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Hello--- Do you have any information about the Allatra cult? They showed up in some Anonymous  14/10/19 Пнд 08:00:03 61922 Ответ
649495202854243[...].jpg (109Кб, 750x750)
thumb1522672670[...].jpg (14Кб, 267x267)
Do you have any information about the Allatra cult?
They showed up in some youtube vids of flat earthers (lol), and some gullible locals are considering reptilians a real thing. Hillarious.

From what I gathered, it is a con, from Russia (or Ukraine?), using After Effects reptile eyes to make idiots fall into a daily crystal pyramid session scam. Most of their acolytes look retarded but some have a military/bratva build. Because they look russian I am asking here, from all places. Their LLC just pointed to same old shit about tax reduction because it is a religion, and the pyramid/ Saturn/ Satan cosplay, but no real leads.

My country is being invaded by niggers so another invasion would be very tiresome, so any info, leads, etc, about this group will be very helpful.

It is for a homework.
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Anonymous  15/10/19 Втр 12:22:32 61933
Can't tell its outright military, I only know people with kung-fu background (because I have kung-fu background myself and it's not related to whole allatra shit) who got into this, either women and men. They are not shut-ins, more of seeker types, get into anything for WOW SO MYSTIC WOW SO MUCH WISE effects, so I guess allatra is just another stop in their way.

It's fun that they try to get into politics.

Original sensei series by Anastasia Novikh is split into 4 books, 4th part is where shizo kicks in (well for me), basically the whole cave stuff (some motherfucking shinig crystals, ancient catacombs and shiet). Haven't read further.

More or less correct research.
Anonymous  16/10/19 Срд 10:10:14 61954
Thanks again!
4 books... huh, some reading time.


Odd though... that friend I mentioned has that exact seeker type.
Kung-fu background, looking for wise mystic things, very attracted to the reptilian meme, ufos and pyramids (and flat earth, lol). (I showed him the index of the King´s Solomon Library (of pdfs) trying to get him thinking out that focus, but because there are not any ufos or reptillians there it did not catch his attention. (I got that to be able to detect symbols that larpers like to use for cults, I am not into occult schizo writings btw)).
Anonymous  17/10/19 Чтв 00:28:34 61963
Anonymous  17/10/19 Чтв 00:31:23 61964
brain-regions.png (43Кб, 500x267)
>>61922 (OP)
>considering reptilians a real thing
Its a fact. You have a repitilian inside your head.

Some people have this region overdeveloped.(mostly royal families)
Anonymous  26/01/20 Вск 21:31:58 64292
In medieval times you aswell would have "lolled" on those who think that Earth is spherical, just to protect yourself from being counted as easy to fool.
And when british family will announce on television that they're all reptilians, and that humans should be tolerant to aliens just as to negroids, because we are all living beings, you will switch to this position undoubtedly, and will say "you always knew that reptilians lived in human bodies for centuries and that's because they want to be closer to us!!!"
Russian patronymic usage Anonymous  24/01/20 Птн 17:31:01 64220 Ответ
319645E2-E296-4[...].png (111Кб, 809x293)
Dear Russian friends, I am curious about the practice of referring to Russians by name. Suppose we have a man called Sergei Ivanovich. In what contexts would he be called Sergei, and in what contexts would he be called Sergei Ivanovich? Is the latter more formal or polite? Or used when you want to refer to his parentage contextually?

Thank you in advance for your detailed responses.
Anonymous  24/01/20 Птн 22:46:35 64225
>>64220 (OP)
Sergei is for equals. Sergei Ivanovich is for both equal and subordinate, unless he asked you not to use Ivanovich.
Anonymous  24/01/20 Птн 23:25:20 64226
Anonymous  25/01/20 Суб 00:57:20 64228
>>64220 (OP)
Usually at job. Older people. Or "authority" people.

Sergei can be also Seroja
Anonymous  25/01/20 Суб 01:00:50 64229
Thank you anonymous anonovich.
Anonymous  26/01/20 Вск 18:31:32 64284
Welcome, Sucky Murikovich)
Меня задолбали эта эмоция ,давайте устроим геноцид жёлтого Anonymous  22/01/20 Срд 12:05:10 64188 Ответ
images.jpeg (6Кб, 228x221)
Меня задолбали эта эмоция ,давайте устроим геноцид жёлтого
Anonymous  25/01/20 Суб 23:04:22 64261
Anonymous  26/01/20 Вск 01:36:23 64268
Разве по картинке непонятно ?:)
Senko is Ukrainian Anonymous  18/01/20 Суб 07:12:16 64111 Ответ
c6767bd39fdc977[...].png (466Кб, 688x904)
All names that end in -enko are Ukrainian in origin. The best fox waifu is a "lowly khohol" and probably hates Russia. How does this make Russkies feel?
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Anonymous  20/01/20 Пнд 13:34:06 64152
cri-fla.png (91Кб, 768x432)
>thinking that Chechens would ever rape a cousin of the noble wolf
That is wrong kiddo
Anonymous  20/01/20 Пнд 22:11:31 64159
Anonymous  20/01/20 Пнд 23:59:16 64161
Anonymous  21/01/20 Втр 09:53:41 64169
Anonymous  25/01/20 Суб 01:24:20 64230
Is this board entirely dead? stop being so racist against other countries you russian nazi trolls Anonymous  23/06/19 Вск 13:12:46 59591 Ответ
mutt actually a[...].png (10Кб, 364x378)
Is this board entirely dead?

stop being so racist against other countries you russian nazi trolls
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Anonymous  02/07/19 Втр 19:18:15 59818
>t. sucky murrica ass licker
Anonymous  09/07/19 Втр 21:35:20 59941
Anonymous  24/01/20 Птн 21:19:11 64222
sc2scarlettgslr[...].jpg (114Кб, 800x600)
>>59591 (OP)
How is it - to live in a country which is known only for trap sc2 player?

Ok, maybe also Canada produced a couple of nice sci-fi series, but still - world think that they were maybe in country which produces majority of media for mass consumption
Anonymous  24/01/20 Птн 21:20:00 64223
Anonymous  24/01/20 Птн 22:13:55 64224
f76890a484004c6[...].jpg (122Кб, 780x694)
В гости к Сказке. Как тигров, ехавших из Италии в Дагестан, спасли в Польше Максим  24/01/20 Птн 13:44:37 64219 Ответ
image.png (1002Кб, 974x530)
В октябре 2019 года на границе Польши и Беларуси был остановлен грузовик, в котором из Италии в Дагестан перевозили десять тигров. Животные были в очень тяжелом состоянии, один тигр вскоре умер. Отправители и получатели говорят, что звери были посланы в Россию в подарок. Би-би-си поговорила с женщиной, которая ждала тигров в Дагестане; по документам, помимо содержания зоопарка "Сказка", который и должен был принять животных, она занимается ресторанным бизнесом и продажей зверей. "Сказка", впрочем, как выяснилось, тоже закрыта.
Welcome to the Australian consulate of /int/, how may I help you today? If you are looking for condoms, we used them all, sorry. Anonymous  23/07/19 Втр 14:28:07 60129 Ответ
Chinese-buildin[...].jpg (134Кб, 768x512)
Welcome to the Australian consulate of /int/, how may I help you today?

If you are looking for condoms, we used them all, sorry.
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Anonymous  24/07/19 Срд 13:17:01 60151
Some another god-knows-where shithole
Anonymous  24/07/19 Срд 14:28:24 60157
Holi crap not ossie mate reporned!
Anonymous  24/07/19 Срд 17:12:19 60161
>>60129 (OP)
were you eaten alive by the evil venomous spider today?
Anonymous  27/07/19 Суб 02:41:43 60208
What are you doing about your boy Assange?
Anonymous  23/01/20 Чтв 23:51:45 64217
>>60129 (OP)
Don't you have your authentic australian houses? Why attach chajneez cambered shiet?
Hello I want to go on the trans siberian express because I love trains due to my Anonymous  23/01/20 Чтв 16:46:38 64208 Ответ
1579705733755.jpg (187Кб, 1280x755)
Hello I want to go on the trans siberian express because I love trains due to my autism. How difficult would it be to get a visa and book tickets (I have no criminal record), and what level of the russian language would I have topossess in order to comfortably buy food and stuff?
Also what type of trains do you like?
Anonymous  23/01/20 Чтв 19:19:30 64209
Anonymous  23/01/20 Чтв 20:51:19 64210
Anonymous  23/01/20 Чтв 21:13:55 64212 Heres a nice board for all the northern europeans but other countries are of course also welcome. Dont mind to check out. Anonymous  19/01/20 Вск 22:42:47 64143 Ответ
IMG202001192137[...].jpg (24Кб, 266x205)
Anonymous  20/01/20 Пнд 02:52:17 64148
Anonymous  20/01/20 Пнд 03:15:53 64149
Ты хуй
Anonymous  20/01/20 Пнд 23:46:53 64160
Anonymous  21/01/20 Втр 05:57:02 64168
Anonymous  22/01/20 Срд 20:52:17 64199
rate my artwork Anonymous  22/01/20 Срд 01:53:33 64179 Ответ
sketch(31).png (107Кб, 800x600)
rate my artwork
DEFENDER OF EVROPA DEFENDER OF EVROPA  22/01/20 Срд 01:54:29 64180
sketch(32).png (77Кб, 800x600)
DEFENDER OF EVROPA DEFENDER OF EVROPA  22/01/20 Срд 01:56:32 64181
sketch(35).png (83Кб, 800x600)
sketch(34).png (89Кб, 800x600)
sketch(33).png (89Кб, 800x600)
Anonymous  22/01/20 Срд 12:15:25 64191
Anonymous  22/01/20 Срд 12:58:54 64192
Moscow is a fucking shithole. The people living there should be humanely deported to Rostov on Don and Krasnodar for their own safety. Anonymous  19/01/20 Вск 23:15:41 64145 Ответ
1558199479233.jpg (3Кб, 150x173)
Moscow is a fucking shithole.

The people living there should be humanely deported to Rostov on Don and Krasnodar for their own safety.
Anonymous  21/01/20 Втр 00:02:48 64163
Anonymous  21/01/20 Втр 05:33:47 64167
Anonymous  22/01/20 Срд 12:06:37 64189
>>64145 (OP)
Да ,обратно в среднюю Азию
ⱀⱆ ⰱⰾⱝⱅⱐ, ⱃⰵⰱⱝⱅⰰ, ⱅⱃⰵⰴⰰ ⱂⱁ ⰳⰾⰰⰳⱁⰾⰹⱏⱌⰵ ⱀⰵⱅ ⰴⰰⰲⰰⰺⱅⰵ ⱄⱁⰸⰴⰰⰿ ⱄⰽⰰⰶⰹⱅⰵ ⱂⱁⰶⰰⰾⱆⰺⱄⱅⰰ ⱍⱅⱁ-ⱅⱁ ⰹⱀⱅⰵⱃⰵⱄⱀⱁⰵ Anonymous  19/12/19 Чтв 01:57:59 63475 Ответ
ⱁⱁⱇ.png (135Кб, 1280x720)
ⱀⱆ ⰱⰾⱝⱅⱐ, ⱃⰵⰱⱝⱅⰰ, ⱅⱃⰵⰴⰰ ⱂⱁ ⰳⰾⰰⰳⱁⰾⰹⱏⱌⰵ ⱀⰵⱅ

ⰴⰰⰲⰰⰺⱅⰵ ⱄⱁⰸⰴⰰⰿ

ⱄⰽⰰⰶⰹⱅⰵ ⱂⱁⰶⰰⰾⱆⰺⱄⱅⰰ ⱍⱅⱁ-ⱅⱁ ⰹⱀⱅⰵⱃⰵⱄⱀⱁⰵ
Anonymous  22/01/20 Срд 09:53:04 64185
this is me rate Anonymous  14/01/20 Втр 18:16:35 64064 Ответ
terrorist.jpg (204Кб, 1224x1632)
this is me rate
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Anonymous  18/01/20 Суб 07:29:09 64113
Anonymous  18/01/20 Суб 14:21:37 64119
Lol, guy in peack killed 8 russian soliders and officers, he is very cool
Anonymous  19/01/20 Вск 21:30:55 64139
they sodomized him, hes мучиник
Anonymous  19/01/20 Вск 21:43:59 64141
Anonymous  19/01/20 Вск 22:53:03 64144
Japanese rightful clay Anonymous  18/01/20 Суб 06:32:13 64109 Ответ
42506716-blue-m[...].jpg (52Кб, 1235x1300)
Japanese rightful clay
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Anonymous  18/01/20 Суб 07:28:34 64112
Anonymous  18/01/20 Суб 07:35:56 64115
Rus1500-1900.png (42Кб, 588x248)
Nearly all of Russia is stolen land that needs to be returned to its rightful owner.
Anonymous  19/01/20 Вск 10:32:56 64127
Anonymous  19/01/20 Вск 12:36:00 64128
Anonymous  19/01/20 Вск 18:15:43 64133
Have you ever encountered the """"increased female empathy and Anonymous  29/12/19 Вск 22:53:25 63817 Ответ
15603465350191.jpg (522Кб, 1000x798)
1559747962396.jpg (94Кб, 1080x1350)
15591462233710.jpg (40Кб, 640x480)
1554490383675.jpg (72Кб, 750x937)
Have you ever encountered the """"increased female empathy and care for others""""?

If anything women most of all have been canibalistic sociopaths in every sphere of life, virtue signaling at most.

Who even propagates this "women are more caring and empathetic" message?
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Anonymous  13/01/20 Пнд 17:55:42 64050
Yes, all the time.

I am that exact one pretty charismatic narcissist women want to save from myself all the time.

But of course I also met cannibalistic sociopaths - the best sex is with them.
Anonymous  15/01/20 Срд 05:17:02 64068

the best sex i had was with the daugher of that inbred shepherd who rapes and behead 10 years old hikers
Anonymous  16/01/20 Чтв 01:14:50 64072
just came back from the hospital fems are surely the most empathetic gender no doubt about it
Anonymous  19/01/20 Вск 02:00:14 64123
Anonymous  19/01/20 Вск 14:39:49 64130
was / is this your life? Anonymous  03/01/20 Птн 23:40:18 63880 Ответ
30 years wasted.mp4 (3036Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:38)
was / is this your life?
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Пропущено 17 постов.
Anonymous  14/01/20 Втр 06:57:53 64059
Anonymous  16/01/20 Чтв 08:08:53 64074
Anonymous  16/01/20 Чтв 08:12:38 64076
oh I forgot, all instances of "I was" should be "was I"
Anonymous  19/01/20 Вск 10:10:59 64126
>>63880 (OP)
>was / is this your life?

No, it's the life of someone who was born in Russia/exUSSR in the mid or late 1980s.

t. born in 1999
Anonymous  19/01/20 Вск 14:37:00 64129
is this true? Anonymous  10/01/20 Птн 08:34:34 63991 Ответ
d297bajife131.jpg (76Кб, 480x651)
is this true?
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Anonymous  11/01/20 Суб 02:46:07 64009
Anonymous  11/01/20 Суб 03:00:51 64010
Американский яд.jpg (106Кб, 452x640)
Дифракция Фраун[...].jpg (150Кб, 1114x713)
>>63991 (OP)

If corporate America should win...

Anyone with a low enough IQ to consume GMO products will become unable to reproduce.

GM corn set to stop belligerent miscreants from spreading their seeds of agony and despair:


>'We have also created corn plants that make antibodies against the herpes virus, so we should be able to make a plant-based jelly that not only prevents pregnancy but also blocks the spread of sexual disease.'


THX 1138 - Modern Trailer

Rosemary's Baby (1968) Trailer - Modernized

Trevor Something - Come Back Down

Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again (SashaRussia Club Bootleg)

HIRSUTE PURSUIT: Boys Keep Swinging (Sterilized GMO Soyboy Club Mix)
Anonymous  12/01/20 Вск 07:51:58 64027
I heard that americans sterilized themselves. Never heard Russia would involve in that.
Anonymous  15/01/20 Срд 21:57:29 64071
>>63991 (OP)
russia rules US secrety trough russian jews. britian lost that big island long time ago. its all a show. dont worry.
Anonymous  19/01/20 Вск 10:10:40 64125
froginator.png (273Кб, 798x1006)
>>63991 (OP)

Yes, 100% true. Where are the murrican winnin at?
How I can get Russian throne? Anonymous  28/11/19 Чтв 02:58:25 62975 Ответ
45433EC4-7AA0-4[...].png (65Кб, 850x429)
How I can get Russian throne?
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Anonymous  28/11/19 Чтв 03:18:49 62978
Fuck. If I send email to Putin?
Anonymous  28/11/19 Чтв 03:24:01 62979
Anonymous  28/11/19 Чтв 12:27:55 62982
yes putin reads them, he also walks incognito in the city
Anonymous  18/01/20 Суб 14:17:01 64118
47281CBB-9B46-4[...].jpeg (78Кб, 850x429)
Anonymous  18/01/20 Суб 15:46:47 64120
Test here
finland Anonymous  27/12/19 Птн 00:10:01 63714 Ответ
finnish lady.jpg (214Кб, 1080x907)
Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 20:10:26 64104
>>63714 (OP)
stupid nigger lover went to africa to become nanny for your average nigger kids (orphans)
Anonymous  18/01/20 Суб 07:29:43 64114
Belarusian military parade :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Anonymous  17/12/19 Втр 22:47:44 63437 Ответ
15764639399290.webm (3404Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:30)
Anonymous  18/12/19 Срд 01:36:11 63445
what mod
Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 15:24:13 64095
Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 19:13:01 64103
>>63437 (OP)
> russophobic stones
some day that's how warfare's gonna look like: stealthy drones doing their shit all over the place. God forbid military faggots, those insane pieces of shit.
Soon Anonymous  10/01/20 Птн 14:51:05 63996 Ответ
uwaga uwaga rso[...].webm (4709Кб, 854x480, 00:02:09)
Anonymous  17/01/20 Птн 15:33:32 64096
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