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This board focuses on international friendship and cultural exchange.
Appeal to the Germans who are sitting in /int/, I want to ask what are your analogues Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 22:36:44 57855 Ответ
1341159477357.gif (904Кб, 709x709)
Appeal to the Germans who are sitting in /int/, I want to ask what are your analogues
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Anonymous  10/04/19 Срд 17:06:27 57866
Anonymous  10/04/19 Срд 18:22:07 57872
>>57855 (OP)
no germans here only russians living in other country
Anonymous  10/04/19 Срд 23:45:47 57882
Anonymous  10/04/19 Срд 23:50:51 57883
Двач никому в хуй не впился за границей.
Anonymous  12/04/19 Птн 00:11:22 57893
Я имел ввиду какие у них есть популярные борды
Russian Nigger(Rigger)living in LA ghetto. Anonymous  07/04/19 Вск 19:34:22 57784 Ответ
russian ghetto [...].JPG (31Кб, 1214x668)
Anonymous  10/04/19 Срд 19:12:23 57874
Hypothesis that South Korea’s White House Intimidation Case is 2013 South Korea Cyberattack’s Undercover Operation Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 13:41:19 57845 Ответ
cooperative-han[...].png (2785Кб, 1162x4000)
"Are South Korean journalists pathetic?
To sum up, it's whodunit that South Korean Cyberwarfare Suspended Execution Unit attacked financial sector with Ransomware
Is there penal cyber units?
Don't you think topic of 'Hypothesis that South Korea's White House Intimidation Case is 2013 South Korea Cyberattack's Undercover Operation' is more appropriate than 'South Korean Penal Cyber Units are responsible for WannaCry Ransomware Attack'?
In my view, this post is a bait distributed by group that wants to know about 3.20 cyber terror
Aren't you wet your pants because of my eerie reasoning?

2013 South Korea cyberattack, 2019 North Korea-United States Hanoi Summit, 4chan Anonymous, Agency for Defense Development, anontwitrack, Anonymous accomplice, Anonymous amnesty, Anonymous hacker, Anonymous mask, Anonymous messenger, ARSO-I Office, Assassination threat, Barack Hussein Obama II, broadcasting station, Central Intelligence Agency, CIA Classified information, CIA entrapment, CIA insider, CIA Station in Seoul, claim responsibility, Classified information, computer forensics, contacting North Korea, cooperative investigation, Crime Scene Investigation, criminal extradition, CSI, Cyber Strafbattalion, cyber troops, cyber warfare units, cyberattack confession, cyberterror whodunit, cyberwarfare capability, Cyberwarfare Operational Plan, D_ruking prosecutor Cheong Woo-jun, DarkSeoul conversation, David M. Martin, Defense Security Command, Director General Mr. KIM Seong Geun, Donald J. Trump, Donald John Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump Assassination, Dotard Kim Jong-un, DPR Korea, DPRK cybersecurity, DPRK cyberterror, DPRK Cyberwarfare, DPRK Cyberweapon, DPRK extradition, DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of the United States of America, entrapment investigation, Federal Bureau of Investigation, fopeople twitter, GoatSacrifice, Google hacking, Hacker emblem, harakiri seppuku, heuristic analysis, Human intelligence, intimidation case, investigation report, Japanese media, jointly investigation, Judge PARK Sarang, Judicial Marionettes, KBS employee Mr. Lee, KBS journalist, KBS Mr. Lee, Kim Jong-un Dotard, Kim Jong-un Hahaha, Kimsuky, Kimsuky Operation, KNPA Foreign Affairs Bureau, Korean Anonymous, Korean Broadcasting System, Korean Government, Korean National Police Agency Cyber Bureau, Korean People's Army Ground Force, Korean Rasputin, Lawyers for a Democratic Society lawyer Kim Yongmin, Lee Yun-hyang, Lippert threat case, malicious code, March 20 cyber terror, ‎Mark William Lippert, Media of the United States, Natasha M. Poeschl Security Attache, Natasha Poeschl Special Agent, National Intelligence Service, National Police Agency, North Korea policy, North Korean Cyberwarfare Negotiation, North Korean hacker, North Korean interpreter, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, North Korean provocation, North Korea's instruction, North Korea-United States, Obama administration, Obama threat case, Obama's Secret War, Operational Plan 2019, OPLAN 2019, Park Geun-hye impeachment, penal cyber unit, Penal military unit, political tempest, R.O.K. Cyber Command, ransomware whodunit, resident spy, ROK Ministry of National Defense, Sanctions against North Korea, SANS Institute, SEAL Team Six, secret investigation, security vacuum, self-fabricated scenario, Seoul Central District Court, Sin Hye-yong, Sony Pictures Entertainment, South Korea computer network paralysis, South Korean government, North Korean journalist, South Korea-United States, special agent Mr. Kim, Special Crime Squad, strategic platform, tactical weapon, the third U.S.-North Korea summit, threatening message case, threatening post, U.S. Antigovernment, U.S. bioweapon, U.S. Embassy Seoul, U.S.-South Korea Alliance, undercover investigation, undercover lawyer, undercover operation, United States Congress, United States Department of Homeland Security, United States Secret Service, Wall Street ransomware attack, WannaCry ransomware attack, warning letter, White House threatening message case, White House website, white-hat hacker, hacker, Wikipedia Hahaha, СВР"
Smoke Negro Dotard Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 13:42:10 57846
Druking prosecu[...].jpeg (405Кб, 750x1354)
neg, nega, negar, nege, neger, negi, negie, negro, nig, niga, nigar, nige, niger, nigi, nigie, nigro, negg, negga, neggar, negge, negger, neggi, neggie, neggro, nigg, nigga, niggar, nigge, nigger, niggi, niggie, niggro, #neg #nega #negar #nege #neger #negi #negie #negro #nig #niga #nigar #nige #niger #nigi #nigie #nigro #negg #negga #neggar #negge #negger #neggi #neggie #neggro #nigg #nigga #niggar #nigge #nigger #niggi #niggie #niggro #卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 muie la unguri 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍 卐 卍

Kim Jong-un: This is my Marijuana farm
I hope you like it ;-)

Donald Trump: I have a Smoke Dotard Negro in States

Barack Obama: Did you ring a bell, Master Donald?
Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 15:55:07 57847
Anonymous  10/04/19 Срд 17:09:06 57868
Тред имени Александра Муська кошка   10/04/19 Срд 04:08:26 57857 Ответ
CAA300DB-3FF7-4[...].png (485Кб, 640x1136)
what does В чем сила, брат? mean Anonymous  07/04/19 Вск 23:44:12 57793 Ответ
freestyler russ[...].mp4 (1217Кб, 500x294, 00:00:18)
what does В чем сила, брат? mean
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Пропущено 3 постов, 2 с картинками.
Anonymous  08/04/19 Пнд 06:24:29 57798
Anonymous  08/04/19 Пнд 11:03:40 57805
Anonymous  08/04/19 Пнд 12:10:30 57809
15511372511950.webm (17000Кб, 500x516, 00:01:06)
maybe this is more up your alley even though it's also not shota
Anonymous  08/04/19 Пнд 12:40:17 57811
huyasse graphon! I had trouble figuring out if that was a computer game or just a parody, until he got his gun out, and I'm still not sure that gun wasn't edited into some actual video.
Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 12:54:08 57844
Battlestation Thread Anonymous  06/10/18 Суб 13:44:12 38407 Ответ
IMG201810051125[...].jpg (3770Кб, 3968x2976)
Post your battlestations and rooms, fams.

Where do you shitpost from?

Autism Finn, post yours pls.
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Пропущено 29 постов, 13 с картинками.
Anonymous  07/04/19 Вск 19:42:22 57785
sometimes cathing fish or animal is much easier then work. it takes you like few minutes and you have some meat. work usually take away your health. you need to travel to it, if you live near forrest you can kill animals. we used to fish illigaly in the park. then we sold the fish to some indian guy. our refrigerator was always full of fish, we gave to people for free latter. people trow breadcrumps to the park and fish become very piglike and a lot of them. you just buy rice and go fishing, very simple relaxing, work is realy hard.
Anonymous  07/04/19 Вск 19:46:41 57786
russia is more west then west itself, west is turning slowly into communist. eu is eudssr. the only thing socialist russia left is free education and free healthcare. russia is much more advaced in internet(speed and availability), free speech, human rights(no deathpenalty like usa) and infrastructure(i mean train and airplane, car is lacking lil bit) less taxes 13%work taxes, 40% of economy is cash.
Anonymous  07/04/19 Вск 22:25:07 57791
> cathing fish or animal is much easier then work. it takes you like few minutes and you have some meat.
You really gotta stop playing minecraft so much, buddy.
Anonymous  08/04/19 Пнд 08:27:19 57800
>work usually take away your health
That is really sad. In Finland, you are not allowed to work in dangerous conditions without safety gear. We have all sorts of regulations and safety requirements. You can still damage your health by not sleeping enough and working too hard.

>russia is more west then west itself
I think human rights are just Western propaganda. I am tired of hearing "right of women to have equal pay", "right to happy childhood", "right to free food", "right to free healthcare". Our country is currently being destroyed by feminists who let refugees in our country. I hate "political correctness", it is the direct result of Westernization and "human rights".

When all the white majority countries are filled with refugees, Russia will hopefully be the safe haven.

>west is turning slowly into communist
I wish this was the case but it doesn't seem realistic. It would be too easy if the West just killed itself instead of fighting.

>eu is eudssr.
Don't worry, Muslims will take over and it will become a caliphate.

>Russia is much more advanced in free speech
Hahaha, what do you mean by that?
Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 12:10:01 57840
DSC0148.JPG (1276Кб, 3264x2448)
One and a half liters of cold beer and chips costs 120 rubles = less than two dollars
What are some cozy RPG games that can be played with gamepad with sofa, similar to the Witcher 3 and Dreamfall Chapters? Anonymous  07/04/19 Вск 14:54:00 57781 Ответ
60c724a052275a0[...].jpg (60Кб, 639x361)
MV5BM2E5Nzg5Y2E[...].jpg (87Кб, 269x367)
What are some cozy RPG games that can be played with gamepad with sofa, similar to the Witcher 3 and Dreamfall Chapters?
Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 04:19:48 57830
>>57781 (OP)
skyrim, assassin's creed origins/odyssey, stalker and oblivion if you want something older
Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 10:55:33 57832
Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 11:16:43 57833
1554493033104.jpg (324Кб, 1365x2048)
Something Between Dark Souls and Dreamfall series.

With a good storyline and, like Witcher 3.

Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 11:59:59 57839
Try Gothic series. 1 and 2 were great. I would advice against playing 3 and beyond though. These games are pretty old, but there are mods to make them look prettier.
The most disturbing cyrillic letter poll Anonymous  21/11/18 Срд 22:00:48 39797 Ответ
booqva De.png (82Кб, 640x1100)
booqva Shche.jpg (83Кб, 657x1024)
tvjordyj znak.jpg (44Кб, 604x604)
For latin alphabet users (majority of european countries) cyrillic symbols probably converge to chinese hieroglyphs, so vote for the most disturbing letter among attached pics!
These 3 are especially dangerous for soft-skinned finnish jogurtti producers and french frogs' pussies, so look at cyrillic letters carefully, through your fingers - if you don't want them to visit you in your dreaming period from subconsciousness, bcoz after that your psyche will most likely become fucked up, our international cultural friends!
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Пропущено 49 постов, 24 с картинками.
Anonymous  18/02/19 Пнд 18:25:24 52366
sc00ter.jpg (126Кб, 398x653)
So how much is your fish, dear germans?
Anonymous  19/03/19 Втр 17:30:54 57336
uk-1205-529677.jpg (126Кб, 817x1004)
Anonymous  20/03/19 Срд 12:18:38 57363
doc2018-09-0819[...].mp4 (180Кб, 320x216, 00:00:09)
Slides of alternative history of CCCP
Anonymous  08/04/19 Пнд 20:33:33 57826
Anonymous  08/04/19 Пнд 22:37:22 57828
mishenev-6062-36.jpg (33Кб, 600x549)
600x549 me work Anonymous  06/04/19 Суб 21:51:43 57774 Ответ
work.JPG (153Кб, 1261x668)
Anonymous  08/04/19 Пнд 20:17:14 57825
Can someone translate or explain what they're saying? Anonymous  07/04/19 Вск 21:45:20 57790 Ответ
jk.webm (9553Кб, 1280x720, 00:01:38)
Can someone translate or explain what they're saying?
Anonymous  08/04/19 Пнд 16:33:24 57816
actions explain more than words
Anonymous  08/04/19 Пнд 19:31:12 57823
>>57790 (OP)
You post my photos where I'm naked. Take off your clothes or I'll beat you.
I live in the poorest region of Kazakhstan, ask questions. Anonymous  # OP 20/02/19 Срд 22:55:37 52487 Ответ
15492296289623.png (522Кб, 640x885)
I live in the poorest region of Kazakhstan, ask questions, never in my life had a credit card, never been to the subway, did not even see this with my own eyes. (I'm talking about the subway)
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Пропущено 77 постов, 12 с картинками.
Anonymous  04/04/19 Чтв 21:00:58 57724
Anonymous  05/04/19 Птн 07:24:02 57731
15541655093190.jpg (1153Кб, 3000x2000)

Anonymous  05/04/19 Птн 10:06:59 57732
Anonymous  07/04/19 Вск 20:54:48 57789
Ты откуда?
Я сам с Атырау, но переехал в россиянский ДС.
Anonymous  08/04/19 Пнд 19:29:15 57822
С помойки, даже 100к в городе нема, везёт тебе, я вряд ли перееду я нищий
Hello from Finland. I love Russia Anonymous  04/04/19 Чтв 22:50:22 57726 Ответ
TzLGkAw.jpg (262Кб, 885x1200)
Hello from Finland. I love Russia
Anonymous  04/04/19 Чтв 23:26:39 57727
4743257.jpg (1042Кб, 1500x963)
791x5471286c84c[...].jpg (65Кб, 791x547)
Anonymous  05/04/19 Птн 02:08:45 57729
Мне тоже
Anonymous  05/04/19 Птн 05:54:14 57730
Anonymous  08/04/19 Пнд 07:52:14 57799
1.PNG (637Кб, 478x604)
2.PNG (333Кб, 601x422)
Here are some average looking Russian-Finnish girls. It seems like Russian features are dominant.
Anonymous  08/04/19 Пнд 16:21:55 57813
We need more Russian-Finnish families.
then let men kill which cannot share, let blood and flesh be mud and mire, scheming Anonymous  07/04/19 Вск 22:46:54 57792 Ответ
dfa.jpg (196Кб, 900x750)
then let men kill which cannot share,
let blood and flesh be mud and mire,
scheming imagine, passion willed,
freedom a drug that’s bought and sold

giving to steal and cruel kind,
a heart to fear, to doubt a mind,
to differ a disease of same,
conform the pinnacle of am

though dull were all we taste as bright,
bitter all utterly things sweet,
maggoty minus and dumb death
all we inherit, all bequeath
Why did Russians persecute Jews for 300 years? Anonymous  06/04/19 Суб 19:37:23 57753 Ответ
e257c.png (14Кб, 400x300)
Why did Russians persecute Jews for 300 years?
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Пропущено 1 постов, 4 с картинками.
Anonymous  06/04/19 Суб 20:01:44 57756
pyramide kazan.jpg (74Кб, 700x471)
Anonymous  06/04/19 Суб 20:52:25 57773
IMG201904062235[...].jpg (1378Кб, 3006x2458)
But Jews still hate Russia and whoever is in it. That's why they caused Germany to go to war with Russia.
Anonymous  06/04/19 Суб 23:32:32 57776
yes, russia is gog in gog y magog war. russia eventually will attack israel with turks and rape their women and then messiah will come.
Anonymous  06/04/19 Суб 23:32:56 57777
Anonymous  07/04/19 Вск 19:57:53 57787
Vlasov.JPG (52Кб, 718x402)
vlasov2.jpg (6Кб, 275x183)
Actually jews killed the german zar=kai-zar=ce-zar (nikolai romanow holstein gottorp). He was repressing them. so they mobilized russian peasants and workers and made revolution.

jews took control in 1917, then german elite decidet to take back their colony(which was russia at those times) and sent hitler to liberate it from jewish bolsheviks. they succeded when udssr fell apart and russia got back their flag. which is the flag of vlasov army.
Why int is so fucking sucks? Anonymous  10/03/19 Вск 13:13:26 57120 Ответ
465956882414977[...].jpg (102Кб, 1080x1190)
Why int is so fucking sucks?
Anonymous  10/03/19 Вск 13:22:22 57123
It's a mudpit with no ip rangebans so everyone can use it. This turns into good old massive wipes thus all the bumped threads lose their order and visitors see some unrelated talks from 2018.
Anonymous  07/04/19 Вск 18:42:28 57783
>>57120 (OP)
/int/ sucks because there are only a few users. I think one of the reasons people read this board is that they would like to interact with Russians but can't speak Russian. Other than that, it would be nice to know what motivates people to post here.
Why are there so many gays in Europe and USA? Anonymous  01/04/19 Пнд 20:50:45 57662 Ответ
1309863499gey.jpg (47Кб, 500x333)
Why are there so many gays in Europe and USA?
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Пропущено 3 постов, 1 с картинками.
Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 11:34:30 57678
Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 15:19:59 57682
Пристрастие к м[...].jpg (83Кб, 1011x608)

No one wants to reply to your thread because everyone knows the truth about how masturbation leads to homosexuality. It is a severe problem that affects almost every man in Western civilization.

Some men started to masturbate during childhood and never learned to experience sexual intimacy with females. They grew up through adolescence directly on a path of severe penis addiction and infatuation which led to their non stop yearning for other men's penises. The immense pleasure of putting their hands down their own pants led them to the fixation of same sex sexual gratification that they could no longer stop nor control.

Other men contained themselves and were able to get married to a good woman without a prior addiction to masturbation. However, after several years of marriage and producing a few children these men eventually stopped having sexual intimacy with their wives and started to masturbate. This is known as "adult onset homosexuality" where a man enters a marriage as a heterosexual but later develops a severe lust for another man's penis after the start and regular occurrence of nonstop masturbation.

The truth about the effects of sexual gratification through pornography and masturbation as explained on YouTube:

The truth about homosexuality and masturbation from the spiritual viewpoint:
Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 16:28:15 57683
Nice name of picture, try again or change vpn
Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 17:47:36 57685
>>57662 (OP)
Not many they just don't hide and some of them express themselves too much.
Anonymous  06/04/19 Суб 20:09:54 57757
>>57662 (OP)
Europe is satanist, and gays make G-d angry, so they all want to make G-d angry.
unsheathes blade kid.... it didint have to come to this,,,, Anonymous  03/04/19 Срд 16:18:54 57702 Ответ
katana.jpeg (26Кб, 367x500)
unsheathes blade

kid.... it didint have to come to this,,,,
Anonymous  04/04/19 Чтв 00:29:52 57715
1552005581125.jpg (16Кб, 500x479)
I dont understand Anonymous  21/12/18 Птн 14:07:37 41114 Ответ
15453838463090.mp4 (3592Кб, 132x240, 00:01:15)
15453838463492.png (1066Кб, 858x540)
15453838463381.png (1237Кб, 960x640)
I am not surprised why Danish, stupid, young girls went to Morocco, believing that there live cute, kind and tolerant people. That from shortage of fuck, they fuck even goats.
I'm not surprised they cut their throats after the rape.
I'm surprised those Moroccans videotaped the whole thing.
I don't understand it at all.
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Пропущено 26 постов, 10 с картинками.
Anonymous  06/03/19 Срд 14:25:28 57051
Was she dumb, naive or idealistic?
Anonymous  24/03/19 Вск 21:35:43 57471
Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 13:36:23 57481
PCAofItaliansan[...].png (1117Кб, 2008x3937)
Russians aren't white, but Finns aren't white either. Finns and Russians are kinda close actually.
Anonymous  25/03/19 Пнд 16:04:33 57484
i fucked your white in ass bich
Anonymous  03/04/19 Срд 22:11:17 57712
have you fapped today Anonymous  03/04/19 Срд 19:50:31 57707 Ответ
top lad.jpg (337Кб, 2048x2048)
have you fapped today
Anonymous  03/04/19 Срд 19:58:37 57708
Anonymous  03/04/19 Срд 20:14:23 57710
1553032581859.jpg (2150Кб, 1920x2560)
Me in the back Anonymous  27/03/19 Срд 13:15:00 57549 Ответ
jkjnm.png (499Кб, 2052x2736)
Me in the back
Anonymous  27/03/19 Срд 19:55:43 57559
you have aspiedom
Anonymous  29/03/19 Птн 09:19:31 57595
I'm sorry but you look very autistic
Anonymous  03/04/19 Срд 14:08:40 57700
Ebani tvoi rot
JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP Anonymous  27/03/19 Срд 18:21:43 57556 Ответ
3e9.jpg (10Кб, 700x700)
1553570792619.jpg (91Кб, 677x771)
16fmanl7uje21.jpg (28Кб, 918x717)
1553681547196.png (115Кб, 816x823)




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5 с картинками.
Пропущено 12 постов, 5 с картинками.
Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 05:57:15 57673
Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 06:10:04 57674
Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 06:50:31 57675
t91MeXG26us.jpg (44Кб, 793x821)
>>57556 (OP)

Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 16:37:57 57684
1553041545275.jpg (62Кб, 400x560)
Anonymous  02/04/19 Втр 23:39:56 57691
shhhh dont tell him we invented the eu -.-
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