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Hello Finns! How do you feel about other Finno-Ugric peoples, including those living in Russia? Anonymous  28/02/18 Срд 01:37:51 290411
FlagofFinland.png 0Кб, 250x153
Hello Finns! How do you feel about other Finno-Ugric peoples, including those living in Russia?
Anonymous  28/02/18 Срд 01:38:45 290422
Hei, suomalaiset! Mitä mieltä olet muista suomalais-ugrilaisista kansannoista, myös Venäjän asukkaista?
Anonymous  28/02/18 Срд 02:08:20 290433
kc tires
Anonymous  01/03/18 Чтв 23:50:19 290714
Anonymous  01/03/18 Чтв 23:55:50 290725
what are finno-ugric peoples
die in fire fucking nasratist
use proper terminology
what you call "finno-ugric" is in fact outdated word which used to indicate a part of "uralian" root
anyway what is the point of this qustion
Anonymous  01/03/18 Чтв 23:58:54 290736
1449318.jpg 61Кб, 604x402
Anonymous  02/03/18 Птн 00:01:31 290747
Well, it's that part of the Uralic family that is not Samoyedic ("Uralic" is a macrofamily, like, say, Afro-Asiatic - a taxon larger than Indo-European).
Anonymous  02/03/18 Птн 00:04:00 290758
Anonymous  02/03/18 Птн 00:09:06 290769
I meant "Finno-Ugric" refers to those Uralic languages that are not Samoyedic, sorry if that wasn't clear. There is a current debate whether the Ugric languages have an ancestor with the other ones that is more recent than Proto-Uralic, yes, so "Finno-Ugric" might turn out to be a misnomer in strictly linguistic taxonomy.
Anonymous  02/03/18 Птн 02:15:48 2907710
ded.jpg 419Кб, 3259x1077
I wish they will not vanish.
Anonymous  02/03/18 Птн 02:36:08 2907811
All the Baltic Finnic small peoples have bitten the dust, it's time to take care of the more distant relatives of yours, because they won't survive more than two or three generations from now on either.
Anonymous  02/03/18 Птн 03:02:15 2908212
Anonymous  02/03/18 Птн 03:42:55 2908913
Fuck Koreans, they have two states + Tsoi.
Anonymous  02/03/18 Птн 03:56:06 2909714
u say it like finns dont have two states
Anonymous  02/03/18 Птн 04:03:19 2910115
Терветулоа, бля.
Anonymous  02/03/18 Птн 04:06:35 2910316
Well. We talk about non-Finnish Finns here. Erzya, Moksha, Mari, Udmurts etc.
Anonymous  02/03/18 Птн 04:09:44 2910417
but what if in the anime world its just the opposite
Anonymous  02/03/18 Птн 04:12:26 2910518
Anonymous  03/03/18 Суб 19:45:13 2913919
Anonymous  03/03/18 Суб 20:46:44 2914120
I think it is important to get their folk-lore into written form. And preferably translated as well. Certainly good amount of that stuff has been documented, but I'm sure there's more that could be documented.
Anonymous  08/03/18 Чтв 22:28:59 2926121
Anonymous  09/03/18 Птн 23:21:18 2928622
Anonymous  10/03/18 Суб 02:16:00 2930223
I don't give a scheiße
Anonymous  13/03/18 Втр 11:41:32 2937824
Anonymous  24/03/18 Суб 23:29:30 3031725
Anonymous  27/03/18 Втр 13:00:48 3063926
Anonymous  03/04/18 Втр 19:53:58 3132527
Anonymous  04/04/18 Срд 14:49:32 3137928
Anonymous  11/04/18 Срд 17:32:57 3177329
640px-FlagofMor[...].png 3Кб, 640x427
Anonymous  12/04/18 Чтв 02:51:12 3178430
Anonymous  12/04/18 Чтв 06:09:55 3178731
>>29041 (OP)
Finno-Ugric people invented alphabetic runes. That's why kikes needed to invent phoenicia & ugarit to arrange with books they later destroyed anyway
Anonymous  10/05/18 Чтв 21:31:32 3284532
Anonymous  05/06/18 Втр 04:26:17 3383233
Anonymous  05/06/18 Втр 05:14:47 3383334
Anonymous  08/06/18 Птн 18:18:32 3394235
bumb :DD
Anonymous  17/06/18 Вск 22:19:57 3426136
Anonymous  01/07/18 Вск 19:08:29 3469237
>>29041 (OP)
All Finns are nordics, there's not even single pure mongol ancestry in this country. Just show that Finns have mostly Nordic ancestry and even barely Finno-Ugric blood. True mongolians have died out.
Anonymous  04/07/18 Срд 20:35:01 3483438
abu pidor
Anonymous  12/07/18 Чтв 14:35:19 3512539
15227003089240.jpg 53Кб, 600x426
karasique  27/07/18 Птн 22:41:29 3575140
commentAjZD62oH[...].jpg 961Кб, 1200x1600
Anonymous  27/07/18 Птн 22:57:48 3575241
6f3ce8c8f7b64af[...].jpg 218Кб, 1280x960
Anonymous  12/08/18 Вск 21:55:12 3650942
A9-E3u6SFfo.jpg 62Кб, 450x600
Anonymous  13/08/18 Пнд 08:02:41 3652343
Anonymous  29/08/18 Срд 19:21:24 3704744
15336766133910.png 266Кб, 604x417
Anonymous  04/09/18 Втр 19:55:40 3739645
15351285773810.jpg 334Кб, 1920x2057
Anonymous  05/09/18 Срд 22:13:23 3743546
I met an Ingrian Finn in a local train from SPb to Vsevolozhsk
He noticed me and my friends when we were talking in Finnish, then he joined the conversation with slightly broken Finnish
He said that he was surprised to hear Finnish and said that he hadn't used the language in a long time
A very sympathetic guy, I hope their likes don't just disappear.
Anonymous  06/09/18 Чтв 01:28:10 3745847
no we are not
t. pure KARELIAN
Anonymous  01/10/18 Пнд 00:36:09 3824948
1538329176843.jpg 77Кб, 1280x720

Anonymous  29/10/18 Пнд 11:26:54 3900049
14602404615720.jpg 9Кб, 604x337
Anonymous  29/10/18 Пнд 12:55:06 3900250
>>29041 (OP)
> Finno-Ugric peoples
Usually, we can't tell any differense from slavic
Anonymous  29/10/18 Пнд 16:31:20 3900651
Anonymous  01/12/18 Суб 12:35:09 4030152
15383452866020.jpg 39Кб, 600x571
Anonymous  01/12/18 Суб 20:19:23 4031353
nice pics u have here
Anonymous  03/01/19 Чтв 17:46:06 4188154
EL8HZLdel7o.jpg 277Кб, 1080x1077
Anonymous  03/03/19 Вск 20:06:38 5454155
I like them. Our language has an unique structure.
Anonymous  16/04/19 Втр 22:41:02 5801656
-dNTeEvVfm8.jpg 140Кб, 962x1080
Anonymous  21/04/19 Вск 06:39:18 5810657
suomi on papuas)
Anonymous  21/04/19 Вск 10:14:54 5811158
>>29041 (OP)
I think genetic distance is what determines whether I feel solidarity towards some Finno-Ugric population, not whether we speak a similar language. I think more people would be more tolerant toward Russians in general if they knew that we are actually genetically closer to Russians than Swedes.

I think most people here are pretty open to immigration in general, considering that only about 18% of the voting population vote for Perussuomalaiset which is a nationalist anti-immigration party.
Anonymous  21/04/19 Вск 10:36:06 5811259
cati.png 952Кб, 1200x800
Anonymous  19/09/19 Чтв 02:27:06 6145760
156768645585.jpg 72Кб, 500x634
I only know Yokatta, finnish kampai.
Anonymous  24/10/19 Чтв 16:49:48 6212761
W7RyiV5kljI.jpg 1330Кб, 2560x1702
Anonymous  24/10/19 Чтв 20:59:29 6212962
karelians are not dead, also u forgot finns from other regions (erzya, moksha, komi, udmurt etc)
Anonymous  24/10/19 Чтв 21:02:22 6213063
i have friends erzya from Saransk, u can ask me anything if u r interested
Anonymous  25/10/19 Птн 16:57:48 6214464
Anonymous  25/10/19 Птн 19:35:30 6214865
komi-permyaks always live
25/10/19 Птн 21:50:38 6214966
Anonymous  25/10/19 Птн 22:01:35 6215067
Anonymous  27/10/19 Вск 03:36:44 6217168
>I wish they will not vanish.
I'm too.
Anonymous  27/10/19 Вск 09:37:16 6217669
27/10/19 Вск 18:33:39 6218570
Anonymous  11/12/19 Срд 00:04:56 6326871
14583178922790.jpg 7Кб, 199x200
Anonymous  11/12/19 Срд 03:09:36 6327072
Anonymous  11/12/19 Срд 05:03:58 6327273
Anonymous  11/12/19 Срд 23:29:52 6328774
1200px-Ingrianp[...].png 5Кб, 1200x733
Anonymous  10/01/20 Птн 01:06:30 6398975
-dNTeEvVfm8.jpg 140Кб, 962x1080
Anonymous  01/02/20 Суб 08:37:08 6444576
idgaf.png 230Кб, 713x694
Anonymous  01/02/20 Суб 12:01:17 6444977
Anonymous  01/02/20 Суб 17:04:06 6445678
Anonymous  03/02/20 Пнд 18:28:23 6453679
Anonymous  04/02/20 Втр 00:27:49 6454480
Anonymous  10/02/20 Пнд 02:33:26 6465981
Anonymous  10/02/20 Пнд 09:59:10 6466582
Anonymous  10/02/20 Пнд 16:12:50 6466983
Тыы чеего таакой злоой?
Anonymous  12/02/20 Срд 05:07:17 6470584
Ты чё, ебанутый? Чё ты там делаешь?
Anonymous  12/02/20 Срд 11:52:28 6471385

Он просто ещё не въехал в суть.
Anonymous  12/02/20 Срд 20:16:21 6472686
All finno-ugrics living outside Finland are cultural and racial traitors who should be shot. Especially Estonians.
Anonymous  12/02/20 Срд 22:06:49 6473387
Anonymous  12/02/20 Срд 22:07:18 6473488
Including women, but I don't taste pussy
Anonymous  13/02/20 Чтв 02:09:24 6475489
>>29041 (OP)
Finns are ugly but tiny, they are fun to sodomize
Anonymous  13/02/20 Чтв 03:37:01 6475790
psychiatrist.jpg 113Кб, 883x704
Anonymous  13/02/20 Чтв 18:21:46 6477891
Reported for extrimism. Enjoy your 2 years in prison faget.
Anonymous  14/02/20 Птн 21:25:56 6481292
its still better than being a nigger living in a shithole of a country
Anonymous  16/02/20 Вск 09:42:23 6487793

Lies. A shithole wouldn't have a ballet as good as the one in Moscow.
Anonymous  16/02/20 Вск 20:43:28 6489894
brazil has ballet as good as russian? no way
Anonymous  25/02/20 Втр 22:35:49 6507695
photo2020-02-20[...].jpg 78Кб, 1280x720
Anonymous  26/02/20 Срд 16:16:42 6508896
Sinun elämäsi muuttuu kokonaan, poika sanoi kuin olisi tajunnut sen täydellisesti vasta
Anonymous  13/03/20 Птн 04:49:44 6543297
14167741377920.jpg 29Кб, 453x604
Jebat, djwa goda mojemu tredu!
Anonymous  14/03/20 Суб 21:39:43 6545598
Anonymous  14/03/20 Суб 22:14:32 6545899
Anonymous  26/03/20 Чтв 03:56:16 65682100
Anonymous  26/03/20 Чтв 13:04:15 65685101
Suomi on paras maa. Mä rakastan suomalaiset paljon!
Anteeksi mun huono kieli ystävät!
Anonymous  17/04/20 Птн 13:24:42 66020102
img568x320x2420[...].jpg 88Кб, 568x320
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Anonymous  18/04/20 Суб 04:13:22 66041103
1577136642208.png 523Кб, 491x639
I'm not even Finn but I'm learning one of those useless Finno-Ugric languages from Russia.
Anonymous  18/04/20 Суб 17:49:25 66049104
Anonymous  18/04/20 Суб 18:18:14 66050105
1587185241392.jpg 32Кб, 653x653
Anonymous  18/04/20 Суб 20:03:41 66055106
Anonymous  19/04/20 Вск 00:33:47 66059107
Surgut Vodka.jpg 60Кб, 480x478
No particular reason, it sounds nice and I have nothing better to do with my life.
Anonymous  20/04/20 Пнд 04:49:15 66071108
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Anonymous  20/04/20 Пнд 22:58:05 66087109
How the fuck does one use this site
Anonymous  21/04/20 Втр 15:04:41 66093110
Anonymous  23/04/20 Чтв 03:42:08 66114111
Anonymous  23/04/20 Чтв 03:43:44 66115112
15601759238020.jpg 173Кб, 1080x1350
Anonymous  26/04/20 Вск 19:48:10 66190113
bellboypill.png 246Кб, 1875x511
>>29041 (OP)
Most don't care about Finno-Ugric peoples living over there and Russia is is blamed for the refugee problem, rising of the right-wing movements, crumbling of the EU and basically for everything that could possibly damage the status quo of things in Finland and slay our holy cows.

E.g. if you don't want to undergo the compulsory military service in Finland, question the conscription model or the national security policy in general, you'll be called "Pjotor", that is, a Russian internet troll spreading disinformation and undermining the defense will of the nation.
Anonymous  26/04/20 Вск 22:44:10 66200114
>Russia is is blamed for the refugee problem
da fuck
Anonymous  26/04/20 Вск 23:28:40 66201115
antigroomingdan[...].mp4 1487Кб, 480x480, 00:00:15
According to one left-wing narrative, all the refugees are apparently from Syria, which is not true, and while supporting Assad, Russia is allegedly intentionally bombing the shit out of the area in order to maximize refugee streams to Europe, thus creating the refugee problem, thus giving credibility to the new nationalist right-wing parties and thus undermining the whole EU. Sounds schizo as fuck, but the explanation seems to work on people who are left-wing liberals to begin with and don't want to confront the real issues when it comes to immigration, globalization and EU integration.

PS: "word from a spam list exist" wtf...
Anonymous  27/04/20 Пнд 19:35:49 66209116
Well, I wonder if there is the same prejudice towards us as towards the russkies (ethnic russians).

Anonymous  27/04/20 Пнд 19:44:32 66210117
You are considered russkies.
Anonymous  27/04/20 Пнд 20:12:38 66211118
Anonymous  27/04/20 Пнд 22:05:15 66214119
somaliredpill.png 327Кб, 815x980
>Well, I wonder if there is the same prejudice towards us as towards the russkies (ethnic russians).
That's still definitely a thing but the prejudice stems mainly from history (WW II, Cold War) and from the current unpredictable government you have, not from recent Russian migration and maybe the prejudice isn't even that bad anymore. Thank Somalis and Middle Eastern trash for making you look better in comparison.

If you're willing to integrate (= learn the language properly) and live in a big enough town, you'll be alright.
Anonymous  28/04/20 Втр 01:40:00 66215120
Anonymous  17/05/20 Вск 20:24:31 66605121
Anonymous  17/05/20 Вск 20:55:03 66606122
Jeez, that Syrian bullshit has been going on for almost a decade now, and the refugee crisis started way before Russia ever dared get involved. But sure, blame all your problems on us, we don't care anymore.
Anonymous  26/05/20 Втр 05:31:13 66723123
putinid.jpg 31Кб, 512x351
Anonymous  08/07/20 Срд 12:09:22 67622124
Anonymous  09/08/20 Вск 01:45:42 68264125
Lil Bump
Anonymous  11/08/20 Втр 02:43:48 68302126
>>29041 (OP)
gg/afkz2CC JOIN 4 CUDE AND FUNPOSTING CONTAINMENT CHAMBER (If ur a fan of peter scully come ::3)
Anonymous  11/08/20 Втр 14:12:47 68307127
Yeah, it's the easiest thing to do. Just blame magical Putin for anything and everything and you don't have to face any criticism whatsoever.

"Magical Putin did it"-argument just werks.
Anonymous  14/08/20 Птн 01:06:44 68360128
>18% of the voting population vote for Perussuomalaiset which is a nationalist anti-immigration party.
Anonymous  14/08/20 Птн 01:09:40 68361129
I don’t know why you dumb fuckers give asylum to people who don’t even care about your values.
KARJALA TAKAS  15/08/20 Суб 11:29:31 68404130
haista vittu
Anonymous  15/08/20 Суб 11:53:02 68405131
Anonymous  15/08/20 Суб 12:15:28 68407132
Suomi.mp4 4609Кб, 854x480, 00:01:04
Anonymous  15/08/20 Суб 12:18:06 68408133
I wish the finno ugric tribes living in northern Russia could gain independence and Finland could get its lost lands back. Dunno if that will happen, but if Russia dissolves it will
Anonymous  15/08/20 Суб 13:30:22 68410134
> gain independence
>Finland could get its lost lands
the absolute state of gayropean thinking
Anonymous  16/08/20 Вск 10:38:28 68440135
lol yeah, living like slaves under swedish rule. russia give them independance now they bark for more lands. thats insanity
Anonymous  22/08/20 Суб 13:29:07 68596136
Anonymous  22/08/20 Суб 20:19:06 68607137
Anonymous  23/08/20 Вск 21:16:37 68657138
image.png 630Кб, 543x727
Salam bois.
Anonymous  23/08/20 Вск 22:18:54 68660139
8xvpw.jpg 73Кб, 1280x682
Anonymous  24/08/20 Пнд 01:45:08 68664140
изображение.png 338Кб, 600x400
Anonymous  24/08/20 Пнд 22:07:40 68679141
Anonymous  25/08/20 Втр 15:10:12 68697142
9fwglKe.jpg 901Кб, 2452x2176
nothing wrong with being a mongol
Anonymous  25/08/20 Втр 17:22:26 68699143
>finno ugric tribes
its brainwashing from winter war propaganda
no such thing, everyone are mixed long ago now everyone are homo soveticus
Anonymous  25/08/20 Втр 20:28:51 68701144
Anonymous  08/09/20 Втр 11:46:44 68899145
aamrh.jpg 39Кб, 640x480
russians are not even white LUL t.godtier aryan
Anonymous  08/09/20 Втр 18:28:33 68909146
herrenrase.jpg 192Кб, 1858x1116
haha this is how everage german looks like.
Anonymous  08/09/20 Втр 23:57:09 68914147
15985500999360.jpg 19Кб, 325x295
15985502522620.png 15Кб, 812x727
edc.jpg 145Кб, 1000x700
My great-grandfather served in the NKVD and made lists of people in Estonia, who were to be sent to the Gulag. And he was twice a knight of the Order of Glory.
Anonymous  09/09/20 Срд 01:28:22 68915148
UpitisKarlis.jpg 41Кб, 426x640
Anonymous  09/09/20 Срд 12:33:31 68924149
Anonymous  10/09/20 Чтв 02:19:05 68946150
159965598518134[...].jpg 66Кб, 800x600
Anonymous  11/09/20 Птн 21:38:50 68971151
9s4gt.jpg 630Кб, 3169x1985
Anonymous  11/09/20 Птн 21:44:56 68972152
Anonymous  11/09/20 Птн 21:46:38 68973153
Anonymous  11/09/20 Птн 22:45:56 68977154
a9xs3.jpg 97Кб, 1024x721
you must be some muslim ratfugee invading germany kys roach
Anonymous  12/09/20 Суб 13:26:19 68988155
15998591953100.jpg 45Кб, 499x372
Anonymous  12/09/20 Суб 14:32:34 68990156

Сосачеры сами себя развлекают.
Anonymous  12/09/20 Суб 21:30:44 69007157
we dont care about nations here, we are new world order.
Anonymous  13/09/20 Вск 07:40:20 69015158
61b618a168fad1e[...].jpg 199Кб, 1500x1500
Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 12:13:59 69110159
finish lady.jpg 284Кб, 1280x960
finnish lady.jpg 214Кб, 1080x907
finnish women.jpg 33Кб, 480x360
finnland.JPG 19Кб, 648x327
yes you will vanish, russian empire will be reborn on your bones.
Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 14:25:00 69116160
Im fucking banned
Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 15:22:48 69117161
Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 18:30:30 69121162
Oh lol. I wonder why the Finns sided with the Nazis some 80 years ago. Not the nazi sentiment of their own, no no sir.
Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 23:52:26 69129163
they had mixed feelings, they didnt like russia, but they also had jews in their army and stuff.
Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 23:56:22 69130164
17/09/20 Чтв 23:57:13 69131165
Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 23:58:09 69132166
Anonymous  11/12/20 Птн 14:41:58 71643167
I'm Lil Bump
Anonymous  20/04/21 Втр 08:30:18 80210168
Anonymous  20/04/21 Втр 10:35:24 80213169
Many people love Russia among those who do not know it as well as the Finns. For example Americans
Anonymous  30/04/21 Птн 22:29:27 80632170
writing in Perkele thread
Anonymous  02/05/21 Вск 06:48:16 80664171
Anonymous  03/05/21 Пнд 13:59:56 80694172
Sucky tred
Anonymous  05/05/21 Срд 17:39:26 80782173
>>29041 (OP)
Great people! I hope one day they can create their own countries and join the European Union
Anonymous  06/05/21 Чтв 06:20:41 80815174
Why someone wants to join this conclager? It is like germans was beaten but not to the end. They continue to build concentration camps for lesser nations so they can use their salve labor, now it is called EU)))))
Anonymous  06/05/21 Чтв 09:32:41 80877175
Nothing was changed in years. German concentration camps or GULAG. Choise is up to you.
Anonymous  06/05/21 Чтв 11:49:18 80880176
>>29041 (OP)
Most Finns will think of them as Russians. The state even had to cancel the issuance of citizenship to the affected Finns from the USSR, because society did not accept them beyond Imatra and Lappenranta.
In general, most people in Finland, even on the boards, are rare degenerates with an early twentieth-century village-level understanding of the world. It is still a mystery to me how they were able to mimic the Europeans, perhaps it is the success of the state, which controls their lives from the teat to the coffin.
Anonymous  06/05/21 Чтв 13:16:48 80881177
>Most Finns will think of them as Russians
i'll tell you even more: most of them think of themselves as russians
Anonymous  06/05/21 Чтв 14:21:26 80882178
oh come on! There are thousands of examples when russian speacking people found a job and become a part of finnish society
imho city of Imatra and Lappenranta are naturally ghettoes for russians with no job
If somebody want to live a better life - it is a reason to move to another finnish city
Anonymous  06/05/21 Чтв 14:32:32 80883179
image.png 41Кб, 506x556
>Continues to mimic a normal person
>Stupid ryssäs can't figure it out!
I know Finns too well, sorry
Anonymous  08/05/21 Суб 21:06:19 80962180
4cf9dd5c9cda166[...].jpg 118Кб, 922x960
Anonymous  08/05/21 Суб 21:23:17 80965181
>In general, most people in Finland, even on the boards, are rare degenerates with an early twentieth-century village-level understanding of the world.
This is correct. Heavy inbreeding is the cause.
Anonymous  08/05/21 Суб 21:45:48 80967182
14488691967420.webm 553Кб, 320x320, 00:00:20
Anonymous  13/05/21 Чтв 12:35:40 81083183
Vladiimir Puutin.jpg 13Кб, 220x326
Anonymous  14/05/21 Птн 01:32:35 81111184
Have met some russians online with finno-ugric parent or parents but none of them did speak the language. Sad! On the other even sami language is dying in Finland so no wonder or grudes.
Anonymous  27/05/21 Чтв 20:34:36 82499185
albanec.png 888Кб, 624x614
>>29041 (OP)
Kind of funny that we are actually related to them, considering that there's almost nothing common between Hungarian and Finnish, let alone the culture.
Anonymous  08/06/21 Втр 20:18:36 82959186
16222145053240.jpg 1263Кб, 3264x2448
09/06/21 Срд 21:42:17 82995187
>>29041 (OP)
We call them tribal brothers or brother peoples.
09/06/21 Срд 21:42:36 82996188
asf7c.jpg 12Кб, 259x194
09/06/21 Срд 21:45:13 82997189
09/06/21 Срд 21:47:34 82998190
> I think more people would be more tolerant toward Russians in general if they knew that we are actually genetically closer to Russians than Swedes.
Norhtern Russians are Finns that speak slavshit. Actual Russians live in Belarus, Poland, Ukraine axis and are swarthy little niggers.
Anonymous  10/06/21 Чтв 00:35:42 83010191
image.png 1400Кб, 1072x800
Anonymous  10/06/21 Чтв 00:43:02 83011192
It always amazed me how the Finns were proud of defeating by the retarded Communists, whose soldiers were dying of frostbite and dysentery, truly amazing.
Anonymous  10/06/21 Чтв 01:28:20 83012193
lil rysäs lol
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