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Kursk 07/03/22 Пнд 16:52:09 93741 Ответ
Oscarclasssubma[...].JPG 12Кб, 159x239
Russians friends I have a question not about war but i am interesting how russians see that event. In 2000 K-141 Kursk have accident and the 118 crew have problem to get to the surface. UK, Norway and some other country offer help, they were near this event and equipped with modern rescue submarines. The crew has chance to survive. The russian side block their help and all crew die. How they show this event in russia?
Anonymous  07/03/22 Пнд 17:06:12 93744
60метров.png 174Кб, 700x394
>>93741 (OP)
americans shot down the submarine, putin wanted to prevent ww3

if he would let the crew survive they would says they got killed by US submarine. retaliation->ww3->nuclear holocaust

putin is orthodox christian and wants to prevent ww3, the us satanist want to kill all humans so that christ/messiah wont be born and satan will not be killed for ever. after messiah comes satan will cease to exists.
Do most russians dislike America? Anonymous  01/03/22 Втр 18:55:24 92700 Ответ
bronyazaychikan[...].jpg 438Кб, 1240x1754
Do most russians dislike America?
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Anonymous  07/03/22 Пнд 06:05:06 93678
My condolences, thankfully now you won't have to deal with that anymore.
Anonymous  07/03/22 Пнд 09:30:15 93698
>>92700 (OP)
It was ok before this operation, but now idk, mb all americans are retarded? Why are you make more sanctions while we fighting against nazi scum? And support nazi with ammo and NLAW. Not very kind, guys.
Hostages- check.
Prolonging Ukraine agony and making civilians fight with AK-47 against tanks isnt a crime?
You dont give a fuck about Donbass, ppl died there, but now your
defending that regime...
Anonymous  07/03/22 Пнд 09:35:46 93700
Nazis are very integrated in army in Ukraine

On June 10, 2015, the House of Representatives of the US Congress supported an amendment by House members John Conyers and Ted Yoho prohibiting the use of US Department of Defense funds to "provide weapons, training or other support to the Azov battalion""[194][195][196][190]. Explaining his amendment, Conyers, with reference to Foreign Policy, The New York Times, The Guardian and The Associated Press, described Azov as a neo-Nazi, fascist, racist and anti-Semitic unit and noted that after the end of hostilities, such organizations will pose a significant threat to the Ukrainian government and people.[197][198][199] In 2015, under pressure from the Pentagon, the US Congress did not introduce such a ban [nb 3], however, when adopting the next budget in 2017, such a ban was introduced[201][202]. In turn, on June 12, 2015, representatives of the Azov regiment on their Facebook page stated that they were "extremely surprised and outraged by such statements. Our regiment has always stood on the positions of patriotism and has never appealed to any other world ideological trends"[203].

In October 2019, several dozen members of the US Congress, led by Max Rose, appealed to the State Department with a proposal to put the Azov Regiment on the List of Foreign Terrorist Organizations of the US Department of State..[204][205][206] In the appeal, the regiment is described as an ultranationalist organization.

According to the UN
It follows from the 11th report of the Office of the UN High Commissioner (item 122) that as of June 25, 2015, 110 criminal cases were opened against the crimes of the Aidar battalion (including kidnappings and ill-treatment)[99].

The UN report "Sexual Violence related to the conflict in Ukraine" documented illustrative cases of arbitrariness and sexual violence by soldiers of the Aidar battalion[100][101]. One of the situations took place in March 2016. At one of the checkpoints controlled by Aidar, a car with three women was stopped, which they refused to let through on the pretext that the husband of one of the women was wanted by the SBU. Her passport and mobile phone were taken away from her, after that the commander got into her car and, putting his hand on her knee, offered to settle the matter. Having been refused, he called armed fighters in camouflage without insignia, who took the women to the nearest police station. The police could not clearly explain the reason for the detention and after a few hours the women were released[100][101]. In addition to the UN thematic report on sexual violence, this case was also included in the report on the human rights situation in Ukraine for August-November 2016[102][103]
Anonymous  07/03/22 Пнд 11:23:01 93707
You look overfeed and also fucked up (LGBT+ all the crap) and your government is literally trying to become the world's police.

Your internal problems are broadcast to the whole world and affect local realities - and this is very comical and looks wrong.

But in general, there is no hatred for your people
Anonymous  07/03/22 Пнд 12:47:14 93718
16466420323660.jpg 564Кб, 828x1323
Wake up 05/03/22 Суб 02:17:38 93377 Ответ
flag-400.png 0Кб, 400x267
Dear Russians. I will give you a little truth. You can't belive it or not, don't care. This is only for your consideration. I was born while Poland was communist country. My mother was happy when she was able to buy some fruits for me and my sister. This is what zsrr give to poland poor and misery. Same you gave to Estonia, Litwa, Łotwa etc. When your army is comming and there is nothing left and war crimes is all over the place. You think what is happening right now? Putin today go to television and say all is fake when there is litterally all jurnalist from the world in Ukraine and they capture what your army is doing. You know why today they block you from facebook? Guess. Delegation from ICC is on the way and i belive that Putin will be charged finally with war crimes. You think why you have so little soldiers died in statistics? You soldiers has orders to not recovers injuried and dead so they can lie you in face. You think the all companies in the world stop working with you with no reason? You think there is denazification in Ukraine? Under Kiev is one of the biggest gas deposit right now. The plan was simple take ukraine in 1-2 days deploy fake goverment, take resources. But guess what ukrainian are not russians. They don't feel russians and they fight back. And after that your dictator just give order to just cluster bomb everyone. Yesterday your army attack even nuclear plant wich is next war crime. They probably don't even know what they doing. Dear Russians, wake up. They tell you that usa doing the same. And you know they are right. But you are killing right now slavic brothers.
Let me give you advice. I live under communist and capitalist and i can tell you if you don't start thinking and fighthing mothers in your happy when they will buy some fruits for children like my mother. If you think the going for prison is bad, think about children that died in your cluster attacks. And if you don't belive me just try to go outside your runet and read what your one of kind have to say about putin - Garri Kasparov. Your goverment for decades spend milions on propaganda in Russia and outside of Russia. The only people who get something from putin are oligarhs and corrupt politician all over the world. You think putin hate west? He make miliards with them and on your country resources. How much is your montly salary? 400$? You don't want to work with best companys in world with normal paid? Traver the world without looking like someone from nazi germany? It's your last chance to show the world you are not like him.
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Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 15:59:04 93545
>>93377 (OP)
Didn't read lol.

Anti-russian failed state on our border will be dismantled.
You are next the moment USA shifts its attention to China, unless you behave.
Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 16:06:17 93546
Please stop Iam beggin you russians. Please dont touch them.
Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 19:31:52 93563
hahaha 6 million ukros invading his country :D
06/03/22 Вск 21:58:25 93601
no one invading they are escaping war crimes from russia
Anonymous  07/03/22 Пнд 11:57:07 93712
Russians will be Russians. War crimes, threating everyone and living in shit because they think they are "empire". Yeah, we all see what kind of empire you are xDDDDD
Zelesnki lay down your arms, usa does not guve a fuvck, eu does not give a fuck. U wanted nato bases, usa told it would help anfpd now u feel dRdR putins dick, lay down your weapons so your sluts can post onlyfans content Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 08:56:58 93505 Ответ
ukrainezelenski.jpg 51Кб, 720x405
Zelesnki lay down your arms, usa does not guve a fuvck, eu does not give a fuck. U wanted nato bases, usa told it would help anfpd now u feel dRdR putins dick, lay down your weapons so your sluts can post onlyfans content
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Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 13:03:45 93537

Oh wow, imagine the impact this will have if true, huge blow to the ukrainian niggers
Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 15:01:05 93541
US projection. Maybe you would do this, nigger
06/03/22 Вск 19:30:44 93562
>>93505 (OP)
Your russian pussy army can't defeat nothing;d 18 yrars old incels fightinh for pynya thats your army;d
Anonymous  07/03/22 Пнд 09:06:35 93695
Anonymous  07/03/22 Пнд 09:26:27 93697
Let&#39;s restore Rzeczpospolita!!!! Anonymous  18/04/21 Вск 23:04:21 80159 Ответ
image.png 240Кб, 1280x1007
Let's restore Rzeczpospolita!!!!
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Anonymous  01/03/22 Втр 01:33:18 92592
>>80159 (OP)
>sharing the same country with people that destroyed it
I have to remind you that all of the traitors in the 1st republic were of eastern nationality. You maybe fine because you are a Pole in denial, but the others are next to subhumans. It was 100% Polish anyway, it was our "empire". All of the higher nobility was Polish, the most advance cities were Polish etc. We used "kresy" and pigs that live on the steppe as a meatshield most of the time and when they weren't fighting we used them as slaves thanks to golden liberty. It couldn't work in the past and it can't now, this is what you get when your country isn't a ethnostate.
Anonymous  01/03/22 Втр 18:34:28 92697
>>80159 (OP)
Intermarium is an impossible project. Such a state will always be absorbed from two sides.
It is better if there is a single right-wing state of whites, in which all of Russia would be.
Anonymous  02/03/22 Срд 03:08:20 92776
>>80159 (OP)
Yes restore please, return your former territories back and fuck retarded lithuanian politicians to ass, use impalement as execution method for them, please
Anonymous  07/03/22 Пнд 08:05:35 93681
> all of Russia would be
You are getting it wrong. The idea of Intermarium is to make the state to resist the invaders from Russia. So, there will be no russians in it.
Anonymous  07/03/22 Пнд 08:38:24 93683
"Sucky" is not a word. If you want to imply that American things are of poor quality and you disapprove them, I would recommend you use the descriptive modifier "shitty" instead.
Cultural and Economical failure of Russia Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 10:48:26 93517 Ответ
bieda.jpg 215Кб, 640x416
Russia has big teritory, big population and all natural resources needed to thrive. If you wanted to lead an imperialistic politics you should have copy what China started to do after 1990. Russia could have been one of the richest countries on earth at this point and the best place to live but instead of prosperity you chose to elect soviet faggot who keeps Russia in the backwardness. Putin is a traitor of slavs and destroyer of slavic future.
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Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 21:20:15 93585
06/03/22 Вск 21:39:41 93591
Listen kacap. No one belive you. Your fucking goverment is mass murderer. You are against nato 20 years and wand borders befor 1991. Even rest of russians is not that stupid to see this. Just overthrone this lunatic. Elect someone using democracy and west will take sanctions out. And after beg ukraininans on knees for what your army done.
Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 21:46:02 93594

No nigger, Putin will be Putin his dick in yo mamas. Russia became a respected strong nation with Putin thats why you want him out

If it wasnt for that idiot yeltsin who i hope has cancer, russia would not be the ridiculed nation it became. Under putin russia is a major player that fucks americunts and polish hitler scum like you

Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 21:55:15 93600
nobody gives two fucks what a pole has to say lol
06/03/22 Вск 22:07:47 93602
Regardless of who you support, Russia or Ukraine, I can&#39;t believe how many Anonymous  26/02/22 Суб 23:52:19 92349 Ответ
1645906781505.jpg 20Кб, 415x415
Regardless of who you support, Russia or Ukraine, I can't believe how many retards there are who are looking forward to someone else's accident. It is also a sin that young Russian soldiers die, Ukrainian soldiers, civilians, women, children, etc. How sick you have to be to celebrate something like war at all
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Anonymous  05/03/22 Суб 23:22:27 93450
>>92349 (OP)

The only sin is that american niggers told zelinksy "Go ahead we will support you" filled his head with hot air, now zelinksy cries pls come help the bad putin put pipi in my ass pls help usa help, nato help, someone help, and crickets chirpin.

If there was no usa there would be no wars. Yugoslavia, iraq,syria,afganistan,vietnam, etc etc etc
Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 00:56:18 93462
Emme lopeta mätänemistä rakas
Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 02:23:04 93472
How about Chechnya, Georgia, Moldova? All america right?
Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 09:09:32 93507
Russias wars were justified you moron, usas wars were not

If you cant understand that i suggest you suicide. On another note, should russia invade you because you want nato, dont think for a second that we will help, or that the spaniards will help, or bulgaria, or hungary etc etc

You will be alone. Fuck nato fuck america
Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 17:07:37 93551
went on for 10 whole years before US joined in

I think this alone should be a demonstration of how myopic and shallow your perspective on history is
PUTIN WORSHIPS TENGRI, PRACTICES SIBERIAN SHAMANISM Anonymous  05/03/22 Суб 11:19:37 93412 Ответ
VladimirPutinof[...].jpg 851Кб, 1256x1610
OhinTengry.jpg 252Кб, 772x1024
1410380387802wp[...].jpg 93Кб, 636x382
>It is claimed the Kremlin boss had taken part in bizarre secret shamanic rituals with his defence minister Sergey Shoigu.
>Defence Minister Sergey Shoygu is considered a discreet acolyte of shamanistic practices.
>The inhabitants of Tuva declared him the incarnation of Subutai, one of the most effective military leaders of the Mongol Empire. Subutai’s exploits included a victory in the Battle of the Kalka River, which began the collapse of the Kyivan state.
>Putin spends all his vacations in the Altai, mainly in the Republic of Tuva
>Russian researchers claim that Putin became interested in Altai mysticism in 2014: “The president has already visited many sacred places, and when the war broke out and unrest broke out, he found a point of strength in the Altai.
>According to the Altai Bilyk, when change begins and unrest arises, the ruler must return to the source of the river of life. He is actively told that the Altai is the common root of the Slavs and the Turks, and that this “place of power” may be the assembly point of Russia
>Tuvan shamans insist that the northern entrance to Shambhala is in their republic, near the ruined fortress of Por-Bazhin.
>In 2007 Sergei Shoigu organized an “archeological expedition” there and convinced Putin that there was an entrance to Shambhala.
>Putin was received the sacred sutras of the psycho-physical doctrine of Shaolin kung fu as a gift from Abbot Shi Yongxing
>Shi Yongxin introduced the President of the Russian Federation to one of the wushu masters named Shi Yanzhou and said that this experienced master is able to use “qigong” as a powerful mean of self-defense and fighting back the enemy”.

Putin literally thinks he's an Asiatic Khan. He worships the Great Sky-God and wants to conquer the world like Genghis. He is part an atavistic oriental steppe cult.
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Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 01:30:43 93466
image.png 31Кб, 190x240
image.png 93Кб, 300x233
image.png 41Кб, 180x246
image.png 42Кб, 180x254
>The Green Dragon Society

>Gurdjieff also had alleged ties to British intelligence. And there has also often been the suggestion that he and Joseph Dzhugashvili, later known as Stalin, met as young students while attending the same seminary in the Caucasus. Gurdjieff’s family records contain information that Stalin lived in his family’s house for a while. There are also suggestions that Stalin belonged to an occult “eastern brotherhood,” which consisted of Gurdjieff and his followers

>Louis Pauwels, a former student of Gurdjieff, in his book Monsieur Gurdjieff, asserts that one of the “Searchers After Truth” that Gurdjieff speaks of in his book Meetings with Remarkeable Men, was Karl Haushofer who, through his student Rudolf Hess, influenced the development of Adolf Hitler's geopolitical strategies. Haushofer was also a leading member of the Thule Society, from which evolved the Nazi Party, and which was founded by Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf, who had studied Kabbalah in Turkey under Bektashi Sufis who were also Freemasons. Haushofer was supposed to have been with Gurdjieff in Tibet, supposedly advised Haushofer to adopt the swastika

>The Thule Society also was to have established contact with secret monastic orders of Tibet through a small colony of Tibetan Buddhists, which was established at Berlin in 1928. According to Pauwels and Bergier, in The Morning of the Magicians, the Thule Society sought to make a pact with Shambhala, but only Agarthi agreed to help. Haushofer believed, following occult legend, that subsequent to a global cataclysm, the Aryans split into two groups. One went south and founded Agarthi, the holder of the right-hand path and positive vril. The other tried to return to Hyperborea-Thule, founding instead Shambhala, a city of the degenerate left-hand path and negative forces

>Already by 1926, explained Pauwels and Bergier, there were colonies of Hindus and Tibetans in Munich and Berlin, called the Society of Green Men, in astral connection with the Green Dragon Society in Japan, to which Haushofer belonged. The leader of the Society of Green Men was a Tibetan lama, known as “the man with green gloves,” who supposedly visited Hitler frequently and held the keys of Agharti

>Mel Gordon in Hitler’s Jewish Clairvoyant discusses the career of an occult figure in late Weimar Berlin, sometimes referred to as the “Magician with the Green Gloves,” in the service of the Nazis. He was not a Tibetan, but a Jew who went by the name of Erik Jan Hanussen. A devotee of Asiatic and tantric traditions, he enjoyed the company of Germany’s military and business elite. In March 1932, when Adolf Hitler’s political future seemed doomed, Hanussen predicted a resurgence of the Nazi Party. Dr. Walter C. Langer, a psychoanalyst, prepared a psychological profile of Hitler for the Office of Strategic Services in 1943, according to which: “…during the early 1920’s Hitler took regular lessons in speaking and in mass psychology from a man named Hanussen who was also a practicing astrologer and fortune-teller. He was an extremely clever individual who taught Hitler a great deal concerning the importance of staging meetings to obtain the greatest dramatic effect.”

>A 1933 book, Les Sept Tetes du Dragon Vert (The Seven Heads of the Green Dragon) by Teddy Legrand, also makes mention of the same society. “Teddy Legrand” was a pseudonym, the author's real name being Pierre Mariel. Under the name Werner Gerson, he would also later write Le Nazisme: Societe Secrete (“Nazism: Secret Society”), one of the first books on Nazi occultism. Mariel was also a one-time French grand master of Antiquus Mysticusque Ordo Rosae Crucis (AMORC), founded in 1915 in New York, and which was developed from the of Aleister Crowley, and borrowed heavily from Theosohy and the Golden Dawn. Mariel was also a member of the Martinist Order, which he hinted might have had links to the Green Dragon

>The book presents the Green Dragon, or simply “The Greens,” as an insidious international cabal who seek world domination. Mariel also implies that connected with this conspiracy was also Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Anthroposophical Society, a breakaway organization from the Theosophical Society, through his connections to pan-German secret societies. Mention is also made of Gurdjieff and Blavatsky’s successor, Annie Besant

>In the book, two brother spies are inspired by their shared curiosity about an object supposedly found on the executed Tsarina Alexandra’s body, which bears an enigmatic inscription in English: “S.I.M.P. The Green Dragon. You were absolutely right. Too late.” They quickly determine that the first element, which is accompanied by a six-pointed “Kabbalistic” symbol of the Martinists, stands for “Superieur Inconnu, Maître Philippe.” As reported by Legrand, after the murder of the Russian imperial family in 1918, a judicial investigator, Nikolai Sokolov, concluded that German intelligence had been active in both the Tsarist and the Bolshevik camps

>The Tsarina had apparently adopted the symbol of the swastika as her personal signature, which seems to have been used to communicate with an organisation attempting to support them. The leader of the organisation, Boris Soloviev, was Rasputin’s son-in-law and also a triple agent for the German secret service. Soloviev deceived the Tsarist camp by pretending to work for their cause, while actually delivering them all to the Bolsheviks. Rasputin was an agent in this scheme, receiving letters from his handlers in Sweden signed “The Green.” Supposedly then, Maître Philippe had tried to warn the Tsarina of the threat of the Green Dragon, represented by Rasputin, who eventually replaced him at the court

>During their quest, the two spies also sought the assistance of Ignaz Trebitsch-Lincoln (1879-1943), a real-life character who was a Jewish adventurer of Hungarian origin, who for a time had also been a Christian priest, as well as British Member of Parliament, convicted fraudster, German right-wing politician and triple-agent, and Buddhist abbot in China. He was initiated to the occult by Harold Beckett, an ex-Indian Army officer who allegedly had ties with Maître Philippe and Papus, after which Trebitsch-Lincoln went on to join numerous secret societies including the Freemasons, the OTO and Chinese triads. In 1925, Trebitsch-Lincoln underwent a “mystical experience” in a hotel room in China, after which he embraced Theosophy. His revelation opened his interest in Tibet and Buddhism, and he received initiation as Dordji Den at a monastery outside Lhasa

>Among the secrets Beckett supposedly revealed to Trebitsch-Lincoln was that there are only seventy-two “True Men” for each generation. These are identified with the Green Dragon or, more simply, “The Greens,” who number precisely 72 conspirators, who were, presumably, the “72 unknown superiors” of occult legend. They are also considered the same as mentioned by Walter Rathenau, a Jewish politician who served Foreign Minister of Germany during the Weimar Republic. Just before he died, he blamed the “seventy-two men who control the world,” as responsible for his assassination on June 24, 1922, two months after the signing of the Treaty of Rapallo which renounced German territorial claims from World War I

>Trebitsch-Lincoln himself was suspected of being the “Man (or Lama) with the Green Gloves.” According to Trebitsch-Lincoln, the society of the Green Men, the parent of the Thule Group, originated in Tibet. In 1939, Edouard Saby published Hitler et les forces occultes, in which he depicts Hitler as a medium, a magician and initiate, and also refers to the connection with Tibet: “Wasn’t it Trebitsch-Lincoln, the friend of the Tibetan Badmaiev, who initiated Hitler, by revealing to him the doctrine of Ostara, a secret school of India, where the lamas teach the supremacy of the Aryan?” The Mongol Dr. Piotr Badmaev, a practitioner of Tibetan herbal medicine, was an associate of Lama Dordjieff, Ukhtomskii and Sergei de Witte in St. Petersburg, at the court of Nicolas II, whom they envisioned as the “White Tsar of Shambhala.”

>Trebitsch-Lincoln even won the confidence of the Gestapo’s local representative, SS Colonel Joseph “The Butcher of Warsaw” Meisinger, who he convinced he could rally the Buddhists of the East against any remaining British influence in the area. Meisinger urged that the scheme receive serious attention, and sent him to Berlin, where Heinrich Himmler was enthusiastic for it, as was Rudolf Hess, but it was abandoned after his flight to Scotland in May 1941
Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 01:34:58 93468
image.png 103Кб, 400x268
image.png 72Кб, 200x261
image.png 40Кб, 220x203
image.png 42Кб, 180x225
>Expeditions to Tibet

>Haushofer, therefore, apparently acquainted Hitler with the teaching of the Society of the Green Dragon, and taught him the techniques of Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way, which were ostensibly based on the teachings of the Sufis and the Tibetan Lamas. Under the influence of Haushofer, Hitler authorized the creation of the Ahnenerbe in 1935, that sponsored expeditions to locate the Aryan forefathers in Shambhala and Agartha. The 1939 expedition was said to have gone to Tibet with the specific purpose of setting up vital radio contact between the Third Reich and the lamas in 1939, and Blavatsky’s Stanzas of Dzyan were used as a code for all messages between Berlin and Tibet during the War. Pauwels and Bergier argue that Hitler sent the expedition out of his desire to find Agarthi, which he had been made aware of from his relationship with “the man with the green gloves.”

>Ernst Schäfer, a German hunter and biologist, participated in three expeditions to Tibet, in 1931, in 1934 – 1935, and in 1938 – 1939, supposedly for sport and zoological research. Among the expedition was Dr. Bruno Beger, a member of Himmler’s personal staff, who was the actual “expert” who pushed forward the racial studies of the Ahnenerbe. In 1939 he went to Tibet as a member of the SS Expedition, when measured the skulls of more than 400 Tibetans in order to investigate a possible relationship between the Tibetan and Aryan “races.” In 1943, he was sent to Auschwitz where he took the measurements of 150 mainly Jewish prisoners. In 1971 he appeared in a German court and was sentenced to three years imprisonment on probation for his crimes as a Nazi

>Beger was also connected to the current reigning Dalai Lama XIV, who was revered as representing a special connection between the Nazis and Tibet. Acting as the young Dalai Lama’s personal tutor until the early 1950s, was former SS officer, Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian mountain climber, competition skier, geographer, and author. He is best known for his books, including Seven Years in Tibet (1952), which was the basis of a film in 1997, starring Brad Pitt in the role of Harrer. A strong friendship developed between Harrer and the Dalai Lama that would last the rest of their lives

>Coinciding with the Schäfer expedition of 1934 – 1935 was another conducted by Nicholas Roerich in search of Shambhala, in inner Mongolia, Manchuria and China, organized by the US Department of Agriculture. According to some researchers, Roerich became a member of Papus’the Ordre Martiniste while in St. Petersburg prior to World War I. There, Roerich was involved in the construction of the Buddhist temple under the guidance of Lama Agvan Dorjieff

>Roerich’s affinities to Martinism and synarchy were also found in his link with Harvey Spencer Lewis, who was keen on making Roerich a legate of AMORC on his expedition to Tibet, which apparently Roerich never was. Nevertheless, AMORC claims to this day that Roerich communicated certain occult techniques from Tibet which were since integrated in their Rosicrucian teachings. Lewis boasted of the correspondence he received from Roerich’s second expedition

>In Shambhala: In Search of a New Era, Roerich also hinted at a similarity between Shambhala and Thule, and mentioned the association of Shambhala with the underground city of Agharti, reached through tunnels under the Himalayan mountains. Heinrich Müller, who was in charge of a Gestapo section of the Nazis, claimed that Roerich was known to the Gestapo under the code word “Lama,” and that he had contacted the Nazi regime in 1934 to ascertain whether they were interested in supporting his undertakings in Inner Asia

>One of Roerich’s followers was a young Russian Theosophist, Vladimir Anatol’evich Shibaev, an agent for the Communist International (Comintern) working with Indian nationalists. Shibaev introduced the Roerichs to other Soviet officials and encouraged their plans to move to India as a first step towards their Great Plan. Roerich held close ties to the Cheka, the Bolshevik secret police (later renamed OGPU, NKVD and eventually KBG). The head of the OGPU’s “Special Department” was G. I. Bokii, a former member of Papus’ Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Croix (OKR+C), who belonged to Badmaev’s circle in St. Petersburg, that included Lama Dorjieff
Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 01:38:42 93469
image.png 42Кб, 280x196
image.png 61Кб, 280x210
image.png 28Кб, 180x215
image.png 796Кб, 896x543
>During the Stalinist purge trials, Bokii confessed to having been part of a Masonic lodge in 1909 that had been founded by Gurdjieff and that included Nicholas Roerich and his wife. Bokii was an associate of Aleksandr Barchenko, also a former member of the OKR+C, and former student of Gurdjieff. Bokii was also a member of the Edinoe Trudovoe Bratstvo (ETB), founded by Barchenko, whose primary aim was establishing contact with Shambhala, and included numerous other current or former Chekists and British double-agents. The ETB lasted until it was disbanded by Stalin in the late 1930s, following charges leveled against Bokii, Barchenko and their associates, that their occult activities were part for treasonous plots associated with British intelligence in the Far East

>It was Bokii and Barchenko who were charge of the OGPU’s effort to exploit the services of Nicholas Roerich. Roerich’s expeditions began in 1925, attended by OGPU agents. According to his wife Helena, they were also under the guidance of one of one of Blavatsky’s “Mahatmas,” Master Morya, or Master Allal Ming. As Markus Osterrieder explains:

>"It cannot be denied that they seriously interpreted themselves and their "mission" as part of some larger spiritual Plan that ultimately should serve the advance of human evolution, especially since Master Allal Ming warmed them up by revealing their illustrious previous incarnations, thereby freeing vanity and arrogance – a phenomenon that occurs not exclusively in esoteric circles, but finds a especially fertile grounds among adepts – and politicians."

>Their ultimate objective, usually referred to as the “Grand Plan,” like Dorjieff and von Ungern-Sternberg, was to establish a pan-Buddhist, transnational “New Country” spanning from Tibet to southern Siberia, including territory that was then governed by China, Mongolia, Tibet, and the Soviet Union, to be ruled by the Panchen Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet, who had been forced to flee the country in 1923 because of disagreements with the then Dalai Lama, the country’s secular leader. It was prophesied that the Panchen Lama's return would signal the beginning of a new age

>Hearing that Roerich's expedition was nearing the Tibetan border, the British counseled the Dalai Lama not to allow him to reach Lhasa. Roerich then set out again on a second expedition, this time with the support of the Vice President Henry A. Wallace, who was also a member of the Theosophical Society. It is widely suspected that it was Roerich who inspired Wallace to add the Great Seal of the United States, first designed in 1782, on the reverse side of the dollar bill, featuring an unfinished pyramid and the Illuminati symbol of the All-Seeing Eye

>With Wallace’s help, the Roerichs were also able to gain the support of President Roosevelt, who had become a member of the high grade Scottish Rite in 1929. FDR was deeply fascinated by the geography and history of Inner Asia, from Tibet to the Siberian border, what he called “the chess board of international politics.” This attitude is reflected in the series of eight letters addressed to him at the instigation of “the Masters,” and written by Elena Roerich between late 1934 and early 1936. The “Master” communicated to the President that:

>"…a Great State will be created in the East. This beginning will bring that equilibrium, which is so urgently needed for the construction of the great Future. America was since long linked with Asia. […] Thus one must accept that the peoples occupying the larger part of Asia are destined to respond to the friendship of America. […] The alliance of the nations of Asia is decided, the union of tribes and peoples will take place gradually, there will be a kind of Federation of countries. Mongolia, China and the Kalmuks will constitute the counterbalance of Japan and in this alliance of peoples, Your Good Will is needed, Mr. President."

>Roerich’s true ambition was to prepare the coming of a New Age of “peace,” which would be ushered in by Rigdenjyepo, the earthly manifestation of Maitreya, who is the prophesied Lord of the New Era of Shambhala. He is the “Ruler of the World,” and Maitreya himself, the Last Avatar who brings the Kali Yuga, and whose representative on Earth is the Dalai Lama. The Roerichs did not expect to wait long to witness these events. Helena Roerich, channeling “Josephine Saint-Hilaire,” gave the heralds of Northern Shambhala five years to arrive, and a lama predicted to them “someone of greatness will come” in 1936. Tenzin Gyatso was born in 1935, and identified as the incarnation of the Dalai Lama in 1937, becoming the current Dalai Lama XIV
Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 01:41:34 93470
image.png 60Кб, 190x266
image.png 75Кб, 200x250
image.png 345Кб, 500x380
image.png 26Кб, 180x180
>Esoteric Hitlerism

>The Dalai Lama continued to maintain important ties to fascists, particularly Chilean diplomat Miguel Serrano (1917 – 2009, who was an important exponent of what is called Esoteric Nazism. Serrano was inspired by Savitri Devi (1905 – 1982), who achieved wide influence among neo-Nazi circles through her development of a religious form of Nazism that assimilated many notions from Hinduism and glorified the Aryan race and Adolf Hitler. She linked these ideas to the Hindu notion of the avatar, who incarnates the periodic descent to earth of the deity, typically Vishnu

>Savitri’s ideas concerning the origins of the Aryans were drawn from the books of Bal Gangadhar Tilak (1856 – 1920), the first popular leader of the Indian Independence Movement. The British colonial authorities derisively called him “Father of the Indian unrest.” He also helped found the All India Home Rule League in 1916–18, with Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Annie Besant. Tilak was an accomplished scholar of ancient Hindu sacred literature. In 1903, he wrote the book The Arctic Home in the Vedas, in which he argued that the Vedas could only have been composed in the Arctic, and that Aryan bards had brought them south after the onset of the last ice age

>After the defeat of the Third Reich, Serrano continued to believe that Hitler had escaped from the ruins of Berlin and found a refuge in Antarctica. The idea was widely rumored in the Latin American press during the summer of 1945. In The Golden Thread: Esoteric Hitlerism, Serrano claimed that Hitler was in Shambhala, formerly at the North Pole and Tibet, but which had been relocated to an Antarctic base in New Swabia. There, Hitler was in contact with the Hyperborean gods, and he would someday emerge with a fleet of UFOs to lead the forces of light over the forces of darkness in a last battle and to inaugurate a Fourth Reich

>Serrano’s assertions are a reflection of the claim of Nazi contact with the Society of the Green Dragon. German conspiracy author Jan Udo Holey, who chose as his nom de plume “van Helsing,” after he read Bram Stoker’s Dracula, offers details of the mythos. In Secret Societies and their Power (1993), Helsing claims that Tibetan monks worked on the establishment of the Third Reich with Templar Knights who were organized in the highest lodge of the “black sun,” which purportedly continued to maintain an underground base in the Himalayas. The ruler of the underground kingdom is said to be “Rigdenjyepo,” with his representative on Earth being the Dalai Lama

>Similar claims were put forward by the controversial Trevor Ravenscroft’s The Spear of Destiny (1973). According to Ravenscroft, the Nazi missions to Tibet had the aim of establishing contact with the Aryan forefathers in Shambhala and Agharti, adepts who were the guardians of secret occult powers, especially Vril, and also mentions the recurring story of the establishment in Berlin of the Society of Green Men, and their mysterious leader the “Man with the Green Gloves.”

>Although these claims do not ring with much plausibility, Allen H. Greenfield, who was also Bishop within the Gnostic Catholic Church–Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), purportedly corroborated the story. Greenfield claims to have personally interviewed an anonymous Knight of Malta who met with the esoteric leadership of the Third Reich in 1937, attended by Haushofer, to “sell” the Nazi regime on contact with what he called “the coming race.” When asked by Greenfield in 1979 to explain what he meant, he explained, “the Ultraterrestrials, of course. The Germans had noted their ‘ghost rockets’ in Sweden, and were aware of their power. Most of the older Nazis present, though, were former members of the Thule Society or the archaic Vril Society, and took me to be talking about Tibetans or Aryan supermen or some such bunk. Except Haushofer, who knew better, and the ‘Man with the Green Gloves’ who, though supposedly a Tibetan himself, was certainly an Ultraterrestrial.”

>Through his diplomatic appointments, Serrano met many leading Indian personalities, becoming a personal friend of Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi. Jawaharlal Nehru, Gandhi’s closest collaborator, who became the first Prime Minister of independent India (1947 – 64), was recruited by Annie Besant at the age of only thirteen, herself presiding at his initiation ceremony

>During his ambassadorial postings in Vienna and subsequently in Switzerland, before he was dismissed from the Chilean diplomatic service in 1970s by President Salvador Allende, Serrano cultivated ties of friendship with Arnold Toynbee, Arthur Koestler, Aldous Huxley and leading former Nazis and international fascists like, among many others, Otto Skorzeny, Hans-Ulrich Rudel, Hanna Reitsch, Herman Wirth (ex-director of the Ahnenerbe), Ezra Pound and Wilhelm Landig

>Wilhelm Landig was the leader of the Landig Group, also known as the Vienna Lodge, formed in 1950 to revive the Aryan mythology of Thule. Described in Göten gegen Thule, at what he refers to as Point 103 is a secret base that has been established by the SS elite in Arctic Canada, with a large underground complex equipped with advanced technology including flying saucers. Many foreign delegates attend a great conference held in the assembly hall of the base, decorated with astrological symbols and an enormous icon of Mithras slaying the Bull. The delegates who have all been flown to the base by flying saucer include a Tibetan lama, Japanese, Chinese, and American officers, Indians, Arabs, Persians, an Ethiopian, a Brazilian officer, a Venezuelan, a Siamese and a Mexican Indian. The Arabs belong to secret Islamic brotherhoods, the Indians and Persians to ancient Aryan traditions, and the Orientals allude to their occult orders and a mysterious world center. Attired in their uniforms or national dress, many of the delegates make speeches identifying their national myths and ideals with those of the Thule and pledge their full support when the time comes for action
Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 01:48:26 93471
image.png 391Кб, 529x300
image.png 426Кб, 1023x517
image.png 67Кб, 318x263
>Serrano also boasts of being “good friends” with the Dalai Lama XIV, and provides his explanation of the curious relationship as follows:

>"I also met the Dalai Lama at the moment he escaped from Tibet during the Communist Chinese invasion. He was very young, 25 years old. I went to meet him at the Himalayas. He never forgets that. And when we met again during the funeral of Indira Gandhi in Delhi. He invited me to go to Dharmasala, where he lives now. We had a very interesting talk. It is good to know that before Buddhism was introduced in Tibet, Tibetans were a warrior's race and their religion, the Bo, used also the same swastika of Hitlerism. Until today Intelligence Services of England and United States have been unable to discover the real mysterious links that existed between Tibet and Hitlerist Germany."

>As was the case with most Nazi assets, the Dalai Lama passed into the hands of the CIA after World War II. After the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1950, the CIA began training Tibetan resistance fighters against the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China. A CIA-financed front, the American Society for a Free Asia, publicized the cause of Tibetan resistance, with the Dalai Lama's eldest brother, Thubtan Norbu, playing an active role in the organization. The Dalai Lama's second-eldest brother, Gyalo Thondup, established an intelligence operation with the CIA as early as 1951

>As explain Victor and Victoria Trimondi, for over more than 25 years, many hundreds of thousands have been “initiated” by the Dalai Lama XIV through the mysteries of the Kalachakra Tantra and Shambhala, which have become central pillars in the mythology of religious neo-Nazism. Serrano incorporated the Fourteenth Dalai Lama into the formulation of his esoteric myths around Hitler. His “skill,” he said of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, is “closely linked with that of Hitler’s Germany… on the basis of not yet discovered connections.” The Dalai Lama has never distanced himself from Serrano. Instead of opposing fascism, he recently called for the former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet to be spared a trial, making reference to the need for “forgiveness.”
Will the god(aliens) save us from this madness? We are the bible jews who flee from Egypt and colonize the Europe. Anonymous  03/03/22 Чтв 23:52:27 93211 Ответ
6ca.jpg 34Кб, 600x403
Will the god(aliens) save us from this madness? We are the bible jews who flee from Egypt and colonize the Europe.
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Anonymous  05/03/22 Суб 18:09:32 93430
You got it all wrong. All living beings (space aliens included) are god's (universe's) attempt to say something. But what that something is, is yet to be understood.
Anonymous  05/03/22 Суб 21:26:37 93446
Pb6MWQH2w4.jpg 488Кб, 1000x1581
Evеrything always starts with few
With dead seeds sprouting anew
Anonymous  05/03/22 Суб 23:07:24 93448
turda70.jpg 2Кб, 192x143
>>93211 (OP)

2022, BELIEVES IN ALIENS, nigger you are too much nigger
Anonymous  05/03/22 Суб 23:58:21 93453
said Zeus and Athena believer
Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 00:00:59 93455
Go fix cyberpunk you cybernigger, cant make a proper game ffs
Russian propaganda Anonymous  05/03/22 Суб 05:30:02 93388 Ответ
aogW5Vw460svvp9.webm 2418Кб, 460x458, 00:01:00
Example of russian propaganda. The army trying to make picture and video to occupied Ukrainians. Just for propaganda. After that their are bombing cities.
Anonymous  05/03/22 Суб 06:17:20 93389
EOMyZbnWkAYAIDE.jpg 117Кб, 2009x1123
>>93388 (OP)
The Russians are my allies, you want to fight them, you want to fight me.
Anonymous  05/03/22 Суб 06:20:16 93390
Anonymous  05/03/22 Суб 19:34:23 93438
Dear Russians, what is it like to be the most hated nation in the world? Anonymous  02/03/22 Срд 19:58:00 92897 Ответ
Dear Russians, what is it like to be the most hated nation in the world?
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Anonymous  05/03/22 Суб 11:18:44 93411
Anonymous  05/03/22 Суб 11:59:38 93413
You seem distressed. Where did the NATO man touch you?
Anonymous  05/03/22 Суб 12:05:04 93414
stupid finn, do you have to say anything on the topic of the conversation, and not just fooling around?
Anonymous  05/03/22 Суб 12:22:48 93415
Aggressor is the aggressor is the aggressor. I promise you the west cares for nothing else. All of history, All of suffering. We do not care. In the night a superpower attacked and invaded. In the night you came for them. Shame.
05/03/22 Суб 13:30:29 93423
Stop being ridiculous, face your end with dignity, can you?
Why they are arresting kids in Russia? Anonymous  02/03/22 Срд 17:19:48 92853 Ответ
c5c297aeabf1dc87.jpg 102Кб, 711x960
Why they are arresting kids in Russia?
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Anonymous  03/03/22 Чтв 22:27:50 93202
Anonymous  03/03/22 Чтв 22:31:37 93203
Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 20:58:22 93338
Дети против вой[...].mp4 4630Кб, 704x1280, 00:00:26
Дети против вой[...].mp4 2993Кб, 704x1280, 00:00:20
Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 23:04:13 93355
image.png 461Кб, 741x749
Anonymous  05/03/22 Суб 04:27:52 93386
Russians this is brotherhood 03/03/22 Чтв 14:07:32 93100 Ответ
images.png 0Кб, 275x183
Look how real slavic brotherhood looks like. 500k people flew from your "peace operation" to poland, rumunia, moldawia etc. Old men, women and children. No one want your army in Ukraine. Your captures soldiers confirm that they are there to kill civilians. Wirld will never forget. https://youtu.be/JwxCqHxDSGw
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Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 00:16:20 93222
Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 00:23:50 93223
mnie kurwa nie dziwi. od 8 lat rządzi u nas PIS i pewnie porządzi jeszcze kolejną kadencję dzięki propagandzie. wyobraź sobie taką rosję gdzie telewizja to w zasadzie tylko ich propaganda a internet nie istnieje. jakiś % ludzi ogarnia vpn i wtedy sra na rosje ale reszta ma wyprane mózgi. ich żołnierze nawet nie wiedzą po co właściwie idą na tę rzeź. jak kończy im się paliwo to proszą ukraińców o pomoc bo myślą, że przyszli ich wyzwolić od nazistów. a to oni sami są nazistami i mordercami
Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 23:06:53 93357
>>93100 (OP)
You are not our brothers. The Serbs - that's who really is our brother.
Anonymous  05/03/22 Суб 01:47:36 93375
Anonymous  05/03/22 Суб 03:38:24 93382
You know, I wish you and I were brothers. But you are Poles, aggressive and obnoxious people. Both in games and in real life
a short summary of russian situation Anonymous  03/03/22 Чтв 02:02:08 93013 Ответ
first and foremost: everybody hates you. the whole world. and its been like this for hundreds of years, your mongol raped nation can only thrive in oppression and thats what you also inflict on other people. war and oppression. and the closer your are to people, the more they hate you because they know you well. even the chinks are not your friends and will sooner or later take away siberia from your gremlin hands.(and now basically you just confirmed what everybody already thought of you which is that you are a nation of orcs, straight from tolkiens books)
second: your economy. lets not kid ourselves, its not good, it hasnt been good since... well... im not sure really, even russian empire before the ussr was a giant shithole compares to germany, france or england. its not gonna get better. you will end up completely dependent on the chinese who will simply vassalise your economically, and everything because of all the economic blockades the west can think of AND with the gigantic cost associated with the sad joke that you call, ekhem, A SPECIAL OPERATION!
which brings me to the point number three: the failure of your military. together with belarus you have like 3000km long border with ukraine, you have enemys capital 100km from said border and you still humiliate yourself fighting and objectively inferior opponent. old turkish drones are destroying your machines. your soldiers desert and abandon equipment because they dont give a fuck about taking ukraine and the locals are determined to defend because: look at my first point. fucking gypsies are selling your tanks for parts. you constantly bomb civilian targets and still havent taken a major city despite SPECIAL OPERATION lasting a week already
what is your endgame, exactly? i mean russia but i also mean you anon, personally. you gonna keep sitting in that frozen nigeria? there is no future there unless you like the taste of chinese dick
Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 16:33:47 93305
stfu retard go eat jamón serrano and have a siesta
Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 17:35:43 93309
Anonymous  05/03/22 Суб 01:07:54 93369
go steal something or kidnap a baby for ransome
Anonymous  05/03/22 Суб 01:23:25 93370
602d88f591d5f6e3.jpg 44Кб, 1125x394
Why are all of you like this? Anonymous  28/02/22 Пнд 12:41:39 92500 Ответ
анонимус бумажн[...].jpg 77Кб, 618x435
I am a citizen of Russia, I am 18 years old. Before this conflict, I applied for work and travel, BFTF and other exchange programs, made friends with foreigners, and communicated on various apps. Everyone was friendly (to some extent) to me. Now they hate me even though I did nothing. They tell me that I am a Nazi, an oppressor, that I have the blood of peaceful people on my hands, that I should leave everything and go to Ukraine right now and catch bombs with my hands, simultaneously cut the throats of Russian soldiers, and then personally kill Putin.

The whole world shows that he hates RUSSIAN, not the authorities, but the simple Russian people. Are they stopping cultural exchange programs, computers and video cards, twitch, onlyfans - why? Does Putin have an account on onlyfans? Why can't you understand that by your actions you only show that you need to fight to the bitter end, that you simply hate us and wish for death. You do not understand that we cannot influence the situation - there will simply be Chinese Square 2.0 with tanks rolling peaceful protest.

Tell me, foreign anon, why? What did I do wrong to you to not be allowed into a restaurant in Germany? Why do they tell me that I am responsible for the fact that Putin sent troops? Why did no one condemn him before, did not impose sanctions? Why were the accounts blocked? Why are you fighting against a simple Russian hard worker, and not against the oligarchs?
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Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 18:31:36 93325
Это высеры в Интернете. В интернете обываются самые маргинальные обсосы общества.
Мне здесь никто в лицо никаких гадостей не говорил -
Что не может сказать среднестатистический Московский кавказец.
Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 18:40:27 93326
А ты в каком штате проживаешь, если не секрет?
другой анон
Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 18:44:14 93327
Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 19:34:24 93334
How many Russians are here in favor of Putin?
Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 23:04:57 93356
Чокак там обстоят дела?
I thought it was clear by now that this war is not about NATO or Russia&#39;s security Anonymous  02/03/22 Срд 22:46:49 92949 Ответ
c333566da83ddf19.jpg 67Кб, 680x950
I thought it was clear by now that this war is not about NATO or Russia's security concerns. Yet, I still see many comments saying that it is. Let me clarify a few things. This war is based on Putin's struggle to remain in power. NATO is just an excuse. Here is why.

First of all, NATO has never been an issue for decades. Hell, Kaliningrad is surrounded by NATO. Latvia and Estonia are bordering Russia, and both are NATO members. NATO border is 76 miles from St. Petersburg and has been there since 2004. A huge majority of Russian lawmakers' children live and study in NATO countries. Eye-watering sums of money laundered from the Russian budget and oil revenues sit in NATO-protected real estate. But Russia isn't putting forces on the Latvian and Estonian border, is it?

Why Ukraine? And why now? Because Belarus. Because Kazakhstan. And of course - because Ukraine. The motivation behind all of this is Putin's struggle for power. (astronaut meme always has been) That's all. No 3D chess. No greater conspiracy theory. No grand geopolitical masterplan developed by the secret world government. And anyone who says, “oh, it’s not that simple”, is just trying to confuse and muddy the waters.

A free, democratic and prosperous Ukraine is a direct threat to Putin's rule of law. Full stop. Because it’s an easy chain reaction. If Ukraine can grow and prosper, why can't Belarus? Why can't Kazakhstan? And of course, why can't Russia? No reason why - of course, they can! The reason they don’t is because their corrupt and authoritarian governments is a significant bottleneck standing between the nation and prosperity.

Putin knows this, which is why he hangs for his life supporting dictatorships around the world.

This is why he sent forces to quell mass protests in Belarus.
This is why he sent troops to Kazakhstan to suppress any uprising.
This is why he supported the ousted Ukrainian president Yanukovich.

But his efforts failed in Ukraine!

At a cost of many lives, Ukrainians overthrew their government in 2014 during the Euromaidan revolution. And if they succeed in fighting corruption and becoming a developed, democratic nation, this will be a terrible precedent for all the post-Soviet dictatorships.

Because if Ukraine can overthrow a government and become a prosperous country - so can they. Absolutely no way Putin will allow that. Hence Crimea. Hence Donbas. Hence the war. Hence the Minsk accords. Hence the "I will fck you over anyway I can" diplomacy.

All of that is simply driven by two factors:
1. Punish Ukraine and make an example of what happens to counties that rebel against their leaders.
2. Prevent Ukraine from developing and prospering, so other ex-Soviet republics aren’t tempted to protest.

With recent demonstrations in Belarus and Kazakhstan, Putin decided that another Ukraine example is in order.
And starting a war achieves both of these objectives. It also sends a clear message to the Russian people.
You protest - you get what happened in Ukraine.
in a thick Russian accent: You don't want that happen to you, do you?

And it doesn't matter that most of Ukraine's recent misfortunes come from Russia f
cking with it.

It will be lost. What will remain is a simple cause-and-effect: You rebel -> you get war. The missing link of course would be: You rebel -> you get Putin on your ass -> you get war.

Because Putin can't let it go. Ukraine is one of the pillars on which his power stands. If he loses it, his power comes under threat.

Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 02:22:24 93245
>>92949 (OP)
I think its even more simple. Putin simply has dementia and is experiencing psychosis. He genuinely belives there are nazi's in the government of ukraine, and russians being oppressed there.
Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 10:42:46 93261
nah he wants to prevent ww3. once nato establish military bases with precision weapons they will attack russia with overwhelming non-nuclear rockets, russia will use nuclear xD
Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 18:54:40 93330
>>92949 (OP)
Kazakhstan on a way to become democratic. All recent news were about old elite groups to withdraw or leave power positions. So current goverment destroyed old dicatatorship. Probably our government have a trade with old elites, like they will leave Kazakhstan and they will let them leave peacefully. So current government is authoritorian, but much much much weaker, because they understand wrong move and they will be in the same position as old elites. So Putin lost all fellow dictatorships. Bellarus is close to collapse too.
No one wants war Anonymous  03/03/22 Чтв 10:17:21 93054 Ответ
comment16460633[...].jpg 1805Кб, 1600x3076
This is painful to watch how much suffering there is in Ukraine, despite knowing it all about Wołyń, and how brutal they were, and that those idiots still praise Bandera and UPA, but this is nothing what awaits you guys.
There's a fuck ton of young people dying in Ukraine on Russian side, and we all know how big of a problem churkas are becoming in Russia, this is gonna fuck up your demographics even harder.
And the wave of unemployment that awaits you?
YOU are absolutely fucked, new tech? Computers? Smartphones? All heavily overpriced or banned completely.
Industry? All the foreign capital will start leaving Russia now, and with it it's supply chain, waves of unemployment and crime like during transformation.
Black market, drugs, alcohol consumption, prostitution, life expectancy ALL ON THE RISE.
Your life savings are going to SHIT, all the investments, real estate, social security, all fucked.
And what is all of that for?
Ukrainians don't want you, you can't occupy a piece of foreign land in 2022 like it's XX century again, are you willing to die for a piece of shit, drunk degenerates and oligarchs sitting comfortably in kremlin while poor russian guys are dying hungry and ill prepared in ukraine?

I know not many of you guys propably speak english, but spread the word, don't give in to putins propaganda, do something not to ruin your lives or die for that idiot.
Also i'm a very young person myself (24 years), i don't remember much from 2000s, but the transformation that occured in Poland was very massive, all the schools, roads, city centres have changed so much since we joined the EU.
Also i work as a carpenter making furniture (particle boards not real wood) and most of the houses/ apartments i work at are indistinguishable from the west.

No one would'va ever attacked you, Russia has nukes, but now?Who knows what the backstabbing chinks will do when they see Russian army is so weak.

Peaaace looove and positivity Slavic broos, don't die in vain, no one in the right mind wants war.
Anonymous  03/03/22 Чтв 10:19:41 93055
Anonymous  03/03/22 Чтв 10:33:29 93056
Literally nobody speaks polish except for poles
Anonymous  03/03/22 Чтв 10:43:28 93058
Yeah? its obvious, so what?
I can make shit out of russian/ukr sentences spoken, same as i can understand czech/slovak memes.
All similiar words
Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 11:31:13 93271
>>93054 (OP)
poland will pay for every drop of blood ukranians spill
Hi guys. Can someone translate? What he is saying? https:&#47;&#47;streamable.com&#47;xhk2mp?fbclid=IwAR3irJ9ccrrmXU3xIUzqGsA9YHJxuDr0sZFcwX6jXe0pdbo2Mz9sOx3axVE Anonymous  03/03/22 Чтв 13:08:33 93086 Ответ
TASS22550962.jpg 345Кб, 1360x765
Anonymous  03/03/22 Чтв 13:27:31 93091
Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 05:16:43 93253
Juseppe, are you really italiano or a moldovan who have not learned russian?

>I speak to russians, those of them who have not covered themselves by disgrace. I would like you, soldaten, to make up your mind and learn where you are going.

>Millions of people in Kyiv are going to shoot you from every window. You have been freezing your ass for a month in Rastoŭ to come here and find miserable death. The deathtoll for you has not even started yet.

>You thought ukrainians would greet you with flowers but they do with Javelins. You thought that our president is a comedian but he is a man with iron will. I understand, you are just young boys and want to live, you ran out of ammo, out of fuel and do not know the directions. But for it is our clay, a place where we were born. And I point out, the deathtoll for you has not been started yet, cause when you enter Kyiv, every one will be hitting you. Every ukrainian has weapons, molotovs. We are packed with a shitload of weapons..

>So just surrender. We offer you life. We have hot tea, clothes, electricity and hot water. You will let you go back home and return to your mommies. Otherwise you will be killed in Ukraine for nothing. Slava Ukraini. Glory to heroes.
Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 10:43:56 93262
>>93086 (OP)
Grunts about how formidable and powerful Ukrainians are and that Russians should be afraid of them. Nothing special.
Freedom is its own end. With certain, rather small limits, it is an inherent right Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 01:44:15 93238 Ответ
inlineEugenScha[...].jpg 107Кб, 995x639
Freedom is its own end. With certain, rather small limits, it is an inherent right of all people, which no external force can remove. A person has no right to give this right away from themselves, even less from their children. Freedom is the base of self-esteem, and without it the teaching of a person's chaste responsibility would be nothing but lies and deception. Freedom is a sacred thing and the love of freedom is a natural instinct deeply integrated into our hearts. Do you love your country? Good, remember Ibsen's words: "Even if you had given all, but not your own life, you would have given nothing."
Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 01:52:51 93242
Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 04:13:55 93249
Onneksi se kuoli kuten kaikki muutkin ryssät seuraavan 100 vuoden aikana.
Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 06:13:57 93254
Itsehän olen siis suomalainen ja ei nyt ihan lähisukua ole.
Анон, что ты думаешь об этом? Apple Pay - Полная блокировка Anonymous  # OP 02/03/22 Срд 23:13:51 92961 Ответ
d1a29ec494521f69.jpg 265Кб, 1500x1000
Анон, что ты думаешь об этом?

Apple Pay - Полная блокировка использования в России
Новые устройства Apple — полный выход
Товары Adidas, поступающие на российский рынок, больше не будут полосатыми
Audi - уходит с рынка
AMD - Запрет на поставку микросхем и запрет на поставку новых видеокарт
Amazon — полная розничная блокировка
Adobe – Полная блокировка
British Petrolium - 20% акций ушли от «Роснефти»
BBC - Отзыв лицензий на вещание
BMW - Закрывает заводы, препятствует поставкам
Болт - Вывод с рынка
Боинг - Выход
Шевроле - снят с продажи
Каннский кинофестиваль - Выселение российской делегации
Кадиллак - снят с продажи
Carlsberg — ограничение экспорта
Cex Io - Платформа Krypto банит пользователей ru
Cinema 4D - Приложение больше не работает в России
Кока-Кола - вывод
Danone убирает с рынка свою дочернюю компанию
Дисней - Отменил все фильмы
Dell - Уходит с рынка
Dropbox - Перестанет работать в стране через несколько дней
DHL — вывод средств
Конкурс Песни Евровидение - Отказ
Эрикссон - Выход
Exxon Mobil отзывает всех специалистов из российских нефтяных компаний
Etsy - блокировка баланса всех аккаунтов ru
Facebook — блокировка аккаунта российского СМИ
FedEx — полный запрет
Формула 1 - Отмена гонки в Сочи
Форд - выключает все
ФИФА - Отказ сборной от участия в ЧМ и запрет на проведение международных матчей в РФ
Google Pay – частичная блокировка
Карты Google — Россия заблокирована
General Motors прекратит экспорт
Запрет на импорт HP
Harley Davidson - прекращение поставок
Предотвращение распространения пропаганды в Instagram
Запрет на поставку микросхем Intel
Ягуар - уходит с рынка
Jooble - отменил услугу и сделал заявление
КУНА - выход с рынка
Леново - Выход
LinkedIn — подготовка к полному выходу
МОК - отмена всех соревнований
Mastercard - приостановка производства карт, закрытие нескольких банков
Maersk - прекращает поставки в/из России
Мерседес - уезжает из страны
Megogo - удалить все русские фильмы
Метро - Увольнение 10 000 сотрудников
Mitsubishi - увольнение в 141 сервисном центре
Microsoft Office - Обсуждаются несколько ограничительных мер
Mobile World Congress - Отказ в аккредитации делегации Российской Федерации
NFT - Перевод денег от пользователей РФ и РБ в Украину
НХЛ — полная блокировка российских игроков
Нетфликс - блокирует российские заказы, прекращает производство российских сериалов
Найк - закрывает все движения
Nintendo - запрет на покупку в рублях
Nestle закрывает все шесть заводов в России
OnlyFans – закрытие страны
Paysera - есть
Блокировка счетов PayPal за снятие средств
Первостепенная блокировка фильмов
Париматч - франшиза отменена
Платеж Play Station не может быть завершен
Запрет контента Pornhub
Порше - уезжает из России
Рено - уход с рынка
Samsung - блокировка платежного сервиса
Snapchat — вне магазинов приложений в России и Беларуси
Scania - выезд из РФ
SpaceX - доставка Starlink в Украину
Расторжение соглашения Shell с Газпромом
Spotify - нельзя оплатить по подписке
Блок распространения фильмов Sony
Твиттер - нельзя регистрировать аккаунты для граждан России
TikTok — массовый запрет на российские СМИ
Toyota - 2600 сотрудников уволены
УЕФА - Отмена финала ЛЧ в Санкт-Петербурге, отстранение всех клубов от ЛЧ и ЛЧ, расторжение договора с генеральным спонсором Газпром
UPS — полный запрет на доставку
Универсальный - Раздача заканчивается
Предупреждение банков Visa, попавших под санкции
Volvo - уходит из РФ
Исключение акций Яндекса с Нью-Йоркской фондовой биржи
YouTube - блокирует сотни российских каналов и их коммерциализацию
Warner Bros. отменит прокат всех фильмов
Запрет транзакций Webmoney
Фольксваген - убирайся из страны
Zoom — отзыв лицензий на разработку программного обеспечения
Anonymous  02/03/22 Срд 23:54:42 92982
похуй. правда.
Anonymous  03/03/22 Чтв 00:57:55 93001
Back-To-The-Pas[...].jpg 189Кб, 1600x900
>>92961 (OP)
Интересно, сколько новых стран родится после этого дерьмового шоу?
Anonymous  04/03/22 Птн 01:05:32 93232
>>92961 (OP)
Показательно, что это Запад отгораживает РФ от себя железным занавесом, а не наоборот. Будь наоборот, это вызвало бы огромное неудовольствие россиян властями и все бы бросились смотреть западные СМИ. Этот факт сильно меняет восприятие Запада в худшую сторону.
С запрет проката фильмов, игр, музыки и прочего творения ржу как тварь. В России с таким огромным трудом на протяжении 20 лет создавалась культура уважения к творческому труду и оплаты его, и тут западные санкции сами её и уничтожают. Ну что ж, значит 140 миллионов будут пиратить ваши творения не заплатив, лол.
Выход производителей одежды, еды, напитков и прочего - да пофиг если честно, но первое время дискомфорт от этого будет, да.
Касаемо Онлифанса, Спотифай, Твиттера и других социальных платформ, то мне исключительно похуй. Позицию Твиттера, запрещающего регистрацию российских аккаунтов, я вообще не понимаю и не могу объяснить ничем иным как удар по непричастным и лояльным западным ценностям россиянам. Они вообще понимают, что себе же в ногу стреляют?
По поводу того, что Ютуб, Тикток, ФБ и кто там ещё блочат наши СМИ меня тоже не сильно интересует, вряд ли наши СМИ за рубежом вообще смотрели, ну кроме РТ. Не думаю, что роскомнадзор посмеет забанить их, скорее как обычно договорятся. Да и вообще, пусть банят, кроме Ютуба.
Запрет на проведение спортивных и культурных мероприятий - это просто крайняя степень мразотности. Ублюдочный шаг. Жалко паралимпийцев. Это ничто иное, как проявление ненависти к обычным гражданам, к русской культуре, у этого нет оправдания.
Что касается поставок высоких технологий, то это действительно больно. В краткосрочной и среднесрочной перспективе это даст большое технологическое отставание, а население будет использовать устаревшую электронику. Зато в долгосрочной перспективе я надеюсь это даст толчок развитию собственной индустрии.
Ограничения на поставку нефти и газа, наложенные на Россию, - это всё равно, что у наркомана наркотик отнять. Могу только приветствовать, прощай ресурсное проклятие.
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