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What can you say about this country? Anonymous  # OP 09/04/22 Суб 21:05:23 96930 Ответ
FlagofRussia.png 361Кб, 3152x2233
What can you say about this country?
are you scared? that&#39;s good Anonymous  08/04/22 Птн 00:11:49 96766 Ответ
106335554-15790[...].jpeg 405Кб, 3000x1997
comment16493512[...].jpg 170Кб, 581x436
comment16493108[...].jpg 126Кб, 522x540
are you scared? that's good
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08/04/22 Птн 23:55:07 96847
Nie strasz nie strasz bo się zesrasz kacapie;d;d;d;d;d;d
Anonymous  09/04/22 Суб 00:09:50 96850
Anonymous  09/04/22 Суб 00:10:26 96851
>litereally be irrelevant shit
>provoke others

looks very polish to me
Anonymous  09/04/22 Суб 08:41:25 96879
KHaBC1G0O9s.jpg 76Кб, 655x1024
Anonymous  09/04/22 Суб 10:38:50 96885
Good morning frens. In less than an hour, memers from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest #MemeWar battle in the history of womankind. Womankind, that word should have a new meaning for all of us today. We can't be consumed by our pretty..

Ok seriously, we and the #RussianTrolls together made Trump win in 2016, we need to repeat the feat!

Trump 2.0 is upon us. O Lord of Keks, please bless us with MemeMagic, for we must defeat another unworthy foe, this time in the land of frogs itself. Let TopKeks rain on all of France. Bless us this day with dank memes. #VivaLePenLaFrance #OpLePenIs

The idea is to use this template, so everyone shoots pics of their hands (with or w/o the sticker) with a pen as a middle finger, and this messaging #VivaLePenLaFrance Make it happen!

Op Le Pen has been launched. Jump in #RussianTrolls, we have to make history yet again! #Trump2 #DefeatMacaroni #VivaLePenLaFrance #SayNoToNATO

Spread the word, put Le Pen on ze seat, Macaroni we must defeat!

Op Le Pen is the go #VivaLePenLaFrance

We must repeat the feat that won Trump. Maximum Meme Magic is the go! Go Go Go #RussianTrolls #IndianTrolls #ChineseTrolls #IranianTrolls #PakistaniTrolls

Le meme template: https://i.imgur.com/CcYqPb3.jpeg

Le image with full explain: https://i.imgur.com/yasAoTC.png

Le layered PSD:

Battlefield France is upon us. May based keks be with you!
Are You Winning, Russians? Anonymous  08/04/22 Птн 02:44:05 96776 Ответ
areyawinning.jpg 19Кб, 600x600
How's the war thing going?
Anonymous  08/04/22 Птн 10:17:43 96815
Им совершенно не жалко хохлов.
Anonymous  08/04/22 Птн 15:17:26 96825
umadhitler.jpg 46Кб, 574x400
>>96776 (OP)
Anonymous  09/04/22 Суб 00:33:23 96852
16494511595190.jpg 131Кб, 1280x960
Anonymous  09/04/22 Суб 07:19:45 96876
the world is laughing at you, you are like chihuahua
we thought u were strong
but u are a joke
a sad, limp dick
keep seeds in pocket, bitchboys
About Twitch subs and donations Anonymous  25/03/22 Птн 10:30:53 95860 Ответ
03-glitch.jpg 293Кб, 2400x1600
I know Russian streamers don't receive their subscription money from Twitch because of sanctions.
But can they even subscribe to channels (to get the sub badge, emotes etc.) or are they banned from that too? I'm curious about this.

Also, I would like to donate them money via donationalerts.ru. How does it work now? Can I donate from a non-Russian bank account/Paypal to a Russian streamers Russian bank account via that site?

Can some Russians clarify these to me?
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Anonymous  26/03/22 Суб 10:30:45 96041

Thanks for the answer!
Good to hear this.
Anonymous  26/03/22 Суб 10:58:43 96042
>>95860 (OP)
I don't watch streams, as it is a huge drain on personal time, but I've heard some migrated to Trevo.
This is one ill person, he won't make people angry. Well, there are others, but they'll forget Russia exists when another wide-mentioned topic arises in the media, no need to become angry because of them too: they are just getting hormones released the easiest way. I wish they restricted /int/ and allowed all foreign IPs to the other boards, so people could post elsewhere. /int/ has been a big pile of garbage for a long time. It wasn't any better in 2021 or in 2020.
Anonymous  26/03/22 Суб 11:14:01 96043
This, on another hand... https://2ch.hk/int/res/95912.html Years ago I thought Volnov was extreme. Consuming all the user-generated content around the Internet, I feel more patriotic as years pass.
Anonymous  26/03/22 Суб 18:17:21 96056
This board was literally unknown a couple of years ago and nobody wanted to post here due to apparent uselessness, nobody would have read your posts but the finnish motherfucking shitposter.
Anonymous  08/04/22 Птн 19:05:33 96840
>>95860 (OP)
You can subscribe, get emoticons and privileges, but the streamer will not be able to withdraw money from twitch. Those Russian streamers that remain earn on advertising or on direct donations. So if you want to support, you can donate directly to the streamer.
It's funny by the way, someone uses boosty subscriptions as a replacement for twitch subscriptions and makes boost days instead of subdays
Does I have enought same DNA to stop Putin? Anonymous  04/04/22 Пнд 02:53:21 96492 Ответ
IMG0155.PNG 65Кб, 850x429
ba3844a0.jpg 340Кб, 3199x842
Does I have enought same DNA to stop Putin?
Anonymous  06/04/22 Срд 01:03:43 96620
Screenshot20220[...].png 166Кб, 720x602
Don't know if I have blood ties, but our families are tied up together to this king family because of the marriage.
Anonymous  06/04/22 Срд 21:01:23 96688
Screenshot20220[...].png 116Кб, 720x756
Pashinyan & Əliyev Anonymous  05/04/22 Втр 19:39:47 96595 Ответ
123.jpg 95Кб, 637x506
Tomorrow 06.04.2022 Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan is meeting face to face Azerbaijani president İlham Əliyev. The meeting is supposed to cool down the recent incidents between the countries, following Russian army units being moved away from their peacekeeping role in the region to reinforce the war in Ukraine.

The meeting is not taking place in Sochi or Moscow. Medvedev or Putin are not taking part in them playing a part of a big brother.
It will take place in Brussels, under the guidance of EU, no doubt with earlier consultations with Turkey.

Good job Russia, you're to weak even to keep shit together in your own backyard.
Anonymous  05/04/22 Втр 21:09:18 96604
Anonymous  05/04/22 Втр 21:10:01 96605

it's like English æ e.g. in word 'man'
Anonymous  05/04/22 Втр 21:46:47 96615
Anonymous  05/04/22 Втр 21:58:37 96617
Message to Russians Anonymous  21/03/22 Пнд 05:10:26 95459 Ответ
0895777ea0718ea[...].jpg 271Кб, 1600x1600
You see many rusophobic foreigners around you, don't try to make peace with them, blacklist and then shoot their asses when your army will occupy territories of their countries. Those foreigners think they're superhumans, just because they wear made in China crap on their stomach and stupid asses and also wear some plastic or cheap metal watch. Actually they're just a piece of shit, animals without soul, who dislike Truth about their cheap life.

It doesn't matter who you support Putin, Stalin, Mickey Mouse, war or peace or whatever. You see that foreigners just biological crap who hate you, because it's popular to hate Russians, but not Putin ! They will never understand Russian culture, but only make jokes and show their fake interest, because in the past it was popular to show it. They have no logical thinking, no emotions, they show fake tears, they act like robots, they already forgot about fake pandemic and vaccines and all their internal economic problems, they are idiots !

I saw necrophilic Ukrainians who made photos of dead Russian soldiers, I saw black and white ww2 German photos, I can compare and say there were less photos of smiling German soldiers who stood around hanged Soviet partisans. But now you see photos of smiling Ukrainians around every dead Russian and retarded comments of foreigners who make fun of that.

It means many Ukrainians are brainwashed maniacs, who like death of Russian people and foreigners are not people at all, they act like sociopaths and maniacs ! Soon these retarded foreigners will need to give jobs to Ukrainians in their own countries, this means it's time to say goodbye to European culture ! Even Chikatilo was Ukrainian.
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05/04/22 Втр 16:49:39 96585
Its funny how end of nazist in ukraine it's really end of communizm in russia.
Anonymous  05/04/22 Втр 16:53:13 96586
Communism doesn't exist in Russia. Yet, heh.
Anonymous  05/04/22 Втр 17:45:55 96588
Zrzut ekranu 20[...].png 74Кб, 490x826
Anonymous  05/04/22 Втр 18:38:40 96589
people who hate russia actually wants to kill all jews, because russia prevented jewish genocide in europe.
Anonymous  05/04/22 Втр 19:04:04 96592
if people kill people they actually love jesus christ because people killed jesus
Explain this Anonymous  05/04/22 Втр 16:35:03 96584 Ответ
IMG202204050617[...].jpg 256Кб, 1080x1345
Explain this
Anonymous  05/04/22 Втр 17:23:03 96587
/int/ is friendly board for normies and circlejerk. use /pol/ if you want insulting some nations
Anonymous  05/04/22 Втр 19:53:13 96599
The thing is I wasn't even insulting. Just said that wypippo are retarded barbarians. It was thread about some white guy slapping fast food worker or smthg.
СИНГУЛЯРНОСТЬ ПРИДЁ ПОРЯДОК НАВЕДЁ! Anonymous  05/04/22 Втр 02:34:52 96554 Ответ
Sci-Fi-art-arti[...].jpeg 634Кб, 811x837
Sci-Fi-art-крас[...].jpeg 159Кб, 1300x650
SS9hH8StO9762lV[...].jpeg 118Кб, 800x500
1328339451x0919[...].jpg 46Кб, 487x578

В России захотели создать нетрадиционные виды оружия
Вице-премьер Борисов доложил Путину о работе по созданию нетрадиционных видов оружия
Юрий Борисов
Юрий Борисов. Фото: Global Look Press

В России создадут нетрадиционные виды вооружения. Вице-премьер Юрий Борисов сообщил, что новая государственная программа вооружения будет нацелена на создание оружия направленной энергии, кинетического оружия, роботизированных комплексов, а также систем управления с искусственным интеллектом. Об этом сообщает ТАСС.

«Заместитель председателя правительства также сообщил президенту о том, что работа по подготовке исходных данных для очередной ГПВ завершена, к середине 2023 года она будет сформирована и представлена на утверждение главы государства», — говорится в сообщении.

Также вице-премьер сообщил, что правительство ведет работу по ускорению темпов и объемов импортозамещения.

В январе стало известно, что американский эсминец Preble класса Arleigh Burke получит боевой лазер в 2022 году.

В сентябре 2021 года российские военные впервые применили боевых роботов в боевых порядках общевойсковых подразделений. Роботизированные комплексы «Уран-9» и «Нерехта» испытали на учениях «Запад-2021».
Хочу жить а не знаю как Anonymous  31/03/22 Чтв 02:30:18 96262 Ответ
Без названия.jpeg 3Кб, 277x182
Не смог запостить в /b нет доступа поэтому напишу тут
Даже не знаю зачем я это спрашиваю....Наверное потому что негде
Мысли немного смешаны,так что не судите строго
Мне 21 год, русское гражданство, жил на пмж на западе Украины,учился в местном вузе, перед войной бросил.
Как началась война семья решила что нам (а точнее мне) пиздец.Пиздец и в Украине(изза войны и всего связанного) и в России(Ведь если я приеду в Россию то меня заберут на срочку и я опять таки окажусь в Украине,от срочки мне не спастись, без вариантов).
Решили что нужно валить.Несмотря на то что мужчин из Украины не выпускают, меня выпустили потому что граждан России коим я и являюсь нельзя призвать в украинскую армию, а значит смысла держать меня не было. Свалили к нашему богатому родственнику в Словакию и оформили тут убежище(Не политическое, а такое как щас украинцам дают(Называется вроде как временный приют, отличается тем что можно работать, и документы не забирают,а значит мы можем не ждать год разрешения на убежище),смогли его получить потому что есть пмж украинское)

Будучи в Словакии я рассорился с семьей.Насмерть.Нет у меня семьи больше. Ушел из дому только с сумкой одежды мобильником и документами.Нет ни одного евро.Нет дома.Нет никаких умений, медвуз в котором учился,как уже говорил бросил
на 2 курсе. Есть только здоровое работоспособное тело,желание жить, и все.Даже языка словацкого не знаю(знаю английский, и немецкий возможно смогу,если полгода учить,вспомнить,но щас врядли) И не знаю могу ли я даже покидать Словакию не потеряв свой статус беженца(Его вроде только 1 раз дают).В лагере я вероятно получу пиздов от населения как только увидят мой красный паспорт.Хотя может немного там могу пожить так как говорю по украински,может не поймут.Да и вообще мой статус беженца шит белыми нитками(наверное мне дали по ошибке)
Че посоветуете.Как мне не сдохнуть?
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01/04/22 Птн 23:41:08 96382
I cannot give much advice except hang in there.
Ideally the situation will end and you will be able to go back to Ukraine, it is a hard situation because russophobia will appear.

Naturally, you can always go back to Russia and they should be able to accept you because you are Russian national in the end. But for gods sake DONT GET DRAFTED INTO THE ARMY.

It is better to steer as far away from that as possible. All my Russian friends kept away from it.

Why are you so negative posting from Germany? Europe is a nice place to live, we have a lot of liberties, freedoms, which unfortunately other places do not have.

Many places has their bar parts and their good parts, and Germany is an economy almost three times larger than Russia, and that with a much lower population. It should not be underestimated.

I have lived in many countries there is no reason to say X is better than Y. I always liked Russia as a place to live, but I think there is just too much corruption in society compared to elsewhere.

Now don't take my words for granted, Ukraine is also a corrupt post-Soviet catastrophe, but it's not as bad as Russia. Yakunovich looted the whole Ukraine treasury when he left, and his palace was exquisite.

It just goes to show how these people keep looting your money. It happens everywhere, but the scale in some countries is too high.
Anonymous  02/04/22 Суб 18:44:19 96417
because i live here and people are lying all the time, i like to expose
Anonymous  02/04/22 Суб 20:24:45 96424
Test  05/04/22 Втр 06:24:59 96563
Если ты ещё тут оп, то знай - никого не отправляют воевать насильно на Украину. Что за ситуация с срочниками была в начале войны - хз, до сих пор ничего не объяснили. Но это был единственный случай. Наоборот, куча добровольцев хочет пойти на фронт, но государство нахуй шлет. Попасть на Украине в составе в армии РФ сейчас практически невозможно.
Anonymous  05/04/22 Втр 14:15:48 96574
>>96262 (OP)
ищи работу медбратом
нахуя рассорился то?
Соси это, Иван Anonymous  05/04/22 Втр 06:21:29 96562 Ответ
Xi.jpg 85Кб, 1043x1216
Соси это, Иван
Userbase of this board Anonymous  04/04/22 Пнд 22:07:48 96542 Ответ
5i190.jpg 53Кб, 1000x800
Hello friends!

I have been reading some threads here, mostly news and /po and I'm really wondering how well this board represents Russians in general.

Naturally boards are full of stupid people and retarted people but this place seems to be exceptionally weird. Most messages are spamming stupid shit and repeating the same stuff. Very few messages seem intelligent and rational ( pro-Russian or not )

My Russian is pretty basic so using a translator might affect this. The new legislation ( fake/misinformation) probably had a big effect but I cannot compare to past.

05/04/22 Втр 00:38:43 96548
The fact is that this new information law makes everyone afraid.

Anything can go for fake information and be punishable. This is why if you use TikTok in Russia, you will find that everything is completely censored to only family friendly content.

This place does not have enough activity to be something other than a spam ground it seems. There are some people in here with very extreme opinions....

Well, I used to live in Russia and used dvach a bit there, I can't post on the normal board now so I hang here a bit. Sadly, if there is no activity, I will eventually leave. Russia is not a place I can be anymore, we got a message to leave the country for like one month ago from our foreign ministry and the prospects of going back right now is like 0%

Oh well, I wish all the best for Russians.

What can I say, if there was any rights in Russia pre-"fake information" law they are now gone. if you thought it was bad in Russian politics, jails, etc before - now it is much worse. They no longer have to play pretend, they quit the european council. now they can officially enact death penalty and make their own international tribunals and play pretend crime cases against humanity.

It is just my opinion as anon.
Anonymous  05/04/22 Втр 03:13:22 96560
>enact death penalty
honestly no, but look on "59 УК РФ" its.. article? dont know how right about death penalty, but it dont worked because only the Constitutional Court may impose this penalty but they don't allow it and article.. just dont worked and they don't pay attention to him sorry for bad language
Hey, Russians. How many innocent people need to die before you rise and change something in your country? Anonymous  02/03/22 Срд 13:12:43 92813 Ответ
comment16461271[...].jpg 163Кб, 640x400
Hey, Russians.
How many innocent people need to die before you rise and change something in your country?
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Anonymous  04/04/22 Пнд 08:55:52 96500
To say Russia "started it" is blatantly wrong. They have as much justification to invade Ukraine as the West had to """liberate""" Libya or any other number of sovereign nations. It's not whataboutism, it's simply the reality of the situation.
I don't like Russia, I personally like Ukraine better. But if a country is really shelling a so called independent republic consisting of people who are nearly ethnically and culturally identical to a directly adjacent state, it's just unavoidable that there's going to be some severe tension. It doesn't matter if this is just a landgrab, there's still a legitimate political and moral reason for it.
Anonymous  04/04/22 Пнд 11:27:11 96504
I think that all western citizens must die for our freedom!!! There is my tsar-bomba?
theme name  04/04/22 Пнд 11:59:34 96505
Anonymous  04/04/22 Пнд 12:45:34 96511
When Russian tank shoots the sniper in a living building

When daily Ukrainian shells waste another Donetsk town
>heh wut nevamind lol
Anonymous  04/04/22 Пнд 21:51:36 96540
Russia has been building up the conflict and machining separatism since 94. And and whole time in Donbass was constant continuous purposeful buildup of provocations and false flag operations by Russia. Would you eat shit if Pynya told you to?

The anthem of &#47;int&#47; Anonymous  20/08/21 Птн 06:35:23 87125 Ответ
15808204957210.mp4 4269Кб, 640x360, 00:03:05
The anthem of /int/
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Anonymous  21/03/22 Пнд 01:23:16 95447
21/03/22 Пнд 03:23:56 95451
Do Men Even Hav[...].webm 17324Кб, 1920x1080, 00:02:29
No this
Anonymous  26/03/22 Суб 22:53:10 96079
ukr hymn.mp4 2685Кб, 352x640, 00:00:29
Anonymous  28/03/22 Пнд 22:57:24 96190
01/04/22 Птн 23:21:53 96380
First Chechen w[...].mp4 13302Кб, 640x360, 00:06:51
&lt;kurkkumopopataljoonan ilme :D Anonymous  30/03/22 Срд 21:42:39 96252 Ответ
7e64a72e96a084d6.jpg 140Кб, 1080x720
<kurkkumopopataljoonan ilme :D
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Anonymous  31/03/22 Чтв 00:04:27 96257
be5bdb119480641a.jpg 58Кб, 1024x702
5f63d0e831cad8bf.jpg 246Кб, 1920x1200
1b6550bb5ec3351c.jpg 216Кб, 2000x1324
58e18a0c85b9489d.jpg 81Кб, 1024x702
Anonymous  31/03/22 Чтв 12:50:59 96281
73924062e0fd6c0c.jpg 139Кб, 1080x1080
se jäättis huuttis mint :D
31/03/22 Чтв 17:32:35 96287
67k5vd.jpg 107Кб, 787x500
Anonymous  31/03/22 Чтв 17:58:35 96288
Anonymous  04/04/22 Пнд 13:49:54 96516
lavuaari :D:D likasanko :DDD ei vittu nää on parhautta
Who did this? Anonymous  27/03/22 Вск 04:51:14 96093 Ответ
1646709281249.jpg 68Кб, 659x543
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Anonymous  28/03/22 Пнд 08:28:10 96143
Anonymous  28/03/22 Пнд 12:14:44 96148
definitely looks like Putin
Anonymous  01/04/22 Птн 05:32:37 96326
It's Putin
Anonymous  02/04/22 Суб 01:14:49 96386
Not gonna watch this
Anonymous  03/04/22 Вск 15:00:53 96462
looks exactly like Tomasz Terka from Wodzisław Śląski in Poland
Basically this Russia is evil empire, too much years under boot of golden chorde made them that way adad  18/03/22 Птн 15:38:59 95219 Ответ
comment16476062[...].jpg 56Кб, 400x813
Basically this
Russia is evil empire, too much years under boot of golden chorde made them that way
Anonymous  18/03/22 Птн 22:37:17 95266
>>95219 (OP)
In the case of Ukraine the US toppled the government and replaced it with a client state to the American Democrats. Zelensky is a puppet of the globalists. Putin MAY be in on it but Zelensky definitely is.
Anonymous  18/03/22 Птн 22:45:52 95269
Thing is, no one in modern days want to live under Russian influence
There are 4 cities that are good maintained and modern, rest of the country is 3rd world cesspool and rest is siberia
Politicians are makavelian thugs and the food is shit
Anonymous  03/04/22 Вск 14:42:20 96459
03/04/22 Вск 14:53:15 96461
Nobody had a specially good time under the Soviet rule. Holodomor by Stalin to kill off Ukraine nationalism. Sold their food to other countries in order to buy Western equipment.
Divided Poland by Nazi and Soviet rule. I am sure that was fun for poles.
Splitting countries, forever, also happened.

Nobody is surprised when post-Soviet republics see that the prospects of being in the Russian club is very bad. Corruption, poverty, who would even want to be part of this.

I will not blame any countries that want to quit this.

Yanukovych ran away with the Ukraine state budget and lives in luxury now. He was corrupt even by Ukraine standards the most corrupt. I think that Zelensky is also corrupt and elected by some oligarch, but he is definitely not puppet of some other country.

If he was US puppet then they would give much more support than they do now. He is asking but they are not getting it, because they don't really want to be involved in this conflict. It is just costing money for the USA and making them have to spend more budget to boost European defence.
I decided to visit this section at my leisure. I didn’t see a single post here that according to my impressions, would not have been written by a fifteen-year-old schoolboy. Anonymous  03/04/22 Вск 02:01:51 96432 Ответ
4CFE6C16-9183-4[...].jpeg 9Кб, 250x166
I decided to visit this section at my leisure. I didn’t see a single post here that according to my impressions, would not have been written by a fifteen-year-old schoolboy.
Anonymous  03/04/22 Вск 02:02:19 96433
Anonymous  03/04/22 Вск 02:04:19 96434
Anonymous  03/04/22 Вск 02:08:56 96435
Would I be able to LARP as a Finn in Finland? Anonymous  08/03/22 Втр 00:13:50 93827 Ответ
rusich1.JPG 62Кб, 561x708
rusich2.JPG 53Кб, 653x858
sestra.jpg 86Кб, 1095x687
Russiaslav.JPG 91Кб, 1142x864
I am a Russian living in America. Feeling very guilty for my ethnos rn. Wanna move to Finland and fuck blonde finnish qts. Would I face racism in Finland?
I am pure Russian afaik, green eyes brown hair
Fourth pic is DNA results
Would I be taken for a migrant/Russian in Finland even if I spoke English?
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Anonymous  19/03/22 Суб 20:27:39 95356
everage mexican[...].jpg 102Кб, 749x936
Anonymous  19/03/22 Суб 20:45:44 95358
turk.jpg 36Кб, 420x320
fingolian.jpg 85Кб, 800x527
native american[...].jpg 70Кб, 640x827
russian male.jpg 25Кб, 500x750
Anonymous  02/04/22 Суб 18:36:02 96414
Lol the fact that the Russians were slaves of the Mongols does not make them Mongols.
Anonymous  02/04/22 Суб 18:37:48 96415
why mongol ? russians are finnougric, mongols are chechens and dagistanis, mongols raped them for centuries then turks, then arabs
Anonymous  02/04/22 Суб 20:16:42 96422
Adonai melech! Adonai malach! Adonai yimloch! Leolam vaed! Anonymous  31/03/22 Чтв 09:51:29 96278 Ответ
יהדות התורה.mp4 13819Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:57
Adonai melech!
Adonai malach!
Adonai yimloch!
Leolam vaed!
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Anonymous  01/04/22 Птн 17:26:54 96369
hilde-und-klaus[...].jpg 324Кб, 1900x1249
no germans hate jews, they want them all dead. this is why they created war between jews(in ukraine) vs russians, so they can kill of both at same time. germans next goal is to sent polacks to die fighting russia.
Anonymous  01/04/22 Птн 20:00:58 96373
Anonymous  01/04/22 Птн 20:54:47 96378
Anonymous  02/04/22 Суб 00:06:03 96384
I don't, occasional familiar words only. But that's not a good test, because German is not my native language.
Anonymous  02/04/22 Суб 18:28:44 96412
>>96278 (OP)
What the fuck dude. Decided to raise a shit topic from scratch.
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