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This board focuses on international friendship and cultural exchange.
Tunesia Anonymous  20/04/19 Суб 01:37:58 58089 Ответ
2000px-Presiden[...].png (59Кб, 2000x1333)
Do you want to know what is the matrix-egregorial control? Learn Russian language. Anonymous  17/04/19 Срд 09:54:05 58018 Ответ
ipetgoat.JPG (72Кб, 1213x650)
tRU8H3VafB4.jpg (22Кб, 600x337)
Anonymous  18/04/19 Чтв 21:20:06 58046
>>58018 (OP)
британцы подажгли. из за брексита
Anonymous  19/04/19 Птн 20:43:54 58067
7042135675745219.jpg (177Кб, 600x358)
Im still a virgin.
Anonymous  19/04/19 Птн 21:06:39 58068
Fuck, He was so pretty guy
Anonymous  19/04/19 Птн 21:34:15 58075
And now he is Juliette Binoche
IRC Anonymous  16/04/19 Втр 11:25:11 57984 Ответ
IMG201902051901[...].jpg (1456Кб, 3120x3120)
Is IRC still alive on the Russia or did he died?
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Anonymous  17/04/19 Срд 10:52:05 58019
Anonymous  17/04/19 Срд 12:54:24 58021
died :(
Anonymous  18/04/19 Чтв 07:05:58 58030
Anonymous  18/04/19 Чтв 21:08:02 58044
this chan is also fsb run. so dont worry.
Anonymous  19/04/19 Птн 21:23:04 58071
IRC was not popular in Russia. I used to use Jabber and now Telegram.
Best job in the world Anonymous  19/04/19 Птн 21:16:22 58070 Ответ
best job in the[...].webm (3009Кб, 720x304, 00:00:41)
MOOOOOOONIKAAAAAAAAA Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 16:31:17 50060 Ответ
3bd.jpg (485Кб, 1448x2047)
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Anonymous  03/02/19 Вск 16:23:36 50098
Anonymous  03/02/19 Вск 16:30:03 50099
Anonymous  03/02/19 Вск 17:18:37 50104
Not pretty good.
Good to see you tho!
How did you survived DDLC ending?
Anonymous  04/02/19 Пнд 17:41:01 50137
tenor.gif (816Кб, 480x270)
Anonymous  19/04/19 Птн 15:10:11 58054
Why cant Russians spell names and such like normal human beings?,_%D0%A3%D0%B8%D0%BD%D1%81%D1%82%D0%BE%D0%BD Anonymous  11/04/19 Чтв 20:40:34 57891 Ответ
Nasun hunajavel[...].gif (2115Кб, 320x287)
vitun ble.jpg (35Кб, 640x480)
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Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 15:13:52 57930
Шцпзтоп Счигсчйьь
Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 15:14:46 57931
Switch alphabets for Russian names then.
Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 15:16:11 57932
Anonymous  19/04/19 Птн 03:43:29 58047
Ио, фцск уоц. Леаяи Еиглизн.
Anonymous  19/04/19 Птн 13:33:24 58052
Еиглизн из тне мозт зтцрид лапгцаге оп Еагтн.
Is this board dead? anyways greetings from the states, how's vodkaland? Anonymous  08/04/19 Пнд 09:44:35 57803 Ответ
1554330357513.png (1061Кб, 1920x1080)
Is this board dead? anyways greetings from the states, how's vodkaland?
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Anonymous  16/04/19 Втр 21:29:41 57998
Well, it may feel refreshing if you're coming from a developed country.
Anonymous  17/04/19 Срд 20:53:20 58025
russia vs norway.jpg (63Кб, 635x479)
Anonymous  18/04/19 Чтв 21:07:22 58042
I'm not norwegian.
I'm what russky people (my people) call proxyhohol, except I'm not from Ukraine.
Anonymous  18/04/19 Чтв 21:07:54 58043
Anonymous  18/04/19 Чтв 21:13:31 58045
архив кгб.jpg (48Кб, 570x315)
yes i know that, but you dumbo arent supposed to tell me that and keep larping so i larp as if you wer norwegian.(thats why pic is in russian)
IWO Krasnoyarsk Anonymous  19/03/18 Пнд 10:44:18 29724 Ответ
DSC0053.JPG (2673Кб, 3264x2448)
IWO Krasnoyarsk
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Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 17:53:32 57850
MOV0063.mp4 (7332Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:34)
WB60eyb1I7.jpg (480Кб, 1600x1200)
Anonymous  18/04/19 Чтв 09:16:48 58031
k32BvGX8GY.jpg (1058Кб, 1600x1200)
I am a very good person
Anonymous  18/04/19 Чтв 09:22:08 58032
813Lfie0ZC.jpg (786Кб, 1600x1200)
Anonymous  18/04/19 Чтв 09:26:11 58033
SU9Oz74115.jpg (858Кб, 1600x1200)
22 feb 2019
Anonymous  18/04/19 Чтв 19:03:32 58038
Охренненый Бельгийский блогер Уговорите его сделать видео на русском Anonymous  18/04/19 Чтв 01:31:39 58027 Ответ
43B2F02F-F20F-4[...].jpeg (561Кб, 2576x1932)
Немецкий Двач Анон   30/03/19 Суб 22:44:50 57625 Ответ
15442096895780.jpg (306Кб, 961x1280)
Аноны, есть ли у немцев свой форум, наподобие двача?? Ну или у других европейцев??
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Anonymous  12/04/19 Птн 18:39:23 57903
Anonymous  12/04/19 Птн 19:07:42 57913
Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 20:20:30 57981
Anonymous  16/04/19 Втр 21:50:27 58014
Anonymous  17/04/19 Срд 19:34:33 58024
if russia invented rage comics Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 00:34:11 57964 Ответ
19a62ea5.jpg (66Кб, 400x705)
if russia invented rage comics
Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 15:36:00 57979
Anonymous  17/04/19 Срд 10:54:31 58020
Dostoyevsky of rage comics. Way too deep.
Why is the trade volume between Russia and Iran so low? Why aren't they using their Volga Caspian Sea connection to trade? Anonymous  23/03/19 Суб 19:30:00 57444 Ответ
a0ac00b96e59d9c[...].jpg (215Кб, 640x441)
caspian-sea-sat[...].jpg (88Кб, 600x600)
Trade Iran Russ[...].PNG (30Кб, 331x636)
Why is the trade volume between Russia and Iran so low?

Why aren't they using their Volga Caspian Sea connection to trade?
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Anonymous  27/03/19 Срд 08:47:23 57545
>>57444 (OP)
Because Russia and Iran do not have industry .
Anonymous  05/04/19 Птн 17:53:30 57735
1554468643114 ([...].gif (411Кб, 1000x546)


Liberashka pls
Anonymous  14/04/19 Вск 11:14:54 57948
1480084177428.gif (1188Кб, 250x250)
Anonymous  14/04/19 Вск 19:14:40 57955
aby.jpg (19Кб, 744x258)
who do you think runs this site ?

russian intelligence=usmanov=abu
Anonymous  16/04/19 Втр 16:02:22 57986
Oulu sucks look at them all on bikes. Too poor can't afford cars XDDDDDDD Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 11:30:05 57837 Ответ
15535815200902.jpg (62Кб, 800x427)
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Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 01:48:47 57920
image.jpeg (268Кб, 530x589)
I knew a guy whose grandfather urged his family to buy a horse instead of a car, bc the world was about to run out of oil and horses run on grass and barley.
That was early noughts, so his forecast turned out to be a bit off.
But who knows, maybe now a horse would be a wise investment.
Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 19:18:26 57933
Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 20:01:32 57939
image.jpeg (374Кб, 700x495)
image.jpeg (456Кб, 750x539)
image.jpeg (694Кб, 850x608)
image.jpeg (651Кб, 900x643)
Can you ride three cars at the same time though? While looking opulent as fuck.
Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 21:16:47 57940
Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 02:33:38 57973
Agreed. Horses for real men.
do you love russia? Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 00:11:30 57962 Ответ
1791k17.jpg (22Кб, 430x430)
do you love russia?
Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 01:22:37 57967
arakul-1.jpg (234Кб, 467x700)
>>57962 (OP)
Just as we all we both love and hate the place where we live.
The place itself is actually great (even with winter, even with lack of infrastructure, the nature beyond Ural mountains is incredible and unlike any other) But what the faggots who sometimes even liver right here did and keep on doing with it, it's just beyond any form of civilized speech.

I also don't consider picrelated work of nature, I think it's ancient humans' one of the first attempts into concrete. Because Roman Pantheon is officially concrete, Egyptian pyramids are somewhat more primitive, and here's a guy showing how they could have been actually built, which made me thinking hm... those pyramids are rather advanced. What was the previous example of the same or similar technology, and I understood that picrelated wasn't built by itself (with straight angles (not just in forms of blocks, but in form of the wall itself sometimes)) by some official version which is so assinine I wouldn't even repeat it here, but I was told that glacier melted and left those stones accurately packed by
Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 01:24:34 57968
Anonymous  15/04/19 Пнд 01:38:23 57970
Слендермен это [...].jpg (206Кб, 1023x678)
>>57962 (OP)

Perhaps it is better to love than to hate, especially when interacting with Russians in the real life world of the imaginary realm of fantasy. Dreams of imagination have a higher degree of reality than the real world, especially since they are closer to the realm of the Russian saints and servants of God. Also, Russians may be less hostile to some Americans than many of the evil faeries whom have neither respect nor toleration for humans.

Jonathan Bree - You're So Cool

Королева фей
Peach Anonymous  14/04/19 Вск 15:30:25 57951 Ответ
e081328a.jpg (47Кб, 646x638)
Middle East: ISIS is Kill, What happens now? Anonymous  20/11/17 Пнд 19:31:27 25688 Ответ
Syrian,Iraqi,an[...].png (1517Кб, 4501x3439)
7a150a26-fa93-1[...].png (562Кб, 1159x938)
1625px-YemeniCi[...].png (276Кб, 1625x1061)
15109188889770.jpg (144Кб, 1150x890)
>America setting up multiple bases in North Syrian Kurdish area

>Iran entrenching it's self in Iraq with Shia majority dominated Baghdad and elite

>Saudis causing famine within the population of Shias in Yemen with Naval blockade

Is the stage being set for Freedoming Iran after Trump's mandate runs out?
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Anonymous  15/12/18 Суб 15:31:02 40877
1542419263042.webm (493Кб, 640x360, 00:00:04)
Anonymous  02/01/19 Срд 21:30:18 41831
15462615364022.jpg (913Кб, 910x1500)
11/02/19 Пнд 18:26:58 51789
what is this picture supposed to depict? the whites are obviously siblings
Anonymous  11/04/19 Чтв 21:26:44 57892
unknown (2).png (930Кб, 1920x1080)

Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 19:36:41 57937
Julian Assange is Banned Anonymous  12/04/19 Птн 18:45:54 57908 Ответ
RTS2HAEW-1024x6[...].jpg (121Кб, 1024x683)
Wikileaks.png (4085Кб, 2618x3453)
What now?
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Anonymous  12/04/19 Птн 19:12:31 57914
Anonymous  12/04/19 Птн 19:17:13 57915
Anonymous  12/04/19 Птн 19:24:51 57916
Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 00:30:39 57918
image.jpeg (644Кб, 1680x1050)
Must be tough. I wonder if Misaki came to cook for him.
Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 19:33:51 57936
What is 2ch's stance on Turqiue? Anonymous  19/03/19 Втр 14:02:41 57324 Ответ
tr.png (33Кб, 1600x1067)
What is 2ch's stance on Turqiue?
Anonymous  20/03/19 Срд 00:10:35 57341
Anonymous  20/03/19 Срд 10:49:25 57361
Anonymous  08/04/19 Пнд 09:59:09 57804
turks aren't human they are actually cockroaches
Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 01:53:49 57922
Raygun, go to sraka! Anonymous  12/04/19 Птн 15:30:59 57901 Ответ
1200px-Official[...].jpg (373Кб, 1200x1501)
Raygun, go to sraka!
Anonymous  12/04/19 Птн 21:21:56 57917
finland created civilization Anonymous  06/04/19 Суб 12:50:23 57741 Ответ
1482333529865.jpg (242Кб, 1364x1132)
finland created civilization
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Anonymous  10/04/19 Срд 17:10:35 57869
soumi on balalikas)
Anonymous  10/04/19 Срд 17:20:28 57870
Anonymous  10/04/19 Срд 22:18:58 57879
Nothing's up, everything's down.
Anonymous  10/04/19 Срд 22:41:57 57881
>>57741 (OP)
I didn't know Finland was in Africa. The more you know...
Anonymous  12/04/19 Птн 18:42:27 57907
>Do Russian girls in Australia without condom >Free citizenship and government child support when pregnant What could possibly go wrong? Anonymous  11/01/19 Птн 14:26:43 46106 Ответ
NataliaPoklonsk[...].png (245Кб, 470x339)
>Do Russian girls in Australia without condom
>Free citizenship and government child support when pregnant
What could possibly go wrong?
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Пропущено 4 постов.
Anonymous  10/04/19 Срд 20:34:50 57875
Anonymous  10/04/19 Срд 22:09:14 57878
america=niggers, spics, chinks, gooks, and irish
Anonymous  10/04/19 Срд 23:53:00 57884
It's not like abos are coming to Australia in droves and take white ppl's jobs. They're slowly dying out, no need to worry about them unlike muslims in Germany.
Anonymous  11/04/19 Чтв 18:11:53 57890
yes thats what i said, germans(abos) dying out and australians(abos) die out. good.
Anonymous  12/04/19 Птн 18:41:30 57906
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