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Me rate Anonymous  31/12/18 Пнд 08:57:14 41671 Ответ
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Me rate
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Anonymous  02/01/19 Срд 23:00:57 41836
alister crowley.jpg (305Кб, 918x1024)
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it does. soul literally deformes the body.
Anonymous  02/01/19 Срд 23:25:50 41837
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 01:03:06 52096
>>41671 (OP)
It’s Valentine’s Day you know? The boys that shoved you into lockers are now having hot, loving intimate sex with their girlfriends. They’ve lived their lives and are ready to settle down with a wife at this point. Your bully will have sons who will continue his name

Meanwhile here you are, roaming incel forums. Having to bear the porn ads because you aren’t registered. Looking for a ‘yikes’ enough post to show your reddit friends and get upvotes and karma. LOL is this how you’re spending Valentine’s Day? at least I’m not trying to hide my years of trauma and can vent about it here, what do you have for that? A therapist? JFL she’ll be hiding her laughter when she hears your sob stories and is anticipating sex with chad as I type this

just lol at your pathetic lives incel tears fags
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 01:47:13 52097
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 01:59:08 52098
future prediction: cp spammer gets all major userbase flags except russia rangebanned
Heritage Thread Anonymous  05/01/19 Суб 13:16:48 41997 Ответ
1546501799409.png (449Кб, 1600x960)
Heritage Thread
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Пропущено 3 постов.
Anonymous  10/01/19 Чтв 15:43:38 46076
How do I stop giving off anti-girls (or women how they call them today) vibes ? Obviously I am Incel, which is offputing to girls cos they think Incels want to kill girls for not having sex with them whatevr.. Yet majority of those "Incels" are only joking and they are probably normies. I guess when I laugh sometimes, I laugh because its funny, but then again, its like theire is part of me who is not joking of funniesnes, but of some wickidness and like those typical "haha im programmer your dumb liberal arts student". Do you get what I mean ? Like fence sitting but not fence sitting, more like awkard not-succesful fence jumping. Like those normies on would have some good explanaintion about how its all kinda joke and then could say "ofcourse i respect all women and actually gf" whatver. That being said, my vocal IQ or whatever you might calll it, is really low so i never write out this thoughts, only some rare stupid things... I can give example: i meet cardi b on telegram and she quite ncie, yet instead of thanking her i become weird again and ruin it
fuck fuck fuck!!!!
Then agin i must be honest: do i have gf ? no will i ever have gf ? no what do these fantasies mean and why im so stuck in staring at screen and imagining famous people and girls being in love with me ? no
So it is it is I wanted to say I think if someone just give me this money and I could like travel and events and such it would be better
Anonymous  10/01/19 Чтв 15:51:25 46077
it is just very weird how theres certaintly some if not hate then some weird negativity in me about girls and in same time i spend every day fantasisisng about haveing a gf. its been long time ive been like this, on computer, without gf, wasting years doing nothing same things same things over and over and voero oveoreoroevnjklskvhoiu5r4320985u23ip4r2jr4o4i3u
Anonymous  10/01/19 Чтв 19:58:28 46082
how can you emit so many words at once
Anonymous  11/01/19 Птн 09:14:40 46098
fence sitting vs penis fencing
Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 21:11:21 46268
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