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This board focuses on international friendship and cultural exchange.
me rate Anonymous  28/12/18 Птн 03:04:25 41487 Ответ
80446c4233b8b9e[...].jpg (56Кб, 480x689)
Anonymous  28/12/18 Птн 18:12:59 41524
puti asperger.JPG (17Кб, 530x133)
>>41487 (OP)

>he annexed crimea cuz hes asperger

crimea was always on the plan, they think putin is the only guy who choose what to take...their millions of people who decided that, crimea came naturaly because its russian land but was given away by stupid communist. crimea, ukraine, belarus, half poland, baltics, kazakshtan will become part of russia, because its natural. nothing to do with putin, hes kgb, you will be fucked so hard in the head and will know so many thing which regualr folks dont know, that you become lil bit fucked up in the head. its not for normal people to do this kind of job.

if you want to know how he feels, try this: think one thing, say something different and do completly different to the too.

for example do mathematics in your head or counting from 0..too 100 think about it in your head and then sing a song, while you count in the head and sing with your mouth try to keep a ball with your feet in the air. thats like basic training.
Anonymous  29/12/18 Суб 14:49:05 41578
че за омежка
Anonymous  29/12/18 Суб 15:55:52 41579
Anonymous  29/12/18 Суб 21:29:12 41588
hes 164 cm. but thats a good thing, you can put him in tank, in submarine, in plane. putin is perfect combat soldier. harder to hit, and need less food to work and hes also cute :3
Anonymous  17/12/18 Пнд 14:09:31 40970 Ответ
15450425128531[[...].jpg (194Кб, 1100x733)
Anonymous  17/12/18 Пнд 18:23:44 40990
hahah GAY
Anonymous  18/12/18 Втр 21:07:37 41020
ratko mladic.jpg (39Кб, 660x371)
>>40970 (OP)
23A Isus reče svojim učenicima: Zaista, kažem vas, teško će bogataš u kraljevstvo nebesko. 24Ponovno vam velim: Lakše je devi kroz uši iglene nego bogatašu u kraljevstvo Božje.

you are fucked harvati ustase, you sold mama serbia for 30 silberlings
Anonymous  23/01/19 Срд 16:36:50 48448

STFU Tankie.

Why didn't you organise a coup to stop Montenegro from joining NATO instead of being a Nigger.
Anonymous  23/01/19 Срд 20:24:59 48452
i am not against nato, iam pro nato, the more nations join the more enemies to kill for russia. even serbia can join i dont give a fuck.

nato is only bad for those who want to join, because they will be targetet by russias rockets. nato is not a treath to russia militarly.

putin is pro eu guy he wants eu to join russia and be friends without USA, but iam against friendship with eu, because eu is satanic- and subhuman

iam also against coups, subersive, assasinations and private military iam for a full scale war with genocide and rapings.

idk why people think i like putin, i dont like his style to handle things, to much freedome and democracy i dont like democracy at all. never voted in my life.
National politics of continental empires Anonymous  11/12/18 Втр 16:48:11 40688 Ответ
E0046F40-E9A7-4[...].jpg (26Кб, 500x294)
Russia is a continental Empire in the full sense of its essence and content. The European Union, too ,could be called a continental Empire, but it is a vassal of the Empire with the name of the United States . What about the United States? And the US is a Maritime transcontinental Empire . It's not complete enough. Although it has a vassal in the form of the Saudis. Why? Yes, because unlike Russia, it does not have in its composition inside (!!!) dominion of other republics with Muslim population. Only Russia and China have Muslim republics in their composition. With that, only in Russia they are not oppressed, relative to China, the state. Why? Yes, because Russia since the time of the kings follows the old Jewish asked:"the Best of the goys - kill.".. If it is impossible to kill, the government chooses one clan or genus the most numerous and makes it oppressors of other small genera and self-withdraws for a while for internecine genders in the region. And everything is set so that childbirth oppresses itself .( Example - Chechnya)
Anonymous  12/12/18 Срд 00:33:05 40717
>>40688 (OP)
russia is space empire. russia was first in space so all space belongs to russia you idiot.
Anonymous  12/12/18 Срд 01:35:25 40718
Anonymous  12/12/18 Срд 13:50:20 40725
You are ironic, and indeed, the sky over Russia to a certain height belongs to Russia. And not only space,but even concepts such as frequencies.
Anonymous  14/01/19 Пнд 20:31:52 47426
all space is russian. ALL SPACE
Hands up! How much money do you have? Anonymous  14/12/18 Птн 11:16:32 40821 Ответ
1544658928389.jpg (63Кб, 413x550)
Hands up! How much money do you have?
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Anonymous  14/12/18 Птн 18:52:56 40841
Anonymous  14/12/18 Птн 18:54:46 40842
Anonymous  14/12/18 Птн 23:06:54 40854
Anonymous  15/12/18 Суб 21:37:29 40902
maby 15 million rubles soon.
Anonymous  16/12/18 Вск 02:00:03 40906
your example is inspiring and i dont say it with sarcasm
Ukrainian Hospitality Anonymous  18/01/19 Птн 11:51:44 47620 Ответ
Screen Shot 201[...].png (688Кб, 1834x464)
Be careful when visiting Eastern European countries, like Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, especially paying lodging up forward. Eastern Europe has batshit insane rules, like evicting customers if they say leave a hair in a shower, without returning the money you paid them. And if you complain about your eviction, they wont call police, but instead a few gangsters will arrive, they will beat you into bloody meat under screams of your girlfriend, whom they will punch in the face (so she will shut-up), and throw out into the night streets your half dead corpse. At the same time, eastern european hostels have bedbugs that jump onto your face and suck blood, triggering heavy allergic reaction, in some cases leading to death (if there are many bedbugs or if a victim is a small child)

I'm myself have witnessed such evictions several times, as well as hordes of bedbugs and cockroaches (which are still nicer than bedbugs).

--your friend Nikita
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Thing no to do in Ukraine Anonymous  18/01/19 Птн 14:55:10 47632
Some people have this habit to shoplift minor things, like candies. Well, don't do this in Kyiv. Just don't. They wont call police. You wont get fined. Then wont even search your bag to make sure you really stuffed stolen goods there.

I have personally witnessed the fate of one shoplifter. Ukrainians caught him when he was already out of the grocery, and decided to give him a lesson. Believe me he called police for help, while they gang-beaten him. And there was a police station over the road. There was even a lazy policeman watching the beating, yet without any interruption. That incident happened between Dimeevska and Goloseevska.

So yeah, don't shoplift in Ukraine. They don't understand jokes, they wont tell you to pay for stolen stuff. They just give you a free lesson. Also, keep any proofs of purchase until you are far from shop. I had incidents where they stopped me 100 meters from grocery to make sure I have proper cashier desk check, if you call bullshit on them during such moment, they will begin beating. So don't get into dispute with Ukrainians. Don't threat to call police. Ukrainians are not civilized people.
Anonymous  18/01/19 Птн 21:17:48 47647
yeah i was in russia and its opposite, shoplifting isnt persecuted, and even the guards dont do things in supermarket. you can simply steal stuff and nobody would do shit because the lawsuit costs more money then few candies. they let you go.

russia is more civilzed then germany in many aspects
>ukranian plates on car
>filename: russian market
thanks that you admit ukraine is russia
Anonymous  25/01/19 Птн 00:35:10 48626
1537382131240.jpg (279Кб, 1109x1035)
Anonymous  25/01/19 Птн 10:00:34 48638
Good think that Russia is no some eastern european shithole.

regards eurasia frogs
Anonymous  25/01/19 Птн 10:25:26 48639
Need a source for this music Anonymous  28/01/19 Пнд 04:25:33 49915 Ответ
russki.webm (3073Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:39)
Even though i know it's Vlad. You guys probably know the song.
Anonymous  28/01/19 Пнд 05:03:31 49916
where did you find this video of a street i live in
Anonymous  28/01/19 Пнд 18:32:01 49927
28/01/19 Пнд 19:36:25 49928
i want to see driving videos like this with hardcore electronig music, but then the music stops and they crash

that would be a good meme
Why do Russians like judo? Anonymous  30/12/18 Вск 19:54:50 41643 Ответ
images.jpeg (36Кб, 678x452)
Why do Russians like judo?
Anonymous  30/12/18 Вск 20:05:04 41644
>>41643 (OP)
i dont like judo, iam russian.

i like sambo

now wat ?
Anonymous  14/01/19 Пнд 02:55:16 47391
>>41643 (OP)
Brazilians also love judo. Here in São Paulo state every city with more than 100k habitants have one or two judo schools/training centers. We even created some martial arts based on it like BJJ and some others that didn't get so popular (I was in a obscure one when I was a little brat, I remember fighting with batons and shit). I believe that Sambo is related to Judo to some degree too
My guess is that our countries never had a martial art that was as developed as Judo when it appeared in our cunts
Anonymous  14/01/19 Пнд 20:30:13 47425
brazilians just like to grab some bundas, especially male because its more muscular.
So, european cuckolds, what you can say about that, huh? Anonymous  23/12/18 Вск 20:54:29 41240 Ответ
15455809062690.jpg (421Кб, 865x966)
So, european cuckolds, what you can say about that, huh?
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Anonymous  23/12/18 Вск 21:42:44 41246
no, its gathering of russians internatianally.
Anonymous  24/12/18 Пнд 12:11:38 41263

Anonymous  29/12/18 Суб 06:48:04 41567
>>41240 (OP)
>implying that Europe can get as bad as Russia
Anonymous  29/12/18 Суб 21:12:42 41585
Anonymous  29/12/18 Суб 22:15:15 41596
Trudeau-Putin.jpg (41Кб, 650x366)
russia in some parts are like canada, but you pay much less taxes in russia. if you live in northern parts, which are like canada regular. you get "northern bonuses" extra payment und need less years to retire.

the only thing good about canada is trudo, hes realy symphathic guy and good politician very similar to putin, both do combat sports, both are good actros, both seek peace and trade with others. unfortunaly canada is under control of united kingdome and have no real "own" thinking, everything is decided by the grandma.

yes europe can be realy bad compared to russia, like spain, portugal, romania, bulgaria, france(especially paris), easter germany, south italy. is very bad.
its so embarrassing that dicks dangle between your legs with no way to hide it. what Anonymous  14/01/19 Пнд 16:15:47 47412 Ответ
7103e9ecc859a05[...].png (540Кб, 1021x1400)
its so embarrassing that dicks dangle between your legs with no way to hide it. what if someone were to pull your pants down and see it? I don't like being this vulnerable guys

I wear compression underwear which keeps my wiener tight and close to my body so no one can see it and they are impossible to pull off with a quick tug, I know cause my dad sometimes tries to pull my pants and stuff off but he can’t when I’m wearing these the most he’ll see is my underwear
Anonymous  14/01/19 Пнд 18:31:43 47418
tanke ur dick is 19cm this postis unrelatable for 90% of this board
Anonymous  14/01/19 Пнд 20:15:04 47420
now their are 2 guis with german flag, iam the OG tankie, but yes my cock is 18 cm. ia measured it with a rule out of scietific matters. its also very thick which makes it look like its small.
>>47412 (OP)
i am like complete opposite of you, i dont wear underpants at all, for many years. i like freedome, liberalism. thats why i like russian party LDPR
16/01/19 Срд 08:59:47 47506
>>47412 (OP)
>I know cause my dad sometimes tries to pull my pants and stuff off
thats concerning

also just wear a belt on your pants or shorts if you are worried
Mama Francia Yellow Vest  05/12/18 Срд 21:36:24 40456 Ответ
francia1.jpg (68Кб, 760x570)
Anonymous  06/12/18 Чтв 00:07:40 40459
Elections Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 17:31:46 40563 Ответ
1FDE2FCE-F13A-4[...].jpg (107Кб, 1071x1062)
Do you believe in people's elections ( plebiscite) of anyone : Parliament,Senate, Supreme court ,President ? After all, it is impossible in any way to check the percentage and the democratic procedure itself in principle. Russia is often scolded in falsification of election results ,not in real ,inflated percentages of voting for Putin. Why do you believe your government? Than it deserves trust? If you still believe your choice of law and its implementation, then put + in the comments.
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Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 21:46:43 40568
>Russia is a country of the Spartan type, and the USA is a country of the Athenian type of democracy.
lol their is no democracy in those countries. its all a show.
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 22:02:39 40569
Let it all show, but show showing democracy. Of course, lobbyists are everywhere, their interests and conglomerates are everywhere . But among each other they observe politeness and semblance of democracy. We should not forget that there is a written right,and there is an unwritten one . And now, according to unwritten rules, they are quite democratic with each other. It is we, the plebeians for them and our rights with their rights diminished.
Anonymous  08/12/18 Суб 22:07:23 40570
I do not know how in Germany, but in Russia the vote is semi-secret. To get the bill, you need to come with a passport and your data is rewritten . And then you vote out the right candidate. I think that it is important for politicians to statistics and to know in what region how active politically people are.
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 11:00:05 40583
I do not know i know nothing, i semi-know some nobles and thats it! Semi-poor russian secrets, so, in my opinion, as we russian people like to say, to kill the Bill you need to come, so you come thats right to difficult, lol, i mean hard, yeah oh me old dumbass please send money. So, im sorry to temporal disillusions of my alterations, so your data is rewritten, got it? You come and data write! Thats it! And then you — its You — vote, me write. Vote out the right candibate, yeah cool! That simple!
AAAAND its time for the oficeal spich:
I think that it is very importand for politicans to statisctics and know that in what religion that is we know in how is active peoples. Understood? I have very guud langvage
Anonymous  09/12/18 Вск 11:08:28 40584
Let it led, it to eat, you tiny letlet! Show showing some show, thats quite a show id say, ho-ho! Everywhere is a show of course, and they are everywhere, everyone is everywhere! Every time, every, so their interests are persisting me, cannot sleep, its all a show, i need to eat some letlets. But there is one point, there is always but, you cannot live without but, its our oxygen. But and vodka. But among each other they observe, staying silent and macabre. Thats it, got it, Germie? Ho-ho! Do not forget though to write something before you were righted just inside, o the great UNWRITTEN ONE. Ho-ho! So there are some secret rules the world obey, they are very polite never say a bad word always please and thank you please give me cup of tea, mister, very demoncratic — now you see! The veil is gone! Such a terrible world, ho-ho! Please forgive me im diminished plebian im so sorry please give money
/lit/ there. So, what's Russian equivalent for it? # OP 21/12/18 Птн 02:02:41 41106 Ответ
Zrzut ekranu (3[...].png (114Кб, 1086x612)
/lit/ there. So, what's Russian equivalent for it?
Anonymous  21/12/18 Птн 02:39:33 41108
kc tier
Anonymous  21/12/18 Птн 02:41:14 41109
ИсторияАкунина.jpg (529Кб, 1200x1721)
>A history of Russia written by a devout Stalinist
he kinda nailed it
Anonymous  21/12/18 Птн 14:38:36 41116
>>41106 (OP)
The Tale of Bygone Years - Russian Primary Chronicle
Anonymous  21/12/18 Птн 20:18:30 41127
>>41106 (OP)
>history of united states
>history of non existand countries
I tend to benis. Anonymous  06/02/19 Срд 16:35:57 50196 Ответ
11857400299.jpg (54Кб, 601x128)
I tend to benis.
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Anonymous  07/02/19 Чтв 01:26:40 50201
their is a reason hell exists.
Anonymous  09/02/19 Суб 01:23:27 50250
Anonymous  09/02/19 Суб 08:24:24 50254
55chan penis procedure
Anonymous  09/02/19 Суб 14:41:54 50256
1549712501439.png (429Кб, 499x435)
Anonymous  14/02/19 Чтв 08:02:42 52080
>they don't get mosquito bytes
>at least they will go to hell after they die
>they go to heaven bc huge jc statue in rio
>but u go to hell bc fuk u
image.png (582Кб, 1300x1300)
Anonymous  04/02/19 Пнд 21:20:42 50142
Crying-Frog-Mem[...].jpg (215Кб, 937x528)
Anonymous  08/02/19 Птн 11:19:24 50227
>>50139 (OP)
The finnish me rate arsehole got replaced by the deutschen scheisseposter. You cannot catch a break, my poor little /int/
Where do i get a Russian BF to help me learn Russian? I'm a girl. Anonymous  23/01/19 Срд 13:38:38 48446 Ответ
16f.png (482Кб, 680x1088)
Where do i get a Russian BF to help me learn Russian?
I'm a girl.
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Anonymous  24/01/19 Чтв 03:52:53 48477
gibe the mail b0ss
i can try to learn you but it's pretty hard
Anonymous  24/01/19 Чтв 05:15:15 48481
24/01/19 Чтв 13:55:28 48482
Write to this email. Don't forget to attach a proof or your residency and being a grill.
Maybe you'll help me fix my articles and verb tenses in english as well.

Regards, a certified russian.
Anonymous  24/01/19 Чтв 15:03:05 48485
Anonymous  25/01/19 Птн 15:33:06 48651
>also goes by piety or chara; joins many discords and collects information for a doxxing folder, claims to be a qt russian intersex and likes saying things about tortuing cats and how she(he) gets thousands of dollars from robots
You may want to get a new handle, you fag.
Томос Украины и Петр Порошенко. Anonymous  16/01/19 Срд 14:04:19 47512 Ответ
Screenshot20190[...].png (221Кб, 800x1280)
Screenshot20190[...].png (516Кб, 800x1280)
804.jpg (139Кб, 1000x666)
4452-Kogda-mama[...].gif (64Кб, 444x304)
Может вам и покажется все это теорией заговора, но все равно предлагаю поразмышлять.
Помните, как развалился ссср? Мне кажется, это было охуенным событием 1991 года. Лучшего и придумать для россии сложно.
Пнуть по сраку дотационное днище-территории (особенно не лояльные) - это дало возможность восстановиться россии, сконцентрировать средства на себе.
Но в какой-то момент начали некоторые республики и страны вылазить из экономического дна вверх и становиться конкурентами рф.
Естественно, главный конкурент - это украина.

Ломать не строить и ломать мы умеем. Вот за некоторое время мы начали разваливать своего конкурента.
Острая фаза развала - это майдан 2014, отрезание от газа льготного, нефти, развал заводов, развал сельского хозяйства, переманивание специалистов, отьем Крыма.
Ну, и последней вишенкой на торте является отказ от содержания огромного хозяйства приходов Украины( 12000 приходов) с россии (ведь любому дураку ясно, что на нее тратятся денежки из российского бюджета, ведь патриархат был московский), на плечи налогоплательщиков украинцев...
То, что Порошенко ездит и хвалится Томосом, то это хорошая мина, при плохой игре.
Он этой грамотой, погрузил на себя, свою страну (и без того предбанкротную) дополнительную финансовую нагрузку.
Не удивлюсь, если Порошенко агент кремля.
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Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 06:22:14 47562
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 06:25:39 47563
Anonymous  17/01/19 Чтв 07:50:24 47566
I read a couple of articles on the sites, but nothing really is not clear with the silk road. Different road maps, different reasons why the road is not being built...
But I agree with you, there is nowhere on the maps of the passage of the road in the Baltic.
Anonymous  18/01/19 Птн 18:43:43 47641
россия смерть.jpg (90Кб, 600x450)
Это же очевидно. Куда только пидорашки не приходят, везде они сеют смерть и разрушения. Украину ещё в 17 веке "спасли" от поляков и установили там крепостное право. Охуеть.
Anonymous  18/01/19 Птн 18:47:17 47642
why /int/ so f*cking sucks - me rate threads get deleted and boring ass Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 00:47:36 45975 Ответ
your-seat-desig[...].png (77Кб, 500x654)
why /int/ so f*cking sucks

- me rate threads get deleted and boring ass kc tier threads thrive
- boards gets spammed with cp nobody bats an eye (pedophilia aint good. period.)
- mod deletes two weeks worth of messages like its nothing. codoles.
- tankie german still hasnt a ten posts a day posting quota

when do we film a petition to /d/ fams
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09/01/19 Срд 17:47:12 45992
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 17:49:40 45993
sent you a letter pls check
Anonymous  09/01/19 Срд 20:15:59 46012
>mod deletes two weeks worth of messages like its nothing
me okay with it
Anonymous  10/01/19 Чтв 04:29:39 46057
I'll try that, thanks
I understand being rangebanned in russian speaking boards but it happens even on /int/
Anonymous  10/01/19 Чтв 05:31:09 46062
true dat no value was lost))
oldalienprobes[[...].jpg (114Кб, 600x315)
El Paso, Texas | A man who was arrested by the FBI Yesterday has confessed to kidnapping and sexually assaulting several dozen people while using costumes, drugs, and special effects to have his victims believe they had been abducted by aliens.
73-year old Arnold White was arrested after a joint investigation led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the El Paso Sheriff’s Office and the El Paso Police Department.

Originally interrogated about 4 crimes committed in the region in the 1990s, the retired trucker confessed a total of 79 kidnappings across California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas over a period of 40 years.

Mr. White confessed to using a mix of hallucinatory drugs containing LSD and PCP to subdue his victims, before approaching them and carrying them inside his truck to assault them.

In order to confuse his victims even more, he had set up the inside of his truck to look like an operating room and would wear an alien costume.

FBI spokesman Darrell Johnson described the abuse that the accused afflicted to his victim as extremely disturbing.

“He would insert fingers and objects in their various body cavities. He had even created his own sex toys designed to look like alien tools and medical instruments.”
According to Mr. Johnson, most of the victims were loners and marginals, a fact that helped Mr. White evade arrest for so long.

“He chose victims who were gullible and might fall for his traps. Several of his victims were actually ufo investigators he found hanging out around Area 51 or Roswell.”

FBI spokesman Darrell Johnson described the accused’s stratagem as extremely elaborate and described him as “a dangerous predator”.

Arnold White now faces a total of 347 criminal charges, including several charges of kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault by use of drugs, oral copulation by anesthesia or controlled substance, assault with intent to commit a sexual offense, and possession of a controlled substance

He could face a term of more than 382 years to life in prison if found guilty of all counts.

The 73-year old was denied bail this morning and will remain in detention until the beginning of his trial in January.
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Anonymous  13/12/18 Чтв 14:16:03 40759
Anonymous  14/12/18 Птн 00:20:53 40801
This man gave ufologists something to believe in. Isn’t it worth anything in today’s soulless world?
Anonymous  14/12/18 Птн 00:32:45 40802
Anonymous  14/12/18 Птн 00:42:04 40803
Anonymous  14/12/18 Птн 08:52:24 40811
img.jpg (51Кб, 300x558)
>mostly loners and migrants, this helped him evade capture for so long
>You are going to watch a movie after dinner with your mother and relatives at Anonymous  08/02/19 Птн 02:40:22 50217 Ответ
15451258014110.jpg (62Кб, 590x590)
>You are going to watch a movie after dinner with your mother and relatives at home
>After some time on the screen begins bed scene
>The mother begins to fuss and closing your eyes screaming "Slavic do not look!"
>You are 28 and you are still a virgin
Anonymous  # OP 08/02/19 Птн 02:44:28 50218
...and then ricardo milos bursts into the living room and starts dancing
08/02/19 Птн 03:10:42 50219
i just remembered that about 4 years ago, i was watching meme videos with friends on the internet, and at one point went to the bathroom

when i came back to my room my mom was in it and was watching the screen

there was ricardo milos dancing in fullscreen

that's really weird that it only comes to my mind now, thank you for making me remember my trauma, i completely pushed that memory away
Anonymous  08/02/19 Птн 10:48:34 50223
Do you notice as you get older you dont care so much anymore abotu supposed Quallity of show ? And just watch it and like insert yourself into stuff in show and thats what it make it good to you. LLike connectijng with theme and chracter and amthosphere
Anonymous  08/02/19 Птн 11:14:48 50225
I haven't inserted myself into anything for months now.
Dumb question about Germany Anonymous  02/02/19 Суб 20:52:41 50066 Ответ
kUWgKIcg-Io.jpg (188Кб, 700x933)
Howdy folks. I might happen to travel to Germany for a year soon national visa application is in progress. I heard you guys have some strict copyright law obedience and a person can be thrown into a custody/departed if he violates this law. My question is - will I get fucked if I try, for instance, to illegaly activate windows 10 license or download some series via torrent why not being in a VPN but in a university campus network?

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Anonymous  04/02/19 Пнд 06:32:48 50122
image.jpeg (93Кб, 320x313)
Okay u stupid piece of shit, let me tell u bout software development in Germany.
Say you're a kid in a German school. You graduate and think where you go from there. If you're the smartest tech kid, you go to study Automobilenbau and then go to work for Mercedes Banz AG or Porsche GmbH or wherever.
If you're not that gut but still show promise you study Homeapplianceaufbau and go to Miele and Braun.
If you're positively average, you go to Wurstundbieruniversität München or Alpische Schokoladenhochschule and then go to build pretzels, chocolate, sauerkraut and stuff like that.
If you're a complete dum-dum, you go into software development.
That's why most of the German software is such a shaky glitchy unwieldy pile of shit. No bc the Germans are stupid but bc the smart Germans ended up in different, more prestigious fields.

And you want to learn from the detritus of the German society, the intellektuelle scum of the earth. What a horrible wadte of time.
Anonymous  05/02/19 Втр 04:04:24 50159
>>50066 (OP)
>I heard you guys have some strict copyright law obedience
Yes, they have it.
>a person can be thrown into a custody/departed if he violates this law
I don't know about that but I know that you can get a fine for pirating things.
>will I get fucked if I try, for instance, to illegaly activate windows 10 license
If you don't tell anyone, no.
>download some series via torrent why not being in a VPN but in a university campus network
Anonymous  06/02/19 Срд 16:31:50 50193
>>50066 (OP)
Germany is nice countrey if not those fucking germans.
Anonymous  09/02/19 Суб 19:57:08 50257
Why Germany? Germany is what happens when you make asperger syndrome into a country
Anonymous  09/02/19 Суб 20:04:37 50258
this is correct, wasted my time going to school. should have started working from early age. i could retire much faster. now i have to work 1 more year. -.-
I think if I moved away I would change. I dont want to leave Croatia tho. AAAAAaahh Whx cortaia cant have 10000 billion people Anonymous  12/02/19 Втр 18:06:25 52048 Ответ
IMG03901.jpg (556Кб, 1755x1085)
I think if I moved away I would change. I dont want to leave Croatia tho. AAAAAaahh Whx cortaia cant have 10000 billion people
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Anonymous  13/02/19 Срд 23:38:53 52073
>>52048 (OP)
Why you make stupid threads like this?
I think I would rather change Croatia for Russia, hopefully some day I will get the chance
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 13:19:41 52102
400px-Novosibir[...].jpg (32Кб, 400x263)
you only need money to move
Anonymous  15/02/19 Птн 20:06:40 52122
16/02/19 Суб 08:31:10 52284
Well no shit. Nobody would want to live there maybe visit as tourist in your beaches. YOU MADE THIS SHIT AND DESERVE IT.
16/02/19 Суб 08:31:58 52285
Its sad that youre part of NATO so we cant kill all of slavs.
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