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Двощ сломался Anonymous  05/08/20 Срд 00:41:56 68184 Ответ
image.png 478Кб, 720x549
Меня определяет как бриташку, не пускает на борду, шо делать?
рб как бэ
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Anonymous  07/09/20 Пнд 00:42:50 68877
Anonymous  08/09/20 Втр 00:59:16 68892
London is the capital of the Great Britain.
13/09/20 Вск 19:06:17 69024
тест /int/
Я русский Я русский  20/09/20 Вск 11:35:44 69207
Я русский
Anonymous  20/09/20 Вск 12:21:12 69208
садись на бутылку
This is MY president! He will keep ruskie's in corral. Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 11:01:54 69173 Ответ
Gwzv6bmsGGQ.jpg 37Кб, 604x362
This is MY president! He will keep ruskie's in corral.
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Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 20:55:06 69184
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 22:27:58 69191
Anonymous  20/09/20 Вск 00:46:41 69194
JoeBidenDevil.gif 1699Кб, 512x512
Anonymous  20/09/20 Вск 01:56:42 69196
200620202126192[...].jpg 91Кб, 829x544
Anonymous  20/09/20 Вск 04:44:04 69201
Anonymous  09/09/20 Срд 11:12:50 68920 Ответ
15926173584481[[...].png 3Кб, 237x461
# OP 09/09/20 Срд 11:24:22 68921
dpfy-fxcayzxgk[[...].jpg 10Кб, 1024x768
russkaya-goluba[...].jpg 590Кб, 1500x1200
wide3d8e2927928[...].jpg 197Кб, 1200x800
51mOsDJWOKL.ACS[...].jpg 7Кб, 475x679
Anonymous  09/09/20 Срд 11:55:00 68923
15971413001521[[...].jpg 128Кб, 920x690
15971413001500[[...].jpg 387Кб, 748x1000
Anonymous  09/09/20 Срд 22:21:55 68941
15996398638273.jpg 7Кб, 475x679
15996417010571.jpg 387Кб, 748x1000
Anonymous  20/09/20 Вск 02:03:18 69198
It's you, anon Anonymous  14/09/20 Пнд 18:31:53 69064 Ответ
1600097531559.gif 5673Кб, 408x336
It's you, anon
Anonymous  16/09/20 Срд 23:18:47 69104
16002822191202.jpg 77Кб, 1280x960
Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 07:57:21 69105
16003044763210.png 1179Кб, 1280x960
Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 11:53:35 69107
Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 20:41:15 69124
Anonymous  20/09/20 Вск 01:52:56 69195
Have a kangeroo. Anonymous  06/07/20 Пнд 13:14:53 67591 Ответ
kangeroo.png 516Кб, 650x488
Have a kangeroo.
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Anonymous  12/08/20 Срд 04:47:18 68320
Anonymous  13/08/20 Чтв 20:18:48 68358
kangaroo.jpg 190Кб, 1200x800
Anonymous  25/08/20 Втр 12:41:35 68696
kangeroo1.png 423Кб, 693x462
Anonymous  25/08/20 Втр 20:06:38 68700
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 22:37:41 69192
30EE89AF0000057[...].jpg 125Кб, 634x896
ex-yu Anonymous  25/07/20 Суб 13:11:05 67972 Ответ
mecena.jpg 130Кб, 720x960
edicija dvač
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Anonymous  14/09/20 Пнд 20:17:02 69068
Dedek Mraz, jebem ti mater. We did not need halloween in Yugo.
Anonymous  14/09/20 Пнд 21:31:11 69069
halloween and new year are different things tho
Anonymous  14/09/20 Пнд 21:45:06 69070
new year and sex too. just kidding, bro.
Anonymous  15/09/20 Втр 10:25:08 69082
WOW it means scum in russian, rude
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 21:53:49 69190
Who they are so hard to women Anonymous  13/09/20 Вск 17:44:20 69021 Ответ
OMOH.png 419Кб, 422x514
Who they are so hard to women
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Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 01:17:39 69137
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 03:17:14 69168
president of uk[...].webm 4015Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:45
"Lukashenko is not the legitimate president of Ukraine"
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 10:49:35 69171
>>69021 (OP)
I get hard too when exposed to some tiddies or bagina. Don't you? Are you gay? Gays are not welcome here.
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 10:59:36 69172
It is mirrored "ОМОН", "special purpose police unit". It is not "spetsnaz" though, which some western journalists incorrectly assume, it is good old riot police. They are sometimes used to arrest criminals when dude in question is somewhat dangerous, but not enough for SOBR (anti-terror, organized crime) unit to participate. Mirroring ОМОН to HOMO is an old joke.

It is all about Russia though, but belarussian omon is basically the same.
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 21:04:08 69187
ukraine attaq.jpg 62Кб, 650x365
he will be, putin offered him ukraine and baltics as exchange for become part of same goverment
(。◕ ω◕ 。) Anonymous  15/09/20 Втр 08:47:18 69080 Ответ
T023R750x750M00[...].jpg 38Кб, 750x408
(。 ω 。)
Anonymous  15/09/20 Втр 10:23:33 69081
1591979022425.jpg 41Кб, 536x440
Anonymous  16/09/20 Срд 21:55:09 69100
renaissancebyal[...].jpg 57Кб, 1600x900
isischaninminec[...].jpg 124Кб, 1600x900
Anonymous  16/09/20 Срд 22:56:24 69103
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 19:10:12 69180
download.jpeg 7Кб, 224x224
Абу Тальха
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 21:01:53 69186
Leave your shit hole of a country. Come live in prosperity, come where social benefits Anonymous  12/03/20 Чтв 03:23:23 65413 Ответ
250px-Suomenlip[...].png 102Кб, 250x319
pepeeiisänmaata.jpg 56Кб, 1000x728
238c545b.jpg 65Кб, 650x434
gigaputin.jpg 30Кб, 552x397
Leave your shit hole of a country. Come live in prosperity, come where social benefits amount to 65884 rubles a month. Send money home whatever. Come and get paid 247068 a month for skilled labor. Also, it's not grey and poor. Bring your sisters though. Love ya'll crazy ruskies
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Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 00:05:45 69162
Everyone knows your elections are rigged to hell and back retard, you should kill yourself for spreading this cringe propaganda.
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 00:25:16 69163
> Everyone knows
You know nothing.
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 00:30:56 69164
he knows everything, he's a proxyhohol
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 00:35:44 69165
Yes, that is probably true.
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 02:39:55 69167
Or not. I guess it is easy for an American to be ignorant about our country. They don't speak Russian, so it would take effort for them to get unbiassed information. These things are what they are being told from all their "independent" media. Here we have about 2% of people who think this way. There it may be all one hundred.

Look what happens in Belarus, where majority of population voted for President Lukashenko. Today the EU claims him to be an illegitimate leader and recognises Tihanovskaya as the elected leader. Even if Lukashenko were "illegitimate", how can Tihanovskaya be "elected" when only 10% voted for her? Nobody cares what Belarusian people think. Без меня меня женили. I can easily imagine them trying to pull the same trick here in 2024 or earlier. They may try to appoint Navalny as the Russian president in exile. On the West he is probably considered as someone well-known and well-supported here, they even nominated him for Nobel Prize.
Why is he such a faggot? Anonymous  07/09/20 Пнд 23:00:17 68891 Ответ
index.jpg 6Кб, 225x225
Why is he such a faggot?
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Пропущено 4 постов, 2 с картинками.
Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 16:44:36 69119
>>THIS army
how is the free volunteer work
Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 08:23:08 69141
;.jpg 31Кб, 500x500
have you cleaned your streets after niggers chimped out already or does it still look like a war zone?
Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 19:08:09 69154
1600366021267.jpg 62Кб, 590x719
>implying russians aren't just niggers born the wrong skin colour
Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 21:55:06 69159
your entire modern culture revolves around niggers and most of your celebs are either niggers or latinos so its safe to assume you're the one born with the wrong skin color(unless you're not white which is highly probable given the demographics change LOL)
Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 22:23:22 69160
Hey, sweety. Why do you store this on HDD? Is it your fetish? A bigger man who is more superior than you in any way, you and he in a room alone. No need to feel embarrased, I find this difference hot too. What's your height?
Hey guys, wanna earn some buck why shitposting on kohl? Here's how you can earn Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 15:18:10 69153 Ответ
160042546696679[...].jpg 19Кб, 554x554
Hey guys, wanna earn some buck why shitposting on kohl? Here's how you can earn $100 dollars

>1- Go to Play Store (Android phone) or App Store (IOS), download App TronLink Pro and create a wallet.

>2- After opening the frame, touch the word "Me" in the lower right corner of the screen.

>3- Select and touch "Invite friends"

>4- Then choose to touch Claim Rewards and enter the invitation code RR57 You will get 300 Points (Bonus points =$100)

links here
Asians = White Anonymous  # OP 09/09/20 Срд 08:05:31 68918 Ответ
asians white.jpg 539Кб, 1828x1628
Asians = White
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Anonymous  15/09/20 Втр 01:10:53 69074
453013112002597[...].jpg 152Кб, 1080x1350
keep coping you absolute shitskin gook.
Anonymous  15/09/20 Втр 04:05:40 69076
Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 01:20:17 69138
komoshuai566273[...].jpg 169Кб, 1080x1350
Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 06:03:45 69139
The picture that I uploaded in my previous post was a natural Korean girl with no surgery or skin whitening. Consider this: if asians are white then why is there such a large demand for skin whitening products?

I understand that you want to be accepted as an "honorary white" to make up for your inferiority complex. But, you have to accept the fact that the skin color of a vast majority of Asians are in varying shades of brown. It is what it is.
Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 11:04:58 69146
navijacice-srbi[...].jpg 81Кб, 719x534
Hello Finns! How do you feel about other Finno-Ugric peoples, including those living in Russia? Anonymous  28/02/18 Срд 01:37:51 29041 Ответ
FlagofFinland.png 0Кб, 250x153
Hello Finns! How do you feel about other Finno-Ugric peoples, including those living in Russia?
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Пропущено 161 постов, 49 с картинками.
Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 18:30:30 69121
Oh lol. I wonder why the Finns sided with the Nazis some 80 years ago. Not the nazi sentiment of their own, no no sir.
Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 23:52:26 69129
they had mixed feelings, they didnt like russia, but they also had jews in their army and stuff.
Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 23:56:22 69130
17/09/20 Чтв 23:57:13 69131
Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 23:58:09 69132
d'u know what's the difference between calendar and you? CALENDAR HAS DATES, BTICH! Anonymous  14/09/20 Пнд 13:18:10 69049 Ответ
Кошь,537x435,12[...].png 127Кб, 537x435
d'u know what's the difference between calendar and you?

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Anonymous  14/09/20 Пнд 13:24:14 69056
cat moving hila[...].gif 1933Кб, 250x318
cat shocked.gif 1853Кб, 500x281
cat masseuse.gif 2024Кб, 355x300
cat moving hila[...].gif 1760Кб, 250x308
Anonymous  14/09/20 Пнд 13:24:49 69057
Aghast.Cat.400x[...].jpg 33Кб, 400x400
Anonymous  14/09/20 Пнд 13:25:34 69058
bambi,540x540,1[...].png 109Кб, 540x540
bitch.bird,714x[...].jpg 60Кб, 714x960
blacked,1080x69[...].jpg 55Кб, 1080x691
bradley cooper [...].jpg 111Кб, 980x1267
Anonymous  14/09/20 Пнд 13:27:13 69059
carsh-blandt-Ko[...].gif 2026Кб, 359x346
cecC5xj8zbc.jpg 97Кб, 1240x823
file.gif 1585Кб, 260x260
Japanese guy us[...].gif 1657Кб, 500x219
Anonymous  14/09/20 Пнд 13:28:43 69060
bump if u want - i gonna go suck a dick
I'm the trouble starter, punkin' instigator I'm the fear addicted, a Anonymous  13/09/20 Вск 23:16:30 69034 Ответ
firestarter.jpg 13Кб, 165x203
I'm the trouble starter, punkin' instigator
I'm the fear addicted, a danger illustrated
I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter
You're a firestarter, twisted firestarter
I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter
I'm the bitch you hated, filth infatuated, yeah
I'm the pain you tasted, fell intoxicated
I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter
You're the firestarter, twisted firestarter
I'm the self inflicted, mind…
Anonymous  02/09/20 Срд 21:14:15 68818 Ответ
15990664233690[[...].png 800Кб, 1280x852
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Anonymous  08/09/20 Втр 22:13:01 68912
>fails to kill the target
I don't think Poutin wanted to kill him. Probably just wanted to make him disabled for life.
Anonymous  09/09/20 Срд 21:56:43 68929
Yeah sure. And then he released him to Germany so that German doctors could identify the poison and the West could use the incident against Russia. So clever I can almost believe that's what really happened.
Anonymous  10/09/20 Чтв 18:45:40 68954
>be elzin
>sell everything russians
>wester elite suck russian resources via jewish oligarchs
>putin comes does wierd shit western world doesnt like
>western put sanctions on those oligarchs companies
>putin "see! see i told you about those westerns bro, i told you bro!" to oligarchs
>oligarchs start to cry
>putin lets nationalise our resources and ruble, otherwise we will die.
Anonymous  12/09/20 Суб 18:46:20 69000
Anonymous  13/09/20 Вск 22:43:42 69033
>>68818 (OP)
Всем поебать, кого он там чем считал. Мы немецких омежек ёбнули и трахнули всех немок, а ты куколд до сих пор ходишь и подлизываешь с пола что мы накончали.
Монголы стрелкян  03/06/20 Срд 16:16:31 66897 Ответ
дрочивили.png 166Кб, 454x534
вячегун стрелкян
Anonymous  03/06/20 Срд 21:52:57 66911
>>66897 (OP)
O'key, dude, its man is beautiful, but who is it. Please in eng.
Anonymous  03/06/20 Срд 22:04:58 66912
Не позорься, Польшаров
Anonymous  13/09/20 Вск 22:42:44 69032
Any robloxxxers? Anonymous  12/09/20 Суб 21:36:11 69008 Ответ
robloxian.png 479Кб, 704x705
You guys play roblox here lel. Love playing that game so much and wanted to know if any sexy russian boys played it.
Anonymous  12/09/20 Суб 21:37:01 69009
изображение.png 507Кб, 498x502
Yes. I have 1 million Robux.
Anonymous  12/09/20 Суб 22:54:15 69010
Anonymous  12/09/20 Суб 23:14:49 69011
That's unfortunate. I bet you waste your mom's welfare on Robux, poor fucking ass
Anonymous  13/09/20 Вск 22:29:05 69031
>>69008 (OP)
we play game of "conquering the world..then mars"
strong Russia Anonymous  23/08/20 Вск 06:27:45 68629 Ответ
mobileimage-9b6[...].jpg 219Кб, 576x384
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Anonymous  08/09/20 Втр 11:39:58 68898
>s putn ik
Perhaps under the next President
Anonymous  09/09/20 Срд 21:59:04 68930
ddx0z1e-825e969[...].png 5262Кб, 2900x4000
waaaait a second... That silhouette in the background is Crash Bandicoot, innit?
Anonymous  09/09/20 Срд 22:01:18 68931
neca-crash-band[...].jpg 309Кб, 800x1000
Waaait a sec. That's Crash Bandicoot in the background, innit?
Anonymous  09/09/20 Срд 22:01:51 68932
Anonymous  12/09/20 Суб 18:57:01 69001
Pizda Anonymous  28/08/20 Птн 21:27:16 68729 Ответ
156502overnout3[...].jpg 553Кб, 3840x2160
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Пропущено 23 постов, 7 с картинками.
Anonymous  11/09/20 Птн 21:48:42 68974
НА украине хохлов подчтишто нету ето все руссккие, в россии болше хохлов чем на украине хеххе, им хрушёв(перлмутер) навизал украинство.
Anonymous  11/09/20 Птн 21:57:48 68975
а у тебя секса так и не было и уже никогда не будет
Anonymous  11/09/20 Птн 22:37:39 68976
украина хуйня, я уже не могу дождаться когда она развалиться.
Anonymous  12/09/20 Суб 12:15:34 68987
Скорее США быстрее развалится
Anonymous  12/09/20 Суб 18:16:35 68997
Русский - пости пизду или джигурду. Или уебывай на хуй из треда, пидор.
Finno-Ugrics of Russia. Now is the the time. Till we all FREE Anonymous  07/06/20 Вск 07:42:52 67002 Ответ
Sankarikansa.mp4 7794Кб, 672x480, 00:01:04
Finno-Ugrics of Russia.
Now is the the time.
Till we all FREE
Пропущено 12 постов.
Пропущено 12 постов.
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 18:52:02 67212
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 18:52:19 67213
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 19:42:59 67214
gime gime gime a trakc after midnight
Anonymous  12/09/20 Суб 00:19:49 68978
Anonymous  12/09/20 Суб 16:06:18 68992
>>67002 (OP)
If I am not mistaken, Finno-Ugric people from other countries do not have any privileges in obtaining Finnish citizenship or residence permit. Unfortunately.
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