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Whats happening to black male ? Anonymous  07/03/21 Вск 21:51:12 78395 Ответ
beatiful black.jpg 386Кб, 828x849
Anonymous  07/03/21 Вск 23:10:46 78401
1305748798.0.jpg 111Кб, 1200x800
Anonymous  08/03/21 Пнд 20:48:55 78456
Anonymous  20/03/21 Суб 14:04:33 79166
16162283894350.mp4 1065Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:04
murika fugg yeh :DDDD
Anonymous  21/03/21 Вск 10:10:44 79217
God instructs people to partially give up reproduction because the planet is overpopulated. Those who have ears let them hear.
Anonymous  21/03/21 Вск 10:32:24 79219
"Soulless Killer" Vladimir Putin put a banana peel on the stairs. SUCH A DESPICABLE ACT! RETALIATION WILL FOLLOW!
It's over, Ameribros... Anonymous  18/03/21 Чтв 07:43:20 78965 Ответ
1615947640136.webm 2034Кб, 782x440, 00:00:43
It's over, Ameribros...
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Anonymous  19/03/21 Птн 09:34:07 79115
No, there is no such thing as "judeo-saxon". It is anti-Semite Anglo-Saxons who should be stopped.
Anonymous  19/03/21 Птн 09:36:33 79116
All anglos are soulless philosemites. The only way to fix the world is to treat the united kingdom, united states, and israel to a nuclear holocaust. the negro-saxon and the jew are responsible for everything wrong in this world.
Anonymous  19/03/21 Птн 09:55:50 79117
It's a good thing it's not up to you to take such decisions. Maybe, the US should reeducate all their crazy extremists bigots dreaming about such scenarios. I hope they are already building detention centers for the likes of you.
Anonymous  19/03/21 Птн 09:57:44 79118
e9s4S2ZX.png 161Кб, 350x350
Anonymous  19/03/21 Птн 16:16:22 79122
Literate speech! Express my support!
What happens here? Anonymous  11/11/20 Срд 13:23:14 70565 Ответ
lol.jpg 7Кб, 303x166
What happens here?
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Anonymous  15/03/21 Пнд 14:07:47 78822
alfahousut.jpg 216Кб, 811x811
VolcanoEruption[...].jpg 1455Кб, 3000x2030
Clearly, that is where I must go, battle cliffracer sized mosquitos, strange looking locals, get blight and die in ash/snowstorm in -50C temperatures in middle of june while ascending red mountain klyuchevskaya sopka.
Anonymous  15/03/21 Пнд 22:17:17 78838
Anonymous  16/03/21 Втр 22:20:24 78867
Lived there for 2 years, wonderful place with incredible beautiful nature
Anonymous  17/03/21 Срд 05:47:48 78877
>>70565 (OP)
Expencive food
Depressive look in towns
But the nature is amazing
Anonymous  18/03/21 Чтв 19:06:38 79080
ofp face.jpg 53Кб, 743x760
>depressive look in towns by russian standards
russian tranny janny on 4chan banned me because of this picture Anonymous  19/12/20 Суб 16:51:33 72045 Ответ
1608370975349.png 419Кб, 900x600
russian tranny janny on 4chan banned me because of this picture
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Anonymous  15/03/21 Пнд 19:04:44 78831
Citizen going slave was nonsense for most part of Roman history. And no one gives a shit about some captured Gauls or Puns. Dumb pic.
Anonymous  15/03/21 Пнд 21:50:42 78835
>>72045 (OP)
Chineese already captured a lot of nature resources in Russia. It's true in that picture. And Putin helped they with that. It because he is a KGB dude, he like the USSR and he like the Chine which look like the USSR. He very love all dicrtators around the world. He protect they from the local people. And also he helps them to make their regims more and more storonger. For example, he strengthened the China when give them our resources for free (include some of our territory).
Anonymous  15/03/21 Пнд 22:12:22 78836
My mistake: sometimes he just tried to protect one dictator. And he broke his teeth while he had a big plans about the Ukraine. I hope in the future it will be more than one time. But maybe not. Becouse I think the putin's health isn't good now.
Anonymous  15/03/21 Пнд 22:16:33 78837
God save ukrainians from Putin's death and second Dimitry the Georgian-slayer term. There wil be no mercy, only death and despair.
Anonymous  15/03/21 Пнд 22:40:08 78839
No, I disagree with that. Georgia attacked its separatist region first. Saakashvili could to try made the life in Georgia better than pro-Russian separatist countries. And he could to try get they come back without the attack. But he made the realy mistake. And he was a dictator too (pro-american dictator).
The Russian Question Anonymous  08/01/21 Птн 14:25:59 72803 Ответ
image.png 699Кб, 1200x675
Anytime I meet Russians on the internet, they are BASED. Anytime I see Russians in real life, they are subhumans. Why is that?
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Anonymous  14/03/21 Вск 00:31:59 78782
Anonymous  14/03/21 Вск 11:23:51 78792
Then you are a unicorn, a big exception.
Anonymous  14/03/21 Вск 20:25:54 78800
their are many ethnic russians in germany.
Anonymous  14/03/21 Вск 21:05:45 78804
>>72803 (OP)
Based, subhumans... Using terms like that, you show, that you neo-nazi scum. No better than insane left-liberals. Freaking cosplaying ideology of anti-scientific fanaticism.
By the way, we live in a diffent times, than an era with slaves, commoners, and high society. I'm not sure, but maybe you should spend more time on your education than on sorting the peoples into uber-mensch and untermensch.
Anonymous  15/03/21 Пнд 00:51:55 78810
Or so they say. But unless they are invited to do stuff where companies can't find anybody with same qualification level and thus getting the blue card or if they aren't exchange students, "normal" Russians can't come to Germany just like that.
Where is my official "Virgin vs Chad" thread, suckers? Here it is! Anonymous  04/01/20 Суб 22:47:20 63902 Ответ
ChadSlav.PNG 293Кб, 1180x544
Where is my official "Virgin vs Chad" thread, suckers? Here it is!
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Anonymous  16/01/21 Суб 05:21:29 73292
1610762042405.webm 2881Кб, 640x800, 00:00:35
1610762004999.webm 1958Кб, 460x460, 00:00:08
Anonymous  02/02/21 Втр 11:13:27 74194
1612048775959.png 322Кб, 2926x1024
Anonymous  06/03/21 Суб 20:27:29 78302
nobody.jpg 166Кб, 1490x648
Anonymous  07/03/21 Вск 12:26:49 78333
1614815381078.png 298Кб, 491x491
Anonymous  14/03/21 Вск 21:10:44 78805
chad slav vs vi[...].jpg 133Кб, 606x710
Japanese multiplication Anonymous  04/03/21 Чтв 22:07:25 78240 Ответ
Draving (eng).png 710Кб, 1400x1020
Draving (Rus).jpg 121Кб, 1467x1069
Anime is toxic poison for your body and your soul. Be healthy!
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Anonymous  05/03/21 Птн 11:16:33 78255
[Leopard-Raws] [...].png 1189Кб, 1280x720
>>78240 (OP)
Yes, I do. This is me by the way. Buta desu, oink oink.
Anonymous  05/03/21 Птн 11:18:53 78256
>>78240 (OP)
Give me a European cartoon with a character licking and kissing female feet or stealing pants, and I'll give it a try.
Anonymous  05/03/21 Птн 18:52:52 78266
250.jpg 59Кб, 198x250
>character licking and kissing female feet or stealing pants
Anonymous  06/03/21 Суб 11:01:32 78296
6ztt06.png 175Кб, 331x366
Ну, вот, собственно, зачем они смотрят свои восьмиэфпээсные дергучки - подрочить. Творчества в аниме нетъ.
Anonymous  14/03/21 Вск 07:29:48 78788
This thread proved once again anime is superior.
Has the west been Defeated? Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 05:38:06 78545 Ответ
vargblacked.jpeg 223Кб, 1683x1080
Has the west been Defeated?
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 09:42:00 78559
California has won, Nigger-York has won. Sucks to be flyover state but this is how it is.
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 22:58:28 78602
i got one guy working in IT in cali earns about 10.000$a month nothing is left at the end of the month. maby 200-300$ everything is expensive and he must wear designer clothing to meetings and drive expensive cars to represent his company and go to luxurious restaraunts. he must pay it with his money lol

other guy i know in new york works 3 jobs to stay alive. sucurity, mover and personal trainer. he sells drugs occasinaly.
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 10:39:39 78614
>personal trainer.
Is he gigolo or what.
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 23:07:24 78659
he sells steroids and drugs.
this is Russian court Anonymous  08/03/21 Пнд 04:11:30 78410 Ответ
court.jpg 211Кб, 1807x835
this is Russian court
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Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 14:28:51 78578
He was just sad - he had no lewd sister himself.
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 20:16:51 78597
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 22:57:08 78601
>cartoons are having intercourse with a piece of feces.
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 11:09:49 78616
>anime is fucking
This sort of anime is called ecci or hentai.
Anonymous  11/03/21 Чтв 22:57:46 78653
fucking would be hentai, ecchi just jiggles.
Languages Anonymous  # OP 02/10/20 Птн 20:02:31 69452 Ответ
983.jpg 50Кб, 519x388
Do you love languages? I speak only Russian and English at the moment but I am going to learn Chinese, Spanish, Persian, and Japanese. I guess Korean might become an important language to know too in the future. What languages do you speak and what languages are you going to learn? Have you happened to use learnt languages? I never traveled so I am yet to speak with an English-speaking person in real life.
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Пропущено 38 постов, 5 с картинками.
Anonymous  11/11/20 Срд 17:41:13 70575
you are fell through. try better next time
Anonymous  08/03/21 Пнд 15:19:46 78435
Can you write something in Russian?
Anonymous  08/03/21 Пнд 21:03:07 78457
>>69452 (OP)
I speak as many as I can encounter!! the more you know, the easier it becomes to learn. I can also be helpful to study the ancient languages, I have studied ancient Chinese and Latin. I am a well-traveled American if you ever want to talk lmk (discord) Nyanuri#3951
Anonymous  09/03/21 Втр 18:40:46 78517
>>69452 (OP)
I speak russian, english, german, some polish and hebrew
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 05:54:28 78546
>>69452 (OP)
I speak Russian, US, and Japanese and now learning Mandarin.
I have also learned French and Arabic in high school, but quite bad in it now.
Is living in Russia improving? Hows life Russian bros? Anonymous  02/03/21 Втр 11:42:45 78067 Ответ
meme.jpg 410Кб, 744x885
Is living in Russia improving? Hows life Russian bros?
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Anonymous  06/03/21 Суб 01:57:05 78282
Anonymous  07/03/21 Вск 13:58:24 78341
>>78067 (OP)
Really not that bad. It's just that young people live with their mother and cannot afford everything they saw on Instagram. Everyone wants to be successful and rich, but not everyone wants to work hard to get out of the ghetto. But life is unfair (always been) and children of (corrupt) officials have a better start.
08/03/21 Пнд 17:06:45 78441
Screw you.
My old glasses has become almost useless because I spoil my vision for $1250? A new pair of good glasses is at least 80 USD.
My pleather messenger bag is too worn out, the plastic is peeled off in many places. A new one will cost me $50.
I have only two pairs of pretty worn spring-autumn shoes which I also wore in summer and winter too. If I need to buy another pair, of decent quality, I need to spend no less than $50.

1250/180 = ~7. If i wish to buy these three items, I will need to spend 1/7 of my salary. I'd say this is hilarious but this is not funny at all.
Anonymous  08/03/21 Пнд 21:12:12 78461
kz.webm 3417Кб, 640x360, 00:00:38
Anonymous  10/03/21 Срд 04:19:11 78540
>>78067 (OP)
No, not really.
I believe we keep stagnating after Crimea annex and oil crisis.
Can Americans come as a refugee to Russia? Anonymous  09/02/21 Втр 01:06:56 74567 Ответ
1593980959688m.jpg 53Кб, 934x1024
What are the procedures?

Assume money is not a (big) problem
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Anonymous  09/03/21 Втр 19:28:43 78524
But this is not made up. -15
Anonymous  09/03/21 Втр 19:35:16 78525
>But this is not made up.
It certainly is, because I don't see Venezuela, Mexico, Turkmenistan and other certified shitholes there, but I see that literally every country below Russia has civil war or large insurgency, which shows that this "rating" is anything but "living good". Yyeah, beople in Moldova or Liberia live better, ssssure.
Anonymous  09/03/21 Втр 19:35:56 78526
What’s that rating. At least provide context
Anonymous  09/03/21 Втр 19:55:11 78529
Anonymous  09/03/21 Втр 20:02:08 78530
>"peace rating"
>USA is above Brazil
Is it a cultural norm to shart publicly in the US? Anonymous  27/02/21 Суб 13:04:55 77654 Ответ
63ddb3274267ca9[...].jpg 21Кб, 236x354
4od3ocsiql301.jpg 41Кб, 640x722
1252.jpg 82Кб, 600x715
2490.jpg 110Кб, 600x794
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Anonymous  09/03/21 Втр 07:32:14 78475
ага ага
ага аха
Anonymous  09/03/21 Втр 07:32:45 78476
Anonymous  09/03/21 Втр 07:33:27 78477
Anonymous  09/03/21 Втр 07:34:58 78478
Anonymous  09/03/21 Втр 18:38:04 78514
I was playing CSGO with 4 Russians, and I did one bad thing ... they called me the n-word because they heard I was speaking good American Anonymous  06/03/21 Суб 02:26:57 78283 Ответ
image.png 75Кб, 512x512
I was playing CSGO with 4 Russians, and I did one bad thing ... they called me the n-word because they heard I was speaking good American
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Anonymous  06/03/21 Суб 15:31:39 78299
I think we should care more. Our ancestors fought with the North, it's our history too. I wish we had an official stand on what black people face in the United States.
Anonymous  06/03/21 Суб 17:49:36 78300
>>78283 (OP)
нахуя разговаривать на английском если в команде все русские? ты долбоеб?
Anonymous  07/03/21 Вск 19:32:03 78384
16151107910880.webm 3965Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:13
Just listen to how this old man says the word. He is dead serious. Japanese language is music to my ears and I don't understand a word. It's the same with "nigger" because there is no Russian equivalent, you can't just translate that even if you speak English. People know from American culture they should laugh at "nigger" but they don't actually understand what it means. They hear a joke and not oppression.
Anonymous  07/03/21 Вск 21:34:09 78390
Two teas for this noble sir, please
Anonymous  09/03/21 Втр 03:33:36 78465
He says negro, that means black color in spanish. The whole O-thing is bullshit from leftists.
Sad! Anonymous  08/03/21 Пнд 05:17:03 78411 Ответ
1615169312441.gif 685Кб, 960x960
Anonymous  08/03/21 Пнд 07:28:20 78414
Explain it to me. Are you glad the person was killed?
This is an animated file, the second frame is a gory picture of a killed person. I believe he was Hispanic.
Anonymous  08/03/21 Пнд 13:54:44 78427
1515908395921.png 159Кб, 300x300
Anonymous  08/03/21 Пнд 14:06:58 78429
Anonymous  08/03/21 Пнд 21:04:23 78458
taboon.png 367Кб, 595x389
i believe this is a veiled threat
How? Anonymous  07/03/21 Вск 12:48:06 78334 Ответ
4476fed90dc43b6[...].png 587Кб, 625x509
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Anonymous  07/03/21 Вск 22:26:01 78396
Why I'm not surprised? They lie Bendera is a nacist and at the same time they say KIKES. So who are actual nacists here?
> Let's ask all the foreigners present
They won't disappoint if all the "foreigners" are not nacist svinorakhis with proxies and we have actual foreigners here.
Anonymous  07/03/21 Вск 22:26:54 78397
>>78334 (OP)
Some russians are not evil. Evil russians don't even understand music.
Anonymous  07/03/21 Вск 23:28:18 78402
> Some russians are not evil.
Any examples? Besides Navalny Sometimes I think Navalny is too good for this country
Anonymous  08/03/21 Пнд 02:13:13 78408
Anonymous  08/03/21 Пнд 09:33:25 78416
Navalny is an ordinary son of honest entrepreneurs engaged in production. Actually, this class of people in Russia is the kindest and most humane. The lower class of people are evil because they can't do anything and have no influence on anything(and for the same reason they love conspiracy theories so much), the upper class is evil because they got everything somehow by accident and now they are afraid of losing it, for which they try to push everyone who climbs up, and create a lot of strict laws.
If the government was recruited from small entrepreneurs(except merchants), then Russia would become a civilized and developed country almost immediately.
Could you survive in Siberian wilderness? Anonymous  24/02/21 Срд 00:35:34 77433 Ответ
sibir.jpg 235Кб, 600x300
Could you survive in Siberian wilderness?
Пропущено 15 постов.
Пропущено 15 постов.
Anonymous  03/03/21 Срд 09:36:37 78149
Anonymous  04/03/21 Чтв 01:23:40 78178
Anonymous  07/03/21 Вск 18:17:41 78379
>>77433 (OP)
Siberia is more dangerous in summer than in Australia and Africa, and colder in winter than in Antarctica. Wolves, brown and polar bears, lynxes, wolverines and even tigers are waiting for your warm meat. Foxes, jungle cats and badgers carry rabies and can attack you without fear. You will suffocate in the clouds of blood-sucking midges, mosquitoes, biting midges, horseflies, gadflies. Oedemagena will crawl under your skin, and Cephenomyia trompe Modeer will gobble up your nasopharynx. Here you can get sick with such parasitic infections as opisthorchiasis, teniasis, giardiasis, ascariasis, enterobiasis, amebiasis, echinococcosis, alveococcosis, toxoplasmosis and trichinosis. But there is what is most terrifying.
Anthrax. Bacillus anthracis.
After that, your life will never be the same again. If at all.
Anonymous  07/03/21 Вск 18:41:51 78380
holy jesus, how did i survive through all those years?!
Anonymous  07/03/21 Вск 19:27:53 78383
How wide spread is Krokodil drug in Russia? I heard things about it but why would somebody use that drug and pic related ends up happening to them? Redpill me on Krokodil Russiabros Anonymous  02/03/21 Втр 14:59:56 78094 Ответ
Krokodil.jpg 399Кб, 2592x1944
How wide spread is Krokodil drug in Russia? I heard things about it but why would somebody use that drug and pic related ends up happening to them? Redpill me on Krokodil Russiabros
Пропущено 2 постов.
Пропущено 2 постов.
Anonymous  02/03/21 Втр 15:52:30 78102
>Some people just gave up and think a rotten leg is better than the role they have to play every day in today's Russia.
Nothing so deep, they are just junkies in search of cheap high and crushing some pills (and their mineral filling) and then injecting it to clog their bloodstream and rot.

Good riddance.
Anonymous  02/03/21 Втр 19:52:55 78107
It is not spread at all.
Some years ago (I think, until 2013 or so?) people could buy codeine pills and make krokodil from it but now it is utterly impossible.
Anonymous  02/03/21 Втр 20:01:27 78108
>>78094 (OP)
in my hometown people prefer heroin, never seen anyone who does krokodil
Anonymous  02/03/21 Втр 20:19:27 78110
>>78094 (OP)
I never heard about "krokodil" before english speaking anons told me. I heard about desomorphine though but only as a drug theory
Anonymous  07/03/21 Вск 19:26:22 78382
Dumb whiner. And drug addicts are the same. A real man has the will to live and fight even in winter and surrounded by enemies. You are a disgrace to your ancestors.
is there someone from Tajikistan Anonymous  22/02/21 Пнд 18:24:40 77351 Ответ
изображение.png 258Кб, 474x314
Is there someone from Tajikistan? I have some questions to you, tajik anon
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Пропущено 7 постов, 3 с картинками.
Anonymous  24/02/21 Срд 08:42:45 77453
original.jpg 74Кб, 427x640
Anonymous  24/02/21 Срд 09:15:04 77455
I'd like to racemix with this one.
Anonymous  27/02/21 Суб 12:20:09 77642
sad.jpeg 9Кб, 225x225
Anonymous  02/03/21 Втр 23:57:55 78118
>steppe gf
>just common girl with tonns of makeup and in traditional clothes
Anonymous  07/03/21 Вск 17:44:52 78374
Tajiks have more darker skin. Darker then Pocahontas in the cartoon. And in the photo a Bashkir girl or a Balkan girl who was paid.
Who is Putin really? Anonymous  26/01/21 Втр 18:35:07 73932 Ответ
9hangedman.gif 129Кб, 225x540
American tourist from four chan here: Can anybody give me an honest explanation of Vladimir Putin and his policies? I hear so much shit about him in (((Western media))), but who is he really?
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5 с картинками.
Пропущено 17 постов, 5 с картинками.
Anonymous  03/03/21 Срд 10:16:34 78152
Anonymous  05/03/21 Птн 17:11:05 78261
image.png 86Кб, 200x200
Anonymous  05/03/21 Птн 17:41:44 78262
Anonymous  05/03/21 Птн 17:45:45 78263
Anonymous  07/03/21 Вск 17:35:00 78368
>>73932 (OP)
He is a leftist. Not in the sense of a socialist, but in the sense of supporting discrimination against the titular nation.
There are crowds of migrants from Central Asia and Islamic countries in the country and the capital. And they commit most of the crimes. But, which is convenient for them and for the leftists, they are given citizenship. That is, in the statistics it looks like the Russians kill and rape the Russians, but in reality there are only Muslims and Asians on the posters of the police.
A three years ago, a migrant walked around Moscow with a knife and the severed head of a Russian child. And the police didn't detain her. They are generally forbidden to detain non-Russians without a special permission.

It is because of the migrants in their country that Russians treat migrants in general this way. You can see their reaction to migrants on the internet.
And all Russian oppositionists talk about closing borders with Central Asians and Muslims. For example, Navalny, Svetov, Pozharsky, Potapenko, Kasparov. Even in the "systemic opposition", which only portrays opposition, they talk about the problem of replacing the indigenous Russian population.
In addition to committing crimes, migrants are dumping wages while increasing food prices. Muslim regions are subsidized - this policy has continued since the southern republics in the USSR were subsidized. (Read Stalin's speech at the X Congress (X съезде) and the decisions taken at this Congress). In Islamic and Asian regions, chauvinism and colored Nazism are encouraged, while Russians are imprisoned for long periods of time for "exceeding" self-defense. Even if he defended his family in his apartment. And if the attackers were non-Russians, then the defender is given a prison term for "ethnic strife."
>An American got beaten up by Russians on train what are your opinions on this happening? Anonymous  05/03/21 Птн 00:56:57 78245 Ответ
mutt.png 11Кб, 228x221
Anonymous  05/03/21 Птн 01:37:25 78246
>>78245 (OP)
he smacked the women on ass. what do you expect ?
Anonymous  07/03/21 Вск 10:26:33 78327
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