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This is a thread. Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 14:18:30 59258 Ответ
dsd.jpg (70Кб, 1300x840)
This is a thread.
Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 19:57:25 59265
701793-7988439e.jpeg (143Кб, 1440x564)
Anonymous  10/06/19 Пнд 14:14:17 59311
epic thread 10/10
int sucks Anonymous  07/06/19 Птн 13:12:46 59231 Ответ
15535815200902.jpg (62Кб, 800x427)
int sucks
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Anonymous  07/06/19 Птн 21:26:20 59243
Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 08:42:55 59254
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 06:59:08 59282
Still sucks due sucky murrican poster
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 16:07:57 59288
mP2pXDrqLAI.jpg (79Кб, 1080x859)
Anonymous  10/06/19 Пнд 06:30:50 59310
Fun facts about Dvach Anonymous  03/06/19 Пнд 15:41:58 59102 Ответ
882A4C3B-F7F1-4[...].jpeg (163Кб, 674x674)
Did you know we call our moderators mocha because they always keep vigil as if they're drinking mocha coffee all the time?
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Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 14:37:07 59171
We do call our moderators mocha, or rather used to until recently when everyone ceased to give a fuck. Google "мочератор" if you don't believe me.
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 16:52:28 59172
I heard somewhere that "Mocha" was the Abu name in the army.
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 20:22:30 59173
Lol thanks for information
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 20:59:14 59293
Anonymous  10/06/19 Пнд 01:37:08 59308
Strange, his tag says de. Have you been anschlussing again, Germany?
Почему мы общаемся на английском? Мы должны общаться на родном языке! Anonymous  21/05/19 Втр 19:57:13 58733 Ответ
14722298649870.gif (442Кб, 455x500)
Почему мы общаемся на английском? Мы должны общаться на родном языке!
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Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 20:24:33 59206
Maybe he is bitter because he doesn't know english very well
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 20:43:07 59207
15357303804850.webm (2361Кб, 452x720, 00:00:08)
or maybe I know english, but I want you to write in finnish?
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 20:54:32 59208
joseph.jpg (68Кб, 690x554)
Anonymous  07/06/19 Птн 17:40:10 59234
1559918372386.png (917Кб, 962x747)
wish you were a winx fairy
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 16:00:13 59287
>>58733 (OP)
Потому что ВСЕ должны понимать, о чем идет речь, не только россияне. Это доска и для иностранцев тоже
How do I lower my blood Cortisol levels? It's very high according to bloodwork. Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 15:13:50 59195 Ответ
1558808332315.jpg (123Кб, 869x811)
How do I lower my blood Cortisol levels?

It's very high according to bloodwork.
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 15:23:38 59196
1559347297997.jpg (30Кб, 400x400)
Sending 2ch mods to gas chambers would help, I think.
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 08:51:19 59284
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 13:37:52 59286
152094200331123[...].jpg (65Кб, 500x500)
Why Abu sold Dvach? Anonymous  18/05/19 Суб 20:21:05 58705 Ответ
15577689458570-[...].jpg (32Кб, 399x521)
To kremlebots, red lahta?
Why there ara so many scripts (auto thread, auto answers)?

Why you need to destroy this site?
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Anonymous  19/05/19 Вск 19:34:37 58716
Anonymous  20/05/19 Пнд 06:32:12 58720
AXAXXAXAXAXAXAX right in tochka))
Anonymous  20/05/19 Пнд 06:32:47 58721
This doska is called DVACH. Those who disagree goes to na hui.

Anonymous  21/05/19 Втр 07:45:41 58728
And it was around for two years, meanwhile this site is open for ten years (if we're counting tirech times). This begs the question which dvach is the true one.
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 04:00:49 59279
20180224140703.jpg (108Кб, 448x386)
what is ЛЕВ ПРОТИВ Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 08:49:03 59121 Ответ
250px-Левпротив.jpg (34Кб, 250x333)

What does an average Russian think about him? He has a lot of thumbs up and I thought Russian normies would be 95% supporting alcoholisation. Who supports him? Nazis? They support a guy who looks like a Chechen??
Isn't he some kind of Chechen? There's a lot of Westernized Russians with dyed hair and Western clothing too. Weird.
If he tried that 'stop drinking here and now' shit in Poland he'd end up badly for sure.
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Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 21:43:04 59215
>Стоп, попрошайки! Стоп Харам
unironically based
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 21:50:55 59216
607635731453463[...].jpg (129Кб, 1024x1821)
Looks like Rushkas the next, who will be cucked by muzlims.
Anonymous  07/06/19 Птн 08:38:19 59225
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 00:01:03 59271
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 00:11:50 59274
Let's have a good old Krokodil thread Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 02:25:29 59115 Ответ
C93AD0AB-E49B-4[...].jpeg (60Кб, 1280x720)
Let's have a good old Krokodil thread
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 02:39:10 59116
legalize krokod[...].png (375Кб, 800x580)
i wonder how long that kid lived after that pic
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 09:37:34 59123
13992921066.jpg (37Кб, 700x466)
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 22:32:16 59184
>>59115 (OP)
good drug Codeine was banned by government thanks to crocodile addict assholes
Anonymous  07/06/19 Птн 11:27:55 59228
base.jpg (280Кб, 1080x1080)
videoplayback1.mp4 (21998Кб, 320x240, 00:08:33)
Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 21:52:40 59269
Message from a Turkic man to the Russian Crackers Anonymous  24/05/19 Птн 17:09:08 58799 Ответ
Mapofindependen[...].png (73Кб, 1896x854)
You hate us. We hate you. There is no compromise between our peoples.

How can two mortal enemies live under the same roof? We can't. We must separate. A Turkic Union for us, a Russian Union for you.

My only demand is that each year you will send us 900 billion dollars as reparations for what you did to the Central Asia and to Ottoman Empire. This is our reparations. If you do this, we will respect your right to existence. But only if you pay us the reparations. Or else we breed your white bitches
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Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 13:17:33 59130
15578592371140.mp4 (12967Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:26)
>>58799 (OP)
>My only demand is that each year you will send us 900 billion dollars as reparations for what you did to the Central Asia and to Ottoman Empire.
Imagine thinking that T*rkey, the country who still gets their ass beat regularly by a few mountain dwelling guerrillas with slavshit guns, is in any position to demand anything of any other country.
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 12:08:07 59166
15576795351820.jpg (88Кб, 600x717)
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 13:59:54 59167
Kebab can speak?
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 22:27:32 59183
Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 20:31:33 59268
I love Putin (no homo) Anonymous  13/05/19 Пнд 19:53:58 58598 Ответ
LNKL.jpeg (49Кб, 500x334)
I love Putin (no homo)
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Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 06:08:51 59119
>>58598 (OP)
>(no homo)
Yes you are. And not bc you love Putin.
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 08:33:29 59120
> what did putin do to you ?
Created police state
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 06:28:25 59192
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 23:55:31 59219
Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 19:37:45 59262
what police state you retard ? have you lived outside of russia ?
What kind of dialect does she the first woman in the video? I can't make much sense of it, is it surzhyk? Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 03:00:29 59249 Ответ
vasily-ignatenk[...].jpg (102Кб, 1100x585)
Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 08:41:00 59251
Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 09:13:46 59256
>>59249 (OP)
It's Russian with some Ukrainian words mixed in. So basically Surzhyk, yes.
Do young Russians tend to learn English? I've noticed Russians in general prefer Anonymous  02/06/19 Вск 01:37:15 59067 Ответ
usgeh8us50031.png (640Кб, 592x500)
Do young Russians tend to learn English? I've noticed Russians in general prefer to translate and localize most media into Russian instead of bothering with English. Is there not as much pressure to learn English compared to other countries because so much stuff gets translated to Russian anyways?
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Anonymous  03/06/19 Пнд 15:56:19 59103
they're all obsolete as fuck
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 12:37:36 59127
>I tried to get educated
You are not average russian who don't need to educate. Or educate in level not more then university bachelor.
Japan is a capital of Seoul.
05/06/19 Срд 01:25:09 59158
>not a single actual textbook on genetics in russian language, translated or original.

>What is "actual"? I've checked at the Rutracker and saw a plenty of translated books about genetics in Russian which were published in last 10-15 years.

>they're all obsolete as fuck

Anonymous  07/06/19 Птн 22:16:51 59246
fe4510.jpg (42Кб, 585x635)
Tl;dr We don't know English bc KGB!!!1

Which is bollocks, of course. There was no malicious intent, just the context of the Soviet society that prevented ppl from learning languages as a means of communication.

Let’s say you study English or German at school. Why? The official stance was, so that you could have a comprehensive and balanced education. In other words, for no real reason. The old Soviet school curriculum (which the students or the school staff had no control over) was chock full of abstract bull that was supposed to mysteriously grow you as a person but in fact was there just to keep you busy. With no access to real English texts or speakers aside from the Moscow Times newspaper which was written and edited by the Soviet publishing house and contained the same articles you could find in any Russian-language newspaper, there were no practical reasons to practice and improve your language, so many lost their skills within a couple months after finishing school.

And even in the specialised universities the curriculum was not much different. English and German were taught almost as dead languages, like your Latin or Ancient Greek. You had to master the grammar, the pronunciation (based on scratchy records of awkward politically charged texts narrated by RP-speaking dictors), the very limited vocabulary, and to translate texts on how the Soviet Union has better kindergartens than the US. You also read and discussed (as in, wrote and presented essays on) stories by Maugham, Dickens, and Fitzgerald.

And that kinda made sense, too. Again, it wasn’t like you were likely to ever speak to a foreigner given the Iron Curtain and stuff like that so the curriculum and the teaching aids didn’t really need to be adjusted and changed to keep pace with the changing language. You were probably going to become a written translator dealing with technical texts and politically appropriate articles from European socialist papers so good old Dickens and Kaushanskaya’s grammar book (which is still very good and comprehensive today — the Soviet scholars were really good at distilling and codifying grammars) were all you needed to be able to get the job done. And the last bit of foreign language speaking you had to do in your life probably was at your final exam anyway.

Times changed with the fall of the Union, but old teaching habits die hard. Traces of this approach to education can be felt even today. When I was starting to study English at school back in the mid- to late 90’s, our old teacher lady taught us ‘I say!’ was a good phrase to start a conversation with a friend. She probably picked that up from Wodehouse’s books and thought it was the way all English people talked. Back in the mid-00’s I was studying at the Moscow State Linguistic University, regarded the best place in Russia to study translation. They used a Modern English textbook published in the freaking 1973. You can check it out here —, it’s a marvel to read. There is no ideological bullshit in the curriculum nowadays but university students studying to become translatora and/or interpreters are still force-fed stuff like theoretical phonetics, theoretical grammar, and general linguistics even if they are probably never going to deal with this high-level stuff ever in their professional lives.

But there is no malice. There is no KGB approved programme to un-teach people. It’s just a simple reality of teaching and learning languages for reasons other than speaking to actual foreigners. Russian nobility had been doing that for centuries and they didn’t need any KGB conspiracies to justify it.
Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 08:42:04 59252
sucky murca pls stop sucking
Good History Podcasts Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 17:08:35 59138 Ответ
1553469526872.jpg (35Кб, 300x400)
What are some good history podcasts you've listened to?

My experience:

God tier
History of Rome by Mike Duncan

Great tier
History of Ancient Egypt

Good tier
Hardcore History by Dan Carlin
History of Byzantium Podcast
History of Ancient Greece

Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 23:13:22 59150
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 10:35:45 59164
Anonymous  07/06/19 Птн 22:38:44 59247
Is not a good idea. They are loving to brainwash
What is with Kohl lately? Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 21:02:33 59209 Ответ
proxy.duckduckg[...].jpeg (22Кб, 474x321)
What is with Kohl lately?
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 21:03:58 59210
it is down
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 21:08:28 59211
I know, Einstein!
But why is it down latley that often?
Are monkeys running that board?
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 23:40:24 59217
new engine needs maintenance
Anonymous  07/06/19 Птн 09:45:28 59227
On weekly basis? You serious?
Miami VS California Anonymous  29/05/19 Срд 20:28:06 58956 Ответ
Снимок экрана 2[...].png (249Кб, 953x545)
Снимок экрана 2[...].png (140Кб, 877x629)
Is there any US citizen who can tell what is best Miami or California?

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Anonymous  01/06/19 Суб 22:27:20 59064
flynigger.jpg (37Кб, 712x752)
> Total shithole
i like that :3
Anonymous  02/06/19 Вск 13:13:31 59074
1559470396612.png (500Кб, 640x510)
Anonymous  02/06/19 Вск 20:31:38 59081
santa-barbara-c[...].jpg (806Кб, 2500x1666)
santa-barbara.jpg (309Кб, 2000x800)
santa barbara is good tho.
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 20:53:20 59176
1000% California. Florida is a fucking shithole, its humid as fuck, full of inbred rednecks with extra chromosomes, constant hurricanes, floods, no jobs, high taxes, insane property taxes, and so on. CA suffers the last 2 as well but its at least more pleasant, nice food, wine, and so on. More Mexicans in California but more Blacks in Florida. Overall, I would rather lose a kidney than live in Florida.
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 10:32:44 59194
I've never been to California but it can't possibly be worse than Florida.
Hi slavs! 1st post here. I was looking for an alternative app for the FindFace app since that isn't working nomore. Anonymous  26/05/19 Вск 04:23:44 58847 Ответ
51c268f4ce964c4[...].png (29Кб, 256x261)
Hi slavs!
1st post here. I was looking for an alternative app for the FindFace app since that isn't working nomore.
Anonymous  26/05/19 Вск 18:11:28 58873
1.png (7Кб, 610x454)
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 09:56:48 59193
Эта хуйня даже через мою аву меня не нашла
i miss u Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 23:08:01 59149 Ответ
15596461943042[[...].jpg (254Кб, 1069x1820)
i miss u
pacimu ruskie eta pidorasy? Anonymous  14/05/19 Втр 10:14:30 58604 Ответ
papan.jpg (91Кб, 980x1177)
pacimu ruskie eta pidorasy?
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Anonymous  30/05/19 Чтв 11:00:25 58966
Anonymous  30/05/19 Чтв 14:07:52 58967
It was signed by the very kikes who were slaughtering us at the very same time.
Anonymous  03/06/19 Пнд 06:29:36 59095
полша сасат
Anonymous  03/06/19 Пнд 13:50:43 59099
masz ty rozum i[...].mp4 (1888Кб, 400x400, 00:02:50)
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 17:44:24 59140
vojtyla.webm (5424Кб, 426x240, 00:01:38)
Question for Russians Anonymous  25/05/19 Суб 18:09:32 58828 Ответ
1557854210670.webm (1985Кб, 640x800, 00:00:10)
If I was Russian would it be looked down upon in society to date a Tatar girl or any of the beautiful Yakut girls? Or even ossetian girls? What about Armenians and other caucasians

What about your families will they care?
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Anonymous  27/05/19 Пнд 05:44:56 58885
They all hach
Anonymous  27/05/19 Пнд 08:57:41 58895
15433389095690.png (366Кб, 900x900)
Left 2 from kazakh mother and 2 from tatar mother
On the right is everything from the Russian mother
Anonymous  03/06/19 Пнд 16:07:03 59104
>>58828 (OP)
Naw dawg dating some ethnic chick is totes okay. I married a half-Uzbek girl, she's pretty awesome. For girls to date Caucasian dudes is a bit more questionable as they become "chernilnitsa" (inkwell, or blacked) but as you may guess they don't care much about what others think if they go as low as to let an unwashed khach cock inside her.
So basically it's not about racism, it's all about Russian cucks being jelly.
03/06/19 Пнд 18:45:54 59106
>1200 years old. this are 10 generation.
lolwut? it's 60 generations.
Anonymous  03/06/19 Пнд 23:22:46 59114
I want to move to based Russia Anonymous  31/05/19 Птн 14:54:39 58998 Ответ
1497886870367.png (236Кб, 808x805)
I want to move to based Russia
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Anonymous  01/06/19 Суб 13:50:14 59031
Most of russia would be based for me. My life here is boring and shit.
Anonymous  01/06/19 Суб 14:32:16 59032
Anonymous  01/06/19 Суб 14:38:44 59033
No thanks. u want?

The HIV statistics are fucked up put you can avoid getting infected with some common sense
Anonymous  01/06/19 Суб 19:46:18 59045
Anonymous  02/06/19 Вск 12:03:14 59073
1.)Your Cunt 2.) Do you support Julian Assange? 3.) Did he rape those Swedish thots? Anonymous  01/06/19 Суб 18:10:08 59038 Ответ
15550839551870.jpg (121Кб, 1024x683)
1.)Your Cunt

2.) Do you support Julian Assange?

3.) Did he rape those Swedish thots?
Anonymous  01/06/19 Суб 19:30:25 59044
face.jpg (353Кб, 1280x960)
>>59038 (OP)
>1.)Your Cunt
yes i am penis
19 cm
>2.) Do you support Julian Assange?
>3.) Did he rape those Swedish thots?
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