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I think if I moved away I would change. I dont want to leave Croatia tho. AAAAAaahh Whx cortaia cant have 10000 billion people Anonymous  12/02/19 Втр 18:06:25 52048 Ответ
IMG03901.jpg (556Кб, 1755x1085)
I think if I moved away I would change. I dont want to leave Croatia tho. AAAAAaahh Whx cortaia cant have 10000 billion people
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Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 13:19:41 52102
400px-Novosibir[...].jpg (32Кб, 400x263)
you only need money to move
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 20:06:40 52122
16/02/19 Суб 08:31:10 52284
Well no shit. Nobody would want to live there maybe visit as tourist in your beaches. YOU MADE THIS SHIT AND DESERVE IT.
16/02/19 Суб 08:31:58 52285
Its sad that youre part of NATO so we cant kill all of slavs.
Anonymous  23/02/19 Суб 14:36:40 52625
I know. This year I will have enough I hope.
Ukrainian Hospitality Anonymous  18/01/19 Птн 11:51:44 47620 Ответ
Screen Shot 201[...].png (688Кб, 1834x464)
Be careful when visiting Eastern European countries, like Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, especially paying lodging up forward. Eastern Europe has batshit insane rules, like evicting customers if they say leave a hair in a shower, without returning the money you paid them. And if you complain about your eviction, they wont call police, but instead a few gangsters will arrive, they will beat you into bloody meat under screams of your girlfriend, whom they will punch in the face (so she will shut-up), and throw out into the night streets your half dead corpse. At the same time, eastern european hostels have bedbugs that jump onto your face and suck blood, triggering heavy allergic reaction, in some cases leading to death (if there are many bedbugs or if a victim is a small child)

I'm myself have witnessed such evictions several times, as well as hordes of bedbugs and cockroaches (which are still nicer than bedbugs).

--your friend Nikita
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Thing no to do in Ukraine Anonymous  18/01/19 Птн 14:55:10 47632
Some people have this habit to shoplift minor things, like candies. Well, don't do this in Kyiv. Just don't. They wont call police. You wont get fined. Then wont even search your bag to make sure you really stuffed stolen goods there.

I have personally witnessed the fate of one shoplifter. Ukrainians caught him when he was already out of the grocery, and decided to give him a lesson. Believe me he called police for help, while they gang-beaten him. And there was a police station over the road. There was even a lazy policeman watching the beating, yet without any interruption. That incident happened between Dimeevska and Goloseevska.

So yeah, don't shoplift in Ukraine. They don't understand jokes, they wont tell you to pay for stolen stuff. They just give you a free lesson. Also, keep any proofs of purchase until you are far from shop. I had incidents where they stopped me 100 meters from grocery to make sure I have proper cashier desk check, if you call bullshit on them during such moment, they will begin beating. So don't get into dispute with Ukrainians. Don't threat to call police. Ukrainians are not civilized people.
Anonymous  18/01/19 Птн 21:17:48 47647
yeah i was in russia and its opposite, shoplifting isnt persecuted, and even the guards dont do things in supermarket. you can simply steal stuff and nobody would do shit because the lawsuit costs more money then few candies. they let you go.

russia is more civilzed then germany in many aspects
>ukranian plates on car
>filename: russian market
thanks that you admit ukraine is russia
Anonymous  25/01/19 Птн 00:35:10 48626
1537382131240.jpg (279Кб, 1109x1035)
Anonymous  25/01/19 Птн 10:00:34 48638
Good think that Russia is no some eastern european shithole.

regards eurasia frogs
Anonymous  25/01/19 Птн 10:25:26 48639
сәлем, котақбастар![spoile Anonymous  04/12/18 Втр 15:35:59 40416 Ответ
14280603387158.jpg (100Кб, 800x500)
сәлем, котақбастар![spoile
Anonymous  04/12/18 Втр 17:29:33 40423
Anonymous  04/12/18 Втр 17:31:32 40424
Fuck Putin Anonymous  03/01/19 Чтв 10:28:32 41862 Ответ
1c88bf81968ad28[...].jpg (27Кб, 445x546)
Fuck Putin
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Anonymous  23/02/19 Суб 20:21:16 52636
24/02/19 Вск 11:20:09 52654
8C343B06-E3C0-4[...].jpeg (142Кб, 740x422)
i damn laugh at how the germans and people of other nationalities naively believe that we support putin. yes, we dont live in the whole country, but we aren’t blind. we perfectly see what this beast is doing. and you know what? russia is really moving towards the abyss. putin believes that poverty in russia will sooner or later lead to socialism. the question is that people are now lazy, and socialism in russia will never come in principle - everything that can be stolen is already stolen - and nothing can be done in russia.
Anonymous  24/02/19 Вск 11:36:16 52657
You're wrong at so many terms it isn't even funny.
I bet you are shizo.
Anonymous  25/02/19 Пнд 00:06:15 52684
image.jpeg (176Кб, 500x753)
>>41862 (OP)
That shit again. Y do u depict Putin as homosexual? You obviously do this to insult Putin or any Putin sympathizer. Like, look, Putin in drag, he's so gay lol so lame — do you imply gays are lame or bad like Putin? U fagballs color your facebook avatars fag rainbow to commemorate homos killed in that gay club shootout, and then color the worst enemy of homosexuals the same to do what exactly? To insult him? It's as if the Soviets started painting Hitler a commie in their war propaganda. Ha ha look at this Hitler prole, fighting for rights of workers and peasants like a commie bitch he is, lol so stupid! Wouldn't that be dumb as fuck?

Really sometimes I thinks you gay bunch have brains in your buttholes and youre too concussed from all the assfuckery you engage in to think straight (no pun intended) for a second. No concept of symbolism, no common sense, no nothing. No wonder you're such a pathetic bunch of assclowns.
Anonymous  25/02/19 Пнд 00:10:33 52685
> hes a clever guy and knows how to manipulate women. thats why he said 55 pension for women with work 65(just die motherfuckers!)
Thats typical of the Russian govt, invent some crazy ass draconian antihuman law and then make a bunch of exceptions for Putin voters. 40 died from a gas explosion. the cat is saved. Anonymous  03/01/19 Чтв 13:13:50 41865 Ответ
large[1] (487Кб, 1680x1260)
Anonymous  03/01/19 Чтв 13:44:49 41866
Why you create another thread about Magnitogorsk? It was created. Are you reading this board by asshole? Get to fuck out, fucking dicksucker.
Anonymous  03/01/19 Чтв 13:46:53 41867
так я про кота тред создал, спидорах не жалко.
Anonymous  03/01/19 Чтв 13:59:14 41875
Там уже был создан тред, нахуй создавать ещё?
Anonymous  # OP 03/01/19 Чтв 14:01:35 41876
Anonymous  03/01/19 Чтв 14:08:20 41877
1546513686145.png (2227Кб, 1680x1260)
> the cat is saved
and a parrot!
Anyone here? Anonymous  25/02/19 Пнд 21:07:24 52707 Ответ
1543610578533.png (283Кб, 1323x1116)
Anyone here?
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Anonymous  26/02/19 Втр 06:12:39 52728
Anonymous  26/02/19 Втр 06:13:08 52729
Murca, how about the burger?))
Anonymous  26/02/19 Втр 11:00:51 52739
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 03:10:23 52771
DP1DRocUMAAFYF.jpg (67Кб, 618x554)
Anonymous  27/02/19 Срд 06:51:28 52773
Murca haveing murcan burger in Murca)))) Nice) me rate Anonymous  22/01/19 Втр 22:37:43 48436 Ответ
8792504-0-image[...].jpg (44Кб, 636x382)
Anonymous  24/02/19 Вск 01:58:13 52650
Anonymous  24/02/19 Вск 23:22:08 52681
лукашка хочит халаву и заадно суверенитет Anonymous  25/12/18 Втр 00:47:35 41297 Ответ
15436068845291.jpg (271Кб, 640x480)
Anonymous  25/12/18 Втр 12:11:20 41306
>>41297 (OP)
У него ничего в Беларуссии ничего почти нет своего.
Только армия и спецслужбы ,которым он платит зарплату.
А деньги берет из России на их содержание.
Бизнес весь давно россияне скупил, кроме нескольких военных заводов и нефтеперерабатывающих.
Все сельское хозяйство зависит от России. Никому оно больше не нужно.

В прошлом году ему 4 миллиарда долларов дали.

Anonymous  25/12/18 Втр 12:44:58 41307
greetings from the uk (: Anonymous  04/02/19 Пнд 23:52:39 50144 Ответ
image0-5.jpg (52Кб, 456x456)
greetings from the uk (:
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Anonymous  05/02/19 Втр 02:36:03 50158
image0-5.jpg (52Кб, 456x456)
west midlands! i dont have much to talk abt so take another Plab fish lol
Anonymous  06/02/19 Срд 16:31:31 50192
>>50144 (OP)
Engeland is nice countrey if not those fucking brits.
Anonymous  07/02/19 Чтв 16:09:00 50208
07/02/19 Чтв 17:39:39 50209
greetings from germany
07/02/19 Чтв 17:55:00 50210
england epic for the win if no damn brits too
>You are going to watch a movie after dinner with your mother and relatives at Anonymous  08/02/19 Птн 02:40:22 50217 Ответ
15451258014110.jpg (62Кб, 590x590)
>You are going to watch a movie after dinner with your mother and relatives at home
>After some time on the screen begins bed scene
>The mother begins to fuss and closing your eyes screaming "Slavic do not look!"
>You are 28 and you are still a virgin
Anonymous  # OP 08/02/19 Птн 02:44:28 50218
...and then ricardo milos bursts into the living room and starts dancing
08/02/19 Птн 03:10:42 50219
i just remembered that about 4 years ago, i was watching meme videos with friends on the internet, and at one point went to the bathroom

when i came back to my room my mom was in it and was watching the screen

there was ricardo milos dancing in fullscreen

that's really weird that it only comes to my mind now, thank you for making me remember my trauma, i completely pushed that memory away
Anonymous  08/02/19 Птн 10:48:34 50223
Do you notice as you get older you dont care so much anymore abotu supposed Quallity of show ? And just watch it and like insert yourself into stuff in show and thats what it make it good to you. LLike connectijng with theme and chracter and amthosphere
Anonymous  08/02/19 Птн 11:14:48 50225
I haven't inserted myself into anything for months now.
Tfw no venezuelan gf Anonymous  27/01/19 Вск 10:03:33 49892 Ответ
1548572603164.jpeg (112Кб, 1024x576)
Tfw no venezuelan gf
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27/01/19 Вск 14:16:04 49900
Anonymous  27/01/19 Вск 16:40:06 49903
Anonymous  27/01/19 Вск 19:26:45 49905
You're just jealous because Balkan grills are ugly. You are gypsies, not real slavs.
Anonymous  28/01/19 Пнд 07:07:41 49918
He's an obvious Clitorian.
Anonymous  28/01/19 Пнд 09:59:32 49921
What's the problem of buying new one? I've heard they're cheap as dirt rn.
Oh, Germans, how I worry about you. Even though you have brought a lot of evil and Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 18:43:32 47584 Ответ
15477354868330.mp4 (7781Кб, 640x360, 00:02:33)
Oh, Germans, how I worry about you. Even though you have brought a lot of evil and grief to Russia. Fear for their children - this most ghastly.
There is one book, a very famous Russian writer Vladimir Sorokin "Telluria". The author lives in Germany and in Russia. Book this dystopia.
So, it says that in the EU (and in particular in Germany) there will be 2 wars with Muslims.
What, will the leader of Muslims on both sides.
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Anonymous  19/01/19 Суб 23:06:18 47679
Hello my Russian friends. I am from Germany and I love sousadge.
Anonymous  19/01/19 Суб 23:06:52 47680
im pretty hecking liberal but if i see slut children my brain cancer grows
Anonymous  19/01/19 Суб 23:07:14 47681
Anonymous  20/01/19 Вск 06:34:54 47682
So how would the children get dressed, even naked would go, is it not evident that the children, and he is a 30 year old man?
Anonymous  20/01/19 Вск 13:30:56 47689
>/int >only ruskis posting here Anonymous  03/12/18 Пнд 18:00:04 40383 Ответ
изображение.png (99Кб, 225x224)
>only ruskis posting here
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Anonymous  07/12/18 Птн 23:55:47 40547
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 06:12:56 40556
Anonymous  14/01/19 Пнд 10:36:10 47396
greetings from germany
Anonymous  16/02/19 Суб 16:20:45 52291
Я сосал меня ебали
Anonymous  18/02/19 Пнд 07:33:45 52328
Ты хуй
Do you think like threads OPs are the popular loud outspoken kids and posts are there followers and then there are plant-ghost-like-poeple who just lurk and refresh Anonymous  13/12/18 Чтв 02:49:59 40748 Ответ
vlcsnap-2018-11[...].png (1012Кб, 1920x784)
Do you think like threads OPs are the popular loud outspoken kids and posts are there followers and then there are plant-ghost-like-poeple who just lurk and refresh
Anonymous  13/12/18 Чтв 03:31:20 40751
Discuss Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 16:36:12 52116 Ответ
1550237870650.jpg (49Кб, 640x666)
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Anonymous  18/02/19 Пнд 13:22:41 52346
Anonymous  18/02/19 Пнд 21:29:25 52377
Anonymous  19/02/19 Втр 03:56:05 52387
Subscribe to PewDiePie
Anonymous  23/02/19 Суб 06:39:55 52619
Anonymous  23/02/19 Суб 08:46:10 52620
world(!!!) without Russia Anonymous  11/01/19 Птн 19:19:34 46118 Ответ
Screenshot20190[...].png (421Кб, 800x1280)
I understand that many of you do not understand Russian, I will translate one thing for you. In the video, the Congress of futurologists 2008 in Moscow. There is the famous Toffler ("futureshock", "3 wave")
At 5:40 acts says Surkov (a close adviser to Putin... Not a media person) that Toffler is ironic about nation-States, but he wouldn't want a world(!!!) in which there is no Russia (he meant Russia as a sovereign, nation-state).

Later, about 1 year ago Putin was talking about too, but for a different reason. He said in an interview with the famous journalist Solovyov that if Russia will be a nuclear strike, he does not need a world(!!!) without Russia.

What's the meaning of that? This means that no matter where the blow was struck on Russia (though from the oceans, even from Antarctica, even from NATO countries, even from China...), Putin will destroy the planet and launch missiles on all continents and countries at the same time.
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Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 11:48:54 46151
It is foolish to think that any underground shelter would help. You stupid fool.
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 21:34:25 46194
>underground shelter
not shelter, underground cities. full of people
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 22:18:11 46196
good point
its easy for someone to imagine world without nation-states when your country would be willing of it, other countries might not be, for example russia would want seize opportunity and conquer everyone
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 22:25:13 46197
Anonymous  12/01/19 Суб 23:38:59 46200
Why would Russia of all countries?
Russia should be from Slavs and Orthodox countries.
From Japan and until Greece a long.
The Russian people have always wanted this.
170 000 vs 3 million = lose Anonymous  01/02/19 Птн 00:54:02 50006 Ответ
0e4d6634.jpg (152Кб, 868x1305)
Stop at Suomussalmi! Here the russians stopped too!
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Anonymous  01/02/19 Птн 17:37:46 50031
Anonymous  01/02/19 Птн 20:17:35 50033
>>50006 (OP)
it was ukrainians. they also liberated poland in polish uniform, psheks wer to scared and run away to middleeast.
Anonymous  18/02/19 Пнд 13:24:47 52348
>>50006 (OP)
1) USSR wasn't only russians
2) Finland lost war
Anonymous  19/02/19 Втр 10:20:22 52391
Then Finland wanted revenge but pulled out when it realized it was to get fucked hard by the angry Russians.
Anonymous  19/02/19 Втр 11:45:49 52404
Russia girls very cute^__^ Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 07:50:20 40667 Ответ
207766671021379[...].jpg (390Кб, 2048x1536)
Russia girls very cute^__^
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Anonymous  17/12/18 Пнд 17:13:25 40980
бесишься что не твои
Anonymous  16/02/19 Суб 16:24:13 52292
Anonymous  16/02/19 Суб 17:29:48 52293
с чем согласен, ебаный якбарь? >>40980
Anonymous  16/02/19 Суб 21:47:36 52297
Anonymous  17/02/19 Вск 05:03:34 52299
der.Führer.komm[...].png (787Кб, 790x444)

kohlchan needs a russian mod. apply NOW
Elections Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 17:31:46 40563 Ответ
1FDE2FCE-F13A-4[...].jpg (107Кб, 1071x1062)
Do you believe in people's elections ( plebiscite) of anyone : Parliament,Senate, Supreme court ,President ? After all, it is impossible in any way to check the percentage and the democratic procedure itself in principle. Russia is often scolded in falsification of election results ,not in real ,inflated percentages of voting for Putin. Why do you believe your government? Than it deserves trust? If you still believe your choice of law and its implementation, then put + in the comments.
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Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 21:46:43 40568
>Russia is a country of the Spartan type, and the USA is a country of the Athenian type of democracy.
lol their is no democracy in those countries. its all a show.
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 22:02:39 40569
Let it all show, but show showing democracy. Of course, lobbyists are everywhere, their interests and conglomerates are everywhere . But among each other they observe politeness and semblance of democracy. We should not forget that there is a written right,and there is an unwritten one . And now, according to unwritten rules, they are quite democratic with each other. It is we, the plebeians for them and our rights with their rights diminished.
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 22:07:23 40570
I do not know how in Germany, but in Russia the vote is semi-secret. To get the bill, you need to come with a passport and your data is rewritten . And then you vote out the right candidate. I think that it is important for politicians to statistics and to know in what region how active politically people are.
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 11:00:05 40583
I do not know i know nothing, i semi-know some nobles and thats it! Semi-poor russian secrets, so, in my opinion, as we russian people like to say, to kill the Bill you need to come, so you come thats right to difficult, lol, i mean hard, yeah oh me old dumbass please send money. So, im sorry to temporal disillusions of my alterations, so your data is rewritten, got it? You come and data write! Thats it! And then you — its You — vote, me write. Vote out the right candibate, yeah cool! That simple!
AAAAND its time for the oficeal spich:
I think that it is very importand for politicans to statisctics and know that in what religion that is we know in how is active peoples. Understood? I have very guud langvage
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 11:08:28 40584
Let it led, it to eat, you tiny letlet! Show showing some show, thats quite a show id say, ho-ho! Everywhere is a show of course, and they are everywhere, everyone is everywhere! Every time, every, so their interests are persisting me, cannot sleep, its all a show, i need to eat some letlets. But there is one point, there is always but, you cannot live without but, its our oxygen. But and vodka. But among each other they observe, staying silent and macabre. Thats it, got it, Germie? Ho-ho! Do not forget though to write something before you were righted just inside, o the great UNWRITTEN ONE. Ho-ho! So there are some secret rules the world obey, they are very polite never say a bad word always please and thank you please give me cup of tea, mister, very demoncratic — now you see! The veil is gone! Such a terrible world, ho-ho! Please forgive me im diminished plebian im so sorry please give money
in this thread we collect proof that russians are insane Anonymous  28/02/19 Чтв 02:07:17 53301 Ответ
15512995249030.mp4 (5969Кб, 640x360, 00:01:19)
in this thread we collect proof that russians are insane
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Anonymous  01/03/19 Птн 22:31:12 53346
141838493712713[...].jpg (70Кб, 551x475)
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 13:39:56 53373
You are becoming VERY mentally ill, tankie.
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 14:05:20 53374
>>53301 (OP)
Ебаная тварь, надеюсь ее найдут и сожгут живьем нахуй.
Anonymous  02/03/19 Суб 19:45:51 53381
Oh.. fuck...and with what people do I live in the same country?!
Anonymous  03/03/19 Вск 15:04:34 53434
There are awful people all around the world.
Got permanently banned from 4can. Anonymous  28/12/18 Птн 19:20:20 41531 Ответ
IMG201812262149[...].JPG (116Кб, 540x636)
IMG201812262150[...].JPG (251Кб, 540x871)
IMG201812262146[...].JPG (80Кб, 540x677)
Screenshot2018-[...].png (111Кб, 540x960)
Got permanently banned from 4can.
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Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 20:30:12 46017
I'm so sorry, dude, may I hug you?
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 07:06:15 50055
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 09:20:10 50056
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 09:46:51 50057
Untitled.jpg (72Кб, 1280x739)
Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 12:30:02 50058
Post children porn via VPN to take revenge.
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