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Why are Democrats always asking for small and quick favors? Anonymous  24/06/20 Срд 04:30:08 67376 Ответ
favors.png (584Кб, 956x463)
Why are Democrats always asking for small and quick favors?
Anonymous  24/06/20 Срд 19:21:43 67389
>>67376 (OP)
they are old, they just want to enjoy live. also democraty represent the deep state, which is british agents on american soil. brits lost that war and still butthurt but cant do anythinh except sent agents to infiltrate important part of the goverment like treasury etc.

republicans(not neocons) are the ones who conquered that land, killed bunch of wild indians and kicked brits out, so they dont need to begg, they simply take :D democrats are like communist in russia, they have nothing, so they want "to share" stuff they dont have with others, meaning give me some of yours without working...
Anonymous  27/06/20 Суб 10:13:35 67435
>>67376 (OP)
I guess it is lying and cheating nature of american.
Anonymous  27/06/20 Суб 11:35:03 67436
>>67376 (OP)
because their dicks are small
because they cum very fast
Anonymous  27/06/20 Суб 20:35:11 67440
2wolfes.jpg (155Кб, 892x1024)
Anonymous  27/06/20 Суб 21:29:52 67441
biden robbinett[...].png (2899Кб, 2080x1288)
>>67376 (OP)
democrats are slaveowners, this is why they pro immigration, so they can exploit cheap labour like their grandparents once did.
:3 Anonymous  26/06/20 Птн 21:31:06 67431 Ответ
cutemacron.png (215Кб, 575x446)
Kakloshvayne Anonymous  26/06/20 Птн 05:50:15 67423 Ответ
15912765858340.png (75Кб, 280x356)
Ponaduseroviy Kaklosvaynie karasi otzovites!
Anonymous  26/06/20 Птн 19:39:09 67429
Франкофоны, отзовитесь. Хочу на франкоязычную Anonymous  21/06/20 Вск 13:40:27 67316 Ответ
image.png (189Кб, 800x400)
image.png (38Кб, 316x159)
Франкофоны, отзовитесь.
Хочу на франкоязычную борду вкатиться, или на англоязычную по Франции. Акримония оказывается мертвая нахуй, 1 пост в два дня, блжад.

Je peux parler français, mais j'ai besoin d'un peu de pratique.
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Anonymous  21/06/20 Вск 22:07:11 67324
Je veux juste apprendre la langue.
Anonymous  22/06/20 Пнд 06:12:57 67325
not that i know anything about that


whatever mass drawing pixelart thingies i used to visit most frenchies seemed to come from 18-25 jeux video
Anonymous  23/06/20 Втр 22:46:17 67368
Я тут немецкую искал. Такая же хуйня. Убили в Европках интернеты. Живём тут в евродиктатуре. Мейлачь по сравнению с европейскими ресурсами - рассадник свободы и демократии.
Anonymous  26/06/20 Птн 02:31:04 67422
Anonymous  26/06/20 Птн 19:10:53 67428
Moi je veux parler le russe !
J'aimerais être russe !
Ne pas être un fragile français qui se laisse sodomiser par les musulmans et toute l'Afrique !
Mon pays est mort, il est à l'agonie, la belle France est terminé, maintenant c'est juste un territoire d'Afrique musulman !
La langue Française va mourir avec son ancien peuple, c'est donc inutile de l'apprendre.
me kickflip not ossie  20/06/20 Суб 15:34:35 67306 Ответ
better in da pa[...].webm (9629Кб, 642x480, 00:01:40)
not ossie  20/06/20 Суб 15:45:40 67307
I BURIED MY HEV[...].webm (5700Кб, 642x480, 00:01:15)
sk8board is not the crime
Anonymous  20/06/20 Суб 23:44:42 67313
Anonymous  22/06/20 Пнд 20:11:31 67342
>>67330 →
Nice shit, is it not ossie land? Check out our sk8er bois celebrating last year gsd.
Anonymous  25/06/20 Чтв 13:39:42 67417
not for sale in moscow or foreign countries Anonymous  14/06/20 Вск 22:25:48 67193 Ответ
not for sale in[...].jpg (39Кб, 355x352)
Anonymous  24/06/20 Срд 19:42:35 67394
German diggas my best friends Anonymous  26/05/20 Втр 07:37:55 66730 Ответ
maxresdefault ([...].jpg (86Кб, 1280x720)
Anyone that living in Germany, I need your help, I'm in love with your country,people,and food, please send me some secret files of german government that can ruin your country, I just want to save these files from a bad people from my country. Also you can send me the geolocation of german politics and people from a goverment.
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Anonymous  22/06/20 Пнд 20:53:26 67343
merkel2.jpg (174Кб, 1024x844)
Anonymous  23/06/20 Втр 09:34:15 67356
One on the left is 10\10 would fuck, other ladies look too manly for my taste.
Anonymous  23/06/20 Втр 20:11:51 67366
> other ladies look too manly for my taste.
thats why i came to germany, all german women look like men, so its almost gay but without being gay
Anonymous  23/06/20 Втр 23:00:54 67369
Меркель шикарна без своего брючного костюма.
Anonymous  24/06/20 Срд 19:39:05 67393
merkel.jpg (148Кб, 713x1057)
вот тут по старшы, сиски болшые
Hollywood rape reports Anonymous  24/06/20 Срд 02:57:44 67374 Ответ
that70sjuden.jpeg (610Кб, 1750x2686)
ratface.jpeg (87Кб, 728x567)
Is shit going down? Danny Masterston, Ron Jeremy, whos the next rapist jew to go down?
Anonymous  24/06/20 Срд 19:36:35 67392
>>67374 (OP)
Ron Jeremy is not a rapist, hes hard working men, he never enjoyed his work in reality, he was kinda forced by the society. Hes a poor jew and a victim. The other i dont know.
Why isn't this a separate country? Anonymous  24/06/20 Срд 18:53:07 67387 Ответ
1200px-MapofSou[...].png (120Кб, 1200x692)
Why isn't this a separate country?
Anonymous  24/06/20 Срд 19:10:47 67388
terminator.jpg (131Кб, 680x452)
>>67387 (OP)
we dont realy know men. most russians hate those guys, even nonslavic russians. all i know that they got independance from russia but arabs came and used them as their doggs against russia, slavery, women taken to arab countries, no universities, no hospitals. so "achmad sila" went to russia begging to become part of russia again, and offered army to fight "wahhabist"

all i can use to explain this, is russian goverment is like this kid which go out and search for all kinds of animals and insects and brings them home but doesnt know what to do with them. some of those animals and insects are dangerouse.
just blinchik not ossie  24/06/20 Срд 14:57:42 67384 Ответ
DSC0489.jpg (738Кб, 1500x994)
just blinchik
Anonymous  24/06/20 Срд 18:42:07 67386
Zemfira I love her tell me about her. What do russians think about her? what do they think of people who listen to her? Anonymous  25/05/20 Пнд 19:15:02 66715 Ответ
zemfira2.png (510Кб, 463x700)
Zemfira I love her
tell me about her. What do russians think about her? what do they think of people who listen to her?
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Anonymous  09/06/20 Втр 23:40:43 67074
Anonymous  22/06/20 Пнд 21:52:24 67346
>>66715 (OP)
Shes pretty popular in belarus, especially in sad teens groups
Anonymous  22/06/20 Пнд 22:12:03 67347
>>66715 (OP)
Ugly hysterical woman with ugly whiny Britpop from the end of 90s. I don't know who still like her except some LGBT-community.

Even between Russian Britpop band her wasn't something special.
Anonymous  23/06/20 Втр 00:20:09 67353
fleur is still the best well, not all songs
Anonymous  23/06/20 Втр 09:40:28 67357
What do people do in such groups? Just... dunno, sit and be sad?
Is that true? Anonymous  # OP 21/06/20 Вск 17:33:27 67318 Ответ
Is that true.png (86Кб, 500x531)
Is that true?
Anonymous  21/06/20 Вск 17:39:13 67319
Anonymous  21/06/20 Вск 20:28:40 67320
Anonymous  22/06/20 Пнд 06:16:28 67326

except replace ussr flag with the union jack
Anonymous  22/06/20 Пнд 23:19:54 67350
this is the end? Anonymous  06/06/20 Суб 08:09:57 66980 Ответ
image.png (4857Кб, 2048x1152)
this is the end?
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Anonymous  20/06/20 Суб 03:46:59 67297
1589338229733.webm (2866Кб, 800x502, 00:00:11)
>>66980 (OP)
your picture is a weird subversive kind of humilation ritual. it's like some like of "anti-life" magic, poisoning everything.
in this video the man has been inundated with the egalitarian worldview, but his smile betrays who he really is. "this is not how life is supposed to be"
Anonymous  20/06/20 Суб 09:15:51 67299
Anonymous  22/06/20 Пнд 19:52:07 67339
>>66980 (OP)
all this white guys are just perverts. so they force their fetish on poor black, asian and women by pretenting to be submessive, which is a kind of oppresion and explotation of the nonwhites and women, kinki white men abuse minorities once again. by being subalphas.
Anonymous  22/06/20 Пнд 20:02:18 67341
27/06/20 Суб 04:13:31 67434
me weather in russia Anonymous  22/06/20 Пнд 19:35:51 67336 Ответ
me russia.jpg (48Кб, 800x378)
me weather in russia
Russian women got beaten by their despotic husbands who work as coal miners Anonymous  18/06/20 Чтв 20:25:03 67273 Ответ
v4LSG3krNjE.jpg (222Кб, 1000x1000)
Russian women got beaten by their despotic husbands who work as coal miners
Anonymous  18/06/20 Чтв 21:21:03 67275
Anonymous  19/06/20 Птн 21:15:38 67290
Send them articals about people like jessica chambers. They are romantizing people they never met.
Anonymous  20/06/20 Суб 05:22:35 67298
Venezuelan Here. I discovered this site by a Russian worker here in my city Anonymous  08/06/20 Пнд 21:14:58 67044 Ответ
photo2020-06-08[...].jpg (98Кб, 1280x720)
A russian anon left the page during a meeting and I was lurking during a short time. My Russian is very basic and I can understand English. I want to learn Russian. Can you ask everything about Venezuela aka the Russian Protectorate of South America and the life here. Please you are free to ask everything.
>pic related of my breakfast and 5 dollars to pay it.
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Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 08:29:27 67197
>>67044 (OP)
is the bullshit our media says about your country true?
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 08:54:22 67198
Benis Uella))
Anonymous  19/06/20 Птн 21:19:11 67291
Amerindians were not complient, and also had home territory advantage. Like the oriental savages they are, they chose honor and death over enslavement.

Blacks were total retards with nowear to go outside the feild
Anonymous  19/06/20 Птн 21:21:05 67292
>>67044 (OP)
сука лживая
за 5 баксов ты бы там ведро этого обгорелого говна мог купить
Anonymous  20/06/20 Суб 00:04:14 67294
Do you think citizens of that miserable country are allowed to watch what your bullshit media says?
lole Anonymous  12/06/20 Птн 12:28:34 67129 Ответ
1584481667944.png (3190Кб, 1986x1484)
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Anonymous  16/06/20 Втр 23:10:59 67252

He is going to show her how to use linux?
Anonymous  16/06/20 Втр 23:56:10 67254
9eb91769ff051c0[...].jpg (30Кб, 540x600)
lel thats not count as racemixing through
Anonymous  17/06/20 Срд 00:39:15 67255
kurds.png (42Кб, 1024x626)
Anonymous  19/06/20 Птн 07:44:52 67284
Anonymous  19/06/20 Птн 12:06:46 67286
How does it feel knowing that you won't ever be as alpha as an average Chechen. Anonymous  16/06/20 Втр 00:27:42 67224 Ответ
image.png (5731Кб, 2000x1334)
How does it feel knowing that you won't ever be as alpha as an average Chechen.
Anonymous  16/06/20 Втр 06:14:16 67226
>>67224 (OP)
How does it feel to use the word alpha without knowing that it is not an intrinsic quality of a person, but a position in a closed group whose members can not leave.
Anonymous  16/06/20 Втр 21:35:28 67233
>>67224 (OP)
all this weapon are designed and made by slavic russian male. a chechen never invented anything which makes him alpha.
Anonymous  18/06/20 Чтв 22:45:15 67279
>>67224 (OP)
lol got cucked by arabs in france.

chechens always loose.
Anonymous  19/06/20 Птн 02:44:27 67282
Might was Right when Cоsar bled Upon the stones of Rome, Might was Right when Joshua Anonymous  18/06/20 Чтв 23:20:50 67280 Ответ
6124195725.jpg (32Кб, 360x480)
Might was Right when Cоsar bled
Upon the stones of Rome,
Might was Right when Joshua led
His hordes o'er Jordan's foam,
And Might was Right when German troops
Poured down through Paris gay;
It's the Gospel of the Ancient World
And the Logic of To-Day.
Behind all Kings and Presidents —
All Government and Law,
Are army-corps and cannoneers —
To hold the world in awe.
And sword-strong races own the earth
And ride the Conqueror's Car —
And LIBERTY has ne'er been won,
Except by deeds of war.
What are the lords of hoarded gold —
The silent SEMITE rings?
What are the plunder-patriots —
High-pontiffs, priests and kings
What are they but bold master-minds,
Best fitted for the fray
Who comprehend and vanquish by —
The Logic of To-Day.
Cain's knotted club is scepter still —
The «Rights of Man» is fraud;
Christ's Ethics are for creeping things —
True manhood smiles at «God.»
For Might is Right when empires sick
In storms of steel and flame;
And it is RIGHT when weakling breeds —
Are hunted down like game.
Then what's the use of dreaming dreams —
That «each shall get his own»
By forceless votes of meek-eyed thralls,
Who blindly sweat and moan?
No! A curse is on their cankered brains —
Their very bones decay;
Go! Trace your fate in the Iron Game,
Is the Logic of To-Day.
The Strong must ever rule the Weak,
Is grim Primordial Law —
On earth's broad racial threshing floor,
The Meek are beaten straw —
Then ride to Power o'er foemen's neck
Let NOTHING bar your way;
If you are FIT you'll rule and reign,
Is the Logic of To-Day.
You must prove your Rights by deeds of Might —
Of splendour and renown.
If need-be march through flames of hell,
To dash opponents down.
If need-be die on scaffold high —
In the mornings misty gray
For «LIBERTY OR DEATH» is still
The Logic of To-Day.
Might was Right when Gideon led,
The «chosen» tribes of old,
And it was right when Titus burnt,
Their Temple roofed with gold;
And Might was Right from Bunkers Hill,
To far Manila Bay,
By land and flood it's wrote in blood —
The Gospel of To-Day.
«Put not your trust in princes»
Is a saying old and true,
«Put not your hope in Governments»
Translateth it anew.
All 'Books of Law' and 'Golden Rules'
Are fashioned to betray
'The Survival of the Strongest'
Is the Gospel of To-Day.
Might was Right when Carthage flames
Lit up the Punic foam —
And — when the naked steel of Gaul
Weighed down the spoil of Rome;
And Might was Right when Richmond fell —
And at Thermopalye —
It's the Logic of the Ancient World —
And the Gospel of To-Day.
Where pendant suns in millions swing,
Around this whirling earth,
It's Might, it's Force that holds the brakes,
And steers through life and death;
Force governs all organic life,
Inspires Right and Wrong.
It's Natures plan to weed-out man,
And TEST who are the Strong.
Hi guys. Recently I developed a way to earn money which, in addition to a good income, Anonymous  13/06/20 Суб 10:38:12 67157 Ответ
изображение.png (607Кб, 1024x1024)
Hi guys. Recently I developed a way to earn money which, in addition to a good income, will help to tighten the Russian language. You need to know English so that you can earn. The method is very simple and everything can be done without leaving home. If anyone is interested write.
Anonymous  16/06/20 Втр 21:43:09 67235
мам тут на забугорном пишут
so im listening my broah
Anonymous  17/06/20 Срд 14:08:45 67265
How do I learn English
Anonymous  18/06/20 Чтв 00:14:22 67269
Anonymous  18/06/20 Чтв 14:02:03 67272
Anonymous  18/06/20 Чтв 21:49:54 67277
Can somebody read a text about dystopian literature and tell if it's grammatically Anonymous  08/06/20 Пнд 16:54:18 67038 Ответ
s-l300.jpg (15Кб, 195x300)
101540050bigbri[...].jpg (127Кб, 1024x576)
fahrenheit+451.png (2109Кб, 1920x1319)
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Anonymous  11/06/20 Чтв 06:58:26 67099
is it based or rather redpilled we will never know never...
Anonymous  13/06/20 Суб 07:47:53 67151
Screenshot2020-[...].png (46Кб, 724x492)
Anonymous  13/06/20 Суб 08:49:08 67155
Anonymous  14/06/20 Вск 11:19:06 67182
I don't need any help anymore, thanks for trying to read my bullshit
Anonymous  18/06/20 Чтв 21:00:17 67274
peepeesed and poopoopilled
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