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hello, can any russian help me here? i&#39;ve been trying to find this song but Anonymous  26/06/22 Вск 02:35:07 100508 Ответ
riseup.webm 2443Кб, 400x224, 00:04:16
hello, can any russian help me here?
i've been trying to find this song but i don't know russian, so it's a hard job
i was wondering if any of you know the band's name or if you can type out a bit of the lyrics so i can look for it online, thanks
Anonymous  26/06/22 Вск 10:32:02 100509
>>100508 (OP)
It's not a band, just some dude playing with PC amp
Anonymous  28/06/22 Втр 03:58:26 100534
It&#39;s кофе time my русский friends Anonymous  20/06/22 Пнд 22:01:05 100407 Ответ
dc1c7c6c689855c[...].jpg 22Кб, 400x400
It's кофе time my русский friends
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Anonymous  23/06/22 Чтв 19:15:25 100470
I personally dont like vodka, in my country rum is more popular but i still dont like it.
Not a very good fan of alcoholic drinks unless is beer or wine.
Anonymous  24/06/22 Птн 09:22:02 100480
Congratilachion you not speek, most russian.
Anonymous  24/06/22 Птн 16:58:20 100493
> oink
What did you say, dog?
Anonymous  24/06/22 Птн 19:23:14 100496
>I personally dont like vodka
What do you even live for?..
Anonymous  25/06/22 Суб 05:51:33 100499
Russians kill themselves using vodka
Друзья, если я сделаю видео, где я читаю посты Anonymous  23/06/22 Чтв 10:45:38 100464 Ответ
1644066763701.webm 1490Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:16
Друзья, если я сделаю видео, где я читаю посты на 2ch, вы бы посмотрите его? Мне надо улучшать свой русский, а говорить много. Можно бы помощь мне с этим?
Я постараюсь быть инсересным!
Pic unrelated
Anonymous  23/06/22 Чтв 13:10:39 100467
>>100464 (OP)
Конечно. И не только мы, возможно. Есть, например, канал апвоут, на котором озвучивают посты с Яндекс Кью и Реддит.
Anonymous  23/06/22 Чтв 22:48:52 100472
image.png 450Кб, 436x520
If Russia ever invades Finland, then China, North-Korea, Japan and Mongolia attacks to Russia. https:&#47;&#47;youtu.be&#47;grJqnOeU2tM Anonymous  12/05/22 Чтв 01:33:30 98736 Ответ
7c1cf3ca159f4c7[...].jpg 372Кб, 1120x1345
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Anonymous  19/05/22 Чтв 20:17:59 99099
Envy, Boland? You wanna win eurovision instead of Finland?
Anonymous  19/05/22 Чтв 21:29:27 99101
boland turn but ain't no chance in russian roulette coz oops the revolver's drum is fully loaded
Anonymous  20/05/22 Птн 09:01:09 99126
hes not polish, just a larper on proxy
Anonymous  16/06/22 Чтв 15:37:16 100350
image2022-06-16[...].png 74Кб, 983x429
Anonymous  16/06/22 Чтв 16:48:52 100351
I'm sure he's polish based solely on how abhorrent his posts are
Ukrainian war crimes, lies, etc. Anonymous  24/05/22 Втр 15:53:59 99377 Ответ
16463189962540.png 1571Кб, 944x1280
Ukrainian war crimes, lies, etc.

In this thread I will post the crimes of the Ukrainian army and the lies of their media
If you really want to talk about Russian war crimes, then there is a separate thread for this >>94467 (OP)

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Anonymous  16/06/22 Чтв 11:49:37 100341
16471847698610.mp4 20330Кб, 800x450, 00:00:22
Anonymous  16/06/22 Чтв 16:57:19 100352
Fuck off back to wykop, maciek
Anonymous  17/06/22 Птн 00:25:10 100362
>calling a dead soldier's family is a tactic first started by the r*ssians in 2008 in Georgia.

Брат на ротации привез мне 8 свастик снятых с трупов твоих сородичей, свиноблядь, жду твою голову.
Anonymous  17/06/22 Птн 16:45:59 100373
Ukraine shelled Severodonetsk civilians with silent NATO mines. Civilians were not even pro russian
Anonymous  18/06/22 Суб 04:59:21 100377
Sup! Can anyone give me a hint: is there any good German chan? On darkweb would be better. Krautchan died long time ago and I dunno where to seek contact with locals. Anonymous  05/05/22 Чтв 20:51:54 98479 Ответ
225-2250771curi[...].png 90Кб, 360x574
Sup! Can anyone give me a hint: is there any good German chan?
On darkweb would be better.
Krautchan died long time ago and I dunno where to seek contact with locals.
Anonymous  05/05/22 Чтв 22:03:50 98481
44514600.jpg 38Кб, 600x328
Anonymous  05/05/22 Чтв 22:53:19 98482
Anonymous  05/05/22 Чтв 23:53:34 98484
Anonymous  16/06/22 Чтв 20:02:28 100357
He said "good" german chan
why did ukranians kill poles ? Anonymous  06/06/22 Пнд 13:49:53 100094 Ответ
ukranian polish[...].jpg 786Кб, 1495x1080
why did ukranians kill poles ?
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Anonymous  13/06/22 Пнд 19:52:32 100253
>In January 1940, Timoshenko took charge of the Soviet armies fighting Finland in the Soviet-Finnish War. This had begun the previous November, under the disastrous command of Kliment Voroshilov. Under Timoshenko's leadership, the Soviets succeeded in breaking through the Finnish Mannerheim Line on the Karelian Isthmus, prompting Finland to sue for peace in March. His reputation increased, Timoshenko was made the People's Commissar for Defence and a Marshal of the Soviet Union in May, replacing Marshal Voroshilov as the Minister of Defence.
>Kliment Yefremovich Voroshilov was born February 4th, 1881 in Verhneye in what is now the Ukraine.
>Timoshenko was born into a family of Ukrainian ethnicity[1] in the village of Orman in the Bessarabia Governorate of the Russian Empire (present-day Furmanivka in Odessa Oblast, Ukraine).[2]
Anonymous  13/06/22 Пнд 22:21:14 100256
изображение.png 1667Кб, 800x1067
Anonymous  14/06/22 Втр 00:18:30 100264
> as we all know, the USSR was fully controlled by Ukrainians
To be exact, Georgian, Ukrainian, and Polish commies: Dzierżyński, Rokossowski, Ciołkowski, Maryla Rodowicz, etc. Btw, I have 1/16 Russian blood and my parents moved here when they were 30-ish, so I have zero bias. Yesterday was 32 years since Russia gained independence from Polish-Ukrainian-Georgian Red yoke in June 12th 1990, the day the Russian people gained freedom from your murderous ideology and formed a sovereign nation.
Anonymous  14/06/22 Втр 18:11:43 100279
Anonymous  14/06/22 Втр 23:29:15 100292
theme name  13/05/22 Птн 00:50:11 98794 Ответ
108390858811dbb[...].jpg 37Кб, 976x549
What do you think of Greenland, /int/?
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Anonymous  07/06/22 Втр 18:15:16 100124
deserves to be nuked

Shitty island with shitty ice
Anonymous  07/06/22 Втр 20:11:16 100127
Nuuk or Nuke?
Anonymous  08/06/22 Срд 19:31:07 100144
Greenland is the last bastion that protects last isle of civilization on this world against the Russian Horde.
Anonymous  09/06/22 Чтв 01:27:15 100150
>implying anybody even cares about militaries scums
Anonymous  12/06/22 Вск 19:15:34 100209
Azov USB Stick Movies Anonymous  30/05/22 Пнд 17:14:28 99642 Ответ
VID202205301702[...].mp4 9942Кб, 640x640, 00:01:52
Let's discuss Azov snuff movies from USB stick found in Mariupol. Is it fake or not ?
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Anonymous  08/06/22 Срд 20:38:15 100146
Look at this sorry excuse for a European; can't even wrote RUSSIA without censoring themselves. Truly progressive and free. What a fucking joke, re-evaluate your current life and position.
Anonymous  10/06/22 Птн 12:58:17 100178
Anonymous  10/06/22 Птн 15:54:00 100180
polish whore, all the shit that exists between Russia and Germany, only according to our agreement with the Germans, soon we will destroy your statehood again
Anonymous  12/06/22 Вск 10:07:48 100198
Anonymous  12/06/22 Вск 10:30:01 100199
Comme on, she's not polish, but butthurted cucklooshka as is.
A gaming company costs more than Russias yearly defence budget Anonymous  29/05/22 Вск 17:35:23 99576 Ответ
1653817536432[1].jpg 75Кб, 1080x414

You could not even win against Bill Gates, let alone Ukraine and the West
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Anonymous  03/06/22 Птн 16:47:57 99949
6e7ea6087ef0dd0[...].jpg 24Кб, 564x587
16119201180370.jpg 38Кб, 603x1024
Anonymous  03/06/22 Птн 16:55:11 99950
>does not know MSFT is Microsoft
>does not know MSFT is a gaming company
>believes TSLA is a car company
Just as well that your stock market is closed. You'd ruin yourself even more, vatnik gopnik
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 17:56:23 100045
So when's the black rock price plummeting scheduled?
Anonymous  07/06/22 Втр 18:08:44 100123
>>99576 (OP)

Yes, brother, I think the same.
Those Russians are going to be decimated as they do not understand that "diversity is the strength". Our caliph of Holy land of Swedistan needs to react stronger to their actions.
Now let's go to mosque and pray to our Prophet.
Anonymous  08/06/22 Срд 03:23:23 100133
kadyrov-goat.jpg 78Кб, 720x480
Please tell me who this is and how important he is in your pariah state don
my message to russian brothers, we, slavic people are the most intelligent, the most Anonymous  01/03/22 Втр 17:02:24 92673 Ответ
VID202203011433[...].mp4 33219Кб, 1280x720, 00:02:34
my message to russian brothers, we, slavic people are the most intelligent, the most beautiful and the strongest people in the whole world and the rest of nations can suck our dicks
but there is an issue with you fuckers, you agreed to be raped by criminals and bribery lovers from kreml, time to wake up fuckers and join the faggotry but prosperous western world, than to work for a 10 $ per day idiots, the whole life your brain was washed, the rich and intelligent tricked you, there is no other way that obey the law democracy, you are important, your life is very important and you means a lot, you can live as a normal human being without a fear, without a fear of criminals above you
greeks and romans invented the law 2000-3000 years ago for no reason
relieve yourself from the banditas
good luck
join the faggot west and recieve dignity
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Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 17:57:19 100046
> message from the workplace
I see.
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 18:13:56 100052
I meant in terms of like, national research within its own military sphere. I recall no one really knew what to expect in terms of the raid on Kiev. If it succeeded, it would have been a fast paced, brilliant operation (and it seemed rather hastily done compared to the southern part). But it has failed, and therefore has become something of a laughing stock over the course of months. I saw the walkie talkies russian soldiers normally use, and it's the same kind of tech you find on alliexpress for 50-70$ (whilst something of that sort normally should be worth 300$) a piece, and without propher transmission protection; anyone can pick up on the signal and listen to the commenced orders. I think it's the scale of corruption that's the main issue here, the lack of imagination and whoever had advised Pynya it was a good idea to begin with. I'm honestly condifent it was done on purpose to weaken russian's economy and geopolitical status to such a degree even China started backing up from few projects. India seems rather neutral, but will ultimately side with those who can offer it best deals all in all.

Yeah, I mean, it's a two-sided sword in this case. I had an account on pikabu and just asked about the impact of sanctions on everyday's people in russia and whether or not it's difficult to get by rn. Right from the start I was scored -100 and had my account permabanned for doing that lmao (I did not specify from where I was) so there's that; both sides just gravitate towards what they want to deem true and convenient. In a sense it sucks if you don't want to argue and just ask for honest opinion, but I guess we will need wait. And yeah, Wykop has had quite a flood of lahta in late February, so people went trigger happy with bans.
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 19:48:22 100067
We are told that the raid on Kyiv was to stretch the forces of Ukraine. Maybe they justify the failure, maybe it's part of the plan. I don't know about radios. I have seen a lot of information about how copters are used from aliexpress. I don't know if it's critical. Looks shameful, but perhaps more effective this way. And corruption is terrible both in war and in peacetime. I don't know why Russia and Ukraine can't understand this. Greed is possible.

>Right from the start I was scored -100 and had my account permabanned for doing that lmao
Your curiosity is commendable! Many people perceive such questions as a claim or ridicule for them and respond with aggression. Aggression breeds aggression and chaos results. They don't like pikabu very much here. It is believed that pikabu is a stronghold of attentionwhores. (2ch anonymous)
>And yeah, Wykop has had quite a flood of lahta in late February, so people went trigger happy with bans.
Interesting. Thanks for saying. Due to ignorance of such moments, there is a lack of understanding. I thought that the site blocked Russia in order to restrict you from sources of information. :D And there it is as it turns out.
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 22:49:41 100074
That makes sense - otherwise you would have the full brunt of Ukrainian forces face the south. IMO, they betted on both; tying in as many forces as possible and trying to quickly topple the Kiev's goverment in hopes of replacing Zelensky with a person of their own. It would have been a win-win for kremlin in that case. Right now it's only the Belarussian forces around the northern border that are still preventing few of the Ukrainian brigades form engaging. And agreed. Like I get it's everywhere (even here) but it seems during these past 8 years they have really done their homework and reformed several regulations to better repel the invading forces.

And thanks! I mean, granted some people aim only for trolling, but I know a few mild russians who have migrated here after 2014 and they don't really repeat RT's narrative and whatnot. They're open minded, admittedly ashamed of what Pynya's doing, but proud of the culture nonetheless. And I say that's entirely fine. And it's all good man. I think they will eventually lessen up the block when the war will cease (and let's hope it happens somewhere this summer) and I would be more than happy to see you here :).
Anonymous  05/06/22 Вск 00:00:53 100075
>It would have been a win-win for kremlin in that case.
Add to this the fact that all this time the Ukrainian forces are forced to remain in Odessa in anticipation of the amphibious assault.

> to better repel the invading forces.
This is true. As I understand it, the entire south is filled with concrete fortifications.It is only strange why the country, which is in such need of missile defense and air defense systems, first of all bought offensive bayraktars. How can one not ask the question that the Belarusian dictator did not lie, that an attack was being prepared? :D

>They're open minded, admittedly ashamed of what Pynya's doing
Oh, Pynya is a tragedy. Corruption, torture in prisons. And all this continues due to the fact that he is legitimized by actions in Ukraine. Western rhetoric allows him to maintain a status of Western hostility. He doesn't even have to lie that NATO wanted Georgia and Armenia. No need to lie about the massacres of Russians in Ukraine. And now, when everyone calls him a war criminal, what prevents him from throwing nuclear weapons at Ukraine? Looking at how some write "the whole world is with us", no one will remove him.They will also say that they did the right thing.

>I would be more than happy to see you here :).

In Poland? I'm too poor :D Although I have a Polish surname. In imperial times, the province where I was born was ruled by a Pole. And when the peasants received a surname, he gave them his own. In any case, thank you. You still came here. Now you are an agent of the Kremlin. :D
We meet at the square. Anonymous  30/05/22 Пнд 02:45:45 99624 Ответ
59409EB727781A3[...].mp4 4995Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:13
We meet at the square.
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Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 01:26:22 99986
Why do you keep on projecting so much with the use of masters? I can tell you're rimming Pynya every night, but my good dude, I don't live in your rashka. I'm not forced to sacrifice my dignity for anyone. RIP.
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 02:05:02 99990
>why do
Because polish pigs are slaves in the Europe. Cockholes are Russian slaves, polish dogs are english slaves.
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 04:52:04 99996
You're mean, that you're slaves of slaves? Maybe, you're right, piggy.
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 18:26:32 100057
image2022-06-04[...].png 207Кб, 815x597
image2022-06-04[...].png 157Кб, 800x458
Anonymous  06/06/22 Пнд 09:21:09 100090
3bd3a371b42c49c[...].jpg 19Кб, 468x264
Bow+to+the+saat[...].jpg 169Кб, 1200x675
Enough with the cartoons, kiddo, lets keep at the facts.
Russia has stopped gas supplies to Poland and blocked access from its side. I don&#39;t even want to write anything, I&#39;ll just laugh until the end of the day Anonymous  26/04/22 Втр 18:08:05 97886 Ответ
4a4f54361805a66[...].jpg 16Кб, 500x281
Russia has stopped gas supplies to Poland and blocked access from its side.

I don't even want to write anything, I'll just laugh until the end of the day
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Anonymous  19/05/22 Чтв 22:59:17 99104
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 18:13:19 100051
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 18:25:18 100055
123456980ria3.jpg 71Кб, 976x549
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 19:00:51 100063
firewoodpoland.png 290Кб, 405x465
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 21:36:42 100071
image.png 4Кб, 159x90
I support Russia Anonymous  07/03/22 Пнд 19:19:00 93764 Ответ
unknown-4.png 423Кб, 809x806

Not everyone in the west is brainwashed, I know russians don't want to hurt ukranians, and that there's a lot of nazism in Ukraine.
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Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 10:59:39 100013
16539706427610.jpg 46Кб, 1080x423
>a lot of nazism in Ukraine
What do you mean by a lot?
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 11:55:48 100016
Today I tried to chat with the Poles on the wykop website. I couldn't log into it with my IP address, and registration is not available for Russia. The question arises which country is more open to dialogue?

P.s. I am grateful that you visited 2ch.
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 18:03:24 100047
ukraine chistia[...].jpg 20Кб, 240x400
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 19:21:31 100066
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 19:59:31 100068
I have already been told that there was a raid on Vikop in early February, because of this Russia was blocked, but I like your answer better.
Can someone explain this comic? Anonymous  03/06/22 Птн 16:18:36 99942 Ответ
f48.png 613Кб, 680x491
Hello friends. I am trying to understand this comic. Why does the robot explode?
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Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 18:08:06 100049
Polosh cavalry [...].jpg 217Кб, 800x623
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 18:19:37 100054
>>99942 (OP)
it means do not rely to much on technology, because it haz their flaws and limitations, he simply could not compute such "random information" which seems like normal to us, while not for the computer.
computers wer invented by russian asimov
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 18:34:49 100059
Actually digital computers were invented by Zhegalkin (logic) and Losev (physics). As well their first application - FEA, by Hrennikov. Without it the middle ground between making a semiconductor transistor for a basic calculator and putting enough of them on a chip to produce graphics and text processing would take a couple of centuries.

Due to communism we haven't built it first. Reich was first with a mechanical computer.

And first PC was made by Alcatel.
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 18:38:27 100061
semi-mechanical to be exact

my own first idea of making basic computer based on Losev's invention was roughly the same
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 18:40:43 100062
>Reich was first with a mechanical computer.
they stole it from russians, german are thiefs.
Russlanddeutsche itt Anonymous  17/11/21 Срд 01:40:07 89415 Ответ
том.jpeg 79Кб, 546x500
I plan to return to my historical mütterland.
What could go wrong?
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Anonymous  03/06/22 Птн 11:39:41 99887
>only have lil bit
Soon krauts hasn't food and freedom at all, lmao.
Anonymous  03/06/22 Птн 17:03:03 99953
>better food

you mad
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 06:37:23 100003
Мааааааасковский нищеёб, ты? В моей стране лучшая и натуральнейшая еда в мире, если чё.
Lmao, polish mistake, what you're oinking?
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 06:54:11 100005
And why you weren't learned english, polish dog?
Anonymous  04/06/22 Суб 17:09:35 100040
Will Russia help Greece, if we start war with greasy smelly Turks and return Tsargrad back to Russia? Anonymous  15/05/22 Вск 13:25:07 98890 Ответ
aDg72wZ460s.jpg 25Кб, 460x460
Will Russia help Greece, if we start war with greasy smelly Turks and return Tsargrad back to Russia?
Anonymous  15/05/22 Вск 18:12:55 98900
Anonymous  16/05/22 Пнд 08:31:04 98921
>>98890 (OP)

greeks and turks are part of nato, so they are both enemies of russia
Anonymous  16/05/22 Пнд 10:58:37 98925
Anonymous  03/06/22 Птн 02:44:43 99800
First act on your declaration of HATO being a criminal organization.
Question 30/05/22 Пнд 19:19:54 99645 Ответ
krab.jpg 234Кб, 500x654
I've got a question.
When will Ukraine recapture Donetsk and Lugansk?
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Anonymous  31/05/22 Втр 09:09:40 99676
Anonymous  31/05/22 Втр 09:51:20 99678
Anonymous  31/05/22 Втр 13:02:45 99681
Anonymous  31/05/22 Втр 13:37:28 99684
>This image is proof that being under the rssian yoke is punishment
soviet not Russian
Anonymous  31/05/22 Втр 16:17:32 99685
>>99645 (OP)
No need to recapture it when Russia will beg for Ukraine to take over it.
Imagine the rebuilding fee.
Money transfer to and from russia Anonymous  30/05/22 Пнд 20:50:21 99651 Ответ
1648523744335.jpg 53Кб, 600x633
How does one send money to and from Russia nowadays?
theme name  30/05/22 Пнд 22:31:01 99661
Buy and sell Krokodil, it is Russian gold.
Anonymous  30/05/22 Пнд 23:23:19 99662
Hi. I am learning mathematics. I love topology and differential geometry. Ask me something. Anonymous  30/05/22 Пнд 20:59:05 99652 Ответ
2м.jpeg 560Кб, 1440x1920
I am learning mathematics.
I love topology and differential geometry.
Ask me something.
Anonymous  30/05/22 Пнд 21:03:15 99653
Anonymous  30/05/22 Пнд 21:05:30 99654
How do you plan to apply it?
Anonymous  30/05/22 Пнд 21:14:54 99655
btw topology is very important and very applicable in real life.
main direction - theoretical and mathematical physics, string theory (+ algebraic topology + algebraic geometry)
All the great achievements of physics since the 1970s are achievements of mathematics. since then, physics has finally become just a "source of problems" for mathematicians.

In short, right now topology is mainly concerned with mathematical physics.
Anonymous  30/05/22 Пнд 21:40:25 99658
btw most of academic mathmaticans are against this ???
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