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German Intelligence Anonymous  22/08/20 Суб 21:15:01 68613 Ответ
proxy-image.jpg 67Кб, 800x765
Do the German intelligence services surveil this board?

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Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 00:37:09 70688
Have you guys ever being arrested or had problems with the police for your shitposting on internet? I was once arrested by the police because I LARPed as an ISIS terrorist on some forums
Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 00:40:35 70691
>ISIS terrorist on some forums
i do that all my life. i have like 50-60 personas lol people never know who i realy am.
Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 21:21:45 70717
Western social media doesn't provide freedom of speech
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 06:21:33 70743
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 06:33:36 70744
nigger indeed
is there also a furry russian girl? post her Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 01:57:28 70737 Ответ
1605404373437.png 32Кб, 960x1080
is there also a furry russian girl?
post her
Не могу понять, а нахуй аноны с России, где все в треде с Российских ip общаются на английском. Anonymous  19/10/20 Пнд 20:37:09 69913 Ответ
image.png 23Кб, 300x100
Не могу понять, а нахуй аноны с России, где все в треде с Российских ip общаются на английском.
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Anonymous  30/10/20 Птн 15:52:05 70126
>>69913 (OP)
You shouldn't showed up here, cut in and ask such a silly question. Go back to the Liverpool thread.
Anonymous  06/11/20 Птн 08:26:11 70381
15/11/20 Вск 00:39:38 70689
Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 21:04:39 70714
Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 21:13:37 70716
slava ukraine i rossii, bratya navetshno
whats you're opinion on politics? Anonymous  # OP 15/11/20 Вск 12:01:15 70696 Ответ
political compa[...].jpg 938Кб, 1660x1660
whats you're opinion on politics?
Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 19:44:22 70706
Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 20:57:40 70713
chart.png 17Кб, 480x400
Jews did the Holocaust Anonymous  # OP 12/11/20 Чтв 10:14:18 70594 Ответ
15933304057610.jpg 67Кб, 600x600
Jews caused the Coronavirus plague
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Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 19:47:42 70622
OP is juvenile moron
Anonymous  13/11/20 Птн 03:34:23 70649
Anonymous  13/11/20 Птн 06:24:18 70651
1601583115247.png 67Кб, 166x250
>hohol spok.
Anonymous  13/11/20 Птн 07:01:35 70652
>>70594 (OP)
It was engineered by the Chinese Communist Party with the aid of a cadre of CIAniggers in an attempt to prevent the reelection of Trump, and it will fail in doing so.
Anonymous  14/11/20 Суб 21:39:36 70683
strong Russia Anonymous  23/08/20 Вск 06:27:45 68629 Ответ
mobileimage-9b6[...].jpg 219Кб, 576x384
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Anonymous  09/09/20 Срд 22:01:18 68931
neca-crash-band[...].jpg 309Кб, 800x1000
Waaait a sec. That's Crash Bandicoot in the background, innit?
Anonymous  09/09/20 Срд 22:01:51 68932
Anonymous  12/09/20 Суб 18:57:01 69001
Anonymous  13/11/20 Птн 10:40:29 70654
The Russian Direct Investment Fund and GL Rapha, one of South Korea's leading biotechnology companies, announce an agreement to produce over 150 million doses of the world's first registered Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine in the country. The parties intend to start production in December of this year and begin deliveries of the vaccine for export in January 2021. More than 150 million doses of Sputnik V vaccine produced in South Korea will enter the world market.
Anonymous  14/11/20 Суб 21:31:28 70682
how to i stop self loathing 2ch called me ugly =.( Anonymous  05/07/19 Птн 15:30:24 59848 Ответ
2019-07-05-1403[...].jpg 92Кб, 960x720
how to i stop self loathing

2ch called me ugly =.(
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Anonymous  13/11/20 Птн 22:53:58 70662
image.png 317Кб, 500x787
What about cockroach genes? :Р
Anonymous  13/11/20 Птн 23:07:23 70664
i hate my pheno i wish i was actually white
Anonymous  13/11/20 Птн 23:14:37 70666
image.png 236Кб, 250x330
A man makes white not only his face, but also his actions.
Anonymous  14/11/20 Суб 17:17:24 70678
изображение.png 496Кб, 304x673
Completely agree. But i'd say your skin color doesn't define you. Only actions. Wlm!
15/11/20 Вск 02:24:24 70694
where do you post now anyway
Hello russians! Does anyone know where is this from and what is the song she is singing? Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 04:38:16 70587 Ответ
haitarityty.mp4 7031Кб, 854x480, 00:01:31
Hello russians! Does anyone know where is this from and what is the song she is singing?
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Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 23:12:41 70645
Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 23:16:41 70646
Russian occupant call it Cosmosdemianzig
Anonymous  13/11/20 Птн 00:37:45 70647
Тебе тут не скучно одному?
Anonymous  13/11/20 Птн 03:02:59 70648
1476595124625.png 1289Кб, 682x1024
Anonymous  14/11/20 Суб 09:09:04 70674
He unlocks burgers king secret bourger (suicide bourgèrent) Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 10:37:43 70597 Ответ
naturelle.png 18Кб, 136x102
Anonymous  13/11/20 Птн 22:56:44 70663
Anonymous  14/11/20 Суб 00:57:28 70670
HEROES NEVER DIE! Anonymous  22/10/20 Чтв 05:02:10 69957 Ответ
sebaPx9yLUg.jpg 220Кб, 1440x1440
Anonymous  23/10/20 Птн 02:34:07 69973
Anonymous  23/10/20 Птн 02:38:55 69974
I read it as
as if "challenge accepted" or something like "don't push me fuckers"
Anonymous  27/10/20 Втр 00:23:35 70036
It's vis-a-vis you dyslexic dolt.
Anonymous  13/11/20 Птн 14:39:04 70658
This is a Soviet woman. Show me an American one. Anonymous  08/10/20 Чтв 21:34:31 69637 Ответ
16021532739652[[...].png 965Кб, 853x1000
16021532739571[[...].png 973Кб, 853x1067
16021532739490[[...].png 893Кб, 853x1067
This is a Soviet woman. Show me an American one.
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Anonymous  10/11/20 Втр 11:31:39 70505
Anonymous  11/11/20 Срд 17:25:37 70573
it makes no sense. you won't be able to come across more beautiful woman than this one.
Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 15:47:21 70613
image.png 114Кб, 225x224
Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 15:49:39 70615
13/11/20 Птн 14:02:03 70657
anton-babkin-6.png 312Кб, 700x700
Fins, why your gaberment not join Russia yet? Russia builds a lot of icebreakers and you could get rich with making expensive and complex ships on your lines. There are a lot of orders. Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 22:29:53 70640 Ответ
armada rusa nue[...].jpg 231Кб, 948x1592
22220 arktika.jpg 132Кб, 1000x645
7305731original.jpg 563Кб, 1848x1224
IMG-20201112-WA[...].jpg 47Кб, 550x390
Fins, why your gaberment not join Russia yet? Russia builds a lot of icebreakers and you could get rich with making expensive and complex ships on your lines. There are a lot of orders.
Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 23:01:48 70643
>>70640 (OP)
they got autonomy by russian empire for a reason.

finns are not needed.

Where is my official "Virgin vs Chad" thread, suckers? Here it is! Anonymous  04/01/20 Суб 22:47:20 63902 Ответ
ChadSlav.PNG 293Кб, 1180x544
Where is my official "Virgin vs Chad" thread, suckers? Here it is!
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Anonymous  10/10/20 Суб 18:25:42 69696
1596210450644.png 287Кб, 850x400
Anonymous  21/10/20 Срд 01:11:10 69932
1600353713560.png 2947Кб, 3669x1709
Anonymous  27/10/20 Втр 17:49:56 70049
So true. War within the framework of Western civilization is a tool for destroying the strongest genetic potential of the population, which in the future may come to understand the real ways of managing society. Thus, the potential of society is utilized, since not always the best representatives of the human race remain unharmed in the rear, both in terms of spiritual and physical characteristics. As a result, the potential of the people has been utilized, and at a historical moment, when the opportunity to realize a different concept of life is open, there are simply no people who are capable of it. This ensures the safe existence of the current concept.
Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 18:46:26 70621
16051811979910.jpg 85Кб, 960x585
Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 20:29:08 70624
complete bullshits
serbs lost half of their masculine population in ww1 yet 20 years later they were fighting the germans like lions

but virgin will always try to find excuses for their own failures. cope alone faggot
IWO Krasnoyarsk Anonymous  19/03/18 Пнд 10:44:18 29724 Ответ
DSC0053.JPG 2673Кб, 3264x2448
IWO Krasnoyarsk
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Anonymous  07/11/20 Суб 16:06:55 70411
What suffering you suffer asshole? Fucking dipshit. Suffers he blyad.
Anonymous  07/11/20 Суб 20:30:08 70422
live itself is suffering. no matter where you are born, jason born.
Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 15:44:51 70612
calm down pidorashka. get back to swimming in deep shit, moron.
Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 15:48:03 70614
African kids would be agree with you but they are cut off the internet because of have no money on food.

Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 20:06:56 70623
le oligarch face Anonymous  # OP 07/11/20 Суб 07:30:51 70404 Ответ
7de89531-9448-4[...].jpg 216Кб, 1920x1199
Are they jewish?
Anonymous  07/11/20 Суб 16:08:45 70412
Anonymous  07/11/20 Суб 19:57:41 70418
Anonymous  07/11/20 Суб 20:23:14 70419
>>70404 (OP)
yes, but they do not rule if you mean that. they are like "pockets" or "cows" in mafia slang.
Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 16:23:17 70619
лол нихуя тебя попустили чмоня :D
can someone post more pics of him? Anonymous  03/11/20 Втр 18:17:08 70273 Ответ
IMG202010071504[...].jpg 17Кб, 291x308
can someone post more pics of him?
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Anonymous  # OP 05/11/20 Чтв 16:30:01 70334
Anonymous  10/11/20 Втр 06:47:29 70502
Нет, не может, пиздуй в свой Уругвай обратно
Anonymous  10/11/20 Втр 22:32:19 70541
Anonymous  10/11/20 Втр 23:36:25 70543
Стикер 191Кб, 350x350
Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 16:12:37 70618
не оценили твою картиночку анон
Any Finns here? Tell me something about your country Anonymous  24/10/20 Суб 17:49:25 69992 Ответ
64A80855-9DFD-4[...].jpeg 115Кб, 750x536
Any Finns here? Tell me something about your country
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Anonymous  10/11/20 Втр 20:36:31 70536
I will be glad to learn some cool finnish words like perkele.
Anonymous  11/11/20 Срд 17:17:46 70571
Is it hard to distinguish different letters that have one or several dots above?
Anonymous  11/11/20 Срд 17:37:09 70574
>>69992 (OP)
The country industrialized during Kekkonen's reign. People moved from countryside to cities to work in factories and some of them moved to Sweden. Well-being peaked in 80s. Then we had a banking crisis. Many people lost jobs or their companies went bankrupt.
Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 07:01:28 70590
> Kekkonen'
Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 12:20:12 70601
Teach me some finnish slurs pls.
но уе талк лайк тхис Anonymous  09/11/20 Пнд 18:48:30 70484 Ответ
1595594213593.jpg 183Кб, 1122x1210
но уе талк лайк тхис
Anonymous  09/11/20 Пнд 21:35:02 70491
Anonymous  11/11/20 Срд 15:18:51 70569
леарн то врите у ретард
Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 07:02:31 70592
сак май дик ротин гейроп
Venezuelan Here. I discovered this site by a Russian worker here in my city Anonymous  08/06/20 Пнд 21:14:58 67044 Ответ
photo2020-06-08[...].jpg 98Кб, 1280x720
A russian anon left the page during a meeting and I was lurking during a short time. My Russian is very basic and I can understand English. I want to learn Russian. Can you ask everything about Venezuela aka the Russian Protectorate of South America and the life here. Please you are free to ask everything.
>pic related of my breakfast and 5 dollars to pay it.
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Anonymous  19/06/20 Птн 21:19:11 67291
Amerindians were not complient, and also had home territory advantage. Like the oriental savages they are, they chose honor and death over enslavement.

Blacks were total retards with nowear to go outside the feild
Anonymous  19/06/20 Птн 21:21:05 67292
>>67044 (OP)
сука лживая
за 5 баксов ты бы там ведро этого обгорелого говна мог купить
Anonymous  20/06/20 Суб 00:04:14 67294
Do you think citizens of that miserable country are allowed to watch what your bullshit media says?
Anonymous  11/11/20 Срд 07:25:10 70554
> we are like India and Pakistan: hate-love. A tip for all russians: Never Trust in Congolombians, they are a plague in all LatinAmerica and they are most hated than Venezuelans (and we have many hate)

Why are you so rude? :'(
Anonymous  11/11/20 Срд 19:11:41 70579
>Why are you so rude? :'(
It's 2ch, хули
Languages Anonymous  # OP 02/10/20 Птн 20:02:31 69452 Ответ
983.jpg 50Кб, 519x388
Do you love languages? I speak only Russian and English at the moment but I am going to learn Chinese, Spanish, Persian, and Japanese. I guess Korean might become an important language to know too in the future. What languages do you speak and what languages are you going to learn? Have you happened to use learnt languages? I never traveled so I am yet to speak with an English-speaking person in real life.
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Пропущено 34 постов, 5 с картинками.
Anonymous  05/11/20 Чтв 03:48:52 70319
>>69452 (OP)

Know: English

Learning: Japanese, Chinese, Russian
Anonymous  06/11/20 Птн 00:29:29 70372
>>69452 (OP)
I only speak English and I'm learning Russian. But I can read a bit over a thousand words of Russian, I'm getting there.
Привет Американский товарищ)))
Anonymous  06/11/20 Птн 23:26:24 70398
Anonymous  08/11/20 Вск 18:31:27 70442
Why though? Latin is what doctors need to name bones, and Greek lets you to read Aristotle? I'm sorry for my ignorance. Have you been learning them?
I love your set of languages. Which language have you made the most progress of these three?
Тысяча слов - уже достаточно, чтобы многое понимать. Здорово!
Anonymous  11/11/20 Срд 17:41:13 70575
you are fell through. try better next time
Please join together in prayer. We must pray to GOD. Anonymous  08/11/20 Вск 19:47:12 70444 Ответ
Archangel Micha[...].png 1204Кб, 1158x761
Psalm 91
>1Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.a
>2I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”
>3Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence.
>4He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
>5You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day,
>6nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday.
>7A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you.
>8You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked.
>9If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,” and you make the Most High your dwelling,
>10no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent.
>11For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;
>12they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
>13You will tread on the lion and the cobra; you will trample the great lion and the serpent.
>14“Because heb loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
>15He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.
>16With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.”
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Anonymous  09/11/20 Пнд 09:27:55 70467
>Jon Bidon is new president of sucky murica
Lel pray hard, you'll need it godfagot)))
Anonymous  09/11/20 Пнд 18:39:13 70483
I'm an atheist, but this is fucking powerful.
God speed you, mister emperor-president of the world.
Anonymous  11/11/20 Срд 09:11:19 70555
Мороженщику Байдену сняли десяток голосов, смотрим что будет дальше
Anonymous  11/11/20 Срд 10:28:33 70556
Don Bidon cannot unwin. Deal with it.
Anonymous  11/11/20 Срд 12:45:30 70563
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