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Americans Anonymous  12/08/22 Птн 23:18:07 101868 Ответ
chicago-illinoi[...].jpg 281Кб, 1800x1012
Honest thoughts on Americans?
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Anonymous  13/08/22 Суб 08:51:33 101881
Anonymous  23/08/22 Втр 19:24:42 102314
>>101868 (OP)
Ya guys are good in general but your federal gubmint are bad ./thread
Well, we've being taught that you're something opposite to us in everything despite having a lot of borrowings from your system and things, a fact that both sides prefer to keep quiet to continue this stupid cold war 2.0 drama cyrcus.
Sadly Billy Clinton n Co made a big mistake of supporting 1993 parliament overthrowing "cuz it's communist", which caused last-longing legal crysis and super-powerful institution of presidency instead of proper federative republic with working legislative branch. Also people over here still holding big-time frudge about us funds-financed so-called voucher privatization, which helped to create corpocrate oligarchy and destroyed real sector of economy almost completely, while most people believed in "lets repair and modernize to modern level all infrastructure that was inherited from soviet era and then denationalize it to provide basis of market-based economy. But investors didn't want any more competition, moreover they did want new big unregu;ated market to increase their already record-breaking profits. And to ensure those profits they forsed Yeltsin administration authorities to cut social-needs spendings like government section workers wages (Trump put feds on a hungry diet in late 18 ,if i recall correctly, for mere three weeks which almost started a revolution, so imagine making millions of workers being unpaid for months (average salary payments delay were around 3 months in 90s)
Anonymous  23/08/22 Втр 22:30:50 102324
i hate american people but like their goverment
Anonymous  24/08/22 Срд 11:44:06 102337
Anonymous  24/08/22 Срд 15:59:50 102349
&gt;Hoccno pocno xaxaxaxa)))))) Anonymous  23/08/22 Втр 23:39:08 102327 Ответ
4e4.jpg 23Кб, 341x412
>Hoccno pocno xaxaxaxa))))))
Wartheland should be only German or deserted. Anonymous  22/08/22 Пнд 01:01:05 102209 Ответ
WarthelandReich[...].png 269Кб, 1200x1010
Wartheland should be only German or deserted.
Anonymous  22/08/22 Пнд 03:13:54 102212
Anonymous  23/08/22 Втр 19:12:23 102313
Die Slawen sind unser Unglück.
Post your favourite Iceberg charts here Anonymous  06/01/22 Чтв 06:34:49 90977 Ответ
i3pnpy3irlx51.png 7000Кб, 3180x3390
xtc78xp0j4u51.png 4138Кб, 1541x2543
c14.png 1535Кб, 1078x1080
Post your favourite Iceberg charts here
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Anonymous  23/01/22 Вск 23:27:31 91380
1641699420451.png 1601Кб, 828x1024
Anonymous  23/01/22 Вск 23:29:27 91381
1641699420451.png 1941Кб, 828x1024
Anonymous  23/01/22 Вск 23:39:00 91382
1641439542501.png 920Кб, 880x1024
unknown.png 16Кб, 607x139
An insignificant change. Huehuehuehue.
Anonymous  24/01/22 Пнд 00:10:50 91383
image.png 490Кб, 1368x1592
Anonymous  19/02/22 Суб 01:54:43 92046
Music thread Anonymous  12/01/21 Втр 18:01:46 73091 Ответ
grafik.png 1509Кб, 1024x1024
What kind of music do you listen to? What's your favorite genre(s), bands, composers, albums etc.?
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Anonymous  23/07/21 Птн 14:57:21 86079
435660.jpg 1029Кб, 2126x900
Anonymous  24/07/21 Суб 14:50:15 86114
изображение.png 5512Кб, 2048x1060
16/02/22 Срд 14:15:48 91998
https://youtu.be/jSL1nXza7pM DAF - Liebe auf den Ersten Blick
https://youtu.be/l5krzKn4l9g Parzival - AD
https://youtu.be/uIBp244IXdg SHE PAST AWAY - RUH
https://youtu.be/G8LoVBt3Prg Rex The Dog - Teufelsberg
https://youtu.be/0HWxFeqUxms Burn in Hell
https://youtu.be/CIQ9Suj6idQ Live in Baghdad · Masaaki Endo · Yoko Kanno
https://youtu.be/-dq35MjRaOI VARG VIKERNES - Den Store Søvn
https://youtu.be/Pm68mYFYz4M Lapti - Parade Of Hysterics
https://youtu.be/A8xQhVqqguA séparatizme - frontier
https://youtu.be/V3_M4qv3IqE FREE FLOW FLAVA - Return Bokuden
https://youtu.be/HuyioN2YTrM DANGER - 4h30
https://youtu.be/dkeEB-IYyWg Diewtodsi - Youth
https://youtu.be/qzZGaONeH2c Ishome - Ken Tavr
https://youtu.be/Q0HpXZEKxt4 SPB Shield | Void breakers
https://youtu.be/pPETt2DVgEI PTF1987 - ID
https://youtu.be/B2v9zROSLtQ DVAR - an aerim

Some music from my playlist.
Anonymous  17/02/22 Чтв 12:26:40 92025
This "russian doomer music" listen only zoomers. Russian post-punk is awful.
Anonymous  21/02/22 Пнд 01:25:51 92070
rosssiaa and putin btfo why russian tiktok full of teenage pidor zoomers? they not even 18 and got millions of views Anonymous  18/06/21 Птн 13:08:17 83683 Ответ
pidor1 (1).mp4 1118Кб, 540x960, 00:00:07
pidor1 (2).mp4 837Кб, 540x960, 00:00:07
pidor1 (3).mp4 1601Кб, 576x1024, 00:00:09
pidor1 (4).mp4 2561Кб, 540x960, 00:00:13
rosssiaa and putin btfo

why russian tiktok full of teenage pidor zoomers? they not even 18 and got millions of views
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Anonymous  21/06/21 Пнд 11:37:13 83827
>>83683 (OP)
They introduced some kind of homophobic censorship in 2013 and so many teens support LGBTQ here in a supposedly punk culture and anti-adult rebellion.
Anonymous  21/06/21 Пнд 13:07:18 83830
Anonymous  25/06/21 Птн 23:07:28 84336
why they biting own lips?
Anonymous  25/06/21 Птн 23:54:14 84343
because its hot. someone should share dzyuba video he is a famous football player hot as fuck
26/06/21 Суб 02:24:02 84362
Why does nobody on here talk about the war anymore? Is it that everyone is just putting on a coolfac Anonymous  09/08/22 Втр 03:11:16 101732 Ответ
AGM-88-HARM.jpg 45Кб, 1080x608
Why does nobody on here talk about the war anymore? Is it that everyone is just putting on a coolface trying to forget about how hyped everyone was about the war? What happened??? Can't stand that now you're just shitting your pants because of HIMARS? :-) Have we forgotten all about how you were proud of the war crimes and rapes of the "red army"? xD what's going on???
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Anonymous  14/08/22 Вск 18:15:04 101920
yep, and you will pay for gas for poland, as we did long time
Anonymous  15/08/22 Пнд 09:59:32 101930
7billion.JPG 91Кб, 710x770
before war russia mad 50billion$ after war due to sanctions and rising fuelprices 90$billion
Anonymous  15/08/22 Пнд 10:00:32 101931
7billion.JPG 91Кб, 710x770
before war russia made 50billion$ after war due to sanctions and rising fuelprices 90$billion
Anonymous  20/08/22 Суб 07:22:37 102104
>how proud you were...

Couple of kremlebots an people of LDNR who saw Ukrainian war crimes last 8 years? Maybe they were proud of that shit. But mostly Russians never wanted any war. Put out propagandistic shit from your head.
Imagine Russia as a big armoured bus with a drunk psychopathic driver. Well, he just smashed some kids and sometimes he will stop by the tree or wall, or river. Maybe police will arrest him, I don't know. But now he drives this bus and doesn't give a fuck what's happening around. And passengers have 2 choices: jump through the window or relax and take a ride.
Sorry for mistakes: I don't spoke English for long time and forgot some rules.
Herasov  21/08/22 Вск 01:18:26 102161
>Can't stand that now you're just shitting your pants because of HIMARS?

Yes, bro! I believe, nations will kick out aggressor from Ukraine. I'm lost of living in this shithole. How to escape from putinreich?
I think Russian boys are the best nationality in the world Anonymous  06/08/22 Суб 19:30:39 101633 Ответ
4525ea9a39cfa28[...].jpeg 34Кб, 576x720
I think Russian boys are the best nationality in the world
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Anonymous  16/08/22 Втр 17:45:42 101959
>тыбла не знает Есенина, кек
Anonymous  16/08/22 Втр 17:55:14 101963
>не смотрел "кукушку", кек
Anonymous  16/08/22 Втр 22:06:46 101967
Сам ты кукушка, сельский ебанько.
Anonymous  18/08/22 Чтв 03:19:40 101997
Russians will always rape poles, because poles are passive fags, just go and clean my toilet, polish plumber
Anonymous  21/08/22 Вск 11:05:21 102174
i just cant comprehend it Anonymous  # OP 17/08/22 Срд 21:52:30 101988 Ответ
155991930173754[...].jpeg 254Кб, 1280x789
>35 days of round-the-clock World War I-style slaughter
>60,000 shells fired at the enemy per day
>50+ ammo depots destroyed by enemy fire
>5+ tank regiments destroyed by enemy fire
>8+ IFV battalions destroyed by enemy fire
>90+ fighter planes lost
>1000+ well-equipped Wagnerian mercenaries destroyed
>7000+ Russian soldiers killed
>5000+ L/DNR proxies killed
>25,000 soldiers of the Kherson Front trapped and cut off from supply channels
>10+ sabotage on their own territory
>muh sacred Crimea under regular strikes, expecting its bridge to be destroyed by a sudden airborne attack any day now
>450+ billion dollars of your banks frozen overseas
>the economy is largely classified and is practically on raw export life support
>moral gone
>the enemy is fully manned with volunteers and is conducting a total mobilization because fuck you - while you can't afford it for fear of a backlash from your own people
>the enemy gets to try out all this shiny new stuff designed to fight your army - and you're cut off from the world and no one wants to help you
>enemy soldiers are happy to vent their hatred on you, the whole West cheers for them, their families are welcome in the EU for free until the war is over - your people are kicked out of there and universally hated, a complete ban on visas is not ruled out
>the prestige of russian arms is undermined around the world
>on the verge of being called the largest terrorist state in the entire world - falling from the heights of glory of the Great Enemy in the Cold War
>all this suffering
>all those sacrifices
>did. absolutely. literally. nothing.
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Anonymous  20/08/22 Суб 14:54:16 102125
dw it'll end soon. can't wait to see the mushroom clouds all over the world.
Anonymous  20/08/22 Суб 18:42:41 102136
Anonymous  21/08/22 Вск 02:09:21 102163
REBOOTA.jpg 62Кб, 400x574
Anonymous  21/08/22 Вск 03:51:37 102168
Screenshot20220[...].png 212Кб, 1080x1469
Screenshot20220[...].png 214Кб, 1080x1467
COMP-LI-DORYA5.jpg 358Кб, 1500x1000
You can't stop Schwab. You will eat ze bugs.
Anonymous  21/08/22 Вск 12:21:23 102179
16482203806960.png 1442Кб, 738x1045
>You will eat ze bugs.
I already do, i eat shrimps.
What are some cities in Russia where leisure and relaxation takes priority over work? Backstory; A Anonymous  18/08/22 Чтв 09:47:51 101999 Ответ
afonya.jpg 202Кб, 1200x870
What are some cities in Russia where leisure and relaxation takes priority over work?

As a non-native to Russia, I am finding Moscow to be a very unfriendly city. No one has any time to hang out because everyone is busy working to cover the crazy cost of life. People are also generally quite distrustful of one another (I'm guessing because of all of the central asians) and overall everyone seems superficial, the girls materialistic, etc. And on top of all of that, its as if there is no Russian culture here, this entire city is just one big business hub.

So, I have some downtime to travel, and I'd like to find some places with some authentic Russian culture and more toned down people in it. Any suggestions?
Anonymous  20/08/22 Суб 06:07:46 102103
>>101999 (OP)
Try to travel around "Golden Ring", Great Novgorod, Yaroslavl and other regional centers at least in European part. I'm from Orel (Oryol maybe, I don't know how it written on foreign maps), and here is REAL Russia. And life here isn't as fast as in Moscow or SPb. Kursk or Bryansk - same story. Belgorod some bigger, but also looks same...
Anonymous  20/08/22 Суб 16:24:22 102130
What does western media not talk about the Russian Ukraine special military operations Also I don' Anonymous  19/08/22 Птн 03:12:25 102038 Ответ
maxresdefault.jpg 69Кб, 1280x720
What does western media not talk about the Russian Ukraine special military operations

Also I don't think I can call it w word? It that true?
Anonymous  19/08/22 Птн 11:10:31 102057
>>102038 (OP)
Hello sweety, well basicly its not a war since western ukranians are attacking eastern ukranians. Western ukranians are controlled by jewish diaspora and eastern ukranians are controled by german diaspora.
Anonymous  20/08/22 Суб 09:28:05 102107
khazaria.gif 9Кб, 416x349
kolomoiski.jpg 127Кб, 823x688
Russians saying &#39;allahu akbar&#39; Anonymous  21/04/22 Чтв 00:46:29 97516 Ответ
16504910241890.mp4 3189Кб, 480x848, 00:00:22
Russians saying 'allahu akbar'
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Anonymous  19/08/22 Птн 21:26:13 102081
как сделать чтобы было 100% ?

меня не посадят за 282 статью ?
BattlepigZ  19/08/22 Птн 23:42:45 102090
Зачем чтобы было 100%? Идеальная пропорция (80% русских на 20% других 194 народов) для предотвращения имбридинга русской нации в перспективе нескольких ближайших тысячи лет. Когда количество визуальных (и умственных)уродов, а так же инвалидов в европейском обществе начнет достигать критической массы из-за малой плотности оплодотворения и выплождения популяции это сильно скажется на развитии Европы в целом. Иными словами - эти 20% её неотъемлемая симбиотическая часть русского этноса, его преимущество в эволюционной борьбе за природную доминацию с вестоидными животными, ибо на этой планете вместе нам сидеть еще очень-очень долго.

близкий родственник инцеста, но в национальном, этническом масштабе
BattlepigZ  19/08/22 Птн 23:44:34 102091
Абу-пидорас сделал звездочки тегом к курсиву
Ебучая обезъяна блять
Anonymous  19/08/22 Птн 23:48:03 102092
Anonymous  20/08/22 Суб 00:12:56 102093
незнаю когда вижу русских они мне нравитса

другие раздражают

просто как парода нравитса генетически привлекатилная и в подсознание как будто моё мяссо
Avatar thread Anonymous  08/02/21 Пнд 20:44:03 74553 Ответ
grafik.png 48Кб, 600x600
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Anonymous  10/08/22 Срд 01:23:10 101762
gaygayhomosexua[...].png 85Кб, 600x600
Unsure of the point but okay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
man these captchas are getting ridiculous
Anonymous  11/08/22 Чтв 03:07:36 101809
download2022080[...].png 107Кб, 600x600
Anonymous  12/08/22 Птн 01:20:42 101844
download2022080[...].png 139Кб, 600x600
Anonymous  19/08/22 Птн 12:42:55 102060
image.png 111Кб, 600x600
Anonymous  19/08/22 Птн 14:18:48 102061
download2022080[...].png 136Кб, 600x600
Why is he so mad? Anonymous  15/08/22 Пнд 07:44:31 101926 Ответ
d2495e4c4b1cfae6.mp4 3487Кб, 852x480, 00:00:32
Why is he so mad?
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Anonymous  16/08/22 Втр 15:24:51 101957
Anonymous  17/08/22 Срд 08:38:45 101978
Генерал Мороз и[...].mp4 20002Кб, 1280x720, 00:11:45
Anonymous  17/08/22 Срд 10:21:24 101979
Anonymous  17/08/22 Срд 23:45:39 101992
Anonymous  18/08/22 Чтв 11:14:59 102000
1658584455339011.png 1153Кб, 811x751
wait untill germany economy collaps and buy it for cheap.
Mitä suomalaiset ajattelevat, kun Ukrainan propaganda sanoo, että Moskovan ja muut läheiset ihmise Anonymous  16/08/22 Втр 20:09:09 101965 Ответ
detail9fca8e1e6[...].jpg 101Кб, 600x400
NOKIALOGORGBHR5.jpg 42Кб, 2048x862
Mitä suomalaiset ajattelevat, kun Ukrainan propaganda sanoo, että Moskovan ja muut läheiset ihmiset eivät ole veljiä slaavilaisille, koska ne näyttävät suomalais-ugrilaisilta?

Mitä he ajattelevat, kun nokia auttaa Putinia alistaa venäläisiä?

Anonymous  17/08/22 Срд 08:31:13 101976
Anonymous  17/08/22 Срд 15:02:34 101981
3F3F3F3F3F3F3F3[...].jpg 18Кб, 250x376
ville-valo-5.jpg 51Кб, 770x551
Anonymous  17/08/22 Срд 17:32:56 101984
спурдо.mp4 5529Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:53
Anonymous  17/08/22 Срд 22:40:02 101989
Why there&#39;s so many finngoloids trashtalking on russians here and on 4chan? Among Anonymous  22/07/22 Птн 15:35:28 101079 Ответ
16543348430170.jpg 202Кб, 1080x873
Why there's so many finngoloids trashtalking on russians here and on 4chan? Among all countries, they are the most active in spreading primitive russophobia and shitpost.

Why is these nigero-mongols so fond of spreading hatred in the direction of those who saved them from the swedes? You're basically fucking mongoloids without any culture historically saved by russia. What's the problem?
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Anonymous  16/08/22 Втр 00:13:08 101949
coz everyone like when someone talk about their country
russians like it too tbh
Anonymous  16/08/22 Втр 08:02:38 101950
Yes it is. What you gonna do now?
Anonymous  16/08/22 Втр 17:49:53 101961
Anonymous  16/08/22 Втр 18:22:11 101964
e1cdfc1d1f378556.jpg 107Кб, 1030x699
because we like meme content and Russia provides....
Anonymous  17/08/22 Срд 08:35:03 101977
СБОРНОЙ АНГЛИИ [...].png 2375Кб, 1200x1200
THANK YOU RUSSIA, WE HAVE NEW FRIENDS Anonymous  19/05/22 Чтв 03:12:01 99061 Ответ
Untitled.png 1973Кб, 1547x897
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Anonymous  16/08/22 Втр 11:52:27 101951
1658596745612953.jpg 188Кб, 1000x1000
Forget the shills, Russia is winning on the ground in Ukraine, and it's purposefully a slow grind. The Russians know that time is on their side because (cue the memes) winter is coming and Europe will be out of natural gas to heat homes and power industry by then.

Here's why Russia is winning:
Whereas Ukraine, and by extension NATO is using Small Unit Tactics, Russia is using a strategy of artillery bombardment and encirclement. Basically you're seeing what would happen if you pitted US strategy ever since the end of Vietnam vs WWII strategy of just shelling the everliving shit out of everything that moves until it's dead while simultaneously encircling the enemy and cutting them off.

The US abandoned this sort of strategy during the Vietnam war because it was an impractical strategy during that conflict due to it's asymmetrical nature. The Gulf War was a brief return, but the entirety of the War on Terror has been fought with SUT, and therefore that's what a majority of US forces have any experience with, and thus what they've taught the Ukrainians as well as NATO.

This is why NATO has been slowly backing off from supporting Ukraine nearly unconditionally to realizing they are WAY out of their depth fighting Russia. The entirety of NATO is trained and equipped to fight an asymmetrical war, and despite the technological advantage, Russia has the strategic advantage, and strategy wins wars. Sure, you can destroy a few artillery pieces with an F-35 or other advanced airplanes, but for every F-35 that the US builds, Russia can field several dozen self propelled howitzers that have a much more tangible effect on the battlefield.

Russia is fighting this war the old school way, and NATO's surgical approach to warfare can't stand up to a sledgehammer.

Even NATO's air advantage is tenuous. Despite having better aircraft, Russia has better SAM systems, and if NATO attacks in earnest, the Russians will just let NATO come and pick them apart in a war of attrition.
Anonymous  16/08/22 Втр 21:31:00 101966
I'm writing this to any Europeans on the board as an open letter. Americans are universally niggers and should not be considered white ipso facto their nationality. Their behavior matches that of the poor negro when they are equally poor, and at the middle class, they act as the negro does. There is no consideration for the experience or any value placed within other Americans, for the American knows that they cannot place value in other niggers such as themselves. The American Nigger is a mindset that extends far beyond the feral Africans roaming the cursed lands, but unto the baseball-cap wearing goyslop consuming ever-approving nigger masses.

Some white Americans may think to themselves: "Surely I am not a nigger, I could never be so!", much in the same vein of the "enlightened negro" they merely protest more eloquently. No values exist other than the television slowly pressing its death-centric mindset into the golem-like niggerishness of the American white, or the worship of the dancing negro and his jewish organ grinder. By the means I've written this letter I've already used language that alienates over 99% of other Americans, not merely my aggressive use of "foul" language but also by the similar bravado given to poetry. There is nothing more cruel to the American mind than to subject them to poetry or art, for it is so foreign to the consumer-nigger mindset to not have something to lord over others or attempt to own.

There is no camaraderie in America. There is a slug-like mentality which pervades the populace, considering not even class but simply the amount of wealth one has piled. They are the mental dung beetles of humanity.

As they slovenly use technology to keep poorly written notes about their usury and embezzlements, as I read more and learned of the world, I did not simply come to hate other Americans but rather to view them as a class that is so hopeless and meaningless one need not engage.

They are apes. Niggers.
Anonymous  17/08/22 Срд 01:52:50 101970
Anonymous  17/08/22 Срд 02:02:08 101973
pynya is a little bitch
Anonymous  17/08/22 Срд 07:57:36 101974
16607075156880.mp4 3575Кб, 1920x1080, 00:00:06
Границы мира Anonymous  30/03/22 Срд 12:49:12 96226 Ответ
изображение.png 1258Кб, 806x982
LainPrism4.gif 45Кб, 462x700
Голубой линией очерчены границы Центральной Европы.

Всё, что за рыжей линией -- полуЕвропа.

Всё, что за красной линией -- не Европа и никогда ею не было.

В чём я не права?
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Anonymous  14/08/22 Вск 05:47:00 101904
>>96226 (OP)
Скидывай фото сисек, шлюха
Anonymous  14/08/22 Вск 08:47:22 101907
Крым не был Европой
Anonymous  14/08/22 Вск 08:48:13 101908
Крым не был Европой хохлина
Anonymous  14/08/22 Вск 08:49:24 101909
Крым не был Европой хохлина
16/08/22 Втр 13:02:19 101954
Are the Poles here? Why is it so torn? Anonymous  23/05/22 Пнд 05:24:40 99321 Ответ
3ewxcd.mp4 512Кб, 320x584, 00:00:14
Are the Poles here? Why is it so torn?
Anonymous  23/05/22 Пнд 11:51:58 99337
Anonymous  23/05/22 Пнд 14:12:07 99340
Anonymous  23/05/22 Пнд 15:35:16 99342
Anonymous  10/08/22 Срд 00:36:55 101760
>>99321 (OP)
I think its CB radio frequency, in poland lots of TIR drivers using these for random communication and stuff like telling others where cops give tickets for speeding on highways.
he says bajo jajo (bayo yayo) bajo = nonsense word, jajo = egg. thats just nonsense thing to say if you try to piss someone off. guy on the other end says somewhat literally " i'm gonna give you bajo jajo you fucked in the ass negro its weekend shut the fuck up and sit there "
There are a lot of Russians in Armenia today, specifically ones who work in tech. It's pretty nice, Anonymous  08/08/22 Пнд 21:17:54 101720 Ответ
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There are a lot of Russians in Armenia today, specifically ones who work in tech. It's pretty nice, except for the ones who seem like CIA-asset faggots.

How are you all doing?
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