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New Facebook emojis are out Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 17:43:22  39865   Ответ
123456.png (13Кб, 84x85)
New Facebook emojis are out
Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 20:43:34  39872
Dvach emojis, when?!

i have a dream Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 10:40:44  39832   Ответ
15428717750230[[...].jpg (111Кб, 400x571)
15428710565360[[...].mp4 (8521Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:49)
i have a dream
Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 18:22:49  39869
>>39832 (OP)
there is only one stalker movie

me rate Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 17:32:35  39863   Ответ
m155533.webm (864Кб, 512x640, 00:00:07)
me rate

me rate Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 17:27:20  39862   Ответ
167671.jpg (155Кб, 700x975)
me rate

nothing more pathetic than seeing an adult male complain about hollywood or videogames. Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 01:52:32  39815   Ответ
IMG0018.JPG (86Кб, 439x637)
nothing more pathetic than seeing an adult male complain about hollywood or videogames. whining that childrens entertainment isn't made for them.

grow up losers, stop drinking soda, stop consuming entertainment made for children, stop being a slave to the material world

you'll get some people that think they are wise and say if being an adult means not watching superhero movies and eating skittles than fuck me I never want to be an adult. ignore these robots they lack imagination and can't imagine a world where they are free. literally slaves to their senses.

twitch is really a byproduct of bad parenting. parents don't want to raise their children so they send them off to indoctrination camps during the day and when they get home they give them an ipad so they leave them alone.

if somehow you are an adult watching twitch it's because your parents are trash and if you actually donate to these people you are beyond helpless and your life is going to be a dull travesty. consider suicide to not waste the earths resources on your existence.

more than likely these people will breed and they too will follow the same pattern of bad parenting that created them creating another generation of twitch donators, and streamers.

and the biggest issue is if you've been the the 12 year indoctrination program and have been fed mindless entertainment throughout your entire formative years you are now completely programmed and unable to envision any other way of living and you will defend your right to consume until the day you die. some will break free from this but they won't be on twitch, or twitter or instagram they will be out in the real world blissfully unaware of the nonsense going on in the internet.

unfortunately this means the internet is a giant echo chamber of robots sharing safe opinions and keeping up with trends and watching their superhero movies and project an image of how you are supposed to live life. so the internet fuels more and more of these robots and maybe even inspires robots to maintain the status quo they eliminate individuals with different opinions it through voting with likes.

you might even have some of these robots convinced that they have actually broken free from the "matrix" they can see the truth. the orange man is bad I am smarter than the average person because I conform to the popular opinion. popular = smart = right.

those who have truly broken free are not on the internet. they worked hard for their knowledge and don't share it with proles. they keep to themselves and raise their children properly not allowing them to become a robot that mindlessly consumes.

these robots have no idea how someone in their 20s could not work, not watch superhero movies, not watch pop tv, not listen to pop music, not consuming sugary drinks and eating fast food. they will respond "what do you do all day" "sounds boring" "oh i could never retire I would get so bored" . these people have lost their imagination through no fault of their own; the indoctrination programs are really just that good. a lot of money has gone into this depersonalization program to ensure you never question the system you are in.

it's been observed dozens of times throughout history. Plato's Cave, Da Vinci's quote about those that see, the Gnostics with Hylics, the Five Percent Nation, more recently the NPC meme.
Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 03:33:28  39816
this reads as some schizophrenic post by a tankie german
Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 15:16:19  39854
1454766035452291.jpg (40Кб, 306x379)
tl dr sucky murrica sucks ass

who allow that tankie german fucker to shit all over the board Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 03:37:43  39818   Ответ
test.jpg (4Кб, 300x168)
who allow that tankie german fucker to shit all over the board
Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 15:12:30  39853
4online.jpeg (29Кб, 213x315)
>>39818 (OP)
My dick that currently situated in your anal butthole.

me dance rate Anonymous  21/11/18 Срд 19:30:03  39792   Ответ
GDVN.webm (977Кб, 960x538, 00:00:15)
me dance rate
Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 10:49:10  39833
>>39792 (OP)
good post :))))))

Почему Эстония? Anonymous  21/11/18 Срд 13:45:32  39763   Ответ
1541333457762m.jpg (109Кб, 1024x680)
file1001064.jpg (83Кб, 700x452)
Ну ладно ,я понимаю почему Россия,Украина и Молдавия - нету денег на шприцы и бахаются одним ,нету денег на гондоны.

Я понимаю Португалию - Африка находится слишком близко.

Но я не понимаю почему Эстония!?
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Anonymous  21/11/18 Срд 15:06:16  39780
>А чего скрывать?
>Какой смысл?
закон такой.


§ 203
Нарушение частных секретов

(1) Любой, кто несанкционированно раскрывает иностранную тайну, а именно секрет, принадлежащий личной сфере жизни, или коммерческую или деловую тайну, которая предоставляется ему как
1. врач, дантист, ветеринар, фармацевт или другой специалист в области здравоохранения, который нуждается в регулируемом образовании, чтобы практиковать свою профессию
2. профессиональные психологи с государственным научным итоговым экзаменом,
3. Адвокат, юрисконсульт, патентный поверенный, нотариус, прокурор, аудитор, дипломированный бухгалтер, консультант по налогам, налоговый представитель или учреждение, или член органа адвоката, патентного поверенного, бухгалтерской, аудиторской или налоговой консалтинговой фирмы,
4. консультации по вопросам брака, семьи, воспитания или молодежи и консультанты по вопросам зависимости в консультационном центре, признанные государственным органом, корпорацией, институтом или фондом;
5. Член или комиссар признанного консультационного центра в соответствии с §§ 3 и 8 Закона о борьбе с беременностью,
6. признанный государством социальный работник или признанный государством социальный работник или
7. Члены частной страховой компании по вопросам здоровья, несчастного случая или страхования жизни или частный медицинский, налоговый консультант или адвокатский центр

доверено или иным образом известно, наказывается лишением свободы на срок до одного года или штрафом.

(2) Аналогичным образом, те, кто несанкционированно раскрывает секрет за границей, а именно секрет, принадлежащий их личной сфере жизни, или промышленную или деловую тайну, наказываются
1. Сотрудник,
2. для гражданской службы, в частности,
3. лицо, которое выполняет обязанности или полномочия в соответствии с Законом о представительстве персонала,
4. Член комитета по расследованию или другого комитета или совета, действующего для законодательного органа Федерации или страны, которая сама по себе не является членом законодательного органа, или помощником такого комитета или совета,
5. публично назначенный эксперт, который был официально привержен добросовестному выполнению своих обязательств по закону или
6. лицо, формально приверженное добросовестному выполнению своего обязательства соблюдать тайну при проведении научных исследований в соответствии с законом,
Anonymous  21/11/18 Срд 15:15:38  39781
Так ведь скрывание статистики опасно для общества.
Статистика же не персонализированная. Зачем ее скрывать?

К тому же, если скрывать эпидемию,то народ менее опасливо относится к обществу,к контактам друг с другом и т.д.

В России ,например, заражение человека чем либо ( хоть СПИД,хоть ВИЧ,хоть гепатит,хоть туберкулёз) - это от 3 лет тюрьмы.
Anonymous  21/11/18 Срд 15:32:34  39784
reality.png (435Кб, 1266x512)
я пидорашка жыву в европе, я законы не пишу. чё ты меня спрашываеш далбоёб ? у них такие законы и всё

>К тому же, если скрывать эпидемию,то народ менее опасливо относится к обществу,к контактам друг с другом и т.д.
>В России ,например, заражение человека чем либо ( хоть СПИД,хоть ВИЧ,хоть гепатит,хоть туберкулёз) - это от 3 лет тюрьмы.

да я тебе и чё намекаю, что россия болше цывилизовона чем европа ну вы жывёти в манямирке и думайте что россия отсталая и бедная^^
Anonymous  21/11/18 Срд 20:51:03  39795
СПИДа не существует.
Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 07:10:06  39829
А что,ВИЧ существует?

se lepää Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 06:29:12  39828   Ответ
8Q1j.webm (4066Кб, 853x480, 00:00:50)
se lepää

me vid rate Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 06:20:36  39827   Ответ
BY7s.webm (844Кб, 720x720, 00:00:15)
me vid rate

lol they have the same face Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 04:16:26  39824   Ответ
love live naamat.jpg (114Кб, 498x700)
lol they have the same face

me drive rate Anonymous  20/11/18 Втр 17:10:41  39730   Ответ
aq7I.webm (1547Кб, 460x252, 00:00:30)
me drive rate
Anonymous  20/11/18 Втр 20:10:48  39743
roy tier
Anonymous  21/11/18 Срд 15:28:55  39783
Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 04:08:51  39823
what in the god[...].jpg (37Кб, 537x527)
How in goddamn did the whole warehouse tumble down from a single small bump?

me in vid rat e Anonymous  21/11/18 Срд 15:57:51  39785   Ответ
S36o.webm (3001Кб, 640x480, 00:00:56)
me in vid
Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 03:43:37  39822

me vid rate Anonymous  21/11/18 Срд 19:36:19  39793   Ответ
XM82.webm (1385Кб, 400x400, 00:00:28)
me vid rate
Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 03:39:01  39820

me selfie rate Anonymous  21/11/18 Срд 17:46:01  39788   Ответ
126006.jpg (186Кб, 450x600)
me selfie rate
Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 03:38:23  39819

How to return to my fullblown trueSlav identity ? Are there some good Russian rolemodels I could learn from ? Anonymous  20/11/18 Втр 23:29:52  39749   Ответ
b76fbf5b6a7c4c0[...].jpg (66Кб, 658x435)
How to return to my fullblown trueSlav identity ? Are there some good Russian rolemodels I could learn from ?
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Anonymous  21/11/18 Срд 22:30:02  39801
Anonymous  21/11/18 Срд 22:40:36  39803
нахуй мне нужОн харватский ?
Anonymous  21/11/18 Срд 22:52:49  39806
Ты там про не славян кукарекаешь, хотя ближе чем к хорватам у нас никого нет
Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 00:38:23  39814
>Ты там про не славян кукарекаешь
я ему сказал что русские не славяни , мы сами по себе русские ето русские.

он думает что русские ето славяни, я ему доказывал что ето не так и всё. он себе хочит русских кумиров для подражения взять.
Anonymous  22/11/18 Чтв 03:35:09  39817
spokemn like a true retard

A 14-year-old girl, written to Putin by a letter, committed suicide Anonymous  21/11/18 Срд 13:51:24  39764   Ответ
15427808612330[[...].jpg (120Кб, 996x1328)
In the city of Safonovo, Smolensk region, a 14-year-old girl who had complained to Vladimir Putin about her mom's low salary, committed suicide.

According to local media, the teenager also complained of being bullied at school. She was visually handicapped, and her classmates teased her with the Cyclops. On her page on the social network https://vk.com/id494549493 , shortly before her death, the status “Why are you all so angry?” Appeared.

The Smolensk Folk Newspaper reports that the mother of a 14-year-old girl (called only the name of the deceased — Natasha) worked as a nurse in a local hospital. After the daughter wrote a letter addressed to Vladimir Putin and sent him to the address of the presidential administration, she was summoned to the authorities and "scolded". As the newspaper writes, "most likely, this was a big blow for the child."

According to unconfirmed information, a suicide note was found for the deceased, in which she asks not to blame anyone for her death.

Whether her letter reached the president of Russia is unknown.

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Anonymous  # OP  21/11/18 Срд 18:11:39  39789
hate this place
Anonymous  # OP  21/11/18 Срд 18:38:54  39790
The eighth-grader who had finished with her from the Smolensk region was hunted down for these years. About this "Moskovsky Komsomol" told the sister of the deceased.

“Her life has been hounded. The teachers said not to listen, not to pay attention, the psychologist did not work with her, ”she said. The teenage girl was visually handicapped, for which she was given the offensive nickname Cyclops.

Also, the sister of the schoolgirl told about an honest complaint about their mother's salary in the hospital, and she sent them to the official bodies: they talked about problems with buying school uniforms and writing materials and that the trauma specialist at the hospital came to work drunk. After that, the medical facility received a call from the district administration. “She was not threatened, they did not promise to dismiss, they were not scolded, so they scolded a little,” the girl explained.

The interlocutor of the publication added that her sister had never complained openly in her life, in the last three days she looked cheerful before her death and did not demonstrate her intentions.

The girl’s mother also told NTV about the secretiveness of her youngest daughter. “She is closed, quiet. She loved one - in the phone, then in the laptop. She went out alone, didn’t like companies, ”recalls a woman.

Investigators found that the bullying of peers over a child lasted at least several years. It was not supposed that the beatings had reached, but once a teenager was boycotted, as a result, almost all students at the school stopped communicating with her. According to preliminary data, the teachers did not pay attention to the problem.

On the suicide of a 14-year-old eighth-grader from the Smolensk region became known on November 20. According to unconfirmed reports, shortly before the death of her mother was fired from the hospital after a public complaint of the child. The Investigation Committee opened a criminal case on the negligence of officials, who must exercise control and provide support in a difficult life situation (article 293 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The girl and her older sister were in the care of her mother.
Anonymous  21/11/18 Срд 18:46:22  39791
15428142567371[[...].png (608Кб, 450x600)
15428142567280[[...].png (711Кб, 450x600)
Anonymous  21/11/18 Срд 22:29:47  39800
very sad story. no i feel symphatie for school shooters.
Anonymous  21/11/18 Срд 22:41:57  39804
>>39764 (OP)
putin killed her

if zhirinovski would be president such thin could never happen

me drive rate Anonymous  20/11/18 Втр 18:17:56  39738   Ответ
zwcz.webm (5932Кб, 416x240, 00:01:30)
me drive rate
Anonymous  20/11/18 Втр 18:24:56  39739
>>39738 (OP)
Stop spamming the board, fucking cunt.
Anonymous  20/11/18 Втр 19:41:41  39741
this post is correct
Anonymous  20/11/18 Втр 22:40:09  39747
spam=dvach tier

me vid rate Anonymous  20/11/18 Втр 18:06:10  39735   Ответ
SRAa.webm (763Кб, 200x400, 00:00:15)
me vid rate
Anonymous  20/11/18 Втр 20:10:22  39742

rip Anonymous  20/11/18 Втр 18:11:10  39736   Ответ
tYOg.webm (14410Кб, 320x240, 00:04:37)
Anonymous  20/11/18 Втр 18:16:27  39737
443.png (1535Кб, 1628x741)
This guy seems like when Im trying to talk with my flatmate

me drive rate Anonymous  20/11/18 Втр 18:00:41  39734   Ответ
qwD0.webm (2484Кб, 854x480, 00:00:35)
me drive rate

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