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<< Are Anonymous  17/06/20 Срд 01:03:23 67256 Ответ
Happynewyearcard.jpg (95Кб, 408x640)
Anonymous  18/06/20 Чтв 00:24:00 67270
What do you, dear russian frogs, think about pepe? In Poland, this meme has been highly absorped by underage semi-edgy kids from Facebook groups therefore it's not that well potrayed like in the other countires. I wonder what you guys think. Anonymous  14/06/20 Вск 00:11:41 67173 Ответ
no brain requir[...].webm (4580Кб, 640x360, 00:00:41)
What do you, dear russian frogs, think about pepe? In Poland, this meme has been highly absorped by underage semi-edgy kids from Facebook groups therefore it's not that well potrayed like in the other countires. I wonder what you guys think.
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Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 09:07:50 67200
suicky murrican nonmene. it sucks
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 11:26:08 67204
gachimuchi jedy[...].webm (7909Кб, 720x480, 00:00:52)
we had some Billy OC too, but not that popular unless you are frog
epic green animal
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 18:04:23 67207
>>67173 (OP)
>What do you, dear russian frogs, think about pepe?
On 2che frog Pepu use in 90% of cases only bioproblem scum. Because of these threads, I can't take Pepe properly. When I see this frog it makes me sick.

Bioproblem - threads from incels dedicated to relationships in which they whine about how bad things are for them in real life.

google translate sory for bad englesh.
Anonymous  17/06/20 Срд 14:07:28 67264
Anonymous  17/06/20 Срд 21:16:08 67266
Vitaly Nalivkin Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 03:55:39 67196 Ответ
7110733371107332.jpg (95Кб, 1024x1364)
1930058.jpg (248Кб, 803x535)
Is this guy suppose to be a Russian Andy Kaufman?
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Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 23:59:11 67221
Anonymous  16/06/20 Втр 22:06:56 67237
Anonymous  16/06/20 Втр 23:02:32 67250
Andy Kaufman is a comedian who trolled US television viewers in the 80s, staging fights, airing videos of static to make people think their tv was broken etc.

Vitaly Nalivkin is a troll who makes videos pretending to be some kind of city official for Ussuriysk, making cheap rediculouse practicul solutions for city problems like putting lysol dispensers near smelly sewer. His team films him like new channel doing a special on the city and from what i believe most of Russia doesnt get that he is just a character, the city is so ghetto they think its real.
Anonymous  17/06/20 Срд 01:52:06 67257
yeah i know about andy kaufman and i watched man on the moon
but i never heard about nalivkin
Anonymous  17/06/20 Срд 08:51:07 67261
I got to know about him only a month ago. I recommend watching one or two his "sketches" and deciding for yourself. I find him pretty funny, on par with early Petrosyan or Zadornov before his Vedic shit.
2chan int is friendly place with friendly people ! thankyou all Anonymous  12/04/20 Вск 18:56:45 65961 Ответ
Nako.jpeg (37Кб, 700x394)
2chan int is friendly place with friendly people ! thankyou all
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Anonymous  15/04/20 Срд 18:03:30 66000
Anonymous  17/04/20 Птн 06:44:14 66014
Anonymous  16/06/20 Втр 21:46:14 67236
21394-1hvj9wl.gif (402Кб, 500x270)
Anonymous  17/06/20 Срд 02:23:06 67258
YKemvYEVJr.jpg (63Кб, 650x650)
>Russia is stupid cuntry
We're sorry about it. Our scum took power a century ago and they probably imagine themselves some aristocrasy, but none of them are artists, all they're tasteless clowns holding on top with nepotism and strongarm, history will be ashamed of their lowness. I wished they could become greater than the great nations by dismantling governments the first (as their scum grand-fathers actually promised) but I am not in this mood today, and I say if great nations wasn't so geerous to graciously fuck off, why expect that from some obviously lower class citizens. I pray they only know they're not the sharpest pencils in the box, so they will be less hesistant to accept some help from ai. and maybe that unprecedentally intelligent being, the deus ex machina, will tell them the truer way: probably the international reaction to covid was dictated by the ai-advice, and it worked that I didn't get flue this season. Probably we were so informed on how not to transmit diseases: don't touch everything, wash your hands, masks are okay.
Anonymous  17/06/20 Срд 02:24:31 67259
> geerous
Anonymous  16/06/20 Втр 00:08:35 67222 Ответ
rusempire.jpg (314Кб, 832x880)
Finno-Ugrics of Russia. Now is the the time. Till we all FREE Anonymous  07/06/20 Вск 07:42:52 67002 Ответ
Sankarikansa.mp4 (7794Кб, 672x480, 00:01:04)
Finno-Ugrics of Russia.
Now is the the time.
Till we all FREE
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Anonymous  14/06/20 Вск 21:25:49 67192
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 18:51:20 67211
>>67002 (OP)
My finno-ugric Gospodin please gime me source of this good trakc!
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 18:52:02 67212
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 18:52:19 67213
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 19:42:59 67214
gime gime gime a trakc after midnight
Anonymous  07/06/20 Вск 09:23:04 67003 Ответ
159150511721463[...].webm (11576Кб, 720x480, 00:06:15)
Anonymous  07/06/20 Вск 09:58:04 67004
Anonymous  07/06/20 Вск 19:47:35 67012
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 18:20:47 67208
15905629945170.jpg (70Кб, 576x599)
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 18:45:51 67209
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 18:48:34 67210
Its HONKtallica time! Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 11:33:48 67205 Ответ
proxy-image.jpeg (66Кб, 750x920)
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 15:48:57 67206
Honkler.mp4 (3173Кб, 720x720, 00:00:14)
Merica SUKCS! Anonymous  09/06/20 Втр 06:33:55 67055 Ответ
15526517071420.jpg (143Кб, 1100x618)
Merica SUKCS!
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Anonymous  14/06/20 Вск 04:23:05 67178
What happened to me rate finn?
Anonymous  14/06/20 Вск 06:37:05 67179
w0pymlgy37451.jpeg (36Кб, 677x638)
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 09:08:40 67201
He left long time ago. The board has never been the same(
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 09:09:08 67202
>number one
Counting from ass hole)
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 10:22:20 67203
he was once banned and his posts got deleted, sad
Is it true that everyone here is super gay? Anonymous  13/06/20 Суб 13:55:57 67159 Ответ
Russia.jpg (1972Кб, 1600x1149)
Is it true that everyone here is super gay?
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Anonymous  13/06/20 Суб 19:54:39 67166
kavkazi men hot.png (727Кб, 526x800)
kavkazi men.png (496Кб, 765x304)
>>67159 (OP)
The gayest place in russia is kavkaz. Most muslim men are very submessive and love males.
Anonymous  13/06/20 Суб 22:08:46 67172
where can i order me a qt rus bf
Anonymous  14/06/20 Вск 06:48:32 67180
I had no idea homo roaches existed
Anonymous  14/06/20 Вск 19:31:43 67189
Anonymous  14/06/20 Вск 23:49:00 67194
My babushka Anonymous  01/06/20 Пнд 10:58:18 66839 Ответ
babushka zu ross.jpg (204Кб, 1280x854)
Anonymous  03/06/20 Срд 01:30:44 66887
>>66839 (OP)
Your babushka is physically fit, she carries that old lady without problem. Also nice hooves.
Anonymous  03/06/20 Срд 22:58:06 66917
клёш.jpg (127Кб, 1080x1080)
>Also nice hooves.
its клёш hooves
Anonymous  14/06/20 Вск 21:23:23 67191
queen-vladimir-[...].jpg (76Кб, 968x681)
POWERFULL Anonymous  13/06/20 Суб 21:32:54 67171 Ответ
strong like a s[...].jpg (435Кб, 2048x1364)
Anonymous  14/06/20 Вск 00:19:05 67174
did he dieded?
Anonymous  14/06/20 Вск 04:20:58 67177
He slipped and hit his head
At the end of September 1941, Lord Beaverbrook (Max Aitken) arrived in Moscow as Anonymous  05/06/20 Птн 16:39:08 66970 Ответ
LordBeaverbrook[...].jpg (173Кб, 800x1039)
At the end of September 1941, Lord Beaverbrook (Max Aitken) arrived in Moscow as the trustee of Churchill. His task was to coordinate the volume of Soviet aid from the United Kingdom and the United States on the spot (Harriman represented the American side in Moscow).
The visit of Beaverbrook was a great honour for Stalin and symbolized his rise of importance in the bureaucratic hierarchy of the British Empire. The Moscow Nabob organized a royal reception for an expensive guest and, knowing about his passions, singled out from the Kremlin harem a sex pearl - a handsome boy with a charming arse. When the visit was over, Beaverbrook kindly said goodbye to the Secretary General and unexpectedly added:
And I'll take the boy with me. such a smart little boy.
Stalin threw himself on his knees, trying to save his moon bottomed peach, so delightful to the eye, his only joy in the universe. Nothing helped. The Englishman rushed his prey on to a plane and flew away.
The point here is not only in the high feelings of Mr. Aitken, but also in the diplomatic school. British diplomacy had accumulated a lot of experience in lowering eastern animals. Knowing how to dissect and manage expertly: heel-doggy-heel.
Anonymous  05/06/20 Птн 21:05:57 66973
Anonymous  06/06/20 Суб 07:05:21 66978
Anonymous  06/06/20 Суб 20:15:44 66993
не пидор,а Иосиф Виссарионович
Anonymous  06/06/20 Суб 22:41:09 66995
classic DEG
Anonymous  13/06/20 Суб 20:34:38 67169
Ilon Mask and Chester Benington open a thread. Anonymous  # OP 13/06/20 Суб 01:00:44 67146 Ответ
russian Ilon Ma[...].jpg (955Кб, 1080x789)
russian Chester[...].jpg (46Кб, 968x544)
Ilon Mask and Chester Benington open a thread.
Anonymous  13/06/20 Суб 20:00:35 67167
elon maskov.jpg (43Кб, 460x463)
elon musk.png (224Кб, 800x392)
What the best way to learn English? Anonymous  # OP 09/05/20 Суб 00:01:00 66408 Ответ
15871641341050.jpg (91Кб, 1024x788)
I don`t understand English grammar and tenses. It`s difficult for me to know.
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Anonymous  10/06/20 Срд 18:44:44 67085
Can you recommend some english books that do not require to have large vocabulary to understand them?
Anonymous  11/06/20 Чтв 00:44:40 67093
I found Captain Blood easy to read and entertaining.
Anonymous  13/06/20 Суб 07:54:16 67152
>Я выебу её рука
Нет, это I'm going to fuck her hand, потому что ты уверен. А когда не уверен, но хотел бы пишется will.
Anonymous  13/06/20 Суб 08:00:32 67153
>Should I fuck her hand?
В данном случае shall и should взаимозаменяемы. Разница в том, что у вопросительного shall есть другие значение: спросить разрешения или уточнить приказ.
Anonymous  13/06/20 Суб 08:04:34 67154
>I will fuck her hand - Я выебу её рука
Даже уточню, поскольку сдесь совершенный глагол, нужно использовать have:

I'm going to have her hand fucked.
.webm #3 Anonymous  22/05/18 Втр 09:50:15 33300 Ответ
Monkey with Ak [...].mp4 (9514Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:26)
Traditional webm thread
mp4's are also welcome
just video links are fine too
the previous one was there: >>18000 (OP)
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Anonymous  14/06/20 Вск 02:02:28 67176
Any 4ch visitors here? Why I can't find any webm/mp4 threads on 4ch? How do you call these threads?
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 21:22:31 67217
На форче этого нет, насколько я знаю. Эту у нас тут культ вебм тредов.
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 21:37:05 67219
Anonymous  16/06/20 Втр 00:26:18 67223
пиздец, я уж думал сейчас зайду на форчан и поржу с их эджи мемесов
Anonymous  16/06/20 Втр 16:06:53 67230
I am lurking this website a lot to practice my russian skills. AMA about austria, opinions, WE ARE FULL, etc. ill respond in english or russian, whichever you prefer. Anonymous  07/06/20 Вск 01:56:17 66998 Ответ
Austria.jpg (461Кб, 1600x1120)
I am lurking this website a lot to practice my russian skills.

AMA about austria, opinions, WE ARE FULL, etc. ill respond in english or russian, whichever you prefer.
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Пропущено 4 постов.
Anonymous  07/06/20 Вск 22:37:25 67022
ты чё, австрия ето хабсбурги. они все вооины начинают в европе, неемцы ето просто скот их .пушечное мясо. австрия некогда не к комму не прилепаетса а наоборот захватывает и използывает как голема.

он имел виду камикадзе, япошки любили умират за императора, етоо у них чеесть....слоово забыл...гонг или чёта такое.
ннемцы очень трусливые ето он прав, они толко грабить и мирных убивать могли, когда на них наподали они убигали или просто в аухе были. их так зомбировали что они типа сверлюди когда по ним начили долбить просто были в растери . не все но болшенство многии шли не за идею а просто по воровать. тогда голод был гермшке вот и шли, хотябы пожрать дадут и работа есть.
Anonymous  07/06/20 Вск 22:58:28 67023
>япошки любили умират за императора, етоо у них чеесть
Для этого религию менять слишком долго, достаточно мозги промыть

>болшенство многии шли не за идею а просто по воровать. тогда голод был гермшке вот и шли
Я в курсе что Гитлер поднялся грубо говоря на фоне унижения Германии после Первой Мировой. Но это все история. А мне интересно чем австриец отличается от немца. В культурном плане. Вот я хохла от русского сразу отличу - у них там в Малороссии своя атмосфера. А как немец задетектит австрийца? ну кроме акцента
Anonymous  10/06/20 Срд 20:15:06 67088
>достаточно мозги промыть
ебатть ты долбаёб, религия и для етого сосдона

>В культурном плане
да мене похую на обоех, но австрийцы не любять немцов.вот шо австрийц говорит.
Anonymous  12/06/20 Птн 20:04:19 67139
Anonymous  12/06/20 Птн 20:31:53 67140
>>66998 (OP)
Мне не нравятся страны с воинской повинностью
I am half Armenian. Anonymous  18/12/19 Срд 04:42:58 63451 Ответ
my dna.png (1835Кб, 2204x2584)
I am half Armenian.
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Anonymous  19/12/19 Чтв 00:35:35 63472
Anonymous  23/12/19 Пнд 04:42:29 63593
917.png (164Кб, 769x612)
>>63451 (OP)
Why are you posting my image here, my Russian friend?
Anonymous  05/06/20 Птн 01:51:02 66960
Anonymous  07/06/20 Вск 19:42:41 67011
Anonymous  12/06/20 Птн 17:56:07 67134
Russian learning Anonymous  11/06/20 Чтв 16:49:55 67106 Ответ
878603811422449[...].jpg (8Кб, 228x223)
Can you recommend me some good meme pages (with not too much text) in Russian? (vk or instagram)

I remember I learnt English reading those 9gag memes 10 years ago when I was 12, and now I'm doing the same in French (with good results) so I hope it would work for learning Russian vocabulary
Anonymous  11/06/20 Чтв 18:43:07 67108
are you sure memes are a good way to learn languages?
Anonymous  11/06/20 Чтв 20:05:03 67109
yakutsk.jpg (113Кб, 960x778)
Anonymous  11/06/20 Чтв 20:29:59 67110
Anonymous  11/06/20 Чтв 20:54:20 67115
You get new vocabulary

and, as I already told, it worked for me
Anonymous  11/06/20 Чтв 21:28:10 67118
problem is most memes contain orthographical and grammatical mistakes, whether by intention or not, take care
Daivis Shtembari Anonymous  11/06/20 Чтв 04:21:55 67098 Ответ
blackface.jpg (148Кб, 1086x765)
Is he based poojeet
Anonymous  11/06/20 Чтв 21:25:35 67117
Hernandez Anonymous  11/06/20 Чтв 21:17:11 67116 Ответ
dios mio.jpg (279Кб, 2100x1500)
USA names.jpg (2226Кб, 3625x3855)
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