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This board focuses on international friendship and cultural exchange.
Gib russian gf Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 02:35:40 40575 Ответ
8.12.jpg (271Кб, 1024x1280)
Gib russian gf
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Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 15:53:14 40593
tfw no eyes and brain also no fingers to answer a together guy who has tfw no poor drunk gf to bf to blowjob poor russian book and dostoevsky so fuck. WHO are you? NO WAY
No way, go read i've read thousand of books, no matter how many there are poor drunk bf with no fingers like yourself kisses
Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 01:17:34 40654
>>40575 (OP)
She's just gonna run you over with her car or "accidentally" stab you.
Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 07:42:47 40664
Yes 500 rubles. Come suck me bitch.
Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 08:31:52 40674
1401186287099.jpg (45Кб, 479x543)
1486002973945.jpg (45Кб, 646x1024)
1454102016022.jpg (393Кб, 556x1007)
Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 08:35:04 40675
world penis rating Anonymous  06/12/18 Чтв 18:36:46 40470 Ответ
junk-sizes-1.jpg.png (34Кб, 229x531)
junk-sizes-2.jpg.png (35Кб, 257x532)
junk-size-3.jpg.png (42Кб, 368x542)
junk-size-4.jpg.png (25Кб, 325x316)
world penis rating
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Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 06:11:27 40554
>>40470 (OP)
Why should I care for dicks? I'm not a gyropean faggot. Gib foreign pizda depth charts.
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 14:08:39 40559
>foreign pizda depth
2 deep 4 u
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 23:34:11 40617
>>40470 (OP)
Это в обычном состоянии член измеряют?
Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 01:12:13 40652
>>40470 (OP)
You eurofags are gonna get overrun by invaders anyway, your dicks are the last thing you should be worrying about.
Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 07:44:30 40665
Это не измеряют, все исключительно по опросам.
from space?))
Oops help Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 16:37:51 40631 Ответ
m2ulr.png (71Кб, 717x960)
Oops help
Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 16:43:25 40632
your joints are so fat whats the name of this condition
Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 17:10:43 40633
Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 05:03:47 40661
Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 03:47:39 40659 Ответ
15444699284860[[...].jpg (55Кб, 800x505)
Anonymous  # OP 11/12/18 Втр 03:55:29 40660
The fattened guard: in Voronezh, a plump cat appeared in the photo - a sausage consultant

A photograph of a cat sitting on the counter with sausage and cheese products, published on the web. In the field of view of the author of the picture the animal got in Voronezh in Otrozhka near the stop "Garages".

As it turned out, many locals know this cat well. The four-footed is often seen sitting in this place, where, apparently, it falls into a lot of things. This is proved by the excessive "fluffiness" of the beast, which commentators have dubbed the sausage consultant.

- If bold, it means exactly the expert. “He works day and night to bring out the best product,” wrote one resident of the city.

In general, the cat's name, no one knows. But everyone knows what he likes.
Good place to buy Russian brides please. Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 16:37:16 40597 Ответ
1513166030479.jpg (417Кб, 1505x1800)
Good place to buy Russian brides please.
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 16:41:39 40598
>>40597 (OP)
good place to place thread about places to buy new places we need more places and more cash to get more cash in right places to place them in brides so outplace russians who have nothing but tons of empty places please no thank you no please! no thank you! no please i have a place do you? no i havent but i have cash which means fuck OP go fuck urself u putrid scum
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 18:00:23 40603
Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 01:13:59 40653
yes Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 20:33:22 40607 Ответ
Friends-in-Adop[...].jpg (104Кб, 1024x724)
Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 01:08:42 40621
Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 04:12:27 40623
>>40607 (OP)
Uuun ich hob lib zu tanzen sich dreien in a-rod
To lomir alle tanzen, a-dreidel-karahod hey
Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 09:22:32 40625
Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 09:59:20 40626
Go fottere yourself, spagetti scum
Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 19:16:09 40639
dreidel dreidel dreidel, te te re te te
good Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 02:15:51 40622 Ответ
DuAhELtXgAEqX1N.jpg (55Кб, 679x510)
Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 17:14:19 40634
Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 18:41:25 40638
the rating has gone too far Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 16:10:45 40628 Ответ
rating is overr[...].png (12Кб, 309x292)
the rating has gone too far
Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 16:28:50 40630
IMG201812031758[...].jpg (31Кб, 450x450)
Me rate
Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 17:17:28 40635
you sit in front of a monitor for 30,000 hours and then you die
Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 17:43:40 40637
lol that is only 3 something years. i have been in front of a monitor a whole lot longer
Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, Anonymous  10/12/18 Пнд 17:35:37 40636 Ответ
1500959660982.jpg (20Кб, 285x330)
Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.
me rate Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 23:29:15 40616 Ответ
DuAArQIXQAEGjR8.jpg (72Кб, 640x676)
me rate
me Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 21:52:07 40612 Ответ
Dts5jsX4AAewzj.jpg (44Кб, 547x447)
me on the left Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 16:55:29 40561 Ответ
55794.jpg (406Кб, 954x716)
me on the left
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 20:29:56 40605
me rate Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 17:45:33 40601 Ответ
167793.jpg (498Кб, 2448x2448)
me rate
Russian classic writers Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 16:20:29 40596 Ответ
big1455875692im[...].jpg (15Кб, 356x176)
This focuses on international friendship and cultural exchange
Cmon exchange something buttwipes i have many wise thoughts & hordes of you assholes to mushroom out faggots because anyway you have nothing but nothing just send me money im poor nikchemushka and i have nihooya but some dead snakes in my snakeroom
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 17:25:34 40600
let me unleash my poo
I need the source of it I know the song name is Мало тебя but i can't find exactly this version help me please :3 Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 23:17:43 40571 Ответ
sos1.webm (9960Кб, 730x486, 00:02:36)
I need the source of it
I know the song name is Мало тебя but i can't find exactly this version
help me please :3
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Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 13:12:32 40586
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 14:05:50 40587
thx butt i prefer money and vodka send some im poor and thirsty
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 15:13:11 40589
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 15:42:21 40591
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 15:54:50 40594
i deceive you every second of your every life im an old snake old boa so like a wise Kaa im very old and deceiful so go back to your church cause no snakes allowed since Eden
me powerpoint rate Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 06:12:53 40578 Ответ
CC9z.webm (962Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:09)
me powerpoint rate
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 11:27:47 40585
>>40578 (OP)
Congrats bro i like that kind of humor, because its about sex, you know, dude, so they are scoring, yeah, cool. And even more fun is about this old geezer hes so furious and even more lol he doesnt know what to do! Oh shi shi shi penis oh shi shi shi must act quickly aww thats so funny btw i just jacked off cause its very sexy powerpoint haha and very funny so lol so lol even rofl fuck lmao dude
Elections Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 17:31:46 40563 Ответ
1FDE2FCE-F13A-4[...].jpg (107Кб, 1071x1062)
Do you believe in people's elections ( plebiscite) of anyone : Parliament,Senate, Supreme court ,President ? After all, it is impossible in any way to check the percentage and the democratic procedure itself in principle. Russia is often scolded in falsification of election results ,not in real ,inflated percentages of voting for Putin. Why do you believe your government? Than it deserves trust? If you still believe your choice of law and its implementation, then put + in the comments.
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Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 21:46:43 40568
>Russia is a country of the Spartan type, and the USA is a country of the Athenian type of democracy.
lol their is no democracy in those countries. its all a show.
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 22:02:39 40569
Let it all show, but show showing democracy. Of course, lobbyists are everywhere, their interests and conglomerates are everywhere . But among each other they observe politeness and semblance of democracy. We should not forget that there is a written right,and there is an unwritten one . And now, according to unwritten rules, they are quite democratic with each other. It is we, the plebeians for them and our rights with their rights diminished.
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 22:07:23 40570
I do not know how in Germany, but in Russia the vote is semi-secret. To get the bill, you need to come with a passport and your data is rewritten . And then you vote out the right candidate. I think that it is important for politicians to statistics and to know in what region how active politically people are.
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 11:00:05 40583
I do not know i know nothing, i semi-know some nobles and thats it! Semi-poor russian secrets, so, in my opinion, as we russian people like to say, to kill the Bill you need to come, so you come thats right to difficult, lol, i mean hard, yeah oh me old dumbass please send money. So, im sorry to temporal disillusions of my alterations, so your data is rewritten, got it? You come and data write! Thats it! And then you — its You — vote, me write. Vote out the right candibate, yeah cool! That simple!
AAAAND its time for the oficeal spich:
I think that it is very importand for politicans to statisctics and know that in what religion that is we know in how is active peoples. Understood? I have very guud langvage
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 11:08:28 40584
Let it led, it to eat, you tiny letlet! Show showing some show, thats quite a show id say, ho-ho! Everywhere is a show of course, and they are everywhere, everyone is everywhere! Every time, every, so their interests are persisting me, cannot sleep, its all a show, i need to eat some letlets. But there is one point, there is always but, you cannot live without but, its our oxygen. But and vodka. But among each other they observe, staying silent and macabre. Thats it, got it, Germie? Ho-ho! Do not forget though to write something before you were righted just inside, o the great UNWRITTEN ONE. Ho-ho! So there are some secret rules the world obey, they are very polite never say a bad word always please and thank you please give me cup of tea, mister, very demoncratic — now you see! The veil is gone! Such a terrible world, ho-ho! Please forgive me im diminished plebian im so sorry please give money
france atm Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 02:58:22 40576 Ответ
CCa2.webm (4932Кб, 202x358, 00:01:08)
NGbT.webm (2451Кб, 360x640, 00:00:25)
france atm
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 03:05:11 40577
CCa2(1).mp4 (6597Кб, 358x202, 00:01:08)
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 10:50:38 40580
>>40576 (OP)
hello u foreign schlemazl im russian man i like vodka and gore and i like to nail in my own butt, cause we have here a lot of prisons therefore our mind is prison-like and we like fuck each other right in hairy bungholes just that. so as i said im russian thus i adore pootin hes great leader also a great man, hes a god on earth, hes so beautiful and shining. as i said therefore so im russian prison bear i cannot bear it anymore i need more prisons and FSB executions cause thats right thing to do therefore as said i im very said vodka please send me kopeechka we call money kopeechka cause its official money in prisons despite vodka and snow. i like snow so much it will christmas soon so i gonna therefore buy bears and vodka and i apologize moscow is the capital of prison therefore nethertheless hence as i said i gonna say some sorry there is nothing to hence bare give me kopeechka for vodka please shit
Opression lel Anonymous  07/12/18 Птн 22:15:14 40542 Ответ
trans vs muslims.jpg (62Кб, 597x580)
Opression lel
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 01:00:02 40574
I found some ra[...].mp4 (3573Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:16)
me rate Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 04:55:25 40552 Ответ
lgbt-rights-199[...].png (82Кб, 500x523)
me rate
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 05:56:43 40553
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 16:43:09 40560
me on left
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 23:23:00 40572
Force me to kiss a tranny.
My parents are legit abusive. I see normies "i love my parents my parnets are Anonymous  07/12/18 Птн 18:15:21 40530 Ответ
foto1.jpeg (76Кб, 1000x616)
My parents are legit abusive. I see normies "i love my parents my parnets are best oh look this dear loving thing so wholesome" and I try to rationalise somehow but it cant be rationalised, they are straightup abusive and its a fact. Still, they own apartment in which I live and give me all money I have. How do I provide for myself when there are no NEETbux here ?
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 04:31:22 40550
i feel this
but not that they are abusive, just too loud and easily disturbed for my psychological constitution
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 04:33:06 40551
1538909303185.png (25Кб, 713x611)
my mother was abusive then i beated her, now i am abusive
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 09:25:32 40557
>>40530 (OP)
I feel ya, mane. Moving out felt like a fucking heaven when i started earning some money freelancing. Couldn't sustain it for too long but living alone gave me enough balls to stand up for myself so now i'm treated slightly better. Hopefully I'll move out again soon.
It's tough, but there is a way. Just don't give up.

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