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This board focuses on international friendship and cultural exchange.
I would love to bomb two countries Anonymous  14/05/22 Суб 19:33:21 98869 Ответ
uk.jpg 52Кб, 723x455
Although my English does not inspire me with the strongest confidence, but I must draw your attention to the fact that I would love to bomb two countries, one of them would be Poland because of its complexes of a failed empire (and, accordingly, as the progenitor of Russophobia to its more successful neighbor), and the second - England, for her policy of "eternal British interests" and inciting Russia's neighbors against my country (I think this happened because Alexander 2 did not fuck Victoria the Great)
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Anonymous  23/08/22 Втр 22:30:14 102323

You're speaking, because Stalin gave your grandgrandparents right to speak otherwise your grands would be ash somewhere in concentration camps of Third Reich or be assimilated with Germans.

What about polish scientists, they were studying in Russian Empire when Poland was part of Russia, Russian Tsar gave Poles chance to be educated and to have their own independent culture which Poland never had before (for example Copernicus and Helvetius worked mostly in Germany and their connection to polish science is disputable, the same thing about polish visual arts and literature).
Cultural and scientific influence was low before Poland became part of Russia.

It was big mistake to give Poland cultural independence inside Russian Empire and kindness of the Tsar and Russian nobles, later many poles acted as ungrateful pigs, they just wanted to be as stupid as western fags and to work as servants.

Besides Poles acted as traitors during WW1, they betrayed Russian army and then killed many soldiers of Red Army in their own concentration camps and never made excuse for that.

Later when Stalin killed thousands of polish officers (Poles forgot how many millions of people died because of Stalin regime in USSR) Poles started scream that Russians are villains. Also poles forgot about Volyn massacre made by their "Ukrainian friends". Ha-ha.
Anonymous  28/08/22 Вск 20:39:13 102506
Anonymous  14/09/22 Срд 04:21:49 103495
>>98869 (OP)
You can't even keep Ukraine, a comparatively poor and weak country, in check. What makes you think that Russia could go toe to toe with one, let alone two, real world powers.
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 17:00:41 103922
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 23:12:59 103947
stop spilling hate on each other lmao thing won't change a shit.
Hello Finns! How do you feel about other Finno-Ugric peoples, including those living in Russia? Anonymous  28/02/18 Срд 01:37:51 29041 Ответ
FlagofFinland.png 0Кб, 250x153
Hello Finns! How do you feel about other Finno-Ugric peoples, including those living in Russia?
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Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 01:44:13 103879
145521243514550[...].png 145Кб, 1600x660
I spoke some Udmurt to the Buranovskiye babushki, the highlight of my linguistic life. Got drunk in Saransk with some Erzya guys, but they didn't speak the language. Went looking for Karelian speakers in Aunus, but it was late and I had no luck.

Decent people, of course to be denazified in the very near future.
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 10:53:24 103892
pepe wojak.jpg 52Кб, 488x425

How fuck do you speak Udmurt — after a fifth of vodka? Are you also a red-haired mongool? Cool.
22/09/22 Чтв 13:38:53 103907
la creatura hel[...].jpg 100Кб, 628x901
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 20:22:25 103940
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 21:56:09 103944
suomalaiset fen[...].jpg 82Кб, 637x278
Prisoner Swap Russian Soldiers Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 11:58:18 103899 Ответ
1663832792057179.jpg 168Кб, 960x1280
Why don't the Russian soldiers look happy to be back in Russia? Vlad personally worked hard to make this prisoner swap happen. They are healthy, unharmed, well fed, and ready to deploy directly back to the front lines immediately to serve mother Russia and King Vlad. Shouldn't they be excited to return to the front lines and get back into the fight?
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 16:52:03 103921
>>103899 (OP)
are this russians ? i dont know men i cant distinguish russians and ukranians, they all look the same to me
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 19:32:25 103932
>>103899 (OP)
They were prisioners, so they can face up to 10 years in prison if prosecutor had bad mood.
Russian police shot a girl dead in anti-war protest Anonymous  21/09/22 Срд 23:06:40 103868 Ответ
62394f6274d40cd0.mp4 8823Кб, 608x1080, 00:00:38
Russian police shot a girl dead in anti-war protest
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Anonymous  21/09/22 Срд 23:43:45 103872
dont push your [...].jpg 569Кб, 1200x1200
>>103868 (OP)

Her belly looks like that dough I make pastries of in the Yuletide.
theme name  21/09/22 Срд 23:53:18 103873
Her corpse is still warm, there is still time for fuck.
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 00:11:56 103875
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 03:34:40 103885
61c8d53ac18d2.jpeg 46Кб, 640x520
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 18:51:28 103926
Are swedes gay? Anonymous  20/03/22 Вск 11:39:20 95412 Ответ
awzm74B460swp.jpg 127Кб, 460x559
Swedish ppl are so gay they send their women to army and they stay home doing dishes like good cucks.

We chad greeks keep our bitches in the kitchen to make sammiches and wash dishes and we do wars ourselves.

TLDR sweden gay
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28/03/22 Пнд 21:14:11 96184
one sweed woman soldiers is like 10 kacaps soldiers;d
Anonymous  21/09/22 Срд 16:31:17 103816
>>95412 (OP)
Chad greeks can't even fight the turks raping your borders, the chad greeks can only cry and beg EU for more money and clean toilets in Germany for 3 euros per hour. chad greeks shat their country into oblivion, how does it feel knowing a Swedish cutie can stomp your strongest men and giggle while doing so. Pathetic greeks.
Anonymous  21/09/22 Срд 22:38:08 103866
image.png 277Кб, 300x450
Are Swedish girls as ugly as they depicted in this Swedish game?
There isn't even a single average looking face to choose from during generating character.
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 14:33:02 103914
sorry couldnt hear you, i payed a swedish bitch 50 cents to suck ma dick and ate 70 cents food from SHITkea.
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 16:32:32 103920
chad economicly savvy greek makes turks seethe
So Russiabros, does your sister spit or swallow? Anonymous  20/09/22 Втр 19:17:36 103770 Ответ
1658703086325033.png 1601Кб, 1000x1277
No, not if YOU spit or swallow, I'm going to be go shopping after your country implodes from failing the 'SMO' for Russian sex slaves. Given your country, if it still exists in a few years, will be sentenced to economic obliteration for the rest of your accursed lives, I want to assure you that I will provide your sister with a house in return for her holes.

Knowing the country, I accept that she will have probably lost her virginity before she learned the alphabet but she will at least have a lot of solid experience as a result. Rest assured, I may pay as much as a tenth of my monthly salary in return for her being my personal onahole. Just make sure you buy a nice pair of panties for her first - I don't want the panties that the Chechens put on you back in your first year of conscription.

But in the interest of wanting to make sure how she feels, I want to confirm whether she spits or swallows, because I want to mind-break and train her and it's so much more amusing when they initially resist.
Anonymous  20/09/22 Втр 20:19:42 103773
azov stal.webm 9675Кб, 480x272, 00:03:36
Anonymous  22/09/22 Чтв 04:53:47 103889
>>103770 (OP)
I also wanted to ask if his brother likes gay stuff cause i can pay an ample amt in exchange for a big Russian dick hahahahaha. I want to feel a real alpha male inside of me
My first non-trolling thread BattlepigZ  12/09/22 Пнд 18:17:39 103437 Ответ
image.png 577Кб, 1200x675
image.png 2110Кб, 1920x1080
image.png 501Кб, 1920x1080
image.png 1569Кб, 1920x1080
Post games that are overrated.

1. Noita (Finland)
2. Barotrauma (Finland)
3. Alan Wake (Finland)
4. Control (Finland)
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BattlepigZ  12/09/22 Пнд 21:07:57 103448
This. The last two are literally parasitic on Russian culture. The first one is parasitic on the conception of Russian writers, the brilliant Strugatsky Brothers, and the second on the Russian mediocrity of Dmitri Glukhovsky.

The first is just crap for the mentally retarded. There used to be (((Polish shooters))), now there are (((Polish RPG)))

>Angry Birds (Finland)
THIS. Absolutely crap. This. Absolute crap for retarded morons and owners of iOS phones, which is basically the same thing.
BattlepigZ  12/09/22 Пнд 21:14:32 103449
изображение.png 1614Кб, 1280x720
Another one came to mind. Strongly overrated.

1. My summer car (Finland)
Anonymous  14/09/22 Срд 11:54:45 103513
Max Payne (Finland) is pretty good but not OHMYGODBESTGAMEEVER
Anonymous  21/09/22 Срд 19:24:49 103836
max payne.mp4 10659Кб, 1920x1080, 00:00:14
22/09/22 Чтв 02:02:22 103882
Lmfao. Soon BattlePigZ will actually be a BattlePigZ when they send him in front line. Anonymous  21/09/22 Срд 22:05:27 103865 Ответ
Suomi+kävi+kolm[...].jpg 52Кб, 1024x768
Lmfao. Soon BattlePigZ will actually be a BattlePigZ when they send him in front line.
&gt;European middle class is shrinking/dying away &gt;I'm getting a uni degree This. I. Enjoy. Poo Anonymous  13/09/22 Втр 10:56:00 103463 Ответ
1662839353047.jpg 18Кб, 385x296
>European middle class is shrinking/dying away
>I'm getting a uni degree

This. I. Enjoy.

Poors become more poor, and rich bastards like future me become even richer. No need to suffer from annoying niggers or poor acting kallus (= unschooled, unruly violent bastards) in my future neighbourhood.

Segregation is the best thing ever. HYVÄ KOKOOMUS! Also, Ty spacial operation Z.
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Anonymous  18/09/22 Вск 05:48:51 103705
>>103463 (OP)

Are you like 16? Do you really believe a university degree is a guarantee of anything? You are no better off than the rest of the population. You will suffer like everyone else.
Anonymous  18/09/22 Вск 19:50:36 103719
early life.png 324Кб, 720x544
>you will be murdered
by whom ?
>a traitor to Germany, a traitor to rssia xD
i have nothing to do with germany xD how am i traitor to russia ?
>Show us your "pride"
who are us ?
Anonymous  21/09/22 Срд 00:13:50 103785
>>103463 (OP)
> implying a uni degree will make you rich
You're in for a surprise.
Anonymous  21/09/22 Срд 16:23:45 103815
iam not realy autist, u got memed bro

i just wanted to make u feel good cuz u retarded
Anonymous  21/09/22 Срд 19:16:50 103835
>fucking traitor
who did i betray ? i am only loyal to israel.
-- Anonymous  01/09/22 Чтв 01:09:41 102612 Ответ
изображение.png 1786Кб, 1181x1181
Today I learned that DNA paternity testing is illegal in France.
This is done in order "to preserve the peace of countless families.

I understood what the term "Eurocuckoldism" means.
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Anonymous  01/09/22 Чтв 18:02:49 102659
mbappeTrans.png 1429Кб, 1301x877
1661961433056121.jpg 131Кб, 1280x720
Literally Tranny shithole. The Muslims in France or in French NT are gonna chop faggot Mbappé.
Anonymous  03/09/22 Суб 22:01:47 102837
image.png 255Кб, 639x361
I thought France is the last country in Europe that likes women.
Anonymous  20/09/22 Втр 22:49:51 103782
pov you are the[...].png 145Кб, 394x358
>>102612 (OP)
It's not illegal per se, but you need the mother's approval. In the same vein, racial statistics are forbidden because they're against the spirit of "republican universalism". We're left scrapping data together from names given to newborns and sickle-cell disease testing in maternity wards. And it's not looking too good.
Anonymous  21/09/22 Срд 15:00:19 103809
1663761633831.jpg 225Кб, 1080x995
Anonymous  21/09/22 Срд 18:59:08 103831
genetic distance.jpg 363Кб, 1873x1920
Frenchbros, I...
Why do ukrainians continue to fight when their women have fled to other countries and sleep with for Anonymous  06/09/22 Втр 15:46:49 102962 Ответ
kitten.jpeg 39Кб, 640x480
Why do ukrainians continue to fight when their women have fled to other countries and sleep with foreign men?
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theme name  20/09/22 Втр 07:04:26 103764
B2851088-415A-4[...].jpeg 41Кб, 620x349
Homeland advantage gives them a positive k:d, which is good for morale and makes them overconfident, but eventually everything is inevitably consumed by the swarm.
Anonymous  20/09/22 Втр 07:49:09 103765
good girls
Anonymous  20/09/22 Втр 16:51:30 103768
over 300 000 ukranian soliders died.
Anonymous  20/09/22 Втр 19:00:13 103769
Anonymous  21/09/22 Срд 14:45:24 103806
>>102962 (OP)
1) some of them will never return
2) they just don't care about women who left the country
3) that is not the main reason to fight for own country
6 months ago you were all laughing, talking about buying flats in Kiev. 3 months ago you were talkin Anonymous  21/09/22 Срд 10:16:56 103795 Ответ
VNHt5lwKpPASkQD[...].jpg 32Кб, 600x403
6 months ago you were all laughing, talking about buying flats in Kiev. 3 months ago you were talking how much you're winning and NATO is worthless.
And today just remember to pack warm socks and ushanka, it gets really cold in December in Ukraine fields.
Anonymous  21/09/22 Срд 10:48:29 103796
liberation trai[...].jpg 804Кб, 1800x1200
I'm OK with this.
White-Blue-White flag Anonymous  17/07/22 Вск 17:46:59 100925 Ответ
image.png 183Кб, 220x391
image.png 2107Кб, 1280x720
image.png 154Кб, 188x268
image.png 1404Кб, 940x630
How do foreign anons feel about Russia's new flag, "Free Russia"? Oppositionists and opponents of the war are in favor of the new flag. The very removal of the red color symbolizes the removal of a bloody stain from Russian history.
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Anonymous  15/09/22 Чтв 15:47:27 103598
photo2022-04-02[...].jpg 76Кб, 1280x743
Anonymous  17/09/22 Суб 10:29:56 103681

А теперь нарисуй следующий этап 2032 гола где на полу уже лежит бело сине белый флаг. Это же логично- Меняем флаги ведь люди в России не меняются.
Anonymous  19/09/22 Пнд 11:30:19 103744
It's okay i guess. It's all do typical Russian to think that it will change anything
Anonymous  19/09/22 Пнд 12:12:12 103745
these "people" are liberal cucks with no respect for their own roots, they deserve nothing but scorn
Anonymous  20/09/22 Втр 20:16:25 103772
Russophobes are people with Mental Disorder used by Politicians Anonymous  17/09/22 Суб 15:35:15 103686 Ответ
2182163.jpg 41Кб, 559x688
6329865.jpg 59Кб, 380x320
i.jpg 146Кб, 960x540
Let's look closely at the people who hate Russians, Russian culture and Russian point of view.

For example they prefer to destroy economy of their own countries, to be hungry, to freeze, to be pure, but to pay their own money against Russia.
They claim that they are tolerant, but they hate Russians and Russian culture.
They support US military operations against other countries, but they hate Russian military actions...
What to say else, they are psychotic !

By the way, political side of Anti-Russians sentiments still exists. Most of Anti-Russian sentiments are very close to Anti-German sentiments after WW1 and WW2. The main goal of making these sentiments was to make Germans feel guilty, so they paid money to international banksters, many generations of Germans paid money for crimes they didn't ever commited, Germany is still occupied and its government controlled by American, British and Jewish political circles, the same thing we see now - to make Russians feel guilty and to destroy remains of independence and freedom which they have.

Politicians use retards, people without logical reasoning, without aesthetical feelings to keep Anti-Russian sentiments alive. Only retarded and stupid people can fight Russian science and culture, which have worldwide influence, to ban art, music, exclude Russian names from textbooks and etc.
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Anonymous  18/09/22 Вск 23:07:36 103724
exactly, attitude towards russians is a litmus test that shows whether someone is worth engaging with or not
Anonymous  19/09/22 Пнд 16:51:24 103746
Мы русские с хохлами тут литовочек поёбываем, cкоро приедешь в Литву, не узнаешь.
Anonymous  19/09/22 Пнд 16:54:54 103747
25-imgsrc.jpg 157Кб, 800x600
We will gas all the russophobes
Anonymous  19/09/22 Пнд 17:02:41 103749
Anonymous  19/09/22 Пнд 23:46:18 103758
super fat ukrai[...].png 436Кб, 1024x768
мочеколор.jpg 22Кб, 480x398
double penetrat[...].jpg 105Кб, 600x600
Poland glorifye[...].jpg 100Кб, 600x600
Have you taken the brown pill yet, mateys? it's a tough pill to swallow! The brown pill was founded Anonymous  18/09/22 Вск 07:36:35 103708 Ответ
47ea1f69554e763[...].mp4 4275Кб, 680x510, 00:01:20
Have you taken the brown pill yet, mateys?

it's a tough pill to swallow! The brown pill was founded in 1999 by Sir Reginald Brownpill, who presents and narrates the attached video.

Forget red and blue pills, brown pills are the way of the future.

Video related. Please leave your questions, comments, and concerns below about this radical new paradigm of thinking!

Swallow the brown pill today! Red pills are for fedora fucking wearing faggots, blue pills are for the ignorant masses. Ignore the other le epin /pol/ maymays, this one is the readl deal.
Warhammer 40k dicks in your mount. BattlepigZ  15/09/22 Чтв 04:26:58 103570 Ответ
16631863505922.jpg 140Кб, 811x589
Never liked or understood Warhammer 40.
Universe-bullshit. Universe-retard. Universe-crap.
Totally hyper-hyped illogical piece of dumb shit for mentally retarded fuckheads.

Why do you like this shit?
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BattlepigZ  15/09/22 Чтв 20:24:08 103619
After studying the lore a little more deeply, I realized that this is still soft science fiction with elements of spaceport. That's probably what put me off.
Hard science fiction explains from a scientific point of view how things work(the writer should be very tech savvy and educated, and ideally have some sort of engineering profession, like Isaac Clarke, lol) In soft science fiction they just put you in front of the fact: this fucking thing just draws energy from a star. That's it. How it stays in orbit, what makes it function - the reader has to guess for himself.
Hyperion and Dune are examples of such crap.

An interesting fact is that soft science fiction sells better than hard science fiction because it targets a wide audience, i.e., it's pop literature.

>This user is australian
It's an English joke, and I suspect it's supposed to be very funny.
BattlepigZ  15/09/22 Чтв 20:29:19 103620
>Space opera
T9 should be banned as depressing the central nervous system and me personally.
Anonymous  16/09/22 Птн 17:03:06 103654
i consider all science to be fiction, most of it is make believe, once enough "experts" or people believe in it it becomes factual, why ? "well just because"

the orks have this once enough orks believe "red" is faster then it will become faster. this represents parts of society

science and laws change a lot trough centuries
Anonymous  16/09/22 Птн 23:59:20 103678
W40K:DoW and expansions were some of my childhood games. Kino RTS. relic made Company of Heroes based on it. I don't know the lore.
Anonymous  16/09/22 Птн 23:59:59 103679
W40K:DoW and expansions were some of my childhood games. Kino RTS. relic made Company of Heroes based on it. I don't know the lore.
Damn, I thought I'd get over it. Another conflict in a third world country, bitch for what, what am Anonymous  16/09/22 Птн 21:40:42 103670 Ответ
1583012907p-zab[...].jpg 63Кб, 1280x720
Damn, I thought I'd get over it. Another conflict in a third world country, bitch for what, what am I talking about? Google to the rescue. Search word Kyrgyzstan and scum from Tajikistan. This site is absolutely empty, the news section is empty, the nonsense section is empty, the Kazakhstan section is empty on this site. Everyone absolutely does not care. Thoughts have already appeared that soon the second population of a large city will reach what will be like in Eastern Europe only on a smaller scale. Fucking in one word.

Sorry for the inaccuracies in the text, I wrote through Google translator.
Anonymous  # OP 16/09/22 Птн 21:44:36 103671
Anonymous  16/09/22 Птн 22:11:05 103672
Pope thread Anonymous  15/03/22 Втр 04:01:33 94652 Ответ
142292209496503[...].jpg 54Кб, 946x1020
Pope thread
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Anonymous  13/05/22 Птн 05:28:23 98804
papież zżygał mi się do dupy
Anonymous  18/05/22 Срд 19:45:18 99043
uderzenie dla wątku o papieżu polaku
Anonymous  14/09/22 Срд 16:25:09 103520
BattlepigZ  14/09/22 Срд 18:13:03 103539
Anonymous  15/09/22 Чтв 16:53:51 103609
polish song kur[...].mp4 17531Кб, 1280x720, 00:02:27
Where is &#47;int FAP THREAD? Anonymous  18/10/19 Птн 09:12:02 61993 Ответ
1fcb415c7a9304b[...].mp4 10992Кб, 640x480, 00:02:17
Where is /int FAP THREAD?
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Anonymous  14/12/21 Втр 04:15:12 90117
Being Chad means being tall and handsome.stop with your bs "just take more showers bro, get a haircut bro" cookie cutter shit advice. Blackpill is undeniable
theme name  21/01/22 Птн 04:36:59 91308
Anonymous  22/01/22 Суб 08:23:43 91345
image.png 407Кб, 700x521
Anonymous  14/09/22 Срд 20:09:07 103546
Жокир и дед.webm 4080Кб, 576x720, 00:00:15
Anonymous  15/09/22 Чтв 16:52:48 103608
30216dd83277ab0[...].png 1934Кб, 1240x1159
2016693CjWeasle[...].jpg 2628Кб, 3069x4069
1532037010.stri[...].jpg 170Кб, 1280x866
1661314543.wolf[...].png 193Кб, 800x769
What is the name of the dancing girl and who performs the song? I found some inferior version of this same song: https:&#47;&#47;www.youtube.com&#47;watch?v=KNYy8vah6vI Anonymous  21/04/22 Чтв 22:53:49 97587 Ответ
nainen tanssii [...].mp4 3694Кб, 576x720, 00:00:17
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Anonymous  19/08/22 Птн 22:03:15 102084
She's made for 4 way BBC anal gangbang and piss in Legalporno
Anonymous  20/08/22 Суб 02:21:28 102100
poland bmc.png 508Кб, 1339x821
Anonymous  20/08/22 Суб 09:11:17 102106
Sinclair.JPG 59Кб, 715x569
lol hes exposing your kippa bro xD mobilize the elders!
Anonymous  20/08/22 Суб 18:26:04 102134
>There are many people living in the West with severe psychiatric problems believing Russia is some sort of paradise, a white supremacy nation of some kind and they view Putin as some sort of Roman emperor. They think Russia is Christian and moral and the West is decadent. Some of these people are simply misled after reading years of Russian media propaganda news while others were simply dropped on their head at birth.

That's way outdated, this might've been the case like 6 years ago, but no one believes that anymore, everyone knows russia is garbage and only fringe communist trannies support pidorussia now. Many polchuds got roosiapilled after that mongol balls cutting episode.

And russian propaganda is mostly spread by kremlin bots, in places like comments sections or imageboards, so this may give na illusion that there are actual western people supporting these orcs.
Anonymous  15/09/22 Чтв 02:40:17 103567
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