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<< Anonymous  04/01/20 Суб 23:17:57 63906 Ответ
ㅠ뮴ㄴㅇ.jpg (65Кб, 795x470)
Official reddit karma whoring thread right here Anonymous  04/01/20 Суб 22:55:58 63905 Ответ
image.png (11Кб, 239x288)
Official reddit karma whoring thread right here
first queeer-raper in russia rate Anonymous  26/12/19 Чтв 22:02:39 63710 Ответ
maxresdefault[1].jpg (161Кб, 1280x720)
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Anonymous  01/01/20 Срд 12:56:36 63853
Anonymous  02/01/20 Чтв 04:26:48 63859
Anonymous  02/01/20 Чтв 20:03:30 63864
Anonymous  04/01/20 Суб 07:06:12 63885
אייל גולן.jpg (79Кб, 640x640)
Anonymous  04/01/20 Суб 22:30:36 63898
hes to lightskinned i like only black jews.
>why yes, I hate Ukraine, how did you know ? Anonymous  02/01/20 Чтв 18:09:39 63862 Ответ
1560864718778.jpg (279Кб, 1473x1061)
>why yes, I hate Ukraine, how did you know ?
Anonymous  02/01/20 Чтв 22:12:00 63865
at least they fight rather that surrender immediately like you frenchies do
Anonymous  03/01/20 Птн 00:48:29 63868
1572227707930.jpg (150Кб, 491x625)
>at least they fight rather that surrender immediately like you frenchies do
AGDG Embassy Season One Anonymous  02/11/19 Суб 12:45:49 62303 Ответ
1570059894690.webm (1841Кб, 640x360, 00:00:41)
Anonymous  04/11/19 Пнд 23:55:13 62469

very good
СДОХНИ 16/11/19 Суб 19:19:07 62718
>>62303 (OP)
Ебанат, ты все засрал своими выблядками.
Anonymous  02/01/20 Чтв 00:04:12 63856
1577886060781.webm (4430Кб, 768x432, 00:00:46)
Second season...
What is it lke to be gay in Russia? Anonymous  30/12/19 Пнд 02:34:08 63821 Ответ
1577658802333.gif (2863Кб, 498x468)
What is it lke to be gay in Russia?
Anonymous  30/12/19 Пнд 02:55:28 63822
Anonymous  30/12/19 Пнд 16:46:05 63824
>>63821 (OP)
you have to work as a slave on galleys or to chisel kremlin trolls who work bad whether you find them attractive or not
Anonymous  30/12/19 Пнд 17:48:36 63825
cat prengnant.png (627Кб, 604x604)
>>63821 (OP)
original "gay" means "carefree" in russian it is called похуизм(not giving a fuck) its one of the aspect to be russian, not to care about anything and let it go...

if you mean you like same sex as you, its also good. russia have christian values such us brotherly love and love others like you love yourself.

if you mean like put your peepee in mens recktum or sodomy its forbidden, its also forbidden to fuck someone elses wife if you are hetero, so their is no discrimination against "gays"
Anonymous  01/01/20 Срд 01:11:15 63848
Anonymous  01/01/20 Срд 04:48:55 63849
Like sitting on a bottle 24/7
estonia girls Anonymous  31/12/19 Втр 13:53:45 63840 Ответ
estonia girls.png (1618Кб, 1066x1158)
choose your bf from Anonymous  30/12/19 Пнд 20:23:59 63831 Ответ
15777219874840[[...].jpg (1092Кб, 2560x1600)
choose your bf from
Anonymous  30/12/19 Пнд 23:23:06 63833
Вы конченые? Вы нахуя сами с собой через прокси общаетесь? Чего вам на политаче не сидиться? Откуда иностранцам знать о дваче в принципе? Anonymous  29/12/19 Вск 21:49:52 63809 Ответ
Без названия (1).jpg (13Кб, 259x194)
Вы конченые? Вы нахуя сами с собой через прокси общаетесь? Чего вам на политаче не сидиться? Откуда иностранцам знать о дваче в принципе?
Anonymous  29/12/19 Вск 22:05:27 63811
>>63809 (OP)
Я за тобой слежу. Ты лесбиянка любящая Латынину.
Anonymous  29/12/19 Вск 22:14:41 63813
>>63809 (OP)
я тоже слежу за лесбиянку
Anonymous  30/12/19 Пнд 01:53:58 63819
вроде тебя… А ты еще не доказал самому себе и всем остальным, что являешься полноценным мужчиной – тогда сошлемся на стол!
Anonymous  30/12/19 Пнд 17:57:46 63828
Russian (((billionaires))) Anonymous  29/12/19 Вск 01:37:08 63792 Ответ
image.png (795Кб, 867x2969)
Help me classify these billionaires.

Am I correct? For example Lisin, I couldn't find anywhere he's a Jew. But he looks so Jewish.
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Пропущено 1 постов, 4 с картинками.
Anonymous  29/12/19 Вск 01:38:07 63794
Leonid Mikhelson Jewish
Vladimir Lisin Jewish
Vagit Alekperov Arab

Alexey Mordashov Russian
Gennady Timchenko Russian

Vladimir Potanin Russian
Mikhail Fridman Jewish

Andrey Melnichenko Russian
Alisher Usmanov Russian
Roman Abramovich Jewish

Viktor Vekselberg Jewish

German Khan Jewish

Mikhail Prokhorov Jewish
Viktor Rashnikov Jewish
Alexei Kuzmichev Russian
Iskander Makhmudov Arab
Leonid Fedun Russian
Dmitry Rybolovlev Jewish

Oleg Deripaska Russian
Suleyman Kerimov Russian
Alexander Abramov Jewish

Pyotr Aven Jewish
Andrei Skoch Jewish
Mikhail Gutseriyev Russian
Andrei Kozitsyn Russian
Andrey Guryev Russian
Sergei Popov Russian
Sergey Galitsky Russian
Viatcheslav Kantor Jewish
Samvel Karapetyan Russian

Yuri Milner Jewish

Dmitry Kamenshchik Russian
Igor Altushkin (ru) Russian
Alexander Ponomarenko (ru) Russian

Aleksandr Skorobogatko Russian
Zarakh Iliev Arab

God Nisanov Jewish

Alexander Svetakov Russian
Arkady Rotenberg Jewish
Igor Kesaev Russian
Alexander Mamut Jewish
Vladimir Romanovsky III Russian
Aleksandr Frolov Russian
Oleg Tinkov Russian

Nikolai Buinov Russian
Igor Makarov Arab
Alexey Repik (ru) Russian
Andrei Bokarev (ru) Russian
Vadim Moshkovich Jewish
Vladimir Yevtushenkov Jewish
Alexander Nesis Russian

Megdet Rahimkulov Russian

Aras Agalarov Arab

Vladimir Bogdanov Jewish
Roman Avdeev Russian
Pavel Durov Russian

Sergei Gordeev Russian
Konstantin Strukov (ru) Russian
Roman Trotsenko (ru) Russian
Alexander Dzhaparidze Russian
Dmitry Pumpyansky Jewish
Oleg Boyko Russian
Alexander Klyachin Jewish
Yuri Shefler Jewish
Arkady Volozh Arab

Farkhad Akhmedov Arab

Vasily Anisimov Jewish
Eugene Kaspersky Russian
Viktor Kharitonin Russian
Pyotr Kondrashev Russian
Yuri Kovalchuk Russian
Anatoly Lomakin Russian
Kirill Shamalov Jewish
Gavril Yushvaev Jewish
Leonid Boguslavsky Russian

Andrei Kosogov Russian
Yelena Baturina Russian
Gleb Fetisov Russian
Sergei Kolesnikov [ru] Russian
Ziyavudin Magomedov Arab

Andrei Molchanov Russian
Boris Rotenberg Jewish

Igor Rybakov Russian
Airat Shaimiev Arab
Radik Shaimiev Arab
Mikhail Shelkov Russian
Leonid Simanovsky Jewish
Vadim Yakunin Russian
Andrei Filatov Russian
Vladimir Kogan (ru) Russian
Nikita Mishin Russian

Konstantin Nikolaev Russian
Andrei Rappoport Jewish
Igor Rotenberg Jewish
Albert Shigaboutdinov Arab
Rustem Sulteev Arab
Eduard Chukhlebov Russian
Filaret Galchev Arab

Yuri Gushchin Russian
Igor Kudryashkin Russian
Lev Kvetnoi Jewish
Sergey Petrov Russian
Anonymous  29/12/19 Вск 01:39:50 63795
image.png (81Кб, 926x750)
Anonymous  29/12/19 Вск 16:24:10 63805
23-Vagit-Alekpe[...].jpg (339Кб, 800x550)
mikhelson.jpg (273Кб, 780x520)
>>63792 (OP)
this people are just "pockets" top is putin with 200 billion$ in cash and 400 billion$ in assets.

lol "arab", hes typical pidorashka also "jewish" haha they are all russians by blood.
Anonymous  30/12/19 Пнд 02:00:07 63820
Blood is overly true relationship between the ruha wished to side as part of an integration to the people who are russians.
Anonymous  30/12/19 Пнд 17:54:58 63827
mat-rodina-volg[...].jpg (50Кб, 636x900)
russism, goes by blood, if your mum russian you are russian, father doesnt matter anymore.

russia is matriarchat, which means mother is the boss(not women, only mother), men are sexslaves and workers and killers.
Russian Terminator Anonymous  29/12/19 Вск 22:39:09 63814 Ответ
uran9.jpg (482Кб, 2400x1600)
Anonymous  29/12/19 Вск 22:02:17 63810 Ответ
15776283190800[[...].jpg (54Кб, 663x824)
Anonymous  29/12/19 Вск 22:10:33 63812
elon musk.png (224Кб, 800x392)
I hate Ukrainians. Really. Anonymous  14/11/19 Чтв 00:28:06 62670 Ответ
BC5BB4BD-74E8-4[...].jpeg (33Кб, 540x360)
I hate Ukrainians. Really.
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Пропущено 23 постов, 5 с картинками.
Anonymous  28/12/19 Суб 21:25:07 63777
Anonymous  28/12/19 Суб 21:54:59 63779
>Where russians are their is russia )))
You're liying. You're fucking refugee and you clean german toilets and you haven't sex because german women don't give their pussy to fucking refugees.
Anonymous  28/12/19 Суб 23:30:33 63787
iam russian businessmen i dont care about germany or refugees xD
Anonymous  29/12/19 Вск 16:16:27 63804
Every russian in Germany is refugee.
Anonymous  29/12/19 Вск 16:31:05 63806
if you think like that then every human is refugee xD
why was muscovite so autocratic compared to other rus' states ? Anonymous  24/12/19 Втр 06:15:35 63618 Ответ
1576835088722.png (92Кб, 340x400)
why was muscovite so autocratic compared to other rus' states ?
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Пропущено 25 постов, 4 с картинками.
Anonymous  27/12/19 Птн 19:37:52 63732
Who talked about freedom ? I just said that Mongolians were not as brutal as you said and that Muscovy never copied their government style
Anonymous  27/12/19 Птн 20:39:02 63737
Yes, Hitler was a strong guy too and coul do what ever he wants and You can't. Do You want to kneeling in front of him?
Anonymous  28/12/19 Суб 23:45:49 63790
>Hitler was a strong guy too
he wasnt, he got bullied by us russians and commit suicide. hes weak.
Anonymous  29/12/19 Вск 12:08:40 63798
It was a good decision not to let your enemies abuse you as they did with Benito. It is know that russians are homosexual barbarians and rape men forcing them to sit down on a bottle.
Anonymous  29/12/19 Вск 15:35:23 63801
yes around 15000 german male got raped by soviets reported. but most rapes made by central asians, siberians and native russian tribes.
>them to sit down on a bottle.
it was donne by smersh nkvd guis they usually put bottle up someone recktum so he gives information "they think is of value"
in russia its not a shame to get tortured and die for your country. its a noble act. so benito died as martyr like jesus christ. its allowed to sacrifice yourself if your intent is to hurt your enemies during battle but killing yourself to avoid torture and death by enemies is not allowed.
why int does so fucking sucks today? Anonymous  17/12/19 Втр 19:24:40 63435 Ответ
101019-greta-th[...].jpg (281Кб, 937x528)
why int does so fucking sucks today?
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Anonymous  20/12/19 Птн 10:51:53 63525
Anonymous  20/12/19 Птн 11:47:39 63526
image.png (187Кб, 500x489)
Anonymous  21/12/19 Суб 14:27:37 63544
Anonymous  24/12/19 Втр 13:07:06 63627
Anonymous  29/12/19 Вск 15:28:02 63800
fuckin sucky almost erryday
me rate Anonymous  26/12/19 Чтв 19:56:54 63707 Ответ
15773766261170[[...].jpg (620Кб, 1234x1076)
me rate
Anonymous  28/12/19 Суб 23:48:08 63791
A Question for you Russians or everybody else. Anonymous  07/12/19 Суб 03:46:39 63168 Ответ
My sheep hear m[...].jpg (416Кб, 1024x784)
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Пропущено 27 постов, 11 с картинками.
Anonymous  28/12/19 Суб 14:59:32 63764
apartamento1.jpg (208Кб, 1024x768)
apartamento2.jpg (148Кб, 576x768)
apartamento3.jpg (109Кб, 576x768)
apartamento4.jpg (189Кб, 1024x768)
i have 3 flats 1 house and beaty salon, it takes to long to uploead the pictures

but i can show you flat in cuba libre
Anonymous  28/12/19 Суб 17:00:32 63767
Ahahah, what's a poor pidorushka! It's less than Putin's house. Go to Putin and suck his dick.
Anonymous  28/12/19 Суб 18:31:30 63771
wtf why should i have bigger house then putin ? hes fucking president and deserve big house and palast. i dont do that kind of job. i earn only 290000 rubles a month.
Anonymous  28/12/19 Суб 21:58:24 63780
Why I should look to his house? You're fucking loser and you want to lick his boots. Your salary is your wet dream.
Anonymous  28/12/19 Суб 23:27:42 63786
>Why I should look to his house?
because you are jelouse of his success and his richess, you sound like butthurt commie^^
>You're fucking loser and you want to lick his boots.
hes not military guy, iam not a fan of him, but i like him because you dont like him ;)
>Your salary is your wet dream.
thats my real salary
Бог Израиля и идолы Anonymous  28/12/19 Суб 14:33:47 63763 Ответ
ёлка.jpg (1027Кб, 1699x1700)
10 Слушай, дом Израиля, что говорит тебе Господь.

2 Так говорит Господь:

– Не учитесь путям других народов,
не бойтесь небесных знамений,
которых другие народы боятся.
3 Обычаи народов ничтожны.
Срубают в лесу дерево,
ремесленник обрабатывает его резцом,
4 украшает серебром и золотом,
крепит его молотком и гвоздями,
чтобы он не качался.
5 Эти идолы, как пугала на бахче, –
не могут говорить;
их нужно носить –
они не умеют ходить.
Не бойтесь их,
ведь они не в силах причинить вам зла,
но и добра сделать не могут.

6 – Нет подобного Тебе, о Господь,
Ты велик, и Твое имя могущественно.
7 Кто не чтит Тебя, Царь народов?
Ведь Ты заслуживаешь этого.
Между всеми мудрецами народов
и во всех их царствах
нет подобного Тебе.

8 Эти народы безрассудны и глупы:
они учатся у бестолковой деревяшки![a]
9 Серебро чеканное привозится из Таршиша,
а золото – из Уфаза.
Поделки ремесленника и плавильщика
облачат затем в голубое и пурпурное одеяние;
все эти истуканы – изделия мастеров.
10 Но Господь – это истинный Бог;
Он – Бог живой и Царь вечный.
Когда Он разгневан, дрожит земля,
и народы не в силах вынести Его ярость.
Anonymous  28/12/19 Суб 22:05:10 63782
15712457287930.jpg (88Кб, 640x800)
Срал я на твоего господа, пидор.
I hate Ukrainians. Really. Anonymous  28/12/19 Суб 19:33:09 63774 Ответ
mhhhhh.jpg (108Кб, 580x580)
I hate Ukrainians. Really.
Anonymous  28/12/19 Суб 22:01:55 63781
15706125891310.jpg (141Кб, 840x542)
I hate You. Suck my dick. Why is kazakhstan suspicious by the chinese goverment ? Anonymous  28/12/19 Суб 20:26:44 63775 Ответ
kazakh.JPG (27Кб, 572x120)
What went wrong ??? Anonymous  26/12/19 Чтв 21:33:50 63708 Ответ
3778898518[1].jpg (326Кб, 1496x2115)
greta-thunberg-[...].jpg (23Кб, 643x482)
1. european in 3700 b.c.
2. european now
Anonymous  27/12/19 Птн 01:38:40 63717
>>63708 (OP)
image one is this way due to some rigged science
Anonymous  27/12/19 Птн 05:57:09 63723
2002-0706-Seren[...].jpg (176Кб, 1455x1000)
Anonymous  27/12/19 Птн 08:29:21 63725
3a1[1].jpg (61Кб, 604x402)
Anonymous  28/12/19 Суб 12:23:47 63759
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