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universe Anonymous  13/05/19 Пнд 04:15:57 58584 Ответ
15550709539420[[...].jpg (393Кб, 1920x1080)
1) The first branch - the Materialists are right, or almost right - after death, the brain rots and the personality disintegrates, and since your consciousness is your own personality and the ability to consciously understand yourself but you are no more.

Possible relief of the situation: since you are no longer there any flow of time and space is a zero period of time according to subjective sensations, since you don’t have them, that is, until you are in epoch over entire eras, the universe will be able to arise billions of times with a big explosion and die away in all sorts of ways, if the fluctuations of the laws of physics allow it. If someday even countless eternities of the most varied concepts of time happen at least something that can make you realize yourself again, a way and without a person, then until this moment the whole abyss of time will pass over a zero period of time by subjective measures.

If you still see a black screen, it means that you did not cease to realize the reality completely or because of some paradoxical garbage you exist without existing, it’s not a very pleasant option, although if you don’t have this person, and you will just be a black screen, then you will not care, a kind of nirvana, however .. By the way, again, this does not negate the hypothetical possibility that when you once again realize yourself more fully. If you have not lost your personality and become aware of yourself in the void, then this is generally some kind of immortality in the void, although your consciousness will relatively quickly fade away due to lack of information, unless of course there is some kind of stimulation of continuous support for thinking, then this may be a "variation of hell."

2) The second branch - The idea of ​​our existence is true, as about fluctuations of physical interactions, a handful of stones, the same fundamental fluctuation of four physical interactions, just like you, just a system of the human body and brain, into a fucking pile of orders of magnitude more complicated than the structural system of stones, after death you will not disappear into non-existence, but stay in this world, just your consciousness and the complexity of thinking will be simplified to the extent that the computational power of chaotic fluctuations of the heap of nitrogen fertilizer atoms is enough, well, in fact tanesh on a bunch of orders dumber than a man, but do not disappear completely. Maybe then you will be able to be single-celled life forms or some primitive single-celled people will have a higher computational ability, maybe sometime from what you will have a new rational individual gather and you will be able to realize yourself, or you will become a part of artificial intelligence when your atoms will be used on carbon nanotubes.

Possible relief of the situation: For some reason, the quantum features of a complex self-aware structure are tied to fluctuations of a corresponding complexity, after death you will be able to recognize yourself only for the next potential rational.

3) The third branch - the hypothesis of the return time of Poincaré or of the fluctuative recombination of the space-time continuum is true and after a very, very, very long time, namely 10 ^ 10 ^ 10 ^ 10 ^ 10 ^ 1.1 years, you will relive your life in the same observable universe, simply because this time is enough for the same observable region to emerge from the chaos of particles, or at least your body with your personality, unfortunately the endless experience of your life is clearly not pleasant, especially if don't remember about it and not it’s okay to change anything, although considering that you don’t remember it as a plus, too.

Possible relief of the situation: due to fluctuating recombination, you will sometimes be aware of yourself in circumstances that have nothing in common with current life or almost nothing in common and will be able to try countless options of life, again, you may not necessarily wait for the complete restoration of the location of all particles in the observed universe for perfect repetition of your story, perhaps quite a lot less and again you can try a bunch of life choices, even immeasurably improbable ones like that you would feel illusion

(By the way, this is an important thing - that this is just an illusion, a true multi-world and quantum immortality would work on the features of the observer’s physics, and not just on probabilities, like this.) Quantum or multi-world immortality and you can never be dead for a long time or even become something like of a stable Boltzmann brain producing computations due to the fluctuations of virtual particles in a vacuum, most likely you will stretch so completely a finite term, but sometimes this finite period will be calculated in billions of years, and in extremely rare cases it is possible Oh and Googleplexes years ..

4) Fourth branch - Real world phenomena with multi-world or quantum immortality, for some reason an observer who is conscious of himself will be obliged to observe reality always or at least always return to the continuity of observation after some time. Perhaps this will be due to the loss of identity in some moments, and perhaps at least the fundamental basis of personality will always be preserved. Whatever happens to you, you can always continue to realize yourself somewhere and when else. The problem is that the mandatory conditions are only your ability to observe reality, and how exactly it is for reality is not important. If you find yourself in conditions that bring you unbearable suffering, both physical and mental, and, at the same time, incredibly long then hhm ... "Reality will tell you - well, you can't die at all, as you have to watch, and what you suffer is quantum physics doesn't care if you enjoy observation or not, you MUST exist forever and everything else is not important. "

Possible relief:
Some possible degrees of manifestation of this kind of immortality make softer scenarios of forced existence with less potential suffering possible.
Conventionally, I highlight the following degrees:
- 1. Very weak expressiveness - you can die without problems as an ordinary person, absolutely by any means, this immortality will absolutely not manifest itself until you finally die, you just for some reason, even if unlikely, will continue to exist in an uncertain future. (Well, there they will take you for some reason and freeze in spite of the fact that you are an absolute homeless and then technologies capable of recovering you will appear, or they will make you a digital copy that will be able to realize yourself, maybe you will be lucky and you will find yourself in an era of an advanced civilization where you they will recover from the noise of universal entropy simply because they can. Maybe you will just be born in another reality where the event of your birth is shifted by several decades into the future, etc.)

- 2. Weak expression - somehow you will always avoid severe injuries and live an abnormally long time by human standards, then some technology will prolong your life indefinitely, and then maybe turn it into a machine of nanites, hell knows. In short, the reasons for your immortality will be quite easily explained from a scientific point of view, although they may be quite improbable, if you die for some reason, then events are waiting for you in the first scenario. Oh yes, you will have unlikely reasons to survive for a very long time, but nothing prevents you from having a lot of diseases and suffering from chronic problems, it is enough that you live for a very long time, and not that you feel good and live happy.
Anonymous  # OP 13/05/19 Пнд 04:18:07 58585
- 3. Medium severity - this scenario is not a fig that does not facilitate the situation, but on the contrary promises something else that is a hellish future. You can even try to suicide for some reason, but I DON'T RECOMMEND ATTEMPTING TO DO THIS in the world with such a degree of quantum immortality BECAUSE ... Even if you find yourself in the midst of a bloody thermonuclear explosion, the red-hot air and a lot of radiation won't turn you into atomic dust, no, most generally tunnel through you, or fly the other way, but you can burn very well from the inside and outside, but you will not die, nutrients will always flow to all of your important organs, even if for this they have to tunnel from the nearest biomass directly into your cells. That is, you can experience the wildest pain for dozens of years after this, doctors will revolve around you and wrestle, and an attempt to euthanasia for some reason will not work .. And even a dozen attempts will not work, in tens of years there will probably appear technology capable of giving you a normal non-suffering body , but you may have to wait a couple of thousand years ..

- 4. High severity - depends on the circumstances, in such a world you will probably get rid of only light injuries, and in the case of some kind of catastrophe you will suddenly suddenly mutate into a far more viable than a charred piece of meat, or you will become a stable Boltzmann brain, in general, hypothetically far more so than the third option, although suffering is not excluded here, in fact the same agony is not excluded as in the third, for example, your mutant body is able to independently search for resources for survival and where her man, but nothing prevents all its tissues are constantly experiencing the pain of - for the curve is situated nerve receptors and does not adequately formed tissue.

- 5. Very high severity - in this world you in general or almost in general - you will not take any damage, the reality will perfectly ensure your survival. In our world, it definitely does not work, at least with respect to my consciousness, because I remember exactly that I received several light injuries and even got sick of crap from which it was difficult to stand on my feet (it seems that the usual flu is difficult, nothing unique but you can’t say about it it is "almost no damage")
>> 3299918
5) Fifth branch - other physical laws, even if existence after death is not possible in our universe, perhaps because of the special physical conditions in other universes, somehow you can continue your existence or start it there, or when our reality is somehow way fundamentally change their properties due to some kind of cataclysm. It is difficult to say whether this existence is good or bad.

6) Reincarnation, not due to the fact that the fluctuation has not completely disappeared anywhere, namely in a more metaphysical sense, may be due to the reality of Open individualism or panpsychism, and may be due to the fact that the simulation hypothesis is real and can be released, and therefore that "God said so." Maybe respawn will be based on karma or something else, or maybe just random, which is difficult to reassure, except when that is because of what this universe will be destroyed or greatly changed.

7) Spiritual after-death or complex structures, other plans for being or something like that, can be based both on metaphysics and on the hypothesis of simulation, however nothing prevents one from pretending to be another. It can be both neutral and negative or positive.

- 1. Neutral - well, you died and now you exist in another dimension \ plan of being \ choose peace for respawn nobody tortures you, but does not praise either. You are left to yourself alone or with others the same, as if ordinary life only in an unusual place. Maybe someday this will end and the second death will come, and maybe "never." Whether you are well from this or not depends on you, well, or not from you if you only have self-awareness, and your personality is lost when you get into such a place.

- 2. Negative - something like hell or naturally hell, the owner of the simulation or the local god, turned out to be a maniac or wanting to devour endlessly some kind of Bahion or something like that generated by souls when they suffer or endlessly worship him. It’s quite a bad option if you find yourself in a nightmare universe and it’s not possible to improve your situation with any kind of jerkiness / jerking of a random house selling soul, everything is very bad if you really can’t be completely destroyed in such a place, that is, you can piss off anyone or try fall into the most extreme environment, you are doomed to suffer forever.

Possible relief:
Somehow, after a while, it is possible to intensify and suppress some of the suffering at the expense of others or something else similar, but in general the crap is still that.
In this world, there is something that can destroy your spiritual essence, sending you into oblivion like death in the world of truth in materialism, if you find this and remember something about endless horror, I recommend that you immediately reveal this device or artifact while you they didn’t burn them and “didn’t take them away for your own good” Either become a pretender and go kill the Gods and Demons of this world, making your way to the title of the new God of this universe in order to destroy it completely or turn it into something more normal
Suffer and wait for this creation or the dominant power to destroy something from the outside or from within or change. If some process of NAKONETSTO gives you a long-awaited "erasure from reality" or "absolute death" (unless you somehow start to truly love suffering and start to manage to enjoy endless transcendental pain), then for further post-death again look at 1 ) the first branch - if materialism is true.
3 Positive - something like heaven or endless bliss. Anyway, it's good here at least at first glance. These places can bring adequate pleasure or a narcotic madness. And there may be a trick and in fact will be options for a neutral after-death or even a negative one. In this case, the possible relief options are the same as in the negative. In the case of narcotic ecstasy, you feel good, but you will probably fall into stagnation and there is a probability of personality degeneration, but you don’t mind or you don’t mind looking for a way to destroy yourself completely or wait for the end of the universe

8) Qualitative hierarchies of realities \ endless walls \ transcendental realities. A very problematic world order, which at various levels can, in principle, contain all previous and subsequent variants of the device for death. Moreover, the acquisition seems to be like even absolute omnipotence at some level with the ability to seemingly do ALL, up to operating with logical paradoxes and creating your own omnivalent universe, can turn into power no more than it can generate one quark in the core of a neutron star in a better reality, if hit in the ass in such a universe - it may end in a truly eternal expectation when someone redoes it or destroys it, because this crap is simply EXTREMELY BIG, SELF RESIDENTIAL AND COMPLEX.

9) Other logic or the phenomenon of reality itself. Full hopeless fucked up well, or even very translucent. In this case, your existence or its absence may have nothing to do with the usual understanding of the meaning of these statements, they can become one whole or cease to matter at all, a completely different description of the nature of which you can not conceive can appear, it can begin to consist of fierce paradoxes contradicting themselves. What this will lead to ... is unknown.

So like painted all the options known to me with details. More like I do not know. What awaits us in our reality xs, but scientists are inclined either to 1) Materialism, or to 2) Fluctuations
Anonymous  # OP 13/05/19 Пнд 04:18:50 58586
Here I have a paste about why we suffer if there are omnipotent and so on. Well, here are some ideas that came to me:

The essence of such reasons will probably at least abstractly remind the essence of the reasons because of which ordinary people become maniacs in our world, only here it reaches “transcendental proportions” but there can be exotic reasons.

Here are the options that I climb into my head:

1. The reality, where suffering is possible, is ownerless and is created by random processes, or the local God has no mind at all.

2. God exists, but he has absolutely no human logic of thinking, he believes that only those worlds where suffering is possible are ideal.

3. God exists, but he does not control his power, every thought in his head gives rise to and destroys the universe, even if he, as an autistic person, tries to completely block any actions on his part, it all the same slips. He probably would not want to harm anyone, but his strength does it against his will or even worse by his fact of his existence, he cannot do so that suffering does not appear or still can, but logical paradoxes tear down the roof even to him.

4. There are several gods, they quarrel among themselves and everyone has omnipotence, some kind, some evil, or unconscious / insane \ cannot fully control their power. The inhabitants of reality, where suffering is possible, are not lucky enough to be in the world of the evil and / or not controlling themselves. Well, or in general, this world arose as a result of their confrontation.

5. God is not something that does not control himself, but is really insane and sheer schizo, something like that. In short, God is NEXH resembling Azathoth.

6. God is evil and wishes that his creations would constantly suffer, or he himself was a masochist who went and brings suffering not only to his creations, but to himself too. Perhaps again, garbage with logic, and he believes that bringing pain is the manifestation of divine love.

7. We actually wanted “high level of complexity” and “more suffering” before birth, but we do not remember it. Hypothetically, in the midst of infinity, there may well be a bunch of rational wishing such a hardcore.

8. God is an impassive asshole, he created the world and he doesn’t care, he sits and watches or left to sychev further, what happened is that someone suffers .. Well, it happened.

9. Abnormal abstractions. Suffering and happiness do not exist in such a form in which we evaluate them .. In general, we are talking about the heavy glitches of another logic. In short, all somewhat "wrong." May even relate to God himself and reality.

10. God is too unknowable, we can not understand the essence of the plan of suffering, but this is clearly not the case for the concept that people put into the concept of suffering.

(Added after comments in BE-E:
so what you have all the gods evil or pohuisty. But the thought that God in general, beyond our comprehension, didn’t occur to you? as a person outside understanding amoeba. )

More comments on BE-E
without suffering there is no progress and evolution
(Fuck knows why to evolve and make progress, you have to suffer, I’m suffering a little, but I don’t evolve from it, and how to make progress too, and in general one could distort logic or engineer one’s own truth, once all, but xs.)

Mini pasta:
It may also have been something like the fact that there were cases when they tried to make a perfect world everywhere and nowhere, and it even happened, but then the chaos took its toll and started fucking. Perhaps when the ideal solution was to destroy everything at all by putting it all into “Nirvana of non-existence,” but then several eons later “it became boring” from the lack of content ..
Anonymous  # OP 13/05/19 Пнд 04:20:13 58587
15577042423550[[...].jpg (340Кб, 725x1000)
15577042423581[[...].jpg (304Кб, 857x1100)
15577042423602[[...].jpg (164Кб, 843x1100)
15577042423613[[...].jpg (48Кб, 425x291)
Taken from here:

Briefly here:
1. Ordinary flat or not quite three-dimensional space with one time dimension of one space-time continuum, but either it is VERY large (a bunch of orders of magnitude larger than the observed universe with a diameter of ~ 92 billion light years), or naturally infinite in all directions. The bottom line is that because of this enormity and the same physical conditions throughout its length, matter can sometimes gather in areas observed by local observers that are very similar to ours. And with a very small chance to repeat them completely.

2. Inflational multiversum, consisting of "vacuum bubbles" of inflationary distance spreading in the ocean, there are variations of the theory where each bubble has its own spatial - time continuum continuum, there are variations where the continuum is still one, but the distance between such bubbles is incredibly gigantic and constantly increasing frantic tempo due to dark energy. Bubbles are actually conceptually causally isolated from each other and may have different physically constants and even laws.

3. Branching multiversum of multiworld interpretation of quantum mechanics. It has different variants. Again, branches can be different for each individual universe, even for the observed area, and not just for the whole continuum, and perhaps each branch contains a full copy of the inflation multiverse, or even the entire final ensemble, it is based on the idea of ​​superposition below. reality in the "macro" and "mega" "worlds" (the scale of the human size and size of the observable universe) which we observe only in the "micro" "world" (particle size), according to the hypothesis, all macro and mega objects are also unstable We are both superpositional, like particles, we simply cannot perceive it and this leads to a constant branching of reality on a copy, where everything is somewhat wrong or not so the position of just one neutrino. Well, or it leads to the fact that all variants of reality already exist at once, and only a switch takes place for the subjective perception of an observer of different complexity (Here the concept of the observer does not apply only to self-conscious beings, here the concept is more virtual, the observer may be from a separate quantum of space , then the space-time continuum entirely)

4. Mathematical universes of a finite ensemble. The essence is somewhat connected with string theory, the main idea is that if reality can be completely described by a mathematically non-contradictory construct, then it can exist. The final ensemble allows the idea to emerge that the mathematical construction is the only thing that fundamentally admits the existence of reality, everything else will be a consequence of this. If a mathematical construct for this reality exists, then reality will exist. The final ensemble probably contains an infinite number of realities for which a mathematical construction can be made.

(Speech is strictly about mathematical constructions in this case, no "metaphysics", "the will of omnipotent beings", "ideas at the base", "creating truths", etc., for these pieces, humanity has no hypotheses, only maniafantasia of consciousnesses, so that This classification of the Omniversells with the Absolutes does not enter for an understandable reason, although GHM .. The final ensemble is the "legal version of the OmniUniverse", a very limited truth, that is, no paradoxes with physical laws, no manipulations with logic that cause paradoxes, etc. ..)
Anonymous  13/05/19 Пнд 10:54:04 58594
>>58584 (OP)
Anonymous  17/05/19 Птн 00:03:58 58673
Why poland ? Anonymous  22/04/19 Пнд 19:47:11 58151 Ответ
poland racist.jpg (116Кб, 1200x675)
poland racist1.jpg (68Кб, 506x900)
poland racist3.jpg (24Кб, 400x300)
Why poland ?
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Anonymous  30/04/19 Втр 00:08:08 58303
>>58151 (OP)
Because we are not only based but also redpilled
Anonymous  30/04/19 Втр 00:47:30 58304
e suka
Anonymous  15/05/19 Срд 19:48:23 58646
Anonymous  16/05/19 Чтв 12:43:00 58659
Weil sie sind Idioten
Anonymous  16/05/19 Чтв 12:53:37 58660
Кто же такой форчановец на самом деле? Форчановец Anonymous  15/05/19 Срд 18:03:25 58642 Ответ
yoba.png (111Кб, 600x600)
Кто же такой форчановец на самом деле? Форчановец — это накрашенная пиндосская малолетка, которая 24/7 гринтекстит, не играет в видеоигры, не смотрит аниме (только ржунькает с мемов про аниме, которые он не смотрел), придумывает приколы про типажи и так далее. Форчановец по сути своей не может сказать ничего дельного, абсолютно. Все шутки форчановца это шутки, украденные у старпёров из Something Awful. При этом форчановец откровенно убеждён в своей молодости и силе, в своём превосходстве белого молодого человека. Форчановец — это скрытый гей, это трешбой. Даже сосачер, прости господи, будет получше форчановца. Форчановец — это гной американской нации, это прослойка куколда, это прослойка пассивно-агрессивных недолюдей. И это видно в их культуре с их несмешными гринтекстами и Пепе. Форчановец оправдывает каждую свою тухлую шутку в образе Спурдо Спарде, он думает: это смешно. Это не так. Это смешным и быть не может, ведь ты уже заранее признал то, что это не смешно. Форчановец — это завсегдатай конфы, про термин «конфоблядь» ни разу не слышавший. И это печально, реально печально. Это лишь доказывает о превосходстве культуры русских имиджборд над всратыми американскими. Форчановец — это сын шлюхи из FУАD и сын бати-куколда из GВS, все мемы Форчана украдены с этих мест. И немножечко с Реддита. Почему форчановец считает себя альт-райтом? Потому что он думает, что так он станет сильнее. Он не станет сильнее, он просто становится упрямее и тупее. Форчановец использует слова «сойбой», «факбой», «фаг» лишь для того, чтобы увлажнить свою ДЫРУ. Ньюфаг это пассивный гей, олдфаг это активный гей. Но ДЫРЫ у них одинакового размера. На этом всё.
Anonymous  15/05/19 Срд 18:41:36 58643
>>58642 (OP)
Форчан сокс. Аз соки мурика.
kbg paikalla älä sano mittää turpa vaa kii nii saat polovesi pittää Anonymous  13/05/19 Пнд 17:45:06 58596 Ответ
lyönkö.png (149Кб, 413x352)
kbg paikalla älä sano mittää turpa vaa kii nii saat polovesi pittää
Anonymous  13/05/19 Пнд 23:33:56 58601
Anonymous  14/05/19 Втр 14:48:20 58615
Anonymous  14/05/19 Втр 16:56:28 58618
15577715342283[[...].jpg (71Кб, 483x543)
Anonymous  15/05/19 Срд 17:45:20 58640
Bitcoin Anonymous  12/01/18 Птн 21:10:40 27641 Ответ
bitcoin3.gif (567Кб, 1280x720)
1512388563442.jpg (456Кб, 1440x1664)
1512632130732.jpg (96Кб, 404x623)
1515336155550.png (50Кб, 1019x640)
Anybody else having fun with Cryposhekels?

Mining Monero on my rig here and all my porfolio investments are up by 600%

Going to mine some Komodo and ETH next

What are you investing in or planing to buy?
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Anonymous  23/01/19 Срд 11:18:31 48439
Why is Telegram banned in Iran?
Anonymous  14/03/19 Чтв 23:18:24 57201
1492911363479.png (1689Кб, 1084x925)
Anonymous  14/05/19 Втр 10:29:34 58605
1548850215082.png (111Кб, 512x512)
>BTC at 8000$
Anonymous  14/05/19 Втр 20:37:42 58624
Anonymous  15/05/19 Срд 02:47:48 58632
Go to and bring something back with you Anonymous  27/04/19 Суб 13:09:12 58239 Ответ
image.png (534Кб, 640x622)
Go to and bring something back with you
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Anonymous  09/05/19 Чтв 21:11:00 58535
Какого хуя Малайзия забанена?
Anonymous  10/05/19 Птн 18:09:28 58544
Anonymous  10/05/19 Птн 20:04:12 58547
15561679904741.jpg (53Кб, 720x960)
it sucks your unborn babies' plasma
Anonymous  14/05/19 Втр 15:29:40 58616
Лос-Анджелес.jpg (12Кб, 250x166)
Anonymous  14/05/19 Втр 16:56:07 58617
ох какие замечательные альт-райт педовки из паблика маргинала небось?
What do Russians think of him? Anonymous  28/04/19 Вск 20:36:14 58280 Ответ
asc.jpg (77Кб, 940x791)
What do Russians think of him?
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Anonymous  10/05/19 Птн 22:29:16 58555
Anonymous  12/05/19 Вск 04:54:43 58564
shovs.jpg (187Кб, 1024x576)
Love him
Anonymous  13/05/19 Пнд 07:00:23 58593
Anonymous  14/05/19 Втр 07:24:49 58603
Anonymous  14/05/19 Втр 13:43:42 58611
Putin huilo
how come the duck doesn't gets eaten ? Anonymous  04/05/19 Суб 22:58:46 58416 Ответ
canard.png (1527Кб, 960x1280)
how come the duck doesn't gets eaten ?
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Anonymous  07/05/19 Втр 23:47:14 58495
bac30fd8535f.jpg (300Кб, 1024x837)
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 00:38:33 58496
>>58416 (OP)
A punk walks a duck on a leach at red square.
A soviet cop approaches him and tells to leave the area.
The punk argues that wtf, the pidgeons are shitting all over and nobody cares.
The cop explains that pidgeon is the simbol of peace.
To which the punk replies "I swear my duck doesn't want a war"
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 00:39:20 58497
>on a leach
on a leash
10/05/19 Птн 17:56:50 58541
>>58416 (OP)
on est pas en famine là, mon pote. on respecte les animaux et les oiseux qui cherchent à vivre à notre coté.
Anonymous  13/05/19 Пнд 17:54:47 58597
and that was the only thing wrong with that sentence
Could someone please characterise the /b/ board here for me? What kind of Anonymous  12/05/19 Вск 09:45:28 58567 Ответ
73843d[1].jpg (67Кб, 500x751)
Could someone please characterise the /b/ board here for me? What kind of threads does it usually consist of? I've seen a lot of porn dump threads, daily webm threads (dark webm with edgy stuff sometimes flooded with gay content) and nostalgia/slice of life threads.

Also is there a lot of Ukrainians posting on this imageboard? What do the Russian users think of them? Can you identify them by the way they write?
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Anonymous  12/05/19 Вск 17:20:09 58571
The Ukrainian alphabet is a bit different from Russian and some Ukrainians try to resemble it, for example, by typing Ukrainian Єє instead of Russian Ээ.
Anonymous  12/05/19 Вск 18:58:32 58572
russia libertar[...].jpg (316Кб, 1280x720)
>>58567 (OP)
/b/ is libertarian board, almost everything is allowed except some stuff against the russian law. their is no difference between polack, ukranian and russian its same people. their are "ukranians" which are not realy ukranian, they wer born in ukraine and speak language but they are something else.
Anonymous  12/05/19 Вск 19:12:53 58573
R1adistribution[...].jpg (274Кб, 863x560)
>>58567 (OP)
also i forggot to say. you are also russian because polack is russian nickname the emperor gave to people in poland which is поляна=polye=field, this polyaki is "fieldpeople" and ukraine is у края на = at the edge/border, so "borderlanders"

german for exampe is немец or nemez=ne moi=не мой(not mine) or also dull(not able to speak,->my language) germans used to be like niggers(well they still are) they mumbled some wierd noises so slavs didnt understand them, then romans came and took them as soldiers.
Anonymous  12/05/19 Вск 22:10:38 58580
>>58567 (OP)
>What kind of threads does it usually consist of?
1. The ones revolving around relationships.
2. Threads about jobs/salaries and politics.
3. Troll threads are also frequent. "I'm going to fuck your girl and you aren't gonna do shit" with pictures of muscular men attached. "Reply to this thread or your mother will die in her sleep" and other baiting shit.
4. Feels threads.
These come up often. Other than that it's pretty random. Much better than 4chins /b/ that consists solely of porn.
Anonymous  13/05/19 Пнд 01:16:16 58581
image.png (88Кб, 1731x645)
i like ukraine. Anonymous  30/04/19 Втр 22:42:29 58322 Ответ
pepemouse.png (43Кб, 200x164)
i like ukraine.
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Пропущено 7 постов, 5 с картинками.
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 10:29:57 58503
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 16:30:38 58516
Sofa general from Russia, writing through German proxy server, apparently.
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 21:04:28 58521
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 22:49:40 58524
15492938471722.png (440Кб, 713x575)
>Hohly, zoichem za proxei pryachetes?
Anonymous  12/05/19 Вск 15:18:48 58570
14708461196000.jpg (179Кб, 852x1748)
In winter, already in the morning, I was returning from the night shift. I work as Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 23:47:27 58465 Ответ
voronaz008[2].jpg (4347Кб, 2896x2172)
In winter, already in the morning, I was returning from the night shift. I work as an administrator at a local hotel and it’s good to go not far from home. It was winter, and when I was approaching my entrance, a strong wind suddenly blew out, almost knocking me off my feet. Suddenly, I noticed that the wind blew away the top ball of snow from a huge snowdrift and a human back could be seen from under it. I was frightened. My first thoughts suggested that this was another homeless bum that fell into a snowdrift and froze to death. I am not the kind of person who will pass by a person frozen to death, and, perhaps, not even a bum! When I came closer, I shoved my body with my foot to see if he was still alive or dead. But it was not there, the body was alive and began to slowly get up. Soon this body became full-length, but did not straighten its head. He was tilted to the bottom, his face was not visible, but it was safe to say that it was a man, about two meters tall, very thin, with unnaturally long phalanxes of his fingers and neck. I wondered if he was okay. In response, the man suddenly sharply raised his head and wheezed loudly in response: "SMOKEHOUSE" I almost fainted, because when he lifted his head, his eye-sockets and nose were on his face. Instead, there were pits from which unhealed pieces of flesh could barely hang. Adrenaline hit in the head. I blindly pushed this entity with my foot and, with a wild scream, ran into the entrance and closed the door behind me. Passing the neighbour on the landing, I flew into my apartment and closed the door on all the locks, ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. As soon as I snatched the knife, the doorbell rang. I decided that this is the neighbour who stood in the stairwell, decided to ask why I was yelling like that, although I myself understood that this was unlikely. With caution, I approached the door and yelled: "WHO IS THERE?". I decided not to look into the peephole and shouted again: “WHO IS THERE BLYAD`?”. And suddenly something scratched on the door and wheezed out in reply: "THEY WILL TAKE YOU IN A SMOKEHOUSE"

I was just dumbfounded by what I heard. I hardly came to my senses. Scratching on the door did not stop. I decided to jump out of the window, since I lived on the second floor. Then I rushed to the windows, opened them and then I saw a police squad passing through the yard! That was my salvation. I wildly yelled in half with mats to be rescued, said the apartment number and threw the key to the entrance in their direction. I was screaming so wildly that they probably thought I was stoned and still took the keys to the entrance and ran to me. Three minutes later, there was a furious knock on the door, shouting "Open, bitch, this is the police"! I feel better at the moment. With the speed of a sprinter, I opened the door and what a surprise it was when there was NO ANYONE behind the door! My heart almost burst out, I was absolutely fuck on everything, and bricks in my pants would be enough to build a city. I ran headlong to the window and did not hesitate just flew a bullet into the street. I fall from the second floor and broke my arm and a couple of fingers, pain pierced me and I gave out my last wild cry before disconnecting. Further to my cry the seller ran out of the kiosk, which was in the yard, and called me an ambulance and cops. When I woke up in the hospital, I realized that neither the cops nor the doctors would believe me, so I just said that I had fallen out of the window through negligence. You believe, I never returned to that apartment and that yard. I had a two-room apartment, but I sold it and bought a one-room apartment, even when I was selling, I was not in that apartment.
Anonymous  11/05/19 Суб 00:03:17 58558
>>58465 (OP)
Nice story, left me feeling uneasy.
I'm assuming that's a genuine one and not an english translation of some russian creepypasta I can't recognize.
Victory Day Anonymous  09/05/19 Чтв 17:46:10 58533 Ответ
unsersieg.jpg (77Кб, 700x390)
statusyi-na-9-m[...].jpg (93Кб, 700x492)
9 mai.JPG (116Кб, 1259x665)
t 34.jpg (313Кб, 1300x865)
Anonymous  09/05/19 Чтв 18:31:02 58534
big dong.JPG (111Кб, 1266x662)
grafik.png (1247Кб, 1266x662)
Civil War in Venezuela? Anonymous  26/01/19 Суб 01:01:22 49435 Ответ
CIAUIZQ7MAI6TJ2[...].jpg (30Кб, 480x322)
Civil War in Venezuela?
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Пропущено 31 постов, 7 с картинками.
Anonymous  06/05/19 Пнд 10:53:09 58470
Any further attempts at launching a coup will fail from this point on. America blew their load too early and won't be able to remove Maduro from power with anything short of a direct invasion.
Guiado means "guided" in spanish. It's pronounced the same way as "Guaido". The man is an absolute tool and his name doesn't help.
Anonymous  06/05/19 Пнд 12:28:21 58471
>Guiado means "guided" in spanish. It's pronounced the same way as "Guaido". The man is an absolute tool and his name doesn't help.
In the country of blinds, one-eyed man is the king
Anonymous  06/05/19 Пнд 19:20:27 58475
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 12:39:43 58508
Kremlin bots are toxic as shit

Anonymous  09/05/19 Чтв 14:40:49 58530
Hey there, 2CH! Thought I'd share my latest brain fart of new wavish, occultish discoish! Thank you for lending me your ears. Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 17:42:44 58517 Ответ
chairpipe 3c.jpg (297Кб, 700x859)
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 18:13:31 58518
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 21:03:46 58520
me no wolk today Anonymous  02/05/19 Чтв 22:18:38 58375 Ответ
me no wolk.jpg (61Кб, 622x775)
Anonymous  02/05/19 Чтв 22:36:55 58377
Anonymous  02/05/19 Чтв 23:19:50 58379
finland meme2.jpg (19Кб, 370x370)
Anonymous  04/05/19 Суб 01:55:39 58399
image.jpeg (810Кб, 1300x947)
image.jpeg (190Кб, 420x535)
image.jpeg (2504Кб, 1920x1200)
Should've expected that. First they don't want to walk 20 km a day on the march, then they don't want to ride trucks, then they want carts to walk around the base.

That's how decadence works, guys.
Anonymous  08/05/19 Срд 20:05:04 58519
Yeah. They will sit in chairs and use robots. Then they will forget how to run and fight. But one day some hobo will come and kill him with rusty pipe
thumbs up if your life is pure shit Anonymous  02/05/19 Чтв 14:14:10 58358 Ответ
kahvi anime.jpg (65Кб, 800x800)
thumbs up if your life is pure shit
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Пропущено 6 постов, 2 с картинками.
Anonymous  03/05/19 Птн 22:07:05 58396
Anonymous  04/05/19 Суб 17:48:17 58405
04/05/19 Суб 19:19:36 58406
Anonymous  04/05/19 Суб 20:56:18 58411
I dunno what paska is. Maybe i should become its lover.
Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 22:14:35 58456
Battlestation Thread Anonymous  06/10/18 Суб 13:44:12 38407 Ответ
IMG201810051125[...].jpg (3770Кб, 3968x2976)
Post your battlestations and rooms, fams.

Where do you shitpost from?

Autism Finn, post yours pls.
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Пропущено 30 постов, 13 с картинками.
Anonymous  07/04/19 Вск 19:46:41 57786
russia is more west then west itself, west is turning slowly into communist. eu is eudssr. the only thing socialist russia left is free education and free healthcare. russia is much more advaced in internet(speed and availability), free speech, human rights(no deathpenalty like usa) and infrastructure(i mean train and airplane, car is lacking lil bit) less taxes 13%work taxes, 40% of economy is cash.
Anonymous  07/04/19 Вск 22:25:07 57791
> cathing fish or animal is much easier then work. it takes you like few minutes and you have some meat.
You really gotta stop playing minecraft so much, buddy.
Anonymous  08/04/19 Пнд 08:27:19 57800
>work usually take away your health
That is really sad. In Finland, you are not allowed to work in dangerous conditions without safety gear. We have all sorts of regulations and safety requirements. You can still damage your health by not sleeping enough and working too hard.

>russia is more west then west itself
I think human rights are just Western propaganda. I am tired of hearing "right of women to have equal pay", "right to happy childhood", "right to free food", "right to free healthcare". Our country is currently being destroyed by feminists who let refugees in our country. I hate "political correctness", it is the direct result of Westernization and "human rights".

When all the white majority countries are filled with refugees, Russia will hopefully be the safe haven.

>west is turning slowly into communist
I wish this was the case but it doesn't seem realistic. It would be too easy if the West just killed itself instead of fighting.

>eu is eudssr.
Don't worry, Muslims will take over and it will become a caliphate.

>Russia is much more advanced in free speech
Hahaha, what do you mean by that?
Anonymous  09/04/19 Втр 12:10:01 57840
DSC0148.JPG (1276Кб, 3264x2448)
One and a half liters of cold beer and chips costs 120 rubles = less than two dollars
Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 20:00:04 58437
The final day of the Battle of Nations. 150 vs 150 and awards! Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 17:54:38 58427 Ответ
353.jpg (259Кб, 900x625)
The Battle of the Nations is an international historical medieval battles world championship, first held in 2009, in Khotyn, Ukraine and held in Europe, in April, every year since.

It is a full contact competition using metal weapons and a standardized list of rules. National teams compete in several standard events, with all being full contact - no stage reenactment battles are included.

Teams from up to 25 countries have entered the tournaments.
Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 17:58:56 58428
15386035970320.png (80Кб, 225x225)
In this year the British were able to surprise. Very good preparation. (But we still took the best places, because we have the oldest and strongest teams.)
Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 19:00:34 58431
Its just a hit... At the daw! English version! Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 17:24:03 58424 Ответ
Everybody knows[...].jpg (54Кб, 640x480)
Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 17:24:32 58425
15558954463330.jpg (68Кб, 918x918)
Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 17:24:49 58426
15559400691740.jpg (139Кб, 1000x1000)
How do you say "I love you" in your language? In mine: میں تم سے پیار کرتا ہوں Anonymous  02/05/19 Чтв 02:29:47 58348 Ответ
nlnl.gif (3980Кб, 320x240)
How do you say "I love you" in your language?

In mine: میں تم سے پیار کرتا ہوں
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8 с картинками.
Пропущено 11 постов, 8 с картинками.
Anonymous  03/05/19 Птн 23:42:44 58398
1349115419328.png (19Кб, 500x500)
Anonymous  04/05/19 Суб 21:30:13 58414
image.jpeg (413Кб, 1100x618)
>draw a goat girl
>not give her the goat eyes
How am I supposed to jerk off to this?
Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 08:46:43 58420
Anon, she does have goat eyes. Look closer, she's got the same horizontal pupils goats have.
Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 13:04:04 58421
Anonymous  05/05/19 Вск 15:20:00 58422
image.jpeg (267Кб, 500x577)
Holy shit, and I never noticed! Excuse me, gotta leave for a moment.
Gay sandwich. Anonymous  03/05/19 Птн 12:00:15 58380 Ответ
dfsds.jpg (177Кб, 1080x1350)
Gay sandwich.
Anonymous  03/05/19 Птн 12:53:30 58383
d4z28p1-f37e1ce[...].png (484Кб, 865x756)
Anonymous  03/05/19 Птн 23:36:15 58397
Anonymous  04/05/19 Суб 01:57:07 58400
>>58380 (OP)
It's gone bad. You should've eaten it before 02.05.
Anonymous  04/05/19 Суб 21:27:03 58413
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