secrets, so, in my opinion, as we russian people like to say, to kill the Bill you need to come, so you come thats right to difficult, lol, i mean hard, yeah oh me old dumbass please send money. So, im sorry to temporal disillusions of my alterations, so your data is rewritten, got it? You come and data write! Thats it! And then you — its You — vote, me write. Vote out the right candibate, yeah cool! That simple!
AAAAND its time for the oficeal spich:
I think that it is very importand for politicans to statisctics and know that in what religion that is we know in how is active peoples. Understood? I have very guud langvage
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 11:08:28 40584
Let it led, it to eat, you tiny letlet! Show showing some show, thats quite a show id say, ho-ho! Everywhere is a show of course, and they are everywhere, everyone is everywhere! Every time, every, so their interests are persisting me, cannot sleep, its all a show, i need to eat some letlets. But there is one point, there is always but, you cannot live without but, its our oxygen. But and vodka. But among each other they observe, staying silent and macabre. Thats it, got it, Germie? Ho-ho! Do not forget though to write something before you were righted just inside, o the great UNWRITTEN ONE. Ho-ho! So there are some secret rules the world obey, they are very polite never say a bad word always please and thank you please give me cup of tea, mister, very demoncratic — now you see! The veil is gone! Such a terrible world, ho-ho! Please forgive me im diminished plebian im so sorry please give money
in this thread we collect proof that russians are insane Anonymous  28/02/19 Чтв 02:07:17 53301 Ответ
15512995249030.mp4 (5969Кб, 640x360, 00:01:19)
in this thread we collect proof that russians are insane
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Anonymous  01/03/19 Птн 22:31:12 53346
141838493712713[...].jpg (70Кб, 551x475)
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 13:39:56 53373
You are becoming VERY mentally ill, tankie.
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 14:05:20 53374
>>53301 (OP)
Ебаная тварь, надеюсь ее найдут и сожгут живьем нахуй.
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 19:45:51 53381
Oh.. fuck...and with what people do I live in the same country?!
Anonymous  03/03/19 Вск 15:04:34 53434
There are awful people all around the world.
Got permanently banned from 4can. Anonymous  28/12/18 Птн 19:20:20 41531 Ответ
IMG201812262149[...].JPG (116Кб, 540x636)
IMG201812262150[...].JPG (251Кб, 540x871)
IMG201812262146[...].JPG (80Кб, 540x677)
Screenshot2018-[...].png (111Кб, 540x960)
Got permanently banned from 4can.
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Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 20:30:12 46017
I'm so sorry, dude, may I hug you?
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 07:06:15 50055
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 09:20:10 50056
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 09:46:51 50057
Untitled.jpg (72Кб, 1280x739)
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 12:30:02 50058
Post children porn via VPN to take revenge.
Is life in Russia for a male actually like this? Anonymous  20/02/19 Срд 16:17:24 52470 Ответ
k.jpg (194Кб, 984x1066)
Is life in Russia for a male actually like this?
Anonymous  20/02/19 Срд 16:20:13 52471
im homosexual
Anonymous  20/02/19 Срд 17:58:48 52475
also : text on the t-shirt - without pussies
Anonymous  20/02/19 Срд 20:18:36 52483
Anonymous  21/02/19 Чтв 00:45:44 52513
Anonymous  21/02/19 Чтв 00:54:23 52517
>>52470 (OP)
yes, it is like with muslims but more extreme, constant fucking with women, russian women need lots of sperm 3 times a day a must when married. we have more women because we fight all the time with people and men die. we just need to recover lil bit and attack someone realy hard. also russians hate gays, their are no gay russian male. only immigrant or kryptos who pose as russians.
Германия хочет собирать налог с мечетей Anonymous  26/12/18 Срд 20:35:24 41428 Ответ
15447819060080.jpg (9Кб, 253x260)
Правые партии пришедшие в немецкоговорящих странах начали потихоньку щемилово мусульман.
Странно,что раньше не взимали этот налог...
Видимо , думали,что это как-то может обидеть муслимов,как-то оскорбить :"Как так, кафиры требуют с меня налог,когда это я должен с кафиров его иметь"!?

Будем зоонаблюдать.
Anonymous  06/01/19 Вск 15:16:00 42555
>>41428 (OP)
Пока россиянин «зоонаблюдает», его Россиюшка потихоньку становится чурекско-азиатской мусульманской страной.
Давай, братан, удачи, наблюдай дальше
Anonymous  06/01/19 Вск 16:56:50 42557
Нужно либо облагать налоги все крупные религиозные конфессии (включая католиков и особенно их) либо ни облагать никакие.
Anonymous  06/01/19 Вск 16:58:48 42558
Anonymous  26/01/19 Суб 16:09:08 49453
Anonymous  26/01/19 Суб 16:33:41 49454
>>41428 (OP)
щемят потому что если мечети не спонсируют из налогов, то их спонсирует Эрдоган и другие темные элементы.
kazakstan better then germany Anonymous  05/01/19 Суб 21:46:48 42009 Ответ
kz.png (20Кб, 580x290)
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Пропущено 2 постов.
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 20:33:46 46021
did u know that the kazakhstanis in borat were real flipping angery at the movie
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 23:26:24 46044
Қалайсыздар, балдар? Шүкір алла жүрсіз бе? Аман болайық
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 23:28:45 46045
hehe jakzhsemach, wawawewa very nice
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 23:32:00 46046
Мен зиратымды жақсы көремін
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 23:33:14 46047
g-glorious nippon Anonymous  31/12/18 Пнд 03:32:10 41665 Ответ
image.png (2485Кб, 700x2863)
g-glorious nippon
Anonymous  31/12/18 Пнд 04:20:06 41667
Anonymous  31/12/18 Пнд 06:58:11 41670
how do you even roid in russia Anonymous  08/02/19 Птн 07:38:36 50220 Ответ
Nauplius 3(jpg).jpg (235Кб, 1040x956)
how do you even roid in russia
Anonymous  08/02/19 Птн 10:45:23 50222
i watched 5 episodes of Altered Carbon and they were pretty alright, cool scfi outdors, hot girles ( Ortega and rich guy wife esp ), main character also okay, some action could have been done more creativly it is still watcheble tho
Anonymous  09/02/19 Суб 04:09:04 50252
epic but how do i even roid in russia? arent anabolic steroids scheduled substances in rf?
Anonymous  19/02/19 Втр 23:59:34 52450
Need a source for this music Anonymous  28/01/19 Пнд 04:25:33 49915 Ответ
russki.webm (3073Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:39)
Even though i know it's Vlad. You guys probably know the song.
Anonymous  28/01/19 Пнд 05:03:31 49916
where did you find this video of a street i live in
Anonymous  28/01/19 Пнд 18:32:01 49927
28/01/19 Пнд 19:36:25 49928
i want to see driving videos like this with hardcore electronig music, but then the music stops and they crash

that would be a good meme
>>>GO OUTSIDE YOU DISGUSTING NEET HIKIKOMORI ok >goes outside >now 30/01/19 Срд 19:20:47 49975 Ответ
image.png (247Кб, 400x300)


>goes outside
>now on streets
>>wow this is a great street
>goes outside city
>it's all flat land with fields and occasional forests
>>wow this is such diverse and interesting nature
>sit on bench for 20 minutes
>>man im glad i got the best view in the region, straight onto this corn field infront of me
>set up tent for camping
>police comes
>>sir u cant camp in this country its illegal
>>oh sorry sir i was just so mesmerized by the beauty of outside
>>thats understandable sir these corn fields sure are ripe
>get sent to prison
>>well technically this is outside
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Пропущено 8 постов.
31/01/19 Чтв 12:14:58 49986
peaks out is the degenerate gone yet monkaS
Anonymous  31/01/19 Чтв 18:19:35 49992
if being a degenerate means i'm not autistic then i choose to be a degenerate
31/01/19 Чтв 19:53:39 49993
Anonymous  31/01/19 Чтв 20:47:47 49994
"degenerate" is a fairly meaningless word. just because it causes meltdowns to little autie doesn't mean that there are any "degenerative" aspects to it. it causes harm to little autie, think loud music in the club, but it's not detrimental to humanity as a whole.
Anonymous  31/01/19 Чтв 21:53:10 49996
>>49975 (OP)
you are correct, everything is an illusion. outside inside and virtual.

we live in a simulation.

Mama Francia Yellow Vest  05/12/18 Срд 21:36:24 40456 Ответ
francia1.jpg (68Кб, 760x570)
Anonymous  06/12/18 Чтв 00:07:40 40459
oldalienprobes[[...].jpg (114Кб, 600x315)
El Paso, Texas | A man who was arrested by the FBI Yesterday has confessed to kidnapping and sexually assaulting several dozen people while using costumes, drugs, and special effects to have his victims believe they had been abducted by aliens.
73-year old Arnold White was arrested after a joint investigation led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the El Paso Sheriff’s Office and the El Paso Police Department.

Originally interrogated about 4 crimes committed in the region in the 1990s, the retired trucker confessed a total of 79 kidnappings across California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas over a period of 40 years.

Mr. White confessed to using a mix of hallucinatory drugs containing LSD and PCP to subdue his victims, before approaching them and carrying them inside his truck to assault them.

In order to confuse his victims even more, he had set up the inside of his truck to look like an operating room and would wear an alien costume.

FBI spokesman Darrell Johnson described the abuse that the accused afflicted to his victim as extremely disturbing.

“He would insert fingers and objects in their various body cavities. He had even created his own sex toys designed to look like alien tools and medical instruments.”
According to Mr. Johnson, most of the victims were loners and marginals, a fact that helped Mr. White evade arrest for so long.

“He chose victims who were gullible and might fall for his traps. Several of his victims were actually ufo investigators he found hanging out around Area 51 or Roswell.”

FBI spokesman Darrell Johnson described the accused’s stratagem as extremely elaborate and described him as “a dangerous predator”.

Arnold White now faces a total of 347 criminal charges, including several charges of kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault by use of drugs, oral copulation by anesthesia or controlled substance, assault with intent to commit a sexual offense, and possession of a controlled substance

He could face a term of more than 382 years to life in prison if found guilty of all counts.

The 73-year old was denied bail this morning and will remain in detention until the beginning of his trial in January.
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Anonymous  13/12/18 Чтв 14:16:03 40759
Anonymous  14/12/18 Птн 00:20:53 40801
This man gave ufologists something to believe in. Isn’t it worth anything in today’s soulless world?
Anonymous  14/12/18 Птн 00:32:45 40802
Anonymous  14/12/18 Птн 00:42:04 40803
Anonymous  14/12/18 Птн 08:52:24 40811
img.jpg (51Кб, 300x558)
>mostly loners and migrants, this helped him evade capture for so long
I solved the riddle of Mona Lisa. Da Vinci portrayed what people will look like in the future. Anonymous  04/01/19 Птн 14:51:55 41925 Ответ
250px-MonaLisa,[...].jpg (26Кб, 250x373)
16.12(8).jpg (24Кб, 543x340)
238461.p.jpg (57Кб, 700x458)
pushagit15.jpg (11Кб, 250x204)
I solved the riddle of Mona Lisa. Da Vinci portrayed what people will look like in the future.
Anonymous  26/02/19 Втр 00:17:33 52713
Screenshot2019-[...].jpg (652Кб, 1736x832)
Anonymous  26/02/19 Втр 01:30:05 52716
tankie u finally back to ur nkles home in novy urengoi?)) good to hear from you
why do finnish people watch so much videos about finland? Anonymous  21/02/19 Чтв 19:27:09 52571 Ответ
уууу сука blyat.jpg (219Кб, 495x500)
why do finnish people watch so much videos about finland?
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Anonymous  24/02/19 Вск 13:11:16 52660
Anonymous  25/02/19 Пнд 00:32:04 52693
Why settle for anything other than the most major of dicks?
Anonymous  25/02/19 Пнд 08:43:48 52699
Anonymous  28/02/19 Чтв 11:57:47 53307
201601291001007[...].jpg (71Кб, 604x604)
>>52571 (OP)

why finnish chics dont answer me on badoo?ma you ask them?
Anonymous  28/02/19 Чтв 18:53:56 53309
12oz-Mouse-Fitz.png (66Кб, 364x300)
whos more epic hordan beterson or slovak zizek Anonymous  20/02/19 Срд 22:37:32 52486 Ответ
image.png (1029Кб, 1180x823)
whos more epic hordan beterson or slovak zizek
Anonymous  21/02/19 Чтв 00:45:24 52512
how can he look so hungover
Anonymous  28/02/19 Чтв 19:41:24 53313
Probably cocaine withdrawal.
02/03/19 Суб 13:19:04 53370
>tfw no car I dont even have driving licence. Anonymous  31/12/18 Пнд 21:56:19 41689 Ответ
wojak.jpg (53Кб, 1600x900)
>tfw no car

I dont even have driving licence.
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Anonymous  26/01/19 Суб 03:53:53 49441
Соси хуй, тебе тут тоже не рады.
Anonymous  26/01/19 Суб 06:54:48 49443
I drive every day.
Anonymous  26/01/19 Суб 10:33:12 49444
IKnowThatFeel.jpg (7Кб, 234x215)
>>41689 (OP)
dam same here

tfw 46
tfw no gf
no car
no licence
tfw my drive with feels on has just died
Anonymous  26/01/19 Суб 22:00:40 49466
26/01/19 Суб 22:04:35 49467
wait at least ur not a britbong
funland, please, explain Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 22:25:50 40704 Ответ
15445562122620[[...].jpg (327Кб, 960x1231)
funland, please, explain
Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 22:31:43 40705
Do you use coffee bean drink more than cocaine in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation wtf
Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 22:32:25 40706
do you are ebnytie?
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 03:49:04 46126
Good question

At least during Winters the darkness can make you
down and tired
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 03:50:20 46127
I know this is mostly a meme board, but might as well ask. Took some russian before Anonymous  21/02/19 Чтв 08:30:24 52535 Ответ
hes fast.jpg (254Кб, 1092x1944)
I know this is mostly a meme board, but might as well ask.

Took some russian before dropping out of univeristy in the US, finishing a math degree. I love math but I'm not even good at it by US standards, and my understanding is that would basically be nothing in Russia. That's alright, for me it's a love.

I just wouldn't mind fucking off from my stupid life here, it's already going so badly, I just have nothing here. Would it be completely doomed to move to somewhere in Russia and just live out my stupid lonely life? I have looked at some youtubes and browsed here a bit, and I have the feeling actually it would be possible to make some shitty life as an expat there.
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Пропущено 12 постов, 4 с картинками.
Anonymous  22/02/19 Птн 13:46:18 52605
I do not give a fuck, even if it is not populism.
Anonymous  22/02/19 Птн 13:46:38 52606
Anonymous  25/02/19 Пнд 00:18:29 52687
>>52535 (OP)
U shouldn't ask us were not expats. But u could make good money as a native speaker at some English school. Most native speakers there can't tell possessive case from present perfect but still they do greatly. And young student grrls will jump your dick like salmon in heat, so sure do come. Choose a large city tho, in smaller towns you'll be treated like a curiosity and not much else and ppl have little money there.
Anonymous  25/02/19 Пнд 00:19:47 52688
Niggers? In Russia? Only in large cities and then they are mostly university students and very few of them, dont scare the man.
Anonymous  25/02/19 Пнд 00:24:07 52689
image.jpeg (56Кб, 400x300)
The chief gay slayer is behind bars now, all fag butts of Russia breathed a collective fart of relief when he got busted.
жизненный бугурт Anonymous  30/11/18 Птн 15:32:27 40265 Ответ
image.png (131Кб, 736x736)
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Пропущено 4 постов, 2 с картинками.
Anonymous  01/12/18 Суб 01:42:16 40290
op ure fucking genious
Anonymous  01/12/18 Суб 12:17:49 40300
image.png (333Кб, 573x585)
Anonymous  01/12/18 Суб 20:14:17 40311
Anonymous  03/12/18 Пнд 20:07:56 40392
Anonymous  04/12/18 Втр 09:24:11 40406
1543904649204.png (149Кб, 999x999)
аовылвд; 1оддлтакн;
Do anyone know the source of this version? I'm in love with this Anonymous  19/02/19 Втр 20:22:18 52425 Ответ
nas nie dogonia[...].webm (5563Кб, 668x500, 00:01:13)
Do anyone know the source of this version? I'm in love with this
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1 с картинками.
Пропущено 5 постов, 1 с картинками.
Anonymous  19/02/19 Втр 23:22:41 52439
Anonymous  19/02/19 Втр 23:23:24 52440
found it, give me 10 euro
Anonymous  19/02/19 Втр 23:24:17 52441
Anonymous  19/02/19 Втр 23:28:50 52443
Anonymous  19/02/19 Втр 23:31:55 52445
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