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Russian mortadella vs Belarusian Anonymous  03/07/22 Вск 21:42:58 100658 Ответ
milhazesmortade[...].mp4 10414Кб, 1280x720, 00:01:23
Why Russian mortadella is shitty that you have to suggest giving it to dogs and cats - even wasting 1 minute of national TV primetime to explain it?
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Anonymous  03/08/22 Срд 01:43:29 101550
Thanks for the answers. By the way, Zrada or Code Barglader do you know the meaning as well?
Anonymous  03/08/22 Срд 10:25:05 101556
Anonymous  03/08/22 Срд 17:43:15 101578
Anonymous  03/08/22 Срд 20:59:56 101591
Barglader.jpg 446Кб, 941x1600
mk ultra.jpg 70Кб, 500x500
Zrada betrayal or treason

Code Barglader is top level defcon in the Scale of Kuvikov
it means that ukranian "patriot" haz reached such high level of butthurt(frustration) that he will betray his country. what it means is that ukranians are brainwashed by their western handlers "clickers">>>mk-ultra<<< in order to break this spell you have to use specific technique which i wont tell because it a state-secret to break him free.

hes cia ANALytics
Anonymous  04/08/22 Чтв 16:19:21 101612
Unironically, it has less bots or astroturfers and less repeated content than 4chan /chug/ or /ugh/ and it's slow therefore easier to follow 300-bump thread that no one answers to each other .

In your fixed thread, Russian revanchists including internet brigades (laktha) counterattack arguments of ukrainians, ukrainians using proxies including their brigades (cipso ?) . One doesn't have time to follow OSINT somewhat neutral accounts, American pro-Ukrainian and Ukrainian twitter and media sources then counter it with pro-Russians. You fuckers in /po/ fixed thread do all the hard job and make a synthesis.

Plus there's proximity factor therefore a little more reliable than being narrated by a Portuguese journalist in Lisbon
Insanity is some countrymen that only follow ASBM military and Intel Slava Z telegram accounts and only believe them.
T72-B3 = 46 tons of shit Tank prof  04/08/22 Чтв 00:09:08 101598 Ответ
T-72B3-TankBiat[...].jpg 21Кб, 300x196
t72b3.mp4 2343Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:03
How am I not right?
кто герой данного видео,про него вообще что известно?Нашли корову? Anonymous  03/08/22 Срд 22:50:47 101596 Ответ
videoplayback600.mp4 227Кб, 640x360, 00:00:02
кто герой данного видео,про него вообще что известно?Нашли корову?
LMFAO you not gonna prolly believe in it but I wrote one thing thread on the other Anonymous  03/08/22 Срд 00:21:54 101541 Ответ
karachan.org.mp4 2003Кб, 400x400, 00:00:15
you not gonna prolly believe in it but
I wrote one thing thread on the other chan called endchan /4/
that I will kill, assassinate wagner group leader
now I have a constant tailgate, can you fucking imagine it?
I am from poland, it is like wow
you can't be more stupid or scared than than, fuck, if you read this, no, I will not kill wagner lover as I am just an internet troll
but anyway, you can follow me, it is is not anything unpleasant for me
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Anonymous  03/08/22 Срд 00:36:17 101543
I don't think so
I live in literal bunker, secured neighbourhood, booby traps at home, always blinded windows, I have eyes behind my head, I know I am followed, I know all the sniper vulnerable points in my area, I check by car for car bombs, I have always in 1 sec reach a handgun plus rifle in my trunk, I leaving home in extremely different and random times
nato securing the air for me, so there is no way they can kill me other than suicide mission and the killer will be caught
I know all the tricks like poisoning the air, novichok 5 bullshit on the know or other n00wbie shit
they literally can't kill me
Anonymous  03/08/22 Срд 00:49:27 101545
Zajebiste gówno chuju
Anonymous  03/08/22 Срд 00:53:34 101546
well, I respect you guys as you are kind a cool and I really have nothong agaist you, but please, stop taking me as a thread, the next thing I do will be coming to your house personally and killing you by the bullet to the head before I will kill all your house occupants if you will not change yourself, you can hire me and we can do silly things together but you cant be against me
Anonymous  03/08/22 Срд 12:06:31 101559
Wow, 2ch is full of couch Rambos now.
Anonymous  03/08/22 Срд 21:19:05 101594
Proud to be Russian Anonymous  03/08/22 Срд 01:19:11 101548 Ответ
I am proud to be Russian and to speak Russian language which is one of protoeuropean languages close to ancient Aryan language.

Russian is close to Sanskrit the language of advanced ancient civilization and history of Aryan civilization is tied with Russian nation.

I am proud that my nation is destroying cowardly subhumans who lost their gender and forgot their past.

Only Russians will build New Russian World Order and destroy retarded jewminati order.

The Time is Ours !
03/08/22 Срд 01:40:35 101549
>proud to be Russian
>uses Bulgarian proxy or is currently there.
Anonymous  03/08/22 Срд 03:35:44 101551
>>101548 (OP)
>Russian is close to Sanskrit
Unironiskai, kaimyne, tyretymete ismokti lietuviskai vietoi.

tavo rusu broliai is Kaliningrado
Anonymous  03/08/22 Срд 07:04:55 101552


Please post more, OP, I love schizo stories!!
Anonymous  03/08/22 Срд 11:39:27 101557

Литовский язык выдуман в Кёнигсберге (современная Россия) католическими священниками, прислужниками папы, до 16 века
литовский язык не имел письменных источников, первая письменная запись на литовском появилась в книге католического священника в Кёнигсберге только в 16 веке.

В России издревле присутсвовала письменность, она упоминается как в арабских свидетельствах, так и в других свидетельствах, к тому же существуют находки докириллической письменности. Где подобное в Литве, если санскрит, санскритская ПИСЬМЕННОСТЬ наиболее близки к литовскому ?

События из Махабхараты, древнеиндийского эпоса происходили в России, топонимы, то есть местные названия русских рек, местностей санскритского происхождения.

Что касается литовских князей, то напомню, что переписка великих литовских князей велась на славянском языке, а не на литовском, на территории Вильнюса издревле жили кривичи, опять же славянские племена, а князь Ольгерд (он же Альгирдас), был русским по матери, литовский статут был составлен на славянском.
i dont understand this Anonymous  23/07/22 Суб 10:15:03 101100 Ответ
1658387473.jpg 145Кб, 492x604
i dont understand this
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Anonymous  30/07/22 Суб 20:05:34 101392
thee thee
Anonymous  30/07/22 Суб 22:16:03 101401
>>101100 (OP)
I can't translate it but the meaning is literally The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race
Anonymous  31/07/22 Вск 05:06:56 101411
16585605047610.[...].jpg 235Кб, 492x604
all this translation did was confuse me
Anonymous  01/08/22 Пнд 12:16:55 101484
he said: " Hey you haystack mimic creatures, try to take the shape of round haystacks!"
Anonymous  01/08/22 Пнд 17:43:17 101498
As a Russian living abroad I look down on anyone living in their native-born country. It is something to be ashamed of without any exceptions. What is your excuse? Anonymous  30/07/22 Суб 17:45:55 101382 Ответ
f98e3d7d0d97461[...].jpg 73Кб, 900x639
As a Russian living abroad I look down on anyone living in their native-born country. It is something to be ashamed of without any exceptions.

What is your excuse?
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Anonymous  30/07/22 Суб 19:06:09 101390
Late twenties. I left 6 years ago and I'm more extremely introverted now with remote work and discomfort when forced to speak non-native language constantly. Depression though is lower compared to then because I stay physically very healthy here since I have taken up training as a hobby. I am, of course, still a virgin.

I want to leave secretly and keep my current job as some other Russians do but I feel I would fuck that up.
Anonymous  31/07/22 Вск 16:08:49 101439
Anonymous  31/07/22 Вск 16:10:55 101442
Get the fuck out and never come back
Anonymous  31/07/22 Вск 16:11:38 101443
A ty wypierdalaj z Polski chuju zajebany i wracaj obciągać swojemu panu putinowi ty ruska kurwo
Anonymous  31/07/22 Вск 19:51:09 101459
Was the velvet revolution worth it? Now that we&#39;re full of migrants and westernisation is intensifying? Anonymous  06/07/22 Срд 15:02:58 100738 Ответ
ironcurtainmiss[...].png 201Кб, 485x290
Was the velvet revolution worth it? Now that we're full of migrants and westernisation is intensifying?
Anonymous  06/07/22 Срд 18:10:53 100742
>>100738 (OP)
>Now that we're full of migrants


>westernisation is intensifying
Oh yes, I would rather eat Eastern shit, you are correct xD nothing better than beating up gay people and making them move to the West anyway xD
Anonymous  30/07/22 Суб 11:49:24 101376
30/07/22 Суб 21:14:05 101396
>>100738 (OP)
If you think you are full of migrants, wait until you are a minority in your own country and the streets are full of hijabs I think you have seen nothing yet, go and visit a French or Belgian suburb and that is the future that awaits Eastern Europe, you import third World and you become third World. Close the door to Africa while you can.
Anonymous  31/07/22 Вск 15:57:33 101436
Blah blah blah fuck off back to r*ssia you lump of shit xD friendly reminder that you have more Muslims than we ever will xD
Z-oomers Anonymous  13/04/22 Срд 09:22:13 97143 Ответ
Russian Zoomers.JPG 161Кб, 1293x841
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Anonymous  22/07/22 Птн 15:28:15 101078
You really should come back to reddit, soyboy.
Anonymous  22/07/22 Птн 15:41:19 101082
>>97143 (OP)
They imagine themselves to be nobility, the masters. BTW, I'm watching it right now, and everyone says "No" till 1:44. But the idea of the Russian Empire is popular, yeah. Black yellow white flag, dukes, churches.
There are eleven grades, each grade has groups, each group is - let's say - 30 people. So, you teach a thousand people, and no wonder some of them think very different and will record you.
Anonymous  22/07/22 Птн 17:28:36 101089
CIA gave Margret Trudaeu the order to Assasinate Fidel Castro during her visit to cuba. When they wer alone, Fidel simply told her "i know they sent you to kill me, but you wont do it i know you love me" then they had wild passionate sex and later Justin Trudeau was born. Now they try to cover this up changing birthdates etc. Hes a fucking communist dictator which jails regular truckers for honking while acting "polite". Many suggest why she couldnt do it, some kind of hypnosis by this wizard beard or electrical pulse weapons cubans used on her like they did on that US ambassy. Fidel had african roots and had a huge phalus when he pullet it out and smacked it on the table Margret had a paralisis/hypnosis and couldnt move, so he raped her. Out of shok she couldnt remember this incident like a memory hole his big cuban cigare made her brain-fog.
Anonymous  22/07/22 Птн 19:49:28 101090
Can't blame her, I'd fall for a huge phallus too... (///o‿o///) Especially if it's attached to a girl, I'm straight.
Anonymous  30/07/22 Суб 10:43:47 101374
&gt;lowest salaries in Western Europe &gt;high cost of living &gt;Latin America tier crime levels &gt;still feel smug and superior to other nations I hate this shithole so fucking much. Anonymous  23/07/22 Суб 20:19:40 101117 Ответ
59CA7247-280E-4[...].png 57Кб, 594x694
>lowest salaries in Western Europe
>high cost of living
>Latin America tier crime levels

>still feel smug and superior to other nations

I hate this shithole so fucking much.
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Anonymous  28/07/22 Чтв 19:55:08 101296
Anonymous  28/07/22 Чтв 20:35:39 101303
I hate you you disgusting rssian chimpanzee xD you are worthless, a fucking autist living off German neetbux and jacking off to rssian war crimes, you are nothing, just a piece of trash, end your life
Anonymous  28/07/22 Чтв 20:43:57 101305
hoholina.png 319Кб, 529x580
relax, iam working and pay taxes=which goes to ukraine

i dont like war iam a hippie
Anonymous  30/07/22 Суб 03:57:07 101366
Anonymous  30/07/22 Суб 09:21:32 101372
yeah germans kidnapped lots of french kids
4chan&#39;s &#47;int&#47; has gone to shit, because they ban innocent soyjakkers, does this happen in your country ? Anonymous  12/07/22 Втр 10:36:45 100832 Ответ
1653331562833.jpeg 32Кб, 480x638
4chan's /int/ has gone to shit, because they ban innocent soyjakkers, does this happen in your country ?
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Anonymous  17/07/22 Вск 05:31:06 100911
7232 - bloodsho[...].jpg 19Кб, 200x187
the sharty has gone to shit because everyone obsesses over the latest coal without doing anything groundbreaking in 'jakking
/qa/ heckin won though
Anonymous  17/07/22 Вск 05:32:16 100912
7232 - bloodsho[...].jpg 19Кб, 200x187
the sharty has gone to shit because everyone obsesses over the latest coal without doing anything groundbreaking in 'jakking
/qa/ heckin won though
Anonymous  18/07/22 Пнд 02:13:35 100942
I am not a racist
Anonymous  18/07/22 Пнд 12:45:08 100971
Anonymous  30/07/22 Суб 03:55:46 101365
markiplier sad [...].png 28Кб, 600x800
They just take thesmelves so seriously
They have became the very thing they swore to laugh at (reactionnary oldfags)

/qa/ won a place in my heart however
Beautiful russian girls Anonymous  28/07/22 Чтв 14:29:18 101280 Ответ
image.png 1153Кб, 770x575
image.png 414Кб, 369x460
image.png 900Кб, 770x771
image.png 1189Кб, 595x695
These are russian girls. Show me american girls.
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Anonymous  29/07/22 Птн 16:29:12 101335
Dua Lipa good girl
Anonymous  29/07/22 Птн 19:21:18 101343
I enjoy being spat on and humiliated by attractive girls. Post more.
Anonymous  29/07/22 Птн 19:36:45 101344
Pidorashka proxy. Get off my lawn.
Anonymous  29/07/22 Птн 19:50:52 101345
16590454822683.mp4 11682Кб, 960x540, 00:00:52
Anonymous  29/07/22 Птн 20:57:29 101348
.mp4 268Кб, 606x1078, 00:00:01
.mp4 302Кб, 640x360, 00:00:03
JP Peterson (next time Zizek) Anonymous  10/07/22 Вск 22:05:07 100808 Ответ
MV5BNzA5NGI2ZGM[...].jpg 66Кб, 897x1360
Welcome on board ebanij nahuy. Today I would like to talk about Jordan Peterson and who the fuck is he. Even if I don't know single shit about him. So, tell me more please.

Does someone actually red his book and is it worth it?

Who is he on a political scale (or it's just simplification for dummies but then you should explain in detail what his views are)?

Are you considering him as a psychologist with his own ideas, methods and theories or he is just a media person who is trying to talk about usual stuff for people with usual problems(or even without problems)?

Is he retarded?

Don't watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxdHm2dmvKE&ab_channel=JordanBPeterson
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Anonymous  11/07/22 Пнд 19:08:58 100825
A pro-r*ssian retard xD
Anonymous  11/07/22 Пнд 22:16:31 100828
Anonymous  11/07/22 Пнд 22:17:38 100829
Anonymous  14/07/22 Чтв 18:34:59 100871
photo2022-05-15[...].jpg 152Кб, 750x670
>>100808 (OP)
> Does someone actually red his book and is it worth it?

I did. In his books he talks same stuff he does in YouTube lectures, just with scientific references. Russian translation is awful, original English text is good.

> Who is he on a political scale
He calls himself a classical liberal, although he hates lefties. So, basically something slightly left from the center, I guess.

> Are you considering him as a psychologist with his own ideas, methods and theories

He is legit psychologist, has ton of publications, had many psychology lectures on YouTube even before he became famous.

> Is he retarded?

I think he is cool, I learned a lot from him. Especially on archetypes and how it is connected to religion. I would recommend him.
Anonymous  27/07/22 Срд 20:32:57 101265
iq.mp4 1745Кб, 1920x1088, 00:00:17
A genuine question to non-russians Lucius  14/03/22 Пнд 15:02:22 94566 Ответ
16471791583720.jpg 100Кб, 1267x960
I don't understand, why do you guys keep humiliating yourself? First you let black guys come and take your land as they please. Then, you let muslims come and take some more. To this point, you're doing nothing to stop them, you just keep saying that it's freedom and right, slowly sissifying your entire countries.

And then, you ignore the facts that USA started majority of conflicts, don't investigate anything, and believe the companies you hate and the government you don't trust that it's Russia's fault? For what? To just humiliate yourself and ruin your life, obviously having a huge chance to be wrong? And congrats, now you have ukrainians added to everything above.

What is this? Have you gone mad from how much money you eat on breakfast?
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Anonymous  22/07/22 Птн 16:17:49 101083
butthurtlol.JPG 18Кб, 529x340
mosque in london 460

mosque in moscow 4

le russia is islamic xD
Anonymous  22/07/22 Птн 20:29:49 101091
It's all a pretense, though. We pose as the last bastion of western traditional values, white and Christian, but when we don't need to pretend anymore, all churches will be repurposed as mosques and gay bars for orgies.
Anonymous  23/07/22 Суб 03:35:39 101093
posters-simple-[...].jpg 25Кб, 408x596
index.jpg 5Кб, 216x233
fposter,small,w[...].jpg 76Кб, 750x1000
typographic-mod[...].jpg 168Кб, 462x693
Russian nukes could fix this in a matter of hours.
Life your best life Vasily, I believe in you.
Anonymous  26/07/22 Втр 16:48:27 101218
Western traditional values are not Christian, it’s pagan. Don’t fool yourself, Christian values are communist leftist bullshit
Anonymous  27/07/22 Срд 18:26:48 101263
jesus commie.jpg 28Кб, 500x500
che guerilla.jpg 58Кб, 850x400
>Christian values are communist leftist bullshit
you found the truth
Sława bohaterom Anonymous  25/07/22 Пнд 21:06:32 101198 Ответ
z28482712IER,An[...].jpg 148Кб, 1536x864
Sława bohaterom
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Anonymous  26/07/22 Втр 13:20:34 101213
poland is right populistic shithole like russia or hungary, all shit all the shit that's going on in russia (media oppression, homophobia, transphobia, state sexist system) expect you in 10-15 years, polish democracy is under the treat of far right populists like duda.

slavoids cant do democracy, sad but true, you will always be poor backwater of Europe, a pathetic parody of the white nations
Anonymous  26/07/22 Втр 15:30:27 101216
subzero.jpg 220Кб, 1000x1399
Anonymous  26/07/22 Втр 20:10:37 101224
>>101198 (OP)
Oh man i'm sorry. The democracies in the Czech Republic and Slovenia are quite stable.
So i was thinking it's ok to be slav, your ethnicity doesnt determine prosperity of your nation or something.
Like Poland and Hungary, a far-right populistic treat to democracy exist in US. Of course, this shit also exists in Russia - unfortunately, in the 2000s our country became the first victim of right-wing populism.
Please do not write unconstructive nasty things about the Russian people: by doing this you only strengthen the faith of some supporters of the [w-word] in Russian propaganda.
Anonymous  27/07/22 Срд 10:42:56 101248
With no disrespect to Poles, why Polish beef / cow meat is so horrible?
Anonymous  27/07/22 Срд 18:06:21 101260
they try ot make it tastes like pigmeat.
Am I the only one banned for no reason on Russian boards or are all IPs not from Russia on the blacklist ? Anonymous  19/07/22 Втр 18:54:36 101004 Ответ
YuiHirasawanewm[...].png 274Кб, 1008x1080
Am I the only one banned for no reason on Russian boards or are all IPs not from Russia on the blacklist ?
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Anonymous  19/07/22 Втр 19:24:17 101006
Anonymous  19/07/22 Втр 23:26:47 101007
Anonymous  20/07/22 Срд 01:29:27 101009
>>101004 (OP)
You are not the only one, it's a very old issue, here is (or was) their "solution": they used to give passcodes after you send pictures of foreign food or receipts (as a proof you aren't in Russia) to them on Discord.
Anonymous  25/07/22 Пнд 17:05:09 101192
God this is my old thread this board is so slow.
Anonymous  25/07/22 Пнд 19:58:10 101197
name theme  27/05/22 Птн 11:09:08 99498 Ответ
E48DC8D3-F92B-4[...].jpeg 70Кб, 1689x951
Impossible to run a moral town if God hates it.
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theme name  22/07/22 Птн 13:06:29 101073
theme name  22/07/22 Птн 13:13:51 101075
Anonymous  25/07/22 Пнд 11:03:22 101184
theme name  26/07/22 Втр 01:50:30 101200
theme name  26/07/22 Втр 02:23:54 101201
.webm #4 Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 21:35:50 67218 Ответ
15917675002370.mp4 860Кб, 640x360, 00:00:10
15861266464152.mp4 1124Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:14
15782393287640.webm 580Кб, 470x360, 00:00:09
15921029927993.mp4 469Кб, 720x720, 00:00:09
Traditional webm thread
mp4's are also welcome
just video links are fine too

the previous one was there: >>33300 (OP)
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Anonymous  08/01/22 Суб 03:47:40 91037
В новом году по[...].mp4 180Кб, 320x240, 00:00:05
Anonymous  08/01/22 Суб 03:48:18 91038
16368337550760.mp4 4981Кб, 540x960, 00:00:29
Anonymous  11/02/22 Птн 06:51:54 91797
Americans learning Russian, T. knower
Anonymous  11/05/22 Срд 21:10:35 98716
16522667965320.mp4 16080Кб, 640x336, 00:02:59
Anonymous  25/07/22 Пнд 16:07:59 101187
16032675800410.webm 19316Кб, 426x240, 00:03:03
Thank you for the Liberation of 1809. Finland &lt;3 Russia Brotherhood forever! Anonymous  03/07/22 Вск 22:45:41 100661 Ответ
AleksanteriII.jpg 4741Кб, 2848x4288
Thank you for the Liberation of 1809. Finland <3 Russia Brotherhood forever!
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Anonymous  10/07/22 Вск 19:20:10 100805
Anonymous  11/07/22 Пнд 19:06:58 100824
Anonymous  24/07/22 Вск 22:31:09 101169
Anonymous  24/07/22 Вск 23:25:23 101170
romani(an) pers[...].jpeg 32Кб, 616x448
z gypsy.png 174Кб, 480x360
Anonymous  25/07/22 Пнд 02:35:17 101172
Life in Russia Anonymous  18/07/22 Пнд 10:44:48 100967 Ответ
image.png 1791Кб, 1100x733
image.png 1305Кб, 850x478
image.png 3248Кб, 900x1200
image.png 1791Кб, 1100x733
Why can't Russia build a beautification?
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Anonymous  22/07/22 Птн 13:11:28 101074
> russian people - are angry people
All people are angry people in certain conditions. You probably don't know, but a Ukrainian vegan girl that posted a pacifistic post in her Instagram was mercilessly killed because of her point of view (even not pro-russian, just pacisistic). Also I want to remind you about germans in 1939, about Japanese people, about Mexican and Brazilian cartels that torturing innocent people, about Chineses who boiling cats alive for fun.

Stop to wear pink glasses, bro. Russians the same as all people around the world. All that their army doing it's because of aggressive propaganda through all medias.
Anonymous  22/07/22 Птн 13:33:44 101076
this is bullshit, russians are the most kind people compared to all the rest of human race, russians should just kill all humans and repopulate the earth with only russians, humanity will progress much further and colonize solarsystem. world peace will be atablish and new world order.
Anonymous  23/07/22 Суб 03:50:07 101094
You gotta go back Waldemar or I have Bundespolizei arrest you for spreading propaganda and advocating genocide of humans and replacing them with orcs
Anonymous  23/07/22 Суб 15:26:29 101105
Anonymous  24/07/22 Вск 11:05:53 101148
but i like orcs, iam not racis just want more orcs
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