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This board focuses on international friendship and cultural exchange.
Anonymous  20/11/19 Срд 00:07:31 62756 Ответ
15741975683250[[...].png (758Кб, 628x537)
20/11/19 Срд 00:12:39 62757
note, a bearded man uses a sheep not in cooking ...
Anonymous  20/11/19 Срд 02:42:18 62761
cycle of life
Anonymous  20/11/19 Срд 07:45:02 62762
0c6b1561598a6c3[...].jpg (65Кб, 830x960)
do you like japan ? Anonymous  22/10/19 Втр 19:57:18 62103 Ответ
1570326101019.png (15Кб, 224x225)
do you like japan ?
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Anonymous  15/11/19 Птн 15:29:45 62701
sharik03.jpg (179Кб, 907x613)
Who was with Germany during ww2?
Who has made so many war crimes during it?
Who made half of our planet autistic with the help of anime?
Your country is beautiful and it has a great spirit but your mentality will remain inacceptable till you understand what you've done.
Anonymous  16/11/19 Суб 01:30:10 62708
sailor moon.png (289Кб, 600x668)
>Who made half of our planet autistic with the help of anime?
yes this is worst crime ever in human history.
Anonymous  20/11/19 Срд 01:29:42 62758
Anonymous  20/11/19 Срд 01:30:10 62759
Anonymous  20/11/19 Срд 01:35:37 62760
All humans are sistaz `n` brazzaz!
Excluding Taiwanese and some German
I'm happily married with a young nurse, we met when she was 17, however ever Anonymous  18/11/19 Пнд 00:56:34 62740 Ответ
krasau4ik.png (549Кб, 453x604)
I'm happily married with a young nurse, we met when she was 17, however ever since she did become a nurse she's been obsessed with the whole career shit and so we've only gotten around to have one child between us and as a result I went balls deep on her mother whenever possible who's only hitting 40 this year which in turn has granted me 4 children, all 4 are thankfully fine and aren't fucking downie babies but the mother is 'done' having 'em which is understandable, not that her 'sexual appetite' has gone down one bit though.
I'm a 'house husband' and so I just take care of the house and the children and when the children are napping I get to play vidya and watch animu, we live at her mother's house that's basically paid off by the late father's life insurance as he died during military service or however that works exactly.
My wife currently believes that her mother went through a 'phase' and went on a 'medical insemination spree' desperate to re-discover the 'happiness of a mother', however obviously as the children will grow up, they'll most certainly look like me in some way or another.
I can't wait to tell my current wife that I went balls deep on her mother and had 4 wonderful children with her while she was too fucking busy keeping paki niggers and junkies alive down at the hospital, I do love her, I really do, but I really REALLY fucking hate how she prioritize her "career" over having children with me.
Anonymous  18/11/19 Пнд 16:57:27 62744
just beat her
Anonymous  19/11/19 Втр 19:46:56 62752
>>62740 (OP)
loool ha-ha good luck mister
I'd like to recommend you watch Meet Bill movie but I guess that won't really help'ya
Anonymous  19/11/19 Втр 20:49:36 62754
Do you like the indigenous people of Bolivia? Anonymous  17/11/19 Вск 03:31:21 62726 Ответ
520733-manifest[...].jpg (118Кб, 922x615)
Do you like the indigenous people of Bolivia?
Anonymous  17/11/19 Вск 04:30:43 62729
>>62726 (OP)
Sure, you are welcome. Feel at home Bolivian brother.
Anonymous  17/11/19 Вск 14:34:55 62733

Anonymous  17/11/19 Вск 15:04:30 62734
Anonymous  17/11/19 Вск 20:26:13 62738
Anonymous  18/11/19 Пнд 10:35:12 62742
What if rape was legal? Anonymous  29/10/19 Втр 23:25:28 62237 Ответ
princessindistr[...].png (363Кб, 1881x1132)
What if rape was legal?
Anonymous  29/10/19 Втр 23:46:59 62238
Anonymous  15/11/19 Птн 15:04:29 62700
QtAnE7Tm4FY.jpg (1Кб, 50x50)
Anonymous  18/11/19 Пнд 00:13:07 62739
but I do not go with monkeys
смерть Anonymous  16/11/19 Суб 14:33:04 62714 Ответ
1573808663168.jpg (119Кб, 1280x720)
Does anyone have the video of that killing and burning in Syria by those Russians? I can't seem to find it
Anonymous  16/11/19 Суб 20:45:17 62719
Anonymous  16/11/19 Суб 21:19:04 62720
Anonymous  17/11/19 Вск 04:27:00 62728
bombezhka.webm (5474Кб, 546x480, 00:00:46)
смерть Anonymous  # OP 17/11/19 Вск 12:20:09 62731
15645102954242.jpg (70Кб, 600x874)
Anonymous  17/11/19 Вск 16:13:49 62735
Hi integer. I came from Russia. Ask me anything. Anonymous  03/10/19 Чтв 17:48:48 61653 Ответ
11746791lr14e.jpg (221Кб, 1571x2000)
Hi integer. I came from Russia. Ask me anything.
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lol  11/11/19 Пнд 01:41:56 62616
Anonymous  16/11/19 Суб 18:23:16 62715
>>61653 (OP)
how do you deal with autumn and winter depression?
Anonymous  16/11/19 Суб 23:50:36 62721
Anonymous  17/11/19 Вск 01:40:07 62724
Anonymous  17/11/19 Вск 02:56:21 62725
37.jpg (70Кб, 640x480)
I am not op but to cope with my bad mood I usually eat sweets or drink strawberry tea. Also self made jam helps a lot.

In addition, if I have winter depression I try to wake up early when the sun is shining bright. During these moments Russia looks breathtaking in any place.
Kohl isn't kill Kohl isn't kill Kohl isn't kill Kohl isn't kill Anonymous  13/10/19 Вск 21:17:58 61913 Ответ
KJzvtnVCR6Y.jpg (358Кб, 1280x960)
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Пропущено 4 постов.
Anonymous  15/10/19 Втр 20:40:32 61946

I'm not clicking on that
Anonymous  02/11/19 Суб 19:10:31 62306
Anonymous  02/11/19 Суб 20:28:43 62307
Anonymous  16/11/19 Суб 18:25:11 62717
21/11/19 Чтв 19:45:23 62791
Your option on peedick? Anonymous  17/10/19 Чтв 17:35:17 61977 Ответ
pedik taking wa[...].jpg (413Кб, 1024x787)
Your option on peedick?
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Anonymous  19/10/19 Суб 22:06:51 62035
Anonymous  19/10/19 Суб 22:32:05 62039
c3e714ae8751d6e[...].png (2758Кб, 1600x1629)
Anonymous  22/10/19 Втр 13:20:49 62097
>>61977 (OP)
> Your option on peedick?
It was pendos(american) butthurt. So sweet
Anonymous  05/11/19 Втр 12:28:49 62495
Anonymous  16/11/19 Суб 18:24:24 62716
Putin love thread Anonymous  21/07/19 Вск 21:19:29 60098 Ответ
000000000000000[...].jpg (161Кб, 912x619)
Putin will win elections in any country of the world because everyone loves him.
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Пропущено 37 постов, 8 с картинками.
Anonymous  12/11/19 Втр 20:38:59 62645
Putin already is The Ruler of The Earth
Maybe excluding China
Anonymous  13/11/19 Срд 00:49:59 62648
Sadly dead putin still would won the elections...
Anonymous  13/11/19 Срд 02:39:59 62654
Anonymous  15/11/19 Птн 14:53:10 62698
Didn't we do that yet? I thought Putin's everywhere just with some plastic surgery changes to make him look different
Anonymous  15/11/19 Птн 17:24:39 62705
изображение.png (1099Кб, 768x482)
какой он красивый Anonymous  19/10/19 Суб 22:21:37 62036 Ответ
NORTHKOREA-KIMJ[...].jpg (84Кб, 1024x1001)
Anonymous  19/10/19 Суб 22:27:13 62038
krasav4ik kim.jpg (102Кб, 860x484)
kim-jong-un-rei[...].jpg (106Кб, 1000x563)
Anonymous  15/11/19 Птн 16:09:57 62703
As any prince he is glorious indeed.
BLACKED.COM Anonymous  10/10/19 Чтв 02:11:59 61767 Ответ
1567012552239.jpg (1561Кб, 2000x3000)
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Anonymous  10/10/19 Чтв 07:01:58 61778
Anonymous  11/10/19 Птн 18:18:38 61855
Anonymous  13/11/19 Срд 01:47:14 62651
song title.webm (10672Кб, 768x768, 00:13:10)
Anonymous  15/11/19 Птн 07:03:22 62690
Anonymous  15/11/19 Птн 12:25:41 62695
123424.JPG (10Кб, 171x160)
Bernd united Anonymous  15/11/19 Птн 12:12:37 62694 Ответ
b221442f-e8b4-4[...].jpg (759Кб, 1024x768)
Why do schoolchildren watch this stupid eblan? Fucked, there’s some quintessence Anonymous  13/11/19 Срд 10:10:46 62659 Ответ
74003e33-c8a9-4[...].jpg (163Кб, 1366x768)
Why do schoolchildren watch this stupid eblan? Fucked, there’s some quintessence of a sucker - a brainless fag worm who considers himself an expert in everything on earth, because he read a wikipedia article on a particular topic, and thousands of drooling and donating. They also rush immediately to the defense of this half-skis.
Anonymous  13/11/19 Срд 16:30:23 62662
spoiler alert: kids are not very smart
Anonymous  13/11/19 Срд 17:25:18 62663
he's very charismatic
Anonymous  14/11/19 Чтв 01:26:11 62672
fuck obeme Anonymous  13/11/19 Срд 18:47:43 62664 Ответ
obamas mum.jpg (61Кб, 960x720)
int is fucking sucks yet i come Anonymous  08/11/19 Птн 18:40:47 62570 Ответ
top.jpg (22Кб, 400x400)
int is fucking sucks yet i come
Anonymous  08/11/19 Птн 19:31:59 62572
Anonymous  09/11/19 Суб 01:24:28 62577
porn is fucking sucks yet i coom
Anonymous  13/11/19 Срд 02:43:10 62656
Anonymous  13/11/19 Срд 03:19:20 62657
good sir must I remind you that porn is totally haram?
Dugin is based and russia is the greatest nation on earth. Death to western pidors and the globalhomo kikezionist europe/america!!!! Anonymous  01/11/19 Птн 06:31:50 62285 Ответ
quote-an-import[...].jpg (71Кб, 850x400)
Dugin is based and russia is the greatest nation on earth. Death to western pidors and the globalhomo kikezionist europe/america!!!!
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Пропущено 21 постов, 6 с картинками.
Anonymous  11/11/19 Пнд 02:17:13 62621
Why are semites so degenerate?
In a neighbouring thread a jew dreams about his feet being licked by goyim, now this (and I don't even want to compare which of these two shits is stinkier)
Anonymous  11/11/19 Пнд 05:55:19 62624
Semites have adopted the female reproductive strategy. They basically act as parasites and avoid direct confrontation but do their dirty business with their mouth. The transformation was not limited to culture but also occurred in their genome through natural selection. In result, the female qualities are now widely present among Semitic men including female sexual preferences.
Anonymous  11/11/19 Пнд 11:01:08 62627
No its due to circumsizion. When a young boy is circumsized hes traumatized and thinks he lost his genitals, because of the pain on his genitals. Now hes confused and his brain is rewired to think hes female now because he lost his ability to reproduce. Thats why semites think like female.
Anonymous  11/11/19 Пнд 21:48:33 62632
Circumcision-FE[...].png (61Кб, 1425x966)
Infant boy's genital mutilation is also widely practiced in the USA, Australia and in South Korea. Can we say they are all equally cucked?
Anonymous  12/11/19 Втр 01:20:05 62634
because the bible commands jews to circumsize their slaves or payed workers also or men born in their household. otherwise the slave can not serve the jew. its something spirituall. i think it was ment to remove the pleasure in sex so person doesnt get addicted to lust and leads a more religious live. their is also a russian sect which cuts of tits and genitals because they are evil lusty things.

yes all this countries are slaves to jews. Anonymous  11/11/19 Пнд 03:04:26 62622 Ответ
1528162949041.jpg (13Кб, 275x183)
You cannot unsee when you have seen. So see it. Anonymous  07/11/19 Чтв 15:04:06 62558 Ответ
xui.jpg (50Кб, 604x405)
You cannot unsee when you have seen. So see it.
Anonymous  11/11/19 Пнд 01:59:20 62618
Anonymous  11/11/19 Пнд 02:00:28 62620
do you like his voice? he is from best korea Anonymous  10/11/19 Вск 06:16:55 62594 Ответ
108609617952100[...].jpg (110Кб, 960x960)
Anonymous  10/11/19 Вск 06:19:32 62596
Anonymous  10/11/19 Вск 12:31:40 62598
Anonymous  10/11/19 Вск 22:45:53 62605
Anonymous  11/11/19 Пнд 00:37:50 62612
Int sucks and i'm gone Anonymous  08/11/19 Птн 19:31:34 62571 Ответ
7d95ec7659d02284.jpg (106Кб, 700x555)
Int sucks and i'm gone
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