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>fuk rusia Anonymous  03/04/20 Птн 22:55:49 65820 Ответ
15841134224530.jpg 63Кб, 600x407
>fuk rusia
Anonymous  04/04/20 Суб 13:24:33 65828
Anonymous  03/06/20 Срд 02:59:55 66889
Anonymous  07/06/20 Вск 14:55:01 67006
Fuck British cocold)) hahaha
Anonymous  07/06/20 Вск 16:18:06 67009
say 300
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 22:06:36 70959
Defend Jopa
Do you occasionly get posters from other soviet countries like kazazkhstan or armenia on this site, or is it mainly just russians/slavs? Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 16:26:57 70702 Ответ
d77cc846208659c[...].jpg 125Кб, 1080x1616
Do you occasionly get posters from other soviet countries like kazazkhstan or armenia on this site, or is it mainly just russians/slavs?
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Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 23:51:28 70899
Anonymous  19/11/20 Чтв 16:12:03 70914
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 13:24:08 70939
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 17:38:33 70947
15737090570770.gif 2711Кб, 320x240
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 18:21:10 70951
thats a man baby! Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 02:56:24 70925 Ответ
micheal obama.jpg 131Кб, 752x755
micheal obama2.jpg 77Кб, 713x1024
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Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 13:28:34 70940
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 14:51:44 70942
DYHkLFQXkAEFd9a.jpg 236Кб, 1122x1109
All fucking niggers must fucking hang.
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 17:58:03 70948
So... both niggers have elbows, so it means they are in fact the same nigger, or what?
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 18:00:12 70949
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 18:01:13 70950
how can 1 man be so baste? Anonymous  # OP 21/10/20 Срд 11:14:32 69939 Ответ
ba3e3c725f5d1a4[...].jpeg 1241Кб, 1920x1080
how can 1 man be so baste?
Anonymous  24/10/20 Суб 10:30:07 69983
Anonymous  24/10/20 Суб 20:16:56 69999
>>69939 (OP)
I don't know him. But if Navalny says shit about him, he must be a good man. People Navalny was denouncing in his videos back when I used to watch him turned out to be fine.
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 12:44:13 70935
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 17:11:12 70946
Niggerdick monetization confirmed goy
Help Anonymous  10/11/20 Втр 13:47:27 70513 Ответ
5fa92a4b1dc75.jpg 169Кб, 660x920
Hi, I have two russian friends and they homophobe, how can I make them gays? I'm not gay,but I want them to feel how it's feel to be gay, I want them to be my gay friends.
I hate people who doesn't like gays,even if they was brainwashed, gay it's cool - russians its awful and goy.
So my question can I make them gays? I need it
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Anonymous  11/11/20 Срд 18:16:10 70577
Homosexuality is a disease, so you are most likely like Hitler - a Jew, a Nazi and a homosexual.
Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 01:32:18 70584
turk cute.gif 573Кб, 250x250
Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 13:34:06 70698
>>70513 (OP)
> homophobe
I don't have to make them gay. You just need them to accept their repressed homosexuality.
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 16:23:00 70943
such a pidaras
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 16:23:45 70944
Tell them about Gachi Muchi
Silly question, from a foreigner. In "moskva odessa" vysotsky is talking Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 16:44:25 70880 Ответ
5a68998985600a3[...].jpg 66Кб, 850x478
Silly question, from a foreigner. In "moskva odessa" vysotsky is talking about how he's trying to get to Odessa but fate as always is not letting him go. Is this due to weather or politics? I'm just interested, did soviets have airport/border problems between CCP's or something?
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Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 18:16:00 70891
Ok. So if you are actual real American (how did you end up here on this board of all places btw?), what is your opinion on presidental elections?
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 04:40:00 70931
>>70880 (OP)
I guess it's more like about iron curtain. Plases where he needs to be are forbidden for soviet citizen. Yes, ending seems like the song is about weather, but everyone who knows the context would say it's not. I can only assume it's not politics/weather, it may be personal song, like he wants to visit some friend/girl but cannot due to weather conditions or soviet regime. But again as from the context of whole song it's about how soviet aviation works (keep in mind that Vladimir often wrote songs about everyday phenomena that soviet people know without even explaining that is wrong and what are problems are around, you can just mention the thing and everyone understands what you complain about) - flights may be delayed/canceled without any reason and mostly it's true about abroad flights, and singer wants to go to exact place, but exact flight may have issues any second just coz some of passengers is "troubled" and flight cancellation may be just a way to prevent him to leave the country. And singer is most likely the passenger and he's guessing if flight is delayed coz of him or it's just weather/somthing else. AAt the end of the song where "whole world is open but i don't need to go there" it's like acceptance of the situation so even if iron curtan goes away he'll e to upset to leave the country coz everyone needs it now and there and the fact that sovied people are locked inside makes him sad and he gives up on tryng to flight where he wants to
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 09:37:14 70932
vysotsky-in-usa[...].jpg 103Кб, 1000x596
> Plases where he needs to be are forbidden for soviet citizen.
Vysotsky was a massive hypocrit by the way.
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 11:41:33 70933
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 13:20:10 70938
Disgusting sucky murican shit, man stop this shit)
Can you confirm what he sais is according to the subtitles? Anonymous  19/11/20 Чтв 00:40:20 70902 Ответ
The Emperor.jpg 68Кб, 474x259
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Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 02:44:24 70924
>wtf is there to disagree?
i think russia should not try to be "europian" or "asian" russia should stay russian and isolate itself in order to heal. opening itself to europe or asia is like opening a wound by cutting itself with a knife so the germs and bacteria can enter the body. it is crucial for human survivial that russia should rule the world instead of becoming partners or collegues with other nations in equal level. russia must be the master and all others must be slaves.
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 03:15:39 70928
1605734976953.jpg 42Кб, 652x733
>isolate itself in order to heal
What makes you think it is healthy to stay in the XIX century when the world around us moves towards XXIInd? Anything other than your brainworms?
Are you one of these faggots who believe it's supercool to keep traditions and moral norms from the previous millenia up to this day?
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 11:44:31 70934
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 13:15:18 70936
>He's just a puppet in the hands of the jewish goverment and businessmen.
But he is not an american president, he basically owns Russia, all
jewish goverment and businessmen.
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 13:17:40 70937
>He's just a puppet in the hands of the jewish goverment and businessmen.
But he is not an american president, he basically owns Russia, all
>jewish goverment and businessmen.
are either his friends or he can threaten them with justice (all judges will do what he tells them to do) or novichok)
Learning Russian Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 21:27:17 70720 Ответ
grafik.png 789Кб, 1280x720
How do I learn Russian? I want to move to Russia.
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Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 12:10:18 70814
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 16:51:42 70829
Who are these "most people"? What is stopping you? Why are you still here?
Grass is always greener in another country in the eyes of our pseudoliberals. Russia is the most hateful place on Earth they say. Sinking ship, huh? They also love making statistics up.
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 10:15:40 70863
>>70720 (OP)
1. Find some free courses online. Learning yourself is a lot more productive than taking a class. There are a lot of websites and youtube videos so if something is unclear, try using another site that explains it better.

2. Read. Subtitles, comments, dvach, etc. are all a lot better than books. Look up words a lot and keep reading (and listening to things). Forget, look it up, forget, look it up, repeat.

3. To be conversational, you need about 2000 words for daily things. For more abstract things like giving your opinion or sounding more natural, it's at least 4000 words. 8000 is basically enough for uni.

Russian has a lot of stuff so it's easy to find interesting things to read or watch (and learn from).
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 03:28:34 70929
>>70720 (OP)
You must be fucking retarded
Verpiss dich verdammt arschloch
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 03:51:16 70930
does this happen in you are cunt flag yes Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 14:07:54 70768 Ответ
download - 2020[...].jpg 6Кб, 300x168
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 14:14:00 70770
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 00:16:45 70921
149822383415410[...].jpg 46Кб, 400x477
Do Russians like Tigers? Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 15:41:42 70870 Ответ
tigers.jpg 63Кб, 714x679
Do Russians like Tigers?
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 15:57:21 70875
>>70870 (OP)
Hate to correct you, but neither of both depicted animals is a tiger.
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 17:18:52 70883
>>70870 (OP)
i think russian like cats as pets mostly. but most common symbol of russia is the bear, it depicts russian mentality, lazy, clumsy, eats everything, is very cruel(doesnt kill the prey, starts eating it) steals honey(takes what someone else worked for)
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 18:01:41 70889
>doesnt kill the prey, starts eating it
It will die anyway, why waste energy killing it. Be smart, be efficient, be like a bear.
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 19:43:42 70894
Anonymous  19/11/20 Чтв 02:26:48 70907
1594363035859.png 1051Кб, 1080x988
Meds are EVIL Anonymous  # OP 16/11/20 Пнд 19:28:07 70791 Ответ
fd47b4410a96639[...].jpg 290Кб, 1078x799
the Mediterraneans are a menace to the white eurasian race (and east asians)
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 23:24:15 70897
Two cup of tea, lol.
Anonymous  19/11/20 Чтв 00:36:08 70901
kniga Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 17:24:57 70886 Ответ
image.png 2503Кб, 3200x1800
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 18:49:45 70892
SOON Anonymous  14/11/20 Суб 22:53:46 70684 Ответ
african world d[...].png 245Кб, 1280x737
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Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 04:34:24 70804
We will post kara boğa even in 2041
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 12:27:46 70817
i have a dream where african male and turkish female can live peacefull together.
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 14:27:18 70823
turk male.jpg 39Кб, 720x478
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 13:52:55 70865
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 16:43:34 70879
Hunting the Northern Lights of Murmansk Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 17:43:55 70831 Ответ
russia.jpg 282Кб, 1025x580
Hi friends,

I'm a foreigner living in spb and I'll head north this winter to see the Northern Lights.

Does anyone have any tips? As I understand, it can be quite hard to see them, they're not always so visible in the sky.

And anything general about Murmansk, where to eat, what to see, where to party and find girls, would be cool.
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 18:11:02 70836
>>70831 (OP)
Why do you have eesti proxy living in SPB though.
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 19:24:04 70838
aurora.jpg 75Кб, 1000x668
>>70831 (OP)
>>70831 (OP)
seen that shit all the time as a kid, also white nights. used to live in northern polar region.

you will devently love it. OH boy you should go to taiga, its like being on different planet.
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 22:52:03 70845
>>70831 (OP)
I lived there for a year. Murmansk initially hits you as a sad grey dark district city, but eventually you see the place’s charm. I fell in love with it.

Murmansk’s latitude makes it great for aurora borrealis, I sometimes saw it just looking out from the balcony in my flat in the middle of the city.
If you want to see it, your primary concern should be weather. The sky has to be clear. Keep yourself updated on weather reports and check yourself.
Second is escaping the city’s light pollution. You’ll see the aurora wayy better. Maybe have a car ready to drive away. Some people (a lot of tourists) camp out just to see it, but I’m not sure how successful this is since sometimes there just wont be any light. There is a tourism industry up there just for aurora borrealis, so you could give them a shot or ask them questions.

Download one of the Aurora-forecastingsapps that can give you a heads up for the probability of seeing anything.

Murmansk is kind of a shithole so I don’t think there’s that much to see. I can recommend going up to the top of Azimut for a view. I went to Amigos Bar a lot when I was there for good beer and food. Nightlife there is decent but I cant remember the names of any spots.
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 23:14:48 70849
>Nightlife there is decent
Night is half a year so no surprise.
Are you Christian? What do you think about Christianity? What is Christianity in your country and how many Christians are there? Anonymous  26/09/20 Суб 16:22:17 69345 Ответ
9b135d622848f9f[...].gif 183Кб, 850x560
Are you Christian? What do you think about Christianity?
What is Christianity in your country and how many Christians are there?
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Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 20:38:44 70842
Do you mean non-believers pay more solidarity taxes than believers?
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 01:44:40 70855
Yes. But only if you work. I have a chechen collegue which pay church taxes xD Hahahaah what a retard.
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 01:54:30 70857
>But this is a good thing, right?
No taxation is thieft. You earn here 2400€ you get left with 1600€ net.
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 09:48:00 70862
>I have a chechen collegue
Be advised thar european chechen diaspora are mostly escaped muslim terrorists.
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 11:33:29 70864
Use a fork to clean the toilet. Anonymous  10/11/20 Втр 22:08:02 70540 Ответ
1565031305337.mp4 7760Кб, 450x360, 00:02:31
Use a fork to clean the toilet.
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Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 15:16:19 70778
Clean-clean-clean-clean bitch this is how you're supposed to clean fast one-one-one! Clean! Shit! Clean!
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 18:11:37 70781
Fuck, you're doing great, come on
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 10:05:50 70806
For real foreigners (not that there are any here but anyway), this thread is a reference to arthouse film Green Elefant (Зеленый слоник), which is rather popular on russian imageboards. OPs mp4 caprures the iconic scene of cleaning the toilet with fork.

Generally citation "How do I clean with a fork?" is used with meaning "instruments in my disposal are not adequate for the task I am about to perform". Funny thing, forks are actually good for cleaning toilets because of great achieved pressure, just don't use them to eat after it.
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 10:14:08 70807
Or use, I dont care actually.
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 13:07:29 70818
>not that there are any here but anyway
correct, nerus should stay out!
Don't miss your last chance to get the cultist chan miniature! Cultist  17/11/20 Втр 10:04:33 70805 Ответ
lalka.jpg 41Кб, 710x528
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 10:28:39 70808
Cultist-chan in 3d is an abomination, and not in a good "chaos" sense. Change my mind.

Really, look at her, she is fucking ugly.
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 10:44:37 70810
Telegram Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 13:38:03 70761 Ответ
image.png 139Кб, 1280x717
What are some good Telegram channels to follow?
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 14:03:20 70767
Roskomnadzor. No, seriously, they have just opened one.
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 21:12:01 70792
Дела путинзма тред Anonymous  30/09/20 Срд 08:10:21 69398 Ответ
9niappbvdosc-7-[...].jpg 65Кб, 640x480
В этом треде мы спасаем бездуховных иностранцев и переселяем их в Россию.
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Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 14:27:56 70775
LDPRvotes.JPG 51Кб, 444x448
>LDPR is basically one man party, and that man iz Vladimir "Zhirik" Zhironowsky. People vote not for party, but for him.

so much bullshit right at the start, then why do people vote more for party then zhirinovski ? you just like a parrot using same pharases over and over again.
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 14:29:07 70776
they are a meme party. only 60 year old babkas living in the 90s vote for them
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 14:32:37 70777
thats united russia

LDPR voter base is mostly men in their 30-40
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 16:03:29 70779
>you just like a parrot using same pharases over and over again.
Wide spreadth of sentiment does not make it magically false.
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 17:21:59 70780
Jews Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 21:58:43 70726 Ответ
image.png 404Кб, 750x920
What do you think about the Jews?
Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 22:07:13 70727
15940659086740.png 898Кб, 1920x1080
gib kike gf
Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 22:11:05 70728
grafik.png 3461Кб, 1080x1350
Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 22:11:30 70729
Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 22:26:54 70730
1534661620785.jpg 24Кб, 320x320
1574261578711.png 301Кб, 560x580
need distinctive one not euro hehe
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 11:35:32 70751
Antifashism Anonymous  11/11/20 Срд 18:09:20 70576 Ответ
VID202011112205[...].mp4 2502Кб, 396x720, 00:00:27
Fuck EU proLGBT Nazi nigger scum.
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Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 00:00:18 70686
Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 21:10:26 70715
42881685401.jpg 24Кб, 700x394
Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 21:22:48 70718
>>70576 (OP)
So we are pro-LGBT, but also nazis and niggers? Doesn't make sense, friend.
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 08:51:01 70745
>So we are pro-LGBT, but also nazis and niggers?
to everyone's surprise - yes
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 11:29:24 70749
german pidaras.jpg 85Кб, 850x553
NigaSS.jpg 179Кб, 1200x628
hitler jew.gif 164Кб, 457x422
german crossdre[...].jpg 211Кб, 1200x1200
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