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1 Anonymous  21/08/19 Срд 14:40:05 60939 Ответ
1381095692rozen.jpg (241Кб, 900x636)
Last thread has been lost in N-area.
Anonymous  22/08/19 Чтв 18:21:39 60963
discuss Anonymous  19/08/19 Пнд 04:49:30 60899 Ответ
ваеро (2).webm (929Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:24)
Мы же все тут понимаем, что настоящий иностранец никогда сюда не зайдёт, не говоря о том, чтобы написать, верно?
Anonymous  19/08/19 Пнд 04:50:15 60900
15508192786260.webm (5622Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:33)
Anonymous  21/08/19 Срд 08:08:39 60931
>>60899 (OP)
Не верно, ты явно недооцениваешь людей.
Anonymous  18/08/19 Вск 21:12:08 60887 Ответ
15661489906550[[...].jpg (3933Кб, 4160x2340)
Anonymous  19/08/19 Пнд 06:48:48 60902
Anonymous  19/08/19 Пнд 09:12:57 60905
Anonymous  21/08/19 Срд 06:12:10 60930
Street Fighting Anonymous  07/08/19 Срд 19:27:14 60579 Ответ
steroide in DE.gif (21Кб, 858x360)
What style or exercises in wpierdol do Russians recommend?

Street fighting is becoming very important for day to day living, thanks to our esteemed guests from warzones and 3rd world countries. Unfortunately, the level of wpierdol is very low in Germany (all manuals and clubs got banned after WW2 and we are left with what the Americans deem "good enough" for us, ie. bad boxing, non-existant wrestling and assorted kindergarten-hippie Asian arts) and training in fighting is extremely unpopular. Not so with our new guests from all over the world - they have trained in countries where knife fighting and boxing/wrestling seems to be extremely popular or at least they are very good at it and rather ruthless.

As expected, this creates a bit of a power slope. So, because I don't want to sully myself with Muslim fighting tactics, I'm asking you Russians because if nothing else, you're at least Christians (I could ask Poland because they are even Catholic like me, but they hate me because we played a rough game with Poland 70 years ago): How to become really good at fighting without any rules, ie. street fighting.

Additional info: I have seen good athletes getting really badly beaten up, so I'm not sure combat sports is the right answer, but then again, as I said, the level in Germany is really low.

Picture: Germans are improvising with lifting weights and steroids, the results are so-so at best.
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Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 10:41:33 60682
You can't run if you are sucker punched.
You can't run if the other guy has a gun.
You can't run if you are surrounded.

etc. etc. A street fight, in my experience, is not a 1-on-1 duel.
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 16:29:41 60687
quit fucking around please. A fight is a fight, and you would have to fight if that ever happens to you. It doesnt matter if its 5 of them or just 1. Do you germans really not have even a bit of self esteem?
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 19:18:32 60694
Ich war nie ein rapper, weil ich keine kleine ficker kenne wenn ich mit meinen freundenn komme müsst ihr kleinen kiffer renne xD
violence is not good. xD
Anonymous  20/08/19 Втр 11:58:29 60918
tn.jpg (48Кб, 700x465)
Anonymous  20/08/19 Втр 18:50:54 60921
you didnt read the name of rocket ? dongfeng xD
holy fuck belgium is AMAZING i would spend every dollar i have there Anonymous  13/08/19 Втр 23:52:22 60764 Ответ
2117535.jpg (106Кб, 1092x615)
holy fuck belgium is AMAZING i would spend every dollar i have there
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Anonymous  14/08/19 Срд 14:34:56 60787
i know this belgian of russian descent, his name is chamil and he is a very cool dude)
Anonymous  14/08/19 Срд 23:16:52 60796
shamil is typical russian name.
Anonymous  16/08/19 Птн 08:52:47 60834
Anonymous  16/08/19 Птн 14:18:24 60843
1346134613456.jpg (51Кб, 501x585)
good goyim yes spend...
Anonymous  20/08/19 Втр 00:35:29 60914
>>60764 (OP)
spending something which doesnt exist for things you dont need.
Middle East: ISIS is Kill, What happens now? Anonymous  20/11/17 Пнд 19:31:27 25688 Ответ
Syrian,Iraqi,an[...].png (1517Кб, 4501x3439)
7a150a26-fa93-1[...].png (562Кб, 1159x938)
1625px-YemeniCi[...].png (276Кб, 1625x1061)
15109188889770.jpg (144Кб, 1150x890)
>America setting up multiple bases in North Syrian Kurdish area

>Iran entrenching it's self in Iraq with Shia majority dominated Baghdad and elite

>Saudis causing famine within the population of Shias in Yemen with Naval blockade

Is the stage being set for Freedoming Iran after Trump's mandate runs out?
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Anonymous  13/04/19 Суб 19:36:41 57937
Anonymous  27/04/19 Суб 14:29:05 58243
M-Fahd-Z-Adra.jpg (96Кб, 1112x733)
There are approximately 1,500–2,000 U.S. Marine and Special Operations Forces in Syria, spread across 12 different facilities, being used as training bases for Kurdish rebels.
Anonymous  27/04/19 Суб 20:01:07 58261
robocock.jpg (65Кб, 907x509)
yes, but they are wasting their time fighting russia. russia is unbeatable.
Anonymous  19/08/19 Пнд 05:35:59 60901
ECHWWBHW4AAW9l9.jpg (179Кб, 1000x750)
Waiting for Khan Shaykhun to be confirmed.
Anonymous  19/08/19 Пнд 23:47:14 60912
Russian modern music. Please rate Anonymous  16/08/19 Птн 10:49:11 60836 Ответ
POVof0la0pY.jpg (261Кб, 1280x853)
Anonymous  17/08/19 Суб 19:33:29 60860
i didn't rated
Пришел к успеху @ свалил из Рашки в транснациональный проект Anonymous  14/05/19 Втр 11:22:22 58607 Ответ
14321374008388.jpg (63Кб, 355x543)
И какого хуя не могу постить на всей доске?
Абу, это специально, что бы не травмировать пидорашек фоточками и рассказами из белого мира?
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Anonymous  15/08/19 Чтв 09:38:55 60810
Anonymous  16/08/19 Птн 13:48:09 60840
image.png (768Кб, 880x480)
Anonymous  16/08/19 Птн 13:52:31 60841
>>58607 (OP)
Пашла нахуй ёбаная ксенопидарашка.
Anonymous  16/08/19 Птн 17:51:42 60852
т. баттхертнутый девственник
Anonymous  17/08/19 Суб 00:51:09 60854
>>58607 (OP)
> рассказами из белого мира

imagine unironically posting this from Montenegro
Literrally 3rd world trash
i have big dik Anonymous  16/08/19 Птн 12:54:21 60839 Ответ
Народ требует с[...].mp4 (4955Кб, 640x360, 00:01:43)
i have big dik
Anonymous  16/08/19 Птн 14:21:36 60844
Anonymous  16/08/19 Птн 16:35:20 60849

Докажите это
U know english? @ Yeah @ PUTIN VODKA BALALAYKA what words do you know? Anonymous  15/08/19 Чтв 20:59:45 60823 Ответ
05118ac1cff2aa7[...].jpg (21Кб, 564x773)
U know english?

what words do you know?
Anonymous  16/08/19 Птн 08:50:31 60832
>>60823 (OP)
Anus. Benis. Murrica sucks. That is enough to make quality postenings on int.
Anonymous  16/08/19 Птн 12:19:51 60838
you forgot the two most important words:
1. me
2. rate
НАПИШИТЕ КТО-НИБУДЬ ЕБОМАНОЙ ОБЕЗЬЯНЕ В /d, Anonymous  14/08/19 Срд 10:05:44 60777 Ответ
15656186644060.jpg (82Кб, 540x516)
Какого хуя - приехал в Хорватию, на всех досках кроме этой - нет доступа, даже никакого бана нету.
Здесь кстати ходит валюта - куны, гыгыг
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Anonymous  15/08/19 Чтв 09:28:27 60808
>>60777 (OP)
Купи пасскод - разговор состоится.
Я только с обладателями паскодов разговариваю.
Anonymous  15/08/19 Чтв 23:43:16 60827
А сейчас ты что сделал?
И все таки, какого хуя я не могу постить? Я понимаю там вэпээны, но я в около мухосранском прибережном поселке. Тебя вайпают пажилые хорватцы? Мне не нужно на второй канал, мне бы поднимать говном постинг в /б.
Anonymous  16/08/19 Птн 06:53:19 60830
в бэ и так говна хватает, не хватало еще усташей всяких туда пускать
Anonymous  16/08/19 Птн 09:39:05 60835
> усташей
Anonymous  16/08/19 Птн 11:45:29 60837
Russian means fagot Anonymous  15/08/19 Чтв 10:25:30 60811 Ответ
16046451303.jpg (39Кб, 700x394)
Do you agree?
Anonymous  15/08/19 Чтв 14:25:20 60815
15586281070272.png (571Кб, 827x465)
Anonymous  15/08/19 Чтв 15:53:11 60817
butthurt belter being butthurt once again

very original thread
France Strong Anonymous  14/08/19 Срд 06:09:29 60773 Ответ
1480938376shadi[...].gif (405Кб, 450x379)
Anonymous  14/08/19 Срд 06:36:05 60774
fact: all of these battles were done by languedocians and provençal

the south shall rise again
Anonymous  14/08/19 Срд 23:19:46 60797
Anonymous  15/08/19 Чтв 03:57:21 60801
But this is mayonnaise, how can it battle )))
Im 22 Anonymous  04/08/19 Вск 20:35:23 60470 Ответ
15637931195340.jpg (86Кб, 876x1024)
This is gonna be large post bc I thought I need to mention some details. 4chab doesn't let me post on /adv/ bc ip is blocked due to some reason.
I need your help anon, I feel really desperate. There's a fucking chaos in my head, so please have patience to read this. Thank you in advance.

Basically there are a couple of problems that severely corrupt my life.
1. Daydreaming to me is like a fucking addiction, a painkiller, a short way to get out of reality. I dream of the past, how I could have done things the other way and avoid mistakes and succeed. Everytime I listen to music, I start daydreaming, for example, imagines myself on stage performing, singing a song, and there are friends and people I know, especially girls looking at me and being amazed of how cool i am. If I look at some girls IG page, I start dreaming of how I meet her, flirt with her, go on a date with her etc. When I watch sports, I imagine myself as one of those players, start to imitate celebration of scoring a goal, you know, running, waving hands, making all these silly signs etc.
This dirty habit is glued to the core of my mind, and I struggle to cope with it.

2. Back when I studied at university, I had a crush. This was the first time I fell in love so hard since primary school. We talked on the internet sometimes but I never managed to make next steps. Ultimately, after 7 months of being sort of friends I told her that I love her. The she dumped me. First three days after that I was fine, then anxiety hit me like for a month. I felt really depressed, I thought only about her. After that I started to low-key hating her for dumping me. The key moment is I struggled to love any other girl ever since bc each time a possible gf emerged I compared her to my crush. So it seems to me I'm can't love a girl as much as I loved my crush.
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Anonymous  13/08/19 Втр 01:45:32 60744
Sounds like role confusion and alot of anxiety. Try taking a break from 2ch, or maybe the internet in general.
There must be some offline hobby you enjoy.
Anonymous  13/08/19 Втр 12:09:38 60753
>taking a break from 2ch
Anonymous  13/08/19 Втр 13:20:51 60754
Anonymous  13/08/19 Втр 21:56:10 60759
slice.png (30Кб, 540x1000)
Anonymous  14/08/19 Срд 22:15:13 60794
ньюджак соєвий [...].jpg (115Кб, 1000x1000)
hello fellow russians polak tutaj what is this song about and whats original pic unrelated Anonymous  13/08/19 Втр 02:21:06 60745 Ответ
image-17.jpg (93Кб, 1160x2000)
Anonymous  13/08/19 Втр 03:12:40 60746
Anonymous  14/08/19 Срд 11:26:02 60784
well that is a piece of shit version tbh fam
Сап, интернач. Я вот тут подумал на досуге: А ведь Anonymous  05/08/19 Пнд 23:43:32 60502 Ответ (39Кб, 400x400)
Сап, интернач. Я вот тут подумал на досуге: А ведь русских как народа нет, эта общность просто не отвечает критериям этноса:
1) Общность происхождения - лол, о какой общности тут можно говорить? Северные русские - ассимилированные финно-угры, южные попереебались со всякими южанами и кочевниками(только русские центральной полосы могут считаться более-менее чистыми славянами)
2) Общий язык - ну, на русском говорят и узбеки и таджики, но их же русскими не считают.
3) Антропологический тип - можно сравнить поморов, кубаноидов и сибиряков - нельзя сказать, что они будут похожи.
4) Культура - интересно, ещё где-нибудь остались носители русской культуры? Что-то кокошников и хороводов я не вижу.
5) Менталитет - у нашего населения он либо совковый, либо схожий с оным в других странах Восточной Европы. Тогда о какой "роиссе для русских" можно говорить, если русских-то и не существует?
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Пропущено 9 постов, 2 с картинками.
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 01:01:19 60673
>>60502 (OP)
а какой большой народ у тебя существует? немцы/англичане/французы существуют? даже треть шведов- ассимилированные финноугры
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 07:08:26 60722
15613284687151.jpg (136Кб, 913x605)
Великикй Негритянский Народ! Альзо ДАБС!
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 14:04:52 60734
Меняешь все гласные на "i" и вуаля - ты хохол.
Anonymous  14/08/19 Срд 11:20:43 60782
Anonymous  14/08/19 Срд 11:22:12 60783
I have a qustion of proxy users. What are you so scared off ? Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 23:13:33 60742 Ответ
doggo.jpg (51Кб, 700x753)
I have a qustion of proxy users.

What are you so scared off ?
Anonymous  13/08/19 Втр 00:12:00 60743
Anonymous  13/08/19 Втр 07:36:59 60749
IMG201907180056[...].jpg (64Кб, 562x505)
>>60742 (OP)
I using proxy only for enter to dvoch because Parashenko uebishe!
Sorry for my perfect english.
Anonymous  13/08/19 Втр 14:37:24 60755
Anonymous  14/08/19 Срд 01:14:39 60769
B-but there's not Poroshenko but Zelensky...
Anonymous  14/08/19 Срд 09:59:44 60776
what is this poetry ? what is this beauty ? it is just some rotten fruit juice, you Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 06:37:54 60678 Ответ
la cyrrhose.png (71Кб, 886x886)
what is this poetry ? what is this beauty ? it is just some rotten fruit juice, you call it wine, vodka, spirituals whatever, it's just some rotten fruits, but how come such miserable product elevate so much the human soul ? how come the artist soul gets so much inspiration and creative thoughts from some rotten fruit juice ? if anything, alcohol represents more the irony of this world, because it's nothing but a simple, miserable, and absurd rotten juice fruit, but when you drink it Bacchus takes you to an infinite travel, a travel that will makes you ascend to a higher consciousness and this conscouiness is only achievable by drinking rotten fruit juice... deep
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Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 19:30:32 60699
>>60678 (OP)
its not rotten fruit, its poop of bacteria

alcohol come from arabic Al Kuhl=The Spirit.

everything you said is correct.
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 07:06:10 60721
>>60678 (OP)
make it shorter preferably in one sentence better if text is me rate and add excusite picture to your post. This what a good post is.
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 11:18:07 60728
drunk.jpg (1268Кб, 2122x1415)
It's not the human soul. It's brain poison. It's brain poison that distorts reality. The feeling is pleasurable because reality is pain.
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 23:12:23 60741
i dont feel pain in reality. my life is pleasurefull.
Anonymous  13/08/19 Втр 18:48:27 60757
stupid anglo puritan
i'll stick my BBM (big bordeaux médoc) up your ass
what are some good russian books? i have read dostoyevsky's "devils" Anonymous  25/06/19 Втр 21:53:00 59632 Ответ
dolbayob.jpg (920Кб, 1003x1569)
what are some good russian books?
i have read dostoyevsky's "devils" and "crime and punishment" and i liked it but it felt like i'm missing a lot becasue i don't know russian history very well((((
what's a good starting point into russian literature? should i try tolstoy?
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Anonymous  31/07/19 Срд 09:26:43 60335
32545.jpg (247Кб, 612x931)
Try this one.
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 13:33:00 60684
>>59632 (OP)
I feel that 19th century literature is A BIT outdated. I have no idea why the west is still chewing on Chekhov, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. Too irrelevant topics, too boring and heavy reading style i.e. tons of redundant details that do not play a role in the story.
I've read all the classic Russian literature + most of the other RU writers, so I can compare and say there are lot of Russian writers 1000 times better!
here is my Top-rating

Alexander Green - Scarlet Sails
Александр Грин - Алые паруса

Alexander Green - The Shining World
Александр Грин - Блистающий мир

Vladislav Krapivin - Dovecote in the yellow meadow
Владислав Крапивин - Голубятня на желтой поляне

Vladislav Krapivin - On the night of the big tide
Владислав Крапивин - В ночь большого прилива

Vladislav Krapivin - Eternal Pearl
Владислав Крапивин - Вечный жемчуг

Vladislav Krapivin - Distant Buglers
Владислав Крапивин - Далкие горнисты

Sergey Lukyanenko - Emperors of Illusions
Сергей Лукьяненко - Императоры Иллюзий

Sergey Lukyanenko - Dream Line
Сергей Лукьяненко - Линия Грёз

Sergey Lukyanenko - Night Watch
Сергей Лукьяненко - Ночной Дозор

Sergey Lukyanenko - Day Watch
Сергей Лукьяненко - Дневной Дозор

Lukyanenko, Perumov - This is not the time for dragons
Лукьяненко, Перумов - Не время для драконов
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 15:01:03 60736
>>59632 (OP)
Turgenev and Leskov are better for the beginning
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 15:04:19 60737
Also try Belyaev and Efremov (sci-fi)
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 16:05:16 60738
The Russian man. Anonymous  06/08/19 Втр 22:05:23 60545 Ответ
IGOR plugged.jpg (861Кб, 1440x2560)
The Russian man.
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Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 16:35:39 60688
Tatars are better than Russians
Tatar dicks are said to be longer than Russian
Thats why Russia was captured by them earlier
Thats also why Ivan the Terrible came to Tatars
He wanted to have something longer 4 inches in his ass
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 19:14:19 60693
Bagdad1258.jpg (1714Кб, 2074x1464)
mamai.jpg (223Кб, 1047x1200)
XD that delusion

tatar came to knyaz to get protection from mongols, cuz they didnt like muslims and thats why mongols destroyed iraq(centre of science at those times)

also ivan terribles mother is daugther of mamai xD
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 19:19:57 60695
It is real truth
It is based on a real movie that was shot then
But after that Germans came and stole this film
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 19:25:19 60698
XD fucking germans steal movies xD
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 19:35:43 60700
Russian summer ((( Anonymous  02/08/19 Птн 15:25:22 60414 Ответ
15647395727160.png (1866Кб, 1280x800)
Anonymous  02/08/19 Птн 23:04:46 60423
hap.png (29Кб, 686x472)
hap2.jpg (15Кб, 360x360)
Anonymous  03/08/19 Суб 00:30:04 60426
around 10-15c is the best temperature

>thread topic in the title
Anonymous  03/08/19 Суб 13:57:59 60434
I suffer +36c on the Seoul
Next week hotter more
Anonymous  10/08/19 Суб 21:24:06 60664
>>60414 (OP)
hmm wierd, we(volgograd) had 35-40 in russia. what map is that ?
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