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>fall 2019 Anonymous  13/06/19 Чтв 13:29:59 59431 Ответ
ssea0429a12f9d6[...].jpg (1324Кб, 1920x1080)
ss8f30a6ae45244[...].jpg (879Кб, 1920x1080)
ss2b0e749c2d157[...].jpg (1299Кб, 1920x1080)
ss1a55205227473[...].jpg (1607Кб, 1920x1080)
>fall 2019
17/06/19 Пнд 13:39:31 59505
/pol ?
>Pic unrelated Are niggers actually common in RUS? I heard they very much are in Moscow Petersburg and Novosibirsk but what about everywhere else? And is that even true? Anonymous  27/05/19 Пнд 05:57:26 58886 Ответ
1553750364864.png (258Кб, 600x338)
>Pic unrelated
Are niggers actually common in RUS?
I heard they very much are in Moscow Petersburg and Novosibirsk but what about everywhere else? And is that even true?
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Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 00:37:07 59380
You should start writing poetry m8.
Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 00:51:09 59386
images.jpg (12Кб, 227x222)
i do. here is mine about communism
нету жрать
ненадо срать
ненадо жопу подтирать
а если срать! то в штани и постирать!
12/06/19 Срд 20:12:43 59422
> а если срать, то в штаны и нестирать!
Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 23:00:32 59424
Anonymous  13/06/19 Чтв 00:10:16 59426
finga.jpg (6Кб, 257x196)
>>59422 are just to stupid to understand...its2deep4u iam real dostayevski

here i explain. communist shit their pants, real communist keep his pents smelly. but my poem is ment to be critical of communism, so under communism you dont eat and have no consequences of shitting...BUT IF you shit, you must clean ur pants. it means if you want to comsume, thus having the consequences of shitting, it means you also have to clean ur panties.

i hope it clear now, your welcome
Hi, I'm looking for my heritage. I stumbled upon this. Would anyone here be able to tell me what is written in here? Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 02:54:31 59278 Ответ
help.jpg (399Кб, 1130x574)
Hi, I'm looking for my heritage. I stumbled upon this. Would anyone here be able to tell me what is written in here?
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Anonymous  10/06/19 Пнд 01:06:01 59306
I can read some more closer to the beginning, like
"with witness of Jan Janowsky [???] Franciszek F[some surname], 50 years old [???] male newborn"
It also mentions a name you can see in Polish and the... geographical name? Вроников. It's mentioned three times in a sense I can't realize but there's a village called Wroników in Poland now.
>Wieś Wroników jest to bardzo stara miejscowość, należąca do rodu Jelitczyków herbu Koźlerogi, potomków słynnego Floriana Szarego.

Anonymous  10/06/19 Пнд 01:28:40 59307
Was Franciszek his father? Or that Josef Wojdel? And is it Wojdel, not Wojdela? It's unrecognizable. And if that unknown word after baby's name is a surname, why is it not equal to "F" or Wojdel?

The problem is that this coursive gives a little bit of understanding when it comes to phrases but you can't guess enough to be precise.

Зайда must be Zajda. And he was baptized in the day it was written but it doesn't help much. And Josef was 26 years old.
Anonymous  10/06/19 Пнд 01:42:16 59309
No idea btw why's there a name in Polish after words "who was born Swalska" Ymalskich? What?
Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 13:43:40 59406
>no response after I spent an hour reading that crap
Fuck you, dumb polish fag, and all your family.
Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 16:29:58 59416
Hypothesis that South Korea’s White House Intimidation Case is 2013 South Korea Cyberattack’s Undercover Operation Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 13:41:19 57845 Ответ
cooperative-han[...].png (2785Кб, 1162x4000)
"Are South Korean journalists pathetic?
To sum up, it's whodunit that South Korean Cyberwarfare Suspended Execution Unit attacked financial sector with Ransomware
Is there penal cyber units?
Don't you think topic of 'Hypothesis that South Korea's White House Intimidation Case is 2013 South Korea Cyberattack's Undercover Operation' is more appropriate than 'South Korean Penal Cyber Units are responsible for WannaCry Ransomware Attack'?
In my view, this post is a bait distributed by group that wants to know about 3.20 cyber terror
Aren't you wet your pants because of my eerie reasoning?

2013 South Korea cyberattack, 2019 North Korea-United States Hanoi Summit, 4chan Anonymous, Agency for Defense Development, anontwitrack, Anonymous accomplice, Anonymous amnesty, Anonymous hacker, Anonymous mask, Anonymous messenger, ARSO-I Office, Assassination threat, Barack Hussein Obama II, broadcasting station, Central Intelligence Agency, CIA Classified information, CIA entrapment, CIA insider, CIA Station in Seoul, claim responsibility, Classified information, computer forensics, contacting North Korea, cooperative investigation, Crime Scene Investigation, criminal extradition, CSI, Cyber Strafbattalion, cyber troops, cyber warfare units, cyberattack confession, cyberterror whodunit, cyberwarfare capability, Cyberwarfare Operational Plan, D_ruking prosecutor Cheong Woo-jun, DarkSeoul conversation, David M. Martin, Defense Security Command, Director General Mr. KIM Seong Geun, Donald J. Trump, Donald John Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump Assassination, Dotard Kim Jong-un, DPR Korea, DPRK cybersecurity, DPRK cyberterror, DPRK Cyberwarfare, DPRK Cyberweapon, DPRK extradition, DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of the United States of America, entrapment investigation, Federal Bureau of Investigation, fopeople twitter, GoatSacrifice, Google hacking, Hacker emblem, harakiri seppuku, heuristic analysis, Human intelligence, intimidation case, investigation report, Japanese media, jointly investigation, Judge PARK Sarang, Judicial Marionettes, KBS employee Mr. Lee, KBS journalist, KBS Mr. Lee, Kim Jong-un Dotard, Kim Jong-un Hahaha, Kimsuky, Kimsuky Operation, KNPA Foreign Affairs Bureau, Korean Anonymous, Korean Broadcasting System, Korean Government, Korean National Police Agency Cyber Bureau, Korean People's Army Ground Force, Korean Rasputin, Lawyers for a Democratic Society lawyer Kim Yongmin, Lee Yun-hyang, Lippert threat case, malicious code, March 20 cyber terror, ‎Mark William Lippert, Media of the United States, Natasha M. Poeschl Security Attache, Natasha Poeschl Special Agent, National Intelligence Service, National Police Agency, North Korea policy, North Korean Cyberwarfare Negotiation, North Korean hacker, North Korean interpreter, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, North Korean provocation, North Korea's instruction, North Korea-United States, Obama administration, Obama threat case, Obama's Secret War, Operational Plan 2019, OPLAN 2019, Park Geun-hye impeachment, penal cyber unit, Penal military unit, political tempest, R.O.K. Cyber Command, ransomware whodunit, resident spy, ROK Ministry of National Defense, Sanctions against North Korea, SANS Institute, SEAL Team Six, secret investigation, security vacuum, self-fabricated scenario, Seoul Central District Court, Sin Hye-yong, Sony Pictures Entertainment, South Korea computer network paralysis, South Korean government, North Korean journalist, South Korea-United States, special agent Mr. Kim, Special Crime Squad, strategic platform, tactical weapon, the third U.S.-North Korea summit, threatening message case, threatening post, U.S. Antigovernment, U.S. bioweapon, U.S. Embassy Seoul, U.S.-South Korea Alliance, undercover investigation, undercover lawyer, undercover operation, United States Congress, United States Department of Homeland Security, United States Secret Service, Wall Street ransomware attack, WannaCry ransomware attack, warning letter, White House threatening message case, White House website, white-hat hacker, hacker, Wikipedia Hahaha, СВР"
Smoke Negro Dotard Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 13:42:10 57846
Druking prosecu[...].jpeg (405Кб, 750x1354)
neg, nega, negar, nege, neger, negi, negie, negro, nig, niga, nigar, nige, niger, nigi, nigie, nigro, negg, negga, neggar, negge, negger, neggi, neggie, neggro, nigg, nigga, niggar, nigge, nigger, niggi, niggie, niggro, #neg #nega #negar #nege #neger #negi #negie #negro #nig #niga #nigar #nige #niger #nigi #nigie #nigro #negg #negga #neggar #negge #negger #neggi #neggie #neggro #nigg #nigga #niggar #nigge #nigger #niggi #niggie #niggro #卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 muie la unguri 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍

Kim Jong-un: This is my Marijuana farm
I hope you like it ;-)

Donald Trump: I have a Smoke Dotard Negro in States

Barack Obama: Did you ring a bell, Master Donald?
Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 15:55:07 57847
Anonymous  10/04/19 Срд 17:09:06 57868
Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 07:52:30 59396
Why did Russians like this guy so much? He killed so many people for the sake of Anonymous  13/01/19 Вск 17:27:26 46251 Ответ
3097D379-2499-4[...].jpeg (40Кб, 384x384)
Why did Russians like this guy so much? He killed so many people for the sake of progress, assassinated people and much more, but people ignore that. Even when they admit some of his wrongdoings, they say it’s not his fault, it’s his underlings fault, he doesn’t know anything about the bad things happening, he is just in a “bubble”.
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Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 13:42:04 59133
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 17:44:45 59141
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 20:55:44 59177
Russians are slaves and love to be enslaved. Seriously, its in our DNA. We LOVE it when someone acts viscous to us. During Stalins years you would be put into a fucking gulag for 10 years if you stole 1 fucking button from a dress factory. So of course we look back at Stalin with warmth and nostalgia.
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 21:44:38 59179
americanultra.jpg (45Кб, 1036x558)
Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 01:09:03 59392
Better luck with a proxy next time, mr voice of america agent.
What video games have you been playing lately? Anonymous  31/05/19 Птн 20:05:16 59006 Ответ
59108976ae653aa[...].jpeg (34Кб, 323x433)
590db112ae653a7[...].jpeg (20Кб, 323x433)
What video games have you been playing lately?
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Пропущено 6 постов, 4 с картинками.
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 13:33:48 59131
image.png (121Кб, 220x307)
image.png (156Кб, 460x215)
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 19:24:31 59202
Good taste, my man, good taste.
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 21:14:50 59213
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 21:33:11 59214
Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 01:06:08 59391
Dunno about Insurgency but CKII is a great choice.
trumped Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 00:01:30 59272 Ответ
RFhWpCuO80E[1].jpg (238Кб, 1280x960)
Anonymous  10/06/19 Пнд 14:42:52 59313
Anonymous  11/06/19 Втр 17:09:44 59358
Is it dead board with dead posters? Anonymous  10/06/19 Пнд 16:21:26 59320 Ответ
DSCN1092.jpg (843Кб, 2592x1944)
Is it dead board with dead posters?
Anonymous  10/06/19 Пнд 16:39:34 59321
Its is a stillbirth, this board never lived more than a handful of me rate thredas
Anonymous  10/06/19 Пнд 22:59:32 59343
> >70prc is russians
Anonymous  10/06/19 Пнд 23:00:34 59344
others is russians using VPN
Anonymous  11/06/19 Втр 00:03:44 59347
Free boobz in Szczecin Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 14:34:15 59259 Ответ
QuarrelsomeHome[...].webm (1146Кб, 320x560, 00:00:39)
Free boobz in Szczecin
Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 14:36:04 59260
155994743426440[...].jpg (264Кб, 1152x2048)
MMM sperma
Anonymous  10/06/19 Пнд 21:25:05 59329
IWO: Split Anonymous  26/11/18 Пнд 16:18:23 40064 Ответ
IMG201811211324[...].jpg (3448Кб, 3968x2976)
IMG201811141212[...].jpg (4218Кб, 3968x2976)
IMG201811141212[...].jpg (3835Кб, 3968x2976)
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Anonymous  01/06/19 Суб 22:22:59 59062
yes citizen of USSR but in passport it says nationality:russian

also 30 million of russians live abroad. thats population of uk xD
Anonymous  01/06/19 Суб 23:39:58 59066
It does not matter. My father is Chechen, and my mother is Polish, according to my birth certificate I am Russian, like my parents.
Anonymous  02/06/19 Вск 20:11:01 59078
xodorkovski.png (647Кб, 530x706)
yes, poles and check republic is russian clay i agree. but they dont think so and usually very butthurt about russia.

i mean in USSR passport you hade citizenship:grazdan CCCP and nationality:russian, bashkir etc.

in my opinion i would remove all this "chechen republic" "moscow oblasty" "dagestany" etc, it makes division, i would name only according to state. like grozni. their should be no borders or district.

also to many villages and small cities, put everything in one big city surrounded by ecofarms.
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 00:13:46 59155
You can write anything in your kid's birth certificate. You could be Klingon if your parents were retarded.
Anonymous  10/06/19 Пнд 21:15:37 59327
This is a thread. Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 14:18:30 59258 Ответ
dsd.jpg (70Кб, 1300x840)
This is a thread.
Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 19:57:25 59265
701793-7988439e.jpeg (143Кб, 1440x564)
Anonymous  10/06/19 Пнд 14:14:17 59311
epic thread 10/10
int sucks Anonymous  07/06/19 Птн 13:12:46 59231 Ответ
15535815200902.jpg (62Кб, 800x427)
int sucks
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Пропущено 2 постов, 1 с картинками.
Anonymous  07/06/19 Птн 21:26:20 59243
Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 08:42:55 59254
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 06:59:08 59282
Still sucks due sucky murrican poster
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 16:07:57 59288
mP2pXDrqLAI.jpg (79Кб, 1080x859)
Anonymous  10/06/19 Пнд 06:30:50 59310
Fun facts about Dvach Anonymous  03/06/19 Пнд 15:41:58 59102 Ответ
882A4C3B-F7F1-4[...].jpeg (163Кб, 674x674)
Did you know we call our moderators mocha because they always keep vigil as if they're drinking mocha coffee all the time?
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Пропущено 12 постов, 2 с картинками.
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 14:37:07 59171
We do call our moderators mocha, or rather used to until recently when everyone ceased to give a fuck. Google "мочератор" if you don't believe me.
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 16:52:28 59172
I heard somewhere that "Mocha" was the Abu name in the army.
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 20:22:30 59173
Lol thanks for information
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 20:59:14 59293
Anonymous  10/06/19 Пнд 01:37:08 59308
Strange, his tag says de. Have you been anschlussing again, Germany?
Почему мы общаемся на английском? Мы должны общаться на родном языке! Anonymous  21/05/19 Втр 19:57:13 58733 Ответ
14722298649870.gif (442Кб, 455x500)
Почему мы общаемся на английском? Мы должны общаться на родном языке!
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Пропущено 15 постов, 4 с картинками.
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 20:24:33 59206
Maybe he is bitter because he doesn't know english very well
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 20:43:07 59207
15357303804850.webm (2361Кб, 452x720, 00:00:08)
or maybe I know english, but I want you to write in finnish?
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 20:54:32 59208
joseph.jpg (68Кб, 690x554)
Anonymous  07/06/19 Птн 17:40:10 59234
1559918372386.png (917Кб, 962x747)
wish you were a winx fairy
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 16:00:13 59287
>>58733 (OP)
Потому что ВСЕ должны понимать, о чем идет речь, не только россияне. Это доска и для иностранцев тоже
How do I lower my blood Cortisol levels? It's very high according to bloodwork. Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 15:13:50 59195 Ответ
1558808332315.jpg (123Кб, 869x811)
How do I lower my blood Cortisol levels?

It's very high according to bloodwork.
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 15:23:38 59196
1559347297997.jpg (30Кб, 400x400)
Sending 2ch mods to gas chambers would help, I think.
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 08:51:19 59284
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 13:37:52 59286
152094200331123[...].jpg (65Кб, 500x500)
Why Abu sold Dvach? Anonymous  18/05/19 Суб 20:21:05 58705 Ответ
15577689458570-[...].jpg (32Кб, 399x521)
To kremlebots, red lahta?
Why there ara so many scripts (auto thread, auto answers)?

Why you need to destroy this site?
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Пропущено 2 постов, 2 с картинками.
Anonymous  19/05/19 Вск 19:34:37 58716
Anonymous  20/05/19 Пнд 06:32:12 58720
AXAXXAXAXAXAXAX right in tochka))
Anonymous  20/05/19 Пнд 06:32:47 58721
This doska is called DVACH. Those who disagree goes to na hui.

Anonymous  21/05/19 Втр 07:45:41 58728
And it was around for two years, meanwhile this site is open for ten years (if we're counting tirech times). This begs the question which dvach is the true one.
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 04:00:49 59279
20180224140703.jpg (108Кб, 448x386)
what is ЛЕВ ПРОТИВ Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 08:49:03 59121 Ответ
250px-Левпротив.jpg (34Кб, 250x333)

What does an average Russian think about him? He has a lot of thumbs up and I thought Russian normies would be 95% supporting alcoholisation. Who supports him? Nazis? They support a guy who looks like a Chechen??
Isn't he some kind of Chechen? There's a lot of Westernized Russians with dyed hair and Western clothing too. Weird.
If he tried that 'stop drinking here and now' shit in Poland he'd end up badly for sure.
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Пропущено 16 постов, 1 с картинками.
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 21:43:04 59215
>Стоп, попрошайки! Стоп Харам
unironically based
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 21:50:55 59216
607635731453463[...].jpg (129Кб, 1024x1821)
Looks like Rushkas the next, who will be cucked by muzlims.
Anonymous  07/06/19 Птн 08:38:19 59225
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 00:01:03 59271
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 00:11:50 59274
Let's have a good old Krokodil thread Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 02:25:29 59115 Ответ
C93AD0AB-E49B-4[...].jpeg (60Кб, 1280x720)
Let's have a good old Krokodil thread
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 02:39:10 59116
legalize krokod[...].png (375Кб, 800x580)
i wonder how long that kid lived after that pic
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 09:37:34 59123
13992921066.jpg (37Кб, 700x466)
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 22:32:16 59184
>>59115 (OP)
good drug Codeine was banned by government thanks to crocodile addict assholes
Anonymous  07/06/19 Птн 11:27:55 59228
base.jpg (280Кб, 1080x1080)
videoplayback1.mp4 (21998Кб, 320x240, 00:08:33)
Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 21:52:40 59269
Message from a Turkic man to the Russian Crackers Anonymous  24/05/19 Птн 17:09:08 58799 Ответ
Mapofindependen[...].png (73Кб, 1896x854)
You hate us. We hate you. There is no compromise between our peoples.

How can two mortal enemies live under the same roof? We can't. We must separate. A Turkic Union for us, a Russian Union for you.

My only demand is that each year you will send us 900 billion dollars as reparations for what you did to the Central Asia and to Ottoman Empire. This is our reparations. If you do this, we will respect your right to existence. But only if you pay us the reparations. Or else we breed your white bitches
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Пропущено 29 постов, 9 с картинками.
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 13:17:33 59130
15578592371140.mp4 (12967Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:26)
>>58799 (OP)
>My only demand is that each year you will send us 900 billion dollars as reparations for what you did to the Central Asia and to Ottoman Empire.
Imagine thinking that T*rkey, the country who still gets their ass beat regularly by a few mountain dwelling guerrillas with slavshit guns, is in any position to demand anything of any other country.
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 12:08:07 59166
15576795351820.jpg (88Кб, 600x717)
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 13:59:54 59167
Kebab can speak?
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 22:27:32 59183
Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 20:31:33 59268
Fuck off mods, explain how is that darknet thread against the rules? Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 23:35:26 59190 Ответ
1550347011269.png (12Кб, 321x321)
Fuck off mods, explain how is that darknet thread against the rules?
Anonymous  07/06/19 Птн 21:32:23 59245
Dude, just have a mocha and chill. It's a universal recipe for dealing w mods.
Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 08:42:24 59253
Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 19:50:17 59264
feelsschwarzene[...].png (112Кб, 446x520)
Thank you are a true friend
I love Putin (no homo) Anonymous  13/05/19 Пнд 19:53:58 58598 Ответ
LNKL.jpeg (49Кб, 500x334)
I love Putin (no homo)
Пропущено 7 постов.
Пропущено 7 постов.
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 06:08:51 59119
>>58598 (OP)
>(no homo)
Yes you are. And not bc you love Putin.
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 08:33:29 59120
> what did putin do to you ?
Created police state
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 06:28:25 59192
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 23:55:31 59219
Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 19:37:45 59262
what police state you retard ? have you lived outside of russia ?
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